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OOTP 14 - Historical Simulations Discuss historical simulations and their results in this forum.

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So, you could start your HOF after haaving done a historic replay through the 2012 season, and by using the magic that is ratio, wind up with an Inaugural Class of about 15. You could start a league, play 10 years (probably inducting active players, which were eligible in RL), and decide to begin to model your HOF on RL proportionality at with 1300 players in your books, you would have an Inaugural class of 1.

This is so awesome. If you have a 4 team league or a 40 team league having played 4 years or 400 years, and you can pull your starting class with this number.

The Inaugural class is pulled from the leaderboards, so the ammount of history doesn't matter and the number of players in the Inaugural Class, per se, doesn't matter....it's all proportionate.

Once the Inaugural Class is in, then you have the category score basis to bring in subsequent player in proportion to the number of players that entered in following years vs the number of players who have played the game and, Bingo, you have a HOF that will be in contextual cahoots with the one in Cooperstown.

I have also accounted for First Ballot Inductees that will not be tied to historical entries, themselves. However, a smidgens ammount of bookkeeping will keep the numbers in line....I will get to that in later posts when it becomes applicable.

For my basis of previous HOF I used 209 RL players that were inducted based on their play at the ML without consideration (imo) for executive duties or color barrier consideration. This same number is in use here.

145 of these players I have classified as hitters and 64 as pitchers. In previous run throughs, I kept the batter/pitcher entries in proportion to a corresponding year. Here, I will use the proportion of the 209 h/p numbers to seed random generation of hitter/pitcher entries.

I roll a 209 sided die 4 times. If the number is 1-64, a pitcher enters. If the number is 65-209, a hitter enters.

For the first class, 3 hitters and 1 pitcher enter.

All of the previous use of the Ink and HOFm and HOFs numbers will be carried out in the same manner as they were in the other threads.

In 1937, four players entered the HOF as players. 101 players made their debut in 1936. These 101 players (minus the 5 that were inducted in 1936) are added to the total number of players that have played throughout history for a number of 6712.


So, if I have 150 players make their debut in 2035, I add them (minus the four inductees) and get a number of 5669.

I roll the 1678 sided die 5669 times to see how many entrants I get (considering FB induction entrants, to be explained later). I expect to get about 3 rolls of "1", but may be more, may be less...don't know till I throw.

Say I get 3 entrants. I again roll the 209 sided die, but this time I roll it three times, to determine the breakdown of hitters and pitchers. So, I can have different numbers of entrants per season, and a different length of league, and a different size of league and keep everything in proportion to real life.

Now...the REAL coooooool thing here is that no matter how the league expands or contracts over the course of time (affecting the number of players entering each year), by the time I run out of real players, I am going to have a number reeeeeeal close to 209 for my number of HOFers! THIS is EXACTLY what I wanted. And I force nothing....the numbers just do it all by themselves. I will have a HOF with around 200 entrants and a break down of hitters to pitchers in roughly a 2-to-1 ratio. YES!

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Players generated late in career

In the previous thread a request was made to list players that would not get into the HOF due to the fact that they were generated in the initial draft pool as older players and, therefore, would not have the opportunity to put up HOF numbers.

Notable players that were generated as older players for the initial pool that did not have 10 simulated seasons:

Minnie Minoso
Trever Hoffman
Rogers Hornsby
Warren Spahn
Rod Carew
Carl Yastrzemski
Buddy Bell
Jimmie Foxx
Al Simmons
Hugh Duffy
Cy Seymour
Johnny Bench
Chief Bender
Tommy Harper
David Justice
Sherm Lollar
Jack Morris
Andy Pafko
Honus Wagner
Pud Galvin
Eddie Joost
Fred Norman
Ray Sadecki
Red Schoendienst
Rocky Colavito
Jesse Haines
Ben Paschal
Steve Rogers
Ozzie Smith
Alfonso Soriano
Ty Cobb
Sam McDowell
Mickey Cochrane
Hughie Jennings
Eddie Mathews
Laynce Nix
Andy Seminick
Hippo Vaughn
Kevin Seitzer
Alan Trammell
Bob Lemon
Paul Blair
Lefty Gomez
Gary Matthews Sr
Amos Otis
Johnny Temple
Sam West

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Inaugural Class

I don't have time to do typical write-ups in one sitting, at the moment, but I wanted to get started. I will start the hitters thread be updating it over the course of the evening.

I wrestled with how to handle the Inaugural class. More specifically, I wrestled with when to begin doing the entries based on the previous entrants.

I thought about doing them once 5 players entered, as the case was for the previous HOF. I thought of waiting until I had 2 pitchers and 2 hitters.

I decided to do the Inaugural class as I had been, but with however many entrants were generated through the ratio dice rolls.

I then wrestled with the idea of whether or not to give FBS to players that the software had inducted and make them part of the Inaugural class, also. I have decided not to do that. The Inaugural class enters the same way the earlier HOF ICs entered.

For hitters, the highest retired career hit leader and HR leader would get in and then either the hghest VORP/WAR retired player, or a player from another leaderboard category. The V/W and leaderboard selections will alternate throughout the run, as they did previously. For pitchers the first entries would be the W and K leaders.

I selected the hitters and pitchers in the order of the die rolls. The first two rolls resulted in hitters, the third a pitcher and the last another hitter.

The entrants are:

Hank Aaron
Mickey Mantle
Toad Ramsey
George Sisler

Appropriately, Aaron is the first entry, as he will be the first HOFers alphabetically throughout the run (if not, THAT will be news). He also may wind up being the youngest player to enter the HOF, as he retired following the 2032 season. Waiting periods following retirement will be introduced, as they were in RL, but now, there is not one.

Aaron is the career leader in both hits and HRs, so a coin flip was done and the next entrant was based on VORP/WAR ranking. That player was Mantle, who iis second to Aaron on both lists.

With one pitcher, it would be determined by either W or K leader amongst the retired. These categories were led by two different players. Tossed a coin and it was the K leader, Toad Ramsey, that gets the IC entry.

For the final hitter I went to the other categories of the leaderboard. There were four different categories that had leaders who were eligible for induction. All four were led by different players. Tossed the virtua four-sided die and it came up for Batting Average. George Sisler is the career leader there, and he gets in, and rounds out the class of 2034, the first.

More detailed player entries will follow.

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Class of 2034, Hitters: Aaron, Mantle, Sisler

Hank Aaron was the second player selected in the 2007 draft. Picked by the Cubs, he signed a minor league contract and played with them through the 2023 season. 8 times he led the Cubs to the play-offs, three times to the Pennant, and in 2016 he won a WS in Wrigley. Heck, put everyone from that 2016 team in the HOF for pulling off the impossible.

He left the Cubs to join the Austin Controllers (formerly the Milwaukee Brewers) and won another WS with them in 2026. He joined the San Diego Jewels (formerly the Texas Rangers) in 2027 and won his third WS there.

When he retired in 2033, he was the leader in career hits (3299) and career HRs (932). There is no doubt that he is the greatest hitter in this league's 30 year history. No player is withing 250 of his HR mark. No active player is within 350. This record will be standing for a while.

Aaron is also the career leader in RBI (2440), TB (5737), R (2014), AB (9900), Games (2538) and slg% (.681).

Aaron won the first Triple Crown in league history in 2018 when he batted .337 with 60 HRs and 141 RBI. That season Aaron won his third of three MVPs.

Think hitting .400 with 40 HRs is impressive? Aaron upped the ante of that feat by hitting 70(!) HRs while batting .408 in 2013. He would have won the Triple Crown, but amazingly came in THIRD place in the league batting chase (more on that, later). NPA OPS+ for this season was a mere 242.

6 times Aaron had 200 hits in a season. His 243 in 2013 is the second most (by one) in league history.

14 times he drove in 100+ runs.
18 times he hit 30 HRs.
12 times he hit 40 HRs.
7 times he hit 50 HRs.
3 times he hit 60 HRs.
1 time he hit 70 HRs.

His 70 HR was the most in league history. That mark was broken 12 years later and has only been eclipsed one other time.

He enters the HOF with a career slash line of .333/.395/.681 (5th/25th/1st) and a npa OPS+ of 185...jaw dropping.

He collected 554 career doubles (5th), 44 triples (82nd), and walked 1044 times (17th).

Arron won 5 Gold Gloves, including one at 2B in 2010. He was named to 12 All Star teams.

Aaron enters the HOF holding single season records for OPS (1.320), VORP (163.1), runs (155), TB (505), and WAR (16.2). These marks are all from hs 2013 season.

Aaron won 3 batting titles, won 5 HR titles, led the league in RBI 5 times, and led in hits 3 times.

Black Ink: 89 (76)
Gray Ink: 243 (408)
HOFm: 515 (421)
HOFs: 79 (74)

Gorilla Composite: 10.0 (9.8)


Mickey Mantle is the oldest of the three hitters to be inducted, 50. He was selected as a 20 year-old in the January 1, 2004 Inaugural Draft by the Padres with the 3rd overall pick.

As previously noted he enters the HOF by virtue of being second to Aaron on the WAR and VORP lists.

Mantle won 5 MVPs, appeared in 10 All Star games, and picked up a Gold Glove during his playing days that ran through 2027.

Mantle enters the Hall 3rd on the All Time HR list with 630. His 1592 career RBI places him 7th on that career list.

Mantle slashed 309/441/626 (41st/1st/9th) during his career which is good for a 186 npa OPS+, a tick better than Aaron.

Along with the top career OBP, Mantle walked more times than any other player in history, 1723.

Mantle topped 60 HRs twice, hitting a career high of 69 (and a career high 164 RBI) in 2012. He rapped 2217 hits in his career, 27th most.

Mantle appeared in 4 post seasons. As a Seattle mariner in 2019, he won the only WS in which he appeared.

In 2015 Mantle hit 62 HRs in only 126 games. His 230 npa OPS+ was his career best for any season in which he played at least 100 games. He slashed 328/460/772 that season.

Mantle's 1603 runs scored is second only to Hank Aaron in league history.

Mantle led the league in HR 5 times and led in walks 6 times.

Black Ink: 57 (62)
Gray Ink: 151 (272)
HOFm: 253 (300)
HOFs: 74 (65)

Gorilla Composite: 6.4 (7.4)


George Sisler makes it a trifecta of RL HOF batters in the inaugural class. That is cool.

Sisler is a very cool entry. I notice only a small percentage of stuff when the games are played out that I document in these entries. For instance, I didn't realize that Aaron's .408/70 HR season was not a Triple Crown season because .408 didn;t win the batting title until I made his entry.

Who won the batting title in 2013? George Sisler did. Very cool he is joining Aaron in this first class. Sisler hit .428 in 2013. That mark stands as the best BA season in league history. There have been 4 .400 seasons, thus far. That Aaron has the third highest BA in a season in league history and finished third that year in batting is amazing.

Sisler put up a npa OPS+ of 213 in 2013 (that's sorta cool, too) with an OBP of .469 and a SLG of .726.

Sisler was drafted by the Mets as the first overall pick in 2008. He played for them through the 2021 season. He put up a 104 npa OPS+ in 2021 and as a Free Agent priced himself out of the market in 2022 and did not play. He signed a 1 year deal with Houston in 2023 for $734,000. In July of 2023, he suffered a fractured skull and at the age of 35 his career was over.

Sisler enters the Hall by virtue of having the best career BA in league history. He collected 2081 hits while slashing 344/385/527 (1st/44th/79th) for a career npa OPS+ of 145.

He hit 205 HRs and 385 doubles (49th). He stole 382 bases (14th). His 54 career triples place him 38th on the All Time list at the time of his induction.

He led the Mets to two WS wins, including one in his historic 2013 season.

Sisler won ROY in 2009 and the MVP in 2010. He appeared in 4 AS games. He won 3 batting titles and one SB crown.

Sisler enters the HOF at age 45.

Black Ink: 22 (29)
Gray Ink: 191 (198)
HOFm: 176.5 (200)
HOFs: 41 (44)

Gorilla Composite: 3.4 (4.6)

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Class of 2034, Pitchers: Ramsey

As mentioned earlier, Toad Ramsey gets in to the Inaugural induction class by a virtual coin toss....er......the selection committee deciding that his holding of the career strikeout record is more Hallworthy than the RL HOFer who is the career leader in wins. Had they chosen to select the W leader, the IC would have been 4 for 4 with RL HOFers.

But Toad Ramsey, besides being an awesome name, is the best pitcher in the history of the league.

Ramsey was the first player selected in the Inaugural Draft in 2004. He pitched his final big league game in 2025.

For his career he posted a 280-165 record and a career ERA of 2.93 (npa ERA+ 155). He pitched a league record 4232 innings and struck out an astonishing 6041 batters. His 280 wins is second most in league history. His career ERA is 8th best ever.

Ramsey enters the HOF as the career leader in complete games (134), shut outs (40), and WAR and VORP.

In 2004 Ramsey went 21-6 and carried a 2.07 ERA (npa ERA+ 207) and struck out 457 men to win the Triple Crown and the first NL Cy Young Award. In 2005 he won the second CYA. He won 6 CYAs in his career.

Ramsey appeared in 4 post seasons, but never played in a WS.

He led the league in wins 4 times. He led the league in ERA 5 times. He led the league in strikeouts 10 times.

Ramsey, at the age of 54, is the oldest of the entrants in the Inaugural Class.

Black Ink: 134 (11)
Gray Ink: 309 (70)
HOFm: 296 (76)
HOFs: 67 (16)

Gorilla Composite: 7.9 (1.4)

ADD: Toad Ramsey holds the league record for strikeouts in a 9 inning game, 23.


Toad Ramsey joins his first HOF.
Hank Aaron has now been entered into two OOTP HOF.
Mickey Mantle and George Sisler have been inducted into all three HOF.

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2034 Season in the Books

Had an exciting go, clinching the WC in the final series of the year. I promptly blew a 2-0 DCS lead to fall in 5 to the eventual WS champion Mets (shoot me, now).

A few notes:

The NL instituted the DH in 2030.

The 15 day DL became 11, and is now 18 days.

The Twins have moved to Columbus for the 2035 season. This is important because the Columbus park is a HR Heaven. When the league was created all ball parks were neutral (by bug, not design, but I decided t would be interesting just to keep it that way) so any moves/expansions create ball parks with varying effects.

The 40 man roster is now 42 men.

Players cannot refuse assignment.

It looks like this second class is where the work really starts, due to the new First Ballot model.

I am handling it as such:

I will go through the players and get the number of generated inductees as before. Any player that is entered who has been retired for 20 years is considered a Veterans Committee induction, whether or not he enters on the Veteran Standard.

Since the VC announces its selections ahead of the actual balloting IRL, I am going to model the selection process on this. The Veteran picks will be announced and then the First Ballot Screenings will take place, based on the new numbers created by the Veteran inductions.

Any player that enters via the FBS will replace a non veteran (accounting for the fact if the player is a hitter or pitcher) that was "voted" in prior to the announcement of the Veteran picks.

The FBS process is also modified in that with each FB seection, that player's numbers are immediately entered into the Hall totals for subsequent FB entrant standards for THAT year.

By having the veteran picks figured at the start of the FBS process it makes it easier for a player to get in on the First Ballot. However, by adding the FB entrant's totals when he enters makes it more difficult for subsequent FB entrants to enter on the FBS that year.

This is a little nuance that I like, and it will take a bit more time, but not much, once this class is entered.

There are 24 players that are waiting FBS. These are all the OOTP selections that have happened since the beginning of the league (except for the Inaugural Class, who were all software selections, also).


One final note:

I didn't realize till halfway through the season that I had Dickie Thon and Mike Torrez on the same team.

As a 19 year-old, Thon hit .268 with 8 HR and 45 RBI in 366 AB. He also hit for the cycle.
Torrez, at 28 years of age, was 11-11 in 32 starts with a 5.10 ERA (npa ERA+ 84). He is currently testing the FA waters. Pitching is quite scarce, so I am sure he will get offers.

The league is currently very heavy in quality OFers. Even with DHs in both leagues, there are a lot of name talent OFers that could not get work in 2034 due to their salary demands.

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Still toiling through the final FBS. As I have the model set up, now, this second class is the one that requires the most work. When the numbers turn into drudgery, I set them aside.

A couple things have come to light that are very pleasing.

First off, the model now determines the Veterans Committee selections first. I did this just to be in synch with RL. What I did not consider was the obvious result that is since they will be determined first, they can be posted first, just as in RL. This could be incorporated into the game where you would get your VC picks in December and then get the other picks in January....THAT is cool.

There were no VC selections for 2035, however.

I also really like that the First Ballot selections will actually be meaningful whereas in the previous HOF threads they were the result of luck in the timing of the player retirement matching up with a historical induction. No more. I am really liking that.

Additionally, the new model is simulating deference to players from earlier eras and the VC selections are something that impact the process to a greater degree than before. This is not by design, but it is the result, and it is what I would have wanted if I had considered this aspect in the design. Sometimes things just work out.

The method for choosing the Inaugural class has demonstrated to be a sound one. Only one player has come close to getting in on the FBs that I am completing. The original four established a high bar for entry, and that is as it should be.

OK, I cleared my head, back to the numbers. I may get posts up during the overnight. If not, then Saturday at the latest.

Sorry for the wait, but I am really happy with how this new model is shaping out.
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Class of 2035, Part 1: Rosen, Snider

Four hitters enter the newest remodeled former tractor shed shrine for the second HOF class.

Two surprises in this class:

1- The All-Time Win leader did not get in on his "First Ballot Screening". The Inaugural class was just good. From here on out, all FBS will take place in that player's first year of eligibility. Due to the way the Inaugural class is selected, there naturally was a back log of players who had been inducted by the software prior to the establishment of the "actual" HOF. They have all been screened. As previously noted, no one met the First Ballot Standard, based on the numbers of the Inaugural Class. No Veteran picks were selected. Had there been, this would have brought down the standards for the FBS. When the HOF is new, and with few members, a single player can ipact the numbers greatly.

2- Hank Aaron is no longer the player who was the youngest at the time of his induction.


Al Rosen has become a new favorite of mine, thanks to these HOF exercises. The more I learn about him, the more I really love the guy. He also rocks in OOTP.

Rosen was selected 3rd overall in 2007 by the Marlins. He played with them through the 2013 season, but in those six seasons, the Fish never went to the play-offs. In an odd decision, Rosen chose to join the Cubs to get to the post season.

Perhaps realizing that this wasn't the smartest play to have made, and that he had signed a four year deal with the Lovable Losers, Rosen decided to take matters into his own hands.

In his first season as a Cub, 2014, Rosen batted .312 with 57 HR and 137 RBI. He scored 120 times and got on base at a .394 clip and slugged .649 (npa OPS+ 180). Having posted what would be career highs in HR, RBI, and R, Rosen was rewarded with a trip to the post season and the MVP.

Rosen continued his production in the post season, hitting 5 HRs in 15 post season games and took the Cubs to the WS. There, the universe tilted as they faced the Red Sox. The Cubs were swept.

The Cubs were not lacking in talent. Hank Aaron was in his prime (heck, he had 20 years of prime) and in 2016 Aaron and Rosen took the Cubs to the post season. Having missed a large portion of the season with injuries, Rosen made up for lost time in the post season, in a big way.

In 16 post season games, Rosen had 20 hits, 9 HRs, and 30 (!!!) RBI.

The Cubs disposed of the Rays (who were going for a repeat title run) and Wrigleyville erupted for 8 months of celebrations.

A big game player, Rosen hit 21 HRs in 70 post season games over 7 seasons. 2016 was his only title.

Rosen last played ML ball in 2027 and retired following the 2028 season.

He collected 4 Gold Gloves, went to 9 ASGs, and won ROY (and the aforementioned MVP) as he rapped 601 HRs (5th) amongst 2341 hits (20th).

His career slash line of 278/383/542 (*/52nd/59th) makes for a npa OPS+ of 148. He enters the HOF ranked 43rd on the all-time OPS list.

He hit 381 career doubles (57th), scored 1517 runs (6th), drove in 1682 (7th) and enters the HOF 3rd on the All Time walk list with 1380.

Rosen enters the HOF by virtue of his HOFs number being above the HOF average. He places 11th on the career VORP list and 7th on the career WAR list at the time of his induction.

Rosen enters the HOF at the age of 48.

Black Ink: 19 (23)
Gray Ink: 164 (97)
HOFm: 229.5 (82)
HOFs: 65 (28)

Gorilla Composite: 4.7 (2.6)


Duke Snider was the top pick of the 2006 draft. He became a Cleveland Indian.

As a 19 year-old he hit 59 HR and drove in 121, scored 120 and slashed 341/407/751 (npa OPS+197) to win ROY and his first of three career MVP awards.

The most amazing aspect of his career is not that he led the Indians to a WS title in 2011, but that he led them to repeat title in 2012. Talk about something that would never happen in real life.....

There will be more HOF members from those Cleveland teams, but 2012 was the last season for Snider, there.

He signed a 3 year contract with the Orioles and won the MVP in 2013 and 2014 with them. He hit 122 HR and 277 RBI in those two seasons, posting a career high 64 HRs in 2014. He declined his option and again hit the FA market. Snider was injured for 2013 post season, and his Orioles fell in the DCS as his former Indian teammates reached their third straight WS (but lost).

Snider would see his only other post season action in 2026 as a member of the San Diego Jewels (formerly the Texas Rangers). The Jewels aquired the 38 year-old in a midseason trade. They were ousted in the DCS as, once again, the Indians took the pennant (and lost).

Snider saw his last big leage action 2028, and retired following that campaign with the 2nd most HR in league history, 671. He had a career slash line of 298/375/616 (73rd/80th/14th) for a npa OPS+ of 161. Snider's career OPS ranks 15th at the time of his induction.

Snider's 1709 RBI place him 4th all time and his 1466 career runs are 9th most in league history. His 2330 career hits place him 21st, one slot behind HOF classmate Al Rosen. His 371 doubles rank him 63rd on that list.

Snider was named to 11 All Star rosters and won 2 Gold Gloves.

Snider enters the HOF at the age of 47 by virtue of his HOFs number being above the Hall average.

ADD: Snider ranks 9th on the career VORP list and 5th on the career WAR list. Snider led the league in HR three times. Each of those seasons he won the MVP.

Black Ink: 34 (28)
Gray Ink: 111 (183)
HOFm: 220 (152)
HOFs: 66 (47)

Gorilla Composite: 4.9 (3.9)


Both Rosen and Snider have been inducted into both previous OOTP HOF.


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Class of 2035, Part 2: Torre, Williams

Joe Torre was the 33rd selection of the 2004 Inaugural draft, at the age of 19. Selected by the Rangers, he played through 2025 and retired after that season.

In his career he amassed 2653 hits (7th), 413 of which were HR (36th) and 482 of which were doubles (23rd). His 46 triples rank 76th, All Time.

He posted a career slash line of 312/376/525 (35th/75th/82nd) good for a npa OPS+ of 138. He has the highest OPS of any catcher in league history. He ranks 67th on the career OPS list, overall.

Torre won a batting title in 2008 with a .364 average. This is the best single season BA by a catcher in league history. His 1.102 OPS from that campaign is also the best by a catcher in league history.

After the 2010 season, he signed a 5 year deal with the Mets. In 2013 he and fellow HOFer George Sisler brought a WS trophy to Queens.

Between 2008 and 2011 Torre hit at least 30 HRs, drove in at least 97, and batted at least .337 and had a npa OPS+ of at least 169 in each season.

Torre's 1451 RBI are 11th most in league history. His 1336 runs scored are 14th most.

Torre played in 2291 games (7th), 1457 as a catcher (10th).

Torre was named to 9 All Star Games, and won one GG at C.

Torre ranks 13th on the career VORP list and 19th on the career WAR list.

Torre enters the HOF at the age of 50.

Black Ink: 4 (12)
Gray Ink: 102 (71)
HOFm: 188.5 (96)
HOFs: 72 (41)

Gorilla Composite: 3.6 (2.4)


At the age of 43 yrs and 256 days, Billy L Williams becomes the youngest inductee into this young HOF (entering over a year younger than Hank Aaron).

Williams was selected by the Oakland Athletics with the 8th overall pick in 2010. Playing through the 2030 season, he collected 2742 hits (5th), hit 573 HR (7th) and ripped 504 doubles (18th). He drove in 1814 runs (2nd) and scored 1535 (5th) while slashing 313/384/578 (33rd/49th/26th) for a npa OPS+ of 156. He ranks 23rd on the career OPS list.

As a 19 year-old, Williams broke in by batting .286 with 28 HR and 100 RBI. He won Rookie of the year for his efforts.

In his sophomore season he batted .338 to win his first of two career batting titles.

In 2021 he won his second of two MVPs by posting career highs in hits (217), triples (7), HR (57), RBI (154) and runs (137). His slash line of 356/423/176 (npa OPS+ 201) represented career highs in BA and slg.

As a member of the Indianapolis Stripes (formerly the San Diego Padres), Williams hit .310 with 7 HR and 19 RBI in 18 post season games, but the Stripes fell in the WS. This was Williams only WS appearance.

An 8 time All Star, Williams enters the HOF 6th in career VORP and 11th in career WAR.

Sweet Swingin' Billy Williams enters the HOF by virtue of his HOFs number being above the Hall average.

Black Ink: 22 (18)
Gray Ink: 197 (208)
HOFm: 247 (122)
HOFs: 74 (48)

Gorilla Composite: 5.3 (3.8)


Torre and Williams were both entered into one previous OOTP HOF.

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Carrying On

I have taken a leave of absence from running a team (I really thought I would have been fired by now) because I want to get the inductions rolling. This will speed up the progressions of the seasons.

I have detailed how the system works. The descriptions of the inductions will not be 'nuts and bolts' of what numbers fell where and resulted in whatever outcome. That will be repetitive.

OOTP is about baseball. Sure, it is based on numbers, but we don't spend hours to take in subroutines and random number outcomes applied to them. We spend hours because these things give us a plausible simulated representation of the game of baseball.

It is with that in mind, that I want to improve the HOF process and have it be a more plausible representation of real life. Exactly how each number creates each result is not important. What is important is that these results ARE created purely by objective statistics generated by OOTP and an introduction of random numbers in a way, which I hope, gives a 'feel' of RL. The process will not be altered for the course of the run. When the results are all in, then they can be reviewed and a judgment made as to whether, or not, this exercise has been successful.

<cue Casey> And, now, on with the countdown....

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Class of 2036: Perez, Crawford, Hart

There were no Veterans Committee inductions. In the future, those inductions will be posted prior to those that are entered by the BBWA.

Seven of the first eleven entrants are RL HOFers. In the previous HOFs about 25% or the entrants were RL HOFers.


The writers chose to continue to honor the leagues great hitters, and postpone further pitching honorees, by selecting three hitters to be immortalized in the newest converted tractor shed, which is the OOTP HOF shrine, for the third induction class.

Tony Perez was selected by the Washington Nationals with the 10th overall pick in 2006. He did not sign with them.

In 2007, the Indians chose him with the 7th pick, and Tony went to Cleveland.

In 120 games in 2008, Perez hit .306 with 20 HR and drove in 80 to take Rookie of the Year.

By the time he was done playing, he had slugged 537 HR (10th) and driven in 1744 (5th) and carried a .300 batting average (67th). No eligible player with more HR or RBI is not in the HOF.

His career OBP of .356 and SLG of .550 (50th) gives him a career OPS+ of 138. Perez ranks 59th on the career OPS list.

Perez and HOF teammate Duke Snider did the impossible in 2011 and 2012 when they brought consecutive WS titles to Cleveland.

In 2011 Perez slashed 327/376/607 (npa OPS+ 165) while hitting 42 HRs and driving in 140 to power them through the regular season. Perez won the league MVP for this campaign.

After not playing in 2026, Perez played his final season in 2027, at the age of 41. He hit 21 HRs and drove in 70 in 120 games in his swan song year.

5 times Perez hit over 40 HRs in a season (career high of 47). 8 times he drove in 100 runs, and 5 times he scored 100 runs.

He rapped 2722 hits (6th), 547 of which were doubles (8th).

A 5 time All Star, Perez won 4 GGs at 1B.

With 2192 career strikeouts, Perez enters the HOF as the all time leader in Ks.

His 1384 runs scored rank him 13th all time.

Perez enters the HOF at the age of 49.

Black Ink: 26 (0)
Gray Ink: 163 (129)
HOFm: 204.5 (81)
HOFs: 54 (41)

Gorilla Composite: 4.5 (2.2)


Sam Crawford, as IRL, is the all time leader in triples, 95.

Crawford was the second player (following Toad Ramsey) selected in the Inaugural draft of 2004. He joined the Devil Rays.

Crawford's 2597 career hits is the 10th most in league history. His career slash line of 335/394/565 (3rd/25th/34th) makes for a npa OPS+ of 156. He ranks 27th on the career OPS list.

In three of his first 5 years in the league Crawford won two batting titles collecting over two hundred hits in both batting crown seasons. He got 199 hits in his rookie season. In the other two seasons he played in 4 games and 42 games, only, due to injury.

In 2009 he left the Rays and signed a one year deal with the Phillies (they were obviously concerned with his injury history). Good/bad move by the Phillies. Good in that he batted .377 to win his third career batting title and 39 HRs. He led the league with 223 hits, 50 doubles, 17 triples, and 147 runs scored to take the league MVP. A .464 OBP and .697 SLG gave him a npa OPS+ of 210.

He became a free agent and took a long term deal from the Cleveland Indians. Yes, this means that the Indians had three HOF hitters for their back to back WS teams of 2011 and 2012.

Crawford paid dividends immediately as he won his second straight MVP in 2010 as he posted a career high 244 hits, which stands as the single season league record. He also posted a career high .392 BA, but finished second in the batting race.

Crawford had 536 career doubles (12th), 352 HRs (64th), 1382 RBI (18th), 1479 runs scored (9th), and stole 259 bases (46th). No player with more runs scored who is eligible for the HOF is not already inducted.

Crawford made 9 AS rosters and won 2 GGs as a corner OFer.

Crawford did not play in 2020 and 2021. He played his final season in 2022.

He enters the HOF at the age of 53.

Black Ink: 49 (33)
Gray Ink: 217 (330)
HOFm: 297 (118)
HOFs: 65 (53)

Gorilla Composite: 6.6 (5.3)


Jim Ray Hart was selected by the Dodgers with the 18th pick of the Inaugural draft of 2004.

He was the first NL ROY, and the first NL MVP. He slashed 339/415/651 for a npa OPS+ of 181 with 41 HRs, 106 RBI and 111 runs scored, all in just 128 games. Hart would only have 2 more seasons where he would play more than 128 games.

In his sophomore season he hit 34 HR and drove in 73 in 102 games to help get the Dodgers to the play-offs. He hit .301 in the play-offs as the Dodgers celebrated with a WS victory.

In 2008 Hart again won the MVP, but played in only 119 games. In those games he hit 42 HRs and drove in 103. He slashed 370/441/669 for a npa OPS+ of 210.

In 2013 Hart played in 160 games. This was the only time he played in at least 135 games. He hit a career high 56 HRs, 151 RBI, 113 R, and collected 191 base hits.

Playing through the 2021 season, Hart collected 2008 career hits (40th) and hit 483 HRs (17th). His career slash line of 315/389/599 (25th/37th/17th) gives him a stout npa OPS+ of 164. He collected 1330 RBI (25th) and scored 1177 times (32nd).

Hart played in 7 All Star games.

Jim Ray Hart is now the oldest person entering the HOF at the time of his induction at the age of 55.

Black Ink: 13 (0)
Gray Ink: 112 (40)
HOFm: 179 (7)
HOFs: 62 (17)

Gorilla Composite: 3.7 (0.7)


Crawford enters his second OOTP HOF.

Tony Perez and Jim Ray Hart enter their first OOTP HOF.
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Class of 2037: Koufax

Having snubbed him for the Inaugural Class, and snubbing all pitchers subsequently, the BBWA inducts Sandy Koufax, and only Sandy Koufax, in 2037.

8 of the 12 entrants here are in the RL HOF.

Sandy Koufax may be the biggest steal of any draft that will happen. Koufax was the 556th player taken in the Inaugural Draft of 2004 (Royals).

As a rookie Koufax worked from the pen and notched 37 saves and made the All Star Team.

He became a starter in 2005, but injuries limited him to 23 starts over 2005-2006.

In 2007 he made 24 starts and won 17 games.

In 2008 he made 33 starts and won 19 while losing 7, including a no-hitter. His OOTP ERA of 3.21 (npa ERA+ 145) and his first of 4 300 strikeout seasons (308) garnered him his first of two career Cy Young Awards.

He left the Royals after the 2009 season and joined the Giants for the 2010 season. He went 15-8, 3.41 (npa ERA+ 122), 312K and led the Giants to a WS win.

He extended with SF and 2017 was the final year of that deal. He posted a 15-11. 3.58 (npa ERA+ 117) and won his second WS with the Giants.

He signed with Seattle and in 2018 won 14 games during the regular season and, along with fellow HOFer Mickey Mantle, won the WS.

Koufax posted a career 16-8 post season record and struck out 180 batters in 189 IP.

At the age of 37, in 2020, Koufax went 16-11 with a 2.90 OOTP ERA (npa ERA+ 156) while striking out 277 men in 248 innings to win his second CYA.

Koufax pitched his final big league game in 2027. He enters the HOF as the all time leader in wins with 295 (vs 157 losses). He is the all time leader in GS with 591 (he also is the career leader in HRA with 496). His 4741 strikeouts is second only to Toad Ramsey. He walked 1126 men in his career.

His 3.43 career OOTP ERA is good for a 129 npa ERA+.

Koufax made 8 All Star games. He enters the HOF at the age of 54.

Black Ink: 35 (78)
Gray Ink: 273 (151)
HOFm: 244.1 (227)
HOFs: 62 (46)

Gorilla Composite: 4.9 (4.9) <----!!!!!


ADD: Sandy Koufax has entered all three OOTP HOF.

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Class of 2038: None

There were no entries IRL for the 5th and 6th years of the HOF. For years such as these, players will be entered on First Ballot Screenings for this HOF. There were two players that the software entered, but they did not meet the FBS eligibility requirements as currently defined by the players already enshrined.

Going back to the nuts and bolts mode here (since there aren't any actual inductions):

The Class of 2037 was the 4th class. IRL 7 players entered. That translated to an expected class here of 6. To have had only one entrant was a rather unlikely outcome, but that was the outcome. Had there been more entrants, the overall numbers would have, in all likelihood, come down. Perhaps they would have come down enough to get one of the players who received a First Ballot screening inducted in 2038.

In reality, the foundation of the RL HOF entry standards is the make-up of the players already inducted into the HOF. Also, and to a lesser extent (greater at some times in history than others) personal favoritism.

This HOF is set up to mimic these factors in its output. I see the tweaks that have been applied to this run through as improving the RL replication over that of the previous run-throughs.

The current HOFers have established a floor of around 4 (chart attached below). The mean GC is 5.5. We see all of the plots, with the exception of Aaron's 10.0, very close to this mean.

I have described the 'gravity' of entrance scores and how they pull in subsequent entry scores that are close to those already in. Right now, lower scores (3.0 and below) are not going to be pulled in because the center of gravity, so to speak, is much higher.

There were 9 entries IRL for what will correspond to the Class of 2043, here. The expected number of entries from that class to this league, based on proportionate populations, is 8. If THIS class generates a low number of entries (as the 2037 class did) we will see a very different HOF structure for the rest of the run than witnessed in the previous run throughs. There would be less variance in the scores of the subsequent entrants.

If there would be 20 entrants in 2043, this would also radically change the type of entrants seen for the rest of the run. There would be many more Jim Rice, Orlando Cepeda, Ron Santo type entries, were this to happen.

However, the most likely thing that will happen is that we will get around 8 entries and this HOF will look similar in make-up to the one IRL.
Attached Images

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Class of 2039: None

Neither of the two players entered by the OOTP default standards met the FBS, so no one enters this year.

Mel Ott was having a HOF career, but was felled by a CEI with just over 8 years service time.

The former batting champ and two time MVP had a career slash of 317/415/641 for a npa OPS+ of 183. He had hit 328 HR (86th) in 3670 AB, a 162 game average of 52 HR/year.

A player must have 10 yrs of service time to be eligible for this HOF.
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Class of 2040: Cepeda

Orlando Cepeda is the first First Ballot entry (with the exception of the members of the Inaugural Class) to enter this HOF. At the age of 41, Cepeda is the youngest player to enter the HOF.

9 of the the 13 entrants, here, are members of the RL HOF.

Cepeda was selected by the Indianapolis Stripes (formerly the San Diego Padres) with the 13th overall pick in the 2017 draft.

Cepeda played throgh the 2039 season. He made 14 All Star Game rosters, the most of any HOFer.

From his rookie season in 2018 through 2030, Cepeda hit at least 30 HRs every year. In 2031 he only played in 60 games, due to injury. In 2032 he got right back on track and hit a career high 55 HR and drove in c career high 157 while slashing 319/371/629 for a npa OPS+ of 163. He hit at least 34 HRs in each of the 4 seasons that followed.

That's a lot of HRs.....698, to be exact, but never led the league in HR. He enters the HOF 3rd on the career HR list. He is second on the career RBI list (behind Hank Aaron) with 1989. Runs scored? There he is third with 1739.

Cepeda won two batting titles. In 2012 he hit a career high .369. His career slash line of 321/367/597 (17th/*/18th) works out to a npa OPS+ of 158 and a career OPS that ranks 23rd, all-time. Cepeda's 604 doubles rank him 4th all time in that category.

In 6 post seasons, Cepeda hit 18 HRs in 203 ABs and generated a SLG of .591. He appeared in one WS in 2024, but his Stripes fell to the Astros in 7.

Orlando Cepeda enters the HOF as a 1Bman. He won one GG at that position.

ADD: Cepeda has the second most base hits, 3214, trailing only Hank Aaron, at the time of his induction.

Black Ink: 26 (14)
Gray Ink: 270 (196)
HOFm: 327 (126)
HOFs: 69 (37)

Gorilla Composite: 6.3 (3.4)

This is the first OOTP HOF into which Cepeda has gained entry.

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Class of 2041: None

In 2041 a 1 year waiting period following retirement was introduced to the HOF. This was determined by a weighted random number generation which was based on RL, but not tied to the RL introduction of the wait.

Because of this introduction, there were no players that were inducted by the software because all newly retired players now have to wait a year before the software screens them.

2041 ties to 1943, a year where no players were inducted IRL. So, there was zero chance for any inductions, this year.

The five year wait will be instituted starting with the class of 2052. That number of entrants for that class will be based on the three player inductions that happened IRL in 1954.

In 2056 there will also be no players inducted, due to the lack of any RL inductions in 1958. This will be the only other time there will be zero chance for any inductions.*

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Class of 2042: None

Two players received First Ballot Screenings, neither got in.

2043 has the potential to be a big class.
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Class of 2043, Veterans Committe Selection: Edwards

Differing from the previous HOF threads, a Veterans Committee induction is no longer a player entering on the Veteran Standard. The Veteran Standard is still in place, and Veterans may enter on the basis of it, but it is not the only standard used by the Veterans Committee.

In the current model, once a player has been retired for 20 years, he is no longer on the (Vitual)BBWAA. The Veterans Committee is there to honor players that were either overlooked, or for some other reason, not voted in by the Virtual Writers.


The first Veteran Committee selection is a virtual unkown. Heck, he is in fact an Unkown.

Unknown Edwards becomes the first "Unkown" to enter any of the OOTP HOF.

IRL, U Edwards is a Cup Of Coffee player, having played in one game. He started this game as a pitcher, pitched 2 innings, but had one hit (a double) in 5 AB.

Reemerging in this alternate parallel universe, he was given the opportunity to pitch and develop into a HOFer.

Edwards was the 309th player taken in the Inaugural Draft of 2004 (Athletics).

Edwards is, perhaps, the most legendary power pitcher in league history.

Playing through the 2020 season, he won 120 games while dropping 106 and carried a career OOTP ERA of 4.04 (npa ERA+ 121).

In only 1982 1/3 IP, Edwards was able to strikeout 3007 batters (24th). This rate of 13.65 K/9IP is the best in league history.

Edwards would be the basis of pitching characters in the cinema of this alternate parallel universe. Like "Wild Thing" Vaughn and "Nuke" LaLooch, Edwards, while having gas to fan batters like no other, he also was prone to, shall we say, bouts of wildness. He walked 1550 men (2nd)...that's a rate of 7.04 per 9 IP. To be fair, 19 of his career walks were IBB....

It is not obvious from his career W/L record, but Edwards pitched on winning teams. Anyone that is consistently playing for a winner is, himself, contributing to the success of his teams.

Edwards pitched in 6 post seasons, and 5 times won the pennant. His career post season record is 8-2. In post season action he struck out 108 men in 73 2/3 IP (13.19 K/9) while posting an OOTP ERA of 3.18. He did walk 68 men in the post season also (8.31 B/9).

Though he pitched in 5 WS, his team was never able to bring home a crown (perhaps the reason the VBBWAA passed him over).

Edwards had his best season in 2015 as a member of the Astros. He went 17-7 with an OOTP ERA of 2.21 (npa ERA+ 195) striking out 277 men in 175 1/3 IP. He was named to his only All Star team that year. This Astros team was 85 game winner that finished in 4th place in the division race.

Twice previously Edwards had struck out 300 men and in one of those seasons carried an OOTP ERA of 2.31 (npa ERA+ 185) and was not named to the ASG.

The batters in the HOF all agreed that he was the pitcher they really hated to face, at any time.

Edwards, at the age of 60, is the oldest player to join the HOF.

ADD: While doing the write-up for Dan Brouthers, I found that Edwards was on the 2019 World Champion Braves, but was injured for all of the post season. He played through late August before he was knocked out.

This would be a sixth team that Edwards played for that won a pennant.

Black Ink: 18
Gray Ink: 58
HOFm: 80.1
HOFs: 24

Gorilla Composite: 1.7

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Class of 1943, VBBWAA Selections, Part 1: Serrano, Brouthers, Robinson

Including the VC selection of Edwards, six players (4 hitters, 2 pitchers) enter the HOF in 2043. 3 of them are RL HOFers. Of the 19 HOF members, 12 are also enshrined in Cooperstown.


Alex Serrano is an all time great closer for the second league in a row. Another Cup of Coffee player IRL, Serrano was simply a dominant closer for decades, once again.

Selected by the Tampa Bay Rays with the 21st overall pick in 2009. Serrano logged time in 20 big league seasons before he retred following the 2029 season.

From 2010 through 2027 Serrano saved no fewer than 27 games in each and every season. In fact, it was in 2027 when, at age 43, Serrano posted his career high in saves for a season with 46 (t-13th). This was the third time Serrano led the league in Saves.

Over the course of his career Serrano saved an astounding 605 baseball games. No other player has more than 435, and no active player has more than 340.

Serrano saw all of his action as a RP, appearing in 1251 games, the most in league history.

Serrano won 86 games, lost 96, and posted a career OOTP ERA of 2.72 which is an astounding npa ERA+ of 175.

In 1335 2/3 IP, he struck out 1111 men while walking only 293.

In 2015 Serrano saved 33 games in 36 opportunities and 5 more in 5 post season attempts as he bedrocked the Tampa bull pen to a WS win.

Serrano saved 20 post season games while posting an OOTP ERA of 1.88, striking out 45 in 38 1/3 IP while walking only 9.

14 times, Serrano was named to the All Star team. At the age of 58 he enters the HOF.

Black Ink: 10
Gray Ink: 61
HOFm: 203.1
HOFs: 20

Gorilla Composite: 2.2


Dan Brouthers was the 5th player selected in the 2017 draft (Braves).

7 All Star games, 6 Batting Titles, 3 World Championships, and MVPs later, he enters the HOF at the age of 44.

Brouthers retired following the 2036 season with 2586 career hits (14th), 593 doubles (7th), 377 HRs (62nd), and 1383 RBI (28th) in 2149 games (t-29th, Mickey Mantle).

Brouthers scored 1526 times (12th, between Billy Williams and Al Rosen), hit 78 triples (7th) and stole 203 bases while compiling a career slash line of 325/415/561 (14th/7th/41st) for a npa OPS+ of 161.

Brouthers won 3 WS with the Braves, including back to back titles in 2019 and 2020 (his first MVP season). U Edwards pitched for the 2019 team, but suffered a SEI in late August and was unavailable for the play-offs. He also led the Braves to a WS win in 2022, establishing the 2019-2022 Braves as one of the great teams in league history.

In 2023 he won his second MVP by slashing 363/455/672 for an npa OPS+ of 200, his second OPS_ season of at least 200 (2020). He hit 43 HRs and had a career high 131 RBI and a career high 221 hits, his first of three 200 hit seasons. He also scored a career high 154 runs.

Black Ink: 36 (79)
Gray Ink: 156 (263)
HOFm: 238 (162)
HOFs: 63 (54)

Gorilla Composite: 5.3 (6.9)


Frank Robinson got a bit of a snub by not getting a First Ballot nod. OOTP mimics RL as the player who I consider to be the best player in baseball history that is never part of 'best player in baseball history' conversations receives a slight, here, also.

Robinson was selected with the 9th overall pick by the Cubs in 2017. He chose to attend Rice University, instead.

In 2018, the Cubs used their compensation pick (10th overall) to again select Robinson. This time he signed with them.

The Cubs would have to wait a second year for them to have Robinson play for them. He suffered a major knee injury in Spring Training of 2019 and was lost for the season.

His rookie 2020 season was again shortened by injury (24 games). In 2021, he proved to the Cub faithful that they were correct in wanting him in their organization. He batted .351 with 50 HR and 134 RBI as he posted an npa OPS+ of 207 with a .447 OBP and a .722 slg%.

He crushed Wrigleyville when he chose to leave, for all places, San Diego, to play with the Jewels. It was there, not in Chicago (of course) that Robinson hit 45 HRs in 2027, to go alomg with teammate Hank Aaron's 54 HR, that he won his only WS title.

In 2029 he hit 47 HR in only 110 games and slashed 360/454/758 (npa OPS+ 212) to win his first of two MVPs.

In 2033 he suffered his second Spring Training SEI (again, the knee), just one year after signing a three year deal with Washington.

He worked hard and stayed focussed, and in 2034 he hit a career high 63 HRs in D.C. and won his second MVP, at the age of 35.

He finished his career as member of my Colorado Rockies in 2040. Sadly, the $12 million one year deal didn't pay off, as Robinson 's season ended in the first week of May with another knee injury. These three noted injuries were torn MCL, torn ACL, and torn PCL, respectively....talk about a trifecta.

Robinson hit 732 HRs (5th) as he collected 2506 base hits (21st). He drove in 1812 (8th, two fewer than Billy Williams) and scored 1656 runs (6th). He hit 413 doubles (64th) and also stole 103 bases while slashing 319/410/661 (22nd/11th/2nd) for a monster npa OPS+ of 183 and the 3rd best OPS in league history.

A 12 time All Star, Robinson enters the HOF at the age of 44 with 2 GGs to his credit.

Black Ink: 20 (35)
Gray Ink: 174 (320)
HOFm: 276 (222)
HOFs: 73 (66)

Gorilla Composite: 5.2 (6.2)

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Class of 2043, VBBWAA Selections, Part 2: Zwilling, Davis

There are a few players that the OOTP dev engine just seems to love, based on my random debut run-throughs. One of them is Alex Serrano, another is also inducted in 2043, Dutch Zwilling (keep an eye out for Bill Delancey!).

Zwilling's HOF career began by being selected by the Washington Nationals with the 7th overall pick in 2017. He played in Washington until 2032, when he was traded to Baltimore, at the age of 34, mid season. He made stops in Houston, Oakland, and Austin before he retired following the 2036 season. At the age of 45, Zwilling joins the immortals in the converted tractor shed.

An 8 time All Star and a 4 time GG winner in CF, Zwilling collected 1911 hits (72nd), 490 of those were HR (21st), in his career. He drove in 1291 (43rd) and scored 1167 (47th) runs while slashing 308/369/621 (53rd/*/9th) for a career npa OPS+ of 161. His 419 career doubles rank him 51st on the all time list. Zwilling also swiped 185 bases in his playing time.

Zwilling ranks 11th on the All Time War list. No eligible player with a higher WAR total is not in the HOF.

In 2022 Zwilling hit 53 HRs and drove in 137 in only 118 games while slashing 353/403/751 for a npa OPS+ of 201. This was reason enough for the writers to honor him with the league MVP.

Zwilling never played in a WS.

Black Ink: 3 (8)
Gray Ink: 104 (40)
HOFm: 150 (12)
HOFs: 56 (11)

Gorilla Composite: 2.9 (0.9)


George Davis, the final member of the 2043 Class, is the first player to be inducted as a SS. He is not a bad guy to take that honor, at all.

Davis was selected by the Twins with the second overall pick in the 2013 draft.

Though he enters as a SS (my standard, not OOTP's), the six time All Star won his only GG as a CFer.

Davis had a career slash line of 293/360/442 for a npa OPS+ of 115. He collected 2965 hits (5th) in his career which lasted through the 2036 season. He rapped 719 doubles (2nd), 69 triples (12th), scored 1611 times (7th, sandwiched between Frank Robinson and Mickey Mantle) and drove in 1307 runs (40th, where he is currently sandwiched between two other Davises, Glenn and Alvin).

George Davis hit more singles than any other player in league history, 1959. He is also the career leader in stolen bases with 795 (he is also the career leader in CS, 214).

Though he was not a power hitter, he still hit the occasional long ball....218 for his career.

Davis led the Twins to two pennants, but fell short of taking a WS trophy back to the Target Field faithful. Davis enters the HOF at the age of 47.

Black Ink: 2 (4)
Gray Ink: 99 (111)
HOFm: 99.5 (81)
HOFs: 64 (54)

Gorilla Composite: 2.7 (2.5)


Unkown Edwards and George Davis make their first appearance in the OOTP HOF.

Alex Serrano, Frank Robinson, Dan Brouthers, and Dutch Zwilling are entering their second OOTP HOF.
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