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My 1300+ team, 48 league World Explained


Hey OOTP forums! I have been running this league (or world) I am about to talk about for 4 years irl, and figured some of you guys may want to hear some things about it. I am sure some people have done this concept before, probably even bigger than I have, but this file could be a different take on this kind of world. I am currently in June of the 2073 season, so year 59 of this file. Currently, this file has 1,337 teams (major and minor) and 38,387 players. There are 306 “Major” league teams divided among 16 Major Leagues, 48 leagues total counting feeders and farm leagues, that covers most of the world’s population. I used to have over 600 major teams with almost 30 major leagues total, but I had to cut down some after moving to college, work, and generally not having enough free time. I also have World Baseball Classic qualifiers for each continent, which features 40+ national teams for certain continents, including a 50 state “National” league for all US States. The season begins in March with the “World Super League”, which features 16 teams split into New World (North/South America) and Old World (Everything else) Divisions containing the best teams from the previous year. After the WSL finishes up in late April, spring tournaments are played, followed by league seasons starting in late May or early June. League playoffs start in August, with World Super League qualifiers ending the club season in early October. Mid October to November is national team season, with Qualifiers taking place every 4 years, the Associations Cup (an alternate qualification route) taking place the year after Qualifiers, and the 32 team World Baseball Classic taking place the year after, with every 4th year being an off year. December/January is the offseason. Ill go through each league next to give you guys some insight on some of the teams that compete in these leagues

American Association (USA D1)
Founded: 2014
Most Championships: Houston 20s (8)
The American Association is the top level of the 6 level American Baseball Pyramid. It consists of 16 teams, split into 2 leagues, the Republic League and the Patriot League. 88 games are played (8 against each league team, 4 against each interleague opponent), then the top 4 teams qualify for the playoffs. They are seeded 1 to 8 regardless of subleague. The bottom 2 teams in each subleague are relegated to the USBA (USA D2). The AmA champion automatically qualifies for the World Super League, while the runner up heads to the WSL qualifiers. Originally, the AmA was a single table of 10 teams, of which 6 are still using their original name. The league slowly grew and expanded. The first expansion took place in 2022. In 2029 a competing league was founded in the US, the United States Baseball League. In response, the AmA expanded the year after. These two leagues fought over talent and prestige until they agreed to merge in 2041, forming the current Promotion and Relegation pyramid used today. The USBA still maintained its major league status, even though it became the second division of American Baseball.
In general, the AmA has had very good parity compared to other leagues around the world. Although the Houston 20s have jumped out to a large title lead, there are many other “blue blood” American teams that compete in the league. 5 teams have 4 or more championships. The Houston 20s (8), Chicago Firebirds (5), Oklahoma City Thunder Hawks (5), Philadelphia Reapers (4) and Phoenix Bison (4). 3 of these teams are part of the “original 10” (Houston, Philadelphia and OKC (formally a Chicago team)), with Phoenix having entered the league via expansion in 2022 and the Firebirds having joined the league after being a charter member of the USBA. In general, the AmA is considered in the top tier of leagues with the Association de Caribe, Japanese Professional Baseball League and Mexican Baseball League. 4 American teams have won 5 total World Championships between them.

United States Baseball Association (USA D2)
Founded: 2029
Most Championships: Los Angeles Royales (4)
The USBA is the 2nd “Major” league located in the United States, and the 2nd level of the US Baseball Pyramid. The Association has 2 8 team subleagues (Patriot League Two and Republic League Two). Founded in 2029, the USBA quickly established itself as a rival to the American Association. The charter members included American baseball powerhouses like the Chicago Firebirds and Los Angeles Royales. The league later expanded to include fan favorites that disappeared for a while, like the Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees. These moves made the American Association agree to a merge which added P/R, allowing USBA teams to fight for the American National Championship, while keeping the USBA itself a major league league. The USBA has some teams that can rival even the best teams of Division 1 leagues, but it is very dependent on the year
The top two RL2 and PL2 teams qualify for promotion to the AmA. The playoff system is the same as the AmA, with the top 4 teams in each league being seeded 1-8 regardless of league affiliation. The last place team in each league is relegated down to the minor leagues and the National Association, the USs D3 league. Being relegated out of the Major Leagues is a HUGE loss for most teams monetarily, as the financial differences between the Majors and the Minors are a lot greater than the differences between D1-2 and D3-4. The USBA Cup champion qualifies into the 2nd round the American Super Cup, which gives a WSL spot to the champion

National Association (USA D3)
Founded: 2020 (as an AmA farm league)
Most Championships: Richmond Rebels (2), Dallas Bulls (2), Rochester Mudcats (2), Savannah Surfers (2)
(DISCLAIMER: when I say “Minor League” I don’t mean a minor league like a farm league. I mean minor league as in these leagues do not get auto bids to the WSL or the American Super Cup)
The National Association started out as the main farm league for the American Association in 2020. The league when fully professional and independent in 2041 when it became the 3rd tier of the US pyramid. This league also has 16 teams split into 2 leagues, the Union League (feeds into the Patriot League) and the Federal League (feeds into the Republic League). The champion of each league (1st place regular season finishes) gets promoted to the USBA and the Major Leagues. The bottom two teams in each league are relegated to D4, the Continental Association. Playoff wise, the NA works just like the USBA and AmA. The champion moves on to face the winners of the Continental Association, US Open Association A and US Open Association B in the Minor Cup, which puts the winner in the 1st round of the American Super Cup.
The National Association is usually considered around the quality of the Middle East Association. Financially the two leagues are comparable, although recent international success has vaulted the MEA over the NA

Continental Association (USA D4)
Founded: 2029 (as a USBA farm league)
Most Championships: Anaheim Angels (3)
The CoA is D4 in the pyramid and is considered the 2nd best Minor League in the country. The CoA was founded in 2029 along with the USBA as its farm league, before gaining independence and a spot as the 4th tier in 2041. The league has the same structure as the other US leagues with it hosting Union League Two and Federal League Two. The top 2 teams in each league are promoted, while only the bottom team in each league are relegated to the Open Association. Just like the drop off from Major to Minor is killer, the drop between the Minor Leagues and the Open Associations is also a tough pill to swallow. The playoff structure is a tad different, as only 6 teams make the playoffs. Those teams are still seeded 1-6, with the top 2 teams getting byes. The CoA champ goes to the Minor Cup

United States Open Association A (USA D5)
Founded: 2044
Most Championships: North Chicago Union (3), Buffalo Billies (3)
United States Open Association B (USA D6)
Founded: 2058
Most Championships: Colorado Springs 14ers (2), Birmingham Barons (2)
The United States Open Association was founded in 2044 as a way to get even more US cities involved. At the time the USOA had 40 teams split into two subleagues, the Clark League (feeds into the Federal League) and the Lewis League (feeds into the Patriot League). The USOAB was founded in 2058 to spread the levels out a little bit. Both A and B levels have 20 teams split into 2 leagues. The A Association promotes only the champion of each league and relegates the bottom 2. The B Association promotes the top 2 in each league, and does not relegate anybody. Playoffs are the top 2 teams in each league for both A and B. Champions play the NA and CoA champs in the Minor Cup
There is 104 teams in the US pyramid, every state has at least one team but Maine. So chances are no matter where you live, there is a fake baseball team from this league within driving distance! (and that doesn’t even count the hundreds of farm teams)

Now onto the foreign leagues

Association de Caribe
Founded: 2059
Most Championships: Santa Clara Airhogs (Cuba) (3)
The “Caribbean Association” was founded in 2059. Consisting of teams from the old Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, Central American, Dutch Island, and Lesser Antilles League, the AdC is a bit of a “Super League”. 33 teams are placed in a single league table, where they play each other team once in a 3 game series, for a total of 99 games. The top 12 teams move onto the playoffs. The league champion then plays the regular season champion in a one game “supercup” series, with the winning team automatically qualifying for the World Super League and the losing team qualifying for the qualifiers. When first constructed, many thought the AdC would be a powerhouse. But so far the league has struggled globally, and has yet to win a single World Series, or even a New World Division. In that same time span, the AmA, JPBL, Mexican League, Liga de Sudamerica, Asian Mainland League, and even the European Super League has won World Titles. In the AdC era Santa Clara (Cuba) and Santo Domingo (DR) are the only teams to win multiple Caribbean Cups. Although the league only dates back 14 years, most of the teams in the league date back 50+ years. The Guaynabo Reign (Puerto Rico), Camaguey Chiefs (Cuba), La Romana Lightning (DR), Mayaguez Mercury (Puerto Rico), Santiago de Cuba Lemons (Cuba) and Spanish Town Amigos (Jamaica) were all historically successful in their previous leagues before jumping to the AdC. Although they haven’t won a World Titles with this league, 5 teams currently in the league have won 6 total World Championships between them, all in previous leagues

Japanese Professional Baseball League
Founded: 2025
Most Championships: Osaka Badlanders (11)
The JPBL was one of the first Asian Leagues to spring up and is generally considered the best Old World baseball league in the World. The league consists of 12 teams in a single table, with 96 games being played and 6 teams qualifying for the playoff. Regular Season and Playoff champions meet in a super cup, with the winner going to the WSL and the loser going to the WSL qualifiers. Japanese teams have won 5 World Championships, tied with the US and Mexico for most all time, and consistently dominate the Old World Division of the WSL. Historically, the Osaka Badlanders, Sakai Sting and Machinda Vulcans have ran the league. These three teams have 25 championships, 3 world titles and 11 WSL playoff appearances between them, with Machinda and Osaka being tied for the most WSL playoff appearances ever. From 2044 to 2059, a period of 15 years, only 3 championships were won by teams outside of the “Big 3”. As other leagues rise and fall, the JPBL has always been considered one of the top 3 leagues in the world.

Mexican Baseball League
Founded: 2014
Most Championships: Monterrey Magic (7)
One of only 3 leagues that has played every season sense 2014, the MXL has always been right on the bubble between an elite league and just a good league. The MXL has 16 teams divided into 2 subleagues, the North Mexican and South Mexican Leagues. The winners of these 2 leagues play in the best of 9 Mexican Cup, with the winner going to next years WSL and the loser playing in the qualifiers. The MXL has probably the most parity out of any league historically, with only a few teams really standing out. Domestically Monterrey’s 7 Cups is the most all time, with the Mexico City Miners (5), Guadalajara Goats (5) and Chihuahua Conquistadors (4) close behind. Internationally, 5 Mexican teams have each won one World Title each (Puebla, Guadalajara, La Paz, Chihuahua and Juarez) while Puebla and Mexico City Miners each have 2 WSL playoff appearances, leading the way for Mexican sides.

Canadian Baseball Association
Founded: 2014
Most Championships: Quebec City Crusaders (12)
The CBA consists of 2 leagues of 8 teams, the Canadian West Coast League and the Royal Canadian League. It is, along with the AmA and the MXL, one of the only 3 leagues to have played 59 full seasons. After playing 84 games the top 4 teams in each league qualify for the playoffs, with the champion going to the WSL via an automatic berth with the losing team heading to the qualifiers. 14 Canadian teams, 1 Greenlandic team and 1 Alaskan team play in the CBA. The Ottawa Oilers dominated the early CBA, winning 7 championships by 2027. Since then they only have one (2045). The Quebec City Crusaders have been the cream of the crop in Canada. Their 12 championships paces the league, as does their 2 World Series wins. The Hamilton Tigercats are the only other Canadian team to win a World Title. Quebec City also has 4 WSL playoff appearances, which is tied with Quito (Ecuador), Chicago Firebirds (USA), Osaka (Japan) and Machinda (Japan) for the most all time. Quebec City has won 3 straight championships and is coming off a 2072 World Series win over Cinderella American team Savannah, so the train does not look like it is slowing down anytime soon.

Liga de Sudamerica
Founded: 2059
Most Championships: Caracas Bullets (Venezuela) (5)
The South American League is another league that was created during the re-organization of World Baseball in 2059, taking the best teams from the Venezuela Baseball League, Columbian League, Brazilian Baseball League, Peru League and Argentine League. Every South American country except the Falkland Islands has a team in the LdS. It is generally considered to be in the 2nd tier of leagues with the Canadian, Asian Mainland, European, African and Oceana Leagues. A whopping 8 World Championships have been won by LdS teams, with 3 coming from Ecuadoran side Quito back to back to back. Those 3 are the only 3 won by teams that were currently in the LdS. Venezuelan squad Caracas has been the best team in the LdS’s short history. With Argentine side Mar del Plata and Columbian’s Bogota also having multiple championships.

Asian Mainland League
Founded: 2059
Most Championships: Nanjing Bonnies (China) (3)
Another league created by the World Organization, the Asian Mainland League combined the United Korean Baseball League, Chinese League and Taiwan League in 2059. 18 teams play 85 games in this league, culminating in a playoff for a WSL spot. After expanding in 2070, the league now features teams in China, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam. The AML is usually considered to be a small step down from the Canadian and South American Leagues, although most would say it is the second-best league in Asia. Nanjing (China), Keelung (Taiwan) and Prongyang (North Korea) are the only teams with multiple AML Championships. Surprisingly, AML teams have only ever won 1 World Championship, which happened in 2063 when Nanjing walked off South America’s Rio Gallegos with an extra inning, Game 7 of the World Series, home run.

European Super League
Founded: 2024
Most Championships: Berlin Diesel (Germany) (9)
The ESL has 28 spread from Spain to Finland and everywhere in between. 84 games are played and 16 teams make the ESL playoffs, which are the largest in the world. The ESL is another mid-tier league and was the first league to be formed outside of North/South America. Berlin’s 9 European Cups is the most all time, with the Amsterdam Jackalopes (Netherlands), Oslo Vikings (Norway) and Manchester Cobras (England) coming in with 5 or 4 each. European World Champions are not as rare as you would think though. Manchester won one in 2045 and Warsaw won the World Series in 2062.

Federation Africaine de Baseball
Founded: 2059
Most Championships: Algiers Aviators (Algeria) (5)
The African Baseball Federation (FAB) took the best teams from the old Sahara League, African Central League and South African League to form this African Super League. 22 teams compete for a WSL spot by winning the playoffs that follow a single table regular season. Historically, African leagues have been some of the weaker in the world, but recently Mogadishu and Casablanca have brought home back to back World Championships for Africa and did so by beating 2 heavily favored opponents in Vancouver and Houston. In general, North African teams have done the best, with one of them (Algiers) have 5 FAB titles and a World Title in 2047, while another (Casablanca) has a FAB title as well as a World Title. Tunis has 2 FAB championships, while Mogadishu also has 2 and a World Championship

Oceana Association
Founded: 2029
Most Championships: Melbourne Owls (Australia) (7)
The Oceana Association was originally founded as the Australian League in 2029, which featured 6 teams. The league eventually expanded and changed its name to the Oceana League after going international. Currently the Association consists of an 8 team Australian League, a 4 team New Zealand League and a 4 team Island League which features teams from the Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Fiji and Papau New Guiana. The winner of the playoffs between these leagues goes to the WSL, while the runner up goes to the qualifier. Internationally, the argument is there that the Oceana Association is the weakest league in the world, as no Oceana team has ever even won an Old World Championship, let alone a World Series. Melbourne has not won a championship since 2051, but they are still ahead of Perth, Darwin, Canberra and Alice Springs in terms of overall championships. The Suva Sky out of Fiji have 3 titles, which is the most for an Island team

Middle Eastern Association
Founded: 2025
Most Championships: Jerusalem Outriders (Israel) (10)
The MEA was founded as the Holy Land League in 2025, and featured only Israeli teams. It eventually expanded to form an association of 2 leagues, the Eastern Mediterranean League, and the Fertile Cresant League. The EML features teams from Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus and Gaza, while the FCL has teams in places like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. This Association is generally considered the weakest in the world, but the Beirut Redwoods out of Lebanon single handedly turned that around. The Redwoods shockingly made the WSL in playoffs in 2067 and 2068, winning the Old World Division in 2068, which was a MEA first. They were swept out of the World Series by Mexican side Chihuahua, but even winning the Old World was a massive accomplishment. Most consider the MEA to be even with the OA at this point.

If you made it this far thanks for reading!! I am pretty tired so ignore any grammar or spelling errors. I could ramble on about this league for hours, so I may write a follow up post if this gets any traction

If you have any questions ask away


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That sounds absolutely fantastic! I can't even imagine the amount of work that has gone into it lol

Do you have an easily-postable list of all the teams currently in your game world?

Also, how do you have it set up so teams qualify for the World Super League tournament, does the game automatically qualify them or do you have to manually enter the teams into a new tournament every year?

I'd love to know more details about this game world!
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Originally Posted by TerrenceJesus08 View Post
... I am sure some people have done this concept before, probably even bigger than I have, but this file could be a different take on this kind of world.
Nah, I don't think so


I'm really interested in hearing more!
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I would love to load this beast and just explore for an hour or so ...
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Originally Posted by Kobeck View Post
I would love to load this beast and just explore for an hour or so ...
Same! This is amazing.
Looking for an insomnia cure? Check out my dynasty thread, Baseball History, and eventually the rise of the Dodgers.
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Originally Posted by Winterburnsilva View Post
That sounds absolutely fantastic! I can't even imagine the amount of work that has gone into it lol

Do you have an easily-postable list of all the teams currently in your game world?

Also, how do you have it set up so teams qualify for the World Super League tournament, does the game automatically qualify them or do you have to manually enter the teams into a new tournament every year?

I'd love to know more details about this game world!
I do not have an easily postable list, but if you give me a country or a region I would love to list them out for you!

I use the tournament function for the WSL, so I just select the teams from a drop down, the game isnt smart enough to automatically put them in
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Originally Posted by Germaniac View Post
Nah, I don't think so


I'm really interested in hearing more!
Thanks man! Its a fun hobby that has kept me busy for a few years now. A lot of people play OOTP, so I assumed somebody had created something like this before, but I could be mistaken!

If you have any questions at all feel free to let me know!
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