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Old 01-06-2020, 02:53 PM   #1
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Fictional Team Names

I believe there are many of us who enjoy our fictional leagues and teams.
Since it is the off season and I'm bored waiting for spring training I thought
I'd share my team names and hope others will respond in kind. Thanks for
reading and if you share your fictional names.
AL East
Baltimore Clippers
Boston Pilgrims
New York Titans
Tampa Bay Barracudas
Toronto Mounties
AL Central
Chicago Zephyrs
Cleveland Barons
Detroit Badgers
Kansas City Comets
Minnesota Loons
AL West
California Condors
Houston Apollos
Oakland Bruins
Seattle Captains
Texas Rattlers
NL East
Atlanta Chiefs
Miami Sharks
New York Knights
Philadelphia Gold Sox
Washington Generals
NL Central
Chicago Blues
Cincinnati Spartans
Milwaukee Trappers
Pittsburgh Corsairs
St. Louis Tanagers
NL West
Denver Cougars
Los Angeles Dukes
Phoenix Firebirds
San Diego Diablos
San Francisco Seals

Thanks again.

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Cobby (01-07-2020), Cryomaniac (01-12-2020)
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The ones I regularly use are:

Baltimore Admirals
Atlanta Generals
San Francisco Pirates
Phoenix Tigers
Los Angeles Stars
New York Bombers
St Louis Diamonds
Chicago Packers
Cleveland Roosters
Philadelphia Liberty
Charlotte Blue Sox
Las Vegas Lobos
Houston Hippos
Indianapolis Mustangs
Buffalo Bison
Portland Roses
Seattle Wasps
Toronto Cannons
Montreal Chevaliers
Hamilton Larks
Kitchener Braves
Quebec City Bears
Ottawa Capitols
Detroit Union
Pittsburgh Hammers
New England Reds
Edmonton Roughnecks
Vancouver Lumberjacks

Monterey Lions
Guadalajara Rams
Mexico City Warriors
Puebla Bulls
Leon Kings
Juarex Storm

Tokyo Samurai
Yokohama Purple Emporers
Nagoya Bucks
Osaka Swallows
Seoul Train
Busan Seagulls
Incheon Cranes
Daegu Lakers
Taipei Athletics
Kaohsiung Elephants
Beijing Dragons
Shanghai Gingko
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Cobby (01-07-2020)
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Here's my league. My names are still evolving and I still use a mix of fictional names and current or historical names. I'm interested in this thread for ideas for the next time around.

AL East
Boston Clippers
Brooklyn Dodgers
New York Giants
Philadelphia Athletics
Baltimore Orioles
Montreal Maple Leafs

AL Lakes
Buffalo Hoggees
Cleveland Cats
Pittsburgh Union
Detroit Wolverines
Chicago Hawks
Milwaukee Brewers

AL West Coast
Vancouver Grizzlies
Seattle Satellites
Portland Owls
Sacramento Bees
Los Angeles Angels
San Diego Blue Whales

NL Southeast
Washington Nationals
Cincinnati Reds
Charlotte Hornets
Atlanta Ants
Tampa Tarpons
Miami Hammerheads

NL Central
Minnesota Muskies
Chicago Sparrows
St. Louis Cardinals
Kansas City Blues
Dallas Meadowlarks
Houston Control

NL Southwest
San Francisco Seals
Los Angeles Dukes
Las Vegas Bighorn
Salt Lake City Saints
Phoenix Firebirds
Colorado Rockies
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Tried to load my fictional league and OOTP crashes when I try to
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Clovidequano Dovatha
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My United States Baseball League often starts out with the following teams:

Boston Masterminds
Brooklyn Tale-Spinners
Chicago Zookeepers
Cincinnati Red Storm
Cooperstown Legends
Nashville Composers
Philadelphia Renaissancers
Washington Diamond Presidents

I have many other leagues either already created or in various stages of development or planning, in certain dynasties/saved games for multiple versions of OOTP Baseball, but hopefully these few names will help you here, at least for starters. Some of my leagues eventually do expand, or have already expanded by now, in those same games, but I often include a version of the USBL in my games, in any case, if I reach 1901 or start then, in truth.

If you want more suggestions for possible team names, just ask, and perhaps I'll share some more with you later. But not unless you ask me for them here, I think. CD out.
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Updates to my threads, and/or potential future requests, may be delayed at times for a while as I work on my latest story. CD out.

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I am not creative at all so I use the link below for my league. There are also stadiums for each of the 24 original teams and then I use other fictional stadiums for the additional 6 teams.

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And these are my fictional NFL teams:
AFC East
Buffalo Bisons
Miami Vipers
New England Whalers
New York Wings

AFC North
Baltimore Schooners
Cincinnati Stallions
Cleveland Spiders
Pittsburgh Pumas

AFC South
Houston Drillers
Indianapolis Archers
Jacksonville RumRunners
Tennessee Nighthawks

AFC West
Denver Grizzlies
Kansas City Scouts
Los Angeles Mammoth
Oakland Owls

NFC East
Dallas Bulls
New York Phantoms
Philadelphia Rebels
Washington Wildcats

NFC North
Chicago Cyclones
Detroit Lancers
Green Bay Griffins
Minnesota Moose

NFC South
Atlanta Fire
Carolina Monarchs
New Orleans Showboats
Tampa Bay Tarpons

NFC West
Arizona Lobos
Los Angeles Stars
San Francisco Dragons
Seattle Thunderbirds

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Major Leagues
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For a long time I used this group of teams (or a subset of them), and several of them became teams that I've used in other leagues all the way up to now.

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Cryomaniac (01-12-2020)
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“Seoul Train“ lol good one cavebutter
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Brad K (01-15-2020), Buster Cherry (01-21-2020)
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Bat Boy
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New York Titans
Boston Bishops
Baltimore Lords
Washington Federals
Cincinnati Buckeyes
Detroit Wolverines
Chicago Lakers
Cleveland Kings
Pittsburgh Oaks
Philadelphia Gray Socks
Brooklyn Bulldogs
Milwaukee Maples

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Bat Boy
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Some good names, but Montreal would NEVER have a team called the Maple Leafs
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In the process of rebooting and scaling my fictional league back to 12 clubs. Here they are...

Gotham Knickerbockers
St. Cruze Solons
Hudson Spiders
Boardwalk Atlantics
Capeside Cyclones
Sterling Tomcats
Metropolis Blue Sox
Rivermount Summts
Roxford Excelsiors
Parkland Perfectos
Baytown Diamonds
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