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Tiger Fan's All-Sports Replay: The 1920's

Since I originally had plans of starting this league in 1919 with the NBL (see this thread : http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/boar...d.php?t=146168 ) I will do a quick rehash of 1919 before going into greater detail beginning with 1920.

Major League Baseball will be front and center in this dynasty but we will also chronicle the other major sports of the era. I will solo sim out the other sports using a number of different games including:

College Football - using excel based Quick Play football with real college schedules.
National Football League - beginning in 1950 using Second and Ten
Hockey - Using APBA cpu hockey
Boxing - using TBCB2
Golf - using Total Pro Golf2 from Wolverine Studios when released
College Basketball - using Total College Basketball
Pro Basketball - using DDS: Pro Basketball
Horse Racing - using a dice game called Down The Stretch
Indy 500 - using Thomas Mink's Indy500 DOS game
Nascar - beginning in 1949 using Mink's Nascar DOS game

All of the sports except for golf and basketball will use exclusively real athletes and try to replicate real life conditions (league size, rules of the era, etc) as close as possible. Golf will be a mix of real and fictional athletes since I just do not have enough information on golfers of this era. I really wanted to use Gary Gorski's two great basketball games so the hoops will be the least realistic. Since both TCB and DDS:PB are designed to mirror modern basketball there will be a lot of differences - three point shots, shot clock, college stars turning pro early and the NCAA tournament beginning in 1918 with a full 65 team field to name the main differences. Basketball will also be almost exclusively fictional players but I will edit in real life NBA stars as we get into the 40's and beyond.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy following this alternate semi-historical replay based in the 1920's.

To start with I will post the remaining articles for 1919 that I had created for the NBL and I will also give a quick recap on the 1919 World Series but before I get started here is some brief history on baseball. I started simming in 1901 using the 3 year recalculate option. Rookies assigned to their original teams. Free agency turned off. Trades set to Low, injuries to low and position player fatigue to average.



1901	Chicago White Sox	Cincinnati Reds		Chicago White Sox
1902	Baltimore Orioles	Pittsburgh Pirates	Pittsburgh Pirates
1903	Cleveland Naps		Pittsburgh Pirates	Pittsburgh Pirates
1904	New York Highlanders	Philadelphia Phillies	New York Highlanders
1905	Washington Senators	Philadelphia Phillies	Philadelphia Phillies
1906	Washington Senators	Pittsburgh Pirates	Washington Senators
1907	New York Highlanders	Pittsburgh Pirates	New York Highlanders
1908	Washington Senators	Pittsburgh Pirates	Washington Senators
1909	Boston Red Sox		Cincinnati Reds		Cincinnati Reds
1910	Boston Red Sox		Pittsburgh Pirates	Boston Red Sox
1911	Philadelphia Athletics	New York Giants		Philadelphia Athletics
1912	Boston Red Sox		Chicago Cubs		Boston Red Sox
1913	Philadelphia Athletics	Brooklyn Superbas	Philadelphia Athletics
1914	Boston Red Sox		Chicago Cubs		Chicago Cubs	
1915	Boston Red Sox		Cincinnati Reds		Boston Red Sox
1916	Philadelphia Athletics	Philadelphia Phillies	Philadelphia Athletics
1917	Cleveland Indians	Boston Braves		Boston Braves
1918	Philadelphia Athletics	Cincinnati Reds		Cincinnati Reds
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Notable events : Summer of 1919

MAY 31, 1919

After a 2 year hiatus due to the war, motor racing returned to Indianpolis yesterday and fans witnessed a terrific race from Frenchman Jules Goux. Goux finished nearly a full lap ahead of Eddie Hearne to win the 500 mile race in his third attempt. Goux finished 3rd in both 1913 and 1914.

In the early going it looked like the day would belong to Howdy Wilcox but once again bad luck would strike the Indiana native. Wilcox, who has competed in all six Indy 500's but finished just twice, took the early lead and by lap 52 he was the only one on the lead lap. However, just like in 1915 when he started from the pole, Wilcox ran into engine trouble and was forced to retire on the 63rd lap.

Goux and Ralph DePalma would battle back and forth the next 10 laps before the Frenchman took the lead for good on lap 76. Goux would never been challenged the rest of the way, only relinqueshing the lead momentarily when he pitted on lap 170.

In real life Goux won the 1913 event, becoming the first European to win the Indy 500. He would finish 6th in both 1914 and 1919 as well as in the top 20 in 1920 and 1922. The real life winner of the 1919 Indy 500 was Howdy Wilcox.

Bad luck has really hit Wilcox in my sim replays. 5 times he started in the top 10 and had held the lead in each of those 5 races only to retire early on 4 occassions.


1911    19     14   33 clutch
1912     9      9   19 crash
1913    20      6    7 running 
1914     3     22   27 pump
1915     1      7   24 engine
1916     6      7    3 running
1919     2      1   24 engine

1911  Ray Harroun		Ray Harroun
1912  Charles Merz		Joe Dawson
1913  Theodore Pillette		Jules Goux
1914  Arthur Duray	        Rene Thomas
1915  Gil Anderson		Ralph DePalma
1916  Wilbur D'Alene		Dario Resta
1919  Jules Goux		Howdy Wilcox

       FINAL RESULTS: 1919 Indianapolis 500
        ST FIN                           LAPS  RUNNING or              
       POS POS  CAR   DRIVER             COMP  REASON OUT            PIT
        22   1    6  Jules Goux           200  Winner                  4
         8   2   14  Eddie Hearne         200  Running                 5
         3   3   32  Albert Guyot         199  Flagged                 4
        10   4   27  Ira Vail             199  Flagged                 4
        28   5   26  Tom Alley            199  Flagged                 5
        12   6    7  Louis Chevrolet      199  Flagged                 4
        27   7   21  Denny Hickey         198  Flagged                 4
         4   8    4  Ralph DePalma        198  Flagged                 4
        29   9   23  Elmer Shannon        198  Flagged                 4
        24  10   12  Kirt Hitke           196  Flagged                 4
        32  11   37  Andre Boillot        194  Flagged                 6
        16  12   41  Gaston Chevrolet     190  Flagged                 4
        25  13   15  Louis LeCocq         188  Flagged                 5
        31  14    9  Tommy Milton         146  Pump                    5
        26  15   17  Ora Haibe            145  Lost power              4
         7  16   29  Art Klein            128  Crash  1                3
        13  17   34  Lou Wagner           121  Stalled                 4
        33  18   36  J.J. McCoy           109  Vibration               3
         9  19    8  Earl Cooper           95  Pump                    3
        19  20   28  Roscoe Sarles         94  Lost power              4
        14  21   39  Joe Boyer             89  Oil leak                4
        23  22   22  Wilbur D'Alene        85  Transmission            4
         1  23   31  Rene Thomas           77  Joint                   3
         2  24    3  Howdy Wilcox          62  Blown Engine            2
        21  25   48  Ray Howard            58  Vibration               2
        30  26   43  Omar Toft             52  Gearbox                 2
        20  27    1  Cliff Durant          45  Blown Engine            2
        15  28    2  Ralph Mulford         36  Stalled                 1
        11  29   19  Charley Kirkpatrick   34  Transmission            2
        18  30   18  Arthur Thurman        24  Valve                   1
         6  31   33  Paul Bablot           23  Engine failure          1
         5  32   10  Eddie O'Donnell       20  Engine failure          1
        17  33    5  W.W. Brown             4  Valve                   1

           WINNING TIME:  05:14:02 
          WINNING SPEED:  95.557 mph
      MARGIN OF VICTORY:  65.10 sec
           YELLOW FLAGS:  8 for 37 laps

JUNE 1, 1919

A fellow by the name of Rocky Kansas (20-4-5) is the new World Lightweight Champion after he shocked Benny Leonard in a bout in Philadelphia last month. It was expected to be another easy decision for Leonard, who had never lost in 24 previous fights. Neither fighter tasted the canvas but the judges felt the challenger had done enough to earn a split decision victory.

In real life Kansas, a Buffalo native born Rocco Tozzo, briefly held the title in 1925-26. He twice faced Leonard for the Lightweight crown but was beaten both times.

Also last week, Art Magirl retained his World Welterweight Title with an 11th round knockout of Englishman Johnny Bansham.

JUNE 12, 1919

Jack Dempsey improved to 31-0 with an unanimous decision over challenger Frank Moran (45-8-1) to retain the World Heavyweight Title. However, World Lightheavyweight Champion Bob Sweeney was unsuccessful in his first title defense. Sweeney lost a split decision to Ohio native Fay Keiser (23-3-2).

JUNE 28, 1919

For the second time in his career New Jersey amateur golfer Jerome Travers has won the United States Open. Travers, who also won in 1915, finished 3 strokes ahead of Tommy Armour and Steven Adams to win the event at Brae Burn Country Club near Boston.

An opening round 63 on the par 72 course set the tone for Travers. The 42 year old shot 72 on Friday and ended the day tied with Francis Ouimet for the lead. On Saturday Travers pulled away from the pack with a tournament best 62 and he coasted home shooting 69 on Sunday.
Jerry xTravers	 266
Tommy xArmour    269
Jayden Trimbole  270
Steven Adams	 270
John Miller	 271
Francis xOuimet  271
Al Shaw	 	 272
Ewan Bradley	 273
Carter Simpson   273
MacDonald xSmith 273   
Jock xHutchinson 273
x- indicates real not fictional golfer
In real life Travers won the 1915 US Open as well as US Amateur Championships in 1907,1908,1912 and 1913. After winning the 1915 Open he never entered the event again. Walter Hagen was the real life winner of the 1919 Open at Brae Burn. In this sim Hagen finished tied for 31st at 9 under par.

JULY 16, 1919

Jack Johnson is widely considered the greatest fighter of alltime in this sim world but it was clear this week that his time has passed. Johnson was knocked out in the 8th round by World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey. Dempsey improves to 32-0 with the victory.

Johnson (71-8-1) announced his retirement immediately following the bout. He held the World Title on 3 different occassions (1902-1910, 1911-1912 and 1913-15) and was named Athlete of the Year 4 times. In real life Johnson was heavyweight champ from 1908-1915 and finished with a 79-8-12 record.

Also last week, Mike O'Dowd won a split decision over Johnny Wilson to claim the World Middleweight Title.

AUGUST 10, 1919

28 year old Walter Hagen picked the right weekend to win his first golf tournament of the season. After finishing second in last week's Eastern Open, Hagen scored a 14 under par 270 en route to victory in the second PGA Championship. It marked the first time in 3 years the Rodman Wanamaker trophy was presented as the event was cancelled each of the last two years due to the Great War. The event was held for the first time in 1916 when Long Jim Barnes claimed the title.

Hagen finished Friday tied with Harry Vardon for the lead at 6 under but pulled away from the pack on Saturday when he shot a 64 at the par 72 Engineers Country Club course. Hagen would finish 3 strokes ahead of Corey McKay with US Open winner Jerry Travers coming in third.

With the cancellation of the British Open this was the final major of the year. (The Masters will not begin play until 1934).
Engineers Country Club, Roslyn Harbor, NY.
Corey McKay	 273
Jerry xTravers	 274
Long Jim xBarnes 275
Harry xVardon    276
Al xEspinosa     277
Robert Docherty  278
Gabe Williams    279
Charles Sullivan 279
Jorge Gomez      279

Francis xOuimet  280
Jock xHutchinson 283
Olin xDutra      284
x- indicates real not fictional golfer
In real life the PGA Championship was a match-play event until 1958. Jim Barnes won in both 1916 and 1919. Walter Hagen won the US Open in 1919 but did not participate in the PGA Championship that year. He would win PGA Championships in 1921,1924,1925,1926 and 1927 to go with 4 British Open and 2 U.S. Open titles.
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Notable Events : Fall of 1919

SEPTEMBER 13, 1919

World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jack Dempsey ran his record to 33-0 after scoring an 8th round technical knockout of Sam McVey in their title fight. It was the third time McVey (63-12-3) had a shot at the World Title and for the third time the 35 year old came up short. McVey suffered title losses to Jack Johnson and James Jeffries while in his mid-twenties.

Dempsey knocked McVey down 4 times in the bout including twice in the 8th round. Although McVey beat the count on his final knockdown it was clear he was in no condition to continue and the referee wisely stopped the bout.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1919

It seems no one can hang on to the World Lightheavyweight Championship. Kid Norfolk is the latest title holder after scoring an unanimous decision victory over Fay Keiser last week. Keiser was making his first defense after beating Bob Sweeney in June. No one has been able to successfully defend the title since Jack Dillon's win over Philadelphia Jack O'Brien in February 1918.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1919

Wyoming native Derrick Finneman has agreed to play his college basketball at UCLA. The 6'5" forward from Shoshoni High School is considered to be the nation's top high school recruit. Finneman joins 5th rated Brian Costello, from Illinois, as UCLA's second top ten signing this recruiting season.

Texas A&M and Kansas have also signed a pair of top ten recruits. Point guard Mark Bass, from Fort Mill, South Carolina, and Clarkston, Georgia shooting guard Mike McMaster, the number 2 and 3 rated high schoolers, both will attend Texas A&M. Kansas landed Jesse Mason, a 6'10" forward rated 4th, and Johnny Church, a 6'11" center ranked 7th.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1919


Team 			 W L   PCT  GB   
Philadelphia Athletics  89 51 .636   -   
Boston Red Sox 		85 55 .607  4.0     
Cleveland Indians 	82 58 .586  7.0   
Chicago White Sox 	66 74 .471 23.0   
Detroit Tigers 		63 77 .450 26.0   
Washington Senators 	61 79 .436 28.0  
New York Yankees 	59 81 .421 30.0   
St. Louis Browns 	55 85 .393 34.0   
Team			 W L   PCT   GB 
New York Giants 	88 52 .629    - 
Cincinnati Reds 	76 64 .543  12.0 
Chicago Cubs 		71 69 .507  17.0 
St. Louis Cardinals 	71 69 .507  17.0 
Philadelphia Phillies 	66 74 .471  22.0  
Boston Braves 		64 76 .457  24.0 
Brooklyn Robins 	64 76 .457  24.0  
Pittsburgh Pirates 	60 80 .429  28.0
OCTOBER 3, 1919

New York Giants hurler Joe Benz (18-10, 3.04) did it all in Game One of the 1919 World Series. On the mound Benz pitched 8 innings of 6 hit ball limiting the Athletics to just 2 earned runs while at the plate he was 3-for-3 with a home run and 3 rbi's as the Giants beat Philadelphia 5-3 in the series opener.

OCTOBER 4, 1919

Shoeless Joe Jackson (.341,7,105) and Buck Weaver (.292,5,88) each had 3 hits as the Philadelphia Athletics evened the World Series at 1 game apiece with an 8-2 victory over the visiting New York Giants. Weaver and Whitey Witt (.300,1,67) each drove in 3 runs for the winners. Dana Fillingim (19-9, 3.33) went the distance for Philadelphia, scattering 8 hits. Outfielder Ross Youngs (.302,4,72) was the only Giant player to get 2 hits off of Fillingham. Lee Meadows (15-11, 2.43), a midseason pickup from the Cardinals, took the loss.

OCTOBER 6, 1919

Joe Jackson had 3 hits, two doubles and a homer, to go along with 2 rbi's and 3 runs scored as the Philadelphia Athletics took a 2 games to one lead in the World Series with a 5-4 victory over the New York Giants at the Polo Grounds. Second baseman Whitey Witt had a pair of rbi's and has 5 in two games. Dixie Walker (15-12, 2.98) went the distance for the win while Frank Miller (7-4, 2.15) took the loss in a complete game effort.

OCTOBER 7, 1919

A pair of New York Giant errors allowed the Philadelphia Athletics to score both of their runs in a 2-1 victory at the Polo Grounds. The win gives the Athletics a 3 games to one lead in the Best of Nine World Series.

Philadelphia opened the scoring in the top of the 5th when Whitey Witt reached on an error by Giants first baseman Heinie Groh with one out. Witt moved to third on a Buck Weaver single and scored on Lee McElwee's (.244,1,21) sac fly.

The Giants would even the score in the bottom of the fifth when rookie Frankie Frisch (.242,3,35) scored from third following an errant pick-off throw to first by A's starter Lefty Tyler (16-12, 3.45). However, Frisch made a defensive miscue in the top of the sixth that would cost New York the game. With two out in the inning he booted a grounder from A's rookie Dick Burrus allowing Frank Schulte (.278,0,56) to score what would prove to be the game-winning run.

Tyler allowed 6 hits in going the distance for the win. Game one star Joe Benz allowed 5 hits in 6 innings and took the loss. Veteran Christy Mathewson (9-3, 2.26) was perfect the final 3 innings after Benz was lifted for a pinch-hitter.

OCTOBER 8, 1919

Lee Meadows scattered 6 hits and allowed just 1 earned run as the New York Giants snapped a 3-game losing streak with a 5-2 victory over the Philadelphia Athletics in Game Five of the World Series.

Frank Schulte, with 3 hits, Eddie Murphy (.326,0,53), with two, and Joe Jackson were the only Philly batters to get a hit off of Meadows. New York rapped out 12 hits including 2 hits and 2 rbi's each from Tilly Shafer (.283,8,85) and Steve Evans (.265,2,63). Dana Fillingham took the loss.

OCTOBER 10, 1919

Steve Evans led off the top of the ninth inning with a triple and scored the tie-breaking run on a Happy Felsch (.294,4,89) sacrifice fly as the New York Giants evened the World Series at 3 games apiece with a 3-2 victory in Philadelphia. The two teams combined for just 8 hits in the game as winning pitcher Frank Miller and Dixie Walker, who took the loss, were both outstanding.

New York took an early 1-0 lead when Frankie Frisch led off the game with a walk, stole second and then scored on a Ross Youngs single. However, Philadelphia used an error and two hits in the bottom of the third to score both of their runs. New York would even things up in the 7th inning on a 2-out pinch-hit rbi double off the bat of Jigger Statz (.311,1,16).

OCTOBER 11, 1919

The New York Giants scored three runs in the top of the 14th to win a marathon Game Seven of the World Series 6-3. The win gives the National League side a 4 games to three lead in the Best-of-Nine Fall Classic.

Happy Felsch was the hero for New York with 3 hits including a 2 run double in the 14th. Fred Anderson (1-1, 1.80) got the win in relief of Urban Shocker (15-10, 1.90) while Harry Eccles (10-0, 1.75) was tagged with the loss.

OCTOBER 13, 1919

Tilly Shafer's 2 run homer in the 8th inning snapped a 4-4 tie and gave the New York Giants a 6-4 victory over the Philadelphia Athletics at the Polo Grounds. The victory allowed the Giants to win the 1919 World Series 5 games to 3.

New York scored twice in the opening inning and doubled their lead in the 4th. Giants rookie infielder Frankie Frisch batted just .111 in the series but came up with a huge two-run single in the 4th inning that gave the Giants a 4-0 lead at the time. Philadelphia rallied to tie the contest before Tilly Shafer hit his two-run off losing pitcher Dana Fillingim. Lee Meadows allowed 11 hits as he won for the second time in 3 World Series starts.

OCTOBER 25, 1919

Dickie Kerr of the Chicago White Sox and Waite Hoyt of the New York Giants have been named the top newcomers in their respective leagues. The 25 year old Kerr was 13-16 with a 3.68 era for the 4th place Sox. Hoyt went 16-10 with a 2.28 era and threw 3 shutouts for the World Champion Giants. The 19 year old was on New York's postseason roster but did not pitch in the World Series.

OCTOBER 26, 1919

Cleveland Indians righthander Wilbur Cooper was named the American League's top pitcher after going 23-9 with a 2.75 era. It was the second year in a row the 27 year old won at least 20 games. Not bad for a player who was released by Pittsburgh 6 years ago without ever getting a chance to pitch for the Bucs.

Veteran Cubs hurler Slim Sallee was named the best hurler in the National League. The 34 year old was 20-11 with a 2.59 era. It was the third time he has won 20 games in a season. For his career, Sallee is 148-142.

OCTOBER 27, 1919

After setting a major league record with 39 homers, it comes as no surprise that pitcher turned outfielder Babe Ruth was named the American League MVP. The Boston slugger led the majors in rbi's with 117 and his home run total was 3 times that of any other American Leaguer. Ruth also batted .307 as he won his second straight MVP award. Last year the Bambino hit .290 with 23 homers and 93 rbi's in his first season as a full-time position player.

National League batting champ Rogers Hornsby of the Cardinals won the second MVP of his career. Hornsby, who also was MVP in 1917, hit .349 with 8 homers and 75 rbi's. Only American League batting champ Ty Cobb of Detroit finished with a higher average that Hornsby. Cobb hit .358.

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Notable Events : Winter 1919

NOVEMBER 18, 1919

For a moment it looked like challenger Jess Willard might just give World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey a battle but things changed very quickly. The night started great for the challenger as Willard caught Dempsey with a combination that sent the champ to the canvas in round one. However, Dempsey looked like a man on a mission in round two and fought probably the best 2 and a half minutes of his career.

Willard barely touched Dempsey in the second round as the champ reigned blow after blow upon the challenger. It took just 18 seconds for Willard to get knocked down as Dempsey trapped Willard in the corner and then landed a thundering shot uder Willard's ribcage that saw the challenger crumble like stale bread.

Willard did get to his feet before being counted out but he was merely a punching bag for Dempsey as the champ hit him with at least 10 solid punches. The last one sent Willard to the canvas for good, giving Dempsey his 34th straight victory and allowing him to retain his title.

Dempsey's next defense is expected to be a much-anticipated rematch with Harry Willis. Both fighters were undefeated when Dempsey took Willis' title back in January.

NOVEMBER 20, 1919

Senior guard Charlie Perry scored 31 points as defending National College Basketball Champion North Carolina got off to a quick start, beating Kentucky 76-65 in the final of the Preseason National Invitational Tournament. The top seeded Tar Heels beat 5th seed Yale 67-53 in one semi-final while number 3 seed Kentucky upset Kansas 69-63 in the other semi.

Meanwhile Oklahoma A&M beat South Carolina 81-69 in the final of the Coaches Classic while Kansas State won the Hawaiian Shoot-Out, topping Davidson 71-64 in the title game.

Presently the top five teams are:
1- Oklahoma A&M (4-0)
2- North Carolina (4-0)
3- Kentucky (3-1)
4- San Francisco (3-0)
5- Yale (2-1)

DECEMBER 6, 1919

Number two ranked Kentucky improved to 8-1 on the season with a 64-51 homecourt victory over 3rd ranked Yale. Kentucky's offense was led by senior guard John Howard, who scored 23 points. The Bulldogs record drops to 8-2.
1- North Carolina (9-0)
2- Kentucky (8-1)
3- Yale (8-2)
4- Oklahoma A&M (5-2)
5- San Francisco (7-1)
6- South Carolina (7-2)
7- Alabama (6-1)
8- Kansas (6-3)
9- Harvard (9-1)
10- Indiana (7-1)

DECEMBER 20, 1919

Kid Norfolk became the first man in 5 Lightheavyweight Title bouts to retain his title when he knocked out Jack Dillon last week. The 27 year old Baltimore native improves to 30-3-1 while Dillon, who held the Light Heavyweight Title from 1916-18, drops to 50-5-1.

Meanwhile, in the Middleweight Division Silent Martin has taken over as World Champion after scoring an unanimous decision over Minnesota native Mike O'Dowd. Martin, who hails from New Jersey, is 37-6-4 in his career.

The Welterweight Champion is now Willie Loughlin who knocked out Mysterious Billy Smith in the second round of their title bout last month. Smith became champ in August when he beat Art Magirl on a decision. Loughlin, a 30 year old from Pennsylvania is 22-8-2, and it was considered a major upset when he floored Smith.

The Lightweight belt now belongs to Mexican Joe Rivers, who won by disqualification over Rocky Kansas. Kansas shocked the boxing world by scoring a controversial win over previously unbeaten champ Benny Leonard. Rivers has said he will give Leonard a chance to reclaim the title in the new year.
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1919 College Football Recap

JANUARY 2, 1920

Harvard dumped Oregon State 21-7 to win the Rose Bowl. It marked the first time in 3 years the big bowl game did not involve two military teams. Harvard built a 14-0 half time lead and held on for the easy win to complete a 9-1 season. Oregon State won the Pacific Coast Conference and was 8-1 entering the New Year's Day contest. In real life Harvard beat Oregon 7-6 in the Rose Bowl.

The only other Bowl game was the San Diego Holiday Classic which matched 10-0 Georgia Tech against Western Conference champion Chicago. The Yellow Jackets had an easy time as they won 34-12.


Chicago		7  1  0	 Oklahoma	8  2  0
Minnesota	6  0  1	 Texas A&M	8  1  1
Ohio State	6  1  0	 Baylor		7  2  0
Illinois	4  3  0	 Rice		7  2  0
Wisconsin	4  2  1	 SMU		7  2  1
Iowa		3  4  0	 Texas		7  1  1
Purdue		3  4  0	 Oklahoma A&M	4  3  1
Michigan	2  5  0	 Arkansas	3  4  0
Northwestern	2  4  1				
Indiana		1  6  0				

ROCKY MTN	W  L  T       PCC       W  L  T
Utah State	7  0  0	 Oregon State	8  2  0
Utah		6  1  0	 California	6  3  0	
Colorado Coll	5  1  1	 Stanford	5  2  0
Colorado State	5  3  0	 Washington	5  1  0
Wyoming		4  3  1	 Washington St 	5  2  0
Colorado	2  3  1	 Oregon		4  2  0
Colorado Mines	1  5  0				
Denver		1  6  0	

Georgia Tech   11  0  0	Kansas State	6  4  0	
West Virginia  10  0  0	Kansas		5  2  1	
N  Carolina S	9  0  0	Washington(Mo)	5  1  1	
Harvard		9  1  0	Drake		4  1  2	
Alabama		8  0  1	Iowa State	4  3  1	
Centre		8  1  0	Missouri	4  3  1	
Clemson		8  2  0	Grinnell	1  3  2	
Syracuse	8  2  1						
Pennsylvania	7  1  1					
Navy		7  1  0					
Auburn		7  1  1					
Tulane		7  1  1					
Lehigh		7  2  0					
Notre Dame	7  2  0					
Wash & Lee	7  2  0					
Army		7  2  0					
Georgetown	7  3  0					
Lafayette	6  1  1					
Yale		6  1  1					
Penn State	6  2  0					
Dartmouth	6  2  0					
Georgia		6  2  1					
Tennessee	6  2  1					
Bucknell	6  4  0					
Brown		6  4  0					
Samford		6  4  0					
Louisiana State	5  0  3					
Nebraska	5  1  2					
VMI		5  2  1					
Florida		5  2  1					
Miss State	5  2  1					
Pittsburgh	5  3  1					
Wash&Jefferson	5  3  0					
Boston College	5  3  0					
Citadel		5  4  0					
Furman		5  4  0					
Maryland	5  4  0					
Miss College	5  4  0					
Sewanee		5  4  0					
Davidson	5  6  0					
Princeton	4  1  2					
Rutgers		4  3  1					
Virginia Tech	4  3  2					
Wake Forest	4  3  1					
Texas Christian	4  3  1					
Vanderbilt	4  3  1					
Mississippi	4  4  0					
Oglethorpe	4  5  0					
Wofford		3  2  1					
Erskine		3  4  0					
Colgate		3  4  0					
Southwestrn(Tx)	3  4  1					
Spring Hill	3  4  0					
North Carolina	3  5  0					
Cornell		3  5  0					
Kentucky	3  5  0					
Presbyterian	3  6  0					
Virginia	3  6  0					
South Carolina	2  6  1					
Newberry	0  7  0
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Like this idea, keep it up.
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Tiger Fan, my man, it's great to have you back!
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Thanks to both of you for reading.

JANUARY 10, 1920

Undefeated World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey has agreed to defend his crown against the man he took the title from last year. Former champ Harry Wills (41-1) suffered the only loss of his career last May when Dempsey (34-0) won by a decision. Oddsmakers are making the champ a slight favourite in the February 14th bout at Madison Square Garden.

JANUARY 31, 1920

Two time defending National College Basketball Champion North Carolina improved to 24-0 with a 77-55 victory at Clemson last night. The Tar Heels are the nation's only undefeated team and remain number one in the polls.

1 North Carolina (24-0)
2 Yale (21-3)
3 Kentucky (19-4)
4 Kansas (19-3)
5 Alabama (20-7)
6 Oklahoma A&M (19-3)
7 Holy Cross (19-3)
8 San Francisco (17-4)
9 New York Univ (16-4)
10 LSU (18-4)

North Carolina senior guard Charlie Perry is among the favourites for college basketball's player of the year award. Perry leads the Tar Heels with 18.3 points per game.

Others receiving consideration include sophomore Kentucky forward Marcel Jones (15.1 ppg, 12.3 rpg), Hardin Simmons senior guard Gordon Masic (26.3 ppg), South Carolina sophomore center Kyle Hester (16.2 ppg) and Oklahoma A&M senior guard Harry Rowland (21.5 ppg).
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FEBRUARY 14, 1920

Harry Wills is once again the Heavyweight Champion of the World after he won by technical knockout over previously undefeated Jack Dempsey. It was a savage bout that left both pugilists bloodied and battered, but also full of incredible action. Momentum seemed to switch from one fighter to the other nearly every round and the action was so close that at the time the referee stopped the fight two of the three judges had it scored dead even with the third judge giving Dempsey a 1 point lead.

That lead proved meaningless when the bout was stopped 1:43 into the 14th round. Dempsey's corner went nuts when the TKO was announced but most experts agree with Referee Jimmy Gardner, who made his decision after consulting with the ring doctor. Dempsey's right eye was swollen shut and a deep cut just above his left eye, that was reopened early in the round, made the champ all but blind in the ring.

Wills, who also was cut badly in the bout, has promised to give Dempsey another shot perhaps as early as this summer. Each fighter has now dethroned the other in the only career loss either has had. Wills is 42-1 while Dempsey is 34-1.

FEBRUARY 16, 1920

A victory over Montreal on the final day of the regular season allowed the Ottawa Senators to claim their second straight NHL regular season title. The two points earned in the win allowed Ottawa to finish with 31 points, one more than the second place St. Patrick's.

Ottawa and Toronto will meet in a best-of-seven series to determine who will represent the National Hockey League against the Pacific Coast Hockey Association in the Stanley Cup challenge.

Joe Malone, the former Montreal Canadien, led the league in scoring despite playing for the woeful Quebec Bulldogs club. Ottawa's Clint Benedict led all goaltenders surrendering just 84 goals in 24 games played.


1919-20 Standings   GP	 W  L  T  Pts	 GF  GA
Ottawa Senators	    24	14  7  3   31	104  84
Toronto St. Pats    24	14  8  2   30	145 103
Montreal Canadiens  24	13 10  1   27	114 109
Quebec Bulldogs	    24	 4 20  0    8	105 172

Malone, Joe	QUE	24 37 30  67
Denneny,Corbett	TOR	24 26 38  64
Noble, Reg	TOR	24 16 35  51
Pitre, Didier	MON	24 12 39  51
Lalonde, Newsy	MON	24 32 18  50
Darragh, Jack	OTT	24 26 23  49
Nighbor, Frank	OTT	24 23 26  49
Prodgers,Goldie	TOR	24 23 23  46
McDonald, Jack	QUE	24 10 34  44
McCarthy, Tommy	QUE	21 16 27  43

Benedict, Clint	OTT	24  3.51 14  7	3  0
Forbes, Jake	TOR	 5  3.77  2  1	1  0
Mitchell, Ivan	TOR	20  4.37 12  7	1  0
Vezina, Georges	MON	24  4.52 13 10	1  0
Brophy, Frank	QUE	24  6.98  4 20	0  0
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FEBRUARY 18, 1920

The Chicago White Sox have sent outfielder George Burns back to the Big Apple. The 30 year old Burns, who came to the Windy City in a trade with the Giants following the 1918 season, batted .290 with 2 homers and 77 rbi's last season. Burns will be returning to the National League but it will be with the Brooklyn Robins this time. In return Chicago picks up promising 25 year old pitcher Duster Mails.

Mails, who was 3-4 in relief for the Robins last season, is expected to contend for a spot in the White Sox rotation. Chicago returns 3 solid starters in Stan Covelski (15-14, 3.47), Dickey Kerr (13-16, 3.68) and Art Nehf (14-14, 3.30) but has little depth beyond that.

The deal was announced a day after the Sox shipped pitcher Hal Carlson to Detroit for outfielder Fred Nicholson. The 27 year old Carlson was 12-13 with a 3.55 era a year ago. Nicholson is 25 and coming off the best season of his young career when he batted .281 with 7 homers and 69 rbi's.
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FEBRUARY 25, 1920

Here are the top 20 heading into the conference tournaments.


TOP 20
1- North Carolina 	(30-0)
2- Kentucky 		(26-4)
3- Yale			(25-4)
4- Oklahoma A&M		(27-3)
5- Kansas		(26-3)
6- Holy Cross		(26-3)
7- Alabama		(26-3)
8- New York Univ	(23-4)
9- San Francisco	(23-5)
10-Cincinnati		(26-3)
11-Texas Christian	(24-5)
12-Southern Cal		(22-6)
13-St John's		(22-6)
14-Princeton		(22-5)
15-Tennessee		(19-9)
16-Hardin Simmons	(22-7)
17-LSU			(22-7)
18-Maryland		(21-7)
19-South Carolina	(20-10)
20-Georgia		(17-11)

MARCH 9, 1920

It took the Ottawa Senators just 5 games to dispose of the Toronto St Pat's and win the National Hockey League title for the second season in a row.

Sprague Cleghorn got the hometown Senators off to a quick start in the series by scoring three times in the opening game as Ottawa prevailed 7-4. It would be the only 3 goals Cleghorn would score in the series.

Game Two in Toronto also belonged to the Senators as Punch Broadbent and Cy Denneny each scored twice in a 5-2 Ottawa victory. Two nights later Ottawa returned home and won a fight-filled contest 7-5 to take a commanding 3 games to none lead in the best of seven series.

Toronto avoided elimination on home ice with a 4-2 victory in Game Four but Ottawa wrapped things up in convincing fashion the next game with a 7-2 victory as Cy Denneny scored 3 times while linemate Jack Darragh would tally twice and add a pair of assists.

Ottawa will now wait for Pacific Coast Hockey Association champion Seattle to make the long trip east to challenge the Senators for the Stanley Cup. Ottawa won the Cup last year by beating the Metropolitans in Seattle.

Toronto 4 at Ottawa 7
Ottawa 5 at Toronto 2
Toronto 5 at Ottawa 7
Ottawa 2 at Toronto 4
Toronto 3 at Ottawa 8
(OTTAWA wins 4 games to one)

Darragh, Jack	OTT	5   7  5  12
Nighbor, Frank	OTT	5   3  8  11
Boucher, Buck	OTT	5   3  7  10
Denneny, Cy	OTT	5   6  3   9
Broadbent,Punch	OTT	5   4  5   9
Prodgers,Goldie	TOR	5   6  1   7
Cleghorn,SpragueOTT	5   3  4   7
Roach, Mickey	TOR	5   2  5   7
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MARCH 12, 1920

Here are the final scores from each of the major conference tournament championship games:

ACC : North Carolina 85 Maryland 62
METRO NY: New York Univ 72 St John's 64
BIG 10: Minnesota 75 Iowa 62
BIG 12: Kansas 78 Oklahoma 58
BORDER: Hardin Simmons 74 New Mexico St 57
MIDCON: Seton Hall 72 Temple 71
MISSOURI VALLEY: Bradley 80 Oklahoma A&M 62
YANKEE: UConn 70 Holy Cross 66
SEC: Kentucky 71 Alabama 46
SWC: Texas Christian 69 Texas 57
WEST COAST: Santa Clara 85 San Francisco 78
SKYLINE: Colorado St 90 Wyoming 57
BIG SKY: Long Beach St 62 Sacramento St 48
MAC: Kent St 81 Cincinnati 76

MARCH 13, 1920

At 33-0 there was no doubt that North Carolina would be a number one seed in the NCAA tournament. What was a bit of a shock was that third ranked Kansas (29-3) would not get a number one seed and the Jayhawks were placed in the Midwest Region along with the Tar Heels.

The other number one seeds go to Kentucky (29-4 and 2nd in the polls), Alabama (28-4 and 7th in the polls) and Yale (25-4 and 5th in the polls). Alabama getting a 1 seed came as a big surprise after the Tide were blown out by Kentucky in the SEC tournament championship game.

Here are the brackets:

1 Kentucky vs 16 Chicago State
8 Illinois vs 9 Penn State
5 St John's vs 12 California
4 USC vs 13 Jackson State

2 Oklahoma A&M vs 15 North Florida
7 Colorado State vs 10 VMI
6 Virgina vs 11 Harvard
3 TCU vs 14 Nicholls State

1 North Carolina vs 16 Quinnipaic
8 Wisconsin vs 9 Mississippi
5 UCLA vs 12 Murray State
4 Georgia vs 13 Kent State

2 Kansas vs 16 Stony Brook
7 Michigan vs 10 Duke
6 South Carolina vs 11 New Mexico State
3 San Francisco vs 14 UConn

1 Alabama vs 16 Alabama State
8 Bradley vs 9 Iowa
5 LSU vs 12 Long Island
4 Maryland vs 13 Seton Hall

2 New York Univ vs 15 Nevada
7 Davidson vs 10 Kansas State
6 Texas vs 11 Penn
3 Tennessee vs 14 Coppin State

1 Yale vs 16 Liberty
8 Santa Clara vs 9 Oklahoma
5 Hardin Simmons vs 12 Houston
4 Princeton vs 13 Chattanooga

2 Holy Cross vs 15 Evansville
7 Indiana vs 10 Texas A&M
6 Minnesota vs 11 Vanderbilt
3 Cincinnati vs 14 Long Beach State
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MARCH 18, 1920

There was just one major upset in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament but it was a huge shock as number 15 North Florida knocked off 2nd seeded Oklahoma A&M in the East Region. Everything else went pretty well according to script.



#1 Kentucky 68 #16 Chicago State 57
#9 Penn State 70 #8 Illinois 68
#5 St John's 81 #12 California 65
#4 USC 84 #13 Jackson State 57

#15 North Florida 81 #2 Oklahoma A&M 75
#10 VMI 70 #7 Colorado State 58
#6 Virgina 73 #11 Harvard 63
#3 TCU 69 #14 Nicholls State 56

#1 North Carolina 79 #16 Quinnipaic 56
#8 Wisconsin 72 #9 Mississippi 61
#5 UCLA 80 #12 Murray State 56
#4 Georgia 72 #13 Kent State 62

#2 Kansas 91 #16 Stony Brook 75
#10 Duke 70 #7 Michigan 56
#11 New Mexico State 79 #6 South Carolina 75
#3 San Francisco 71 #14 UConn 60

#1 Alabama 74 #16 Alabama State 46
#9 Iowa 79 #8 Bradley 68
#5 LSU 74 #12 Long Island 52
#4 Maryland 71 #13 Seton Hall 53

#2 New York Univ 79 #15 Nevada 57
#10 Kansas State 67 #7 Davidson 56
#6 Texas 77 #11 Penn 55
#3 Tennessee 64 #14 Coppin State 50

#1 Yale 76 #16 Liberty 55
#9 Oklahoma 66 #8 Santa Clara 64
#5 Hardin Simmons 62 #12 Houston 37
#4 Princeton 83 #13 Chattanooga 55

#2 Holy Cross 91 #15 Evansville 60
#7 Indiana 66 #10 Texas A&M 64
#6 Minnesota 70 #11 Vanderbilt 56
#3 Cincinnati 65 #14 Long Beach State 54

MARCH 20, 1920

Three of the top 4 seeds in the East Region qualified for the Sweet 16. The Cinderella of the region is 10th seed VMI which followed up a first round win over Colorado State with an easy 75-65 victory over North Florida. UNF, a 15 seed, pulled off the shocker of the tournament with a win over 2 seed Oklahoma A&M in the opening round.

VMI will face 3rd seed Texas Christian next week after TCU beat Virginia 66-50. The other regional semi-final pits top seed Kentucky against #4 USC. Kentucky hammered Penn State 67-30 while the Trojans beat St John's 68-63 to advance.

Really no surprises in the Midwest as #4 seed Georgia was the only favourite not to make the Sweet 16. The Bulldogs lost 63-59 in overtime to 5th seed UCLA. UCLA will face the unbeaten North Carolina Tar Heels next week. Carolina beat 8th seeded Wisconsin 66-55. The other side of the bracket pits #2 Kansas against #3 San Francisco. The Jayhawks topped Duke 76-59 while the Dons beat New Mexico State 76-68.

#6 Texas was the only upset minded team in the South as the Longhorns beat 3rd seed Tennessee 88-81 yesterday. Texas will meet #2 New York University after NYU dumped Kansas State 80-63. The other side of the bracket will have #1 Alabama facing 4th seeded Maryland. Bama beat Iowa 72-66 while Maryland trimmed LSU 69-67.

#1 seed Yale was the only one of the top 4 seeds to advance to the Sweet 16 from the West Region. The Bulldogs beat Oklahoma 74-50 and will face 5th seeded Hardin Simmons next week. Hardin Simmons upended 4th seeded Princeton 72-62. The Big Ten conference had a strong day as 7th seeded Indiana surprised #2 Holy Cross 76-71 while 6th seed Minnesota knocked off #3 Cincinnati 71-49.

Kentucky (31-4) vs USC (26-7)
VMI (24-9) vs Texas Christian (29-5)
North Carolina (35-0) vs UCLA (23-10)
Kansas (31-3) vs San Francisco (26-6)
Alabama (30-4) vs Maryland (25-8)
New York Univ (28-4) vs Texas (24-8)
Yale (27-4) vs Hardin Simmons (27-7)
Indiana (21-10) vs Minnesota (24-10)
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MARCH 24, 1920

The NCAA Tournament is down to 8 teams after there were few surprises in the Sweet 16. Three of the four number one seeds advanced with only the South Region's top school getting knocked out. #4 Maryland beat Alabama 68-52 in the South. The Terps will face 6th seeded Texas after the Longhorns upended #2 New York University 80-63.

In the East top seeded Kentucky moved on with a 62-45 victory over USC while #3 TCU downed 10th seeded VMI 75-65.

In the Midwest top seed North Carolina improved to 36-0 on the season with a 78-67 win over UCLA. Next up for the Tar Heels will be San Francisco after the third seeded Dons beat #2 Kansas 82-78.

Top seeded Yale advanced to the West Region final with an 84-75 win over Hardin Simmons. The Bulldogs will face 7th seeded Indiana after the Hoosiers beat Big Ten rival Minnesota 69-65.

MARCH 27, 1920

North Carolina will not win the NCAA tournament for a third straight season. After starting the season with 36 straight victories the Tar Heels saw their year come to an end with a 59-56 loss to San Francisco in the Midwest Regional Final. The Dons built a 33-25 lead at the half and hung on to make the first Final Four in school history.

Top seed Kentucky had little trouble in the East Regional Final as the Wildcats thumped Texas Christian 77-49. The top seed prevailed in the West as well as Yale easily ended Indiana's run with an 80-57 win. The last member of the Final Four will be Texas after the 6th seed in South Region beat Maryland 59-52.

In next weekend's Final Four Kentucky (33-4) will face San Francisco (28-6) while Texas (26-8) meets Yale (29-4).

MARCH 27, 1920

A number of key injuries were suffered by major league during their tune-up games but none more serious than the torn back muscle that Phillies infielder Fritz Maisel endured in a game against St Louis. A club spokesman said it was highly unlikely the 30 year old would ever play again. Maisel hit .205 in 424 at bats with the Phillies last season. In 754 career games with the Phillies and Yankees Maisel batted .222.

Meanwhile, word from Yankees camp is that outfielder Benny Kauff will miss the first month of the season with a broken hand. Kauff hit .259 with 3 homers and 65 rbi's in 135 games last season. He was American League MVP in both 1914 and 1915.

One of the greatest pitchers in baseball history has made it known that this will be the final season of his career. New York Giants reliever Christy Mathewson made that announcement as the club prepared to head north for the season opener with the Braves.

Mathewson spent all of last season in the Giants bullpen but did help the squad to a World Series victory. He has started 567 games in his 20 year career, all with the Giants, and has a 308-264 record. Only Cy Young, with 439, and Kid Nichols, with 367, have won more games than Mathewson.
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APRIL 2, 1920

It will be San Francisco against Texas in the NCAA college basketball title game after each won in the semi-finals. San Francisco topped Kentucky 59-49 while the Longhorns beat Yale 64-54. None of the number one seeds reached the championship game as Kentucky and Yale were the last number one's standing. San Francisco knocked off the nation's number one team, North Carolina, in the Midwest Regional final while the South's top seed, Alabama, failed to advance past the Sweet 16.

In the opening game freshman center Jefferson Harley scored 20 points and added 13 rebounds as the Dons beat the top seed in the East. San Francisco was the #3 seed out of the Midwest Region. In the nightcap Texas actually trailed by 1 at the half before pulling away early in the second half. Guard Matt Rogers led the Longhorns, who were the 6 seed in the South, with 26 points. Yale was the top seed in the West Region.

Meanwhile, Washington won the NIT Tournament with a 96-69 victory over Arkansas-Little Rock in the championship game at Madison Square Garden. Arizona and Wyoming were the other two teams to reach the final four.

APRIL 2, 1920

For the second year in a row the Ottawa Senators defeated the Seattle Metropolitans to win the Stanley Cup. Ottawa won the best-of-five series 3 games to one with one contest ending in a tie.

The series opened in the nation's capital on March 22nd with the western side showing full effects of a cross-country train ride. Ottawa capitalized on a tired Seattle club by scoring 4 times in the third period to earn a 6-2 victory. Buck Boucher scored three times for the winners.

With a couple of days rest Seattle was a different team in Game Two and carried the play to the Senators. Only an amazing 61 save performance from Ottawa goalie Clint Benedict allowed the Senators to escape with a 3-3 tie.

Seattle would get it's only win of the series in Game 3 as Frank Foyston scored 5 times in a 6-4 Metropolitans victory. Foyston, an Ontario native and future Hockey Hall of Famer, had previously won 2 Stanley Cups with the old Toronto Blueshirts and a third with Seattle 3 years ago.

Game Four was scoreless through 2 periods before Ottawa broke through with 3 goals in the third to win 3-0. Clint Benedict was once again outstanding between the pipes for the Senators.

Despite being outshot 33-17, Ottawa would wrap the series up in the next game with a 3-1 victory. Frank Nighbor would get the Cup clincher shorthanded midway through the third period and Sprage Cleghorn would seal the win with his second goal of the game coming in the final minute of play.
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APRIL 4, 1920

Sam Hightower scored 25 points and added 8 rebounds to lead the University of San Francisco to the college basketball National Championship. San Francisco beat Texas 71-56 in last night's title game.

The Dons built an early 12 point lead only to see Texas rally late in the first half to close to within 1 at the break. The Dons used their size to a great advantage as forward Sam Hightower scored 11 points and added 3 rebounds and 3 blocked shots in the opening 20 minutes. San Francisco center Jefferson Harley had 7 rebounds at the break. Texas picked up the tempo midway through the half and that allowed the Longhorns to get back into the game. It was 29-28 San Francisco at the break.

Texas stayed close for the first 15 minutes of the second half. The Longhorns matched buckets with the Dons but Texas could never pull even as San Francisco always remained a point or two ahead. Texas only held the lead twice in the game, both times in the opening 3 minutes of the contest.

Sam Hightower all but put the game away with 4 minutes to play as he scored 7 points in a span of just over a minute to help San Francisco go up 58-47 as the Dons went on a 11-2 run. Texas could not recover.

Guard Matt Rogers led the Longhorns with 18 points.

April 15, 1920

Another major league baseball season begins with a wild game in Cleveland where the Indians and the visiting St Louis Browns combined for 17 runs in the 8th and 9th innings and 10 more in the 10th. The Browns won the offensive battle 18-14. The game was actually 4-3 St Louis through 7 when the bats exploded.

The Browns scored 5 times in the top of the 8th, 3 on a Jack Graney homerun, to take a 9-3 lead. Cleveland got one back in the home half but when St Louis scored two more in the ninth to go up 11-4 you had to figure the contest was over. Not so fast as Cleveland plated 7 in the bottom of the ninth to force the game into extra innings.

St Louis scored 7 in the top of the 10th while the Indians could only manage 3 runs in the home half. The offensive stars for St Louis where Graney, with 4 hits and 6 rbis, and catcher Vern Clemons, who had 4 hits and 3 rbi's. Elmer Smith, who homered twice and had 5 rbi's, led the way for Cleveland. The two clubs combined for 38 hits and 7 errors.

In other American League action Herb Pennock tossed a complete game 7-hitter as the defending American League champion Philadelphia Athletics beat the visiting New York Yankees 5-3. Boston doubled Washington 6-3 as Lyn Brenton outpitched Walter Johnson while in Chicago Fred Nicholson and Larry Doyle each drove in a pair of runs as the White Sox beat Detroit by the same 6-3 score.

The defending World Series champion New York Giants started the season off in style. Frankie Frisch, Heinie Groh and Ray Haley each had 4 hits as the Giants clobbered visiting Boston 12-0. Rosy Ryan pitched 8 shutout innings with Christy Mathewson closing things out in the ninth.

Elsewhere in the National League, Pete Alexander tossed a 6-hitter as visiting Philadelphia beat Brooklyn 3-1. Catcher Patsy Gharrity's 3-run homer provided more than enough offense as Cincinnati blanked the Cubs 8-0 while Pittsburgh built an early 8-1 lead and hung on to win at St Louis 8-6.

April 23, 1920

The New York Giants will be without Waite Hoyt for 6 weeks after the 1919 National League Rookie of the Year suffered an elbow injury in an 8-3 win over Boston. Hoyt is 1-0 in two starts this season with a 2.63 era. Last year he helped the Giants win the World Series by going 16-10 with a 2.28 in 27 starts.
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April 24, 1920

Braggo Roth of the St Louis Cardinals became the first player to record 7 hits in a game and he hit for the cycle as well in the Cards 20-0 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Only 11 players had managed to have 6 hits in a game since 1901 with Wally Schang, who did it last year, being the most recent. No one had ever managed to get 7 hits in the same game prior to yesterday. Roth also became the 22nd player in major league history to hit for the cycle in a game.

Roth doubled in the first, singled in the 2nd, hit a two-run triple in the 2nd, hit an rbi double in the 4th, doubled in the 5th, hit a 3-run homer in the 7th and singled in the 9th. It was his first homer of the season. Roth is batting .308 through 9 games.

On the same day Happy Felsch had 5 hits as the New York Giants thumped the Boston Braces 16-12 at the Polo Grounds yesterday. Felsch raised his average to .308 on the season with 2 doubles, 2 triples and a single in the game. He drove in 6 runs as well.

APRIL 26, 1920

Prominent breeder Harry Payne Whitney may just have his second Derby winner if the oddsmakers are correct. Whitney, who owns 1915 Derby Champ and Horse of the Year Regret, has two entries in the 46th running at Churchill Downs including Damask. Damask is listed as 2-1 to win the race while Whitney's other entry, Upset, is 4-1. In real life Upset finished second and Damask came in fourth.

The real life winner of the 1920 Derby, Paul Jones is a 4-1 while the third place horse, On Watch, is at 7-2 along with 5th place finisher Donnacona.
Here are the odds for each of the 17 entries:[b]
Damask		2-1	4
On Watch	7-2	3
Donnacona	7-2	5
Paul Jones 	4-1	1
Upset		4-1	2
By Golly	8-1	7
Blazes		8-1	6
Patches		9-1	10
Bersagliere	10-1	9
Prince Pal	11-1	13
Wildair		11-1	8
David Harrum	15-1	14
Peace Pennant	15-1	16
Sandy Beal	20-1	12
Herron 		25-1	11
Cleopatra	50-1	15
Sterling	50-1	17

MAY 1, 1920


AMERICAN      W  L  GB	     NATIONAL     W  L  GB
Philadelphia 14  2   -       NY Giants	 10  5   -
Boston	     11  6   3.5     Chicago	  9  7  1.5
St Louis     10  6   4.0     St Louis     9  7  1.5
Cleveland     9  8   5.5     Brooklyn     8  8  2.5
Chicago       7  9   7.0     Pittsburgh   8  8  2.5
Detroit       7 10   7.5     Philadelphia 7  8  3.0
Washington    5 11   9.0     Boston       6 10  4.5
NY Yankees    3 14  11.5     Cincinnati   6 10  4.5

Jackson Pha     .477	     Harris PHI		.439
Schulte Pha	.474	     E Smith NYG	.418
Flack NYA	.463	     H Groh NYG		.393
Heilmann Det	.443	     R Youngs NYG	.393
Sisler SLA	.441	     Menosky Chn	.389
Hooper Bos	   3	     Chase Bkn		2
Ruth Bos	   2	     Felsch NYG	        2
Dugan Pha	   2	     Fournier Cin	2

Hooper Bos	   23	     Fournier Cin	20
Graney SLA	   17	     Felsch NYG		17
B Harris Wsh       16	     G Burns Chn	14
E Smith Cle        16	     Hornsby StL        13
B Ruth Bos         14        3 tied with	12


PLAYER OF THE MONTH - Frank Schulte Athletics: .474, 2 homers, 7 rbi's 15 runs scored
PITCHER OF THE MONTH - Hal Carlson Detroit : 3-0 with 1.33 era in 3 starts.
ROOKIE OF THE MONTH - Bubbles Hargrave Boston: Catcher hit .345 with 13 rbi's in April

PLAYER OF THE MONTH - Happy Felsch Giants : .364, 2 homers, 17 rbi's and 16 runs scored
PITCHER OF THE MONTH - Pete Alexander Phillies : 3-1 with 1.89 era in 33 innings.
ROOKIE OF THE MONTH - Earl Smith Giants : catcher hit .418 with 1 homer and 12 rbi's.

The A's lost pitcher Herb Pennock for 5 weeks after he was injured running the bases against Boston. Pennock was 3-0 this season with a 2.45 era after going 11-8 a year ago.
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MAY 6, 1920

World Heavyweight Champion Harry Wills toyed with Charley Weinert for the better part of 10 rounds before disposing of the challenger with a 13th round knock out. It was the first defense for Wills (43-1) since regaining the title in February with a TKO of Jack Dempsey.

MAY 11, 1920

Everything that could go right did for jockey William O'Brien as he rode Donnacona to the 1920 Kentucky Derby title. While pre-race favourites Damask and Paul Jones got tangled up in traffic on the backstretch O'Brien found a clear path and steadily steered Donnacona into open track. The lead over over Paul Jones, On Watch, and race surprise Herron expanded through the final turn and Donnacona had just enough to hold on for the victory.

Herron, which finished 11th in real life and was listed at 25-1, shocked the field with a strong second place finish, half a length back. It was the second year in a row that jockey James Butwell took a low real life finisher into second place after doing the same with Be Frank in 1919.

On Watch was third with real life winner Paul Jones a distant fourth. Jones' camp lodged a protest against the oddsmakers favourite Damask for bumping on the back stretch but it was denied. In truth, the bumping did more harm to Damask than Paul Jones as he finished 6th. Damask's stablemate, Upset, also had big problems getting boxed in with all the traffic and finished a dissappointing 8th.

The winning time was 2:08 3/5ths in the sim as compared to 2:09 in real life.

1	Donnacona	5
2	Herron		11
3	On Watch	3
4	Paul Jones	1
5	By Golly	7
6	Damask		4
7	Prince Pal	13
8	Upset		2
9	Cleopatra	15
10	David Harrum	14
11	Blazes		6
12	Patches		10
13	Wildair		8
14	Bersagliere	9
15	Peace Pennant	16
16	Sterling	17
17	Sandy Beal	12
MAY 31, 1920

Gaston Chevrolet was the victor in the 8th running of the Indianapolis 500 motor race. Chevrolet, who's brother Louis also competed and finished 17th, became just the second person to win the event in the same year he won it in real life. Louis Chevrolet is the founder of the Chevrolet car company while Gaston would be killed in a race at the Beverly Hills Speedway in November 1920.

Chevrolet had little competition in this race, finishing 6 laps ahead of second place driver Tommy Milton. Rene Thomas finished third. In real life Thomas was second and Milton third. Unlike the 1919 sim race which was full of cautions, there was just one yellow flag this time around and the result was the quickest race in Indy history with an average speed of over 102 mph.

1911  Ray Harroun		Ray Harroun
1912  Charles Merz		Joe Dawson
1913  Theodore Pillette		Jules Goux
1914  Arthur Duray	        Rene Thomas
1915  Gil Anderson		Ralph DePalma
1916  Wilbur D'Alene		Dario Resta
1919  Jules Goux		Howdy Wilcox
1920  Gaston Chevrolet		Gaston Chevrolet

       FINAL RESULTS: 1920 Indianapolis 500
        ST FIN                           LAPS  RUNNING or              
       POS POS  CAR   DRIVER             COMP  REASON OUT            PIT
         6   1    4  Gaston Chevrolet     200  Winner                  1
        11   2   10  Tommy Milton         194  Flagged                 1
        18   3   25  Rene Thomas          193  Flagged                 2
         1   4    2  Ralph DePalma        191  Flagged                 1
        19   5   28  Joe Thomas           191  Flagged                 2
        15   6   12  Jimmy Murphy         191  Flagged                 1
        23   7   33  Ralph Mulford        190  Flagged                 1
        20   8   18  Howdy Wilcox         190  Flagged                 2
         4   9   26  Jean Chassagne       189  Flagged                 1
        17  10   15  Pete Henderson       188  Flagged                 1
        12  11   29  Eddie O'Donnell      188  Flagged                 2
         2  12    6  Joe Boyer            187  Flagged                 2
         8  13    7  Bennett Hill         186  Flagged                 3
        10  14    9  Ray Howard           184  Flagged                 2
        22  15   19  Jean Porporato       184  Flagged                 2
        13  16   34  Willie Haupt         183  Flagged                 2
         3  17    3  Louis Chevrolet      183  Flagged                 2
        21  18   16  Jules Goux           169  Gearbox                 2
        14  19   32  John Boling          114  Blown Engine            1
         7  20    5  Roscoe Sarles        113  Transmission            1
         5  21    8  Art Klein             78  Joint                   2
         9  22   31  Eddie Hearne          69  Lost power              1
        16  23   17  Andre Boillot         43  Pump                    3

           WINNING TIME:  04:52:34 
          WINNING SPEED: 102.598 mph
      MARGIN OF VICTORY: 627.17 sec
           YELLOW FLAGS:  1 for  4 laps
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JUNE 1, 1920


AMERICAN      W  L  GB	     NATIONAL      W  L  GB
Philadelphia 29 16  -	     Philadelphia 27 18   -		
Boston	     28 17  1.0	     Brooklyn 	  26 19  1.0
Cleveland    26 18  2.5	     Chicago      25 20  2.0
Chicago      24 22  5.5	     Pittsburgh   22 21  4.0
Washington   22 23  7.0      NY Giants    21 22  5.0
Detroit      20 24  8.5	     Cincinnati   21 26  7.0
St Louis     20 25  9.0      St Louis     20 25  7.0
NY Yankees   11 35 18.5      Boston       17 28 10.0

J.Jackson Pha   .412	     R.Hornsby StL	.401
E.Roush Cha	.373	     R.Youngs NYG	.392
W.Witt Pha	.359	     J.Smith StL	.380
F.Baker Cha	.359	     A.McHenry StL	.369
V.Clemons SLA	.342	     E.Smith NYG	.367
B.Ruth Bos	   9	     J>Walsh Phi	 5
G.Cravath Cha	   7	     H.Felsch NYG        4
H.Heilmann Det	   5	     R.Hornsby StL	 4
H.Hooper Bos	   5	     T.McDonald Cin      4
J.Jackson Pha      5	     M.Menosky Chn       4

H.Hooper Bos	   39	     G.Burns Chn	39
J.Jackson Cha	   35	     H.Felsch NYG	39
B.Ruth Bos         35	     J.Fournier Cin	36
W.Witt Pha         34	     R.Hornsby StL      35
2 tied with        31        A.McHenry StL	32

R.Wright Wsh	   8	     B.Adams StL 	 6
H.Carlson Det	   7	     P.Alexander Phi     6
S.Covelski Cha     7         R.Collins Chn 	 6
R.Marquard Cle     7         R.Comstock Phi      6
R.Naylor Pha       7	     J.Tesreau StL       6

W.Cooper Cle	   2.10	     B.Maxwell Bkn	2.39
H.Carlson Det      2.23	     H.Eller Cin        2.47
C.Mays Bos         2.35	     J.Tesreau StL	2.70
R.Marquard Cle     2.51	     R.Comstock Phi	2.89
D.Kerr Cha         2.69	     R.Ryan NY	        3.00

W.Johnson Wsh	    34	     L.Meadows NY	40
H.Moran NY	    34	     H.Eller Cin	38
D.Walker Pha        34	     B.Grimes Pit	38
D.Leonard Det       32	     C.Hendrix Pit      37
E.Cicotte Det       31	     J.Ring Pit	  	37


PLAYER OF THE MONTH - Joe Jackson A's: 42 hits, 5 homers and 24 rbi's with 30 runs
PITCHER OF THE MONTH - Dickey Kerr White Sox: 5-1 with 2.20 era in May
ROOKIE OF THE MONTH - Bob Meusel Yankees : 34 hits, 14 rbi's and batted .312

PLAYER OF THE MONTH - Rogers Hornsby Cards : hit .416 with 2 homers and 22 rbi's
PITCHER OF THE MONTH - Jeff Tesreau Cards: 4-2 with 2.45 era
ROOKIE OF THE MONTH - William Marriott Cubs: hit .393 with 7 rbi's in 107 ab's

Doc Gessler of the White Sox reached the 2000 hit plateau for his career.

A's and Phillies make deal. A's sendthird baseman Lee McElwee to Phils for pitcher Jesse Haines. McElwee is hitting .333 in 13 games this season. He has been a bench player for the A's each of the past 4 seasons and had played 230 career games entering 1920. The 26 year old Haines is 5-3 on the season with a 3.24 era.

Notable injuries: Cubs lose shortstop Charlie Hollocher (.272,1,21) for 7 weeks. White Sox lose outfielder Fred Nicholson for the rest of the season with a torn calf muscle. Nicholson was hitting .273 with a homer and 26 rbi's. The Giants lost first baseman Heinie Groh for 6 weeks. He was hitting .360 with 14 rbi's in 75 at bats at the time of the injury.

JUNE 6, 1920

Jack Dempsey improved to 36-1 with 24 knockouts after stopping Frank Moran in the 8th round of their bout in Pittsburgh. Dempsey, who scored a third round knockout of Charlie Wilson last month, has agreed to a rematch with World Heavyweight Champion Harry Wills on July 28th in New York. Dempsey suffered the only loss of his career to Wills in February, less than a year after Dempsey won the World Title by handing Wills his first career defeat.
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JUNE 18, 1920

Fans of the New York Yankees have had very little to cheer about this season but they did get to witness history on June 17th as Ralph Caldwell became just the 4th pitcher in modern baseball history to win 300 games. Caldwell went the distance, allowing 6 hits as the Yankees trimmed the Chicago White Sox 3-2.

For his career, the lefthander has 300 wins against 226 losses with a 2.66 era. He broke in with the Phillies in 1904 and was named the NL's top pitcher in 1909. He was dealt to the Cubs in 1913 and later pitched for Brooklyn and the White Sox before joining the Yankees prior to last season.

The next active player approaching 300 wins is Chief Bender but, with 278 victories and rumours he will retire at the end of season, it is unlikely the Cincinnati pitcher will get there. If Bender does not make then 32 year old Walter Johnson of the Senators should be the next pitcher to reach 300 wins. Johnson is 255-221 in his 14 year career but is enduring his worst season ever as he sits at 6-11 with a 5.15 era.
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