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New York Islanders - from 2019 onwards

im Simon and it will be my first ever Dynasty Report and first ever FHM career, so bear with me. Ive never even played FHM before, just EHM few years ago. Im not really a hockey fan, but maybe im slowly becoming one, i even started watching NHL games!
I have ~10.000 hours spent in OOTP though (mostly in online leagues), so at least its not my first sim game


Why Islanders? Im from Poland and first hockey player in NHL from this country was Mariusz Czerkawski, who had his best years in New York (470 games, 295 points), so if there's any team i have any feelings towards is them.
(btw the only other player from Poland in NHL was Krzysztof Oliwa, but he spent more time in penalty box than on ice )

Ok i lied, its not my first career, but actually second. First one i quit after around 20 games, because i just couldnt win any games. I was getting outshot almost every game, the games i did win felt like i was getting lucky or my goalie had great game. Before the season I spent quite a lot of time setting everything up, lines, unit tactics etc. I thought what i did made sense, but clearly it wasnt working and so it was (very) frustrating. Also theres no 2D view, im not a hockey specialist, so i didnt even know what exactly was failing me.

The next step i decided to take was to start over, but this time in GM-only mode and see what AI would do ....and results were quite surprising..... AI sucked too, maybe even more than i did
Well ugh..., that didnt help at all, did it.

So...what now? I googled every tactic option in the game and learned how it works in real life, and then tried to figure out what would work best for Islanders in-game. Also i read somewhere on the forums, that if you dont produce enough shots, maybe you should: move shooting slider (obvious), lower passing (less obvious), change (lower in my case) the tempo (sounded counter-intuitive to me). That got me into thinking though, and plan was in motion.

We will play slow, conservative, defensive hockey. Sounds exciting, right?
It actually was, because real Islanders also play defense first and if i can emulate real life style of their play in-game and be successful with it, thats awesome.

When i started, i didnt know i would be writing any reports, so i dont have many screenshots of season 19/20 and at the moment im right after last game of season 20/21, so i will be writing from memory and what i can find in game's history
At least when it comes to first season, 20/21 should be better already and the following ones would feature 2 weeks or 1 month updates, we'll see.

Season 2019-2020

I started in september and didnt try to make any trades or sign free agents.

Optimal Lines looked like this:

1st: Lee (Garbage collector), Barzal (playmaker), Eberle (sniper/2-way/counter - i couldnt decide)
2nd: Beauvillier (sniper), Nelson (screener), Bailey (setup)
3rd: Komarov (grinder), Cizikas (agressive forecheck), Clutterback (grinder)
4th: Martin (grinder), Brassard (agressive forecheck), Kuhnackl (grinder)

Leddy (mobile) - Pullock (2-way)
Toews (2-way) - Dobson (mobile)
Pelech (2-way) - Mayfield/Boychuk (shutdown)

GM-only mode wasnt a total waste of time. I learned there, that i can actually put 4 forwards and 1 defender in 5 on 4 powerplays, instead of just 3+2. That improved my PP% by quite a bit.

Cizikas + Clutterback / Pelech - Mayfield/Boychuk
Komarov + Martin / Toews - Pullock
Brassard/Nelson + Kuhnackl / Leddy - Dobson

Leddy-Dobson have only 10/100 ice time on pk.


Global looks like this and everyone is using it, except for 5 on 5 line 1st and 3rd.
Gyazo link

1st line tactics:
Gyazo link
Its the most recent version, just slightly more offensive than global. I tried few different settings, but this seems to be working best for now.

3rd line tactics:
Gyazo link
Yeah these guys dont score many goals
But neither do opponent's 1st line.. (in theory)


Start of the season went pretty well, after 24 games we were 15-6-3 and it looked like new approach works. Despite more defensive and slower tactics we were getting regularly more shots than opponents.

Around that time i made first trade. It was Kuznetsov from Washington for Eberle, two decent prospects (2.5 stars defenders) and 2nd round pick. Kuznetsov was actually on trade block for some reason and at first i didnt know how would getting him make sense for me. I already had Barzal, Nelson, Cizikas and Wahlstrom was coming next year, i didnt really need another center.
But what if one of them could play on the wing? Yeah thats Barzal, brilliant move by brilliant GM

(a week or 2 before this trade i was thinking of trading for Evander Kane - also on the block, but Eberle used no trade clause there, so nothing happened and probably for the better)
Yup, not a huge Eberle fan here.

So my new 1st line looked like this:
Lee - Kuznetsov (playmaker) - Barzal (counter)
Since then Barzal started scoring more goals and Kuznetsov took care of assists. We didnt magically start winning even more games, but it did feel like first line became more alive.

After 40 games i was leading metropolitan division, but also my team was leading in...injury days - halfway through the season i already cumulated 414 of those. That included Brassard out for 6 months and Lee for 3 months day to day injury (sic). Sometime later Cizikas was out as well.
It was getting annoying, especially since i had this trainer signed who was suppose to prevent this sh1t:

Luckily for me everyone was projecting to be back for playoffs and somehow injuries didnt slow us back at all, just needed a little of shuffling bodies around. Also Ladd was promoted and then i saw his salary - immediate move on the trade block

I dont remember much about the rest of the season, we kept 1st place until the end and final standings looked like this:

As you can see we have nobody on the left, not even close. We have someone on the right, and thats Greiss. Yeah i didnt write anything about goalies until now, so lets fix it. At the beginning i thought Varlamov will be a starting goalie, but around the middle of the season Greiss became hot and starting goalie, though Varlamov still was playing fair amount. At the end of the year their stats looked like this:

Greiss also won Jennings Trophy award, the only player (or GM ) even nominated to any, while Varlamov was probably best backup goalie in the league (just like in real life, except its Greiss whos backup atm)

Here are skaters stats sorted by points, if you're interested.
Gyazo link
The only two players any close to 1:1 points per game ratio were Barzal and Kuznetsov (75 points in 78 games)
The other player who stood out was Toews with 184 blocked shots and 40 takeaways, most on the team.
The only player who played in all 82 games was Nelson (25 goals, 26 assists)

Interesting team stats:
- we were the only team with allowed goals below 200 (197); St. Louis were second with 200,
- top of the league in injury days (ended up with around 530),
- PK% 84.3 - tied for 3rd,
- PP% 20.4 -12th; New Jersey had 8.7%
- Goals per game 2.8 (20th), Goals allowed per game 2.4 (1st)
- not a single all star on the team

So on to the playoffs.

Its only fair we met Capitals in the 1st round, so we can check who made a better deal a couple months ago. Sadly i dont remember much of that series, just that it was quite easy 4-1 victory. Eberle scored once and had 2 assists, Ovechkin had 3 goals.

Next up: Pittsburgh. Best offence in NHL with 301 scored goals (we scored 229 btw) and 2nd best powerplay unit, met arguably best defence. Who would be victorius, offence or defence. Team with Sidney Crosby, generational player with most points on the season or team with bunch of no names, not even worth considering voting to all star game.
Well... easy 4-1 win for New York
In game 5 we demolished them 7-0.

Moving along: Boston. We're all smiles at this point, but just before start of the series, grave news arrived: Barzal gets 7 days injury. Just great, looks like this is as far as we can go. Hes our best player and one of the few players who can actually score goals.
Somehow we managed to get 4-3 victory though at the end, mainly because of once again Greiss' great performance.

So we are in the finals, against Nashville (Edmonton were 3-1 up in the series, but somehow they managed to lose it 3-4). Barzal came back at this point, so hopes are up.

Game 1: close 2-0 victory. We were outshot something like 20 to 40. It was Greiss' last game for Islanders, injury in the first period. Varlamov took over and went 31/31 in a combined shutout!
Game 2: similar game, 2-1 victory, but again Nashville was having more chances.
Game 3, 4 and 5 - quite easy wins for Nashville, just like two previous games "should" have been. Reverse sweep is upon us. My mood is down.
Game 6: very close game and a victory for Islanders. Maybe we can do it?
game 7: 6-1 demolish and New York Islanders are Stanley Cup Champions!!!

Here's a preview of whats going to happen in real life:

Greiss playoffs stats:

Varlamov playoffs stats:

Kuznetsov 24 games 20 points
Lee 24 games 19 points
Barzal 22 games 18 points

If i was to choose playoffs MVP, that would be Greiss and then Varlamov for saving the finals

Championship on a first try, i wasnt expecting that.
The only regret i have about this season is that we couldnt beat Toronto in playoffs, but they've beaten themselves before we could - just like they always do

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Awesome, I'll be following! I love an example of the game working realistically like this, with you emulating what has really brought the Islanders success. Awesome!
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Season 2020-2021

Offseason wasnt very eventful, the main goal was to try and sign Ilya Sorokin, in real life hes said (by some) to be the best goalie outside of NHL, but isnt really interested in playing for Islanders or just waiting out to be paid big money later (or both).
Sorokin - ratings

Greiss wasnt going to be extended, it was decided before 2020 playoffs even started. Plan was to have veteran Varlamov as starting goalie and sign Sorokin to be backup. Varlamov and Sorokin are both Russians, so maybe we could have some mentoring going on. There was also Kuznetsov on the team and Komarov could speak russian as well, everything for little Ilya to feel at home.

So i ended up checking up on him every few days to see, if he didnt sign extension with CSKA. So stressful!
At the end he did sign with us, but on 1st o july weird thing happened. He disappeared from my protected list.. If i specifically didnt trace him, i might have even forget i had rights to his contract. He still was restricted free agent, but not on my protected list, weird.

Anyway outside of Greiss only Brassard wasnt coming back for next year (he signed with Boston) and his place took our best prospect - C Oliver Wahlstrom.
Wahlstrom - ratings

There was still one more thing i had to take care of and that was depth charts. On july 1st i didnt have any goalie in Bridgeport and Worcester. I think Worcester was left with 10 players total, Bridgeport had a few more,
so i had to look for some decent players for them. Goalies i found were actually pretty good, the best of them is this 24yo Kaapo Kahkonen (idk how Minnesota would just let him go for free)
Kappa - ratings
Hes got the chance to become backup for Sorokin in future years if he keeps developing (3.5 star potential)

Also draft happened of course and at 1.31 i picked forward Will Cuylle:
Cuylle - ratings
He doesnt look spectacular now, but scouts tell me theres potential. Also his supplementary role is 'franchise player' if that means anything.
The other picks were some solid prospects with a chance to be helpful in the future, but i dont expect to find a superstar there.


Very rocky start of the season this time:

October: 5-3-2
November: 5-9-1 (4L streak)
December: 7-7-0

Thats 17-19-3 record coming into 2021, so very bad and im looking for scapegoats. Initially i was thinking its a defense problem, we were allowing many shots, Martin, Johnston and especially aging Komarov was playing worse. Also Cizikas got injured (again), thats all defense. But i quickly realised its a goalie problem. Theres no way Varlamov should have this kind of start to the season even with the worst defense in the league Varly (read from bottom to top)
His first over .900 SV% game was in his 10th (!) start and it was on 22th of December... Varly was suppose to be a veteran guiding a rookie, but instead Sorokin was forced to play from the start and whenever possible...What a let down after so good last season...

So...Varlamov was put on the block, as well as Komarov. I briefly looked around for replacements for 3rd/4th line (defensive forward kind of players) and maybe a younger/cheaper goalie, but at the end i decided to just play it out one more week or two.

Near the deadline i was offered a trade for Komarov and got a decent prospect for him. It was sad to see his decline over last few months, he was very good last year, filling holes in 3rd and 4th line, but it was time to move on.
At Varlamov i was just mad though, but nobody seemed to want him in the current form.

Meanwhile Sorokin in 2020: Ilya
He started hot and then had few worse games, but hes a rookie, of course you will be inconsistent at times, cant blame him.

Offence was actually looking better than last year, Lee was getting goal after goal, but cant win many games without a consistently good goalie.

What happened next you will find out on the next episode (because its 4am and i should get some sleep)
Actually im after Islanders-Boston game, lost 2-3 in overtime (powerplay goal). Man...few questionable decisions by referies in this game, including the penalty call that led to a loss...

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Second part of the season went much better, for no apparent reason.

Well, Cizikas came back in january after a month of absence and he is very important player for the team ('bully line' works best with him in the center, he's also first choice for penalty kill). I would like to say goalies started to perform better, but it was a goalie who did - singular. Sorokin was getting more comfortable with each game, while Varlamov didnt start a single game in january (yeah i was still pissed at him )

Also i think we stayed relatively healthy for the rest of the season. Obviously we were getting hit by minor injuries all the time, but nothing major i can recall. Oh right, Leddy was getting hit by minor injuries every few weeks, to the point i started playing Dobson in 1st line, to avoid shuffling lines every week. That and the fact Dobson was actually playing very well.

After Komarov was gone, this guy took over filling the holes role: Bardreu - ratings
27yo already, 2.5 star who was just sitting there in Bridgeport. He actually was playing very good and he's here to stay for next year too.
As you can see his defensive ratings are solid, just what i needed from him. He also took over Wahlstrom's spot in PK lines and he improved their performance too.
Overall everyone started doing better, especially 3rd and 4th lines.

Ok so record for the rest of the year looked like this:

January: 7-2-1
February: 10-5-0
March 12-2-1
April 3-0-0

Thats 32-9-2 in 2021, compared to 17-19-3 in 2020.
Pretty nice turnaround, isnt it. And i didnt do much for it to happen, guys just decided they will win games now.
We ended regular season with 6 games winning streak, so it seems we're peaking at the right time to win another cup.

This time we have two players on the side lists.
On the left we got the captain Lee, who scored career high 51 goals! (20 in powerplay). 88 points is also his career high and best on the team.

On the right side we have a goalie again - this time Sorokin. Quite a feat for a rookie, altough he's already 25yo and after few years in KHL. Nevertheless he's for sure one of the main reasons we were able to salvage this season in the second part.


Full season stats:

Second in points was Barzal

3rd was Nelson - great season from him, 38 goals is his career high (19.2 S%)

Best defender was Dobson. Great season from 21yo, has potential to become one of the best defenseman in the league

And the last player i want to mention is rookie Wahlstrom. He was starting mainly in 4th line, in 3rd when Cizikas was injured and occasionally in 1st for when Kuznetsov was tired. In limited ice time he accumulated good amount of points, and he was even voted in to all-rookie team later.

Full list:
Season stats - skaters

Goalie stats:

Miserable season for Varlamov. He picked it up a bit near the end, but it was way too late to finish season with reasonable stats. Part of his problem might have been World Cup championship back in the offseason, when Russia went all the way to the final and he missed all preseason games (also didnt play any minute at the tournament). Either way he will probably stay as backup until he's traded or contract runs out.

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Team stats

We still had one of the best defenses, 21 more goals allowed than last year, but also we scored 39 more. PK and PP on comparable level, slightly worse than last year.

Also we were:
- last in shots blocked (thats shocking to me)
- 7th in hits (only 3rd line has hitting slider set to high)
- 27th in faceoffs won (for us it should be called 'faceoffs lost')
- 6th most takeaways
- 3rd fewest giveaways
- 2nd in pp opportunities (nice)
- tied for 2nd in shorthanded goals (8)

We also were not top of the league in injury days this time, fallen down to 6th..
Whats interesting is that out of top 10 teams in injury days, 9 made it to playoffs anyway (4th on the list Columbus didnt). Top of the standings were Oilers and Kings with 611 and 608.

Speaking of injuries, some of you might have noticed there was no McDavid on top points lists this and last year. Its not because he's too bad to get there, but because he missed 11 games last year and half of the season this year.


Playoffs time

In the first round we meet Capitals again and *spoiler alert* again we beat them 4-1. They dont have Eberle anymore (traded to Calgary for good looking prospect), but they have in the lineup those two defencemen i traded them as well. One of them had 28 points in 58 games and the other 41 in 74 games, so not bad at all. Maybe in few years it will be me who made a worse deal there, but for now im the one winning in playoffs.



- Leddy out for 3 games after 1st game. Comes back for game 5
- Beauvillier out for 7 days after game 3
- Cizikas out 3 months after game 3

Im getting a bit annoyed at this point, but its not the end of the world. Dal Colle had goal and assist replacing Beauvillier in 2 games and Bardeau is good enough to replace Cizikas on reasonable level. Leddy is back already.


Second round is versus Pittsburgh (again) - we've beaten them last year, we can do it again.
But before the series started, Lee is out - if you were paying attention, our best scorer. Thats not good...

Game 1:
1-3 loss, shots 25-31, so somewhat close.

Lee was replaced on the roster by this guy. How deep i have to look for replacements at this point should tell you the fact i didnt know he existed until now and he's 9th best center on depth charts. (to his credit though, he had a goal and 2 assists in the series)

Game 2:
Close 3-2 victory. Shots 22-22

Game 3:
2-3 OTL. Shots 14-37 for Pittsburgh. Sorokin made it a close game
Injury to Wahlstrom for the rest of the series.
Reminder: we're still missing 3 other main players: Cizikas, Lee, Beauvillier

Game 4:
Beauvillier became game available, but at 80% Fit. I just had to do it, or we didnt have any chance of winning.
Close 2-1 win, shots 24-31. Beauvillier scored one of the goals
(gotta love his name btw)

Game 5:
1-2 OTL, shots 29-37, still injured Beauvillier had assist

Game 6:
0-1 loss, shots 28-39

Injury to Dobson
I gave up at this point. Someone really didnt want us to win it twice in a row.

Game 7:
2-7 blow out, despite us having more shots than Pittsburgh for the first time in the series: 35-34
Beauvillier was 77% before the game, Lee became game available (80%) so he started instead. ......And was injured for few more days in the process (of course he was).

I cant blame any of the players for the loss, in these circumstances they made it much closer than it should be, its just didnt mean to be i guess.

These are the players we were missing at different times throughout playoffs, and its been only 2 rounds:
- Cizikas
- Leddy
- Lee
- Beauvillier
- Wahlstrom
- Dobson

Best playoffs performers:


9 points in 12 games (2+7)
6 points in 11 games (4+2)
8 points in 12 games (2+6)

Cup was won by Edmonton, McDavid came back just at the right time (28 points in 24 games)

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First thing i did i fired my trainer and hired new one. Maybe a season too late, because this is what i found in my newsbox later:

I have one prospect who can potentially replace him in the future, but not this year.
That will definitely complicate things now. I need to look around in free agency for somebody and if that doesnt work, maybe shop Varlamov around in order to find a replacement.

Another great news:

Rangers are getting 56M...

Also this, so not only bad news:

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Offseason continues...

In an attempt to replace Cizikas we signed free agent Scott Laughton - previously Philadelphia Flyers, though last year he spent in AHL. His ratings look like this: Laughton ratings
We also considered few other players, namely Phillip Daulton, but he wanted 4.8M a year, so i passed (he signed with Detroit).

Another move we made was Varlamov trade. Penguins approached us with an offer

We got solid prospect Legare back, drafted in 2019 in 3rd round.
Current ratings: Legare

Its quite risky for me, because i wont have proven backup for Sorokin now, but he already has shown signs of decline while also earning 6M a year, so maybe it was a last chance to get something good for him.
Penguins immediately sent him down to AHL, so i have no idea what they are thinking here. They have too much cash on their hands i guess.

This move became even more scary after i saw this:

Same thing with Johnston, but hes not nearly as important for the team. Sorokin was now isolated, out of shape and unhappy about being criticized for it. F*$%g snowflake.
Well i gave him most of the preseason games and had to hope for the best.

Second trade of the offseason was:

Thats another 1.3M a year off the books for me. I'd give up Hickey even for free, but i've got 3 star prospect in return, so not bad.

And also draft. 1.27 this time, picked Trevor Wong - ratings
The annoying thing i discovered about scouting though, is that my scout's assignments didnt "reset" after last year's draft, so for this one i didnt have anybody scouted... After the draft Wong became 2/3 star potential, so pretty decent, but guys picked in round 3-7 will all be a bust probably. Overall draft pool looked worse than last year.

How my scouting is set up is this (i basically copied someone else's idea, but cant find his post now): around 20 scouts, sent to leagues and regions they specialise in (WHL, OHL, best european leagues etc), and they scout "NHL Entry Draft" eligible players there (2+ potential, scout for potential and quality).
But they were all set for permanent duty, so i guess they got stuck in it and didnt look for new players anymore. I dont know if its intended or not, but after i cleared their duties and set everything up again, it looks like its working again.

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Season 2021-2022

Active roster: (grades from preseason games)

Leddy, Boychuk, Johnston and Dobson are in their last year.
- Boychuk wont be exteded, i didnt even check his demands.
- Leddy wants 7.6M for 5 years....
- Johnston wants 2.6 for 3 years
- Dobson wants 4.2 for 3 years
Edit: i missed Clutterbuck. He wants 1.7 for 2 years, so 50% paycut. Seems reasonable, hes losing ratings already though, so ill decide near the end of the season.

I think only Dobson is worth the money, Leddy is already 30, when contract is up he will be 36....Johnston plays 9min per game (and not of highest quality), so i dont think it is worth 2.6m. I will need to think about it during the season.


Record 7-2-1
Standings october
Skater stats
Kuznetsov 13 points (13 assists), way ahead of everyone else.

The biggest question mark was how would Sorokin do. Out of shape, unhappy, not the greatest preseason games, no experienced backup. If he doesnt play well, we're screwed.
By the way im wondering for how much longer he will be isolated. Or how much will take for him to learn any english...its been only a year...

As you can see, Sorokin is just fine though.
But Kahkonen unfortunately isnt a worthy backup yet, so will probably be send down for more seasoning and another prospect moved up from AHL. Hopefully Sorokin wont get injured...

Guy who replaced Cizikas on the roster - Laughton, has been doing good as well, on pace for ~40 points on 4th line.

New lines:

Just small adjustment. I was thinking about it during last season, but decided to do it now, since Cizikas is gone too. Im changing lines, so the "bully line" is 4th now, and in 3rd will play more offensive players (if i have any lol)

When one of my forward prospects becomes ready to try in NHL, he will be played in 3rd line.

Also some tweaks to line matching. I have two lines that are good defensively (3rd and 4th), so they will try to match opponents lines 1st and 2nd.


If one of the prospects develops during a year, Boychuk goes on waivers.

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I’ll have to try that tactic in Major juniors are u GM and HC?
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yeah, i do everything, except i dont watch/play games, just push 'sim game' button
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Record 9-4-2 (overall 16-6-3)
Standings november
Skater stats
Kuznetsov has been on fire - 31 points in 24 games.
Two best players in +/- are Toews (+22) and Dobson (+19). Next guy on the list has +10.

I gave Kahkonen 1 more game, he allowed 3 goals on 23 shots vs Ranges and i sent him down after that performance.
His place took another free agent i signed in previous offseason, Connor Ingram, formerly Nashville but without an NHL game.

(stats from mid December)

Goalie stats:

Sorokin still strong, and Ingram has been doing great job as backup, so looks like we have goalie position solved for next few years.

Team stats:

Its been our best offence to date, 3.68 goals per game is unheard of for Islanders, just not so strong in powerplay. Defense still great, and that gives us one of the top differentials in the league at the moment.

- only 10 injury days so far (!!!)
- 30th in shots blocked (347; top are Sabres with 529)
- 28th in takeaways (122; top is Vancouver with 221)
- 3rd in giveaways (126)

Also in the offseason i replaced all of the coaches:

So far season is developing nicely, just one thing i found out has been annoying (i wrote about in the "Quick questions" topic too..).
My 1st PP line is getting much more ice time than 2nd line, regardless of the settings im using. That leads to them being more tired than other guys and i have to sometimes sit them after such game...(and most likely lose the game in the process). I didnt find a workaround for this yet outside of watching games and changing lines during the game, which i wont do...

One last thing:

Two fast shorthanded goals during the same powerplay, versus Tampa Bay.

Edit: Second last thing:
I found an exploit you could use (ill try not to...). I noticed it when i promoted Ingram. He had 2 hot icons while playing in AHL and it transferred to NHL too... I believe it should be seperated rating for different leagues (or at least reduced when player is promoted), because if you really wanted to, you could be sending guys up and down in order to get them hot in lower leagues and then promote to NHL.

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