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Class of 2044 Veterans Committe Selections, Part 1: Donlin, Rose, Tincup

Of the opinion that the writers had established a much too high standard for player inductions, the Veterans Committee decided to rectify this....and how.

They chose to enshrine seven players.


Mike Donlin was a player that never could quite gain 75% support from the VBBWAA. He was also a player under much discussion by the Vet Com, though they had chosen to induct a pitcher before because they felt pitchers were sorely underrepresented. The writers were pleased that Donlin got in, even those that chose not to vote for him.

Mike Donlin was selected by the Brewers with the 14th overall pick in the 2004 Inaugural draft, at the age of 24.

In 2009 (now a Texas Ranger) he set the record for hits in a season, 224. Though that record stood for only one year, Donlin's 353/401/647 (npa OPS+ 170) performance brought him league MVP honors. He hit a career high 48 HR and drove in a career high 144 and scored a career high 141.

He followed up in 2010 by hitting .394 with a npa OPS+ of 202 from a career high OPS of 1.159 (.455 OBP, .704 SLG). In 125 games he hit 46 HR, drove in 104 and scored 105. This .394 BA was the second best in league history at the time. Currently it is 7th best.

Donlin played through the 2014 season and carried a career slash line of 338/391/561 (3rd/21st/43rd) for a npa OPS+ of 157. He ranks 22nd on the career OPS list.

Of his 1686 career hits, 309 were doubles, 33 were triples, and 245 were HR. Donlin also stole 225 career bases.

Donlin was a 5 time All-Star. He appeared in one WS, but was on the losing end.

Donlin enters the HOF at the age of 64. His 29 year wait from the time of his retirement to his HOF induction is the longest in HOF history.

Black Ink: 18 (3)
Gray Ink: 82 (103)
HOFm: 124.5 (64)
HOFs: 59 (32)

Gorilla Composite: 3.3 (1.9)


Pete Rose (Sr., of course) was, like Mike Donlin, 24 years old when he was selected in the 2004 Inaugural draft. He was picked by the White Sox (oh, the irony) with the 42 selection.

After a stint in Canada (Toronto, not Montreal) he properly became a member of the Reds. He made stops in Cleveland and Miami before retiring after the 2017 season.

With 2442 hits to his credit, he retired as the All-Time hit leader. Cool. As he enters the Hall 27 years later, that hit total is good for 25th place.

His 586 career doubles were also the best in league history when he hung up the cleats. He currently ranks 8th on that list, trailing Dan Brouthers by 7.

He hit 58 triples which is good for 41st on that career list.

In 2006 he became the first player to bat .400 for a season. He hit a career high 25 HR (176 career total), and drove in a career high 105 in only 125 games. His .408 has been bested only 3 times. His .473 OBP from that season is the 5th best in league history. He slugged .685 which gave him a npa OPS+ of 192.

324/396/487 (16th/24th/*)for his career gives him a career npa OPS+ of 135.

A 9 time All Star, Rose won his only GG at 2B, but enters the HOF as a RFer.

At the age of 64 years and 291 days, Rose is the oldest hitter to be inducted into the HOF.

A HOF without Charlie Hustle isn't as good as a HOF with him.

Black Ink: 19
Gray Ink: 138
HOFm: 156.5
HOFs: 51

Gorilla Composite: 3.7 (7.2)


Ben Tincup was a part time reliever, part time starter, all time great.

At the age of 20, Tincup was taken by the Cardinals with the 72nd pick of the 2004 Inaugural draft.

He began his major league career as a starter, making all 23 appearances as a rookie in starting capacity. In 2005 he was given the role of closer, and saved 37 games. In 2006 he saved a league leading, and career best, 41 games.

In 2007 he was moved back to the rotation and made all of his appearances as a starter, winning 8 times in 24 starts for what would be a World Champion Cardinal team. There will be other players from this team in the Hall.

In 2008 he was back in the pen, but not the closer. He didn't care. He made 73 appearances, saved 3 games, and put up an OOTP ERA of 2.19 (npa ERA+ 185) striking out 87 men in 78 IP, while walking 26.

Next year? Back to the rotation!..This time he stayed for a while. Over the next 7 seasons he won at least 12 games and never lost more than 8 as he worked all this time exclusively as a starter.

In 2013, now as a New York Met, Tincup was 17-5 with a 2.26 OOTP ERA (npa ERA+ 191) as he and fellow HOFer George Sisler won the WS.

He followed up in 2014 by putting together one of the most extraordinary seasons in league history. He posted a 1.26 OOTP ERA for the season which is a jaw dropping npa ERA+ of 311. His record? 24-3...not too shabby. No other player has posted season ERA lower than Tincup's 2014 effort. And no one is really that close. Tincup won the Cy Young Award for this.

In 2018 he joined the Orioles. From that point on he worked exclusively as a RP, and mostly a closer.

At the end of his career following the the 2023 season, he had 188 career victories (t-28th) and 207 career saves (31st) with only 106 losses to his name. His career ERA of 2.77 is third best all time and makes for an astounding npa ERA+ of 170.

A 12 time All Star, Tincup enters the HOF at the age of 60.

4 years younger, Tincup shares the same birthday as classmate Pete Rose.

Black Ink: 23
Gray Ink: 97
HOFm: 186.7
HOFs: 45

Gorilla Composite: 3.1

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Class of 2044 Veterans Committe Selections, Part 2: McCormick, Murphy

Mike J McCormick is the most interesting selection, thus far.

A second rd selection (56th overall) by the Mets in 2005, McCormick played through the 2020 season, retiring two years later at the age of 34.

On first look, McCormick was a head scratcher, for me. His career slash line of 225/335/273 (npa OPS+ 70) is not even pedestrian. He won a GG at 3B, but only one GG. His career EFF at 3B is 1.009.

What McCormick did do was steal bases.

He entered the league by stealing 77 bases as an 18 year-old rookie, shattering the previous record of 59. The next season he stole 84. That total has only been bested once, since.

His 764 career steals is second only to George Davis' 795. His 173 CS is third most in league history, so in the context of the league's running environment, his 81.5% success rate is extraordinary.

Davis logged 22 years of big league service time. McCormick logged just over 13.

McCormick led the league in SB nine times. Davis did it once.

The truly amazing thing about McCormick is that here is a guy with no power (19 career HRs) and never batted .250 in a full season, has more strikeouts than walks, yet he has an OBP 110 points above his BA.

With the 2044 inductees there are 25 hitters in the HOF. McCormick played in fewer games than 21 of them, yet he ranks 9th in walks amongst the HOFers.

How much of a pest must have McCormick been? No pitcher wants to walk a speedster. No pitcher is going to pitch around a guy without power. Yet, only Mickey Mantle, amongst the HOFers, has a greater spread between his OBP and BA.

The Veterans Committee looked past the traditional and the traditional saberstats and honors a truly unique player that completely changed the complexion of the game without having typical HOF talent. He also provided the fans with thousands of foul balls to take home.

McCormick enters the HOF at the age of 56.

McCormick is the first inductee that never appeared in an All Star game.

Black Ink: 18
Gray Ink: 47
HOFm: 23
HOFs: 25

Gorilla Composite: 1.7


The first Murphy that comes to mind for a HOF induction isn't John H Murphy. If John H Murphy even comes to mind as ever playing baseball, you are a walking BBREF interface.

John H Murphy was taken in the Inaugural draft by the Orioles with the 111th pick.

Murphy pitched through the 2020 season and enters the Hall 5th in all-time complete games (72) and 5th in shutouts (17).

For his career he picked up 215 wins (15th) vs 152 losses (and 1 save) and had an OOTP ERA of 3.98 (npa ERA+ 115). He struck out 2286 batters (59th) while walking, get this 301. That rate of 0.83 W/9 is second best ever, and the best amongst pitchers who have logged 10 years of dervice time (and are thus eligible for the HOF).

In 2006 he made 33 starts, won 23 ganes, lost only 8, struck out 169 men in 261 2/3 IP while walking only 15 batters. His 3.51 OOTP ERA made for a npa ERA+ of 138. He led the Orioles to the Play-offs, and through the play-offs (going 4-1) as they won the World Series. Murphy picked up the CYA for his efforts.

He lost a bit of his control in 2007 as he walked 18 in 261 1/3 IP....He posted a 21-8 record and a npa ERA+ 145 3.13 OOTP ERA as he won his second straight CYA.

Proving the adage that it isn't the HRs a pitcher gives up that matter but rather the guys he walks before the HRs that do, Murphy surrendered 449 HR (4th) in 3257 2/3 IP (19th).

He made 5 All Star teams.

At the age of 65 years 270 days, Murphy is the oldest player to be inducted.

Black Ink: 57
Gray Ink: 172
HOFm: 96
HOFs: 39

Gorilla Composite: 3.6
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Class of 2044 Veterans Committe Selections, Part 3: Chase, McGill

Pete Rose and Hal Chase enter the HOF together? Got my daily chuckle, now.

Hal Chase was the third pick overall in the 2005 draft. He went to the Pirates.

Playing through the 2024 season, Chase collected 2788 hits (7th), 627 doubles (3rd), 56 triples (48th), and 263 HR.

He crossed the plate 1368 times (21st) while driving in 1260 (47th) as he slashed 312/339/482 for a npa OPS+ of 121. He is 38th on the career BA list, one slot behind Joe Torre.

Whether Chase was "overlooked" by the writers, or simply blackballed, it is hard to say. The Veterans Committee had no problem inducting him, as he enters the HOF in his first year where the decision to induct him is held by the Veterans Committee.

A 6 time All Star, chase collected a career high 229 hits (one of six seasons with 200+ hits) in 2018 while hitting 25 HRs and driving in 117 as a member of the Mariners. A 347/368/547 slash line was good for a npa OPS+ of 147. Chase led those Mariners to the play-offs. Along with HOF teammates Sandy Koufax and Mickey Mantle, he helped bring the WS trophy to Seattle.

In the 2018 post season he batted .377. The Mariners, after needing 5 games to win the DCS, swept the Tigers in the LCS and the Cubs (surprised?) in the WS. No one questioned his effort, that year.

Chase enters the HOF at the age of 58.

Black Ink: 33 (12)
Gray Ink: 167 (118)
HOFm: 153 (26)
HOFs: 45 (18)

Gorilla Composite: 4.3 (1.8)


Willie McGill is the seventh and final selection by the Veterans Committee. Rumor has it there is going to be a GREAT St Patrick's Day party, this year.

Selected in the Inagural Draft of 2004 as a 17-year old, the Rangers used the 93rd pick to bring him to Arlington, Tx.

McGill did not turn 18 until the off-season, but he pitched like a man amongst the men. He sported a 15-11 record with an OOTP ERA of 3.84 (npa ERA+ 128) and struck out 216 batters in 246 innings.

McGill would have a record over .500 each and every season through 2017. At the end of the 2017 season he had a career mark of 203-100. He experienced a Dead Arm at the end of 2017, and that was a harbinger of the end of his excellence. Except for 2021, where he appeared in only 1 game and got the win, McGill never broke above .500, again.

Before that happened, he became one of only 4 pitchers to throw 2 no-hitters (Toad Ramsey is one of the other three). He won the Cy Young Award in 2009 by winning 20 games and dropping only 9 while fashioning an OOTP ERA of 3.31 (npa OPS+ 142).

He followed up in 2010 with a 21-4 mark, but no hardware.

He ended his career in 2023 with 221 wins (21st) vs 136 losses and an OOTP ERA of 3.43 which is good for a npa ERA+ of 138. He struck out 3560 men (13th) in 3283 2/3 innings (17th), collecting 12 shut outs (t-24th, Koufax) in 43 complete games (28th).

An 8 time All Star, McGill enters the Hall at age 57.

Black Ink: 23
Gray Ink: 191
HOFm: 140
HOFs: 47

Gorilla Composite: 3.3
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Class of 2044 VBBWAA Selections, Part 1: Saier, Miller, Kilroy

I am going to stick with calling the voting group the Virtual Base-Ball Writers Association of America.

The VBBWAA saw fit to see the Veterans Committee 7 inductions and raise it by two, making for an induction class of 16 (will follow-up with a "nuts and bolts" post after the player posts).

2 of the 16 inductees are RL HOFers. This pulls the ratio down 14 out of 35, but this is still a pace that is ahead of the historical 25%. A total of 10 hitters and 6 pitchers enter in the 2044 Class.


Vic Saier was the 8th overall pick in the 2020 draft, going to the Boston Red Sox.

Saier played through the 2040 season. Among his 2365 hits (29th, one spot above Al Rosen) He ranks 17th in career HR and 2B with 514 bombs and 523 two-baggers. His 56 triples put him in a tie for 48th place with Hal Chase.

He collected a cool looking 1515 RBI (20th) and scored 1540 runs (10th, sandwiched between Mickey Mantle and Billy Williams). His career slash line of 279/357/536 gives the firstbaseman a npa OPS+ of 135 and the 86th best slg% in league history.

In 2025 he hit 50 HR for the first time (on the dot) and drove in 130 while scoring 124 times. He slashed 340/408/702 for a career best npa OPS+ of 190 and picked up league MVP.

In 2028 he again hit 50 HR on the dot. His 204 hits led the league and marked his career high. He again won league MVP.

He followed up with 55 HR in 2029. This led the league, but he did not pick up a third MVP.

Saier played in 6 post seasons with Boston, but he never made it to the Fall Classic.

Saier enters the HOF at age 41, 4 months older than Billy Williams was at his time of induction, to be the second youngest enshrinee.

Saier was named to 5 All-Star teams and picked up 3 GGs at 1B to go along with his pair of MVP trophies.

Black Ink: 34
Gray Ink: 156
HOFm: 196.5
HOFs: 49

Gorilla Composite: 4.6


Hack Miller was chosen by the Phillies with the second overall pick of the 2021 draft. He chose not to sign.

Undaunted, the Phillies used the third pick next year (the compensation pick) to again select Miller. This time he did sign. Good move.

He immediately made the baseball world take notice by knocking 64 HR and driving in 146 while batting .330. This was more than enough for him to be named Rookie of the Year.

In his 2024 sophomore season, he hit 59 HRs and drove in 119 in only 123 games. His slash line of 365/406/790 gave him a npa OPS+ of 212 and an MVP trophy.

He was even better in 2035. He shattered Hank Aaron's single season HR mark of 70 by knocking 82 round trippers. 356/413/876 gave him an astronomical npa OPS+ of 236. The HR record has since been eclipsed, but the .876 slg mark still stands as the best in league history. This season was also an MVP winner for Miller.

Injuries would take their toll, and the RFer would only appear in one more (for a total of 4) All-Star game after the 2035 season.

His career numbers, along with his historical single season exploits, were reason enough for the writers to give him the nod, this year.

He slashed 311/353/599 (39th, one slot behind Hal Chase/*/18th, between Jim Ray Hart and Orlando Cepeda) for a career npa OPS+ of 154. He hit 347 HR (80th) in 4680 career AB.

He batted .344 and hit 8 HR in 32 post season games, but he never played in a WS.

Hack miller enters the HOF at the age of 44 having appeared in 4 ASGs and won one GG.

Black Ink: 32
Gray Ink: 76
HOFm: 134.5
HOFs: 37

Gorilla Composite: 3.4


Matt Kilroy won four Cy Young Awards in a row. That's about all the reason the writers needed to justify his entry. He was selected by the Rays with the 21st pick in the 2013 draft.

In 2015 he went 21-7 with a 2.07 OOTP ERA (npa ERA+ 208) striking out 352 in 269 2/3 IP and walking only 58. Along with the game's top closer, Alex Serrano, Kilroy brought the WS hardware to Florida's Gulf Coast.

Over the next three seasons he won at least 20 games each year and was at least 17 games over .500 each year, including a 25-5 mark in 2017. 4 in a row for the CYA.

Injuries forced Kilroy to walk away from the game after having pitched his last big league game at the age of 32 in 2029. He compiled a career record of 181-118 (and 27 saves) with an OOTP ERA of 3.50 (npa ERA+ 140). He struck out 2485 batters (46th) in just over 2700 IP (2700 2/3 IP, to be exact...41st).

His 51 complete games are the 9th most in league history. His 11 shutouts place him 31st at the time of his induction.

Kilroy enters the HOF at the age of 48.

Black Ink: 49
Gray Ink: 151
HOFm: 151
HOFs: 38

Gorilla Composite: 3.6

Kilroy appeared in 4 All Star games. He ranks 31st on the career win list.

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Class of 2044 VBBWAA Selections, Part 2: Jones, Wallach, Keefe

Larry "Chipper" Jones (or is it Chipper "Larry" Jones) is one of my all time hated favorites. I just love the guy, but he played for the Braves! As a fan of effort, talent, and baseball, one has to love this guy. That said, I do admit to taking part, on more than one occasion, in a "LAAAARRRRYYYYYY" chant. Sometimes, I was even at the ballpark when I did....

Larry becomes only the second player (Orlando Cepeda) to be a first ballot induction after the Inaugural Class. Larry simply rocked this world.

He was selected by the Indians with pick 11 in 2017, but didn't sign with them. In 2018, he was taken by the Orioles with the third overall pick, and the rest is history.

Breaking into the league in 2019, he greeted opposing pitchers rudely by swatting 40 HR in 128 games and slashing 329/428/642. That gave him a npa OPS+ of 185, Roolie of the year, and his first of four league MVPs.

He lost about half or 2020 to injury. In 2021 he roared back with 42 HRs and a .331 average as he carried the Orioles to World Series glory.

Larry was a monster in the post season. In 79 games he batted .320 and hit 23 HRs, and drove in 80.

In 2023, he again won the MVP, hitting a career high 47 HRs (leading the league), and he again brought Baltimore the WS trophy. No one does it by himmself, but in Chipper's case, he was THE guy. Usually when you find multiple WS wins, you find multiple HOFers. Larry may be the only Oriole from these teams to get into the HOF.

In 2024 he hit 45 HRs, drove in 143, and batted .343. This was his first of two batting titles, and only the second batting Triple Crown in league history (Hank Aaron). No one his scored a Triple Crown since.

For 20 years, Jones hit at least 10 HR in a season (in a very high injury environment, this is an amazing feat).

By the time he hit 40, his skills were in decline. He stuck around till age 42 as he chased 3000 hits. He didn't quite make it.

When he retired in 2041 he had 2966 career hits (4th, 1 more than George Davis, one slot behind Cepeda). He had knocked 40 HR in a season 9 times, finishing with 642 (9th). He is credited with 1917 career RBI (5th) and 1785 runs scored (3rd, between Aaron and Cepeda). He ripped 549 doubles (11th, between Aaron and Tony Perez) and drew 1423 walks (4th, one slot ahead of Al Rosen).

Jones has a career slash line of 305/392/568 (59th/33rd/38th, 1 spot ahead of Sam Crawford) which makes for a npa OPS+ of 156. He ranks 24th on the All Time OPS list, again, one slot ahead of Crawford.

Jones is 5th on the career VORP list and 6th on the WAR list, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Frank Robinson, Duke Snider, Mickey Mantle, and Orlando Cepeda.

Named to 12 All Star teams, Larry/Chipper Jones enters the HOF with the highest HOFs number of anyone, so far.

Black Ink: 35 (4)
Gray Ink: 200 (107)
HOFm: 286 (180)
HOFs: 82 (70)

Gorilla Composite: 6.2 (3.5)

At the time of this post, Chipper is #19 on the BBREF Elo rater. A lot of love for this guy from Braves fans and fans who hated him when he played against their team. Using the methods in place here and applying them to RL, Chipper Jones is a no brainer HOFer, IRL. I am predicting he will get in on his second ballot.


Tim Wallach was a Supplemental First rd pick (34th, overall) in the 2019 draft selected by the Indians.

Wallach gets much love from Bill James and historical baseball simmers. It is nice to see him in the HOF, here.

Wallach broke in with a bang and took ROY honors. He posted career highs in hits (194), HR (38), BA (.329) and OBP (.394). A near career high slg of .603 gave him a npa OPS+ of 162, another career high. He also had a near career high 140 RBI.

It's not that Wallach peaked early, he stayed amazingly consistent.

In each of his next 7 years he hit between 33 and 37 HR, drove in between 95 and 141 runs, batted over .300 5 times, and npa OPS+ that ranged from 121 to 159 (twice).

In 2031, still with the Indians, he hit 23 HR and drove in 85 and was a solid supporting cast member in the unthinkable RL drama...Cleveland winning a WS. Wallach hit .340 with three HR in 12 post season games that October.

IRL, Wallach was Bill James' Gold Glove 3Bman of the '80s. Here, he was the GG 3Bman of the 2020s, winning the award 8 times while appearing in 6 All Star games. He has the highest Zone Rating of any 3Bman in league history.

For his career Wallach collected 2546 hits (20th), 473 of which were HR (27th) and 517 were doubles (21st). He tallied 1593 RBI (14th, one more than Mickey Mantle) and scored 1290 runs (28th). His career slash line of 289/346/516 gives him a career npa OPS+ of 129

Wallach played his entire career with Cleveland, until he was traded at the end of 2038 to Tampa as the Rays were looking to solidify themselves for the post season. They lost in the DCS. That was his final big league action.

Wallach enters the HOF at the age of 45 ranking 15th on the career WAR list. No eligible player that ranks higher is not already inducted into the HOF.

Black Ink: 8 (4)
Gray Ink: 103 (45)
HOFm: 130 (48)
HOFs: 53 (24)

Gorilla Composite: 2.9 (1.3)


RL HOFer Tim Keefe was selected by the Nationals with the 9th pick of the 2010 draft. He pitched his entire career in Washington retiring in 2026.

His 222 career wins are the most in Washington history. The closest player has 132. His 144 losses are the most in Washington history. The closest player has 127. That right there tells you just how good he was.

A five time All Star, Keefe ranks 11th on the career win list. He also ranks 11th on the career K list with 3771.

Twice Keefe won 20 games, though his best season was probably 2019 when he went 18-5 with an OOTP ERA of 2.31 for a npa ERA+ of 190. He struck out a career high 378 men in 238 IP while walking only 68. 2019 was the third of three seasons Keefe led the league in Ks.

He also pitched a no-hitter three times in his career, one of only two pitchers to do so (the other is not yet eligible for induction).

Keefe never pitched in a WS, but in 2022 he went 4-0 in 4 post season starts and carried an ERA of 1.82. It was not his fault that the Nats lost the LCS in seven.

Keefe pitched 46 CGs in his career (18th) and threw 19 shutouts (4th, 2 more than John H Murphy).

Keefe's career OOTP ERA of 3.45 is a npa ERA+ of 128.

Keefe enters the Hall at the age of 56. He won one GG in his career.

Black Ink: 24 (58)
Gray Ink: 205 (246)
HOFm: 120.5 (271)
HOFs: 46 (70)

Gorilla Composite: 3.2 (5.7)

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Class of 2044 VBBWAA Selections, Part 3: Jackson, Sandoval, Galvin

The converted tractor shed that is this HOF has been expanded to accommodate the bigger than life presence that is the one, and only, Reginald Martinez Jackson.

A guy I loved to hate when he played IRL, I have nothing but respect for what this guy did as a ball player. Here, he was truly extraordinary and well deserving of this honor.

Selected by the Indianapolis Stroipes (formerly the San Diego Padres) with the 8th pick of the 2016 draft, Reggie took the Rookie of the Year in 2017 be hitting 35 HR, driving in 84, and batting .311..........in 98 games. OBP/SLG of 447/704 gave him a npa OPS+ of 206. And he was just learning.

Injuries limited his playing time throughout his career. In 19 major league seasons he played in 100 games only 10 times. One of those seasons was 2019, which may be the most amazing offensive season in league history.

Jackson won his only MVP in 2019 by hitting 63 HR and knocking in 140 RBI, both would stand as career highs. He also posted career highs in runs (106) and walks (74). His slash line of 340/447/860 represented career highs in each category and translated to a npa OPS+ of 240. He attained these totals in 118 games played....frickin amazing.

In 2020 he followed up with a 50 HR season as he played in 133 games, the most he would play during a season. In his 19 years he suffered 20 injuries that caused him to miss 4 weeks or more.

Still, he hit 542 HR (14th, between Billy Williams and Tony Perez) in 5953 AB. He collected 1343 RBI (34th, one slot ahead of Jim Ray Hart) and scored 1191 runs (41st). 289/392/621 (*/34th, one spot behind Chipper Jones/11th, one spot behind Dutch Zwilling) was his career slash line which is a npa OPS+ of 169. He enters the HOF with 1719 base hits. Of course, he struck out a lot, 1715 times, but he is not the all time leader, as IRL.

Mr October never won a WS, he appeared in one, though. He hit .370 with 6 HR in 13 post season games in 2024, but came out on the losing end. He was a career .303 post season hitter with 12 HR in 109 AB.

A 7 time All Star, Jackson enters the HOF at the age 46 ranking 9th on the All Time OPS list.

Black Ink: 10 (35)
Gray Ink: 75 (175)
HOFm: 131 (170)
HOFs: 49 (54)

Gorilla Composite: 2.8 (4.7)


Pablo Sandoval, Kung Fu Panda, is the first active RL player to be inducted into this HOF. He has been inducted into all three OOTP HOF, and is probably my favorite active RL player. Heck, I stopped to watch an episode of Kung Fu Panda when channel surfing the other day and smiled the whole time thinking of Pablo.

Fat Ichiro (maybe the best nick name of any current player) was selected with the 14th overall pick by the San Diego Padres in 2012. He left the team before they moved to Indy, or drafted Reggie.

He played through the 2033 season and collected 2539 hits (21st, between Tim Wallach and Frank Robinson), belted 436 HR (37th) and drove in 1534 runs (18th). He slashed 310/351/544 (47th, one slot ahead of Mickey Mantle/*/67th) for a npa OPS+ of 137. He hit 518 doubles (20th, one more than Tim Wallach) and somehow hit 46 triples (97th).

Third base is the least represented position in the RL HOF. With Sandoval's entry, there are now 6 3Bmen enshrined, the same number 1Bmen.

At the age of 37, in 2030, Sandoval was a part time player. However, he was big time when the post season started as he batted .400 with 3 HR in 20 AB as he led the Athletics to a WS win.

A 4 time All Star, Sandoval won a GG at 3B. He enters the HOF at the age of 51.

Black Ink: 4
Gray Ink: 86
HOFm: 129
HOFs: 61

Gorilla Composite: 2.8


Lou Galvin, not Pud, is the final entry in this largest class ever.

If Matt Kilroy demonstrated that giving up HRs donn't matter, but the guys you walk before the HRs, the Galvin proves the convers to be true also...it really doesn't matter how many guys you walk, as long as you don't let guys that follow hit HRs.

In his last year with his fates in the hands of the VBBWAA, the writers chose to have him entered along with Ben Tincup, who is the only other player with 188 career wins (28th). Galvin was 188-165 with an OOTP ERA of 4.04 for his career (npa ERA+ 108). He struck out 2941 men (27th) in 3057 innings (27th). He walked an all time league high of 1865 men, but only gave up 184 HR. He ranks 19th on the all time OppSlg list.

Galvin was the 432nd pick of the 2004 Inaugural draft. Selected by the Cardinals, he was a member of their 2007 WS championship team, but he really didn't establish himself until the next season when he won 12 games, starting a string of 13 straight years with 10 or more wins, and all but one of those seasons winning years.

In spite of his walk total, Galvin did not have a control problem. He used the walk to pick his battles during games. He did this for 22 years.

Like the selection of Mike J McCormick, Galvin's selection is a nontraditional one, but quite interesting. Galvin showed that there is more than one way to skin cat and pitch effectively for decades.

Galvin made one All Star appearance and enters the HOF at the age of 61.

Black Ink: 1
Gray Ink: 43
HOFm: 43.5
HOFs: 28

Gorilla Composite: 1.1


Mike Donlin, Tim Wallach, John H Murphy, Mike J McCormick, Lou Galvin, Willie McGill and Ben Tincup enter their first OOTP HOF.

Vic Saier, Chipper Jones, Reggie Jackson, Hal Chase and Hack Miller enter their second OOTP HOF.

Pete Rose Sr, Tim Keefe, Pablo Sandoval and Matt Kilroy have entered all three OOTP HOF.

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Thoughts and Chart

This last class was the biggest ever. It was based on the 11 player entries in 1946. The expected number of entrants was 9. The deviation from the expected number is desired by the designer (me) as it adds unpredictability to the model.

The Class of 1937 was based on 7 entries. There was one entrant, that year. That deviation from history did cause a deviation in the Hall, here. The standards were very high, and many players were passed over because of this. The strongest will eventually get in.

Had the class of 2044 been another lower than expected number, this would have had a ripple effect throughout the life of the Hall. That 16 players entered in 2044, the Hall has regressed back to something that will look more like RL. 1946 saw the entries of Tinker, Evers and Chance. Certainly fine players, but they probably received enshrinement due to a poem.

Looking at the 2044 inductees, one could argue that McCormick and Galvin aren't HOF material. But the HOF has guys in it that aren't Ruth and Aaron and Mathewson and Young.

I want these types of entries to be generated (McCormick and Galvin) because it gives the Hall a more 'authentic' feel.

Prior to the 2044 class, the mean GC was 4.8. After the class of 2044 was inducted, the mean GC is 4.2 (much closer to the RL mean of 4.0). Of the 16 entrants, only Chipper Jones had a GC over 4.8.

The chart shows that the 'floor' is now along the 3 line, moving from around the 4 line.

The league lowered the mound height. This will impact hitters' scores, but will have a small, if any, effect on pitchers, since the pitcher numbers used are not raw runs allowed or HRA numbers. Hitters get benefits in score from these raw numbers.

ADD: What is cool is that the league can evolve in any manner to any degree and it will not affect the number of pitchers or hitters entering. This can be thought of much in the same way that OOTP bases its output on the league settings, not the abilities of the hitters and pitchers per se. A league of Ruths facing a league of Koufaxes will net the same result as a A league of Duane Kuipers facing a league of Koufaxes. If the league all of a sudden becomes one where 20 runs a game are scored, the hitters will enter at a 2:1 approximate rate over the pitchers. If the league becomes one where 3 runs a game are scored, the hitters will still enter at a 2:1 approximate rate over the pitchers. This is something that is starkly different from how OOTP determines HOF entries.
Attached Images

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Class of 2045 Veterans Committee Selections: McMullen, Rodriguez

League note: RL HOFer Joe Gordon hit 34 HR his rookie season, went to the All Star Game and won a Gold Glove in 2043. In 2044 he suffered a CEI.

HOF note: Can't help myself from getting nuts and bolts, again. This is the first class where the Veteran selections will have an actual impact on the VBBWAA ballots. I am very excited about this. I wrote up the last class implying that the writers looked to the early entries before deciding on their picks, but there was no actual impact behind the scenes. This time, there will be. If the writers select more than 4 entries, another mechanism kicks in, which I will explain if it happens.

The effect the entries of McMullen and Rodriguez is that instead of using the 35 previous entries for First Ballot Selections, the previous 35 and McMullen's and Rodriguez' entries will be the basis for the First Ballot screenings of the OOTP entered players that were not screened before the positional quotas were filled for this class.

Wordy, I know. Is easier just to say that the writers react to the Veterans Committee picks. And that is pretty cool.


Ken McMullen was the 29th overall pick in the 2005 draft by the St Louis Cardinals.

In 2006, he batted .311 with 23 HRs and 82 RBI to win the Rookie of the Year.

McMullen had at least 20 HR and 80 RBI in every season that he played. He batted .300 5 times and never had an average below .284. In Spring Training of 2017, he suffered a hip injury. In May it was determined that the injury was not correctable and his career was done after 11 seasons.

Except for a 93 GP 2009 season (30 HR 81 RBI), McMullen was a sturdy player. He played in at least 132 games in all other seasons, which is very meaningful given the injury/fatigue settings in place.

In 7 of those 11 seasons McMullen was named to the All Star team.

In 2007 he led the league in slg% with a .606 mark and led the Cardinals to a World Series victory. Young HOF pitchers Lou Galvin and Ben Tincup also hoisted the trophy with McMullen.

In 2010 he led the league in doubles by hitting a career high 52.

In 2011 he led the league in triples by hitting a career high 8.

Slashing 311/375/543 (40th, 1 slot behind Hack Miller/80th/70th) in his abbreviated career, McMullen collected 320 HR and 365 doubles amongst his 1840 base hits. His npa OPS+ for his career is a 148. He drove in 1108 (81st) and scored 956 runs.

McMullen won a Gold Glove at second base before converting to a third baseman (he enters the HOF as a 3Bman) and won a GG at the hot corner, as well.

McMullen enters the HOF at the age of 57.

Black Ink: 6
Gray Ink: 137
HOFm: 110
HOFs: 50

Gorilla Composite: 2.9


Alex Rodriguez is the second active (for the time being, at least) player to be inducted into this HOF. As a 25 year-old, Rodriguez was selected by the Reds with the 24th pick in the 2004 Inaugural Draft.

At the age of 67, A-Rod is the oldest player to be inducted into the HOF. Come to think of it, the way things are going, 2045 just might be about the time that Alex gets the call from Cooperstown.....

A-Rod played 697 games at SS and 811 at 3B. It is as a third sacker that he enters the HOF. 3B is now the most represented position in the HOF, with the McMullen and Rodriguez inductions, the complete opposite of RL. Whether the new OOTP fielding aging formula has anything to do with this, my sample size is far to small to be meaningful.

In the league's second year pf operation, Rodriguez popped 61 HR and collected 163 RBI and scored 126 runs...all of which would stand as career highs. He had a cool looking 1.111 OPS on a 332/411/699 slash line (npa OPS+ 180). The slash numbers and OPS+ number were all career bests. This year would be worth an MVP award. His only one. His HR, RBI, VORP and WAR numbers for the 2005 season stand as the best in league history for a SS.

Playing through the 2016 season, Rodriguez stroked 1839 hits, 457 of which were HR (30th). He was 1248 RBI (51st) to his credit and scored 1112 (69th). His career slash line of 278/358/536 gives him a career npa OPS+ of 134. His slg% is good for 83rd place all-time, one spot above Vic Saier.

Rodriguez was named to 4 All Star teams.

Black Ink: 7 (68)
Gray Ink: 89 (212)
HOFm: 117.5 (371)
HOFs: 47 (78)

Gorilla Composite: 2.6 (5.7)
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Class of 2045 VBBWAA Selections, Pitchers: Grove, Waddell

In the Class of 2045 there are 3 RL HOFers which brings the running total to 17 of 41 entrants.

Even though 2044 had 16 entries and 2045 only 6, this may be the strongest group of players entered in a year since the first class.


Lefty Grove had the career expected from a player who is arguably the best to ever play his position.

When you are arguably the best player to ever play your position, it isn't a surprise when you go as the first overall pick in the draft. In 2023, the Pirates used their first overall pick to select Lefty Grove. Good move.

Grove pitched 20 years in the Majors. 19 of those seasons he was over .500. In 2041, his 18th season, he was 7-8 with a 5.19 OOTP ERA (npa ERA+ 83). This was his absolute worst season. Every other year his ERA+ was above 110. Often times by a lot.

Like his rookie season. Try an ERA+ of 270, for starters. 16-6, 1.60 will get the job done and get you a Cy Young Award. He won the CYA his next season. In fact, in each of his first 6 season with at least 100 IP, Grove was honored as best pitcher in the league.

In 2027 he won his third CYA, and first of four straight. He held opposing batters to a .211 OBP. This is a record that stands as Grove is inducted.

In his 6 CY seasons, he was a combined 120-28 with a high ERA from those season of 2.36. 4 of those 6 seasons his ERA was below 2.00. He struck out at least 338 men in each of those 6 seasons. There are guys that enter the HOF for whom I point out just about every accomplishment. It would take to next week to do that for Grove. He is in the discussion of best pitcher ever in this league.

Grove posted 270 career wins (4th, one slot behind Toad Ramsey) vs 118 losses. That means when he didn't win the Cy Young Award he was 150-90. His NONpeak seasons make for a HOF career, on their own. He struck out 4485 men (5th, 1 slot behind Sandy Koufax) in 3539 IP (9th) while walking 783. His career OOTP ERA is 2.87, for a mind numbing 165 npa ERA+

Grove was named to 8 All-Star teams, threw a no-hitter while completing 51 games (t-10th, Matt Kilroy) and posting 14 shutouts (12th).

Lefty Grove is tied with Matt Kilroy for 11th place on the CG list with 51. He ranks 12th on the career shutout list with 14.

His .6959 winning % ranks 4th.

Grove enters the Hall at the age of 44 as a First Ballot entry.

Black Ink: 73 (111)
Gray Ink: 208 (319)
HOFm: 284.5 (232)
HOFs: 67 (62)

Gorilla Composite: 5.8 (6.9)


Rube Waddell was selected with the 5th overall pick in the 2025 draft by the Pirates. Yes, the same Pirates that drafted Lefty Grove 2 years prior. Holy moly. I had the (dis)pleasure of managing the Rockies against these gus in the play-offs. Their third pitcher in that play-off rotation will probably get a call from the Hall in the not too distant future.

Perhaps these Pirates would have been more aptly named the Braves, since it wasn't until Waddell left the Pirates and joined the Mets did he win a WS (2034 & 2036). His post season pitching record was 12-5 with an amazing 217 K in 152 2/3 IP.

Waddell's best regular season may have been the one in between his WS wins, 2035. He was 20-5 with an OOTP ERA of 2.34 (npa ERA+ 187) and 410 strikeouts in 246 IP and only 68 walks. This K total was the third best of his career. Waddell won his second Cy Young Award in 2035. He won his third the following season.

He pitched 13 seasons before he had a season WHIP of 1.1. In 18 big league seasons, he had double digit wins 14 times. He lost fewer than 10 games 15 times. He struck out 300 batters 9 times, 3 times he struck out 400.

For his career he posted a 259-107 (and had 18 saves) with an OOTP ERA of 2.77 (npa ERA+ 161). He struck out 4907 (3rd, one slot ahead of Sandy Koufax) in 3337 2/3 IP (15th) while walking fewer than 1000. He is 5th on the All-Time win list, one spot behind teammate/classmate Lefty Grove. He is second on the All-Time ERA list, sandwiched between Alex Serrano and Ben Tincup.

His 6.547 H/9 is the best mark in league history (followed by Unknown Edwards and Toad Ramsey).

In 2030, Waddell had a WHIP of 0.75, which still stands as the single season best.

An 11 time All Star, Waddell enters in his first year of eligibility. At the age of 38 he becomes the youngest player to enter the HOF.

Waddell's most similar pitcher in this league? Lefty Grove.

Rube Waddell pitched 3 no-hitters in his career. He his 4th on the career shut out list with 20, one spot ahead of Tim Keefe. He is 20th on the career CG list with 47.

His .7077 winning % ties him for first place, All-Time (other player is still active).

Black Ink: 68 (46)
Gray Ink: 242 (158)
HOFM: 299.4 (138)
HOFs: 64 (47)

Gorilla Composite: 5.9 (3.6)

ADD: Grove and Waddell rank 3 and 4, respectively, on the career VORP and WAR lists.

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Class of 2045 VBBWAA Selections, Hitters: Stargell, Konetchy

Though it would have been appropriate, Willie Stargell was not selected by the Pirates. He was the 6th over all pick in the 2024 draft, selected by the San Diego Jewels (formerly the Texas Rangers).

Stargell is the 3rd of the three First Ballot inductions for this class.

In a career that ran through the 2043 season, Stargell was named to 7 All Star teams and won 2 Gold Gloves at 1B.

He won a batting title and 2 HR titles as he put together a career slash line of 290/348/601 for a npa OPS+ of 150. He ranks 16th on the all time slg% list, one spot ahead of Jim Ray Hart. He is # 31 on the all time OPS list.

He hit 765 HR (4th, one spot ahead of Frank Robinson), 491 doubles (32nd, one spot ahead of Joe Torre) and 47 triples amongst his 2738 career hits (10th, between Billy Williams and Tony Perez). He accumulated 1945 RBI (4th, between Orlando Cepeda and Chipper Jones) and scored 1664 runs (6th, one spot ahead of Frank Robinson).

What Stargell is really famous for is his 2032 MVP season.

In 2032, Stargell set what was then, and still is at the time of his induction, the single season records for Hr and RBI. Willie Stargell hit 89 HR and drove in 184 in what was his, surprise!, Free Agent season.

Stargell slashed 305/368/783 for a npa OPS+ of 199.

Stargell joined the Marlins after this season and hit 54 HR for his new team and powered them to a WS win.

In 2027 he also hit 50 HRs while a Jewel and made a most vicious heart of the batting order with Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson who all combined for 149 HR that season.

Stargell becomes the youngest hitter to be inducted, at the age of 40. Stargell holds the record for most strikeouts in a career with 2684.

Black Ink: 40 (17)
Gray Ink: 180 (125)
HOFm: 246.5 (106)
HOFs: 62 (44)

Gorilla Composite: 5.6 (3.1)


Ed Konetchy was selected by the Braves with the 9th overall pick in the 2013 draft. The atlanta scouts were slapping their own backs when the 20 year-old Konetchy batted .293 with 26 HR, 70 RBI, 40 doubles and 83 runs scored in 2014 to take home ROY honors.

In 2019 and 2020 Konetchy teamed with fellow HOFer Dan Brouthers to bring back to back WS titles to Atlanta. HOF Unknown Edwards was on the 2019 team, also.

In 2021 Konetchy sat out the season as a glut of hitters were on the Free Agent market and he would not bring down his asking price following his 287, 28 HR, 98 RBI season with the WC Braves.

In 2022 he signed wth Seattle and proves all the teams wrong about not tendering him an offer in 2021. He batted .339 with 23 HR and 93 RBI to win the AL batting crown.

Konetchy played through the 2032 season. He collected 2371 hits (28th, one spot ahead of Vic Saier), 502 doubles (again, 28th, one slot behind Billy Williams), and 294 HR. He drove in 1136 runs (73rd) and scored 1290 times (yet again, 28th, tied with Tim Wallach). He also stole 194 bases as he posted a career slash line of 311/375/512 (42nd/79th, one spot ahead of Ken McMullen/*) for a npa OPS+ of 136.

Konetchy hit 76 triples in his career, 9th all time. That is 2 fewer than 8th place Dan Brouthers.

Konetchy appeared in 6 All Star games, and like classmate Willie Stargell, won 2 GGs at 1B.

Konetchy joins the Hall at age 51.

Though his RL Gray Ink higher, and it was on the basis of Gray Ink that Konetchy gained induction here, by the method in place here when applied to RL, Konetchy falls short of induction standards IRL (though the RL VC could make a defendable pick if they added Konetchy, someday).

Black Ink: 20 (4)
Gray Ink: 136 (149)
HOFm: 121.5 (16)
HOFs: 44 (19)

Gorilla Composite: 3.4 (1.6)



Ken McMullen and Rube Waddell enter their first OOTP HOF.
Alex Rodriguez, Willie Stargell, Ed Konetchy and Lefty Grove enter their second OOTP HOF.

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Class of 2046: Brett

George Brett was selected by the Colorado Rockies with the 16th pick in the 2019 draft.

He played in the Majors through the 2042 season accumulating the second most base hits in league history, 3238. He sits between Hank Aaron and Orlando Cepeda on the career hit list, the only players to have broken 3000.

Brett enters the HOF as the career leader in Games Played (2638), AB (10440), doubles (750), and triples (97).

Brett won 2 batting titles, collected 200+ hits in a season three times, and appeared in 9 All Star games. He posted a career slash line of 310/351/530 (46th/*/90th) for a npa OPS+ of 135. Brett's RL OPS+ is also 135.

He clouted 451 homers (32nd) and drove in 1775 runs (9th, between Frank Robinson and Tony Perez) and scored 1695 times (5th, between Willie Stargell and Orlando Cepeda). He also stole 128 bases.

I was managing the Rockies in 2028 when the AI shocked me by trading him at the end of August for Red J Smith and Shawn Camp (I let the AI make trades when I am managing for these leagues to keep my skew minimized). My bullpen was horrid, and needed help, and Red J Smith would win the AL batting title that year for his time in Tampa before the trade. Camp was a solid 35 year-old. In this league, pitching is at a premium (as it has been in most of the previous leagues) and there is zero talent to be had through Free Agency. Hitters are always available on the Free Agent list.

Red Smith petered out, and George Brett goes to the Hall of Fame. No shock there. However, Camp was what my BP needed, and the 2028 Rockies did win the WS. Hard to call it a bad trade, from that stand point.

Brett went on to win two WS. He won one in Tampa in 2035 (took ya long enough!) and one in Baltimore in 2038. He is the first player from either of these teams to be inducted into the Hall.

The 2038 win was especially sweet for Brett. He had sat out the 2037 season because no team wanted to pay his asking price. At age 37, he signed with Baltimore and played 140 games for the O's. Though no longer the superstar of old, he put up an npa OPS+ of 111 on a 266/317/461 line.

Brett enters the HOF at the age of 44 in his second year of eligibility.

Black Ink: 24 (39)
Gray Ink: 130 (159)
HOFm: 215 (210)
HOFs: 73 (61)

Gorilla Composite: 4.7 (5.2)

ADD: Brett joins his second OOTP HOF. 18 of the 42 entrants are RL HOFers.

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Class of 2047: Gentile

Jim Gentile becomes the 6th player to enter on the First Ballot since the Inaugural Class. At the age of 39, he is the youngest hitter to enter the HOF.

Gentile was selected by the Marlins with the 8th overall pick in the 2028 draft. He played through the 2045 season and posted 640 HR (10th, between Chipper Jones and Mickey Mantle), 1556 RBI (17th), 2143 hits (54th), and scored 1464 runs (17th, 2 behind Duke Snider). He drew 1169 walks (12th) to give him a James pleasing 284/390/587 (*/41st/27th) career slash line which works out to a 161 npa OPS+.

That tells just part of the story. In each of his first 6 seasons, Gentile had an OPS over 1.000. He ranks 17th on the career OPS list, 0.0001 behind Dan Brouthers.

From 2030-2037 he drove in 100 runs each season. From 2031 to 2037, he scored at least 100 runs each season.

In 2031, 2032, and 2033 he won the MVP hitting 48, 56, and 58 HR, respectively. In 2034 he hit 60 HRs, but did not get a four-peat in claiming another Barry Bonds/Balko Best Batter Award.

In his 2033 season he and fellow HOFer Willie Stargell brought a WS trophy to South Florida. Stargell hit 54 HR to go with Gentile's 58. Wow. Two guys hitting 50 HRs on the same team. Amazing. I wonder if a team ever had three 50 HR players on a WC team???? Will have to look that up............

In a fit of insanity, the Marlins traded him in the off-season prior to 2041. The fan revolt was ugly. The Marlins signed him as a free agent prior to the 2044 season. Getting their hero back, the Marlins again won the WS. Gentile is the only HOFer from that team to be inducted, at this time.

From his rookie season (where he only played 93 games) through 2041, Gentile hit at least 30 HRs every year. He batted over .300 4 consecutive seasons, which included his MVP seasons.

He appeared in 8 All-Star games. Gentile enters his second OOTP HOF.

Black Ink: 29 (4)
Gray Ink: 180 (36)
HOFm: 249 (34)
HOFs: 49 (16)

Gorilla Composite: 4.9 (0.9)

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Class of 2048: Skowron, Bonds

For those of you scoring at home, the 2048 season corresponds with the 1950 RL HOF class. There were no inductions IRL. That means that any inductions in 2048 are First Ballot inductions, a change from the previous HOF exercises. First Ballot entries will enter in their first year on the ballot. Makes perfect sense, but that wasn't happening in the previous two HOF threads. This way is much better.

There were 5 hitters that were inducted by the software using the default settings. At first glance, I thought any, or perhaps all would get in. However, when you have this much hitting at the same time, the players are fighting each other for Black Ink, which is really a needed commodity for a first ballot selection.

19 of the 45 entrants here are members of the RL HOF.


Bill Skowron was chosen with the second overall pick in the 2027 draft by the Minnesota Twins. In a career that lasted through the 2046 season, Skowron won 2 batting titles, a HR crown, and led the league in RBI twice.

In 2035 he set career highs and led the league in both HR and RBI with 51 and 158. He finished 5th in the batting race with a slash line of 326/387/647 for a npa OPS+ of 173. He also led the league with 207 base hits and took home the Barry Bonds Balko Best Batter Award as new member of the New York Mets.

In 2036 he followed up by again hitting over .300 and cracking 37 HRs and helping to power the Mets, behind HOF pitcher Rube Waddell to a WS win.

In 2041, at the age of 35, he hit .300 on the nose and homered 2 times, driving in 123 for the Baltimore Orioles. The old vet led the O's to a WS win. He led them again in 2042 for the repeat title run. Skowron is the only player to be inducted from those teams, at this point.

In his 19 seasons, Skowron batted over .300 12 times. He collected 2765 career hits (9th, between Hal Chase and Billy Williams) which included 539 HR (15th, 3 fewer than Reggie Jackson and 2 more than Tony Perez) and 529 2B (22nd). He scored 1377 times (between Perez and Chase for 22nd place, again) and collected 1716 RBI (11th, between Perez and Duke Snider) while slashing 310/359/559 (46th/*/47th) for a npa OPS+ of 144.

A 7 time All Star, Skowron won 2 Gold Gloves at 1B. The world lost Moose about a year ago, but he plays on with the growing field of immortals in this little spot of virtual Iowa.

Black Ink: 37 (0)
Gray Ink: 168 (43)
HOFm: 231 (38)
HOFs: 55 (14)

Gorilla Composite: 5.2 (0.8)


Barry Bonds is the greatest hitter in the history of baseball. Look at the stats. He is. It is for that reason that I have named the MVP in his honor. It is because I have named the MVP after him that I sold corporate sponsorship rights to Balko. For without Barry, there would be no Balko.....or is it the other way around???

Anyway.....how many Barry Bonds Balko Best Batter Awards did Barry Bonds and Balko bag? The answer is 3. That is one fewer than the number of World Series that he won. What a strrrange alternate reality this is.......

The New York Mets had the top pick in the 2020 draft and used it to take Barry. 4 World Championships in Queens show that it was the right pick.

In a most pleasing turn of events, Bonds enters the HOF second to Hank Aaron on the career home run list. What a wonderful world this is!

Bonds played through the 2046 season and hit 851 HRs (Aaron has 932). Bonds was injury prone (or maybe there were just a lot of day games after night games) and in 25 seasons he played in 140 games only three times.

An interesting point is that Bonds did not receive a contract offer in 2045. In 2046, at the age of 45, he played in 150 games. I have noticed this several times in this league. I don't know if it is a selective observation on my part or if a player gets some sort of benefit as far as chronic injury recovery/fatigue reset when he doesn't play at all.

In that 2046 season, Bonds started in Philadelphia and was traded to San Francisco and, rightfully, retired as a Giant. He hit 20 HR an walked 98 times for a slash line of 276/444/468 (npa OPS+ 145).

Bonds won his first MVP in 2026. He had an OPS of 1.227, the best of his career, but he did not have the qualifying PA for this to place him on the all time single season OPS list (this OPS figure would be 7th, All-Time). He hit 42 HR in just 342 AB in 93 games with 98 RBI. He scored 94 times and slashed 345/452/775 for a nap OPS+ of 223.

He followed up with another MVP season in 2027 as this time he made enough PAs to get his OPS for the year (1.173) on the all-time list in the 12th position. He hit 53 HR, 136 RBI, scored 134 times all in 132 games while slashing 328/443/731 (nap OPS+ 213).

In 2028 he hit 50 HR in only 107 games, but did not get an MVP. It would be 10 years before he would win his third Barry Bonds Balko Best Batter Award.

Bonds enters the HOF as the career leader in Games played, 2745 (breaking George Brett's mark), in runs, 2216 (passing Hank Aaron), and in Walks with 1954 (passing Mickey Mantle).

Bonds collected 2984 career hits (4th, between Orlando Cepeda and Chipper Jones), 493 doubles (37th), 56 triples (t-59th, Vic Saier and Hal Chase), and 2115 RBI (2nd, trailing only Hank Aaron, 1 spot ahead of Cepeda). He stole 265 bases (64th) and had a career slash line of 301/419/620 (79th/7th, 1 spot ahead of Dan Brouthers/11th) for a stellar npa OPS+ of 178.

Bonds won WS titles as a Met in 2025, 2032, 2034, and 2036. He reached the post season 13 times and hit 36 HR is 111 games while batting .308. Not too shabby. He also stole 12 post season bases in 14 attempts. In 2034 HOF Rube Waddell joined the Mets. In 2036 classmate Bill Skowron joined Bonds and Waddell for the championship run.

Barry Bonds appeared in 17 All Star games, the most of any HOFer.

Black Ink: 39 (69)
Gray Ink: 217 (289)
HOFm: 315 (340)
HOFs: 55 (76)

Gorilla Composite: 5.2 (8.3)


Both Bonds and Skowron enter their first OOTP HOF.

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Nuts and Bolts

With 2 entries in a year where zero are generated, this kicks in the mechanism which compensates for the added entries and, imo, emulates the psychology of the voters.

Since their were two added batting entries, the next two batting entries generated will not be filled. Players that are not of First Ballot standing will have to wait a while to gain entry because of the two extra batters inducted this year. This does not affect the number of pitchers that will be entered in coming years (but the batters numbers do impact the entry standards for the pitchers, as well, just as the pitchers' numbers affect the hitters).

Right now there is one fewer entry in this HOF than at the corresponding point in time IRL. However, there have been slightly fewer players play at the ML level in this league than at the same corresponding HOF point in time IRL. So, the numbers are certainly at an expected point in terms of entries. The number of hitters to pitchers is slightly higher than expected, but we are not yet 1/4 way to our expected HOF population.
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Random.org...errrrr......The Commissioner decided that the continual financial mismanagement of the Orioles was going to perpetuate and damage the league as a whole, so in the interest of baseball, the Orioles have been contracted. The historically financially troubled Austin Controllers have also been contracted.

The League has been restructured into 4 divisions of 7 teams, with no team switching leagues. The play-offs will be a best of 5 LCS and 7 game WS. Interleague play ends.

There will be no expansion for at least 10 years.

Following the rookie draft, a Free Agent draft will be held in a serpentine format in which the draft order is based on a lottery system weighted on the remaining 28 team's win/loss record.
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Well, that didn't quite work out as planned

Next time......

What did happen is that I screwed up my back-up file location and didn't rename it properly and when I reached a point that I wanted to go to the back-up, the auto save was on top of it.

I could mess around with it for another hour, but I will just take what happened as what happened and continue on.

What happened was that the released players from the contraction teams were joined in the free agent draft by the rookies scheduled to be drafted a few days later. I wanted to have the Free Agent draft immediately so teams could do their rookie draft based on who they picked up from the contracted teams. After I had manually entered the draft order from the lottery, it executed based on the rookie draft order.

Then, Nov 1 rolls around and another rookie class is generated, and drafted. So, we had a double draft plus the contraction draft.

Lesson learned, if you want to contract and do a free agent draft, I recommend performing the rookie draft, then contracting and then doing the Free Agent draft.

This isn't a league killer, by any stretch. I just look at it as a hiccup in the talent and will see what sort of impact this has on the Hall process.
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Class of 2049: Hechavarria, Kingman

Harry Carry was Master of Ceremonies for the 2049 induction ceremonies. Harry said his only regret in life was not getting a chance to pronounce Adeiny Hechavarria, forwards or backwards.

Hechavarria is the third active player to be inducted, and the first who made his RL ML debut in 2012. Needless to say that, in this instance, the OOTP scouting was considerably more favorable to Adeiny than what his RL results have shown, thus far.

Hechavarria was drafted by the Pirates in the third round (92nd selection) of the 2014 draft. Since the guys that fell in the Inaugural Draft (Sandy Koufax, most notably, Hechavarria is perhaps the biggest steal in a draft, to this point in league history.

Hechavarria played through 2042 and accumulated 2556 hits (21st, one slot ahead of Tim Wallach), 537 doubles (20th, one spot above Sam Crawford), and 374 Home Runs (74th). He drove in 1395 runs (30th) and scored 1194 (51st). He posted a career slash line of 300/351/500 (86th/*/*) for a npa OPS+ of 126.

At the age of 35 in (surprise!) his Free Agent year, he batted .341 to lead the league. He hit 36 HR and collected 113 RBI in 125 games that season.

A 7 time All Star, he appeared in 5 post seasons and one World Series but fell short of winning a title.

Hechavarria enters as a 3Bman, now the most represented position in the HOF.

Black Ink: 4
Gray Ink: 104
HOFm: 111
HOFs: 55

Gorilla Composite: 2.7


Dave Kingman was drafted by the Reds with the 14th overall pick in the 2026 draft. It was good to have Harry Caray call out Kingman's name one more time.

6 times Kingman led the league in HR. He hit a career high 68 in 2038. He signed a big 5 year deal with the Marlins that off season. He was traded to the Braves in late July and helped ATL make the post season. The Braves fell in 4 to the Rockies, but Kingman had an amazing series. He was 8 for 15 with 5 HR and 6 RBI...a slash line of 533/588/1600.

Kingman played through the 2047 season and belted 818 bombs (3rd, between Barry Bonds and WIllie Stargell) and collected 1952 RBI (4th, between Orlando Cepeda and Stargell). He had 2204 base hits (52nd, one spot behind Mickey Mantle) which included 325 doubles. He scored 1427 runs and slashed 272/333/620, for a npa OPS+ of 154. He ranks 10th on the career slg% list (between Reggie Jackson and Barry Bonds) and 33rd on the career OPS list. Of course, he struck out a ton...and then some....2356 times, second most, All Time.

That Kingman hit HRs and struck out a lot is expected. However, I am not sure which surprises me more: his .306 average in 2033 over 156 games, or the fact that he won 2 Gold Gloves in the outfield.

Kingman made 8 All Star teams and enters the HOF in his first year of eligibility.

Black Ink: 43 (11)
Gray Ink: 184 (74)
HOFm: 257.5 (49)
HOFs: 53 (23)

Gorilla Composite: 5.6 (1.7)


Dave Kingman and Adeiny Hechavarria enter the converted tractor shed for the first time.
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Class of 2050: Petrocelli, Robinson, Bonilla

If there are no Veterans Committee inductions, I will save space in the header by not denoting that the class is inducted by the writers (VBBWAA).

Batting .400, on the dot. 20 of the 50 entrants are RL HOFers.


His name was Rico
Played on a diamond
Drafted 3rd in '24
The Mariners he would play for

And when he finished
He was a HOFer
Rico was a superstar, hit baseballs real far
490 homers flew
6 time All Star, too

He won an MVP and a single pennant, and stole 5 bags, too!

I can't top that...will just post Petrocelli's Ink and move on.....

Black Ink: 7 (0)
Gray Ink: 67 (49)
HOFm: 120 (19)
HOFs: 59 (20)

Gorilla Composite: 2.7 (0.9)

Ok...need more....Petrocelli enters the Hall at the age of 43, having played through the 2046 season. He hit 414 HR as a SS, the most in league history. His 490 total HR rank 24th (tied with Dutch Zwilling). He collected 1542 RBI (19th, between Jim Gentile and Pablo Sandoval), 2343 hits (40th, 2 more than Al Rosen), 463 doubles (52nd), and scored 1294 (34th) while slashing 271/351/506 for a npa OPS+ of 129. And he really did steal 5 bases!

In 2031 he hit .341 with 59 HR and 146 RBI (npa OPS+ 197) to take the MVP.


When Chipper Jones entered the HOF I wrote that it is rare for a team to win multiple WS and have only one HOFer, and that Jones could be the only player from the 2021 and 2023 Orioles to make it to the converted tractor shed. Me and Chipper Jones (no, I'm not going off on another song tangent, I promise) are proud to welcome his teammate from those two teams, Jackie Robinson into the HOF....no Simon and Garfunkel, either.....

Jackie Robinson is known for being a first. Here, he is the second Robinson to enter (Frank), but he is the first player to be entered as a second baseman. He is also the first player to enter with 0 Black Ink points (the reason I thought he wouldn't make it). But in he is, and deservedly so.

Aside for his Oriole WS crowns, Jackie won with the 2026 Austin Controllers (formerly the Brewers) who, like the Orioles, are now defunct.

Jackie was selected by the Orioles with the 13th pick in the 2016 draft. He burst upon the scene by slashing 342/427/583 in 125 games for a npa OPS+ of 170. He hit 27 HRs, had 95 RBI, scored 94 runs, and won the league Rookie of the Year. He hit at least 25 Hrs and batted over .320 in each of his first 6 seasons.

In 2021, Robinson was named MVP as he batted .348, posted career highs in HR (34) and RBI (114) with an OPS of 1.078 for a npa OPS+ of 189.

He played through the 2029 season and collected 1729 career hits, 262 HR, 362 doubles, 35 triples, drove in 1034 and scored 997 while slashing a hefty 316/408/539 (30th/12th, one spot ahead of Frank Robinson...cooool..../88th) for a npa OPS+ of 153.

In 80 post season games, Robinson slashed an amazing 347/451/642 with 15 HR, 59 RBI and 7 steals in 8 tries.

Robinson was named to 7 All Star teams and won 2 GGs at 2B, and another at 3B.

Robinson enters the HOF 10 days after his 59th birthday.

Black Ink: 0 (8)
Gray Ink: 85 (121)
HOFm: 118 (98)
HOFs: 55 (38)

Gorilla Composite: 2.5 (2.5) <----- THIS


Bobby Bonilla was selected by the Marlins with the 12th pick in the 2029 draft. Unlike RL, he stayed with them.

He played in Florida through the 2045, having a fabulous career. The Marlins thought he was done. Bonilla didn't, and he wanted to get 2500 hits. He signed a deal with Arizona for 2046. The Marlins were right.

He enters the HOF as the Marlin career leader in G, AB, 1B, 2b, 3B, RBI.....some guy named Gentile owns the Marlin career HR mark.

In 2033 Bonilla, Jim Gentile and Willie Stargell powered the Marlins to a WS title. And I do mean powered. Bonilla's 53 HR was the fewest of the bunch. However, he tallied 138 RBI, besting the other 2 HOFers by one.

He followed up in 2034 with his best season, posting career highs in HR (55), RBI (159), slg% (.687) and runs scored. Bonilla has cool baseball card where it shows him scoring 122 runs in 2032, 123 runs in 2033, and 124 runs in 2034. Bonilla batted .33 and posted a career high npa OPS+ of 184 working with a .386 OBP.

Bonilla slowed down in his 30s, but at the age of 36 he was still a positive contributer on offense and chipped in 18 HRs in another Marlin WS title season.

2396 times Bonilla hit safely (35th). He belted 453 HR (37th, sandwiched between Alex Rodriguez and George Brett) and 486 2B (43rd, one slot ahead of Joe Torre) and 53 3B (81st). He drove in 1398 (29th, one spot ahead of Adieny Hechavarria) and scored 1334 runs (28th). His career slash line of 294/361/534 gives him a npa OPS+ of 139.

Bonilla, IRL, played in the shadow of Barry Bonds, here he is in his metaphoric shadow on the HOF list, as Bonilla follows Bonds alphabetically on the list. A good guy to have hitting behind you.

Bonilla appeared in 8 All Star games and won a GG in RF. He enters the HOF 2 weeks shy of his 42nd birthday.

Black Ink: 7 (3)
Gray Ink: 101 (96)
HOFm: 140 (64)
HOFs: 57 (32)

Gorilla Composite: 3.0 (1.8)


ADD: Petrocelli, Robinson and Bonilla each make their first appearance in an OOTP HOF.

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Class of 2051: Bridges, Lobert

This is the last class where the retirement period before HOF consideration is only 1 year. For 2052 it will become 5 years. Therefore, there will be no players entering on the first ballot until, at least, 2056.

20 of the 52 players inducted here are in the RL HOF.


Tommy Bridges was selected with the 8th pick in the 2018 draft by the Royals.

He pitched through the 2038 season and compiled a won-loss record of 212-143. He ranks 20th on the career win list and 47th on the career win% list (.596). Bridges struck out 4431 men (8th, a spot behind Lefty Grove) in 3369 IP (17th, 1 spot ahead of Rube Waddell) while walking 1135. His 3.50 career OOTP ERA (48th) is good for a npa ERA+ of 130 compare to RL ERA+ of 126).

Beginning in 2022, Bridges struck out 300 men in 5 straight seasons, and in 8 of the next 9. He struck out 300 men 9 times in his career. He led the league 4 times.

In 2028 he was 16-9 for the Rockies. He struck out 324 men in 224 2/3 IP and carried an OOTP ERA of 2.64 (npa ERA+ 162) as he led the Rockies to a WS Championship. George Brett contributed to the Rockies being in a position to reach the post season, but he was traded in Augest, so Bridges is the first player from that WS team to enter the HOF.

He followed up in 2029 with 19 wins and a career high 357 strikeouts and his second consecutive season with a WHIP under 1.00.

Bridges enters the Hall 12th on the career VORP list (one spot ahead of Ben Tincup) and 13th on the WAR list.

A 3 time All Star, Bridges enters the HOF at the age of 54.

Black Ink: 26 (17)
Gray Ink: 194 (180)
HOFm: 144.6 (81)
HOFs: 43 (29)

Gorilla Composite: 3.3 (2.4)


Hans Lobert was selected by the Jacksonville Sonics (formerly the Los Angeles Dodgers) with the 13th overall pick in the 2024 draft.

Lobert played through the 2044 season and collected 2562 hits (22nd) and 1000 RBI...yes, 1000 even. He also has a cool looking run total of 1515 which is made to look even cooler by the fact that 1515 runs ranks him, yep, 15th all-time upon his entry to the HOF, one spot ahead of Sam Crawford.

Lobert is third on the all time stolen base list with with 737 behind leader George Davis and Mike J McCormick. Lobert hit 474 doubles (46th), 70 triples (19th, one more than George Davis) and 193 homers while slashing 293/361/430 for a npa OPS+ of 115.

Lobert played in 4 post seasons with the Sonics, who he played for through 2041, and one World Series, but never popped the cork on WS champagne.

Lobert stole 50 bases in a season 6 times, leading the league 4 times. He appeared in 5 All Star games. He enters the HOF at the age of 46 as, yet another, third baseman.

Black Ink: 11
Gray Ink: 108
HOFm: 82
HOFs: 53

Gorilla Composite: 2.8


Tommy Bridges enters his first OOTP HOF. Lobert enters his second.

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Class of 2052: Cey, Wynn, Oliver

Ron Cey becomes the 13th player to enter as a third baseman. What is going on??

Cey was selected by the Cardinals with the 6th pick of the 2026 draft.

In 2027 he batted .293 with 38 HR and 101 RBI to win the Rookie of the Year.

5 times Cey hit 40 or more HR in a season. The first time was in 2029 when he hit 40 while driving in 89. Seems like a low RBI total, but in 2029 he also walked 75 times, which was the most in a season for him. Obviously he had established a rep as being the guy on the Cardinals not to pitch to. Yet, he slashed 289/388/602 for the year. His npa OPS+ was a career high 172. His slg% was also a career high for sesons with qualifying PAs.

3 times Cey hit over .300, and 7 times he was named an All Star.

When re retired following the 2046 season, Cey had bashed 525 HR (18th, one slot behind Tony Perez) on 2180 hits (53rd, one slot behind Dave Kingman). He had 1475 RBI (24th) to his credit and had scored 1291 runs (37th, one more than Tim Wallach and Ed Konechty). He had 394 career doubles (89th) and slashed 279/364/536 for a npa OPS+ of 142. ey enters the HOF 98th on the career slg% list, one spot behind Vic Saier.

Cey appeared in 9 post seasons, but never played in a Fall Classic. He was hit by 115 pitches in his career. Fortunately, none of those were from Goose Gossage.

Ron Cey enters the HOF one week before his 47th birthday.

Black Ink: 4 (0)
Gray Ink: 97 (80)
HOFm: 114.5 (36)
HOFs: 54 (29)

Gorilla Composite: 2.7 (1.4)


Early Wynn has selected with the 9th over pick by the White Sox in the 2018 draft. The White Sox would be horrible. In 8 seasons with them, the South Siders never won 80 games. They lost 90 or more 6 times.

Wynn signed a 1 year deal with the Angels in 2028. They lost 90 games.

He then signed a 1 year deal with the Diamondbacks in 2029. There, in his 10th big league season, he won 10 games (for the first time) and was an inning eater for the eventual World Championship D-Backs squad. He is the first player from that team to enter the HOF.

In his Swan Song season of 2044, he again tasted championship glory. This time as a Marlin. He joined vet HOFers Bobby Bonilla and Jim Gentile on that title squad (there will be more).

Wynn finished his career with 193 wins, 28th all time.

Wynn is also the career leader in losses with 225.

Though Wynn's place as the career loss leader does not equate to Cy Young's place ther, IRL, it is true that you have to be a good pitcher to rack up that many losses.

Wynn ranks 3rd on the career CG list with 85. The only HOFer with more is Toad Ramsey. He ranks 11th with 527 career starts, and is tied with Sandy Koufax and Willie McGill for 26th place on the career shut out list with 12.

Wynn struck out 3395 men (20th) in 3736 IP (11th).

Wynn's career OOTP ERA is 4.38 which gives him a career npa ERA+ of 103 (RL ERA+ 107).

The voters looked deeper than the raw numbers in evaluating Wynn and found a guy who pitched his guts out on teams that didn't support him for the vast majority of his career. A guy that pitched for teams with sub par bull pens who would eat innings in an effort to help his team the best he could. When given the opportunity to win, he did just that.

A three time All Star, Wynn enters the HOF at the age of 50.

Al Oliver enters the HOF as a CFer.

Black Ink: 5 (37)
Gray Ink: 108 (264)
HOFm: 44.8 (141)
HOFs: 26 (44)

Gorilla Composite: 1.4 (3.9)


In his last year before coming under Veterans Committee consideration, the writers decided it was a good idea to get around to honoring Al Oliver before the Vet Committee made them look foolish, again.

Al Oliver was selected with the 8th overall pick in the 2012 draft by the Colorado Rockies.

He played in the Mile High City for 7 tears, the returned for his final season in 2030.

In his career Oliver slashed 325/373/540 (17th, between Dan Brouthers and Pete Rose/*/88th) for a npa OPS+ of 143. He collected 2473 hits (31st, 1 spot ahead of Rose) which included 507 doubles (33rd), 58 triples (t-54th, Rose), and 339 home runs. In 2017 he batted .349 to win the NL batting title. His only one.

That this turned out to be his only batting title was a bit of a shock to the baseball world. Consider the fact that he won the Rookie of the Year Award in 2013 by batting .418. He finished second to George Sisler in the batting race, that year. He also hit 38 HR, 131 RBI, 124 runs, and 50 doubles, on 234 hits, all career bests. His OBP of .466 and SLG of .725 gave him a npa OPS+ of 212.

Oliver set the bar high for himself that first year. He never recaptured that mega-superstar stroke, but he is a player who's entry into the converted tractor shed is long overdue. Oliver enters the HOF at age 59, as a 4 time All Star.

Back Ink: 6 (16)
Gray Ink: 79 (127)
HOFm: 113.5 (146)
HOFs: 59 (40)

Gorilla Composite: 2.7 (3.2)


Cey and Oliver enter their second OOTP HOF. Early Wynn enters his first.

21 of the 55 entrants here are in the RL HOF.

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