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Major Leagues
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AFBL - Grand Championship Preview

The following preview was written by the AFBL's team representative.

The AFBL representative is Jonathan Warren who runs the Ontario Blue Pirates who are the only non-USA franchise in the league after the league granted him special permission for a franchise up north J.

The AFBL has been running since May 2013. We started in 2013 in the game and are just starting the 2023 season. The league started with 16 franchises and we have since expanded to 20 total franchises when we added 4 teams for the start of the 2017 season.

AFBL is a fictional league with no finances, 4 levels of minors, no DH in the majors but enabled in the minors, and the major league teams represent an entire USA state or CAN province. We sim 3 times a week (Mon-Wed-Fri) running 10-11 game days depending on how the calendar month stacks up. We have a very strong group active owners that are active on the forum and in our chat (GroupMe).

Commish does run a team in the league but I strive to be a league-first commish for any decisions plus we hold a Winter Meetings every offseason to discuss/vote on any rule changes for the upcoming and/or future seasons.

League Website:American Federation Baseball League - Index

You can check out the AFBL team by visiting: Home Page

Globe and Mail: Blue Pirates GM takes on role as ambassador for AFBL in OOTP Grand Champion League

Globe and Mail: Blue Pirates GM talks about taking on this new role and about what players he has chosen to field.

I have been playing OOTP since I was a kid back with OOTP 5 and started in online leagues around the same time. I started playing with my father in the same leagues as him I had some success, as I got older I moved on to GM in leagues of my own choice and had a few league Division titles and Series appearances.

When my last league (ootp 8) folded I stopped playing online for 5 versions. After building a great solo league from 11-14 I wanted a Human challenge again, I became a founding GM in AFBL and started fresh but I have always tried to build my teams the same way that worked for me back when I first started, with solid pitching, good defence and letting the hitting come naturally.

With real players I have found that a lot of time things don’t always go as expected and with only one shot at this there is no next year so I took a long hard look at ratings & statistics getting a feel of who would fit on my team not worrying about money or names. The basic look of my team is nothing like what it looks now but I think I have a good chance with who is out on that field. I am just waiting to hear back from the Commish that everything is good and I will let you know who is on this team.

Globe and Mail: AFBL Grand Champions League roster revealed

These are Provisional Line ups Official ones will be posted Opening day

#1 Cristián Leyva 70/65/65 (75 Stamina 70 Hold Runner)
The Minute I saw him he was a lock for my team he is a soild pitcher and not very expensive.

#2 Cam Cantrell 70/65/50 (60 Stamina 25 hold runners)
His Career BB/9 is 2.8 & HR/9 0.7 those I can like if they hold true he is my most expensive Pitcher but if he can pitch like it shows then we have a good 1-2 punch

#3 Kent Coleman 70/60/55 (60 stamina 45 hold Runners)
He was one of the last players added to this team but with 3 solid pitches he is a good choice for this team if I want to go far

#4 Raúl Soto 70/65/45 (70 Stamina 50 Hold Runners)
This Pitcher is not what I usually go for but I can’t ignore the ability to go deep & K people from 4th guy in staff, career 0.7 HR/9 doesn’t hurt either.

#5 Frank Jones 60/65/60 (70 Stamina 65 Hold runners)
He is the most up in the air choice but he was cheap can go deep in to games he will most likely be the long man during tourney but that’s a while off.

MR/LR Dani Rodríguez 60/70/65 (30 stamina 45 Hold runners)
I want him to pitch in those blowouts but he will get his fair share of prime pitching in my small 5 man pen

MR Ángel Colón 80/65/60 (30 stamina 75 Hold Runners)
Last season for Boston he pitched really good, if he can duplicate that he is great choice for this pen

MR/SU Greg Hobbs 55/70/75 (25 stamina 55 Hold Runners)
A lot of you might be why is he your #1 reliever and I’m like he doesn’t walk anybody and that’s what I love he is a solid GB pitcher little HR & little walks.

SU Luis Ibarra 55/70/75 (20 Stamina 70 Hold Runners)
He may look weak but he throws the ball where he wants to and might save a run by looking that runner down. He won’t walk a lot which I really really like in my Setup guys

CL Manuel Rentería 75/70/55 (25 Stamina 20 Hold runners)
There were some better choices I will say that but his stats and Price won me over after a long long battle. He should be deadly from the mound and if the long ball is not being hit out he should have the job all season long.

Well this is what Pitchers we will be using, let me introduce you to the hitters, I won’t be giving batting order till I get the players on my team but this is who they are.

C Jonathan Cadet 55/55/50/60/50 (60 CA 55 C Arm)
He was a late addition; he is solid player who should help lead this team to the Championship

C/IF Melvin Paul 50/55/55/40/40 (55 CA 50 Catchers arm)
He has been on the team list for a while will be a good solid deal, can hit some pop but is better VS LHP and can play some 1b if ever needed

C José Pérez 50/60/50/60/45 (50 CA 50 Catcher Arm)
Taking 5 relievers has its upsides & Jason is the perfect back up he can hit RHP well but my number is his .375 rh OBP

1B Wilson Cruz 70/60/60/65/50
He is the most expensive player on my team and he should earn in he will crush RHP and do ok against LHP will be big disappointment if he can step up

2B Danny Shaffer 65/55/70/65/60
WOW he is good against RHP and cheap as hell a no brainer to have his defence is so so but he is a solid 2B

2B Gus Exposito 55/55/55/40/55
The last player chosen to this team it was a 2 day process to choose 3 players he will help out with defence maybe and is a little bit better at hitting leftys

3B Júlio García 60/65/40/65/75
Like Brock he came cheap his defence is adequate for 3B but he will walk and get on base against RHP a lot hoping he can be a good hitter for us

SS Marcos Ayala 55/60/50/45/55
He was nice defence and offence option I feel that he could improve our team when he starts rock solid defence is a plus

SS Juan Corral 55/45/25/50/55 (70/80/80 base running ratings)
He is probably my overall worst hitter but I hope last season was a glitch and he can hit well for this team but he is the first guy off the bench for running most days

LF Ed Warren 70/60/55/45/75
He is another RHP masher and that could cause problems but he isn’t a slouch against Leftys soild defence and good AVK should earn him good marks this season

CF John Johnson 65/60/60/60/45 (75/80/50 Base Running Ratings)
He is my leftys masher and speed guy with his solid range he can play some good D 2 time gold glove winner

CF Pedro Villanueva 55/50/55/65/60
At one point and time he was penciled in as Starting LF that’s how much I like him he has a great eye and some pop can hit Lefty’s as well which makes him a steal for me.

RF Daniel Cook60/60/75/55/40
My OF is stacked yes I know he has same ratings both side of plate but is better against RHP but that’s all relative, his defence I’m not happy with but will half to do

RF Michael Ovendon 50/50/20/45/65 (75/80/75 Base Running)
He is my OF defensive replacement and speed demon he can’t really hit lefty’s but he is on the team for speed and D anything with his bat is a bonus

DH Ken Langley 70/55/60/45/40
Yes he is my DH for some reason he has really bad defence so that’s cool he has some speed & instincts but he probably will be bottom of order hitter do to the fact he doesn’t walk and K a lot.

Well that is the team I have put together for the AFBL’s Grand Champion’s League

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I will be updating our GCL Topic on the forum after every sim.
With most of these teams evenly matched this should be interesting to see if anyone pulls ahead or falls behind and how they try and correct it.

AFBL:Ontario Blue Pirates (2013-) 2651-2857 (.481)
Wild Card:7
Division Titles: 4
Pennants: 2020
2037 Lost WCS

NPBL: Ohio Raptors/Nova Scotia Fishermen (2057-) 1953-1985 (.496)
Wild Card: 9
Division Titles: 2
2080 Lost LSF
Former leagues:
LOHO: Detroit Tigers
ISL: San Diego Padres
VSL: Pittsburgh Pirates
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Globe and Mail: AFBL finish 6th with disapointing 1-5 last sim, to face WBL APUSQUISPAY in Round 1 of Playoffs

Globe and Mail: AFBL GM discusses his thoughts on season and first round match up and if things are going to change.

I think we are very unheralded team with only one news story the whole season and only at the very end having our Star pitcher Cristián Leyva lead the GCL in wins were we ever on single player leaderboards.

Yes I do plan on managing differently and importing my playoff settings
so the AI can hopefully do what I want for each game. During the season
my goals was to finish in top 5 but also find out what kinda line up and
staff I had. I utilized 7 day lineups and Depth charts during the season
to keep players fresh and to get my backups AB so they are not cold going
in to playoffs.

My team looking at everything is a pretty good overall team pretty good
hitting pretty good pitching. The biggest thing I was looking for was
HIGH OBP that is one of the major ways I build my AFBL Team and having #2
OBP combined with #3 ave is a great accomplishment for this team with how
our offence started. I expected a lot of Strike outs with all the good
pitchers but with all my offence stats in top 50 % of the league I like
where we are at.
If the HR can come around we can be a force in the playoffs.

Pitching was actually better then the stats say my pen didn't lose a game
till 2nd last sim the only issue is we walk to much AND give up way to
many HR now I think I chose the wrong park for my staff but my offence
sure has liked it.
To began season Jones and Soto were both looking for post season SP job
and Jones won that by a mile which means that soto will be in the pen
able to help out during our playoff run.
Being 29th in HR 20th is BB and 25 in K will scare me going up against a
good offence but I believe that with Soto in the pen that we can continue
to hold those leads.

I was hoping to enter on a hot streak but it came 1 sim to early so
finishing 12-8 isn't that bad. WBL didn't have the best Season and they
don't have the best offence or pitching overall but they can surprise
you. They have thrown a No Hitter and had one thrown against them, I will
have to score early if I want to win as the bullpen is pretty good at
holding leads and not surrendering runs. If I can expose there weakness
of not getting onbase and face the LHP twice then this series should be a
easy victory.

If my Offence does not score like it should Losing this series could very
well happen, but it might be enough that there offence isn't that good, I
don't think it will be a tough series but it can be.

Commish Prediction 5-3 AFBL
My prediction 5-2 AFBL
Season rec 2-0 scores 3-1 5-0

AFBL:Ontario Blue Pirates (2013-) 2651-2857 (.481)
Wild Card:7
Division Titles: 4
Pennants: 2020
2037 Lost WCS

NPBL: Ohio Raptors/Nova Scotia Fishermen (2057-) 1953-1985 (.496)
Wild Card: 9
Division Titles: 2
2080 Lost LSF
Former leagues:
LOHO: Detroit Tigers
ISL: San Diego Padres
VSL: Pittsburgh Pirates
Follow my Fictional universe

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