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I would love if you could play the Danish league and champions leauge
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So I've been playing some more and I've been thinking of some other ideas. I doubt that any of these make FHM3 given that it is late in the game here, but I wanted to put these out there for the future:

1- historical mode player development: now that Adam explained to me that you can develop players by leaving them unsigned I realize now that a farm system is actually needed in history mode. Computer controlled teams almost always sign their best prospects, but then they leave many in reserve to develop SLOWLY whereas a human controlled team can leave them unsigned and get a small bump in development and happiness. If it were possible, I'd like to see HM have a basic farm system to help with this. I don't care about the system being historically accurate! It just needs to exist so players can develop properly. Otherwise the player development system is going to waste....

2. Player development- as someone else has mentioned, the FHM player development needs a bit of a tweak. The more I play this system the more I like it, but the moment you see your player lose a step you almost always know it is the beginning of the end. This allows the human to trade a declining star away for maximum value. I'd like to see a bit more variation. Do others find this as well? My one concern here is that once I get what I am asking for I won't like it either, but I'm trying to give honest feedback.

3. GM controls- this is a big one. I'd like to see the OPTION for more GM controls, at least in single player mode. For example, it would be nice to be able to veto stupid trades (eg- flyers send Clarke to penguins for a third line defenseman!) or be able even make a few to help the game along. Right now you can move people by simply changing the team they are on, but it would be nice if the game registered the movements, trades, etc. For me, I want my competition to he hard or it isn't fun.

4. Setting different franchise spending limits.... Put this under GM controls perhaps, but I peg my spending limits to within two rankings of my ranking in the attendance standings. Since the Scouts/Rockies usually are around 17th in attendance that means I don't allow myself to spend more on players than the 15th ranked team, EVER. A poor team just isn't going to splurge when they can't fill the stadium. That's easy enough to do for myself, but it would be interesting to set spending limits for each franchise. This is just a little item of curiosity though and very low on my "wants" list.

5. List both winners and losers of Stanley cups. In the history screen I'd like to see a little more info, specifically I would like to see which team lost the cup each year. In fact, it would be really cool to have this info for every team. Right now it lists when you make the playoffs* and when you win the cup, but why not a bit more? Under cup, instead of an "X" put "Won", "Lost" or nothing. For playoffs put a marker for what round the team made it to.

6. Track player of the month awards for players. The more history tracked in the game the more "flavor" it has IMHO.

7. Track best team performers? I'm less sure of this as it can start to get crowded, but if, say, Mark Napier if you highest scorer for the year maybe he gets a little combo icon of the team icon with high scoring icon on his byline.

8. Points per game stat line- this should be easy to add methinks, but I'd like the PPG stat line added. I do it in my head now, and it is t a huge deal, but it'd be nice to have that available as a sortable stat.

Anyway, as I said, I assume these as really more for FHM4 or so than the near future, but maybe some will make it in the next version.

*- in regard to this history tracking screen, there is a small bug for the period of NHL history with the prelim round. For teams that get a bye into the first playoff round, it seems that if you lose in the first round of the playoffs, AFTER the prelim round, it marks you down of not having made the playoffs. This is incorrect!
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became a fan when the Rockies announced they were planning to move to NJ.
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Originally Posted by brent_dog View Post
I'd like to see the following in FHM3:

1) Cross-version functionaility. If this isn't possible from versions 2 to 3, I think it is definitely something that should be a priority for FHM3. No-one likes to lose their successful dynasty every time a new version of the game comes out.

2) More realistic ageing. It seems that as soon as you see that first dreaded -1 appear against a veteran on your development report, his attributes start to fall off a cliff, regularly losing 2 or 3 points a month. There should be greater variation on the speed of decline for every player, not just when that decline starts to happen.

3) More importance on player happiness. It makes no sense to me that a player who is unhappy with his ice time would quite happily sign another contract with my franchise, yet this happens time and again in FHM2. Player morale / happiness should be factored into contract negotiations and other situations.

4) Better player chemistry. Broadly similar to my point about player happiness above. Lets use the FHM2 Evander Kane as an example - he's an absolute dream to own, the goal scoring power-forward he should be in real life with none of the dramas and drawbacks we all know about. What I want is to see those dramas have an impact in FHM3, whether in terms of news reports and dilemmas I have to act upon as a GM, or in terms of the general funk such a disruptive personality might cause within my dressing room.

5) More variable scouting. In our multi-player league, pretty much every pick in the first round of a draft has been a slam dunk, home-run success. I want to see more in the way of first-round busts along with some mid-to-late round steals.

6) Salary retention. If it can be done in the relatively basic EA 'Be a GM Mode' I don't see why it can't be in FHM3.
Nice list! I love the idea of salary retention. OTOH, I'd like to go on record as saying I'm against the idea (for now) of using cash as an element in player-AI trades. Retaining salary is a great way to open a slot by sending a player to a team that otherwise couldn't fit him under their cap, but my concern is that players will simply bamboozle the AI by buying good players all of the time or selling older players. Balancing trading AI is very difficult IMHO and adding cash to the mixture will make the developers jobs even more difficult. (I know you're not proposing this, but others have.)

I love the variable scouting idea! That's difficult to do with History mode, but they manage it fairly well with the game as it is now. Using FHM development mode instead of historical development allows some players to perform better than they did IRL and others to fall flat. I like the idea of providing greater variation to this and making the Scouts really work.

One final note, I wonder if the game could simulate how well some players act as player coaches? I think this adds to your point. Some players are locker room cancers, but others add more than merely their on ice presence. The game seems to do this to some extent, but I'd like to see a little bit how some players literally elevate others around them. That would make some of the fading veterans more valuable IMHO.

Btw, I have never completely understood the role that fighting plays in this game? Other than getting you penalty minutes, do your fighters alter than in-game events? I've looked in the manual and searched the forum and can't find a definitive answer.

EDIT: I need to mention again that I hate my iPad and typing on this thing. It makes all my messages look like they're being written by a stupid, inebriated, chimp.... but I don't drink, so I know I'm sober.
Colorado Rockies/New Jersey Devils fan since '81-'82...
became a fan when the Rockies announced they were planning to move to NJ.

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I would love to see a central scouting ratings for draft classes. I think it adds alot more strategy in the draft.
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I remembered something else that would be nice:
The ability to set starting percentages for goalies.

If you're SIMing out your season and don't want to do it manuals, maybe you want your no.1 goalie to play 90% of games, maybe only 50%, but some way to set this.

This if, of course, another one of those low priority items, but I figured I'd put it out there if it wasn't mentioned before.
Colorado Rockies/New Jersey Devils fan since '81-'82...
became a fan when the Rockies announced they were planning to move to NJ.
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Originally Posted by WIUPIKE View Post
I would love to see a central scouting ratings for draft classes. I think it adds alot more strategy in the draft.
You will get it.
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Things I would like to see in this game. Classification of players. For example labels for players such as top pair dman. top 6 forward, bottom 6 forward. 1st line guy, 2nd line guy, fringe player ect. If a player is classified as a top 6 guy and he's getting bottom 6 minutes he should become unhappy.

Players requesting trades

Wildcard Standings.

A section that shows trades only. So we don't have to weed through everything else. There should be a filter where you can filter out what you want. Also in the main section where you can look at transactions the recent transactions needs to be at the top because the longer into your game you go the longer it takes to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the most recent transactions because you are forced to scroll all the way down (you can't just click on the scroll bar and pull it down to the bottom) which can take up a decent amount of time if your game has been running for 10+ years.

An AI that is more intelligent when it comes to team management and cap management. FHM2 was no where near as realistic as it could have been when teams would not re-sign their superstars (Kopitar, Stamkos) because they couldn't properly handle being close to the cap. This caused way too much talent to enter free agency making it super easy to build a team. Also the game loves to hand out some really low contacts sometimes to players that deserve to get paid. I guess that ties into the game not being able to handle cap crunch situations.

I'd like to see the individuality schedule section cleaned up. I'd like for it to look like a calendar and if not at least show how the game was won. It doesn't say if it was a win inOT or a shootout or anything like that. Should have an L or W ect.. next to every one of your teams games so we can quickly access how they are doing.
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This research is very essential for us, so I need to say that you should continue this project. My opinion is that you will succeed. Wish you lots of inspiration.
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