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Old 10-01-2016, 06:38 PM   #61
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Ability to Sort By Player Selected

It would be nice to be able to have a sort function for players you selected in by tagging them (with the little round circle). Sometimes I want to just focus on two or three players from a list and it would be nice to tag them then click on the top column of the tag column to bring those selected players to the top.
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Team Splits

Not sure if this is technically an interface feature, but I'd love to see a screen where you can show splits at the team level. It would also be cool to have an ability to set a "since date" function, so you could see a team stats since a period of time (this would be helpful to evaluate how a team has done since a trade, or during a win streak).
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malor (10-01-2016)
Old 10-01-2016, 06:42 PM   #63
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Since Date in Player Stats Page / Splits

Under the player stats page, where the top performing player in certain categories are listed (BA, RBI, HR, etc.) it would be nice to be able to see those stats based on splits or since a certain date. I know we can technically do this in the screen where all players are listed, but this is a nice summary and sometimes I just want to see who is leading in stats for the month so I can get a sense of who might be Player of the Month.
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1) I did not like the color schemes and almost immediately starting asking how to change them. They were too LOUD and many of the combinations were extremely difficult to read the text background combination. Please provide an option to "set all team colors in all leagues to the team being viewed".
2) Standing widget at top right is redundant because the same info is available on the team home page and standings page. Please provide the option to remove it. The schedule widget should be expanded to also show the upcoming pitcher for the team being viewed. It should also show most past games to eliminate scrolling.
3) The lineups views, whether customer views, sorts, scope, splits, position options, etc. should always save and display the last view used so when you return to them it is not necessary to choose the options again each time the screen is loaded. The current version is a pain because of this. I just opened the game and the pitcher view defaulted to a setting that showed all zeroes even though the season is 10 games in and was last set to regular season. I had to reselect MLB scope and regular season to show status. That should not happen. Same thing is required for other screen views, FA view, Coaches view, etc. Any list should retain the last setting used. These settings should be able to be saved and imported into future versions of the game or new leagues when created, I.E., they should be portable via an export/import option.
4) Add hotkey support where needed but don’t eliminate mouse support. Please provide an option to make the scroll bars customizable. I want them to be larger, but other many want smaller. Make sure document and list the change. I just found out about the right-click to close player profile screen in this thread. I don’t know how long it has been around but that should have been list in bold on the list of updated features. The time it has saved already is amazing.
5) I’m using default OOTP17 skin. I could not tolerate the other skins. I like simple color combinations to make it easy to read. Add all the skins you want, but do not remove the existing ones so we have options to use what pleases each one of us and not be forced to switch just because a new version is released. We also should not be forced to go find an old version import it ourselves.

Hiring personnel needs to be easier. More info needs to be provided about the talents of the coaches. Provide rating like the players with a current rating and potential rating in the various categories on one screen so it is easy to compare on one screen without being forced to write notes outside the game. Right now there is not enough info to make a decision so I’m forced to go into commissioner mode to get the required info.
Thanks for listening.
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3) What interface quirks would you like to see fixed / improved?
For me, the entirety of the 'create new game - advanced mode' screens could use an update and reorganization. For example, there are three places to set the date: on the left side (a date which gets reset when you "Add New League"), on the financials page, and on the stats page -- which also sets the dates for the financials page.

Also, possibly being able to import/export HoF and Milestone numbers, or perhaps an "adjust by XX%" button. Also, having the League Events calendar expanded to cover all levels (did I set roster expansion before or after the end of the AAA season?).

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Old 10-02-2016, 01:42 AM   #66
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I loved OOTP 16, but not OOTP17

One of the features of OOTP 16 that I loved was the ability to begin a season with every player as a free agent, then signing players within my budgetary limitations to fill out my roster. I'm unable to do this with OOTP 17 because the season's start date is too late to have a legal minimum roster by the time spring training begins. I've attempted to change the date of the season's start to allow for more time to negotiate with players, but thus far have been unable to make that change. I'd appreciate any suggestions to correct this difference.
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Time to promote the 3D pawns into real animated players. Lets have a strong focus on this for OOTP18, making the game much more interesting when playing out the games.
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Originally Posted by injury log View Post
Just about making stats and ratings views more usable:
  • in player Profile views, do something to make Major League stat lines look different from minor league ones, make the minor league lines a slightly lighter shade or something else. Same in the Batting Stats and Pitching Stats tabs. It's too difficult to quickly get the info you want (usually MLB performance data) from those stat lines, especially when a guy has changed teams a lot, because you constantly need to reference the 'League' column.
  • stop defaulting to 'All Levels Combined' when you switch to the Batting Stats or Pitching Stats tabs, when you're looking at a Major League player. If I'm signing a 30 year old FA, I don't want to see what he did in A-ball as a 20 year old. I want to see what he's done in the Majors recently.
  • abandon the "more is more" philosophy used in a lot of the stats and ratings displays. "More" is often less, if it makes a screen unreadable. Trying to cram all the batting stats and all the pitching stats into a single view during the Amateur Draft, for example, makes that screen almost unusable. I can't even see the lead digit in the ERA column. Same for the ratings display view for International Amateur FAs.
  • related: prioritize information on spreadsheet views. If you go to your pitching staff, and choose the Pitching Potential view, that's an example of a view done well - all the key ratings (Stuff/Move/Ctl) are together near to the player names. The less important info (Stamina, G/F, Hold Runners) is shunted off to the right. That's how it should be. The Batting Ratings view, on the other hand, is confusing - too many columns you rarely care about are in the middle of the display (two different Bunting ratings), and the platoon columns are very hard to make any sense of. For new users in particular, the screen should prioritize what's important - maybe some people care about AvoidK, but that's boiled into the Contact rating already. Putting it off to the right would make clear it's not important to consider it separately from the core ratings - CON/GAP/POW/EYE/SPD/STL. The Batting Stats view is even worse, I'd bet most users never look at a third of the columns in that view. Those who do can customize, I'd rather have a default I can read.
  • When I'm making a lineup vs LHP, what I want to see is how well all my batters will do against LHP in all their ratings, and in a view where it's very easy to compare players with each other. I want checkboxes at the top of the screen: vs all P, vs RHP, vs LHP. If I choose vs LHP, say, I want to see all my players' ratings vs LHP, and all their stats only vs LHP. It should be easy for any user to do that, even those unaware of the view customization, because platoon strategy is one of the most important strategies available to a real life manager. And I want to access that info with one click, not by going through submenus to find a custom view.
Good stuff, Ian. I'd like to underscore the "more is more" complaint. I've been harping about this problem since forever. I'd rather have less, but more pertinent, info displayed. Tabs could be used to access more info, if needed. Also, font size could be increased if less info has to be displayed, making it easier to read at a glance.
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Originally Posted by Markus Heinsohn View Post

1) Did you like the OOTP 17 color scheme and use of team colors. If not, what could be improved?

4) Any feature ideas that relate to the interface which you'd like to see implemented (i.e. more hotkey support)
There are instances where the icons in the side bar are hard to see because of the team color. For example with the Colorado Rockies. he icon bar is white and the icons are white as well. It would be nice if this kind of clash could be avoided.

I'm not sure if this counts as interface, but it would be nice to have the rule 5 indicator (#) in the Players in Organisation list, to make it easier to sort these players.
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I would like to know why I cannot offer minor league contracts to players with demands for a major league deal from the contract negotiation screen?? I should be able to have the ability to select "minor league contract" from the "contract type" drop down.

Currently you may offer a minor league contract from the "available actions" drop down, but not from the negotiation screen....this should be changed, as people may get the idea that offering a minor league contract is not a viable option, or aren't allowed to for some reason.
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Old 10-03-2016, 08:40 AM   #72
David Watts
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Just thought of something interface related that drives me nuts.

You play out a game and the game takes you directly to the boxscore screen. Now say Joe ___________ pitched a great game and you decide you want to see how he's pitched his last few times out, or how his numbers this year compare to last year. You select Joe ___________ from the boxscore and the when you leave the boxscore the game takes you to Joe________'s info screen. This works great. You then play the next game on the schedule. Just like before, once you finish the game, OOTP takes you directly to the boxscore screen. Problem is, since you selected to look at Joe ____________'s info page the prior game, OOTP takes you to the prior games boxscore instead of the boxscore of the game you just finished. Happens every single time with 17.
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Markus, I really don't have any problems with the interface. Of course, I play on a tiny laptop screen so I don't have much real estate to begin with.

There's one thing, though, that disappeared a few years back and its absence has driven me nuts ever since. That's the ability to set a player's number from the "Available Actions" drop-down menu on the player screen. It disappeared a few years back (maybe with OOTP 15?) and now the only way to set the number is through the Player Editor screen.

What was great about the drop-down menu was that you could only pick unassigned numbers. If someone else had the number, it didn't show up on the drop-down. Now, through the player editor, you don't know if a number is available or not. You can only type it in and hope you don't get the "Uniform Number Already in Use!" message. Then, if you do, try again with another number. And so on, and so forth.

I know the uniform number drop-down box works with the new interface, because it's still there on the retired numbers page. Please bring it back to the player page, too. I know I can't be the only person who misses it.

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Retina support for Mac, please.
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Originally Posted by dewelar View Post
the ability to adjust column widths in any and all views, but especially player/personnel lists, would be good
This, please.
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1) Did you like the OOTP 17 color scheme and use of team colors. If not, what could be improved?

No complaints.

2) How about the interface layout, is the upper area (info & navigation) easy to use and understand?

The groupings don't make a lot of intuitive sense and many things are buried in submenus. I miss the old dropdown menus that had everything you wanted all in one place, instead of having to remember what is kept under "file" and what is under "game" and so on.

3) What interface quirks would you like to see fixed / improved?

When you're in your roster/lineup screen and you click on a player, then right-click to exit back out, a lot of times it reads that as a right click on the player's name in the roster screen and brings up the player menu (place on disabled list, open player profile, etc), but I was right-clicking to get back there in the first place.

It is still very buggy about automatically assigning positions in the lineup based on the depth chart. Doesn't work more often than it does.

4) Any feature ideas that relate to the interface which you'd like to see implemented (i.e. more hotkey support)?

Related to (2), I would just like everything to be located in one place. The dropdown menus take up such a tiny portion of a large screen. There is so much more room that is being wasted that could make everything easier to find with fewer clicks. I happen to still have v14 installed on my computer and I love that menu. I click on the league menu and I get a bunch of groupings: Basics, Transactions, History, Logs, Info & Reports, and Advanced, and every option is just right there. No remembering which menu item I have to click on to find the thing I'm looking for.

5) Which skin did you use in OOTP 17? Would you like to see an alteration to our usual default / dark / classic skin themes?

I don't use skins. The default is fine for me.
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i would like to be able to have an announcer for each team and be able to add his picture for each team that shows up in the game play.
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Please add a pop-up confirmation window to ask "Are you sure?" when using mass select.

Yes, I just accidentally promoted the entire pitching staff for my Rookie League team up to the next level. It's times like this I really wish there was an "undo" button, as well.
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This is only kind of about the interface, but I quite liked that in 16, if we were writing our own postgame news we could write a player's name and get the link to their player page in the story. This seems to have been a casualty of the automated stories, which are a very nice thing to have for sure, but I'd love to get it back.
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It's probably already been brought up, however, I'd like to see the scroll bar slightly wider next year if possible.
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