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Suggestions for Future OOTP Versions Post suggestions for the next version of Out of the Park Baseball here!

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Developing Different Approaches to the Game

Hey there,

So I actually work as a contractual designer whilst in University and oft use OOTP as my downtime filler. (highest score is 102) I've been looking at a few holes that would greatly immerse the audience into the game which might seem minuscle but a great asset to add.


I find trading as a whole in challenge mode, both ridiculous and not very intuitive. By this I mean trading from a hard difficulty is very skewed towards the NPC unless the AI makes a jump challenge. These are my thoughts on this system in isolation but I don't think they are not fixable.

Influences/Margins of Value
By simply providing the team needs of each team and what their valuations from prospect to veteran, you can better determine how to approach each team. By having a Dodger that is willing to suck salary as long at is infused with talent, you can better gauge who wants what. Salary Dumps, Firesale, only prospects with 2021 projections. These are the types of information that would be valuable for a more rewarding wheeler and dealer GM.

Targets and Proposals

Allowing to gauge how various packages will woo a person, Top 10 Prospect in your farm, AAA Reliever, and a salary dump for example. These are huge facets that just aren't existant. Framework building and leaving the trading floor is very important. Especially understanding the aggression other teams are pursuing trades (take Chris Sale in the offseason, Machado this winter or Zach Briton). The trade market is not a linear like it is currently displayed in the game. Retaining salaries was a great step but it actually leads as better influence on how having these leverages are being reacted.

Winter Meetings

Straight up, these suck. None of the energy of actual winter meetings is displayed. A far more real time simulation would be appreciated. Taking the framework ideology and applying that to a high octane environment like that would be great. Suggestions to improve this, not just being negative about it's weakness.

Approaching Free Agents during the winter meetings with different approaches. These approaches would be how you and your assistant would prefer to influence a free agents decisions. This may seem slightly convoluted so an example would be (Carlos Beltran is being approached as the veteran leader and guide for a clubhouse, Jake Arrieta would be our 1, 2 rotation punch and Harper to be the new face and merch for our team) All of these would affect morale when something on the team is negatively impacting that. Such as Beltran is underperforming so he feels his influence on the chemistry is weak. (High Greed, Low Desire for Win) I realize this may seem like alot but I feel these type of improvements would massively change the intuitive landscape for such a crucial baseball time.


I find scouting as a whole, a money dump. There is a lack of game feedback due to the disconnect between player reaction and in-game response with the largest portion coming from the "hidden player" mechanic which is the worst thing for the game economy, Being able to take from the FIFA console model would actually be beneficial. This being sending scouts of discovery missions which have various levels of success based on scout's budgets and abilities.

A couple other ways you could change the game is modify scouting with team needs and drive a focus on your scouts based on the report system. Take 3 weeks and a 125000 budget and focus only on MLB ready SS. This way you now have a framework based on scout ratings to approach a team with.

Finally we arrive at my last point,

Reactionary Decisions

This is honestly the crown jewel of my post that builds completely off of my concept for a trading framework and a new approach to scouting. I want to provide three examples on how I think Reactionary Decisions could really change the game.

Top 4 Prospect on Scouting Watch List (Something I believe we need)has changed his bat approach significantly. BABIP is now .376 from .246 for the last 16 days. Would you like to promote to AA?

Scout Yami is not yet done scouting discovery, He has progressed 62% of the mission. It will cost an extra 100000 to complete. Here is a list of completed player reports.Summary Provided. Would you like to continue with this mission?

The Dodgers would need either taking Adrian Gonzale's contract to be taken with a top 100 Pitcher to trade for Yasiel Puig or two MLB relievers ratings above 65( Here is a list of asked for options).

I want you to tell me these three prompts wouldn't immerse you more into the game world. Granted this falls in line with a micromanaging policy but considering how much people enjoy those moments in the simulator I figured this would be a nice jump.

Notable mentions:

Adopt the relative rating into the scouting department and have the scout access based on x number of games if x player is ready for AAA ball?

Special Programs in place that change games approach. Organization methodology Moneyball, Smallball. Saber-metric. Change which types of managers are hired and when you delegate tasks to ASM, you give them a chance to prove this.

For the love of god allow finances to be more intitutive. Center sponsorshp packages around newly extended Machado. Machado is not greedy so he does not suffer morale change. Research for new TV deal, will cost x money and time?
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Sounds like you want an RPG and not a solid baseball simulation.

Which is fine, it's your game and your opinion.

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Originally Posted by pgjocki View Post
Sounds like you want an RPG and not a solid baseball simulation.

Which is fine, it's your game and your opinion.

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To be fair, cross genre influence is prevalent in most high end games with the simulator being no different. We have the ability to take on the role of a manager, and a GM. That alone enables a RPG style concept especially when this style of game does it's best to replicate the real world.
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