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Suggestions for Future OOTP Versions Post suggestions for the next version of Out of the Park Baseball here!

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Old 10-22-2019, 10:16 AM   #141
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Originally Posted by kayfabe View Post
Your players highlighted in the Rule V draft pool. Makes it easier to see who you want to protect before the draft starts.
They are already called out on your roster page. I belive it is by # without looking at the game.
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Old 10-27-2019, 02:46 AM   #142
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I post this every year but an update news system is desperately needed. Football Manager itself has become bloated and tedious, but their news system customisation is great.
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Old 11-03-2019, 09:38 PM   #143
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I'd like to see player's photos imported by their name and their team.
When a player switches team the game should recognize it from the historical transaction.
Granted this would only work with historical transactions but it would be better than seeing Joe Dimaggio in an A's hat or Wade Boggs with a red sox uniform in 1996.

I tried the facegen but not there were not enough players with likeness for me.
Instead of facegen, why not just use one of those aging apps to age a player when there are no other photos available?
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Mt Fire Fighter (12-01-2019)
Old 11-05-2019, 06:15 PM   #144
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One small idea I have is personal catchers. It’d probably just be on a pitcher’s individual strategy page. Would be cool to pair my top prospects with the veteran backup with good catcher ability, for example.
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Coaching carousel. Adds so much depth to career mode. I remember when coaching carousel was implemented into NCAA Football 13. It was a game-changer.
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metsguy234 (12-09-2019)
Old 11-17-2019, 05:16 PM   #146
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Customizable Stat Views

Would love to be able to create an option that’s not “regular pitching stats, regular pitching stats 2, expanded pitching stats, expanded pitching stats 2” but rather where you can choose what stats you want to see and in what order. Like an editable excel sheet. For e.g. I’d love to be able to design my own page that gives “era, era+, fip, xfip, k/9, whip, gb%, hard hit %, mov, mov pot, stuff, stuff pot, control, control pot, stamina, age, personality type, and injury prone-ness.” There isn’t a way to set this up that I know of but I also am a dumb person so idk!

Option to present an over-budget investment to owners for approval (more realistic).

Luxury tax — I don’t think that’s in the game rn, is it?

3-way trades, trading IFA money

More in-depth player development - instead of just creating a “player development” budget, id like options on “investing in dietary plans, stadium/facility improvements at each level, improving your avg minor league salary, choosing different types of training methods: eg weighted balls, long toss, circuit training, etc. A lot of the really fun stuff right now in sabermetrics is in player development and I’d love to be able to take advantage of developing someone with a specific raw skill and changing their delivery/training process to improve their results.

Would love for staffing to include 3 “special advisor” slots to which you could add a certain focus.

Improved contract negotiations based on agents (eg Boras client demanding more cash, other agents potentially working to sign extensions earlier in players’ careers because they’re risk-averse)

Option to make a trade dependent on negotiating an extension with a player involved. Option to incentivize someone to waive a no trade clause by adding years/$ to contract.

Ability to invest in improved analytics team v improved scouting team.

Player/manager option

I loved how you could start on any day in 2019, but you couldn’t for the off-season. Would give the game an extra fun 5 months of game play if there were the option to start 3 days after the World Series...starting with the 2020-2021 offseason (once we reach that point in real time) with updated rosters and free agents and such. Fun to make more realistic offseason plans. There was an mlb general manager game back in the day that started with the offseason and I loved it.

A “GM meetings” in addition to winter meetings, where you’re provided with new intel “Brian cashman has told you that he’s looking to trade Miguel Andujar and is interested in these three right-handed relievers,” “Dan O’Dowd is looking to do a bad contract swap and wants to know why you think of Bryan Shaw,” etc. kind of like the messages you get in the game now, but a little more specific and valuable.
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Old 11-17-2019, 07:16 PM   #147
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Please improve the coaching system, making more clear who is good and who isn't...

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discodude5 (01-16-2020)
Old 11-21-2019, 09:22 PM   #148
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Economy, Contracts, and Logic.

1- It would be good to give logic to contracts in free agency, as well as to extensions, player changes, and international draft money;
For example: free agents to relate, age risks, injuries, city where you want to play, skills and statistics.
I see many free agents that demand a very large amount in monies and years, when they tend to be injured or their statistics are not sufficiently substantiated for such a contract, I believe that currently the free agents contract is based only on ratings.
In the same way for the extensions many players in ages of 33+ asking for contracts of 7-9 years. This is something illogical.

2 - The goals of the owners: It would be good to see a variety of goals and that are logical regarding the result of the team, needs and strengths, and statistics. As well as adding influence to these goals, both for the safety of your work, as for the budget (increase or decrease based on this), as well as for the income and fan base (of course taking into account the results, influence of players .etc).

3- Catchers: It would be good to add a synergy catcher -pitcher that influences the performance of some pitchers (this is mainly referred to as defensive ability, as well as a catcher can work with a specific type of pitcher), as well as adding more statistics. precise in the influence of the catcher defensively.

4- Assign a new position "Utility"; In some cases it happens that we want a player in that position that is versatile but only comes from the bench. and not be taken into account for the main lineup, as well as assign reserve players their "bench player" position. These are players that we only want to come from the bench or when the holder is tired.
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Old 11-29-2019, 01:26 AM   #149
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Rally sounds made appropriate

Rally sounds should only play when the home team is at bat and rallying.
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I'd like the option to consider all major leagues for Hall of Fame voting, so a player who spent time in Japan or the Negro Leagues or Cuba can have their career stats there factored into their case for the Hall. Honestly surprised this feature isn't already in-game...
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Old 11-30-2019, 07:20 PM   #151
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With all the updates that are involved I would like to see an option that real life injuries be incorporated into the game instead of the randomness we now have.

Thank you
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Old 12-01-2019, 06:40 PM   #152
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More attention to solo players please
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I would like to see historical transactions to show me which player is involved in the transaction and what type of transaction has happened, trade, free agency, retiring, and injury. Before OOTp XX thus worked fine.
Secondly how about the date of the game on the main game screen.

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Hkim (12-11-2019)
Old 12-05-2019, 12:03 AM   #154
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Team/Organization awards, such as ML Pitcher or Player of the year, Minor League player of the year, etc.

Would still love a news item that includes the the scouting reports for the top 10 prospects from each team.

Specific player usage instructions for spring training or minors, such as a specific set of pitchers for a spring training game (define a staff vs just the starter) or usage instructions for RPs such as don't pitch on consecutive days
OOTP18.... I can finally implement Winter Leagues!

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for the international complex - how about some coaches to help speed up development such as a pitching coach, a hitting coach and a fielding coach - all specific to the IC? we have them for the major and minors, so maybe not an impossibility for the IC?
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Historical Exhibition include whole Farm System not just 40 man.
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Probably already been mentioned, but managerial history for each team. Also wouldn't mind adding additional coaching positions, even if they're just cosmetic (namely base coaches and a bullpen coach).
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Galeg (12-10-2019)
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Begin season prior to Spring Training

Why not give users the opportunity to begin the initial MLB season either before spring training begins or right before the regular season begins (as occurs now?
Users who begin their season early would be able to invite players to spring training, better evaluate all players, and would have more time to make more trades.
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I have a few things I am looking for:

I would really like a Import/Export of the League Modifiers to spreadsheet to be added, me and my dad both do this manually & entering all the numbers for MLB 2 AAA 3 AA 5 A is time consuming not to mention my dad is not as able to type as he once did and it won't get better, being able to copy & paste & Import will be much better and I do know that there is a decent amount of people who also do the same thing, so this would be very useful.

My other one is more a a minor thing that I have missed in this game for so long but is a Unique little thing I would love to see back in the game.
The recording of who a player got their first hit against, First HR or a Milestone Hit/HR. The game already records the Milestone for 300 or more HR and 2000 or more hits so a Got 2000th career Hit off Zach Miller would be cool because what if you get your first Hit and 2000th hit off same guy.

The last thing at the moment I am looking for is Better Lineup configuration, it seems in 20 that the AI doesn't know that Players who are HORRIBLE against LHP shouldn't play or should be at least moved down in the order.
Also DH if possible should be a position that the AI wants to have a Good hitter in not Average hitter no matter if the Preference of the Coaches is defense first because DH defense doesn't matter.

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Oh, one other thing...ability to trade International FA pool money (and associated with this the ability to sign intl FA's for a minimum amount if you exceed this pool or are under penalty) I know this is specific to the MLB style game and subject to how you setup your league and what not...but would be a nice addition for those that want to emulate current MLB as much as possible
OOTP18.... I can finally implement Winter Leagues!

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