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Bat Boy
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Long Time Player Extremely Disappointed

I am a long time player of OOTP since version 7. As a veteran of this game, I've learned how to build dynasties. In fact, at times, the game was maybe too easy.

OOTP 14 has been a complete disappointment in the other direction.

Coming from a 57-105 season, I did the polar opposite of what the Florida Marlins did after winning their first World Series and gutting the team. I gutted a losing team and essentially bought a winning team.

Now I understand that stuff happens. Sometimes big names don't work out. But it's incredibly rare when everybody you buy doesn't work out. In the history of this game, I can't think of too many big payroll teams that were total disasters. A little disappointing? Maybe even sub 500? Sure. But not what i just experienced.

First of all, almost everybody on my team was hurt for extended periods of time. And I made sure when I signed people that the first thing I looked at was how durable they were. I avoided all people, no matter how good their stats, who were fragile or wrecked.

The really great players, I got into heated bidding wars for, something that didn't happen in older games but something I think is great. Nice addition there. Point is, I paid through the nose for these players. And somehow managed to keep my payroll under budget. That in itself was a miracle.

I gutted my whole pitching staff and bought 3 number 1 starters and a killer bullpen.

Again, I wasn't expecting to go 110-52 like I had done so many times before. I would have been content for an 81-81 season.

My record?


A whole 3 games better than the year before.

Injuries, at one point, were so bad that I had to bring up people from double A. Why? Everybody at a certain position at Triple A was injured.

I have never seen anything like this in 8 or 9 years of playing this game.

At the end of the season, I was so frustrated, I didn't even bother to play through the playoffs. I exited out and most likely I've opened up OOTP for the last time.

I've been playing video games since the 70s. In all my years of playing PC based games, I have never complained about a one of them short of when they simply were not compatible with my PC. This is the first time in my entire life that I can honestly say I am disgusted with a game's performance.

In short, there was absolutely nothing realistic about the season I just endured. I have followed baseball since 1962 and there has never been a team with as many injured players as the team I just suffered through. Iron Man players were getting hurt.

I don't expect anybody here to really care about this little rant of mine and like I said, normally I wouldn't even bother (this is my first post here in 8 years) but this had to be said.

Some sort of realism has to be brought to this game. I don't know what has to be done to do that, but my last season, which is my last season, was a joke.

Shame. Because this is a game I've enjoyed for a long time.
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The Game
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what were your settings?
what were your trainer ratings?
what were your coach ratings?

I have won with bad players having a great season and lost with good players having a bad season. Blank happens.
Post your team. post full player profile on some of your top guys and turn scouting on to 100% for it.
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Or buy 16. Things evolve.
"Try again. Fail again. Fail better." -- Samuel Beckett
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Wow, that's too bad that you had a bad season and now you want to quit. Did I read it correctly that you played since 7 and you experience 110-52 type seasons normally? And you thought those games were maybe too easy? So what's the problem? You just had high expectations and it didn't work out? Ok, try again.

Injuries sound like they were way too much, but you can look over history and find teams that under performed and I know some injuries contributed to the record.
Just go look at the 2008 Seattle Mariners or the 93' Mets, these teams had playoff or world series aspirations, big name players, big payrolls and Seattle finished 58-100 and the Mets finished 59-103. Point is, disappointing years do happen.
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Your experience with regard to OOTP14 is somewhat similar to mine. But I viewed it much more positively.

I've been playing OOTP since Season Ticket Baseball (2001) and have found solo playing on normal settings to be somewhat easy. In the sense of being able to take over a struggling team and turn them into a consistent winner. Not just a playoff winner, but a championship winner, as a general rule.

But in OOTP14, while I could still rebuild a moribund team into a powerhouse in a couple of seasons, I found it much harder to grasp the brass ring. I'd either get knocked out in the first round or lose the 7th game of the championship. In the 18 seasons I played in a particular league, I won two championships and lost about four.

One particular season, we were projected to be the top team in the league. We had turned the corner the previous season and squeaked into the playoffs. But then the wheels fell off: some key players fell to injury and others all had off-years. We were 12 game below .500 and couldn't gain any traction. I was frustrated.

But then I remembered: This is just like real life. As a GM, how should I handle this? Should I offload these players and start over, or should I stick with these guys and just weather the storm? And how would I spin this the to fans as well as to the writers who once predicted great things for us, but were now are writing us off?

In the end I made some modest moves that got us back over .500 but still missed the playoffs by a few games.

The next season, everything came together like it was expected the previous year. The players that I stuck by with rewarded me with great seasons and we finished in first place. We had the best record in the league, but of course that meant nothing in the playoffs, and we ended up losing in the championship round.

Despite the frustration at times with nothing coming easy for me, I found I enjoyed the OOTP14 experience so much that I skipped OOTP15.

I now play OOTP16, but I will always have a soft spot for OOTP14 because it wasn't willing to simply roll over and play dead - it had no hesitation to bite me back at times. Just like real life.
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The Game (08-25-2015)
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Bat Boy
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Well, I thought I'd return and post my progress or lack thereof.

I have tried everything imaginable to get this to work. I've now played 51 seasons. That's a long time.

With a game like this, it's difficult to generalize about what the problems are because there are so many variables but I'll try the best I can here.

Injuries - I try to hard to avoid signing players that are wrecked or fragile. I always look for iron man or durable. In fact, I have now made it a rule that I will never sign anybody with an injury history. Doesn't matter. The injuries, each season, are consistent and relentless. I'm good for anywhere from 8 to 12 players out during the course of a season. That's about half my 25 man roster. I have never seen anything like this in real life on such a consistent basis.

Consistency - There simply is none. I can sign somebody who is a lifetime 290 hitter and never had a season below 270 and they'll turn around and hit 240 for me or worse, end up injured for 10 months. And the number of long term injuries in this game is insane. In short, you absolutely can't rely on anybody.

Salaries - Totally insane. 250 hitters with 15 homers and 60 RBIs wanting 21 million a year. You can't get a decent player for under what players in real life get who are superstars. And what boggles my mind is that some team out there will pay that money. Having an owner who is as cheap as a plastic dixie cup doesn't help either.

Rookies - Might as well just toss them into a hat and choose one at random. No matter how much you look at abilities it doesn't matter.

Attitude - Players have the worst attitudes I've ever seen. Maybe that's more real life than I realize but when somebody says "I want $5 million to play for you" and you give them exactly what they want and then they turn around and say that they expect to be paid a living wage, good God. Why didn't they just ask me for what they wanted in the first place and avoid all the dramatics.

And then there are the players who know they're signing up for a bad team who is willing to pay them $13 million per season but then when the team doesn't win, they want to be traded. Why didn't they just not sign with the team in the first place?

Payroll Does Not Equal Success or Lack Thereof.

I had a season where I finally decided to spend a little money. I was coming off a $60 million dollar payroll season. So I increased it to $80 million and made the playoffs as a wild card for the first time ever. So next season I added pieces to the team to improve it putting the payroll at over $100 million. The whole team came back intact. So what happens? I end up with a worse record than when I had a $60 million payroll.

But the best one is this. One year, I was so fed up, I went with a $38 million payroll and essentially a minor league roster. I had a better record than a season where my payroll was more than double that amount.

Personnel - I look for the very best that I can find. My trainer is Legendary in almost all categories and the next level down in the one that's not. Doesn't matter. I have more injuries than any other team and that's with my rule of not signing wrecked or fragile players. I've lost iron men for whole seasons.

Draft - Are these players serious about the money they want to sign? High school players with 2.92 ERAs are not worth $8.5 million to sign. That translates to about a 6 ERA in the majors. That's one thing I've got a pretty good handle on, at least as far as the game plays for me.

A 1.92 ERA at single A is...

2.52 at double A

3.12 at triple A.

4.52 at the major league level.

If I want to sign a college player that has a chance to make it in the majors, he has to have an era of under 1. Those happen once every 10 years.

Trades - Forget it. I don't even bother looking at the trade offers anymore.

Typical trade example.

Team X will trade me their 250 hitter for my 15 game winner and my top prospect.

And actually that's a GOOD trade offer. I've seen some so bad that they literally offered me a sub 200 hitter for my star first baseman or outfielder.

In short, this game is such a disaster that I have decided to concentrate only on making a profit for the owner, which I am great at since I'm so cheap with signing players.

So my new rules.

No player signed for over $5 million.
No superstars
Max payroll of $65 million

Doesn't matter how bad this team is. I'll net between $10 million and $50 million a season as long as I don't spend. Attendance is between 1.5 million and 2 million fans even with an average record of about 60 and 102.

A good season for me is winning 70 games.

An amazing season for me is going over 500 which I have done a few times in 51 years.

I have tried everything. Rookies, superstars, high payroll, low payroll. If I get a key piece for the team, he'll either get hurt or have an off season. I've had seasons where mid way through I'm actually over 500 and then all of a sudden, everybody on the team goes into the tank for no explicable reason at all and I end up with 90 something losses. I don't even know how that's possible time after time after time.

And I've only scratched the surface of the problems I have with this game. I won't even get into players that I offer contracts to who simply disappear. They never respond one way or the other. They just don't sign. And I'm talking minor league contracts to keep my farm system stocked.

It's all just incredibly frustrating.

And yet, for some inexplicable reason, I keep trying. I have no idea why. Maybe I need to see if it's actually possible to put together a winning team with this game.

I am really starting to think that it's not.

Maybe the next 51 seasons will tell.
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