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None of the prospects had above 2 star potential except for Chris Gammon, whoís a 23 year old 3 potential closer. Santana will be our #1 starter if Juan Garcia doesnít sign. If Garcia does make the right decision and come to Chicago, he will be the ace with Santana being #2.

On the last day of winter meetings, 2 GMs approached me about Thomas Thacker. St. Louis Steamers GM Lorenzo Cruz offered a good 29 year old 3 star shortstop named Nick Hall, but Iíd rather have Thacker while heís young earning the minimum. Brooklyn GM Jose Duran offered 26 year old 2 star closer Jesus Paredes. Both offers were declined.

Boston signed Bill Catania to a 3 year deal worth $45.3M. Thatís a heavy price for a 36 year old, but Catania remains an elite pitcher.
San Francisco and Atlanta made a trade involving a starting pitcher and 2 prospects.

Winter Meetings Come to a Close: With the Winter Meetings about to come to a close, some teams have made concrete decisions, while others look to be coming away with nothing. But appearances can be deceiving. What may be an outline now can easily be fleshed out into full-fledged plans. "A lot of people are leaving here with unfinished business, and they have discussions ongoing, Anatoly Adilov of the Los Angeles Mastodons said. "I believe the free agent market not breaking loose has stalled some things. We've got three or four open conversations that we'll just continue to follow up on and see if anything materializes."

(12/11/10) Joel Stephens signs an extension with Carolina for 6 years worth $71M. This is great news for the Flyers.
(12/12/10) The New Orleans Gators sign 35 year old Julio Martinez to a 4 year deal worth $35.3M.
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Today's Rule 5 Draft Offers Questions; Possible Answers: "I don't know if ownership will keep thinking like they have or not," said Chicago manager Manuel Castro. "The management group has always suggested we take a pick in the Rule 5 draft if our system allows it, and it wouldn't be out of the question for them to add another player this year." One might make a case that the Bruins shouldn't make a pick this year and that a farm system is in place already to offer up home-grown opportunities.

"We may have a hard time finding a spot," Castro continued, "We already have tough decisions to make with internal options. I say we, but I mean they. Maybe they'll decide to draft a bench player. The Rule 5 Draft is a free way to add talent. Not my decision, but it doesn't hurt to at least take a look at a player, even if he doesn't make it out of Spring Training."

I did not make a pick in the rule 5 draft, as I didnít see anyone who would make the roster.

Chicago Wins Lottery for RP Mizner: Chicago officials were grinning from ear to ear as they introduced their latest blockbuster signing to the media earlier today.

Jim Mizner, one of the game's marquee talents, opted for the Bruins after receiving a 3-year, $9,000,000 offer.

Mizner has a 38-44 won-lost record over his career with a 4.21 ERA. In 497 games he has recorded 88 saves and the 32-year-old has 337 strikeouts in 519 innings of work. He will probably become Chicagoís new setup man.

Mizner will in fact be the setup man.

Chicago Inks Star SP to $60,575,000 Deal: The euphoria surrounding a big-name deal can sometimes overshadow the deal itself. Occasionally a team will mortgage its future to make a big splash, though no one in Chicago was worried about that today as the club finalized terms with Juan Garcia.

Garcia will earn $12,115,000 per year over 5 years.

Lifetime Garcia has notched 43 wins and 38 losses and compiled a 4.31 ERA.

What a big signing! Garcia will be our #1 starter, and Santana will have the pressure lifted off of him and will be shifted down to the #2 spot. Since we have a pick in the top third of the first round, it will not be taken away, meaning our #2 pick is safe.

Subject: Jorge Sanchez
To: Dan Robblestock
CC: Manuel Castro, Rich Bond, Hoshi Kawai
From: Tim Maruca

Hey Dan, I know you were considering Sanchez as an internal option for a fifth starter, so I decided to write up a quick scouting report outlining his skills.

His current ability is rated as 1.5 stars, relative to the ULB. His potential, again relative to the ULB, is 2.5 stars. Here is the complete scouting report:

Dominican Jorge Sanchez is a 23-year-old starting pitcher who was born in Boca Chica. He has four in his repertoire, the best likely to be his fastball, although none are plus offerings. He projects with great control of the strike zone. Hitters will always be chasing his pitches, but his stuff is only decent, and he has a real tendency to give up a homer. Sanchez could become a solid starter, but his stuff may prove even better in relief. Merry Christmas!

Jorge will definitely be an interesting pitcher moving on, but Iím not sure heís ready for the starting spot.

Subject: Jorge Sanchez
To: Tim Maruca
CC: Manuel Castro, Rich Bond, Hoshi Kawai
From: Dan Robblestock

Thanks for the report, Tim.

I believe that the plan moving forward will be to put Sanchez in the bullpen for long relief and look for a temporary 5th starter alternative. I will be looking for a 5th starter - mainly through trades and waivers - and will give time to Jorge to prove that he has what it takes to be a starter. Merry Christmas!

(12/27/10) Oscar Martinez signed a 3 year deal worth $7.566666M per year with the Brooklyn Robins. The Bruins fans are not happy.
12/29/10) Brooklyn signs 36 year old SP Mike Fragoso to a 3 year deal worth $24M in total.
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Brooklyn has made all of the headlines recently, as 2 of their former stars just got inducted into the ABL hall of fame.

Chris ďTunaĒ Adorno had a career record of 247-187 with a 3.35 ERA, 2 Whip awards, and 2888 Ks. In my mind, heís a surefire hall of famer.

The next player that joined the ABL greats was Kyle Price, a 2 time Fleming winner with 2415 career hits and 320 stolen bases. I wouldnít have voted him in, but he was definitely a good player for the Robins.

(1/6/11) St. Louis signed fragile yet talented starter John Prest to a 6 year deal worth $50.4M. I wouldnít pay that for a fragile 31 year old, but thatís whatís needed to acquire good pitchers sometimes.
(1/11/11 hah!) Atlanta signs former Bruin Jeremy Petersen to a 1 year deal worth $2.96M. This is a fine deal for a pitcher with Petersenís skill level, but weíll have to see if he can stay healthy.
(1/29/11) Joey Hilton raised my budget by $10M, making it $120M. Thanks Joey! This might allow me to get a 5th starter.

Jake McNeil is a cheap candidate for a 5th starter. Heís asking for a 1 year deal worth $420K, perfect for a 33 year old pitcher, especially considering my budget. I offered the deal to Jakeís agent, and expect a reply soon.

A couple uneventful weeks later...

Pre-Season Begins: Spring training is just around the corner! The ABL unveiled their 2011 schedule today and the preseason is under way. A new season means a fresh start for many players, while fans can't wait to see how the newest version of their favorite team looks.

Tony Brower is a starter who hadnít been fielded an offer yet. Heís nothing special, but asked for a 1 year deal worth $550K, something Iím alright with paying for a 35 year old good swingman. I have yet to hear from Jake McNeil, so if he signs, Brower could potentially become the 5th starter.


Contract Signed: You've put together a very forward-thinking offer and have tried to accommodate me. This deal will be a pleasure to finalize, and it will really be great getting our minds on baseball and nailing down a pennant.

Jake McNeil

Of course, McNeil made me eat my words. Iím glad to have him, as he will probably be an effective swingman for a cheap price.


Contract Signed: I'm ready to sign with Chicago. Thank you for listening to what I had to say. Most GMs think they've got all the answers. You obviously know that you don't, but that you can work with a guy to make things happen. That's what I like.

Tony Brower

With Brower now on the team, I will have him and McNeil as alternating 5th starters. Brower, being the more popular player, will begin the season as the #5 man, but will be switched out if he plays poorly.
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Spring Training Begins: Baseball is back and BNN will be there through it all, keeping tabs on the workouts and the practices, the cuts and the promotions. The regular season is just around the corner for American Baseball League organizations!

After the first week of spring training, the Bruins are 4-2. The top star so far has been Robbie Sandoval. Soudai Tomita is attempting closing during spring training. Alex Martinez suffered a sprained ankle and will be out for 2 weeks. Throughout the next stretch, the Bruins won 2 in a row and then had a 4 game slide.

I signed Sam Vance, a decent reliever, to a 1 year deal worth $440K.
Mike Fritz, one of the leagueís best starters, suffered a strained oblique and will be out for 6 weeks.
Overall, we went 14-16 during spring training. Iím not surprised, as players are still getting used to playing for their new teams.

Top 100 Prospects List Published: The season is about to start, so it's time to publish the annual Top 100 Prospects list. This year 21-year-old CF Andy Palmerin of the Baltimore Cannons is the #1 prospect overall.

Here is the top 10:
1) CF Andy Palmerin, 21, Baltimore Cannons
2) RF Mauricio Moran, 22, Miami Flamingos
3) 3B Carel Nijenhuis, 20, New Orleans Gators
4) SS Ben Sherrill, 24, St. Louis Steamers
5) CF Rute Eduardo, 20, Carolina Flyers
6) CF Armando Perez, 20, St. Louis Steamers
7) RHP Ben Frost, 20, Miami Flamingos
8) SS Antonio Montalvo, 16, Los Angeles Mastodons
9) 3B Jayden Porter, 22, New Orleans Gators
10) LHP Rich Rhines, 19, Portland Moose

Thacker (56th), O. Sanchez (64th), Rittmeyer (72nd), Rios (81st) and J. Sanchez (100th) made the list. I believe that next year, due to our good picks, we will have a couple more prospects on this list. I did not inherit a very good farm system.
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Opening Day: Opening Day 2011 has finally arrived. Break out the bats and the balls -- the new season is here! The grass is green and the stadiums are refurbished for the start of a new season. Baseball is back in the American Baseball League! These games are on tap today:

Ft. Worth Pioneers @ Portland Moose
Carolina Flyers @ Brooklyn Robins
Boston Doves @ Miami Flamingos
Cleveland Lakers @ Los Angeles Mastodons
New York Skyliners @ Baltimore Cannons

At last, opening day! We donít play on opening day, but on the day after.
Season Expectation: Dan,

Welcome to the new season. I hope that the off-season has treated you well! This is also a reminder that you should at least be .500. I need improvement. Enough of these bad records.

Iím confident in you, just get it done.

Good Luck!
Joey Hilton

Thatís also my goal. Coming off of 4 bad seasons, itís time for improvement.

(4/4/11) Jesse Whitley, a former Bruins LR, signed with Boston.

Depth chart going into 2011:

Outfield: The opening day starters will be Carlos Pirelli (LF), Steve Brockway (CF), and T.J. Keough (RF). Billy Busch will start the year in AAA and will have to prove that heís ready for the big leagues at 26. 36 year old Alvaro Santana and 29 year old Jaime Bouffard will be coming off the bench. Orlando Sanchez will be in AAA San Bernardino. BNN considers Thacker the #1 prospect, but Tim prefers Sanchez, so I do too.

Infield: Bobby Rittmeyer, one of our acquisitions from the first trade with Atlanta, will be manning the 3rd base position. At 25, he is the 2nd youngest starting position player on the team. Vasquez, a defensive ace at shortstop will indeed be starting at his favored position. Francisco Serna, the man who I believe is the best player on the Bruins, will be starting at 2B, creating a very good defensive double play combo. At first base will be Robbie Sandoval, a spring training star and the centerpiece of the same deal that also brought Bobby Rittmeyer and Mark Ready to Chicago.

Catchers: Ed Olloqui will start at catcher, with Collin Coy coming off the bench.

Starting Pitchers: Our 2 new acquisitions will be our 1-2 punch, with Juan Garcia as our ace and Frank Santana at the #2 spot. Noah Hampton will be 3rd, and Tomita will be 4th. Tony Brower will start the year rounding out the rotation, but will be replaced by Jake McNeil if he consistently falters. Due to a poor spring training, Sanchez will start the year in AAA San Bernardino. After all, he didnít have much time there last year.

Relief Pitchers: Jesus Balderrama will close out games for us. I want to develop his confidence at the position, and taking it away from him is not the way to do so. Scott Fitzhugh will be the setup man, and should be a pretty good mentor for Balderrama and Jason Goodman. Mark Ready, Sam Vance, and Ryan Taylor, and lefty Jason Goodman will be the middle relievers, with Jake McNeil being the current long reliever. Manuel Castro suggested that Jim Mizner would be a specialist and go against righties. Thatís pretty odd, but heís a successful manager, so Iíll let him try it.

The Bruins are predicted to go 74-80. Iím ready to smash that out of the water.

We start the season with a 3 game series against the San Francisco Seals. It will be played in Chicago, giving us the home field advantage.
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Chicago Bruins (0-0) Tied for 1st in VL West
0 Runs Scored (tied for 1st in VL)
0 Runs Against (tied for 1st in VL)
0.00 Starters ERA (tied for 1st in VL)
0.00 Bullpen ERA (tied for 1st in VL)
.000 Defensive Eff. (tied for 1st in VL)

Opening day lineup:

1. CF Steve Brockway L
2. 2B Francisco Serna R
3. RF T.J. Keough L
4. 1B Robbie Sandoval L
5. 3B Bobby Rittmeyer S
6. LF Carlos Pirelli R (Jaime Bouffard VS Lefties)
7. SS Carlos Vasquez R
8. Pitcher
9. C Ed Olloqui R

The year was started with a flyout caught by T.J. Keough.

Game 1: Juan Garcia went the distance in his first start as a Bruin, while striking out 8 and walking 0, and giving up 3 earned runs in 94 pitches. Francisco Serna went 3-4 with a 2 run homer that made the game 3-2. We took the lead when Carlos Vasquez hit a 2 run double with the bases loaded. We hit Danny Lechuga, the Seals ace pretty hard. (Bruins: 4 Seals: 3)

Game 2: Frank Santana threw 8 innings and gave up 2 runs on 6 hits, getting a big standing ovation from the Chicago crowd as he left his first start in the 9th with the game tied. Rather than having him close out the game, Manuel Castro decided to have Balderrama pitch in the 9th as the game was tied. He inherited the runner left on by Santana, but got through the inning smoothly. Alvaro Santana pinch hit for Balderrama in the 9th with a runner on 2nd, and delivered a clutch walk-off single! Carlos Pirelli went 3-4, but didnít drive in any runs. I was impressed by the fact that our offense looked good against, Dan Tarsia, a very good pitcher. (Bruins: 3 Seals: 2)

Game 3: Iíve been proud of our first 2 wins, but not this one. This is a game that got handed to us, and we almost gave it back. Noah Hampton went 6 strong innings after giving up 2 runs in the first and left with a tie game. Castro called on Balderrama again in a non close situation, and it worked. In the 9th, that is. Balderrama looked shaky in the 10th and gave up what couldíve been the losing run if it werenít for the offense coming through in the clutch once again. In the 12th, we had the bases loaded with Collin Coy batting as a replacement for Ed Olloqui, who hadnít gotten a hit all series. On the first pitch of the at bat, with San Francisco catcher John Gueho on the mound (San Franciscoís starter got injured in the 2nd inning, causing the bullpen to pitch the rest of the game). Gueho fell off the mound in the middle of his motion, nearly spiking the ball. It was called a balk! We had won the game on a walk of balk! A balk off to sweep the series and win 4-3! (Bruins: 4 Seals: 3)

Series notes: Francisco Serna, Bobby Rittmeyer, Carlos Vasquez, and our starting pitchers came in big for us during the sweep. The offense scored 11 runs all series, but it was enough to beat the Seals with great performances from Frank Santana and Juan Garcia, and a pretty good game from Noah Hampton. Now, for the concern: Ed Olloqui got 0 hits all series. I knew he wouldnít be good hitting-wise, but I expect more than this.

Alex Martinez got waived and was claimed by the Baltimore Cannons.

Next up, we travel to Miami to face the Flamingos. Who have the #1 pitching prospect in AAA, Ben Frost. We will in fact face Jayden Anderson in game 3, as he is their #2 starter. With someone like Anderson at #2 and 38 year old Gilberto Sanchez as their #1 starter, you have to assume their pitching is bad, but they lead the league in starters ERA for the past 3 games. Letís see if we can try and cool their pitching down.
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Thank you for this post:
DD Martin (07-24-2019)
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Chicago Bruins (3-0) 1st in VL West (Portland Moose Ĺ GB)
11 Runs Scored (4th in VL)
8 runs against (3rd in VL)
2.74 Starters ERA (4th in VL)
1.29 Bullpen ERA (4th in VL)
.713 Defensive Eff. (3rd in VL)

Game 1: Soudai Tomita took the mound today for his first start of the season. It was a disappointing performance, as Tomita only went 4 innings while giving up 4 earned runs. With the game at 3-0, T.J. Keough finally showed some life in the middle of the lineup and hit a 2 run homer off of Max Malone. In the top of the 5th, with the score at 4-2, pinch hitter Alvaro Santana got hit by a pitch with the bases loaded, making it 4-3. Jake McNeil was called upon for his first time this year with 2 outs in the 5th, and cleaned up Tomitaís mess. In his first full inning, he gave up a solo homer. McNeil got us through the next 2.2 innings without letting a man on base, before it was Miznerís turn with no outs in the 8th. Mizner got an out, and then was replaced by Scott Fitzhugh, who got the next 2 outs. To lead off the top of the 9th, T.J. Keough went deep again, giving him his 2nd homer of the game, and also the season. Robbie Sandoval flew out, but Bobby Rittmeyer was determined to start another rally as he got a base hit. It turned out to be too little too late, as Jaime Bouffard grounded into a game ending double play. I canít be mad at our offense for getting 13 hits. I canít be mad at our bullpen for throwing 4 innings of 1 run (and also 1 hit) ball. If it werenít for Soudai Tomitaís terrible start, we would have had this game in the bag. (Flamingos: 5 Bruins: 4)

St. Louis signed their new closer Jaden Jenkins to a 1 year deal worth $1.96M. Although heís 36, I think this is a fine deal for a good closer.
Baltimoreís claim of Alex Martinez has been executed. He is now a Baltimore Cannon.

Game 2: **Pedro Centeno is playing for Sandoval, and Collin Coy is playing for Olloqui. Bobby Rittmeyer is now leading off, with Steve Brockway batting 6th.** Tony Brower made his first start as a Bruin today. With the bases loaded, Pedro Centeno hit a single. One runner scored, but Carlos Pirelli was thrown out at the plate. I like his aggressiveness.

Brower quickly ran into trouble, as he gave up a 3 run homer to Kyle Gonzalez in the 1st. In the bottom of the 3rd, Brower gave up 2 more runs, to make the score 5-1. With a runner on first, Carlos Vasquez smashed a double into the gap, scoring the speedy Steve Brockway. Brower retired the side in the 4th and 5th, but Rodriguez made the offense look silly in the 4th. It was 5-2. And morales were back to low after the excitement of Vasquezís double rubbed off.

The Bruins were not going to let it stay that way.

Centeno started the inning off with a single, and then Brockway walked. Vasquez struck out, but pinch hitter Robbie Sandoval picked his teammate up with a single, loading the bases for Collin Coy. Coy looked terrible, striking out with the bases loaded. Rittmeyer was quick to recover from an 0-2 count, hitting a run scoring single. Francisco Serna came up and batted a 2 run single, tying up the game at 5! The inning wasnít over though, as Pirelli drove in another 2 runs. Now, the Bruins were excited. However, Jason Goodman was quick to blow it and give up a grand slam to Derrick Young. Miami: 9, Chicago: 7. In the top of the 8th, a Collin Coy walk was followed by a beautiful 2 run homer from Serna. 9-9.

In the top of the 9th, with the bases loaded, Colin Coy struck out again, giving him 4 strikeouts. Mark Ready and Sam Vance cruised through the next couple innings. In the top of the 11th, Carlos Pirelli walked and stole 2nd on a pitchout. The 34 year old has wheels! Pedro Centeno was up to bat, and smashed one into the stands! 11-9! The Bruins fans loved it, but there were still 3 outs to be made. Mizner got 2 quick outs, but then crumbled and gave up a single followed by a double. It was time for Jesus Balderrama. He took the mound after many long warmup pitches. Kyle Gonzalez, who is a big threat, was up. Strike one. Ball one. Balderrama followed up with a fastball, that was hit high up near 3rd base, but in foul territory. As Rittmeyer made a sliding catch, Balderrama pumped his fist and screamed in triumph and relief. Bruins win! (Bruins: 11 Flamingos: 9)

Dan Piatt, the 23 year old Gators left fielder, has a 31 game hit streak going.
I was confused to see the Bruins fans giving Kyle Gonzalez a standing ovation after his homer. As it turns out, that was his 2000th hit. Now I feel bad for sitting there with my face in my palms.

Game 3: Juan Garcia faced Jayden Anderson today, and Anderson came out on top. Garcia notched 11 Ks and 2 earned runs in 7 innings, but it wasnít enough to win the game, as the offense left 9 men on base to their 6. Itís a shame that we wasted such a great start from Garcia. The one run we did score was from an RBI single by our BA leader, Bobby Rittmeyer. (Flamingos: 3 Bruins: 1)

Series notes: Steve Brockway, T.J. Keough, Bobby Rittmeyer, and Francisco Serna were the stars in this series. Although it was a loss, it wasnít all bad. Despite Tomitaís bad start in game 1, the bullpen and offense played well. We had great clutch hitting in game 2, and Juan Garcia looked great in game 3. Hopefully, we can piece together more hits in a timely manner next series, as we spread out our 10 hits against Jayden Anderson.

Our next series is up in Brooklyn, against the Robins (2-4). The Robins seem to be weak in all respects, so we should really beat them. We start the series off against the 22 year old Fernando Hernandez (1-0 10.80 ERA), and then face #1 starter Dave Pack (0-2 3.86 ERA), followed by recent free agent signing Mike Fragoso (0-1 6.00 ERA). These all seem to be beatable pitchers, but we arenít throwing our strongest either, as Garcia pitched game 3 in Miami. Santana (0-0 2.25 ERA) will start the series, followed by Noah Hampton (0-0 3.00 ERA) and Soudai Tomita (0-1 9.00 ERA). Brooklynís leading hitter seems to be 22 year old 2B Edgar Romero (.333/1/3), while ours is Francisco Serna (.333/2/6). We will also be facing former Bruin 3B Oscar Martinez.

Jesus Munoz, the man who Tim claims is the best catcher in the ABL, will be DtD for a week. It is a minor injury, but Munoz is known as a fragile player and has a history of setbacks in the past.
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We swept Brooklyn! Serna had another stellar series, to go along with good hitting from Brockway (5 hits), Rittmeyer (6 hits), and Sandoval (4 hits + a grand slam). Our pitching was good enough, giving up 9 runs over the series. This series had itís fair share of highlights, including Robbie Sandovalís home run and Santanaís 1 hitter. Iíd give the edge to Santanaís last out of his 1 hitter, since that is going to be hard to come by with our pitching staff, as we only have 2 pitchers capable of something like that.

Highlight of the series: Frank Santanaís 1 hit shutout. Series MVP: Francisco Serna, with 8 hits, 5 RBIs, and 2 home runs. There are still things to improve on, as we left 8 on base during game 1, and hit into 4 double plays in game 2. The bullpen wasnít great either, but Manuel threw out our less valuable relievers and we still managed to win. Itís not like we have a top notch bullpen.

After a day off on Thursday, we head to Boston for another 3 game set on the road. The Doves will be our toughest competition yet. They are only 5-4, but the team is full of talent. Each and every one of the starters in their rotation are good, but it hasnít translated to their group ERA (3.63 - 6th in the Veterans League). Their lineup is also massively underperforming, as everyone except for Antonio Padilla (former Bruin) is a threat. Nate Burns (0-1 1.69 ERA) and Bill Catania (2-0 0.60 ERA) look like a great 1-2 punch. We will be facing them both this series. TJ Martinez is a shutdown closer (0.00 ERA, 2 Saves), and Al Villalongo is the Dovesí leading hitter, with a .389 BA and 7 RBIs. Despite their low run total (27), everyone in the lineup has potential to hurt you. T.J. Keough will be slid down to 4th by Manuel Castro. Castro wants Serna batting 3rd with Rittmeyer in the 2 spot. Pedro Centeno will start game 1 with the 5th spot in the batting order. When Sandoval starts, he will bat 4th with Keough 5th. The Doves also happen to be managed by Wilson Molina. He will be looking for revenge.


Chicago Bruins (7-2) 1st in VL West (Portland Moose 2Ĺ GB)
45 Runs Scored (2nd in VL)
34 runs against (Tied for 4th in VL)
3.48 Starters ERA (4th in VL)
3.68 Bullpen ERA (4th in VL)
.679 Defensive Eff. (5th in VL)

Game 1: The Bruins got the scoring started in the 1st inning from an RBI single by Francisco Serna. Boston scored 1 in the 4th from an RBI single and another in the 5th off of a solo shot from Nick Christophersen. Bobby Rittmeyer, who represented the tying run at 2nd base after a double, was thrown out at the plate after a T.J. Keough single. It looked like an extremely close play, which means we were milliseconds away from a tie game. Robbie Sandoval had a pinch hit single in the 9th, but it was too little too late as T.J. Martinez shut down the Bruins. This game gave Juan Garcia another tough luck loss, as his record is now 1-2 with a 2.62 ERA. (Doves: 2 Bruins: 1)

Game 2: The Bruins struck first once again, as Robbie Sandoval hit a 2 run single off of Andy Garcia. The lead didnít last very long, as Tony Brower got blown up for 6 runs in the 2nd inning. Manuel Castro was visible pissed off, but let the veteran get out of it. I think Castro will be sharing a word or two with Brower in the dugout. 2 Bruins runs in the 4th included an RBI single by Jake McNeil, the long reliever that we could be seeing pitch over Brower in the future. Boston immediately struck back after a terrible error by T.J. Keough, an RBI fielderís choice, and an RBI double by Bobby Torrice. The Doves later tagged along another run and sent their fans home happy. (Doves: 9 Bruins: 5).

Carolina Flyers 1B Ruggieri Frati had 5 hits during a 16-2 win over the Flamingos.
Carolinaís promising 26 year old starter Scott Lane will be out for 13 months after a Torn Rotator Cuff.

Game 3: Postponed!

I could not have been antsier to get out of Boston. The only problem is, we have to face the Flyers, a team that features elite closer Jordan Avalos, 2010 Whip Award winner Wayne Alcala, and red hot Ruggieri Frati.
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Chicago Bruins (7- 4) 1st in VL West (Portland Moose 1Ĺ GB)
51 Runs Scored (3rd in VL)
45 runs against (3rd in VL)
3.95 Starters ERA (5th in VL)
3.00 Bullpen ERA (3rd in VL)
.656 Defensive Eff. (5th in VL)

Game 1: Today, we faced Wayne Alcala, 2010ís #1 starting pitcher. Frank Santana took the mound for us, throwing 7.2 innings while giving up 4 runs. As expected, going up against Wayne Alcala was a nightmare. Francisco Serna went 0-3, but gave us our first run off of a sac fly. Scott Fitzhugh came in to the game, throwing 12 pitches and giving up a run. Weíve lost 3 in a row. Letís try to forget this one as soon as possible. (Flyers: 5 Bruins: 1)

Game 2: Noah Hampton faced off against Carolinaís Christian Alexander. Hampton got hit first, as Galtero Tofi got an RBI from a fielderís choice. Tofi scored another RBI when he grounded out in the 3rd, scoring Willie Gonzales. The Bruins got their first run off of a Carlos Pirelli single, scoring Francisco Serna (0-5 - his BA is down to .345). Carlos Vasquez followed that up with a clutch 2 run double, making the score 3-2. The Bruins scored 2 more later on from a sac fly and wild pitch. In the 7th, Willie Gonzales hit a run scoring single off of Noah Hampton. Hampton was taken out after 7 innings and 3 earned runs. Sam Vance and Jesus Balderrama cruised through the next 2 innings, snapping our 3 game losing streak. (Bruins: 5 Flyers:3)

Game 3: The Bruins threw Soda Tomita today, while the Flyers put out one of their best pitchers, Enrique Reyes. In the 2nd inning, Ed Olloqui struck Reyes for a 2 run single, a pleasant surprise for the usually weak hitting catcher. With 1 out in the top of the 5th, Jaime Pagnani crushed a 438 ft. solo homer off of Tomita, cutting our lead in half. 1 inning later, Ruggieri Frati hit a 425 ft. 2 run longball, giving the Flyers a 1 run lead. Following a Steve Brockway single and Bobby Rittmeyer double, T.J. Keough blooped one up in centerfield. It dropped! 2 runs scored, as Keough laughed at first base. 4-3, Bruins.Tomita gave the Bruins fans a heart attack, letting a runner get to 3rd. Tomita was replaced by Mizner, who got through the inning safely. Bobby Rittmeyer hit another double, scoring pinch hitter Alvaro Santana, and making the score 5-3 in the process. Jesus Balderrama came in to finish the job in the 9th, and he did just that, making the Flyers look silly and earning his 4th save of the year. (Bruins: 5 Flyers: 3)

Series notes: Iím glad we were able to bounce back from 3 straight losses and get back on track. It would be unfair to get mad at any group on the team this series, as everyone did alright. Our starters were solid. Our bullpen was solid. Our hitting - when not facing a top 3 pitcher in the league - was solid. Bobby Rittmeyer looks pretty amazing, as he is hitting .426. The bad base running is a habit that I hope to see going away soon, though. Serna did nothing all series, so I suggested that Castro put him back in the 2 spot, taking some pressure off, while putting the hot hitting Rittmeyer at 3rd.
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Our next series is the most important so far. We face the Portland Moose, who are only 2 games below us, at home. Itís going to be nice going back to Chicago. Hopefully the fan support can will Tony Brower to not get lit up again. The Moose have no shortage of good hitters, as they lead the Veterans League in runs scored. The Moose have the 2nd best pitching in the league, as they are 2nd in runs against. The goal is to win the series and stay in 1st place.


Chicago Bruins (9-5) 1st in VL West (Portland Moose 2 1/2 GB)
62 Runs Scored (5th in VL)
56 runs against (2nd in VL)
3.99 Starters ERA (6th in VL)
2.87 Bullpen ERA (3rd in VL)
.681 Defensive Eff. (4th in VL)

Game 1: Juan Garcia went 5 innings while giving up 2 earned runs before getting a blister on his finger. He will likely miss his next start. Alex Ramirez was called up from AAA San Bernardino to take Garciaís place. The offense looked terrible all day. We were shut down by Ruben Lopez. 5 runners were left on base. In the 9th, Jason Goodman gave up another grand slam, running his ERA to 23.62. One run was charged to Jake McNeil. (Moose: 6 Bruins: 0)

Game 2: No one scored until the 9th, as Tony Brower and Josh Wood dueled. Scott Fitzhugh and Jim Mizner chipped in for Chicago, each throwing a scoreless inning. Mark Ready entered the game for the Bruins in the 9th, and gave up a run scoring single. Manuel Castro had a sour look on his face, so he decided to stop the bleeding and get Ready out of there. Castro wanted to build Jason Goodmanís confidence, something that needed to happen. The 23 year old previously had a 23.62 ERA. He gave up a run scoring double. During the bottom half of the inning, trusty leadoff hitter Steve Brockway got himself 2 RBIs on a clutch double, keeping Chicago alive. Sam Vance and Ryan Taylor appeared for the Bruins during extra innings. Jake McNeil followed them, but gave up a run scoring single, losing it for us. (Moose: 3 Bruins: 2)

Game 3: Frank Santana had another good outing, but it just wasnít enough. Santana went through 7 innings while giving up 3 runs, but was tagged with a loss after the bullpen faltered and the offense went silent. The Bruins scored 1 run on 5 hits, just not getting it done. Portlandís starter, Bobby Cohlmia (3-1 0.95 ERA) had another amazing appearance, giving up only 1 run on 4 hits in 8.1 innings, securing the series sweep. (Moose: 5 Bruins: 1)

Series notes: It was painful watching our offense letting opportunity after opportunity pass. I hate to get swept, and wished the offense would do something. The pitching also looked pretty bad, with McNeil being one of the first struggling pitchers coming to mind. I might shop him to get an idea of his value. Iím not afraid to jump on a great deal if I find one. The Baltimore Cannons offered me a couple different enticing players. Both are on 1 year deals, as is Jake McNeil. The first offer is Rich Martines, Baltimoreís closer. Martines is 1-2 with a 1.23 ERA and 4 saves so far. I would get his $5.9M contract dumped on me, be it will only last a year. The 2nd offer is equally enticing. They are offering Allen Caudle, a right fielder with good contact, speed, and discipline. Caudle is making $7.3M, which may be a little more than I want to take on.

We ended Moose 1B Carlos Avilaís 24 game hitting streak.
Seals 35 year old RF Jordan Gonzales recorded 5 hits in a 14-4 win over Miami.
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Chicago-Baltimore Swap: McNeil for Martines: Newspapers in Chicago and Baltimore reported that the Bruins have reached a deal sending 33-year-old LHP Jake McNeil to the Cannons for 28-year-old RHP Rich Martines.

Thus far this season McNeil has saved 0 games. His won-lost mark is no wins and 1 loss with 6 strikeouts in 6.1 innings, along with a 5.68 ERA.

This season Martines has worked 7.1 innings in 7 relief appearances and picked up 4 saves. He has dished out 1 strikeout and walked 3 with a 1-2 mark and a 1.23 ERA.

Positives for Chicago: They gained their new closer.

Positives for Baltimore: They acquired a lefty reliever and a good veteran presence.

This takes the pressure off of Balderrama at closer, but he will still be put in important situations, being our new stopper.. Rich Martines looks like a pretty good player, so I was very happy to grab him. This slightly thins our starting pitching depth, as Jorge Sanchez will be the next man up to fill in for whoever sits. Note: Martines will be kept in DFA to allow Alex Ramirez to make another start, and also give Balderrama a chance to show me that he is worthy of remaining as closer.

Ft. Worth is our next opponent, and are currently flying up to Chicago. They have one of the ABLís best starting pitching rotations, featuring Danny Ortiz (1-1 3.80 ERA), Justin Iverson (2-1 2.73 ERA), and Josh Teeters (3-0 0.84 ERA), all elite starters. Their lineup houses 2 threats - Sergio Camacho and Ricardo Santoyo.
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Chicago Bruins (9-8) 2nd in VL West (Portland Moose in 1st) Ĺ GB
65 Runs Scored (7th in VL)
71 runs against (3rd in VL)
3.88 Starters ERA (5th in VL)
3.83 Bullpen ERA (5th in VL)
.691 Defensive Eff. (3rd in VL)

Game 1: Both pitchers played like their usual selves today, which created a low scoring affair. Nick Hampton gave up 3 earned runs in 7 innings, but the performance wasnít enough, as he got outpitched by Danny Ortiz. Ortiz breezed through 7 innings without letting Chicago score before he gave up 2 earned runs in the 8th off of Bobby Rittmeyer and Collin Coy hits. Balderrama and Scott Fitzhugh got Chicago through the 8th and 9th without a scratch, but the offense wasnít able to capitalize on any opportunities. (Pioineers: 3 Bruins: 2)

Moose 1B Carlos Avilaís 25 game hit streak was snapped.

Game 2: The Bruinsí offense finally came alive, scoring in 6 innings, while also pitching a decent game. 6 different Bruins (Pedro Centeno, Carlos Pirelli, Ed Olloqui, Francisco Serna, Bobby Rittmeyer, and T.J Keough) recorded 2 or more base hits, including Ed Olloquiís first homer of the year and a 420 ft. shot by T.J. Keough. Everyone in the lineup got on base today. Soudai Tomita pitched pretty well, throwing 7.2 innings of 3 run ball with 8 Ks. Jason Goodman came in to close out the Pioneers, and gave up a run in the 9th, bringing his ERA to 16.62. (Bruins: 10 Pioneers: 4)

Game 3: The Pioneers struck Alex Ramirez early with a Sergio Camacho double followed by a Phil Riely 2 run shot. Something didnít seem right with Ramirezís motion, so Castro luckily ordered Hoshi Kawai to check on Ramirez. ďMy arm feels a little off. After 3 outs, Iíll give you an update. Just let me pitch.Ē ďBe careful, alright Alex? You got this.Ē Ramirez gave up another double, and then induced a ground out. With 2 outs and an 0-2 count on David de Santiago, Alex Ramirez fired in a slider to strike de Santiago out. As soon as Ramirez winced and collapsed to the ground, I had a feeling that I knew how this would end up. Worst of all, he was clutching his right elbow, one he had injured 3 times in the past. Ramirez was carted off as a hushed Chicago crowd watched in shock. Chicago later scored in the 6th from a Robbie Sandoval single, but little noise was made as Chicago fans worried about Ramirez and watched the offense get mowed down by Justin Iverson. (Pioneers: 3 Bruins: 1)

I feared the worst for Ramirez, and the worst case scenario is what turned out to happen.

Game Over for Ramirez: And so ends the career of Alex Ramirez. The Chicago starting pitcher, diagnosed with a damaged elbow ligament, has announced his retirement from baseball. Ramirez held an impromptu press conference with reporters in the team's clubhouse, at which he described the battery of tests he had recently undergone. "The results were less than encouraging," he said. "But I got to live my dream. How many people can say that?" And so the dream has come to an end.

Series notes: We lost another series. This trend needs to end. Our bullpen looks shaky, our offense is inconsistent, and our starting pitching is good, but not enough to carry us. Serna and Rittmeyer look like the stars right now, but both were 0-4 in game 3. If they become cold, we are in big trouble.
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LF Johnny Oviedo finally signed with a team! He is headed to New York to play for the Skyliners for 1 year, while earning $2.64M.

Chicago Bruins (10-10) 2nd in VL West (Portland Moose in 1st) 1Ĺ GB
78 Runs Scored (6th in VL)
81 runs against (3rd in VL)
3.77 Starters ERA (5th in VL)
3.45 Bullpen ERA (3rd in VL)
.680 Defensive Eff. (3rd in VL)

Game 1: The Bruins reverted back to their hard hitting ways, while also baffling Brooklyn hitters and allowing the Robins only 2 hits. Tony Brower impressed me with a masterful 6.1 inning, 8 strikeout, 1 hit outing, his best of the year. It looks like I wonít be needing McNeil after all! Mark Ready and Ryan Taylor finished the game, letting only 1 runner on in total. To go along with this pitching performance, Chicago hitters slammed recent signee Mike Fragoso for 4 runs and 10 hits in 5 innings. Jaime Bouffard, who isnít known for having any power whatsoever, hit 2 homers today. Heís been quite impressive. Chicago also tagged along runs against relievers Zaccaria Piontelli, Tony Ziv, and Bob Bord. After the dim news of Alex Ramirezís retirement, this blowout win surely raised the spirits of Chicago fans. (Bruins: 11 Robins: 0)

Game 2: Frank Santana was his usual self today, throwing 8 innings of 2 run ball. Manuel Washington nearly matched Santana, throwing 7 innings while also allowing 2 runs to cross the plate. With the score tied at 2-2 in the bottom of the 8th, T.J. Keough came through in the clutch and smacked a double, scoring Serna. The Bruins had taken a 3-2 lead! Jesus Balderrama took the mound to close out the game, but only got 1 out before collapsing and giving up an RBI double to Mario Reyes, followed by a 2 run moonshot by Tony Fernandez. This was Jesus Balderramaís 1st loss and blown save, and was putting together quite the season before this. Iím confident in Castroís ability to help Jesus regain his confidence and cheer him up a bit, as he was playing better than he ever had been before todayís loss. (Robins: 5 Bruins: 3)

San Francisco Seals ace Danny Lechuga (1-1 3.77 ERA) will be out for 7 weeks with elbow inflammation. Looks like we wonít be the only ones missing a starter. Get well soon Garcia!

Game 3: Brooklynís starter Terrence Ruggles strained his calf, forcing Robins manager Ricardo Rossy to take him out of the game. This allowed the Bruinsí offense to feast on the week Brooklyn bullpen, scoring 10 runs during the contest. Ed Olloqui and Pedro Centeno both pumped out 2 run bombs for the Bruins, while the rest of the runs were manufactured. Every hitter in the Chicago lineup got on base at least once, while 7 different players drove in runs. Noah Hampton provided the Bruins with his typical 7 inning - 3 run outing. Castro loves the veteranís consistency, stating ďYou know exactly what Noahís gonna do, and you canít wait to see him go out there and pitch a nice game every day, without having to worry about a disaster. When itís his turn to pitch, my only concern is the offense, and today, the offense came through bigtimeĒ. Sam Vance and Jason Goodman couldnít finish the game, so Castro called on Balderrama to clean it up, and he did just that, getting 2 quick outs without any signs of weakness, and earning his 5th save of the year in the process. (Bruins: 10 Robins: 7)

Series notes: It was wonderful watching the offense get back on track. Scoring 24 runs during the series with a couple of much needed homers. It looks like the clutch hitting is finally coming around. The starting pitching (as it has been all year) has been solid, with the exception being Alex Ramirezís tragic injury. Juan Garcia should return for our next series, so that adds another solid pitcher to the rotation. Our bullpen has been quite shaky, which is slightly concerning, but Goodman and Vance should come around. If you get rid of Balderramaís disaster outing, he has been great for us, however, I will suggest to Manuel that Rich Martines takes over as closer. As I stated when we acquired Martines, Balderrama will be the stopper.
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