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OOTP Mods - Schedules Create your very own game schedules, or share historical schedules

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Iln bgy 28t 156g sl1_d1_t14 sl2_d1_t14

The zip file includes an .Isdl schedule as well as a worksheet you can use with the "schedule generator 2.1" found in this forum for easier changes.

There is already 1 schedule fitting this league structure, but teams play 6-7 consecutive series (18-21 games) without an offday after the all-star break. i wasn't keen on that, so i made my own.

.Isdl schedule and matchups are included in the attached zip. the file size was too large to include the entire "Schedule Generator 2.1" speadsheet - you can download that from this forum (easy search) and thank the creator.

how-to import from attached spreadsheet:
1) Make a second copy of schedule generator as a backup. never edit this file, always copy it to another location where you work on it.

2) copy and paste first two rows (abbreviations and league structure) to "Schedule Setup" and delete any 'extra' 2 columns. no worries if abbreviations match your teams - more info below. Do Not copy this to "Template" or any other worksheet.

3) copy and paste the matchups provided to "Template" worksheet. you can also paste this to "Schedule Setup" but that is not necessary. however, it can be used as a back-up as you make changes.

4) verify - any invalid references visible? also, click "Grid" work sheet and make sure it is shows 6's for all team matchups home and away.

5) follow instructions in spreadsheet for copying and pasting each team's schedule to produce a final schedule.

the abbreviations don't have to necessarily match your league, but they do have to match the ones you pasted from the attached file. if you have different teams in your league, they will match up number-wise based on alphebetical order of city names - not the abbreviations. ergo, your fifth alphabetical team will have team five's schedule in the isdl schedule file. if you change them, have fun with that, lol. otherwise, just make a text file 'key' for yourself matching teams in spreadsheet with teams in your league in alphabetical order.

This does not have extra days off for the All-Star Game - i delete this game each year from schedule, but i want the player's history to show their all-star selections. i did not comment this A0, because it is set for day 96 in the file. use the schedule generator 2.1 to change this to your liking.

if i get motivated during my leisure time, i'll clean-up that spreadsheet (schedule generator 2.1) for easier use and improved functionality.

why use this schedule: because divisions are completely irrational and illogical. all they do is make it possible for superior teams to miss the playoffs for nonsensical reasons. also, strength of schedule is the same for all teams in the sub-league.

i'd like to do a 30 team balanced (140g or 168g), but since there are an odd number of teams that schedule is more difficult to make without haveng 2-3days of in-a-row on occasion. so, for now, this will do.

Basic Details:

- 28 Teams, 2 Leagues, 1 division per league

- 156 games

- balanced schedule, 6H/6A, 3-game series.

- no interleague

- not optimum for an all-star game

- all game times are 7:05pm

Finer Details / Explanations:

The all-star game is listed as day 96 in schedule file - remove it or edit it as you will. as-is there is only 1 day off when it is scheduled.

season starts on the first friday of april and runs 184days. compare to regular length and adjust game settings for ML service time required for 1 year, if you feel the need.

Teams all have the same days off - again this can be tinkered with in the schedule generator. i figure this affects pitchers more - this way all pictchers have a level playing field as far as opportunity for extra starts, relative to sp1, sp2, etc.

Teams never play more than 6 games in 6 consecutive days. teams never play more than 12 straight home or away games. if they do have a 12 game stretch, they will have 2 of each(H/A).

Each quarter of the season are the same matchups. day 1-46, then home and away are swapped day 47-92, and continues to alternate the last 2 quarters of the season. if you edit file, you can copy and paste after editing a quarter (q1=q3; q2=q4; first half = second half). Tip: click top,left box of range you want to copy/select, scroll to end of range and hold shift and click bottom,right box to select that range. better than dragging mouse and accidentally ending up at row 32,000.

There is a bias toward team 5 - possibly 100% superficial in regard to game mechanics. there is always a day off for travel. they have a home series to start and end the season. the first quarter of the season they tend to play away at warmer destinations and home against similar cold climates. this probably doesn't matter as successive years will jumble matchups...?

Depending on what teams you remove to make 28, team five can vary. i removed ARI and another much further down the alphabet, so team five was Detroit. you can figure it out from there.

Last edited by NoOne; 05-26-2015 at 04:44 AM. Reason: made it more clear that the lsdl is attached.
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Rather than attaching the spreadsheet, could you attach the actual .lsdl schedule file? Thanks
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The Game (05-25-2015)
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they were in the zip. they are now separated, and i have corrected the wrong extension on the .lsdl file.

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joefromchicago (05-26-2015)
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update: there is a small problem with 2 sub-league2 teams. it will result in a double header to fix the matchup error. so, spot it, fix it, export file. save over the old one.

i no longer have this file unaldulterated... cannot upload to fix. if you've used it, you likely just thought a rain-out occured and caused a double-header.
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