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Old 09-20-2018, 06:26 AM   #121
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Originally Posted by Cole View Post

Personally my issue with how you've been coming at this is seemingly to indicate that they are making decisions based SOLELY on money and nothing else, as opposed to what they think is best for their company and its future (which, YES, obviously includes financially, as Andreas has mentioned). It is their decision to make and if you don't agree with it, you can vote with your money, by going elsewhere or buying something else. .

I believe i have been polite and speaking directly to Andreas, no offense but you don't work there according to your signature so I am not really fused what you think about me.

It is about money, it's clearly been stated that they need to get the game out by a certain date due to finances and resource. It's a business that what business's do and i have no issues with that. When it was Solesismic, Jim seemed to care about us MP guys. Clearly things have changed and us MP guys get that.
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Originally Posted by vgorilla80 View Post
And the simple fact that this thread has had over 70+ posts in the 72 hours since Andreas made his original comment should be hard evidence that more than just a "small minority" of people are upset by this. There isn't a thread anywhere about this game that has seen that kind of activity.
This forum is not overly active and people had a nugget of information to discuss/debate for the first time in weeks. It makes sense it was the busiest thread. Also, only a fraction of OOTPD customers actually post on the forums (once again something that has been mentioned before from actual hard data - sales numbers versus number of active forum users) ...

And besides, 70+ posts and I would guess the vast majority were from a dozen people or less (heck, myself personally has accounted for probably a dozen of those posts, trying to inject some common sense into here). I certainly hope you don't think a dozen people is anything but a small minority of OOTPD's customer base.

Don't get me wrong, there WILL be people upset if the initial release doesn't include MP (I will count myself amongst that group also). But there's a difference between being upset and being indignant and acting like it's some sort of personal vendetta against the MP community.

Also, and this can't be understated as it seems to be going over people's heads...

No mod, dev or community member has ever said FOF will NEVER have MP. They have clearly stated it's on their list, it's just a matter of when it can be added.

I've never seen a company give a full-on slap in the face to an entire group of their potential customers as the mods and devs have here by saying that the MP community is "totally replaceable".
It must also be stated that no developer has EVER said anything about the MP community being totally replaceable. Once again, people have to stop looking at this as an adversarial issue.

The "totally replaceable" was an example used by Ben, who is a mod. Mods are here to maintain decorum in the forums and are not the same as developers and those who actually run the company.

What Ben was also (correctly) trying to point out is just the overall small size of the EXISTING FOF MP community. It is likely less than a few hundred people and yes, that is a drop in the bucket in terms of total sales of OOTPD products. He made the example to prove a point, please don't extrapolate that as some kind of vendetta OOTPD has against MP players.
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Originally Posted by vgorilla80 View Post
they're totally replaceable anyway, we're not worried about them".

Guys, we never said something like that. Stop that! I will not repeat my words again and again. All has been said multiple times. I'll close this thread now. Please wait for the development announcement. It will hopefully help to understand the situation.
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Originally Posted by vgorilla80 View Post
I'd be willing to bet there's FAR more potential customers interested in MP than those who need the game on a Mac platform.
You would lose that bet, big-time.

And thanks Andreas for closing this thread. It surely had run its course.
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