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Old 09-21-2013, 03:39 PM   #1
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Corrections for world file

Corrected Capitals

Country Name - cityid of correct capital - name of capital city

Cameroon    88603    Yaoundé
Ivory Coast    88245    Yamoussoukro
Morocco        64654    Rabat
Nigeria        2050    Abuja
Sudan        38130    Khartoum
Tanzania    20993    Dodoma
Gambia        6925    Banjul
China        63480    Beijing
Guam        399    Agana
India        20037    Delhi
Kazakhstan    4552    Astana
Kuwait        1082    al-Kuwayt
Myanmar        89998    Naypyidaw
Oman        52710    Muscat
Pakistan    33632    Islamabad
Sri Lanka    39757    Kotte
Syria        21834    Damascus
UAE        2044    Abu Dhabi
Vietnam        30005    Hanoi
Liechtenstein    83755    Vaduz
Malta        83998    Valletta
San Marino    70371    San Marino
Scotland    22779    Edinburgh
Switzerland    8823    Bern
Turkey        3103    Ankara
Belize        8423    Belmopan
Canada        57981    Ottawa
Guadeloupe    7485    Basse-Terre
Trinidad Tobago    60428    Port of Spain
USA        87845    Washington DC
Sint Maarten    58724    Phillipsburg
American Samoa    62067    Pago Pago
Australia    17031    Canberra
New Zealand    86078    Wellington
Tahiti Fr Poly    62697    Papeete
Micronesia    62275    Palikir
Bolivia        76640    Sucre
Brazil        11404    Brasilia
Ecuador        64121    Quito
Venezuela    17321    Caracas
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Cities that are located in another country - part 1

Except for Cotonou all the cities in Littoral, Bénin belong in Littoral, Cameroon (needs to be created)
Except fot Mwanza (city id# 52803) all cities in Mwanza, Malawi belong in Mwanza, Tanzania (needs to be created)
Amlamé, Atakpomé, Badou, Kpalimé and Notsé in Plateaux, Congo (Republic of) belong in Plateaux, Togo (needs to be created)
Dapaong and Mango in Savanes, Ivory Coast belong in Savanes, Togo (needs to be created)
Sokodé, Sotouboua and Tchamba in Centre, France belong in Centrale, Togo (needs to be created)
Delta del Tigre in San Jose, Costa Rica belongs in San Jose, Uruguay (needs to be created)
San Jose (id #70715) in San Jose, Costa Rica need to be renamed San Jose de Mayo and belongs in San Jose, Uruguay
Bur Sudan, Gabait, Sawakin, Sinkat and Tawkar in al-Bahr al-Ahmar, Egypt belong in al-Bahr al-Ahmar, Sudan (needs to be created and can be called "Red Sea" instead)
The following need to be moved from Plateau, Benin to Plateau, Nigeria (needs to be created)
                <CITY id="2763" name="Amper" pop="12212" lid="0" lat="9.36" long="9.67" abbr="AMP" />
                <CITY id="10428" name="Bokkos" pop="12538" lid="0" lat="9.28" long="9" abbr="BOK" />
                <CITY id="12421" name="Bukuru" pop="15540" lid="0" lat="9.79" long="8.86" abbr="BUK" />
                <CITY id="20126" name="Dengi" pop="6276" lid="0" lat="9.37" long="9.95" abbr="DEN" />
                <CITY id="35649" name="Jos" pop="816824" lid="0" lat="9.93" long="8.89" abbr="JOS" />
                <CITY id="40712" name="Kwolla" pop="8200" lid="0" lat="8.93" long="9.28" abbr="KWO" />
                <CITY id="43698" name="Langtang" pop="13172" lid="0" lat="9.13" long="9.76" abbr="LAN" />
                <CITY id="62612" name="Pankshin" pop="31516" lid="0" lat="9.32" long="9.45" abbr="PAN" />
                <CITY id="62665" name="Panyam" pop="10715" lid="0" lat="9.4" long="9.21" abbr="PAN" />
                <CITY id="73436" name="Shendam" pop="28380" lid="0" lat="8.9" long="9.47" abbr="SHE" />
                <CITY id="83557" name="Vom" pop="12000" lid="0" lat="9.73" long="8.78" abbr="VOM" />
                <CITY id="88414" name="Yelwa" pop="13234" lid="0" lat="8.84" long="9.62" abbr="YEL" />
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Cities that are located in another country - part 2

There are 246 (if I counted right) cities in Punjab, India that belong in Punjab, Pakistan (needs to be created)
And instead of making you hunt and peck to remove them from India I'm also posting all of the cities that should stay in India.

Punjab, Pakistan
                <CITY id="43131" name="Lahore" pop="6310888" lid="0" lat="31.56" long="74.35" abbr="LAH" />
                <CITY id="4764" name="Attock" pop="85479" lid="0" lat="33.78" long="72.36" abbr="ATT" />
                <CITY id="30862" name="Hasan Abdal" pop="45665" lid="0" lat="30.43" long="72.7" abbr="HAS" />
                <CITY id="35003" name="Jand" pop="18170" lid="0" lat="33.43" long="72.02" abbr="JAN" />
                <CITY id="31152" name="Hazro" pop="26309" lid="0" lat="33.91" long="72.49" abbr="HAZ" />
                <CITY id="59064" name="Pindi Gheb" pop="34301" lid="0" lat="33.24" long="72.26" abbr="PIN" />
                <CITY id="25268" name="Fateh Jang" pop="29444" lid="0" lat="33.57" long="72.65" abbr="FAT" />
                <CITY id="6162" name="Bahawalnagar" pop="126617" lid="0" lat="30" long="73.25" abbr="BAH" />
                <CITY id="47592" name="Mandi Sadiq Ganj" pop="13067" lid="0" lat="30.17" long="73.73" abbr="MAN" />
                <CITY id="13433" name="Chishtian Mandi" pop="122199" lid="0" lat="29.79" long="72.84" abbr="CHI" />
                <CITY id="25243" name="Ft. Abbas" pop="40626" lid="0" lat="29.19" long="72.85" abbr="FOR" />
                <CITY id="50475" name="Minchinabad" pop="29253" lid="0" lat="30.17" long="73.57" abbr="MIN" />
                <CITY id="29990" name="Harunabad" pop="72432" lid="0" lat="29.61" long="73.14" abbr="HAR" />
                <CITY id="6163" name="Bahawalpur" pop="552607" lid="0" lat="29.39" long="71.67" abbr="BAH" />
                <CITY id="69619" name="Samasatta" pop="24363" lid="0" lat="29.34" long="71.54" abbr="SAM" />
                <CITY id="81934" name="Uch" pop="23993" lid="0" lat="29.24" long="71.05" abbr="UCH" />
                <CITY id="562" name="Ahmadpur East" pop="116579" lid="0" lat="29.15" long="71.26" abbr="AHM" />
                <CITY id="29992" name="Hasilpur" pop="88031" lid="0" lat="29.71" long="72.55" abbr="HAS" />
                <CITY id="38039" name="Khairpur Tamewali" pop="30967" lid="0" lat="29.58" long="72.23" abbr="KHA" />
                <CITY id="88244" name="Yazman" pop="24580" lid="0" lat="29.14" long="71.75" abbr="YAZ" />
                <CITY id="9153" name="Bhakkar" pop="81950" lid="0" lat="31.63" long="71.06" abbr="BHA" />
                <CITY id="22078" name="Darya Khan" pop="15048" lid="0" lat="31.79" long="71.1" abbr="DAR" />
                <CITY id="36457" name="Kalur Kot" pop="25574" lid="0" lat="32.16" long="71.26" abbr="KAL" />
                <CITY id="47747" name="Mankera" pop="10819" lid="0" lat="31.38" long="71.44" abbr="MAN" />
                <CITY id="18604" name="Chakwal" pop="101200" lid="0" lat="32.93" long="72.85" abbr="CHA" />
                <CITY id="78129" name="Talagang" pop="44960" lid="0" lat="32.92" long="72.41" abbr="TAL" />
                <CITY id="13496" name="Choa Saidan Shah" pop="15344" lid="0" lat="32.72" long="72.98" abbr="CHO" />
                <CITY id="13348" name="Chiniot" pop="201781" lid="0" lat="31.72" long="72.98" abbr="CHI" />
                <CITY id="9192" name="Bhawana" pop="16218" lid="0" lat="31.57" long="72.65" abbr="BHA" />
                <CITY id="42098" name="Lalian" pop="31355" lid="0" lat="31.83" long="72.78" abbr="LAL" />
                <CITY id="64665" name="Rabwah" pop="50192" lid="0" lat="31.83" long="72.82" abbr="RAB" />
                <CITY id="20204" name="Dera Ghazi Khan" pop="236093" lid="0" lat="30.06" long="70.64" abbr="DER" />
                <CITY id="78770" name="Taunsa" pop="44869" lid="0" lat="30.7" long="70.64" abbr="TAU" />
                <CITY id="26297" name="Faisalabad" pop="2506595" lid="0" lat="31.41" long="73.11" abbr="FAI" />
                <CITY id="6858" name="Banga" pop="19234" lid="0" lat="31.18" long="75.98" abbr="BAN" />
                <CITY id="20652" name="Dijkot" pop="27469" lid="0" lat="31.22" long="72.98" abbr="DIJ" />
                <CITY id="38295" name="Khurianwala" pop="35292" lid="0" lat="31.5" long="73.27" abbr="KHU" />
                <CITY id="45936" name="Mamu Kanjan" pop="31914" lid="0" lat="30.84" long="72.8" abbr="MAM" />
                <CITY id="18587" name="Chak Jhumra" pop="37214" lid="0" lat="31.57" long="73.18" abbr="CHA" />
                <CITY id="69661" name="Sammundri" pop="66652" lid="0" lat="31.11" long="72.8" abbr="SAM" />
                <CITY id="35046" name="Jaranwala" pop="119785" lid="0" lat="31.34" long="73.41" abbr="JAR" />
                <CITY id="77642" name="Tandlianwala" pop="38285" lid="0" lat="31.04" long="73.13" abbr="TAN" />
                <CITY id="26724" name="Gujranwala" pop="1384471" lid="0" lat="32.16" long="74.18" abbr="GUJ" />
                <CITY id="1640" name="Alipur Chatha" pop="49130" lid="0" lat="32.27" long="73.81" abbr="ALI" />
                <CITY id="35922" name="Kamoke" pop="199531" lid="0" lat="31.98" long="74.21" abbr="KAM" />
                <CITY id="53162" name="Nowshera Virkan" pop="40853" lid="0" lat="31.97" long="73.98" abbr="NOW" />
                <CITY id="85551" name="Wazirabad" pop="102444" lid="0" lat="32.45" long="74.1" abbr="WAZ" />
                <CITY id="26723" name="Gujrat" pop="301506" lid="0" lat="32.58" long="74.07" abbr="GUJ" />
                <CITY id="73160" name="Shadiwal" pop="20578" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="SHA" />
                <CITY id="38005" name="Kharian" pop="81435" lid="0" lat="32.81" long="73.89" abbr="KHA" />
                <CITY id="71548" name="Sarai Alamgir" pop="44120" lid="0" lat="32.9" long="73.75" abbr="SAR" />
                <CITY id="29974" name="Hafizabad" pop="153656" lid="0" lat="32.07" long="73.68" abbr="HAF" />
                <CITY id="59063" name="Pindi Bhattian" pop="35088" lid="0" lat="31.9" long="73.27" abbr="PIN" />
                <CITY id="34892" name="Jalalpur Bhattian" pop="24743" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="JAL" />
                <CITY id="35344" name="Jhang" pop="341210" lid="0" lat="31.28" long="72.32" abbr="JHA" />
                <CITY id="73696" name="Shorkot" pop="67439" lid="0" lat="31.9" long="70.86" abbr="SHO" />
                <CITY id="564" name="Ahmadpur Sial" pop="24889" lid="0" lat="30.68" long="71.76" abbr="AHM" />
                <CITY id="35350" name="Jhelum" pop="164080" lid="0" lat="32.94" long="73.72" abbr="JHE" />
                <CITY id="74828" name="Sohawa" pop="15494" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="SOH" />
                <CITY id="59057" name="Pind Dadan Khan" pop="22001" lid="0" lat="32.59" long="73.04" abbr="PDK" />
                <CITY id="21504" name="Dina" pop="46291" lid="0" lat="28.24" long="68.65" abbr="DIN" />
                <CITY id="37267" name="Kasur" pop="290643" lid="0" lat="31.12" long="74.45" abbr="KAS" />
                <CITY id="18411" name="Chunian" pop="57312" lid="0" lat="30.97" long="73.97" abbr="CHU" />
                <CITY id="63177" name="Pattoki" pop="70436" lid="0" lat="31.03" long="73.85" abbr="PAT" />
                <CITY id="6205" name="Bai Pheru" pop="68269" lid="0" lat="31.2" long="73.95" abbr="BAI" />
                <CITY id="39697" name="Kot Radha Kishan" pop="45938" lid="0" lat="31.17" long="74.1" abbr="KRK" />
                <CITY id="37999" name="Khanewal" pop="154362" lid="0" lat="30.31" long="71.82" abbr="KHA" />
                <CITY id="5208" name="Abdul Hakim" pop="46494" lid="0" lat="30.55" long="72.11" abbr="ABD" />
                <CITY id="36226" name="Kabirwala" pop="60782" lid="0" lat="30.4" long="71.87" abbr="KAB" />
                <CITY id="34841" name="Jahanian" pop="29095" lid="0" lat="31.8" long="72.27" abbr="JAH" />
                <CITY id="50009" name="Mian Channun" pop="76226" lid="0" lat="30.44" long="72.34" abbr="MIA" />
                <CITY id="38297" name="Khushab" pop="102793" lid="0" lat="32.3" long="72.34" abbr="KHU" />
                <CITY id="55962" name="Noorpur Thal" pop="16198" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="NOO" />
                <CITY id="63748" name="Quaidabad" pop="13927" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="QUA" />
                <CITY id="45348" name="Leiah" pop="78954" lid="0" lat="30.97" long="70.93" abbr="LIE" />
                <CITY id="25280" name="Fatehpur" pop="18126" lid="0" lat="31.17" long="71.22" abbr="FAT" />
                <CITY id="37225" name="Karor Lal Esan" pop="25634" lid="0" lat="31.23" long="70.95" abbr="KAR" />
                <CITY id="40932" name="Lodhran" pop="97249" lid="0" lat="29.54" long="71.63" abbr="LOD" />
                <CITY id="36370" name="Kahror Pakka" pop="69743" lid="0" lat="29.62" long="71.91" abbr="KAH" />
                <CITY id="19539" name="Dunyapur" pop="34044" lid="0" lat="29.8" long="71.73" abbr="DUN" />
                <CITY id="47591" name="Mandi Bahauddin" pop="129733" lid="0" lat="32.59" long="73.48" abbr="MAN" />
                <CITY id="63837" name="Qadirabad" pop="12010" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="QAD" />
                <CITY id="47154" name="Malakwal" pop="34589" lid="0" lat="32.56" long="73.21" abbr="MAL" />
                <CITY id="58675" name="Phalia" pop="24789" lid="0" lat="32.43" long="73.58" abbr="PHA" />
                <CITY id="50010" name="Mianwali" pop="89570" lid="0" lat="32.59" long="71.54" abbr="MIA" />
                <CITY id="33190" name="Isa Khel" pop="17589" lid="0" lat="32.67" long="71.28" abbr="ISA" />
                <CITY id="52514" name="Multan" pop="1437230" lid="0" lat="30.2" long="71.45" abbr="MUL" />
                <CITY id="73743" name="Shujaabad" pop="65952" lid="0" lat="29.88" long="71.29" abbr="SHU" />
                <CITY id="34893" name="Jalalpur Pirwala" pop="37393" lid="0" lat="29.5" long="71.22" abbr="JAL" />
                <CITY id="52780" name="Muzaffargarh" pop="165192" lid="0" lat="30.07" long="71.18" abbr="MUZ" />
                <CITY id="1218" name="Alipur" pop="33601" lid="0" lat="29.38" long="70.9" abbr="ALI" />
                <CITY id="35132" name="Jatoi" pop="47144" lid="0" lat="29.51" long="70.84" abbr="JAT" />
                <CITY id="39688" name="Kot Addu" pop="104217" lid="0" lat="30.46" long="70.97" abbr="KOT" />    
                <CITY id="53561" name="Narowal" pop="68291" lid="0" lat="32.11" long="74.87" abbr="NAR" />
                <CITY id="5933" name="Baddomalhi" pop="18435" lid="0" lat="31.98" long="74.67" abbr="BAD" />
                <CITY id="63911" name="Qila Sobha Singh" pop="12884" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="QIL" />
                <CITY id="73204" name="Shakargarh" pop="64304" lid="0" lat="32.26" long="75.15" abbr="SHA" />
                <CITY id="89052" name="Zafarwal" pop="23078" lid="0" lat="32.35" long="74.9" abbr="ZAF" />
                <CITY id="54121" name="Nankana Sahib" pop="56366" lid="0" lat="31.45" long="73.69" abbr="NAN" />
                <CITY id="87706" name="Warburton" pop="24295" lid="0" lat="31.55" long="73.83" abbr="WAR" />
                <CITY id="70808" name="Sangala Hill" pop="57002" lid="0" lat="31.72" long="73.37" abbr="SAN" />
                <CITY id="73120" name="Shahkot" pop="47929" lid="0" lat="31.57" long="73.48" abbr="SHA" />
                <CITY id="56996" name="Okara" pop="223648" lid="0" lat="30.81" long="73.45" abbr="OKA" />
                <CITY id="66858" name="Renala Khurd" pop="37111" lid="0" lat="30.88" long="73.6" abbr="REN" />
                <CITY id="21508" name="Dipalpur" pop="74640" lid="0" lat="30.67" long="73.66" abbr="DIP" />
                <CITY id="7425" name="Basirpur" pop="41617" lid="0" lat="30.58" long="73.83" abbr="BAS" />
                <CITY id="67715" name="Saddar Gogera" pop="15408" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="SAD" />
                <CITY id="32969" name="Hujra Shah Muqim" pop="61546" lid="0" lat="30.75" long="73.82" abbr="HUJ" />
                <CITY id="73475" name="Shergarh" pop="14076" lid="0" lat="28.65" long="79.35" abbr="SHE" />
                <CITY id="61699" name="Pakpattan" pop="126706" lid="0" lat="30.35" long="73.38" abbr="PAK" />
                <CITY id="167" name="Arifwala" pop="87360" lid="0" lat="30.3" long="73.07" abbr="ARI" />
                <CITY id="64811" name="Rahim Yar Khan" pop="299763" lid="0" lat="28.42" long="70.3" abbr="RAH" />
                <CITY id="89140" name="Zahir Pir" pop="34121" lid="0" lat="28.82" long="70.51" abbr="ZAH" />
                <CITY id="38001" name="Khanpur" pop="142426" lid="0" lat="28.65" long="70.65" abbr="KHA" />
                <CITY id="45208" name="Liaqatpur" pop="37136" lid="0" lat="28.94" long="70.94" abbr="LIA" />
                <CITY id="67143" name="Sadiqabad" pop="189876" lid="0" lat="28.3" long="70.13" abbr="SAD" />
                <CITY id="64853" name="Rajanpur" pop="50682" lid="0" lat="29.1" long="70.32" abbr="RAJ" />
                <CITY id="34987" name="Jampur" pop="63791" lid="0" lat="29.64" long="70.59" abbr="JAM" />
                <CITY id="66284" name="Rojhan" pop="13031" lid="0" lat="28.69" long="69.95" abbr="ROJ" />
                <CITY id="64454" name="Rawalpindi" pop="1743101" lid="0" lat="33.6" long="73.04" abbr="RAW" />
                <CITY id="27254" name="Gujar Khan" pop="69374" lid="0" lat="33.26" long="73.3" abbr="GUJ" />
                <CITY id="36374" name="Kahuta" pop="22551" lid="0" lat="33.59" long="73.38" abbr="KAH" />
                <CITY id="39734" name="Kotli Loharan" pop="21463" lid="0" lat="32.58" long="74.48" abbr="KOT" />
                <CITY id="52675" name="Murree" pop="25247" lid="0" lat="33.91" long="73.39" abbr="MUR" />
                <CITY id="78827" name="Taxila" pop="90520" lid="0" lat="33.75" long="72.81" abbr="TAX" />
                <CITY id="67151" name="Sahiwal" pop="235695" lid="0" lat="30.67" long="73.11" abbr="SAH" />
                <CITY id="18407" name="Chichawatni" pop="82762" lid="0" lat="30.53" long="72.68" abbr="CHI" />
                <CITY id="71655" name="Sargodha" pop="542603" lid="0" lat="32.08" long="72.67" abbr="SAR" />
                <CITY id="50036" name="Miani" pop="15300" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MIA" />
                <CITY id="58762" name="Phularwan" pop="18958" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="PHU" />
                <CITY id="73192" name="Shahpur Saddar" pop="17966" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="SHA" />
                <CITY id="9159" name="Bhalwal" pop="74744" lid="0" lat="32.27" long="72.9" abbr="BHA" />
                <CITY id="39695" name="Kot Moman" pop="38355" lid="0" lat="32.19" long="73.03" abbr="KOT" />
                <CITY id="67152" name="Sahiwal" pop="37186" lid="0" lat="31.98" long="72.33" abbr="SAH" />
                <CITY id="73190" name="Shahpur City" pop="14153" lid="0" lat="32.28" long="72.47" abbr="SHA" />
                <CITY id="74034" name="Sillanwali" pop="27023" lid="0" lat="31.82" long="72.54" abbr="SIL" />
                <CITY id="73377" name="Shekhupura" pop="361303" lid="0" lat="31.72" long="73.98" abbr="SHE" />
                <CITY id="25489" name="Ferozwala" pop="63931" lid="0" lat="29.02" long="71.88" abbr="FER" />
                <CITY id="52600" name="Muridke" pop="164246" lid="0" lat="31.81" long="74.25" abbr="MUR" />
                <CITY id="73304" name="Sharqpur" pop="31855" lid="0" lat="31.46" long="74.1" abbr="SHA" />
                <CITY id="67761" name="Safdarabad" pop="23656" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="SAF" />
                <CITY id="73786" name="Sialkot" pop="477396" lid="0" lat="32.52" long="74.55" abbr="SIA" />
                <CITY id="8126" name="Begowala" pop="9259" lid="0" lat="32.43" long="74.27" abbr="BEG" />
                <CITY id="63061" name="Pasrur" pop="53364" lid="0" lat="32.27" long="74.65" abbr="PAS" />
                <CITY id="22097" name="Daska" pop="126924" lid="0" lat="32.33" long="74.36" abbr="DAS" />
                <CITY id="69639" name="Sambrial" pop="62874" lid="0" lat="32.48" long="74.34" abbr="SAM" />
                <CITY id="80327" name="Toba Tek Singh" pop="69064" lid="0" lat="30.97" long="72.47" abbr="TOB" />
                <CITY id="28896" name="Gojra" pop="139726" lid="0" lat="31.15" long="72.69" abbr="GOJ" />
                <CITY id="36651" name="Kamalia" pop="112426" lid="0" lat="30.73" long="72.64" abbr="KAM" />
                <CITY id="82882" name="Vihari" pop="112840" lid="0" lat="30.05" long="72.34" abbr="VIH" />
                <CITY id="5468" name="Burewala" pop="183915" lid="0" lat="30.16" long="72.67" abbr="BUR" />
                <CITY id="46929" name="Mailsi" pop="64545" lid="0" lat="29.8" long="72.18" abbr="MAI" />
                <CITY id="73375" name="Shehr Sultan" pop="16166" lid="0" lat="29.57" long="71.02" abbr="SHE" />
                <CITY id="47044" name="Makhdumpur" pop="20477" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MAK" />
                <CITY id="47043" name="Makhdumpur Rashid" pop="11610" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MAK" />
                <CITY id="18409" name="Chuhar Kana" pop="69321" lid="0" lat="31.75" long="73.82" abbr="CHU" />
                <CITY id="18410" name="Chima" pop="9894" lid="0" lat="30.69" long="76.09" abbr="CHI" />
                <CITY id="35900" name="Kahna Nau" pop="45888" lid="0" lat="31.37" long="74.38" abbr="KAH" />
                <CITY id="9200" name="Bhera" pop="31781" lid="0" lat="32.48" long="72.92" abbr="BHE" />
                <CITY id="35349" name="Jhawarian" pop="27893" lid="0" lat="32.37" long="72.62" abbr="JHA" />
                <CITY id="9232" name="Bhopalwala" pop="17341" lid="0" lat="32.43" long="74.37" abbr="BHO" />
                <CITY id="19083" name="Chawinda" pop="23599" lid="0" lat="32.35" long="74.7" abbr="CHA" />
                <CITY id="34976" name="Jamke Chima" pop="23739" lid="0" lat="32.39" long="74.36" abbr="JAM" />
                <CITY id="28404" name="Ghurgushti" pop="17371" lid="0" lat="33.93" long="72.55" abbr="GHU" />
                <CITY id="19589" name="Dunga Bunga" pop="25893" lid="0" lat="29.75" long="73.25" abbr="DUN" />
                <CITY id="26379" name="Faqirwali" pop="25186" lid="0" lat="29.47" long="73.03" abbr="FAQ" />
                <CITY id="19696" name="Dullewala" pop="48682" lid="0" lat="31.84" long="71.43" abbr="DUL" />
                <CITY id="20439" name="Dhanote" pop="18729" lid="0" lat="29.57" long="71.77" abbr="DHA" />
                <CITY id="20729" name="Dinga" pop="39784" lid="0" lat="32.64" long="73.72" abbr="DIN" />
                <CITY id="34880" name="Jalalpur Jattan" pop="93883" lid="0" lat="32.64" long="74.2" abbr="JAL" />
                <CITY id="23593" name="Eminabad" pop="22679" lid="0" lat="32.05" long="74.25" abbr="EMI" />
                <CITY id="28343" name="Ghakar" pop="54613" lid="0" lat="32.3" long="74.14" abbr="GHA" />
                <CITY id="21462" name="Daud Khel" pop="26395" lid="0" lat="32.88" long="71.56" abbr="DAU" />
                <CITY id="21468" name="Dajal" pop="17630" lid="0" lat="29.55" long="70.38" abbr="DAJ" />
                <CITY id="27816" name="Garh Maharaja" pop="29153" lid="0" lat="30.83" long="71.91" abbr="GAR" />
                <CITY id="22135" name="Daulatpur" pop="4810" lid="0" lat="31.78" long="75.98" abbr="DAU" />
                <CITY id="22139" name="Daultala" pop="11814" lid="0" lat="33.2" long="73.15" abbr="DAU" />
                <CITY id="35008" name="Jandiala Sherkhan" pop="10985" lid="0" lat="31.82" long="73.92" abbr="JAN" />
                <CITY id="30186" name="Hadali" pop="49663" lid="0" lat="32.64" long="74.57" abbr="HAD" />
                <CITY id="35135" name="Jauharabad" pop="46545" lid="0" lat="32.3" long="72.27" abbr="JAU" />
                <CITY id="34920" name="Jalla Jeem" pop="14224" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="JAL" />
                <CITY id="18583" name="Chak Azam Sahu" pop="38216" lid="0" lat="30.75" long="73.03" abbr="CHA" />
                <CITY id="18589" name="Chak Sarwar Shahid" pop="30659" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="CHA" />
                <CITY id="20203" name="Dera Din Panah" pop="14878" lid="0" lat="30.57" long="70.93" abbr="DER" />
                <CITY id="20478" name="Dhonkal" pop="12117" lid="0" lat="32.4" long="74.13" abbr="DHO" />
                <CITY id="25240" name="Faruka" pop="21747" lid="0" lat="31.88" long="72.42" abbr="FAR" />
                <CITY id="30729" name="Harnoli" pop="15669" lid="0" lat="32.28" long="71.55" abbr="HAR" />
                <CITY id="35005" name="Jandanwala" pop="16631" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="JAN" />
                <CITY id="35903" name="Kalabagh" pop="15976" lid="0" lat="32.97" long="71.55" abbr="KAL" />
                <CITY id="36508" name="Kalaswala" pop="12576" lid="0" lat="32.2" long="74.65" abbr="KAL" />
                <CITY id="36527" name="Kaleke" pop="16361" lid="0" lat="31.97" long="73.6" abbr="KAL" />
                <CITY id="36656" name="Kamir" pop="24053" lid="0" lat="30.43" long="73.05" abbr="KAM" />
                <CITY id="36671" name="Kamar Mashani" pop="15867" lid="0" lat="32.85" long="71.37" abbr="KAM" />
                <CITY id="36770" name="Kamra" pop="43779" lid="0" lat="33.75" long="73.52" abbr="KAM" />
                <CITY id="36849" name="Kanganpur" pop="21788" lid="0" lat="30.77" long="74.13" abbr="KAN" />
                <CITY id="37069" name="Karampur" pop="11565" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="KAR" />
                <CITY id="38000" name="Khangah Dogran" pop="30314" lid="0" lat="31.84" long="73.63" abbr="KHA" />
                <CITY id="38083" name="Khangarh" pop="19698" lid="0" lat="29.91" long="71.16" abbr="KHA" />
                <CITY id="38175" name="Khewra" pop="32620" lid="0" lat="32.64" long="73.01" abbr="KHE" />
                <CITY id="38288" name="Khundian" pop="30526" lid="0" lat="32.46" long="71.47" abbr="KHU" />
                <CITY id="39687" name="Kot Abdul Malik" pop="69359" lid="0" lat="30.2" long="66.98" abbr="KOT" />
                <CITY id="39694" name="Kot Mithan" pop="15983" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="KOT" />
                <CITY id="39698" name="Kot Samaba" pop="22953" lid="0" lat="28.55" long="70.47" abbr="KOT" />
                <CITY id="40451" name="Kundian" pop="35406" lid="0" lat="32.45" long="71.47" abbr="KUN" />
                <CITY id="40469" name="Kunjah" pop="28103" lid="0" lat="32.54" long="73.98" abbr="KUN" />
                <CITY id="41487" name="Ludhewala Waraich" pop="39757" lid="0" lat="32.15" long="74.11" abbr="LUD" />
                <CITY id="43382" name="Lalamusa" pop="65197" lid="0" lat="32.7" long="73.96" abbr="LAL" />
                <CITY id="45207" name="Liaqatabad" pop="26366" lid="0" lat="32.29" long="71.37" abbr="LIA" />
                <CITY id="45417" name="Liliani" pop="12211" lid="0" lat="32.2" long="72.95" abbr="LIL" />
                <CITY id="45938" name="Mananwala Jodh Singh" pop="28432" lid="0" lat="31.59" long="73.69" abbr="MAN" />
                <CITY id="47669" name="Mangla" pop="16264" lid="0" lat="31.9" long="72.38" abbr="MAN" />
                <CITY id="50753" name="Mitha Tiwana" pop="26390" lid="0" lat="32.25" long="72.11" abbr="MIT" />
                <CITY id="52734" name="Mustafabad" pop="45795" lid="0" lat="30.9" long="73.5" abbr="MUS" />
                <CITY id="53161" name="Nowshera" pop="10061" lid="0" lat="32.14" long="75.18" abbr="NOW" />
                <CITY id="54208" name="Narang" pop="34778" lid="0" lat="31.9" long="74.52" abbr="NAR" />
                <CITY id="59259" name="Pirmahal" pop="35343" lid="0" lat="30.77" long="72.43" abbr="PIR" />
                <CITY id="63838" name="Qadirpur Ran" pop="20407" lid="0" lat="30.29" long="71.67" abbr="QAD" />
                <CITY id="63910" name="Qila Disar Singh" pop="48882" lid="0" lat="32.11" long="73.92" abbr="QIL" />
                <CITY id="64365" name="Raiwind" pop="31592" lid="0" lat="31.25" long="74.21" abbr="RAI" />
                <CITY id="64369" name="Raja Jang" pop="24407" lid="0" lat="31.22" long="74.27" abbr="RAJ" />
                <CITY id="65118" name="Rasulnagar" pop="14392" lid="0" lat="32.32" long="73.78" abbr="RAS" />
                <CITY id="70849" name="Sanjwal" pop="10657" lid="0" lat="33.77" long="72.43" abbr="SAN" />
                <CITY id="74802" name="Sodhra" pop="15977" lid="0" lat="32.47" long="74.18" abbr="SOD" />
                <CITY id="76725" name="Sukheke" pop="32836" lid="0" lat="31.87" long="73.5" abbr="SUK" />
                <CITY id="79852" name="Tibba Sultanpur" pop="13083" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="TIB" />
                <CITY id="81537" name="Tulamba" pop="28151" lid="0" lat="30.54" long="72.23" abbr="TUL" />
                <CITY id="87248" name="Wah" pop="237515" lid="0" lat="33.77" long="72.75" abbr="WAH" />
Punjab, India
                <CITY id="558" name="Ahmadabad" pop="19144" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="AHM" />
                <CITY id="563" name="Ahmadpur Lumma" pop="16352" lid="0" lat="28.32" long="70.05" abbr="AHM" />
                <CITY id="567" name="Ahmedgarh" pop="28808" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="AHM" />
                <CITY id="737" name="Ajnala" pop="19691" lid="0" lat="31.85" long="74.8" abbr="AJN" />
                <CITY id="749" name="Akalgarh" pop="6993" lid="0" lat="29.82" long="75.88" abbr="AKA" />
                <CITY id="1207" name="Alawalpur" pop="7410" lid="0" lat="31.43" long="75.65" abbr="ALA" />
                <CITY id="1996" name="Abohar" pop="130603" lid="0" lat="30.14" long="74.2" abbr="ABO" />
                <CITY id="2225" name="Adampur" pop="17027" lid="0" lat="31.43" long="75.72" abbr="ADA" />
                <CITY id="2724" name="Amloh" pop="13859" lid="0" lat="30.62" long="76.23" abbr="AML" />
                <CITY id="2776" name="Amritsar Cantonment" pop="14758" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="AMR" />
                <CITY id="2777" name="Amritsar" pop="1092450" lid="0" lat="31.64" long="74.87" abbr="AMR" />
                <CITY id="2864" name="Anandpur Sahib" pop="15229" lid="0" lat="31.25" long="76.5" abbr="ANA" />
                <CITY id="5322" name="Bagha Purana" pop="23360" lid="0" lat="30.69" long="75.1" abbr="BAG" />
                <CITY id="5948" name="Badhni Kalan" pop="6070" lid="0" lat="30.68" long="75.28" abbr="BAD" />
                <CITY id="6092" name="Bagh" pop="13380" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="BAG" />
                <CITY id="6378" name="Balachaur" pop="19166" lid="0" lat="31.07" long="76.32" abbr="BAL" />
                <CITY id="6767" name="Banaur" pop="17349" lid="0" lat="30.56" long="76.72" abbr="BAN" />
                <CITY id="7165" name="Baretta" pop="16270" lid="0" lat="29.87" long="75.7" abbr="BAR" />
                <CITY id="7207" name="Bariwala" pop="7987" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="BAR" />
                <CITY id="7234" name="Barnala" pop="105016" lid="0" lat="30.39" long="75.54" abbr="BAR" />
                <CITY id="7494" name="Bassi Pathana" pop="18591" lid="0" lat="30.69" long="76.4" abbr="BAS" />
                <CITY id="7538" name="Batala" pop="145468" lid="0" lat="31.82" long="75.21" abbr="BAT" />
                <CITY id="7582" name="Bathinda" pop="242800" lid="0" lat="30.17" long="74.97" abbr="BAT" />
                <CITY id="8125" name="Begowal" pop="10175" lid="0" lat="31.62" long="75.52" abbr="BEG" />
                <CITY id="8134" name="Behrampur" pop="6092" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="BEH" />
                <CITY id="9126" name="Bhikhi" pop="15961" lid="0" lat="30.07" long="75.53" abbr="BHI" />
                <CITY id="9134" name="Bhabat" pop="6133" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="BHA" />
                <CITY id="9146" name="Bhadur" pop="17532" lid="0" lat="30.48" long="75.32" abbr="BHA" />
                <CITY id="9169" name="Bhankharpur" pop="9652" lid="0" lat="30.61" long="76.84" abbr="BHA" />
                <CITY id="9176" name="Bharoli Kalan" pop="3566" lid="0" lat="32.27" long="75.64" abbr="BHA" />
                <CITY id="9193" name="Bhawanigarh" pop="19376" lid="0" lat="30.27" long="76.03" abbr="BHA" />
                <CITY id="9204" name="Bhikhiwind" pop="10163" lid="0" lat="31.35" long="74.7" abbr="BHI" />
                <CITY id="9215" name="Bhisiana" pop="5054" lid="0" lat="30.29" long="74.77" abbr="BHI" />
                <CITY id="9222" name="Bhogpur" pop="18008" lid="0" lat="31.55" long="75.63" abbr="BHO" />
                <CITY id="9238" name="Bhuch" pop="14527" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="BHU" />
                <CITY id="9241" name="Bhulath" pop="10669" lid="0" lat="31.53" long="75.5" abbr="BHU" />
                <CITY id="12230" name="Budha Theh" pop="9241" lid="0" lat="31.54" long="75.29" abbr="BUD" />
                <CITY id="12232" name="Budhlada" pop="25431" lid="0" lat="29.93" long="75.57" abbr="BUD" />
                <CITY id="13515" name="Chohal" pop="7868" lid="0" lat="31.61" long="75.97" abbr="CHO" />
                <CITY id="20200" name="Dera Baba Nanak" pop="7491" lid="0" lat="32.03" long="75.02" abbr="DER" />
                <CITY id="20201" name="Dera Bassi" pop="18739" lid="0" lat="30.59" long="76.84" abbr="DER" />
                <CITY id="20414" name="Dhariwal" pop="20604" lid="0" lat="31.95" long="75.3" abbr="DHA" />
                <CITY id="20415" name="Dhuri" pop="54302" lid="0" lat="30.37" long="75.87" abbr="DHU" />
                <CITY id="20429" name="Dhanaula" pop="19281" lid="0" lat="30.28" long="75.58" abbr="DHA" />
                <CITY id="20444" name="Dharamkot" pop="16812" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="DHA" />
                <CITY id="20472" name="Dhilwan" pop="8447" lid="0" lat="31.52" long="75.35" abbr="DHI" />
                <CITY id="20789" name="Dirba" pop="13838" lid="0" lat="30.07" long="75.98" abbr="DIR" />
                <CITY id="21295" name="Doraha" pop="23545" lid="0" lat="30.82" long="76.02" abbr="DOR" />
                <CITY id="21503" name="Dinanagar" pop="23339" lid="0" lat="32.15" long="75.47" abbr="DIN" />
                <CITY id="22081" name="Dasuya" pop="20697" lid="0" lat="31.82" long="75.63" abbr="DAS" />
                <CITY id="25269" name="Fateh Nangal" pop="7727" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="FAT" />
                <CITY id="25274" name="Fatehgarh Churian" pop="18051" lid="0" lat="31.87" long="74.97" abbr="FAT" />
                <CITY id="25333" name="Fazalpur" pop="28213" lid="0" lat="32.19" long="75.07" abbr="FAZ" />
                <CITY id="26076" name="Fazilka" pop="70887" lid="0" lat="30.41" long="74.02" abbr="FAZ" />
                <CITY id="26095" name="Firozpur Cantonment" pop="58771" lid="0" lat="30.95" long="74.6" abbr="FIR" />
                <CITY id="26097" name="Firozpur" pop="102130" lid="0" lat="30.92" long="74.61" abbr="FIR" />
                <CITY id="26388" name="Faridkot" pop="77450" lid="0" lat="30.68" long="74.74" abbr="FAR" />
                <CITY id="26595" name="Guru Har Sahai" pop="16027" lid="0" lat="30.72" long="74.42" abbr="GUR" />
                <CITY id="26612" name="Gurdaspur" pop="72498" lid="0" lat="32.04" long="75.4" abbr="GUR" />
                <CITY id="27788" name="Gardhiwala" pop="6693" lid="0" lat="31.73" long="75.75" abbr="GAR" />
                <CITY id="27824" name="Garhshankar" pop="16470" lid="0" lat="31.22" long="76.13" abbr="GAR" />
                <CITY id="28340" name="Ghagga" pop="8693" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="GHA" />
                <CITY id="28346" name="Ghanaur" pop="6091" lid="0" lat="30.33" long="76.62" abbr="GHA" />
                <CITY id="28436" name="Giddarbaha" pop="39243" lid="0" lat="30.2" long="74.67" abbr="GID" />
                <CITY id="28825" name="Gobindgarh" pop="61062" lid="0" lat="30.66" long="76.31" abbr="GOB" />
                <CITY id="29016" name="Goniana" pop="13760" lid="0" lat="30.32" long="74.9" abbr="GON" />
                <CITY id="29077" name="Goraya" pop="17126" lid="0" lat="31.13" long="75.77" abbr="GOR" />
                <CITY id="29979" name="Hajipur" pop="5680" lid="0" lat="31.98" long="75.75" abbr="HAJ" />
                <CITY id="30573" name="Handiaya" pop="10294" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="HAN" />
                <CITY id="30694" name="Hariana" pop="8332" lid="0" lat="31.63" long="75.85" abbr="HAR" />
                <CITY id="31036" name="Haveli" pop="65289" lid="0" lat="30.46" long="73.7" abbr="HAV" />
                <CITY id="32636" name="Hoshiarpur" pop="158142" lid="0" lat="31.53" long="75.91" abbr="HOS" />
                <CITY id="33110" name="Hussainpur" pop="16241" lid="0" lat="31.3" long="75.33" abbr="HUS" />
                <CITY id="34820" name="Jagraon" pop="65305" lid="0" lat="30.78" long="75.48" abbr="JAG" />
                <CITY id="34860" name="Jaitu" pop="34346" lid="0" lat="30.47" long="74.88" abbr="JAI" />
                <CITY id="34877" name="Jalalabad" pop="29824" lid="0" lat="30.62" long="74.25" abbr="JAL" />
                <CITY id="34894" name="Jalandhar Cantonment" pop="44243" lid="0" lat="31.31" long="75.63" abbr="JAL" />
                <CITY id="34895" name="Jalandhar" pop="785178" lid="0" lat="31.33" long="75.57" abbr="JAL" />
                <CITY id="35009" name="Jandiala" pop="25631" lid="0" lat="31.17" long="75.62" abbr="JAN" />
                <CITY id="35010" name="Jandiala" pop="8155" lid="0" lat="31.6" long="75.05" abbr="JAN" />
                <CITY id="35765" name="Jugial" pop="17639" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="JUG" />
                <CITY id="36042" name="Kurali" pop="25330" lid="0" lat="30.83" long="76.58" abbr="KUR" />
                <CITY id="36447" name="Kalanaur" pop="13671" lid="0" lat="32.02" long="75.15" abbr="KAL" />
                <CITY id="36958" name="Kapurthala" pop="92667" lid="0" lat="31.38" long="75.38" abbr="KAP" />
                <CITY id="37226" name="Karoran" pop="21542" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="KAR" />
                <CITY id="37243" name="Kartarpur" pop="26701" lid="0" lat="31.45" long="75.5" abbr="KAR" />
                <CITY id="38061" name="Khamanon" pop="9396" lid="0" lat="30.82" long="76.35" abbr="KHA" />
                <CITY id="38073" name="Khanauri" pop="11620" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="KHA" />
                <CITY id="38088" name="Khanna" pop="117137" lid="0" lat="30.71" long="76.21" abbr="KHA" />
                <CITY id="38107" name="Kharar" pop="45691" lid="0" lat="30.75" long="76.65" abbr="KHA" />
                <CITY id="38158" name="Khem Karan" pop="12637" lid="0" lat="31.15" long="74.57" abbr="KHE" />
                <CITY id="39686" name="Kot Isa Khan" pop="9639" lid="0" lat="30.95" long="75.13" abbr="KOT" />
                <CITY id="39690" name="Kot Fatta" pop="6816" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="KOT" />
                <CITY id="39692" name="Kot Kapura" pop="88354" lid="0" lat="30.59" long="74.8" abbr="KOT" />
                <CITY id="40931" name="Lodhian Khas" pop="9046" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="LOD" />
                <CITY id="41486" name="Ludhiana" pop="1545368" lid="0" lat="30.91" long="75.84" abbr="LUD" />
                <CITY id="41809" name="Longowal" pop="21880" lid="0" lat="30.22" long="75.68" abbr="LON" />
                <CITY id="44653" name="Lehra Gaga" pop="20810" lid="0" lat="29.92" long="75.82" abbr="LEH" />
                <CITY id="45910" name="Machhiwara" pop="20447" lid="0" lat="30.92" long="76.2" abbr="MAC" />
                <CITY id="45929" name="Maler Kotla" pop="113840" lid="0" lat="30.54" long="75.87" abbr="MAL" />
                <CITY id="45952" name="Mansa" pop="80018" lid="0" lat="29.98" long="75.39" abbr="MAN" />
                <CITY id="46878" name="Mahilpur" pop="10605" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MAH" />
                <CITY id="46987" name="Majitha" pop="13900" lid="0" lat="31.77" long="74.95" abbr="MAJ" />
                <CITY id="47048" name="Makhu" pop="12886" lid="0" lat="31.1" long="74.98" abbr="MAK" />
                <CITY id="47194" name="Malaut" pop="76616" lid="0" lat="30.23" long="74.48" abbr="MAL" />
                <CITY id="47349" name="Maloud" pop="7579" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MAL" />
                <CITY id="47652" name="Mangat" pop="16372" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MAN" />
                <CITY id="49000" name="Maur" pop="28295" lid="0" lat="30.08" long="75.25" abbr="MAU" />
                <CITY id="50965" name="Moga" pop="130549" lid="0" lat="30.82" long="75.17" abbr="MOG" />
                <CITY id="51007" name="Mohali" pop="145085" lid="0" lat="30.78" long="76.69" abbr="MOH" />
                <CITY id="51854" name="Morinda" pop="23536" lid="0" lat="30.79" long="76.5" abbr="MOR" />
                <CITY id="52458" name="Mukerian" pop="22751" lid="0" lat="31.95" long="75.62" abbr="MUK" />
                <CITY id="52470" name="Muktsar" pop="89833" lid="0" lat="30.47" long="74.52" abbr="MUK" />
                <CITY id="52504" name="Mullanpur Dakha" pop="16643" lid="0" lat="30.83" long="75.67" abbr="MUL" />
                <CITY id="52505" name="Mullanpur Garibdas" pop="6503" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MUL" />
                <CITY id="52525" name="Munak" pop="15802" lid="0" lat="29.71" long="75.95" abbr="MUN" />
                <CITY id="53525" name="Nabha" pop="64640" lid="0" lat="30.38" long="76.14" abbr="NAB" />
                <CITY id="53547" name="Nangal" pop="44176" lid="0" lat="31.37" long="76.38" abbr="NAN" />
                <CITY id="53612" name="Nurmahal" pop="13154" lid="0" lat="31.1" long="75.6" abbr="NUR" />
                <CITY id="53966" name="Nakodar" pop="32405" lid="0" lat="31.12" long="75.48" abbr="NAK" />
                <CITY id="54461" name="Nawashahr" pop="31121" lid="0" lat="31.12" long="76.13" abbr="NAW" />
                <CITY id="54471" name="Naya Nangal" pop="15270" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="NAY" />
                <CITY id="54626" name="Nehon" pop="10753" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="NEH" />
                <CITY id="58678" name="Phagwara" pop="100146" lid="0" lat="31.22" long="75.76" abbr="PHA" />
                <CITY id="58721" name="Phillaur" pop="22588" lid="0" lat="31.02" long="75.78" abbr="PHI" />
                <CITY id="63119" name="Pathankot" pop="174306" lid="0" lat="32.27" long="75.64" abbr="PAT" />
                <CITY id="63129" name="Patiala" pop="329224" lid="0" lat="30.32" long="76.39" abbr="PAT" />
                <CITY id="63171" name="Patti" pop="37087" lid="0" lat="31.28" long="74.85" abbr="PAT" />
                <CITY id="63180" name="Pattran" pop="25943" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="PAT" />
                <CITY id="63286" name="Payal" pop="7832" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="PAY" />
                <CITY id="63939" name="Qadian" pop="21015" lid="0" lat="31.82" long="75.38" abbr="QAD" />
                <CITY id="64357" name="Rahon" pop="12485" lid="0" lat="31.05" long="76.12" abbr="RAH" />
                <CITY id="64361" name="Raikot" pop="26114" lid="0" lat="30.65" long="75.6" abbr="RAI" />
                <CITY id="64370" name="Raja Sansi" pop="12957" lid="0" lat="31.72" long="74.8" abbr="RAJ" />
                <CITY id="64393" name="Rajpura" pop="86820" lid="0" lat="30.48" long="76.59" abbr="RAJ" />
                <CITY id="64399" name="Ramdas" pop="6190" lid="0" lat="31.97" long="74.9" abbr="RAM" />
                <CITY id="64405" name="Raman" pop="20352" lid="0" lat="29.94" long="74.96" abbr="RAM" />
                <CITY id="64430" name="Rampura" pop="45639" lid="0" lat="30.25" long="75.23" abbr="RAM" />
                <CITY id="65243" name="Rayya" pop="14162" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="RAY" />
                <CITY id="64547" name="Rupnagar" pop="52313" lid="0" lat="30.98" long="76.52" abbr="RUP" />
                <CITY id="65944" name="Rurki Kasba" pop="8665" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="RUR" />
                <CITY id="67882" name="Sahnewal" pop="18258" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="SAH" />
                <CITY id="69592" name="Samana" pop="50532" lid="0" lat="30.15" long="76.2" abbr="SAM" />
                <CITY id="69688" name="Samrala" pop="18623" lid="0" lat="30.85" long="76.18" abbr="SAM" />
                <CITY id="70715" name="Sanaur" pop="18401" lid="0" lat="30.3" long="76.45" abbr="SAN" />
                <CITY id="70816" name="Sangat" pop="6693" lid="0" lat="30.08" long="74.83" abbr="SAN" />
                <CITY id="70835" name="Sangrur" pop="88615" lid="0" lat="30.25" long="75.84" abbr="SAN" />
                <CITY id="70927" name="Sansarpur" pop="4299" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="SAN" />
                <CITY id="71572" name="Sarai Sidhu" pop="15632" lid="0" lat="30.6" long="71.97" abbr="SAR" />
                <CITY id="71645" name="Sardulgarh" pop="17270" lid="0" lat="29.7" long="75.25" abbr="SAR" />
                <CITY id="73119" name="Shahkot" pop="13577" lid="0" lat="31.12" long="75.33" abbr="SHA" />
                <CITY id="73135" name="Sham Churasi" pop="4403" lid="0" lat="31.5" long="75.75" abbr="SHA" />
                <CITY id="73378" name="Shekhpura" pop="2045" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="SHE" />
                <CITY id="74350" name="Sirhind" pop="60847" lid="0" lat="30.65" long="76.38" abbr="SIR" />
                <CITY id="75783" name="Sri Hargobindpur" pop="4187" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="SRI" />
                <CITY id="76712" name="Sujanpur" pop="24187" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="SUJ" />
                <CITY id="76796" name="Sultanpur Lodhi" pop="16344" lid="0" lat="31.22" long="75.2" abbr="SUL" />
                <CITY id="76888" name="Sunam" pop="53647" lid="0" lat="30.13" long="75.8" abbr="SUN" />
                <CITY id="78280" name="Talwandi Bhai" pop="16391" lid="0" lat="30.85" long="74.93" abbr="TAL" />
                <CITY id="78281" name="Talwara" pop="24752" lid="0" lat="31.93" long="75.9" abbr="TAL" />
                <CITY id="78565" name="Tappa" pop="20907" lid="0" lat="30.32" long="75.35" abbr="TAP" />
                <CITY id="78655" name="Tarn Taran" pop="58585" lid="0" lat="31.45" long="74.92" abbr="TAR" />
                <CITY id="82561" name="Urmar Tanda" pop="23365" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="URM" />
                <CITY id="89262" name="Zirakpur" pop="26470" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="ZIR" />
                <CITY id="89264" name="Zira" pop="34584" lid="0" lat="30.97" long="74.99" abbr="ZIR" />
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There are some countries that have a state with the same name as the country that seem to be a sort of catch-all for cities that they didn't know what state they actually belonged in. Part 1

city name - state name it belongs in

Bu Hanafis - Sidi Balabbas

Mieso - Oromia

Guinea (I changed Guinea to the Region system which is what my changes reflect, for the prefecture sytem that I believe you use the only difference is to put Dubreka in a state with the same name)
Tondon and Dubreka - Kindia
Tokonou - Kankan
Sangueya and Youkounkoun - Boke

Elburgon - Rift Valley
Kutus - Central

Moatize and Ulonque - Tete
Monapo, Mutuali and Namialo - Nampula
Catandica and Gondola - Manica
Gurue - Zambezia
Vilanculos - Inhambane
Mocimboa - Cabo Delgado

Sorris Sorris - Kunene

Damnak Changaeur - Krong Kaeb
Samraong - Takaev
Sala Krau - Krong Palin

Kyzyl-Suu and Kyzyl-Tuu - Issik-Gol

Kapilwastu - Rupandehi

Kirovskiy - Khatlon

Gusgi - Mari

Sumanay - Korakalpogiston
Stantsiya Gorchakovo - Fargona

Ikskile - Ogres

Zeliezovce - Nitriansky

Bogazkale - Corum
Hisarcik - Kutahya

Antigua Barbuda
Potters Village - St Johns

Puerto Rico
Candelaria - Mayaguez-Aguadilla

Papua New Guinea
Buka - North Solomons

Fefen - Chuuk

Cayman Islands
East End and North Side - Grand Cayman

Mezocsat - Borsed-Abauj-Zemplen

Beterou and Bori - Borgu

Burkina Faso
Tangin Dassouri - Kadiogo
Nayouri - Gourma
Khyon and Kordie - Sanguie
Bonou-Toaga - Sourou
Kouka - Banwa
Pouytenga - Kouritenga
Pissila - Sanmatenga
Yambi - Boulkiembe
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Part 2
Israel - there are quite a few so I just copy/paste the city entries ordered by the state they belong in.

                <CITY id="24419" name="Ein Naqquba" pop="1738" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="EIN" />
                <CITY id="28322" name="Geva Binyamin" pop="1654" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="GEV" />

                <CITY id="7468" name="Basma" pop="7479" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="BAS" />
                <CITY id="36310" name="Kafar Qara" pop="14011" lid="0" lat="32.5" long="35.05" abbr="KAF" />
                <CITY id="46603" name="Maale Iron" pop="11514" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MAA" />
                <CITY id="63893" name="Qazir-Harish" pop="3809" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="QAZ" />

                <CITY id="7521" name="Bat Hefer" pop="5203" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="BAT" />
                <CITY id="23345" name="Elad" pop="8385" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="ELA" />
                <CITY id="36305" name="Kafar Bara" pop="2590" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="KAF" />
                <CITY id="37207" name="Karme Yosef" pop="1970" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="KAR" />
                <CITY id="39229" name="Kokhav Yair" pop="12217" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="KOK" />
                <CITY id="43809" name="Lappid" pop="2391" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="LAP" />
                <CITY id="48919" name="Mattan" pop="3078" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MAT" />
                <CITY id="55858" name="Nof Ayyalon" pop="2665" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="NOF" />
                <CITY id="89497" name="Zemer" pop="5172" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="ZEM" />

                <CITY id="5244" name="Arara-BaNegev" pop="11764" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="ARA" />
                <CITY id="33072" name="Hura" pop="9331" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="HUR" />
                <CITY id="43819" name="Laqye" pop="7398" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="LAQ" />
                <CITY id="44643" name="Lehavim" pop="5803" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="LEH" />
                <CITY id="49861" name="Metar" pop="6716" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MET" />
                <CITY id="64814" name="Rahat" pop="38652" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="RAH" />
                <CITY id="79026" name="Tel Sheva" pop="13139" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="TEL" />

                <CITY id="2274" name="Adi" pop="1728" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="ADI" />
                <CITY id="12576" name="Buqata" pop="5387" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="BUQ" />
                <CITY id="27642" name="Gan Ner" pop="2712" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="GAN" />
                <CITY id="28341" name="Ghajar" pop="1939" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="GHA" />
                <CITY id="28588" name="Givat Avni" pop="1970" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="GIV" />
                <CITY id="28589" name="Givat Ela" pop="1791" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="GIV" />
                <CITY id="36299" name="Kaabiyye-Tabbash-Hajaj" pop="3725" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="KAA" />
                <CITY id="36309" name="Kafar Misr" pop="2142" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="KAF" />
                <CITY id="36951" name="Kaokab Abu Al-Hija" pop="2643" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="KAO" />
                <CITY id="46995" name="Majdal Shams" pop="8716" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MAJ" />
                <CITY id="48682" name="Masade" pop="3267" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MAS" />
                <CITY id="48688" name="Mashhed" pop="6740" lid="0" lat="32.74" long="35.33" abbr="MAS" />
                <CITY id="55859" name="Nofit" pop="2514" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="NOF" />
                <CITY id="73513" name="Shibli-Umm Al-Ghanam" pop="5026" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="SHI" />
                <CITY id="88163" name="Yafi" pop="16638" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="YAF" />
                <CITY id="89623" name="Zarzir" pop="6131" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="ZAR" />
    Judea & Samaria

                <CITY id="30880" name="Hashmonaim" pop="2421" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="HAS" />
                <CITY id="50948" name="Modiin Illit" pop="28584" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="MOD" />
                <CITY id="63894" name="Qazrin" pop="6429" lid="0" lat="0" long="0" abbr="QAZ" />
Also a 2 cities in Haiti are in the wrong state.
Miragoane, GrandAnse belongs in Nippes
Croix-des-Bouquets, Nord belongs in Ouest
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Forgot Bolivia.

Except for Río Gallegos all of the cities in Santa Cruz, Argentina belong in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (needs to be created)
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Have you posted a completed corrected file somewhere?......don't really want to do all this editing myself, if you have already done it......
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Here you go: see next post for updated file for OOTP 15

The changes were made to the most recent version of the world file that came in 14.5.28. There were a couple of other changes that were made not listed above. Denmark had some cities in a state called Denmark. Some arabic cities had underscores in their names that I changed to "h" or "t". I also got rid of the (country name) parts that were in some state names.

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Updated the file with the cities add to v15, I didn't see any other changes from v14. Included in the comment section where OOTP's city id's end at and where my state and city id's end at for those who might want to make their own additions/changes.

*** see next post for updated version

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Updated with the new cities added to v16.


Also, for those interested here is a weather file with 1300+ cities. Pretty sure I got an entry for each city with a minor league team. There were some I couldn't find values for, so I used the closest city that I could get info for.

Update: Found a couple of mistakes in my weather file, the corrected version is now attached
Attached Files
File Type: txt weather.txt (110.3 KB, 173 views)

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Bumping this because AFAIK, the Pakistan file still doesn't contain Lahore, which is more than a bit of oversight. The second largest city in the country.
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