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Sebastian Palkowski
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FHM 2 - Road to Release Update Thread

We are on the finishing line for the FHM 2 release.

The game is basically feature finished except for two features:

1. FaceGen. Good thing is, Andreas and Jorin do this feature, bad thing, Andreas needed a well deserved vacation after his stressful months work on OOTP 16. While he is gone, Jorin works full time on it but it makes it hard to estimated when they are finished with it.

2. Tweaking the in-game screen. With so many new infos from the match engine it became clear, that we need to change the way we output the pbp text. The box from FHM 2014 does not work anymore, it makes following the game very hard. So we decided to exchange it with a single, long label that displays always a line of text (with nice, big font) much like Football Manager does it. This will not take long to change, mainly we need to rearrange the screen elements a bit to fit the label on the screen.

Other then the above all major and minor features are done and most of them in testing since a long time.

Since we don't want to repeat the problems from version 1 release we will use the time Andreas/Jorin need to finish FaceGen good and test, tweak and fix as much as possible. In addition we need to prepare the Mac + Steam versions, the webpage, newsletter and the final 2014 patch. Of course we (Cole) will slowly start with PR to give us as much public awareness as possible.

I will keep this thread updated once we have more infos available.
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Just posting the progress update from June 17 in this stickied thread so people who visit can see it at the top:

Hi all,

Here's the latest updates on the game, courtesy of Jeff. I'll try to answer any questions that arise, but to get the big one out of the way, the answer to "when will the game be released?" is still "When it's ready." As you can see from below, it's mostly tweaking and fine tuning that is left to be done, so all I can say at this point is work continues daily and we continue to get closer to getting this game in your hands. Thanks.

Here's what's ongoing:

- Facegen is now functioning in the game, work is ongoing on it

- Work continues to clean up the play-by-play flow and activating the remaining parts of it

-Improving match interface

- Fine-tuning the player substitution and line selection elements of the match engine

- The reworked injury system is being tuned to work with new match engine

-Continue to tweak the tactics system and creating default tactics for all game situations

- Trying a new font to resolve some readability/display issues

- Improving feedback from new player roles system during contract negotiations
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July 27 update:

At present, the game is in a state where it's "feature complete" - this means no more features/systems will be added. It's been in this state for about a week.

The work now to get to release is simply tweaking, bug squashing and working on the 2015/2016 database.
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A quick update to say that upon release, Franchise Hockey Manager 2 will cost $29.99 for the first week and then $39.99 thereafter.

As for game development itself .. The game remains in testing, with many new and improved builds having been released in the last couple of weeks. Getting all the real-life roster sets in order is now a big priority for the beta/research team, with many new comers having just recently been added on in the last couple weeks to assist those already there in ensuring we will have an extremely accurate and well balanced roster set.
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