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Old 02-05-2020, 09:40 AM   #21
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Ability to enter multiple historical players all at once.

Yeah, they have the deal where you can put them in a text file, with the year and all that but put that in the graphical interface.

Same interface, same options - just allow you to do it with multiple players at once instead of only one at a time.
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1. Would like to see an easy way to print out the boxscores and logs. Just takes so much space and 98% of the time the printout is just a mess.

2. In the game logs put a players at bad on one or two lines instead of a line for each pitch. Like a few words on the play and then something like this for pitch count: Strike out: bbsbffX out.

3. Make it a little simpler to make the players on the field bigger. : )
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Originally Posted by Zorro View Post
Does anyone remember the old Ernie Harwell baseball game made in 1997 from APBA that just announced the whole game? I use to love and sit back and have the AI play the game as Ernie announced it with his play by play. He would also let you know what every batter was doing that season and would let you know what the scores were around the league as you listened . It was way before its time and I have not seen anything like it since. It was like listening to a real baseball game but it was my league. Great memories.
I agree. I would love to see this. Broadcast Blast with Ernie Harwell was still the best play by play I ever heard from a sports game. There were 3 levels of Play by Play, so you could choose to have less detail and a faster game, or more detail. If you used the most detailed level it was just like listening to the game on the radio. Even the lower details were still ahead of most games at that time.
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In game mode

when playing the Astros, Red Sox and Yankees you hear trash can banging when the ball is pitched. Have that and the Cardinals steal your draft board for the ultimate in realism.
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I'd like to see the following features, in no certain order:

(1) Realistic Luxury Tax situations and penalties;
(2) Trading International Free Agent money;
(3) Storylines on international free agents and draft prospects;
(4) A way to set coaches / veteran players to mentor younger prospects for a chance at improving their ratings; and
(5) Ability to negotiate the season budget and/or goals with ownership, to avoid outrageous directives like "sign star player to an extension" while simultaneously being mandated to cut payroll.
(6) Going with (5), I'd like to see more consequences for not hitting ownership goals-- it's really hard to get fired in this game.

One other thing that's on my wishlist, and it would be really cool to see it made into OOTP 21 -- would be battled ball information (like exit velocity, launch angle). I think this is already in the game to an extent, but I don't think we can overlay our own park over a hitter's batted ball information from a season ago. This way, I can get a better sense of how well the hitter will do if he moves to Fenway (as an example). Will those line drive home runs he is known for translate into singles and doubles? Does his weak flyballs become Fenway specials? It would help a lot when evaluating guys and all other things are equal.

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Top of my list is the ability to turn off Challenge Mode. I've always heard it will never happen, mainly due to worries about people scumming to earn achievements/leaderboard positions. It feels like this could be addressed somehow, though. Anyway, are we really that concerned about people going to all that effort to earn some basic PT packs?

Failing that, there are some options lacking in Challenge Mode that I think should be added in. I made the mistake of not putting a Rookie League level in my fictional league's minor league system and would love to add it, but I can't in Challenge Mode. Why not? Doing so would not give me a competitive advantage. I'm not attempting to see players' ratings; I just want to add a fourth minor league level so my youngest players have somewhere to play instead of struggling in A ball for three years. I'd also like to be able to turn off being fired in Challenge Mode - I want to play as the same team year after year and rebuild properly if needed instead of having to eke my way into the playoffs to avoid being canned by a tyrannical owner.

Other things I'd like to see in 2021:

- Custom stadiums. Even if the customization is just picking from different options in a template, that works for me. I just don't want to see the exact same stadium every game.

- Banners, etc. in stadiums. Let us deck out our stadiums in style with some simple banners for championships and retired numbers!

- Special field designs for key games. This would also help immersion in both fictional and other leagues: Allow simple designs for the field that indicate it's a championship series or what have you.

- General 3D improvements. The game has steadily gotten better in this area, but I'd like to see more variety in the animations. Slightly different batting stances would be great. Things like the occasional collision or miscommunication in the field or missed diving catches would also be nice - right now, every diving catch is successful, and not knowing whether the play would be made would make watching the games more exciting.

- Overall storytelling. For fictional players especially, this would be great. A little more variety in write-ups after things like great performances, player confrontations, etc. News/rumors about player extension negotiations, free agents, stuff like that can make the game more lively. I don't need a lot here, there are storylines that pop up now and then and they're fun, but a little more in that area would be cool.

- Special events. A lot of the fun for me as a fictional league player is seeing legendary players and teams grow. Could we have the option to schedule special events such as having back members of championship teams for ceremonial appearances or scheduling nights to honor past players for number retirements, etc.? These could come with a slight attendance bump and a little in-game text and maybe an animation of the player/players waving to the crowd.

- Better ways to sort through stats. Sometimes, it's difficult to find what you're looking for even with all the options available. I wanted to look to see if a player was the first in my league to achieve 40/40 status and had to manually go through the best steals years in league history, click on them and see if the player also had 40+ HR that year.

Overall, in-game stadium customization of some sort and continued 3D improvements are my two must-haves. Greater options in Challenge Mode (or the option to turn it off permanently within a save) would also be nice.
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Originally Posted by AKAthatoneguy View Post
Top of my list is the ability to turn off Challenge Mode..
I second this. I probably should have been more aware of the various restrictions on challenge mode, but I'm way too invested in my save to just scrap it.
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Old 02-08-2020, 12:01 PM   #28
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I just want to be able to see manager development influence on a team in the table view.

Having to do like 4 clicks for every single manager just to see the only attribute I care about for like 10 open positions every offseason is the only thing i dislike about this game.

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I would like to see pitcher information listing the pitches they actually threw. I know the Nats pointed out to Strasburg how he threw too many (I'm not sure which pitch) of one pitch and asked he throw more of his best pitch. That worked.

I'd like to able to tell my pitchers not to throw THAT RED PITCH--ever!

Something I suggested years ago is have pitching coaches have extra influence over one pitch--and have better odds of teaching it to the staff. Rather like Roger Craig and his Circle Change many years ago. Most coaches would have FASTBALL as this pitch, so as to minimize the impact on game balance.

So you could hire an otherwise meh coach who knows how to improve THAT RED PITCH and get the kid to improve to decent.

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Tom the Fish
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When you call up the team pitching tab, it defaults to something related to pitching instead of batting stats.
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This is 2020, we need the ability to set a "Times through the order" limit on pitchers. Pitch count limits are becoming obsolete.
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I just want to make some pants man and the ability to add alternate uniforms as well or maybe at the game screen just allow me to pick different uniforms for the teams. Maybe that goes with the "better 3D" thing most people are talking about.
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Originally Posted by Tom the Fish View Post
When you call up the team pitching tab, it defaults to something related to pitching instead of batting stats.
Not sure why you have this issue? My views work fine 99% of the time. I find when it does mess up it's after switching between many views over a short period of time. On the occasion I get my batter view for pitchers, or
vice versa, I tap the tab again and it fixes itself.
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J Reggie
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I really hope we get the ability to change the pants color. Some uniforms look weird with the default white and grey.

The ability to automatically have the game show eg. day game and weekend unis would be nice as well.

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Things I'd like to see in 21

1- Ability to hire coaches from other teams if they haven't signed an extension to my staff, or hire a non-free agent coach into a head coach position. I assume under contracts would need ownership from the team's permission.

2- When running in GM mode, you should at least have options to work with the ownership on budget, direction of the team as well as trying to meet ownership goals. In order to be fired it should be 2 options: 1 do it based on the ownership tendency and patience and demands. A stubborn win now owner might be prone to fire you in short period of time if you constantly fail to meet his goals, whereas a lenint ownership with patience would keep you as long you meet one of the goals. An owner who cares more about money would not care if your team is losing as long his bottom line is good. Another way to determine your job secuirty besdies owners tendency would be having an option in which you can set how hard to keep a job or how easy it is to keep your job

3- Multi-team trades would be nice

4- Coaches should have a special trait that can hinder a teams success and players improvement as well as its development, for those who dont care about that can have the option turned off.
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Ive been playing this game for about 7 years now and its come a long way but this year i barely played due to its stagnation...

I'd love to see expanded player development. Ability to coach players on certain areas of their game. Some players are better at being coached than others, some coaches do a better a better job etc. Theres so much you can do on this level. See ratings change over time and players blossom under the right mentorship and others fall by the way side if you're coaching them wrong.

Also bigger front offices. Seriously Assistant GM and a few coaches, come on now. Wheres my analytic department and scouts. All this can feed back into the player dev side of the game. Football Manger anyone?

3D graphics are such a none factor for me. Its all about the deals, roster management, finances and building winners rather than watching tiny figures slide into first base from half way up.
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Originally Posted by nehalem View Post
For at least versions 15-19, don't have 20 to try.

For Playoff results it only lists:
Not Qualified
Lost Playoff
Won Playoff

Suggested improvement:
Not Qualified
Lost Wildcard
Lost Division Series
Lost League Championship
Lost World Series
Won World Series

Obviously change the names based on what the user named the actual series

There is a big difference between losing the wildcard and losing the world series in terms of team success, and it would be great to be able to quickly see how successful the team was in a given season.
My previous suggestion
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Rework a Trade if somebody doesn't pass a Phyiscal. Cancel one to.
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Time for the financials to get an upgrade, they've been left alone for several versions already. There should be more options to spend money on tech/analytics/stadium features/training etc..
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Way too many teams roster good prospects they just drafted and then waive them within a year or two.
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