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1908-Light Heavyweights

WBA Title Bouts

John Wille #1 (25-4-2) versus Jack Sullivan #2 (26-12)

This was for the Title vacated after Phila Jack O'Brien stepped up and won the HW title in a huge upset over Jack Johnson. Sullivan, seeking revenge for an earlier loss to Wille, built up a huge lead ihn the early going. As the bout went on, a desperate Wille became more and more aggressive, but "Twin" Sullivan's defense was solid and too much to overcome. Sullivan UD 15 by a wide margin.

Jack Sullivan CH (27-12) vs Jack Root #6 (33-12)

Illustrative of the weakness in the LH division is the fact that Root, a former champ, is matched up for the WBA title despite two recent losses. Root, the aging veteran, fought gamely but was overmatched throughout. Root became more aggressive as the bout wore on, but to no avail. Relentless jabs by Sullivan kept Root off balance and it was another easy win for Sullivan. No knockdowns. Sullivan by UD 15.

Jack Sullivan CH (28-12) vs Charles Kid McCoy #8 (53-13)

Ex-MW champ McCoy tries for the LH crown that eluded him in real-life. McCoy, while still in his prime, had bested Sullivan in 1905, but now, aged 36, his chances were slim. Sullivan built up an early lead in rounds 1-3, and in round 4, McCoy got aggressive -- but the younger Sullivan was equal to the task, putting a welt near McCoy's eye. McCoy was out of gas by the end of the 7th, and Sullivan coasted to another easy decision. No KDs in this one. Sullivan by UD 15.

Jack Sullivan CH (29-12) vs Jeremy McWatt #6 (29-18-2)

McWatt, the veteran British TC and perennial Commonwealth and British title holder, was given a shot at the brass ring. As expected, Sullivan had an easy time with the defensive-minded McWatt, scoring at will on the inside, then switching to the outside to do more damage as McWatt developed puffiness around one eye. A barrage of punches put the game Brit to the canvas in round 9. He got up, only to be floored for the count a few seconds later. Sullivan by KO 9.

Jack Sullivan CH (30-12) vs George Gardner #3 (40-9-2)

Gardner, the aging veteran and current EBU titleholder, snagged another title shot as the champ was eager to avenge two prior losses to Gardner. In the early going, Gardner worked inside but could make little impression on the champ. Sullivan went on the attack in Round 4, but Gardner slipped most of the punches while generating little offense of his own. Round 5 was hard fought, an even round. Sullivan, believing himself to be ahead, coasted in the middle rounds. Gardner, falling behind, decided to mix it up in round 9 and caught the champ with a devastating uppercut that put him down for the count. George Gardner is the new WBA LH champ. Gardner by KO 9.

NABF: John Wille defended twice, both UD 12 verdicts over Fred Cooley and Jack Root.

USBA: Leo Houck got in one title defense, a UD 12 win over Charlie Haghey.

CBU: McWatt defended versus the Canadian Al Gurfein (UD 12).

GBU: McWatt defended versus Clifford Marvine (UD 12) but in a huge upset, lost the title he had held since 1903 in his 9th defense to Chuck Carrick (UD 12). The veteran McWatt will call it quits in 1909.

EBU: Gardner defended versus Clifford Marvine (UD 12) before stepping up to take the WBA crown from "Twin" Sullivan.

Jan 1909 Top Ten Rankings (perf pts and change from last year in parens)
Champ George Gardner 41-9-2 (28) (807) (up 3)
1. John Wille 27-5-2 (17) (893) (NC)
2. Jack Sullivan 30-13 (16) (806) (NC)
3. Leo Houck 20-5-2 (9) (686) (up 1)
4. Charlie Haghey 25-14-2 (21) (607) (up 2)
5. Jack Root 34-14 (25) (453) (up 2)
6. Charles Kid McCoy 53-14 (35) (377) (up 3)
7. Chuck Carrick 19-18-1 (6) (376) (up 5)
8. Jeremy McWatt 29-20-2 (3) (375) (down 3)
9. Fred Cooley 19-7 (13) (220) (up 2)
10. Lee Harmon 19-19 (6) (210) (up 3)

All of the above are at Prime except for Gardner and McCoy (who are at Post-Prime) and Root and TC McWatt (both at End). Carrick at #7 is the top-rated TC. Dropping out of the Top 10 from last year were Billy Stift (former #8) who retired and TC Marvine who dropped to #12. Wille has won 7 of his last 8 (only loss a title bout to Sullivan). Houck drew with Gardner in addition to his win over Haghey. As mentioned before, a pretty thin division, perhaps things will be livened up in 1909 with a move back to the division by former champ Phila Jack O'Brien.

Prospects: Jack "Giant Killer" Dillon was off to a 4-0 (3) start but is likely a year or two away from challenging the top guys. Young French hope Georges Carpentier is off to a 2-0 (2) start, and Howard Morrow is 1-0 (1). Newcomers to the division in 1909 include Battling Levinsky, Bob McAllister and Aussie Dave Smith.
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WBA Title Fights:

Stanley Ketchel CH (21-1) vs Frank Klaus #4 (17-2-1)

Ketchel took on Klaus, the NABF champ, whom he had beaten earlier. Ketchel got off to a slow start, and Klaus piled up a points lead in the first four rounds. The two went toe-to-toe in round 5, then in the middle rounds the champion took control while Klaus (perhaps unwisely) chose to sit on his lead. Ketchel continued to dictate the action, and in the 9th round Klaus was severely cut. Ketchel continued to apply the pressure and the bout was stopped due to cuts a few rounds later. Ketchel wins by TKO in the 12th.

Stanley Ketchel CH (22-1) vs Paddy Levin #2 (19-3-1)

Ketchel continued to take on all comers by accepting the challenge of the European champion in this title bout. Ketchel dominated once again, scoring an early KD, withstood a strong fifth round by the challenger, then went back to work, pounding out two more KDs in round 9 which led to the stoppage. Ketchel by TKO 9.

Stanley Ketchel CH (23-1) vs Billy Papke #1 (15-0)

These two great MWs -- who fought several titanic battles in real-life -- met for the title for the first time, Papke establishing his credentials with 15 straight wins, including the USBA belt. Papke did well boxing on the outside in the early rounds, staying away from Ketchel's power. Ketchel got in some good shots in round 2, then began to dominate with a strong round 3. This forced Papke to shift tactics, mixing it up more in round four. By round 5, Papke had absorbed so much punishment his right eye was swollen and he was cut over the left eye. The bout was stopped a round later. Ketchel by TKO 6.

Stanley Ketchel CH (24-1) vs Cyclone Johnny Thompson #7 (20-8)

Ketchel, who had won their prior encounter via a TKO in round one, gave Thompson a rematch with the WBA title on the line. Ketchel began on the inside, as usual, then took a few steps back to apply the pressure from the outside in round two. Thompson had no response, another TKO win for Ketchel. Ketchel by TKO 2.

Stanley Ketchel CH (26-1) vs Eddie McGoorty #4 (17-2)

After taking time to challenge a LH contender (Haghey), Ketchel defended his crown against promising youngster Eddie McGoorty. McGoorty was sporting a mouse under one eye by the end of just two rounds, Ketchel having his way inside.
McGoorty tried his luck on the inside in round three, but Ketchel would not be stopped. He stepped up the pace, and the bout ended in round 5 when McGoorty was down three times. Ketchel by TKO 5.

NABF: Frank Klaus defended twice, besting Frank Fields (UD 12) and Bob Moha (TKO 4).

USBA: Papke defended versus Cyclone Johnny Thompson (KO 1) and the aging vet Tommy Ryan (TKO 7).

CBU (Commonwealth): TC Arthur Nyland won the belt from fellow Brit Mark Slater and defended versus TCs Gary Overly and Quinton Wade (all UD 12).

GBU: Passed back and forth among TCs Wade and Slater, Wade regaining the crown via a SD 12 verdict over Slater.

EBU: Paddy Levin holds the crown, but did not defend it in 1908.

Jan 1909 Rankings (perf pts and changes from last year in parens)

Champ Stanley Ketchel 27-1 (26) (1101) (NC)
1. Billy Papke 15-1 (14) (790) (up 1)
2. Paddy Levin 19-4-1 (9) (672) (down 1)
3. Frank Klaus 19-3-1 (13) (662) (up 1)
4. Eddie McGoorty 17-3 (15) (573) (up 2)
5. Kid Locke 22-10-1 (5) (496) (NC)
6. Hugo Kelly 20-9 (12) (429) (up 3)
7. Cyclone Johnny Thompson 20-9 (14) (422) (up 1)
8. Kid Carter 27-14-1 (21) (381) (up 2)
9. Walter Coffey 14-4 (8) (375) (up 3)
10. Frank Fields 20-10-2 (14) (375) (up 4)

Everyone at Prime except for Papke and Coffey, who are still at Pre-Prime until they hit 20 bouts, and Carter, who shifts to Post as 1909 was his real-life retirement year. Ketchel, who was shot to death in 1910, will under my rules hit Post-Prime after only one more year, possibly putting an end to a dominating period of performance. Two from last year not in the Top 10 this time around are Tommy Ryan (was #3), who retired, and Frank Craig, who hit Post-Prime and dropped from 7th to #11 with some bad results. Papke, whose only loss was to Ketchel, and Klaus, who has won 9 of 10, are the best of the rest.

The one retirement was the all-time great WW and MW champ, Tommy Ryan. His career stats from my universe:

1887-1908 73-12-1 (60) WBA Champ at both WW and MW

Ryan's 60 KOs are the most by any boxer; his 86 bouts place him second (behind Young Griffo) in that category. Ryan, in his final bout, was beaten by Billy Kramer, whose record stands at 11-0 (5), making him the top MW prospect due to his wins over Ryan and Sailor Burke. Germany's Frank Mantell stands at 12-0 (7) but his record is based on bouts against a series of TCs. Joe Thomas at 11-3 (8) sports a win over Bob Moha, whose 10-4 (5) record puts him next on the list. Jack Fitzgerald lost to Coffey to fall to a 7-2(5) mark. Three undefeated prospects, Al Rogers (5-0), Mike Gibbons (4-0) and Bill Fleming (3-0) look to gain more experience in 1909 before taking on stronger competition. Finally, there is a good crop of newcomers for 1909, led by two real-life MW champs, Al McCoy and George Chip. So, things look interesting for the future years.

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Damn, what a run by Ketchel to bad it's in all likelyhood going to come to an end after next year but still the work he's put in is damn impressive.
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Before moving on to the WW division, one addition to the prior MW report: the highest rated TCs were two Brits, Arthur Nyland (CBU champ) at #13 with a 14-14-5 mark, 256 pts and Quinton Wade (GCU champ) at #14 with a 7-4-5 record and 155 pts.

WW WBA Title Fights:

Joe Gans CH (56-5) vs Honey Mellody #4 (23-7)

Gans got the better of it in the early rounds, forcing Mellody to become more aggressive as the bout wore on. Honey's efforts were thwarted by some slick defense from the champ, and although Mellody landed a few good shots, particularly in the 11th, the "Old Master" was not seriously threatened. Gans by UD 15.

Joe Gans CH (57-5) vs Dixie Kid #2 (29-7-1)

Third meeting, this one being the rubber match as each had won one previously. First rounds saw a feeling-out process. Kid was initially more defensive, with Gans landing most of the early blows. There was some sizzling action in Rd 6 as both men whaled away from the inside. Gans, with the edge in endurance, seemed to have the upper hand heading into the later rounds. In Round 11, Kid took charge, winning a huge round to close the gap. Round 12 saw Gans open a cut over the the challenger's right eye. Still, Kid kept coming. Kid won a very close and controversial decision in a big surprise: 143-141, 142-142, 144-140. Kid by MD 15.

Dixie Kid CH (30-7-1) vs Young Peter Jackson #1 (41-7-2)

Kid squared off against the top challenger, NABF champ and former WBA title-holder, Young Peter Jackson, who had bested the Kid in both prior contests. Kid was in trouble right away when Jackson opened a cut over his right eye in round 1. Jackson dominated on the inside in Rd2, and re-opened the cut in Rd. 3. Kid stepped up the attack to try to keep the title from slipping away. Jackson was not content to sit on the lead, mixing it up with a strong round 6, which saw the cut on Kid re-opened. Then Kid launched an all-out attack to take round 7, when Jackson was forced to a more defensive posture. Kid was winning round 9 (having opened a cut on Jackson) when Jackson dropped him with an overhand right. Both were exhausted heading into the final rounds. Kid managed to re-open the cut over Jackson's eye in Round 10, and despite a protest from Jackson's corner, ref Art Donovan stopped the bout. A glance at the scorecards showed the challenger had a large lead on all three cards at the time of the stoppage. Kid by TKO 10 on cuts.

NABF: Young Peter Jackson look impressive, defending with two stoppage wins over Mike "Twin" Sullivan (KO 11) and Mysterious Billy Smith (TKO 6).

USBA: Honey Mellody downed Jack Britton (SD 12) to take the crown vacated by Dixie Kid when he took the WBA title.

CBU: One defense, as Mysterious Billy Smith disposed of British TC Mark Ringell (KO 8).

GBU: Young Joseph also defended once, beating up on the aforementioned Ringell (TKO 2).

EBU: Three defenses by Irishman Jimmy Gardner, over Ringell (KO 3), Johnny Summers (SD 12) and versus Young Joseph (12-round draw to keep title).

Jan 1909 Rankings (perf pts and changes from prior year in parens)

Champ Dixie Kid 31-7-1 (14) (963) (up 2)
1. Joe Gans 59-6 (35) (985) (down 1)
2. Young Peter Jackson 41-8-2 (28) (877) (down 1)
3. Jimmy Gardner 24-5-2 (12) (806) (up 4)
4. Honey Mellody 24-8 (8) (756) (up 1)
5. Young Joseph 23-6-1 (11) (741) (up 3)
6. Joe Walcott 57-17-2 (21) (740) (down 3)
7. Mike Sullivan 25-10-1 (13) (645) (down 1)
8. Jack Britton 16-3 (10) (586) (up 2)
9. Mys. Billy Smith 52-19 (37) (574) (up 2)
10. Jack Goodman 19-12-2 (4) (571) (up 7)

All are at Prime except for Gans who reaches Post in 1909 (retirement year), Walcott (reached Post level based on retirement points below 30), Mysterious Billy (same) and Britton (one more bout gets him to Prime). As in some other divisions, the top-rated boxer is not the World Champ. Gans came back after his Title loss to the Kid with wins over Walcott and Britton. Gardner has fought his last 5 bouts without a loss (the only blemish being the draw with Young Joseph). Mellody scraped by with two SD wins. Young Joseph scored a SD 10 win over Walcott, who suffered three losses in a row to drop in the standings. Britton lost 2 SDs to Gans and Mellody but still is improving. Mysterious Billy moved up, but seems to be hanging on now. Goodman recovered from a loss to Kyle Whitney with wins over Summers and ex-champ Rube Ferns to become a surprise addition to the Top 10.

Dropping out of the Top 10 were Willie Lewis, was #9 now down to #12 after four successive losses and Summers, who plummeted all the way from #4 to #16 with four losses in a row. Top rated TC was none other than British boxer Mark Ringell, who checks in at #24 with a 9-7 mark, 73 perf pts. Still a strong division overall, with 14 boxers with 500 pp or more. One boxer whom I expected alot more from is Harry Lewis, mired in 23rd spot wiht just 128 pp and a 15-7-3 (7) mark.

Prospects in the WW division are also a-plenty. Packey McFarland is probably the top one right now, with a 10-0 (8) mark, featuring wins over Kyle Whitney and Jimmy Clabby. Also at 10-0 with 6 KOs is Kid Graves, who topped Dave Deshler and a string of TCs. Last year's top prospect, Kyle Whitney, had run his record to 15-0 before two tough losses to McFarland and Dick Nelson dropped him down the list to #14. Jimmy Clabby at 9-1 (3) was also among McFarland's victims. Arthur Evernden (7-0), Mike Glover (6-0) and Dane Waldemar Holberg (4-0) have thus far fought nothing but tomato cans. Leading the class of 1909 are two Brits who held the WW crown in real life, Ted Kid Lewis and Matt Wells.

No retirements in the WW ranks in 1908, although former WW great Tommy Ryan (discussed in the MW report) did call it quits. Rube Ferns is one former champ who has reached the End stage and probably will be next to hang up the gloves.
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Good stuff
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WBA Title Bouts

Jack Blackburn CH (27-3-1) vs Frank Erne #4 (39-17-4)

Blackburn applied the pressure early on, working both on the inside and the outside, piling up an early points lead. Erne got more aggressive as the bout went on, coming on strong in rounds 7 and 8. Blackburn managed to stay out of trouble, and Erne had to contend with one eye swelling up. The judges gave the nod to the champ in a close decision: 144-142, 143-143, 144-142. Blackburn by MD 15.

Jack Blackburn CH (28-3-1) vs Young Donahue #7 (21-4-1)

Already running out of legitimate title contenders for his 10th defense, Blackburn offers Donahue another title shot. Blackburn pounded away on the outside to establish an early lead, then moved inside in rounds 3 and 4. Donahue, already trailing badly, tried to get more aggressive in the middle rounds. Strong defense by Blackburn thwarted the challenger's best shots. As the bout entered the later rounds, Donahue ran out of gas, leading to a stoppage in the 13th. Blackburn by TKO 13.

Jack Blackburn CH (29-3-1) vs Battling Nelson #1 (45-7)

Blackburn gives the #1 ranked contender a rematch, and overall this is Nelson's 5th shot at the WBA LW title (his best result to date being a SD loss to Gans in 1904). Blackburn fought from the outside, Nelson working on the inside. Blackburn floored Nelson in Rd 2, and the Dane rose at 9 but also sported a gash over the right eye. Good corner work kept the cut under control, but after this the Dane became tentative, which allowed the champ to build up a big points advantage. The cut was re-opened in Rd 6, and then Blackburn decked an overly-aggressive Nelson again in Rd 7. Nelson recovered to win rounds 8 and 9, but Blackburn persisted, and a re-opening of the cut in round 10 spelled the end for the Danish challenger. Blackburn by TKO (cuts) in 10.

Jack Blackburn CH (30-3-1) vs Jem Driscoll #5 (31-5)

This was the first meeting of the two, and Blackburn journeyed to the challenger's home turf in London for the bout, looking for his 14th win in a row in his 12th title defense. Driscoll moved inside in round 2, the champ content to counter from the outside. The British challenger landed some bombs of his own from the outside in Round 5, then moved inside in rounds 7 and 8, while the champ was suffering from some swelling under the left eye. Driscoll seemed poised to take the belt, but an excess of caution in rounds 10-11 as Blackburn was running out of gas allowed the champ to stage a strong barrage of punches from the inside as well. Good defense by the stronger Driscoll held off the champ in the later rounds, with the Brit scoring a KD in round 14 with a strong cross to seal the win. Driscoll takes the crown by MD 15 (143-141, 142-142, 144-140).

Jem Driscoll CH (32-5) vs William "Kid" Parker #7 (31-12)

Excellent defense by Driscoll kept the challenger at bay in the early rounds, and by the end of the third, Parker had a gash over his right eye. The cut was re-opened in round 5 and bothered Parker throughout the bout. Driscoll kept pounding away at the cut and also caused swelling under the challenger's left eye as well. After the cut was re-opened for the third time in round 8, the bout was stopped. Driscoll by TKO 8 (cuts).

NABF: Title changed hands as Canada's Fighting Dick Hyland added the NABF belt to his CBU title, edging Young Erne in a SD 12.

USBA: Jewey Cooke kept right on going, winning two UD 12 verdicts over Art Simms and Young Tommy Coleman.

CBU: Fighting Dick Hyland defended once, in Australia, versus TC Mike Dempster of Canada (KO 6).

GBU: Freddie Welsh defended versus TC Stan Sturbridge (TKO 3).

EBU: Battling Nelson topped Driscoll early in the year (SD 12) for his second straight split decision win over the Brit, who later in the year became World Champ. Will the two be facing off in 1909 with more at stake, i.e. Driscoll's WBA belt?

Jan. 1909 Rankings (perf pts and changes from prior year in parens)

Champ Jem Driscoll 33-5 (27) (1048) (up 5)
1. Jewey Cooke 53-10-1 (28) (1026) (up 1)
2. Jack Blackburn 30-4-1 (14) (1013) (down 2)
3. Battling Nelson 45-8 (26) (1010) (down 2)
4. Freddie Welsh 16-2 (10) (723) (NC)
5. Frank Erne 29-19-4 (28) (633) (down 2)
6. Harlem Tommy Murphy 19-6-1 (9) (579) (up 1)
7. Art Simms 26-18-1 (14) (575) (up 4)
8. Fighting Dick Hyland 19-5-2 (13) (572) (NC)
9. Young Otto 21-4-2 (10) (567) (up 9)
10. William Parker 31-13 (22) (525) (up 6)

All the top guys are in Prime except for Erne (Post-Prime) and Welsh (Pre-Prime for two more fights). As the PP numbers indicate, the top 4 (Driscoll, Cooke, Blackburn and Nelson) have really separated themselves from the rest. Cooke has now won four in a row, 10 of his last 11 (coming up short in his one title bout with Blackburn). Three boxers who dropped out of the top 10 in 1908 were Young Erne (slipping one spot from #10 to #11); Donahue (down from #6 to #13 mainly due to a SD loss to Young Otto); and Matty Baldwin (down from #9 to #12 after losing his only bout of the year, to Driscoll). Young Otto made the biggest strides, beating Harlem Tommy, Donahue, and Arthur Douglas while being held to a draw by Kid Black -- he seeks a title shot in 1909. Simms bounced back from a loss to Cooke to reel off three successive wins to reach the Top 10. Parker had three wins to set up his late year title shot, most notable a KO 7 over "young gun" Ad Wolgast. Welsh, who had a win over Frank Erne in 1908, could move up to the elite group once his Prime career stage kicks in.

Speaking of prospects, Charley White sports a 12-0 (7) record, counting fellow prospect Tommy O'Keefe and Johnny Allen among his victims. Knockout Brown is a power puncher with an impressive 10-0 (8) mark, but all wins except Johnny Frayne have been against TCs. Leach Cross ran up a 12-0 mark before losing to Coleman and Eddie Wallace. Wolgast is now 12-1, recovering to post another win after his loss to Parker. Willie Ritchie has looked good thus far, with a 9-0 (6) record albeit almost all of it versus TCs. Paul Koehler is 8-0 versus Frayne and several TCs. Lockport Jimmy Duffy is 7-0 (5)--he handed Special Delivery Hirsch (4-1) his only loss. Hop Harry Stone and Jack Curley have each reeled off six wins against TC opposition.

No retirements among the LW ranks in 1908, but Jig Stone and George Jansen are now in the End stage of their careers. Fewer newcomers will grace the division in 1909, led by Americans Willie Beecher and Terry Brooks plus Aussie Herb McCoy.
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WBA TItle Bouts

Abe Attell CH (34-2-1) vs Grover Hayes #11 (18-3)

With few of the top names available, the Little Champ elected to defend against a lesser-known opponent whom many felt would be overmatched in this bout. As the bout unfolded, the experienced Attell totally outclassed his younger foe, mixing aggression with caution and strong defense. Attell closed it out by dropping a game Hayes for the count in the 11th. Attell by KO 11.

Abe Attell CH (35-2-1) vs Terry McGovern #2 (32-12-1)

A rematch of the prior's year title tilt was over at just 1:25 of round one when Attell landed a strong shot to put McGovern out cold. This may be Terrible Terry's swansong as he seemed a shell of his former self. Attell by KO 1.

Abe Attell CH (36-2-1) vs Aurelio Herrera #6 (26-12-2)

Herrera (now USBA champ) gets what may be his last WBA title shot while in the prime of his career (his aging kicks in next year). Hard punches by Attell produced a welt near Herrera's left eye in round one--the eye just got worse as the bout proceeded. Herrera did most of his work on the inside, while Attell preferred the long range technique. Herrera went head-hunting in round 5 and landed a couple of strong shots but Attell remained upright. Attell dominated round 6 and then scored the bout's first knockdown in the 7th when Herrera got overly aggressive. Herrera kept at it but was floored in the 8th by a nifty combination landed by the champ. Attell bloodied Herrera's nose and scored yet another KD in the 9th. A barrage of unanswered blows forced the ref to halt the bout. Attell by TKO 9.

Abe Attell CH (37-2-1) vs Brooklyn Tommy Sullivan #4 (34-11-1)

The two were 1-1 lifetime going in, and Attell was eager to avenge a KO loss to Sullivan back in 1906. Attell, moving well, got off to a quick start, scoring well with crisp, accurate punches. By the end of round 2 the left eye of the challenger was starting to swell. In round four, with both men toe-to-toe, Attell opened a cut over Brooklyn Tommy's right eye. Attell kept up the pressure by working inside, controlling the action. In Round 6, Brooklyn Tommy staggered Attell with a big hook, but could not follow up as Attell covered up well. In Round 7, the champ re-opened the cut which gradually worsened until it resulted in a late round stoppage. Attell by TKO 12 (cuts).

NABF: Five NABF title bouts were staged in 1908, with Young Corbett starting off by defending versus veteran Harry Lyons (UD 12), then losing the crown to Brooklyn Tommy (UD 12) who in turn was upset by Billy Snailham (also UD 12). Corbett wound up the year as NABF champ once again, taking the crown from Snailham (UD 12) before wrapping up the year with a convincing KO 12 win over the aging vet, Joe "Pride of the Bowery" Bernstein.

USBA: Brooklyn Tommy,who had held the USBA belt since 1905, relinquished it after winning the NABF crown. Aurelio Herrera captured the vacant title with a four-round KO of Joe Bernstein. (Not a good year for Joe in title bouts as he wound up on the canvas in both!)

CBU: Brit Owen Moran defended versus fellow Brit, the aging Ben Jordan (UD 12) and then went down under for what was to be Young Griffo's 90th and final bout. The veteran Aussie proved he was still stiff competition, taking the crown from Moran via a UD 12. This crown will be vacant due to Griffo's retirement as 1909 commences.

GBU: Moran's UD 12 win over Jordan also retained his GBU belt; he carries this title with him into 1909.

Jan. 1909 Rankings (Perf Pts and changes from prior year in parens):

Champ Abe Attell 38-2-1 (17) (1217) (NC)
1. Harry Lyons 48-11-1 (26) (847) (up 2)
2. Young Corbett 32-13-4 (20) (794) (up 5)
3. Brooklyn Tommy Sullivan 34-12-1 (21) (729) (down 2)
4. Billy Snailham 22-12-1 (11) (704) (up 9)
5. Percy Cove 17-7-2 (6) (660) (up 9)
6. Terry McGovern 33-14-1 (30) (659) (down 4)
7. Owen Moran 26-7 (14) (605) (down 2)
8. Aurelio Herrera 26-13-2 (24) (605) (NC)
9. Benny Soloman 33-13 (27) (551) (down 3)
10. Grover Hayes 22-5 (17) (525) (up 1)

With a nearly 400 pp gap, it looks like Abe and the 10 dwarves here, much as it was IRL in the FW division where Abe held the crown from 1904-12 as it took some time for credible challengers to emerge. Harry Lyons emerged as the new #1 contender with wins over Soloman, Griffo and Moran after losing an NABF title clash early in the year. Lyons, however, is in the Post-Prime career stage, as are McGovern, Soloman and now Herrera (1909 was his last year IRL). Young Griffo, who was #4 in 1908, retired but had he remained active, with 711 pp, he still would have been #4. An aging Joe Bernstein fell out of the Top 10, down 2 spots to #11, after two KO losses and despite a SD win over Hayes. Eddie Santry also seemed to lose a step, dropping down two spots from #10 with losses to Hayes and Bernstein -- Eddie is also now at Post-Prime. Snailham and Cove made decisive moves, Snailham when he won the NABF belt over BT Sullivan and Cove when he upset the veteran Terry McGovern. Owen Moran's career stalled with a SD loss to Lyons coupled with his CBU title defeat to Griffo, but he still has time to get back into the top ranks of this relatively old-looking division.

Top-ranked TC in FW is Gus Hyatt of Canada, who has a 6-6-1 record and is 19th with -58 perf pts. By the way, left out this info from the above LW report, top LW TC is Canadian Mike Dempster, ranked 29th with a 16-15-2 mark and 23 pps.

The brightest prospect for the future is without doubt Johnny Kilbane, who was the man who took the title from Attell IRL. Here, Johnny is 10-0 versus TC stiffs, all by KO. Other prospects include Billy Elliott of the UK and Jimmy Hill of Australia, each with 5-0 marks versus TCs, and then there is Patsy Kline who actually checks in at 4-1 (upset loss to a TC) and Eddie O'Keefe at 2-0 (1). Patsy Brannigan, Ty Cobb and Italian Kid Julian are set to join the FW ranks in 1909.

Finally, we would be remiss not to mention the four FW boxers who hung up the gloves in 1908, led by the all-time great Young Griffo. Their career stats:

Young Griffo (AUS) 1886-1908 75-11-4 (29) WBA Champ
Dave Sullivan (IRL) 1894-1908 33-20-3 (20) WBA Champ
Tim Hegarty (AUS) 1892-1908 35-33-1 (22) CBU Champ
Hugh McPadden (USA) 1899-1908 18-19-1 (12) No Titles

Griffo set all-time marks for total number of bouts (90) and number of wins (75). He contested 46 different title bouts, winning 37 of them (including his final farewell bout where he beat Owen Moran for the CBU title).
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Well, after just two different bantam World Champs in over a decade (i.e. Jimmy Barry and Harry Harris), there were three new ones crowned in less than a year in just five WBA title bouts as the action was hot, heavy and unpredictable.

WBA Title Fights

Harry Harris CH (41-4-1) vs Harry Forbes #8 (26-16-4)

On paper, an easy defense for the champ, who was 4-0 lifetime versus Forbes going into the bout. Forbes decided to start off aggressively this time and it worked, as Harris remained passive through much of the early action. Behind on points, however, Harris moved to the inside more often starting Round 6. Round 8, the challenger's blows had a telling effect as Harris' eye began to swell. Harris countered by scoring the only KD of the bout in round 9. Forbes came back strongly, with a good defensive effort to take rounds 11 and 12. Harris, with the title he had held for 6 1/2 years slipping away, stepped up the pace in the final rounds but this time his effort came up a little short. Forbes by SD 15. 143-142, 142-143, 144-141.

Harry Forbes CH (17-16-4) vs Biz Mackey #3 (24-5-2)

Forbes took on a tough foe in Mackey with whom he had previously registered a draw and a loss. Mackey proved to be too much, landing a big shot in round 3 to floor the champ. Forbes couldn't beat the count, and Mackey became the new WBA BW champ. Mackey by KO 3.

Biz Mackey CH (25-5-2) vs Digger Stanley #11 (19-12-1)

Mackey journeyed to London to take on the reigning GBU and EBU champ, Digger Stanley. Mackey stalked the challenger in the early going, and then he got the better of the exchanges when both boxers opened up in Rd 4. Stanley got off first in round 7, but strong counterpunching by the champ made the difference in rounds 8, 9 and 10. The steam went out of Stanley's punches in the later roungs, and Mackey had the challenger down in rounds 10 and 12. A game Stanley barely managed to last the distance. Mackey by UD 15.

Biz Mackey CH (26-5-2) vs Hugh McGovern #9 (21-8-1)

Mackey seemed to have little to fear, as he carried a 2-0 lifetime record into this bout against Terry McGovern's younger brother. McGovern started well, picking his shots in Rd. 1. Mackey stepped up the pace in round 2, and McGovern offered little resistance as Mackey gradually increased the intensity to result in an early stoppage. Mackey by TKO 3.

Biz Mackey CH (27-5-2) vs Johnny Coulon #1 (19-1)

Mackey who had by now won 5 in a row, was matched with the #1 contender, Johnny Coulon, who as USBA champ also brought a 5-match win streak into the tilt. (Coulon's only loss had been to Kid Murphy.) Not much action for the first few rounds, with Mackey planting himself on the inside while Coulon worked from the outside. In Round 4, Mackey landed a big uppercut that had Coulon in full retreat -- Coulon had a big round of his own in Round 6 to keep it close. Coulon did not seem to be bothered much by a welt under his right eye, as he kept his distance through much of the middle rounds, much to the champ's frustration. In round 11, Coulon caught Mackey with a strong cross for the bout's only knockdown. In the late rounds, Mackey went for the KO, but Coulon showed great boxing skill and stamina to seal the win. In the end, the issue was not much in doubt. Coulon by UD 15.

NABF: Mackey retained the NABF crown with a TKO 7 over the aging vet, Tommy Feltz, then vacated the title after winning the WBA crown. Al Delmont annexed the belt with an easy UD 12 over TC Carl DeWitt and followed up with a UD 12 win in his first defense against Morris Rauch.

USBA: Coulon defended three times versus Delmont (UD 12), Hugh McGovern (TKO 5) and ex-champ Forbes (UD 12) before moving up to fighte for the World crown. Thus, with Coulon as WBA champ, the USBA crown will be vacant and up for grabs going into 1909.

CBU: Joe Bowker made two successful defenses, both UD 12 verdicts versus TC Lee Ridley (avenging an earlier loss) and Thomas Pedlar Palmer.

GBU: Digger Stanley defended versus TC Stuart Markham (UD 12).

EBU: Stanley made one defense, a devastating KO 1 of the aging vet Palmer, to keep the crown.

Jan. 1909 Rankings (perf pts and changes from prior year in parens)

Champ Johnny Coulon 20-1 (13) (876) (up 2)
1. Biz Mackey 27-6-2 (12) (792) (up 2)
2. Harry Forbes 27-18-4 (11) (676) (up 5)
3. Kid Murphy 18-7 (14) (585) (up 6)
4. Harry Harris 43-6-1 (30) (584) (down 4)
5. Frankie Conley 14-1 (11) (566) (debut ranking)
6. Frankie Neil 22-11-1 (13) (551) (up 2)
7. Phil McGovern 26-13-2 (10) (546) (down 1)
8. Al Delmont 24-7 (14) (542) (down 7)
9. Joe Bowker 27-10-2 (14) (533) (up 5)
10. Hugh McGovern 21-9-1 (11) (440) (down 5)

Everyone here is at Prime except Harris at Post and Conley who is still at Pre. The big story this time is the closeness of the pack, particularly from positions 3-9 which are separated only by 50 pp or so. Top TC is Carl DeWitt at #16 with a 11-9-1 (3) record and 137 pp. Monte Attell (Abe's younger brother) took a big tumble out of the Top 10 from #4 to #11 with two losses during the year; Morris Rauch, who only one 1 of 4, slipped from #10 to #13 and, along with Pedlar Palmer, is now at the End career stage, too. Forbes' upset win over Harris propelled him up the rankings. Kid Murphy didn't win any titles but he did score an impressive UD 10 over former champ Harris, who right now seems to be fading. Frankie Neil, with wins over Attell and Conley, may finally be ready for a title shot. (The vacant USBA crown perhaps?) The story last time, the absence of any Brits, was remedied by Bowker who won three in a row to move up the list.

Top prospects? Conley is now Top Ten material, but Charles Goldman, who started 1908 undefeated, suffered losses to Rauch and P McGovern and now stands at 9-2-1 (5). Joseph Biderburg (aka "Louisiana) is undefeated at 7-0 (3) versus TC stiffs, as are Frankie Burns at 6-0 (4) and Phila Pal Moore at 4-0 (3). One real life BW champ, Frenchman Charles Ledoux, is set to join the BW ranks in 1909.

No retirements in 1908, but look for Rauch and Palmer to hang it up soon. Harry Harris still has a ways to go, however. Interestingly, Coulon won the World title in my uni about two years ahead of schedule, IRL he was not recognized as BW champ until 1910 which he solidified with a 1911 win over Conley. Prediction? Could be the start of a long reign for Coulon, who held the title until 1914 IRL.
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1908-Flyweights and Pound-For-Pound

This is the final report for the 1908 results. No rankings yet for the flyweights, but after two years of history the two top prospects are, of course, the two Brits who were the first recognized as World Flyweight champions: Sid Smith and Bill Ladbury. However, despite a later start, Ladbury has a better record: 7-0 (3), all wins versus TCs, of course. Smith, however, was tripped up in January 1908, losing on a TKO 1 on a cut to TC Kyle York. York has to date lost his 6 remaining bouts. Smith's record stands at 8-1 (5). The only respectable mark by any of the TCs is a 3-2-2 record compiled by Joe Wilson, another Brit whom I named after an unrated boxer from the early days of the division.

Look for no FLY title bouts for another year or so, although I'm certainly tempted to match Ladbury and Smith together some time in 1909. Probably the first bout will be for a GBU title, since right now most of the flyweights are Brits. No newcomers to the division in 1909, but expect a couple more in 1910 and again in 1911 -- so a few more years to get up to full strength.

Finally, the pound-for-pound feature. Quite a few changes in the Top Ten overall list, reflecting of course the fact that titles changed hands in most of the divisions, in a few cases more than once. Here's the list with performance points duly noted (and changes from the last Top 10 from year-end 1907 also tracked):

1. Abe Attell, FW (WBA Champ), 1217 (up 5)
2. Jack Johnson, HW (USBA Champ), 1212 (up 2)
3. James Jeffries, HW (NABF Champ), 1186 (up 2)
4. Stanley Ketchel, MW (WBA Champ), 1101 (new)
5. Jem Driscoll, LW (WBA Champ), 1048 (new)
6. Jewey Cooke, LW (USBA Champ), 1026 (new)
7. Jack Blackburn, LW (no Title), 1013 (down 6)
8. Battling Nelson, LW (EBU Champ), 1010 (up 1)
9. Tommy Burns, HW (WBA Champ), 1006 (new)
10. Joe Gans, WW (no Title), 985 (new)

Alot of turnover in this list, as half the Top 10 are new. Also, a slight bump up in the ratings, this year there are 9 over 1000 compared to 6 the prior year. Be interesting to see if these trends continue over time or not. Two of the five who dropped out (Harris at BW and O'Brien at HW) lost their World titles during the year. However, Joe Gans lost the WW title to Dixie Kid but bucked the trend by actually moving up the list! Ketchel looks like a strong challenger based on his recent track record to annex the top spot from Attell, but obviously strength of opposition will have alot to do with who winds up where. A rematch of Johnson and Jeffries could produce a new #1 on this list as well.

Expect possibly one more post in a day or so with some overall stats, but as far as boxing action, expect it to be at least two weeks (hopefully early May) before the first reports on 1909 action start dribbling in ...

(May have difficulty keeping up with the two years per calendar month routine much longer, but long-term goal is to hit the Roaring 20s decade by the end of calendar year 2006. We'll see.)
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Some Stats and Comments

As of Jan 1909 rankings list, here are some stats by division on the active boxers in my Universe right now:

Div Tot RL TC Rtd 800 500 200

HW 92 42 50 48 8 9 22
LH 44 14 30 27 3 5 12
MW 78 27 51 41 1 7 18
WW 78 35 43 50 4 17 25
LW 97 44 53 60 4 17 29
FW 61 27 34 32 2 13 19
BW 58 22 36 34 1 10 16
FLY 9 2 7 0 0 0 2

NOTE: Column Headings: Tot-Total Number of Active Boxers; RL-Number of Real-Life Active Boxers; TC-Number of Tomato Cans; Rtd-Number of Rated Boxers (mine is set at 10 fights or more); 800, 500, 200 is the number rated at that level or above. Note: some of these last numbers may not match the previous reports since not everyone with to bouts is listed as "rated"--I use some discretion for fighters still in Pre-Prime, generally 15 bouts gets them rated, but some get there with less, usually by winning a lesser belt like the GBU or USBA title or something.

A few notes on how I organize the bouts. I set them up on a monthly basis, so each fighter will have no more than one bout a month max. I don't use any fancy spreadsheets, instead I put each boxer's information on a college-ruled sheet of paper which has 30 lines, double-sided, one bout per line, so 60 bouts until a second sheet is needed. (Example, for Young Griffo I used a sheet and a half.) Each line duplicates the results screen plus I track a cumulative record and current PP total as well. After each bout is completed, I roll two 10-sided dice to generate a random number to determine when the boxer will fight again. The base is 1-40 for fighters before Prime, down to 1-25 once they reach prime, and those suffering KO or TKO losses have to sit out longer, as do victims of cuts, swelling and KDs. Add 10 to the base percentage likelihood of fighting for each month after the first. (This part is pretty consistent with some basic rules that were posted here a long time ago.)

After completing a month's worth of bouts I then organize the fighters in five different folders, one for each upcoming month. (For those few times someone won't be back for 6 months or more, I put them aside in a pocket in one of the notebooks I use until that month comes up). When a month comes up, I simply rotate the folders where I keep the fighters sorted by division, so that the current month's folder becomes month #5 once the fights are done.

In matching up the fights, I have no set formula except some general logic here. I of course do all the title fights first, and use them to establish venues (I generally have one fight card per week during the month.) After the title bouts, I pair together the 10-rounders and then add in the prospects and beginners who will be doing 4, 6, and 8 rounders. I generally wind up with more than 6 fights per week, which is fine, because I use the "start fight" screen to set them up until I get to the last 6 which I do using the "Fight Card" screeen, usually with this build up I find the default value is at 10 rounds per bout, which means fewer changes on each fight.

Some of the general matchmaking rules I try to follow are: For title fights, I generally look for a challenger who is highly ranked (1-10 for WBA, with exceptions in the case of a former champ or lesser titleholder) and who generally won their last bout. For other bouts, I will try as much as possible to match those who haven't fought before, the main exceptions being if it was a close or controversial decision (ie. a win on a foul or cut). Real-life fighters who have lost a few in a row will likely get a TC to help them break the losing string. I generally use TC bouts as fillers (all of these bouts I sim or auto-play), but occasionally where a TC has won a few I will try to "protect" him a bit the same as I would with up and coming prospects where I try to pad the record with lots of TC bouts early on.

I almost always use the "Defending Champ" and "Hometown Favorite" buttons and I have certain refs I use in various locations. (Right now generally off the historical list). I try and use the real-life trainers and cut men, but of course that info is rarely available so I do the best I can. When I watch the bouts I always use corner strategies for all the real-life boxers, trying not to play favorites, of course ...

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Pleased to report that 1909 is in the books with alot of exciting action and numerous changes of titles, etc. First report, as usual, concerns the HW division.

WBA Title Fights:

Tommy Burns CH (28-5-2) vs Jack Johnson #1 (57-4-2)

A rematch of the 1906 title bout but this time Burns is the defender and Jack the challenger, but Johnson is still a 2-1 favorite. Both fighters start on the outside, and the first few rounds are fairly close. Burns is a bit more aggressive in round 3, but Johnson's defense is rock-solid. Round 4 sees some good action as Burns tries to work his way inside. Burns able to clearly win round 5, also on the inside. Lil' Arthur shifts to fighting inside while Burns takes a more defensive posture in rounds 6 and 7, and by the end of round 7 Johnson has the upper hand. Burns spends the next two rounds working on the outside again, and both men begin to tire. Burns stuns Jack with a strong hook in round 10 to keep the bout close. Tommy continues to press the attack in later rounds but the sting is gone from his punches. Stifling defense by the better-conditioned Johnson in the later rounds is enough to insure a victory--Johnson regains title by UD 15 (147-137, 145-139, 144-140)

Jack Johnson CH (58-4-2) vs Phila Jack O'Brien #1 (46-4-2)

Rematch of the late 1907 title bout that cost Johnson the title -- Jack comes out determined to change things this time around. Opening rounds are close, slight edge to the champ. In round 4, Johnson gets too cute, losing the round by being too defensive-minded. A strong jab by JJ befuddles the challenger, who tried his luck from the inside in round 5. Johnson is able to open a cut under the left eye of O'Brien in round 6. Johnson continues in an aggressive fashion, backing the challenger up and causing swelling around O'Brien's left eye in round 7. Johnson carries a big lead into late rounds, tries to sit on it while a tiring O'Brien remains the aggressor. The scorecards show the challenger came from behind to win rounds 12 to 14, with Jack winning the final round to salvage a draw and his title. Draw (144-142 JJ, 144-142 O'B, 143-143)

Jack Johnson CH (58-4-3) vs William "Iron" Hague #14 (10-2)

Johnson travels to the UK to take on the British champion, White Hope "Iron" Hague. A flash KD of the Champ by Hague in round 1 stuns Johnson and the crowd. Emboldened, Hague moves inside in round 2 but the champ's great defensive ability holds him off. In round 3 both fighters develop some swelling due to the punishing blows being landed. Johnson lands the heavy leather from a defensive posture in round 4, Hague recovers to do well in round 5, but after that Jack takes charge, landing numerous unanswered blows to dominate round 6. Hague battles back again to make round 7 a close one. Johnson retreats to a defensive posture in rounds 8-9 as the challenger tires. Johnson builds on his lead in rounds 10-11 and finally fells the game Hague with a short shot to the rib cage in round 12. Johnson by KO 12.

Lesser Title Fights:

NABF: Phila Jack O'Brien takes the crown from James Jeffries early in the year in a controversial SD 12; Jeff is more than ready for the rematch, in which he KOs O'Brien in 3 to take back the title.

USBA: Also changes hands during the year. First Sam McVey takes the crown via a TKO 5 over Bob Armstrong for the title vacated by Johnson who won the WBA Title. Then Joe Jeannette steps up with a UD 12 to take the crown from McVey, defending versus Denver Ed Martin (also UD 12).

CBU: Former champ Tommy Burns ends Bill Squires' title reign with a convincing KO 3 victory and defends versus Gunner Moir (TKO 6).

GBU: Hague defended twice versus TCs Ray Farquahr (KO 1) and Victor Stafford (KO 4).

Jan 1910 Rankings (pp and change from prior year in parens):

Champ: Jack Johnson 59-4-3 (46) (1268) (up 1)
1. James Jeffries 48-6-3 (42) (1163) (up 1)
2. Phila. Jack O'Brien 47-5-3 (25) (1072) (up 1)
3. Joe Jeannette 26-1 (20) (1030) (up 1)
4. Tommy Burns 30-6-2 (24) (999) (down 4)
5. Sam Langford 30-5-1 (25) (987) (NC)
6. Sam McVey 27-6-1 (19) (870) (NC)
7. Bob Armstrong 38-19-1 (31) (581) (NC)
8. Jim Barry 12-4 (9) (549) (new)
9. Al Kaufmann 22-6 (14) (468) (-1)
10. Denver Ed Martin 24-15-1 (20) (452) (-1)

British Champ Hague checks in at #11 with a 10-3 (9) mark and 424 pp; the one casualty from last year's Top Ten was John (Klondyke) Haines, who hit his post-Prime year and promptly lost three in a row to Kaufmann, Squires and Langford to fall to #15. Of the Top 10, Armstrong and Jeff will be at Post-Prime in 1910, Barry still at Pre-Prime. Marvin Hart, who stands at #14 in the rankings, also hits Post-Prime in 1910. Irishman Jem Roche hit Post Prime after only 10 (!) bouts. Top ranked TC is Brit Ray Farquahr who is #24 weith a 16-12-4 (5) mark and 53 pp.

Of the top contenders, O'Brien is likely to return to the easier pickings in the LH ranks in 1910. Jeannette who now has won 9 in a row is looking for a WBA title shot, Jeff may be just hanging on, Langford has a streak of 7 bouts without a defeat as is possibly looking at a CBU title shot versus Burns. Armstrong has now lost two in a row (as has Kaufmann) and top 10 newcomer Barry, who scored a MD 10 over Armstrong, slipped back after a loss to O'Brien.

No retirements in 1909 and noone that close. Top prospects: The Joplin Ghost, Jeff Clarke, is 13-0-1 (all 13 by KO) with the only blemish a 6-round draw with Battling Jim Johnson. Frank Moran had rung up 11 wins in a row before losing a SD to Denver Ed Martin and his mark now stands at 13-1 (9). Jim Savage is 8-0 (6) and Gunboat Smith at 6-0 (4). Andy Morris rolled up 4 wins to go 4-0 (3) in his first year.

1910 will see a plethora of "talent" arriving in the division, mostly in the form of "Great White Hopes" such as Brits Tom Cowler and Bombadier Billy Wells, Canadian Arthur Pelkey, and Carl Morris, to name a few.

Overall stats for the division going into 1910:

Total boxers: 102 (52 real-life, 50 TCs)
Real-life breakdown by Career Stage: 14 Beginner, 16 Pre-Prime, 16 Prime, 6 Post-Prime, 0 End
Rated: 28
800 or above: 7
500 or above: 9
200 or above: 21
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1909-Light Heavyweights

WBA Title Bouts

George Gardner CH (41-9-2) vs Jack Root #5 (34-14)

Gardner elects to make a relatively "safe" title defense versus the aging veteran, Jack Root, whom he was defeated twice before. Initial rounds see the normal feeling-out process. Round 3, Gardner steps inside to force the action while Root was ineffective from long-range. Another big round for the Champ in Round 4, as Root is just not quick enough to avoid Gardner's attack. Trailing badly, Root moved inside in round 6, and he has some good moments when he lands a straight right that stuns the Irishman, who covers up to last the round. A pumped-up Root becomes even more aggressive in round 7, and Gardner more defensive. Root's exertions lead to early fatigue, and Gardner uses slick defense and ring movement to pile up a huge lead in the middle rounds. Boring, but effective! Root's right eye starts to swell in round 11, hindering him even more. Gardner builds up even more points in the late rounds en route to an easy win. Gardner by UD 15.

George Gardner CH (42-10-2) vs Jack "Twin" Sullivan #2 (32-14)

Gardner, after an unsuccessful foray into the HW ranks (where he was hammered in two rounds by Sam Langford), defends his LH against a former champ and top-notch opponent, Jack "Twin" Sullivan. Gardner is confident, however, given his 3-0 lifetime record versus Sullivan (most recent win a KO 9 to wrest the crown late in 1908). Sullivan starts well, scoring in the initial round and following up with a move inside to inflict more damage in round 2. More of the same in Round 3 as Gardner retreats into a defensive shell to ward off the challenger's attack. Gardner a bit more aggressive in rounds 4 and 5, but strong counterpunching by Sullivan kept both rounds close. Both work outside in round 6, and Gardner finds it more to his liking. Sullivan back inside in rounds 7 and 8, but Gardner holds his own. Gardner suddenly leaps at the challenger in round 9, and Sullivan sustains a cut and some swelling over his right eye. The Champ pressed the attack in the next round, re-opening the cut. Punch-count stats favored the challenger in rounds 11 and 12, but Gardner remained optimistic as Sullivan's corner was worried about the cut re-opening. When Gardner came out more aggressively in the 13th, it paid off as the cut was re-opened once again and this time the bout was stopped. Gardner by TKO 13 (cut).

Lesser titles:

NABF: Leo Houck regained the crown he held briefly back in 1904 as a 15-year old, defeating John Wille (UD 12) and defending four times in 1909, versus Jack Sullivan (TKO 9), Wille (draw 12), Wille again (UD 12) and Root (UD 12).

USBA: Title vacated by Houck after he won NABF crown. Charlie Haghey downed Fred Cooley (UD 12) to take the vacant title, but then Twin Sullivan defeated Cooley via SD 12 in his first defense.

CBU: TC Chuck Carrick won the title vacated by Jeremy McWatt (who retired from the ring), downing TC Paul Healey of Canada (SD 12) and fellow British TC Calvin Simpson (UD 12).

GBU: Carrick defended only once, winning a MD 12 over long-time rival, fellow TC Clifford Marvine.

EBU: No real action as Gardner, the EBU champ, was busy defending his WBA belt.

Jan 1910 Rankings (perf pts and changes from prior year in parens)
Champ: George Gardner 43-10-2 (29) (848) (NC)
1. Leo Houck 24-5-8 (10) (925) (up 2)
2. John Wille 30-7-3 (18) (799) (down 1)
3. Jack Sullivan 32-15 (16) (741) (down 1)
4. Charlie Haghey 27-16-2 (22) (551) (NC)
5. *Chuck Carrick 22-18-1 (6) (450) (up 2)
6. Jack Root 34-16-1 (25) (370) (down 1)
7. Fred Cooley 21-8-1 (15) (256) (up 2)
8. *Lee Harmon 21-21 (6) (182) (up 2)
9. *Hank Newhart 9-6 (2) (148) (new)
10. *Clifford Marvine 21-23-4 (3) (115) (up 2)

*=denotes a fictional TC or Trial Horse type boxer.

The already thin ranks of the LH division got thinner in 1909 as Charles (Kid) McCoy dropped down to the MW division and top TC Jeremy McWatt hung up the gloves (actually I overwrote him accidentally but heck, it was time for him to go!). Rumor has it that former champ and all-time great Phila Jack O'Brien will return to the division in 1910, and there are some fine prospects coming up the ranks (see paragraph below). The top guys are already starting to show some age, Gardner is at Post-Prime, Root is at End as is TC Marvine. Houck, who is the top-rated LH as far as perf pts goes, has five wins and two draws in his last 7 bouts, and appears as the prime contender for a WBA Title shot. John Wille rebounded to win three in a row after his loss to Houck. Carrick was won four in a row, albeit all versus weak TC competition. Haghey is on a downslide, losing his last two. Root, who may retire soon, was winless in 1909, losing three and drawing one. Cooley is an erratic performer who is unlikely to pose a serious title threat. No fighters retired in 1909 unless you count TCs like McWatt, which I don't.

Top prospect Jack "The Giant Killer" Dillon was cruising along in his initial bouts until he suffered a hand injury, forcing his retirement and a TKO loss to TC Hank Newhart. His record now stands at 9-1 (7). French ace Georges Carpentier is 7-0, all 7 by KO. Bob McAllister and Howard Morrow have identical 6-0 (4) marks and Aussie Dave Smith has 5 KO wins to go 5-0. Battling Levinsky is the most recent newcomer, scoring two wins in late 1909 to go 2-0 (1). No new blood will be added again until 1911.

Overall stats:

Total boxers: 43 (13 real-life, 30 TCs)
RL boxers by career stage: 1 beginner, 5 Pre, 5 Prime, 1 Post, 1 End
Rated: 12
800 or higher: 2
500 or higher: 5
200 or higher: 8
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Excelelnt stuff.
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WBA Title Fights

Stanley Ketchel CH (27-1) vs Charles Kid McCoy #11 (53-14)

Ketchel takes on former champ McCoy, who at least for now has shelved his hopes for a LH title belt. Ketchel goes right at McCoy, scoring heavily in round 1 as Kid is lucky to stay on his feet. More of the same in round 2, as Ketchel pounds away inside while McCoy just tries to stay out of trouble. McCoy established his jab in round 3, then Ketchel connects with another barrage in round 4. McCoy, buoyed by a strong showing in round 5, is more aggressive in the sixth stanza. Ketchel is forced to cover up, and McCoy has the round of a lifetime. No KDs, but the ref moves in to stop it -- first time Ketchel has been in this serious difficulty his entire career. A huge upset. McCoy takes the title by TK0 6.

Charles Kid McCoy CH (41-14) vs Billy Papke #1 (16-1)

McCoy defends versus USBA champ and #1 contender, tough Billy Papke, who is installed as the favorite as McCoy, at 37, is now in the twilight of his career (he hit End Stage after the Ketchel bout). McCoy makes a good start to win round 1. Papke moves inside, McCoy stays outside. Round 3 sees Papke land a vicious uppercut that puts McCoy down for a 9-count, and the champ covers up just to survive. He's still in survival mode in round 4 as Papke goes head-hunting, scoring well but no KDs this time. McCoy's left eye starts swelling up in round 5 as a result of the punishment dished out by the Illinois Thunderbolt. McCoy, though tiring, uses more aggressive tactics to win round 6, but Papke is back at him in rounds 7-8, landing a strong shot to register a second KD near the end of the 8th. McCoy gamely soldiers on, but Papke is in control the rest of the way. Papke wins by UD 15 (145-138 on all 3 cards).

Billy Papke CH (17-1) vs Eddie McGoorty #6 (18-3)

Papke goes in with an earlier TKO win over McGoorty, who gets his second title shot (the first a TKO loss to Ketchel in 1908). Papke bulls his way inside in the early rounds, opening a cut under McGoorty's right eye in round 3. McGoorty's left eye starts swelling in round 4. and Papke nails him with a strong left hook. Good action round as McGoorty comes back to open cut on Papke. McGoorty goes all out in round 5, but Papke's defense holds and he scores some counter-shots as well. Both score well on the inside in round 6, and McGoorty applies pressure in the 7th, reopening the cut over Papke's right eye as the champ is forced to give ground. McGoorty puts the champ down for the 5-count in round 8. Papke finds some inner reserves and comes back to reopen the cut under McGoorty's eye in sizzling round 9 action. Papke is even more aggressive in round 10, as McGoorty starts to tire. The champ dominates round 11 as the swelling around McGoorty's eye worsens. By round 13, the swelling has impaired the challenger's ability to ward off Papke's blows, and finally the champ floors a defenseless McGoorty for the count. A memorable action fight. Papke by KO 13.

Billy Papke CH (18-1) vs Jack Fitzgerald #14 (9-3)

With other more credible challengers unavailable, Papke defends against the relatively unseasoned Fitzgerald. Both boxers pace themselves in the early going and Papke builds up a growing points lead. A solid hook by Papke stuns the challenger in round 3. Papke does more damage by moving inside in round 4. After round 5, Fitzgerald's right eye begins to swell. Papke floors the challenger in round 6, and Fitzgerald goes into survival mode. But the champ rains blow after blow until the ref steps in. Papke by TKO 6.

Lesser Titles:

NABF: Frank Klaus made four defenses, versus Joe Thomas (TKO 7), Frank Craig (UD 12), Billy Kramer (TD 4) and Sailor Burke (UD 12).

USBA: Papke defended once (UD 12 over Walter Coffey) before stepping up to the WBA title. Ex-champ Ketchel annexed the crown with a KO 2 over veteran Frank Fields and then got his revenge on ex-champ McCoy with a dominating TKO 4 win.

EBU: Irishman Paddy Levin was busy, winning four defenses versus TC Arthur Nyland (KO 7), TC Quinton Wade (KO 6), previously unbeaten German Frank Mantell (UD 12) and ex-champ Kid Locke (also UD 12).

GBU/CBU: Always the province of British TCs Wade and Nyland, both titles wound up in the hands of Wade after a TKO 8 win over Nyland.

Jan 1910 Top Ten (perf pts and changes from prior year in parens)

Champ: Billy Papke 19-1 (16) (949) (up 1)
1. Stanley Ketchel 29-2 (28) (834) (down 1)
2. Frank Klaus 23-3-2 (14) (816) (up 1)
3. Paddy Levin 23-4-1 (11) (814) (down 1)
4. Charles Kid McCoy 54-16 (46) (647) (new, was #6 LH)
5. Cyclone Johnny Thompson 25-9 (17) (631) (up 2)
6. Eddie McGoorty 18-4 (16) (570) (down 2)
7. Frank Fields 22-11-2 (16) (495) (up 3)
8. Frank Mantell 15-2 (8) (494) (new)
9. Billy Kramer 13-1-1 (6) (488) (new)
10. Kid Locke 23-12-1 (5) (429) (down 5)

Ketchel, as noted in last year's report, will be set at Post-Prime starting in 1910 as it was his last year in real life. McCoy is already at End stage, and the two newcomers (Mantell and Kramer) are still at Pre-Prime. Top Trial Horse is CBU and GBU champ Quinton Wade of the UK at #8 with a 9-5-5 (1) record and 204 pps. Papke is on a roll, winning four in a row since his loss to Ketchel. Klaus has won 6 and drawn 1 of his last 7, his last loss coming to Ketchel. Levin has won 4 in a row since his loss to Ketchel. Thompson has won 5 in a row since a loss to Ketchel. Fields bounced back to beat Mantell after a loss to guess who--Stanley Ketchel. Sense a pattern here? Mantell actually won his first 15 bouts but has fallen back a bit with two losses to Levin (for the EBU title) and to Fields. Kramer won his first 13 and was TKO'd by Joe Thomas. Dropping out of the Top Ten with some very bad years were Walter Coffey (down 5 to #14), Hugo Kelly (down 9 to #15) and Kid Carter (down 9 to #17). There were no retirements in 1909, and right now only Kid McCoy is close.

Looking ahead, prospect Jack Fitzgerald was clearly not ready in his title bout with Papke. His record is now 9-4 (6). Wild Bill Fleming is unbeaten at 8-0 (4), winning a tough match with the Buffalo Iron Man, Al Rogers, who is now at 8-1 (6). Other unbeatens? George Chip is 7-0 (4), Mike Gibbons is 7-0 (3) and Al McCoy is 6-0 (4) after a win over George's brother, Joe Chip. Willie KO Brennan is 5-0 with 4 KOs and George KO Brown 4-0 with 3 KOs.

A plethora of 13 newcomers swell the MW ranks in 1910, including such notables as Aussie Les Darcy and Jeff Smith of the USA. Should be an interesting year as these guys develop.

Stats for the Division

Total Boxers: 92 (41 real-life and 51 TCs)
Real-life career stage: 15 beginners, 12 Pre, 10 Prime, 3 Post, 1 at End.
Ranked: 21
800 or higher: 4
500 or higher: 7
200 or higher: 19

Note these last four figures count only those boxers considered for the Top 10 charts, which may be less than numbers reported in an earlier post containing similar data for 1908.
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WBA Title Fights

Dixie Kid CH (31-7-1) vs Mysterious Billy Smith #15 (52-19)

On paper, this looks like an easy win versus the CBU champ, now in the twilight of his career. But Smith has the Montreal crowd behind him and a 2-1 lifetime record versus the Kid, but the last win was almost three years ago, when Smith was still in Prime shape. Kid lands the early blows, putting some puffiness around the right eye of the challenger in round one. Kid followed up a strong round 3 by moving inside in round 4 but Smith caught him with a big hook to score the first KD of the bout at the end of the round. Kid bought time fighting outside in round five, picking his shots and increasing the swelling around Smith's eye. Kid won round 8 but got careless again in round 9, and Smith decked him for a 9-count. Kid covered up, but not before Smith scored another KD. Kid came back strongly in the 10th and unofficial cards had it 95-93 for the champ despite the three trips to the canvas. Kid's superior stamina and conditioning showed in the later rounds and he posted a points win--only one judge had it close. Kid by UD 15 (144-138, 142-141, 143-139).

Dixie Kid CH (32-7-1) vs Jack Britton #2 (19-3)

Kid reluctantly agrees to take on Britton, the recently crowned NABF champ who is one of the bright new stars in the division. Britton is cut below the right eye in round one, but recovers to score well, cutting Kid under the left eye in round four. Britton then moved inside in round 5, seeking to establish control of the bout. It seemed to be working until Kid nailed him with a strong combo, putting the challenger down for a 9-count in round 6. Kid tried hard but could not finish the game challenger. Britton continued to press the inside attack, taking round 9, but in round 10 Kid reopened the cut under his eye. Kid began to tire in the later rounds, but Britton lost a point for holding and hitting in round 11. Kid tried to get more aggressive, but instead Britton dished out more punishment, and Kid's left eye ballooned up by the end of the 13th. Most observers felt Britton had done enough to take the belt in a close bout, which was what the scorecards showed. Britton by SD 15 (142-139, 139-141, 141-140).

Jack Britton CH (20-3) vs Jimmy Gardner #3 (24-5-3)

Britton's first title defense sees him travel to England to take on ex-Champ Jimmy Gardner of Ireland. Round one saw the champ off balance after missing a roundhouse punch, being forced into survival mode as Gardner knocked him down, and Britton staggered through the round, barely hanging on. With the champ dazed and vulnerable, Gardner pressed the attack in round two, but Britton's head cleared and he countered well, winning the round. By the end of round 3 Britton had connected enough to cause swelling around Gardner's right eye and also opened a nasty looking cut over the eye. Britton then began working away at the cut with long looping lefts, taking round 4. Gardner came back to take the next round, causing some swelling around the champ's left eye. Gardner tried to become more aggressive in rounds 7 and 8, but Britton managed to re-open the cut and, in round 8, the bout was stopped. Britton by TKO 8 (cut).

Lesser Titles:

NABF: Britton took the title from Young Peter Jackson (TKO 5) then vacated the crown after becoming WBA champ. Rube Ferns stepped up to beat Joe Gans for the vacant title with a controversial SD 12 win. Mike "Twin" Sullivan took out the aging Ferns (KO 11) and then defended versus Joe Walcott (SD 12) and Gans (KO 1) making him probably the first to win back-to-back bouts against these two boxing legends.

USBA: Honey Mellody started the year with the belt, defended once versus Jack Goodman (UD 12), then lost it to Willie Lewis (TKO 2). Lewis defended versus Kyle Whitney (SD 12) but was TKO'd in 11 by Young Peter Jackson, who had started the year as the NABF champ.

CBU: Only one title fight during the year saw Brit Johnny Summers resurrect his flagging career by taking the crown from Mysterious Billy Smith when Smith was DQ-ed for a flagrant foul in round 10.

GBU: Summers also annexed the GBU belt with a UD 12 win over defending champ, Young Joseph.

EBU: Jimmy Gardner battled Summers to a 12-round draw to keep the crown.

Jan 1910 Ratings (perf pts and changes from prior year in parens)
Champ: Jack Britton 21-3 (12) (957) (up 8)
1. Mike Sullivan 29-10-2 (16) (849) (up 6)
2. Young Peter Jackson 42-9-2 (29) (844) (NC)
3. Johnny Summers 26-8-2 (13) (826) (up 13)
4. Dixie Kid 32-9-1 (14) (792) (down 4)
5. Rube Ferns 41-19 (30) (759) (up 8)
6. Joe Walcott 60-19-2 (21) (756) (NC)
7. Jimmy Gardner 24-6-3 (12) (750) (down 4)
8. Willie Lewis 26-12 (16) (705) (up 4)
9. Joe Gans 60-9 (35) (689) (down 8)
10. Dick Nelson 21-7-1 (16) (621) (up 1)

Britton swept to the title and now has won five in a row, which could make him a dominant figure in the division for years to come. Mike Sullivan was won four in a row to become the top challenger. Summers' big year, fighting six times without a loss (4 wins and 2 draws), also led to a shakeup as four boxers moved out of the Top 10 while Summers, Ferns, W Lewis and D Nelson, moved up. Honey Mellody who had been #4 dropped all the way to #12 after losses to W Lewis and Whitney. Young Joseph tumbled from #5 to #16 after losing to Summers and Dave Deshler. Mysterious Billy dropped all the way from #9 to #17 losing to Kid, Summers and Bartley Connolly. Jack Goodman lost 3 of his four bouts (to Mellody, Joseph and Walcott) to drop all the way from #10 to #19.

Gans and Walcott are now at Post-Prime and clearly on the downside of their illustrious careers. Ferns, who moved up, is actually at the End stage, others in the top ten are at Prime. Gans has lost his last three to Ferns, Walcott and Mike Sullivan, boxers he was beating just a couple of years ago. No retirements in 1909-- Ferns will probably be the next one.

Prospects a-plenty: Packey McFarland, now 13-0-1 (11), failed to capitalize on a great 1908; Glover suffered a SD loss to W Lewis after two lackluster draws with McFarland and Mellody, his record is 11-1-2 (5). British hope Arthur Evernden had won his first 11 but then lost to Glover and Dick Nelson. Still unbeaten are Dane Waldemar Holberg at 9-0 (6), Tommy Howell at 6-0 (no KOs yet), Johnny Alberts 4-0 (3), Eddie Shevlin 4-0 (2) and Brits Matt Wells at 3-0 and Ted Kid Lewis at 1-0. Several newcomers, incluing Sid Burns of the UK and Willie Schaeffer, will be added to the mix for 1910.

Stats for the Division:
Fighters: 84 (41 real-life, 43 TCs)
RL breakdown by career stage: 10 beginning (6 new), 7 at Pre, 18 at Prime, 5 at Post, 1 at End
Rated: 26
800 + : 4
500 + : 14
200 + : 24
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WBA Title Bouts

Jem Driscoll CH (33-5) vs Freddie Welsh #5 (16-2-1)

Driscoll defends on home turf against his countryman Freddie Welsh, the young GBU title holder. Welsh picked his shots to take round one from the Champ. Not much action in round 2, then Welsh steps inside to score well in the third. Both focus on long-range in round 4, with Welsh picking off Driscoll's punches to take the round. Driscoll moves inside to control the action in the 5th. Round 7 sees some good action, but the bout is too close to call at this point. Driscoll gets the better of the inside exchanges in the 9th, the champ becoming more aggressive as the bout wears on. Welsh keeps his distance, hoping to land some countershots. Driscoll hammers the challenger in the 14th and 15th to do enough to keep his crown in a very close bout. Driscoll by SD 15 (143-142, 142-144, 143-142).

Jem Driscoll CH (34-5) vs Battling Nelson #2 (48-8)

As the saying goes, will the 6th time be a charm for the Durable Dane, EBU champ Battling Nelson, who gets his 6th World Title shot and this time against an opponent Driscoll he has a career tally of 2 wins (albeit both by SD 12 in EBU Title bouts). Driscoll, out for revenge, stuns Nelson with a vicious hook in round 1. The Dane dropped down for an 8-count then covered up to last the round. One more strong shot was landed by Driscoll, but it was not enough to put the Dane away. Round 2 Nelson got his bearings, firing from long range and Driscoll tried to work inside. In round 3, it was Nelson on the attack, but Driscoll took the round with some good long-range punching. Round 4 was all Nelson, who continued his attack into the 5th, but yet Driscoll remained upright. Driscoll, trailing, got more aggressive in the 7th but the Dane painted his right eye which became badly swollen as a result. Driscoll gamely tried to take the initiative away from the Dane in the later rounds, but this time Nelson would not be denied as he took both the 13th and 14th rounds to cinch the win (squelching a great comeback by Driscoll who took rounds 10-12), opening a cut above Driscoll's eye in the process. Nelson by MD 15 (144-141, 142-142, 143-141) to finally win the WBA Title -- sixth time is a charm!

Lesser Titles:

NABF: Ex-champ Jack Blackburn traveled north of the Border to wrest the crown from Fighting Dick Hyland (SD 12) and then defended versus Art Simms (KO 6) and stopped Hyland in a rematch (KO 5).

USBA: Young Otto stunned defending USBA champ Jewey Cooke with a KO in the 2nd, but his reign was short-lived, as he lost next time out to Young Erne (UD 12) who defended versus Kid Fredericks (another UD 12) in a rematch of their earlier memorable encounter from a couple of years back.

CBU: Hyland ignored the title defense until the end of the year when he picked off TC Stan Nash via KO 1 to keep the crown.

GBU: No defenses by Freddie Welsh in 1909, due to lack of credible challengers.

EBU: Nelson defended versus Frank Erne (UD 12) and then won an easy defense versus German Rudy Unholz (TKO 7) before beating Driscoll, who then won Nelson's vacated EBU crown (effectively trading title belts) with a TKO 6 of the Swiss veteran, Erne.

Jan 1910 Rankings (perf pts and changes from prior year in parens)
Champ: Battling Nelson 49-8 (27) (1157) (up 3)
1. Jem Driscoll 35-6 (28) (1075) (down 1)
2. Jewey Cooke 57-11-1 (28) (960) (down 1)
3. Freddie Welsh 17-3-1 (10) (898) (up 1)
4. Jack Blackburn 33-5-1 (16) (897) (down 2)
5. Young Otto 23-5-2 (11) (766) (up 4)
6. Charley White 16-0 (7) (718) (new)
7. Fighting Dick Hyland 21-8-2 (14) (647) (up 1)
8. Young Erne 31-12-3 (12) (625) (up 3)
9. Ray Bronson 18-2-3 (7) (625) (up 8)
10. Harlem Tommy Murphy 21-7-1 (9) (624) (down 4)

Freddie Welsh joined the elite ranks of this talent-laden division with a MD 10 win over ex-champ Blackburn. Nelson has now won 4 in a row, Driscoll 5 of his last 6. Cooke went on a tear, winning four after losing the USBA belt to stay near the top. Otto, who is 8-1-1 in his last 10, is still a threat. All the top 10 are still at Prime, except for newcomer White who is still at Pre. (White has yet to be severely tested, but has wins over Leach Cross and Young Tommy Coleman.) Hyland was won two in a row, including a UD 10 over Young Erne. This was Young Erne's first loss after winning six in a row. Bronson reaches the Top 10 for the first time with four wins in a row, most recent a TW6 over Harlem Tommy Murphy. Dropping out of the top 10 were Frank Erne, down from #5 to #15 after four more losses extended his losing streak to 6; Art Simms, loser of three in a row to drop from #7 to #17; and William Kid Parker, whose losses to Driscoll and Fredericks dropped him from #10 to #19.

There were two retirements in the LW division in 1909. Career stats:

Jig Stone (USA) 1898-1909 31-21-1 (14) No Titles
George Jansen (USA) 1899-1909 21-19-1 (7) No Titles

Neither of these guys was good enough to seriously contend for a title. Looking ahead to the future, unbeaten prospect Lockport Jimmy Duffy is 13-0 (10), including KO wins over Tim Callahan and Ad Wolgast. Knockout Brown is 11-2 (8), two losses coming to Willie Ritchie (now #11 ranked) and Matty Baldwin (#12). Also at 11-2 is Paul Koehler, who sports a win over Kid Black. Jack Curley is 10-2 and Hop Harry Stone is 10-1-1. Aussie Herb McCoy is off to an excellent 5-0 (2) start. Coming into the ranks next yer are "Mexican Joe" Rivers and Phil Cross, among others.

No TCs are ranked in the LW division right now (same is true for WW as well, forgot to report it in the above post). Division stats:

Total boxers: 100 (47 real-life, 53 TCs)
Real-life by career stage: 7 at beginner (5 new), 12 at Pre, 21 at Prime, 6 at Post and 1 (Canada's Mike Ward) at End.
Total ranked: 32
800 +: 5
500 +: 14
200 +: 29
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WBA Title Fights

Abe Attell CH (38-2-1) vs Harry Lyons #1 (48-11-1)

Looks like a relatively easy defense for Attell as the veteran Lyons (despite his #1 ranking) is on the downslope of his career while Abe is still at his peak. Factor in Attell's 3-0 lifetime mark versus Lyons and it looks like a cakewalk. Rounds 1-3 saw the Little Champ land the more telling blows, controlling things on both the inside and the outside. Lyons tried to get more aggressive in round 6 but it was still a losing proposition. Attell coasted in the middle rounds, using a stifling defense and good ring movement to frustrate his older foe. A straight right by Lyons put Attell off balance for a moment in round 8, but Abe was able to cover up and then withstood Lyons' all-out assault in round 9. Lyons boxed well to take the 10th, but then it was Abe in charge as usual in the final rounds. No KDs in an otherwise virtuoso performance by Abe. Attell by UD 15.

Abe Attell CH (39-2-1) vs Young Corbett #2 (32-13-4)

Attell defends versus the NABF champ, Corbett, whom he has defeated twice before--most recently a KO 3 in late 1906. Corbett tried to change things by starting aggressively, taking the fight to Attell on the inside in round one. Abe held him off to take the round, but a big hook landed by Corbett in round two squared matters. Attell took round 3 and moved inside to do more damage in the 4th, when a strong cross forced the challenger to cover up. After a lacklustre 5th, Young Corbett went on the offensive in the 6th only to be thwarted by Attell's defense. Attell piled up a huge lead in the middle rounds but Corbett, though tired, refused to go away. The challenger actually won the last five rounds on one judge's card (the other two saw it differently) to make the bout a close one. Attell by SD 15 (142-143, 147-138, 147-138).

Abe Attell CH (40-2-1) vs Grover Hayes #7 (24-5)

Hayes comes into the bout on a 4-bout win streak, including a TKO win over ex-champ Terry McGovern. Hayes tries to pound Attell on the inside, but the Champ cleverly sidesteps him and counterpunches well to take the early lead. Attell lands some big shots as he goes on the offensive in round 3, and in the following rounds he toys with his younger opponent. A foul called against Attell gives the 5th round to Hayes. Attell's strong jab keeps Hayes at bay in the 6th and 7th, but the champ is sporting some swelling around his left eye at the end of round 7. Hayes looks to connect with a big shot, but Attell is getting in almost three times as many punches. Attell keeps his distance in the later rounds, piling up another huge points win. No KDs in this one. Attell by UD 15.

Lesser Titles

NABF: Young Corbett defended twice, versus aging vet Benny Soloman (TKO 3) and Canada's Percy Cove (UD 12).

USBA: Only title bout of the year saw Jimmy Walsh take the crown from Aurelio Herrera with a TKO 2. Looks like Aurelio's best days are behind him.

CBU: Title was vacated when Young Griffo finally announced his retirement. This paved the way for Cove, who topped another aging war horse, Brit Ben Jordan (UD 12) to take the crown. Later in the year he successfully defended versus Owen Moran (SD 12).

GBU: Moran held the belt the entire year, but made no defenses as, with the retirement of Jordan, there were no credible British challengers. (That may change in 1910, however.)

EBU: No title bouts as yet.

Jan 1910 Rankings (perf pts and changes from prior year in parens)
Champ: Abe Attell 41-2-1 (17) (1326) (NC)
1. Harry Lyons 50-12-2 (26) (909) (NC)
2. Young Corbett 34-14-4 (21) (872) (NC)
3. Brooklyn Tommy Sullivan 36-12-2 (22) (821) (NC)
4. Percy Cove 20-8-2 (7) (738) (up 1)
5. Billy Snailham 24-13-2 (11) (725) (down 1)
6. Grover Hayes 25-6 (19) (646) (up 4)
7. Owen Moran 29-9 (15) (631) (NC)
8. Johnny Kilbane 14-1-1 (10) (625) (new)
9. Terry McGovern 34-17-1 (31) (551) (down 3)
10. Aurelio Herrera 27-15-2 (25) (532) (down 2)

Pretty stagnant at the top as little movement in the Top 5 spots. A big gulf between Attell and everyone else, in part because two of the top contenders (first Lyons and more recently Corbett) have hit Post-Prime. Just outside the Top 10 at #11 is USBA champ Jimmy Walsh, who sports at 18-6-1 (5) record and has 512 pp. He was stymied in his efforts to move up when he suffered a TKO loss to Cove. Snailham dropped back after being held to a draw by newcomer Kilbane. Kilbane's only other blemish was a surprise SD 10 loss to Tommy Love. Moran was moving up until losses to Cove and Brooklyn Tommy derailed his progress. Only top 10 dropout was vet Benny Soloman, who suffered losses to Moran and Corbett and is now at the End stage of his career. McGovern and Herrera suffered losses and are at Post-Prime (like Lyons and Corbett) and not likely to move back up. Kilbane still at Pre-Prime, everyone else in Top 10 at Prime. Expect Kilbane to emerge as perhaps the one to seriously contend for Attell's crown in a year or two once he hits Prime career stage.

One retirement, ex-WBA Champ, British great Ben Jordan:

Jordan (UK) 1892-1909 40-26-1 (27) (WBA Champ)

Future prospects include Aussie Jimmy Hill, now 10-0 (1) versus TCs, likewise Eddie O'Keefe is 9-0 (but 8 KOs) but all TCs as well. Brit Billy Elliott is 8-0 (4), including a win over fellow prospect Patsy Kline of Italy. A couple of more tune-ups and he may be ready for a shot at Moran's GBU title. The division is badly in need of new blood, so the welcome addition of French great Enrique Criqui plus Americans George KO Chaney and Johnny Dundee should help breath new life into the FW ranks in 1910.

Divison Stats:

Total boxers: 67 (33 real-life, 34 TCs)
RL Boxer breakdown: 8 at Beginner (7 new), 7 at Pre, only 8 at Prime, 9 at Post and 1 at End.
Ranked: 19 (again no TCs)
800 +: 4
500 +: 12
200 +: 17
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WBA Title Bouts

Johnny Coulon Ch (20-1) vs Harry Harris #5 (43-6-1)

Coulon elects to test his mettle against the legendary but aging ex-champ, Harris. After an inconsequential opening round, Harris' long-range jabs begin to tell as he takes round 2, also causing swell around the champ's right eye. After an even 3rd round, Coulon moved inside against a defensive-minded Harris in the 4th, landing a few good shots while missing on others to control the action. Harris was more active in round 5, landing a combination to send Coulon to the canvas. Harris then moved inside while Coulon tried to clear his head. A more aggressive posture by Coulon in round 7 did no good as Harris was able to land his countershots and score at will. Both work outside in rounds 8 and 9, and Harris is gradually wearing Coulon down. Coulon tries hard to pin down Harris in the later rounds, but the ex-champ sticks and moves, executing well to give the younger Coulon a boxing less. Harris wins Title with UD 15.

Harry Harris CH (44-6-1) vs Biz Mackey #1 (28-6-2)

Tough first defense right off the bat-- Harris carries a 1-0 lifetime mark versus the top-ranked challenger into the bout. Mackey, looking to change things, applies pressure right from the start. Harris lands some effective countershots. Mackey mixes it up, working outside in round 2. Harris, at 37, may not have the legs to stay with the younger challenger. Harris tries to work inside, but Mackey keeps him off base, and then lands a strong blow at the end of the 5th that forces the champ to cover up. Harris comes right back to stagger Mackey in round 6, forcing another cover up and then the champ scores the first KD of the bout. Mackey barely hangs on and both men take a breather in the middle rounds. Mackey backs Harris up in round 9 but can't land any decisive blows. Harris uses his boxing skills to dominate and surprisingly, it is the younger Mackey who tires first. A split lip doesn't deter the challenger from pressing forward in rounds 12 and 12, but Harris holds his own to win the nod from the judges. Harris by UD 15 (143-141, 143-141, 145-139).

Harry Harris CH (45-6-1) vs Johnny Coulon #1 (21-2)

An opportunity for Coulon to regain the Title he lost to Harris earlier in the year--and not much action in the initial rounds as both men elect to keep their distance. Coulon lands the more telling blows to take round 3. Round 4 is even, and both move inside to start round 5. Coulon does well on both the inside and outside, mixing it up, while Harris is perhaps too defensive-minded, allowing the younger challenger to pile up a points lead. Not much action in the middle rounds as both conserve energy for the final push. Coulon works inside in round 10, lands a few good shots, but Harris is doing enough to keep the bout close. As the bout winds down, Coulon sits on his lead and Harris, in the end, is unable to overcome his younger foe. Coulon by UD 15 (147-142, 147-142, 146-143).

Johnny Coulon CH (22-2) vs Tommy Feltz #13 (24-14-2)

Feltz qualified for a title shot with an upset win over Frankie Conley. No prior meetings, and Coulon enters the ring as a heavy favorite. Flet works inside but Coulon's superior defense thwarts his efforts. Both work outside in round 2, slight edge to Feltz. Both mix it up in round 3, and the Champ takes control with a dominating performance in round 5. A game Feltz is still full of fight, however. The Chicago Spider dominates from the outside in round 7, and Feltz's right eye starts swelling up as a result of the accumulated blows. In round 9, Feltz able to work on the champ's left eye, which also puffs up. Coulon sticks and move to take round 11 then goes into a defensive shell the rest of the way. Coulon is cut in the 13th but some feverish cornerwork patches it up. Coulon by UD 15.

Lesser Titles

NABF: Kid Murphy wrests the belt from Al Delmont (MD 12), then Coulon takes it from Murphy (UD 12). After Coulon regains the WBA crown, Hugh McGovern defeats Joseph Biderberg (aka Louisiana) for the vacant title (MD 12). Three new champs in three title bouts.

USBA: The year starts off with the crown vacant (Coulon had held it prior to winning the World title for the first time) and Frankie Neil finally wins a belt with a convincing 5-round KO win over Harry Forbes. Neil follows up with a KO 9 over Monte Attell, but then manages to lose it when is called for a foul and DQ'ed against Frankie Conley, who ends the year as the US titleholder.

CBU: Joe Bowker kept the crown when he fought a 12-round draw with Digger Stanley (Stanley's EBU belt was up for grabs at the same time).

GBU: One defense by Digger Stanley, a KO 6 over the aging and ineffective Thomas Pedlar Palmer.

EBU: Stanley kept the crown, only risked it in the above-referenced match with Bowker that ended in a draw, no titles changing hands.

Jan 1910 Rankings (perf pts and changes from prior year in parens)
Champ: Johnny Coulon 23-1 (13) (886) (NC)
1. Biz Mackey 28-7-3 (12) (770) (NC)
2. Harry Harris 45-7-1 (30) (740) (up 2)
3. Kid Murphy 21-8 (16) (664) (NC)
4. Digger Stanley 23-13-2 (8) (610) (up 8)
5. Frankie Neil 26-13-1 (16) (584) (up 1)
6. Hugh McGovern 24-9-1 (12) (560) (up 4)
7. Al Delmont 25-8-1 (14) (555) (up 1)
8. Frankie Conley 16-4 (12) (533) (down 3)
9. Harry Forbes 28-21-4 (12) (499) (down 7)
10. Monte Attell 16-8-1 (10) (485) (up 1)

Of the top guys, Forbes, Harris and Neil are all at Post-Prime, the others (including Conley now) are at Prime. Bowker, the CBU champ, stands at 27-12-3 (14) with 435 PP and is ranked 12th (he dropped from 9th the prior year after consecutive losses to Neil and FW Johnny Kilbane). Phil McGovern took the biggest tumble, dropping from 7th down to 15th after losing 3 of 4 to Delmont, Feltz and prospect Phila. Pal Moore). Mackey stayed at number one despite winning only one bout in 1909 and only managing a draw against Delmont. Kid Murphy has won 5 of his last 6 and may be ready to challenge for a title. Digger Stanley is on a bit of a roll, winning 4 of his last 5. Conley suffered losses to Feltz and M Attell earlier in the year and needed the US title win to salvage his year.

Top prospect appears to be Phila Pal Moore, who is 10-0-1 (5) with quality wins over Biderberg and Phil McGovern, being held to a draw by the other top prospect, Frankie Burns, who has a 9-1-1 (6) record, losing a SD 10 to Neil. Biderberg (Louisiana) is now 9-3 after losing three times in 1909 to Kid Murphy, Pal Moore and H McGovern. Frenchman Charles Ledoux is a perfect 5-0 (all KDs) versus TCs. Debuting in 1910 will be Eddie Campi and Kid Williams.

There is one ranked TC in the division, Carl DeWitt who is #17 with a 12-10-1 (4) mark and 128 pp. All the others (with at least 10 bouts) have losing records.

No retirements in 1909, but Morris Rauch and Pedlar Palmer are at the End stage and likely to hang it up in 1910.

Overall Division Stats:

Total Boxers: 61 (25 real-life, 36 TCs)
Real-life career stage: 3 at Beginner (all new), 5 at Pre, 12 at Prime, 3 at Post, 2 at End
Ranked: 19
800 + : 1
500 + : 9
200 + : 16
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1909-Flyweights and Pound-For-Pound Ratings

Flyweight Division has had no Title bouts but at the end of 1909 I decided to match up the two leading guys, Bill Ladbury and Sid Smith. Both had met earlier in the year in a 10-rounder which Smith won. In the GBU title bout (both are from the UK), Ladbury turned the tables and stopped Smith with a TKO 4.

So, at year's end Ladbury, the GBU Champ, is #1 at 11-1-1 (5) with 497 pp and Smith is #2 at 12-2 (6) and 391 pts. Both have fought all the TCs in the flyweight division at least once, so when they weren't paired with each other they took on some UK-based BW TCs, some of whom posed some challenges.

New to the division in 1910 will be a couple of strong fighters: Jimmy Wilde of the UK and Frankie Mason from the States. Expect to see more flyweights in the next few years, leading up to an eventual WBA title bout.

Division Stats:
Number of boxers: 11 (4 real-life, 7 TCs but expect more to be added soon)
Real-life career stages: 2 beginner (both new), 2 at Pre
Ranked: 2
800 +: 0
500 +: 0
200 +: 2

Now, drum roll, the third annual pound-for-pound ratings

Top Ten (pp and change from prior year in parens)

1. Abe Attell FW WBA Champ (1326) (NC)
2. Jack Johnson HW WBA Champ (1268) (NC)
3. James Jeffries HW NABF Champ (1163) (NC)
4. Battling Nelson LW WBA Champ (1157) (up 4)
5. Jem Driscoll LW EBU Champ (1075) (NC)
6. Phila. Jack O'Brien LH-HW (1072) (new)
7. Joe Jeannette HW USBA Champ (1030) (new)
8. Tommy Burns HW CBU Champ (999) (up 1)
9. Sam Langford HW (987) (new)
10. Jewey Cooke LW (960) (-4)

NOTE: Although O'Brien and Langford are listed as new, their names appeared in the 1907 pound-for-pound list, O'Brien at #3 and Langford at #10.

Dropping out of the Top 10 were Stanley Ketchel (was #4), Jack Blackburn (was #7) and Joe Gans (was #10).

Interesting to see so many (half the 10) from the HW ranks. Wonder how many more years this trend will last.

Ratings inflation or not? Fewer over 1000 versus 1908 (7 versus 9 last year), but Attell raised the bar on everyone by crossing the 1300 threshhold for the first time. So, the jury on this one is still out ....

Will take a brief hiatus for a few days before starting in on 1910 some time next week. With more boxers coming up and other things on my plate, expect the two years per month rate to slip a bit as I probably will not complete the next year for at least another three weeks, perhaps in time for Memorial Day ...
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Good stuff JC
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