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OOTP 14 - General Discussions Discuss the new 2013 version of Out of the Park Baseball here!

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Links to OOTP 14 reviews

If you see any I missed, please post them in this thread. I try to stay on top of the reviews, but with so many out there, I may miss one or two. Thanks.

NotGraphs gives OOTP 14 a 98 out of 100 (A+) and says: "The best got better."

OOTP 14 Review: The Best Got Better | NotGraphs Baseball

Randy Dankievitch of Games Reviews writes: "I’ve been playing Out of the Park baseball since 2004 – and in each of the last 10 years, I’ve consistently logged more hours with OOTP than any other game ... This year is no different: OOTP 14 is another polished, evolutionary entry in the best yearly simulation series around. Replay Value: 10."

Out of the Park Baseball 14 Review | Gaming News & Game Reviews

"I recommend [OOTP 14] for anyone looking for a realistic baseball sim," says Shawn at Cincinnati Reds Blog:

Cincinnati Reds Blog: Review of OOTP14

"I can’t recommend this game more than I do," writs Matt Garrioch at MLB Prospect Guide:

MLB Prospect Guide: OOTP 14 Review

"OOTP Developments has delivered a home run," writes Mark Gray, who gave OOTP 14 an 89% score at Gamers Temple:

Out of the Park Baseball 14 Review - PC - The Gamers Temple

"[OOTP is] the greatest sports game ever created," writes Adam Czech:

Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived | AllGreenBayPackers.Com

Michael Dobreski at The Pesky Pole writes: "The game as always is great and the new features are outstanding … Another job well done!!"

The Pesky Pole: Simulating the 2013 Red Sox: Previewing Out of the Park Baseball 14

"The realism goes unrivaled when comparing this game to any other on the baseball gaming market," writes Brad Ebert at Royals Review:

OOTP14 Reigns Supreme In Baseball Gaming Market - Royals Review

"Somehow it’s more addictive than last year," Jaymes Langrehr says of OOTP 14 at Disciples of Uecker:

Review: Out of the Park Baseball 14 | Disciples of Uecker

Gaming Trend gives OOTP 14 a 92/100 score and says: "Fantastically fun and perfectly challenging, Out of the Park Baseball 14 is a must own for any baseball wonk."


"The best part about OOTP14 is the game never ends," writes SWX sports anchor Sam Adams, who took on the task of managing the Mariners for the 2013 season:


Tyler Moore at The Man Cave gives OOTP 14 a 94/100 score and says it's "the most realistic baseball simulation game out there."


Brandon Warne at GM Games calls OOTP 14 an "all-emcompassing and comprehensive" baseball game.


"OOTP14 is the best baseball simulation out there today," says Vince Morales at Miller Park Drunk:


"You will love how much OOTP Baseball has to offer," writes Mike at Blue Jays From Away:


Michael Clair at Old Time Family Baseball gives OOTP 14 an A+ and it's "the gold standard" of management games:


"Out of the Park Baseball 14 is another winner, full of extraordinary depth and infinite replay value," says Eric at The Warning Sign. He gave the game a 10/10 score:


"You can’t go wrong with OOTP 14," Brandon Kosal writes at iSource.


"Out of the Park Baseball 14 is a wonderful testament to why this franchise is so popular," Dave Olvera writes at Diehard GameFAN:


"The customization, the historical accuracy, the ability to play with current rosters into an uncertain future, and the fact that everything plays out so realistically around you and your team are a testament to the strong base that Out of the Park has achieved over the years, and the newest entry does nothing but raise expectations for future years," says ThatSports Gamer:


DailySkew gives OOTP 14 a 10/10 score and says it's "a must for fantasy baseball fans, stat heads, and casual baseball fans."


A.J. Pettersen, a writer at Twins Daily and an infielder in the Twins' farm system, checked out OOTP 14 and said to "be prepared for a possible addiction."


"If you're looking for an awesome baseball sim, this is definitely the one you want," writes Bryan Trostel at Astros Country:


Operation Sports' Caley Roark gives OOTP 14 a 9/10 score and says the game "is like the Civilization or SimCity franchises, in both level of strategy and ability to make an evening disappear."


The Gaming Gang gives OOTP 14 a 9.4/10 score and says it's "hands down the best serious baseball sim on the market."


"Out of the Park is one of the all-time great baseball games ... a giant of the genre," says Hot Corner Harbor:


"OOTPB14 is probably the BEST baseball simulation game in the history of the known ever," says Bugs & Cranks:


"[OOTP 14] is great ... I get hours of play out of it," writes Tom Dakers at Bluebird Banter:


"[OOTP 14] is the best baseball simulation game on the market ."


"I love the ability to set up baseball however I want it," writes Daniel Shoptaw at Cardinal70:


"All that’s required for the best baseball simulation around is a computer and a little bit of imagination, because OOTP 14 does all the rest," writes Gamezebo's Nick Tylwalk, who gives the game 4.5/5 stars:


"This is a fantastic investment," Andrew Kneeland writes at Twins Target:


"Once again, OOTP Developments has created a game that is a real upgrade from an already great previous year edition," writes John Farris at Tailgate 365:


Cash Scott gives OOTP 14 a 9/10 score and says it's "the most realistic baseball sim game you’ll find anywhere."


OOTP 14 offers "what can only be described as a baseball geek's dream," says Pixel Sport:


XGN gives OOTP 14 an 8/10 score. (Review is in Dutch.)


"Get OOTP. It’s unbelievable!" writes Derek Martin in his blog for KMA Radio.


"If you like baseball and sports simulators, this is simply the best game on the market by far," writes Hunter Golden at Fire Brand of the American League:


"You’re in control to a degree I’ve never seen from any baseball simulation engine," writes Joe Pawlikowski at River Avenue Blues


"OOTP is still by far the best franchise running experience in gaming," writes Noah Eisner at View From the Bleachers:


OOTP 14 "is one of the richest and most authentic experiences on the market," says Pasta Padre:


PC Game Network gives OOTP 14 a try and cites its "uncompromising realism":


"OOTP 14 is far and away the most extensive baseball sim offered in gaming," says Gaming Illustrated:


"To sum [OOTP 14] up in one word I’d go with 'DEEP.' The game is absolutely limitless in how far you can go," writes Zachary Thompson at Fantasy CPR:


OOTP 14 has "provided me with untold hours of fun, and it's truly a game I get wrapped up in," John Wilt writes at Orioles Hangout:


Matthias Koster at Mop-Up Duty gives OOTP 14 5 out of 5 stars and says it's "the best [baseball sim] I’ve ever played."


"OOTP is easily our favorite baseball franchise, graphics division included, and we’ll continue to support it and play it for as long as it exists," writes Spencer Hendricks at StanGraphs:


John LaRue replays the St. Louis Cardinals' 2011 season in OOTP 14 and says, "It’s amazing how much can be done with OOTP." (Spoiler alert: He misses the playoffs but has a lot of fun in the process.)


Tradition Sports Online gives OOTP 14 a 9.6/10 score and says: "Anybody who is a fan of being a virtual general manager should give Out Of The Park 14 a try. The realism is unmatched by any sports game on the market."


"For anyone who wants to dissolve into the couch for a couple hours and navigate your franchise to the championship, this game is definitely one you should consider," says Camden Depot:


"The amount of options available in OOTP 14 is outstanding," writes Justin Soderberg at Down on the Yarn. "It truly brings the ability to scout, manage, own and play for a professional league to your finger tips."


"For baseball fans of all ages, OOTP14 is a well-worthy pickup," writes SkeptiSys:


"If you're a baseball fan with a mind for strategy and analysis, then I would highly recommend OOTP 14 to you," Graham Gray writes at Red Reporter:


"I haven’t played OOTP since the 2009 version and was immediately blown away by the advances the game has made in the last few years," College Baseball Daily editor Brian Foley says:


Eric at Climbing the Wall gives OOTP 14 a 9.5/10 score and says: "One of the best designed video games I’ve ever played, easily the best baseball video game I’ve ever played. Totally addictive, rich depth of features, and endless possibilities for you to explore."


"Out of the Park has made me want to be less of a lazy bastard, and that’s a compliment to the franchise," writes Patrick Dubuque at FanGraphs' NotGraphs site:


Out of the Park Baseball is "a deep, captivating and thoroughly rewarding sports management sim which just gets better every year," Scott Munro writes in his review of OOTP 14 for the Glasgow Evening Times:


"I highly recommend OOTP14 to every baseball fan out there," writes Ricky Keeler at Yanks Go Yard:


"There’s something for every die-hard baseball fan to enjoy, and the most enjoyment comes from the game’s small intricacies," Diamond Hoggers says in its OOTP 14 review:


"I highly recommend" OOTP 14, writes Steve Givarz at Rays Colored Glasses:


Curtis Stelzer checks out OOTP 14 and says it "continues to put other sim games to shame":


Kyle Smith gives OOTP 14 a 9/10 score and writes: "Whether you want to relive the past, tread with the current day rosters or simply create your own league, Out of the Park Baseball 14 is the premier option for baseball enthusiasts."


"It does not get more realistic than OOTP 14 in terms of how the game is handled. The simulations come off extremely well," says Michael Jong at Fish Stripes:


"If there is one ultimate complaint I have with OOTP, both this year’s installment and the previous ones, is that it’s a total time suck," writes Dan Glickman at Baseball Continuum. "You could get lost trying to simulate one more season or play one more game."

He gives OOTP 14 a 9.5/10 score:


"The sky is the limit with this great game," says Too Red to Die:


"Out of the Park Baseball 14 continues to be the premiere baseball simulation, and one of the best of any sport, alongside such games as Football Manager," writes Jonah Falcon at Game Stooge:


"If you are a baseball fan and you are unfamiliar with OOTP, you are missing out on one of the most immersive baseball simulation games ever made," enthuses Gary Armida at Full Count Pitch Magazine:


"Baseball fans love to argue about whether Koufax could have struck out Ruth, or if Hank Aaron would have gotten the best of Three-Finger Brown, or if a certain team could have reversed its fortunes had its management not made some unfortunate decisions. While we'll never know the definitive answers to those questions, OOTP lets you get as close as possible to them." From a guest post I wrote for Baseball Historian:


"Out of the Park Baseball hits a home run with their latest release," writes Scott Andes at Lasorda's Lair:


OOTP 14 is "the preeminent baseball sim out there ... they've pretty much thought of everything," says Ian Hunter at Blue Jay Hunter:


Mike Carlucci at The Sports Post gave OOTP 14 a spin and enthused: "If you want to put your money where your mouth is, draft players in June, make trades, set lineups, and build a dynasty in the majors and minors, Out of the Park 14 will let you experience the entire process."


"There’s no stopping OOTP’s dominance," writes Brandon Williams at Through the Fence Baseball. "It’s a fun, addictive reign of unequaled greatness, which has no competition remotely close to its peak."


Jump To Gamer gives OOTP 14 a 9/10 score and says it "aims for realism and detail, and it delivers to an exceptionally high standard. Strategy and sport fans alike will be able to spend hours sinking their teeth into this latest version."


"Out of the Park Baseball 14, like it predecessors, does exactly what it sets out to do-it provides the hardcore fan with the most detailed front office sim experience possible. Once I got into the ebb and flow of managing my team, it was sheer baseball nerd nirvana, and there's a lot of value in that," says GameCritics.com.


"OOTP 14 is one of the most complete, statistically satisfying baseball management games on the market," writes Scott Marriott at All Game Guide:


"This is by far the best simulator of a sports game I have ever played," says Jonathan Ragus at NY Sports 24/7:


Hardball Times gives OOTP 14 an A- and says it "is the best fun you'll have on a computer without MLB.TV open!"


"[OOTP] 14 is about as real as it gets when it comes to baseball simulation games," writes Michael Wray at Jays Journal, after putting the game through its paces and discovering that it predicted a 2013 Blue Jays season very similar to the actual one.


Brazilian site Hu3br has even gotten into baseball sims with this OOTP 14 review in Spanish:


Darkstation gives OOTP 14 five stars and says: "Out of the Park Baseball has remained the top flight baseball management sim, surpassing the traditional console releases for at least a decade in terms of execution."


Dynasty Sports Empire says: "This game has insane attention to detail, and I’m comfortable calling OOTP 14 the greatest baseball simulator of all time."


"As I played this addicting game, I kept asking myself, 'I wish I had this game when I was a kid,'" writes Jimmy Kraft at Call to the Pen. "Seriously, OOTP 14 really sits you down and shows you what it’s like being a general manager of a baseball team."


"The best got better," says Red Sox Nation Alberta:


"OOTP 14 gives you practically endless possibilities and options to manage a baseball team," writes Russell Archey at Gaming Nexus. He gave the game a 9.5/10 score, earning it an Editor's Choice award.


Armchair Empire gives OOTP 14 a 9/10 score & says it's "the holy grail polished for a new year."


Braves-Nation.com gives OOTP 14 an A+ score (48/50) and says: "The team at OOTP continuously gives us a great game and somehow expands on it each year ... as long as they keep adding little things that continue to make it more and more real, they will continue to have my business."


"I have to say, this game is amazing. And addictive. And totally immersive ... In fact, as a (pretend) general manager, I think the only thing this game is missing is a pack of smart-aleck bloggers mocking my every move," writes Darin Watson at Pine Tar Press.


"OOTP Baseball hits a grand slam in every at bat," says New Jersey Baseball Magazine:


"If you love baseball, OOTP will be a fascinating dive into all aspects of the game from the field to the front office," writes John Mello at MacNewsWorld.


AppleNApps gives OOTP 14 a 4.5/5 rating and says "the developers truly have replicated the very essence of baseball."


"You can control every aspect of the org. from the comfort of your own PC," writes Greg Thurston at Climbing Tal's Hill:

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Review: Out of the Park Baseball 14 - Bluebird Banter
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Thanks, Peregrine. I tweeted and Facebooked that one today but forgot to post it here.
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Looking to exchange high fives, or ......
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Just looking to put all our reviews in one place, so folks on the forum can see them, if they want. Or not.

Originally Posted by thevaliantx View Post
Looking to exchange high fives, or ......
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Just wanted to bump this thread, if anyone wants to see the reviews we've gotten so far this year. I haven't done an exact count, but I'd be willing to bet that we have more reviews this year than last. We may have more reviews this year than we've ever had.
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Hey Brad:

Out of the Park ?14: a review
Originally Posted by Markus Heinsohn View Post
Well, the average OOTP user...downloads the game, manages his favorite team and that's it.
According to OOTP itself, OOTP MLB play (modern and historical) outnumbers OOTP fictional play three to one.

Five thousand thanks for a non-modder? I never thought I'd see the day. Thank you for your support.
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Thanks for noting that, Colonel, but I have that one in the list already. I appreciate you mentioning it, though.
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Oh OK, I just saw it was very new, so I wasn't sure.
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