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Major Leagues
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Commish Predictions: Raht Division

Note: These are simply just my own predictions of how things might shape up. They are not meant to insult anybody, they are meant for you to either prove me wrong – or prove me right.

Raht Division Preview:

6th Place: WBF

Offense – D-:
Speed is not going to be a problem for the WBF. They have five guys who can steal 20 or more bases, with Antonio Hernandez who has true game changing elite speed. The problem with this lineup as I see it, is their best offensive player may end up with an OPS under .800. David Young provides probably the only true power threat in the lineup, and he’s going to be an all or nothing type hitter.

Starting Pitching - F:
The starting rotation will be really good at one thing. Giving up home runs. They have five guys who are not big strikeout machines and honestly aren’t really guys who lack control. Where they get beat is the long ball, and they rely on their defense – and the defense in WBF is below average. The starting rotation is hardly ever going to give this team a chance.

Relief Pitching – C+:
The positive? This bullpen is pretty good. The negative? They are going to get so overworked that they may not actually get to show it. They really don’t have a guy in the pen that I look at and worry about what might happen when he enters the game. Unfortunately for them – they may always come into the game facing a deficit rather than protecting a lead.

Wins Give or Take 5: 64

5th Place: Field of Dreams

Offense - C:
They are kind of a middle of the pack type lineup. They do not have a big power threat, but they do have some pretty solid hitters. Guys like Catron & Strong are going to be close to .300 hitters, paired with Padilla and Ball being high OBP guys – the offense will get things done, it may just take a while. Schade and Catron give them enough speed to force opponents to pay close attention. The offense is the only thing putting them in 5th place rather than 6th.

Starting Pitching - F:
They do have one legitimate starter in the mix. Jesus Castro should strike out 250+ batters – the problem is when he is not striking them out, he’s giving up base hit after base hit. He’s going to be so inconsistent – but still, when he pitches, FOD fans will at least have something to cheer for.

Relief Pitching – F-:
I really just am not sure what happened with the drafting of the pitchers here. Their bullpen is full of guys who put runners on base out of habit.

Wins Give or Take 5: 66

4th Place: VBL

Offense - C:
This offense will rely heavily on OBP type hitters, and moving base to base rather than supported with speed or power. Nobody in this lineup really strikes fear in opposing pitchers, but they are mostly professional hitters. The same goes for speed. Nichols & May, might challenge for about 20 steals each – but nothing to force the opposition into game planning specifically against them.

Starting Pitching - D:
I’m not a fan of #1 pitchers who throw softer than my daughter (she’s 3). Valentin Dominguez to me, is going to disappoint over the full season because he’s never going to be the true ace they need. If I’m right, then they are in trouble because the rest of the staff is pretty low class if you ask me. You know, since this is my rep and he is used to my tough critiques… I’ll say it here. I do not understand why teams draft pitchers who CLEARLY rely on solid defense behind them – and then do not draft good defenders. The VBL is poor at 1B, 3B, and SS. You don’t even need to look at the OF because if your pitchers have a history of giving up hits and not striking batters out – you need gloves behind them. If your infield minus your 2B are poor, you’re going to get burned.

Relief Pitching – F-:
What is wrong with the starting staff is even more wrong with the bullpen. The offense is good enough to compete with several teams, but the pitching is just left out to dry by the defense that they will hardly ever have a positive impact.

Wins Give or Take 5: 71

3rd Place: MLB Pro

Offense: D
The offense is filled with .600-.700 OPS hitters. That’s not really doing this team any favors. Most of the OBP’s will be close to .330 or lower, and pair that with no 20+ HR threats and maybe a few 15 SB players and you have a pretty vanilla offense if you ask me. An interesting study will be Juan Ferreria. He is coming off a terrible year, but he was just 21 years old. MLB Pro is banking on his off-season improvement.

Starting Pitching: D-
I like Bowles and Merle, but the 3-5 keep this team from being a playoff contender. The problem with this rotation will undoubtedly be the walks. Anderson, Garcia, and Callahan in a full 30 start season could each walk close to if not 100 batters. You can’t win like that.

Relief Pitching: C+
I like most of the pieces here, truthfully they are probably more of a B- than a C+. Albright could contend for the top closer in the entire league. Jackson & Weaver just get the job done. Here’s the thing with this team, if they catch a break with their 3-5 starters and keep it close, their bullpen is going to win them more games than you’d think.

Wins Give or Take 5: 86

2nd Place: FOBL

Offense: A
A rule breaker for sure because this team doesn’t rely on speed and their defense is probably going to be at the league average. But, talk about a team that can mash. This team will have 3-4 guys with 30+ HR by the end of the season. A veteran like Will Taylor is going to benefit from the fountain of youth (no injuries), and might revert to his 1982 numbers of 30+ HR.

Starting Pitching: C
Their ace, Alberto Trevino is a true ace. After that though, they do have some question marks. Can the young Bill Lewis step right into a big league job from AAA? Domingo Cruz is an interesting #2 because he has the ability to be one of the best lefty starters, so long as he doesn’t throw his slider.

Relief Pitching: B+
The bullpen is truly borderline elite. Their less used middle relievers keep them from an A bullpen – which can be managed. Terry Hill is an elite closer and will be as close to a shut down late inning guy as you will find in this league.

Wins Give or Take 5: 95

1st Place: PEBA

Offense: A-
The offense does everything you need in this league to succeed. They have insanely good speed, probably the first or second best in the entire league with 7 or 8 guys who can swipe 20 bags at least. They have six 20+ HR threats, and they field the ball in the top 5 of the entire league. There’s not much more you can ask for in this league. If they have a flaw, it’s likely going to be their overall OBP could be in the bottom half. Still, they make the most of their at bats and the times they do get on base that it will be hard for others to catch up.

Starting Pitching: B
Like I mentioned with VBL, this team has starters who do rely a bit on putting the ball in play. The difference is they actually have the defense to fall back on. Jim Taylor to me is an underrated ace like pitcher. He has the ratings, just doesn’t have the resume. I think this is the year he breaks out – just in time for PEBA.

Relief Pitching: A-
Their bullpen has two closers, and both are lights out. Estrada and Williams are so very elite, that it’s almost unfair they ended up on the same roster. You pair them, with solid middle relief plus a dynamite offense and you have one of the best bullpens in the league.

Wins Give or Take 5: 99
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