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FHM 6 - Online Leagues Looking for a league or does yours have openings? Post here!

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Sebastian Palkowski
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Online League Guide

I will use this thread to write down important notes and explanations for Online Leagues.

Important: Please do not start any Online League that you want to continue in the open beta phase!
Reason: Online Leagues are a long-term commitment and with the feature new in FHM it is possible that problems will show up. We will of course work as fast as possible on fixing any bugs that might show up, so any help with extended testing of this feature is highly appreciated.

Start a new Online League (Commish)

1. Start a game and select the Online League option.
2. Create the Commish finish the game creation process.
Note: a Commish can´t have a team. If the Commish wants to play in the league, he needs to create a separate GM account.
3. Add your GM´s:
3a. Select Manager -> Add/Edit Human Manager
3b. Add new GM´s, select a team for them and set a dummy PW.
4. Set FTP settings for the league:
4a. Select File -> Online League -> Online League FTP Settings
4b. At the moment only the "Team File Transfer Options" are important, fill them out and close the dialog.
5. Close the game (which saves the league).

Send your GM´s needed files:
1. Navigate to your league folder and there into the "settings" folder.
2. You see two files: "accountsdata_commish.dat" and "accountsdata_gms.dat".
Important: never share the "accountsdata_commish.dat" file with everyone. That file only belongs to the Commish!
3. Send the "accountsdata_gms.dat" file together with the GM dummy password to each GM.

Create the initial league file:
1. Copy the league folder (xxx.lg where xxx is the name of your league) to a temporary folder.
2. Go into the folder you just copied and open the "settings" folder. Delete both files (accountsdata_commish.dat and accountsdata_gms.dat) in the folder. Then go into the folder "rs_one" and delete all files in it, do the same with the "rs_two" folder.
3. Now zip the xxx.lg folder and upload it to your FTP server.

Join a league (GM)
1. Download and unzip the initial league file.
2. Load the league and select your GM.
3. Select File -> Online League -> Online League FTP Settings
4. Hit "Import Account Data File" and select the accountsdata_gms.dat file your Commish sent you.
5. Next hit "Check Account Data File".
6. Done, you are now ready to prepare your team files.

Prepare a Team File and upload it (GM)

1. Do your normal changes.
2. After you are done select File -> Online League -> Export your Team via FTP.
3. The game will now try to upload your file.
4. Should it not be possible to upload your file, you can send it via email to your Commish.
5. Go to your league game folder (xxx.lg where xxx is the name of the league) and then into the "import_export" folder. Just send the team file via email.

Import Team Files (Commish)
1. Open File -> Setup / Options
2. Switch to Online League
3. You see two options:
3a. "Import all teams from server" will import all files from your FTP.
3b. "Import all teams from import_export folder" will import files you got via email (you have to save them in this folder first).
4. Now you can start the SIM.

Prepare a new League File (Commish)
1. After the sim is done close the game (saving it).
2. Go to your game folder (xxx.lg where xxx is the name of your game).
3. You only need to zip the files in the root folder of your save: the *.dat files and all db_news files.
Note: if you want to zip the entire league folder (for what reason ever) please make sure to not include the "settings" and "import_export" folder!
4. Upload the league file to your FTP.

Things to do outside the game:

- Trades (should be made in a forum and then put into the game by the Commish via "Force Trade" on the last day of a SIM).
- Draft (teams can either send in draft lists for a round or all picks can be made in e.g. a forum or chat and be put into the game by the Commish).
- Signing and releasing of Staff (both needs to be made by the Commish).

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I've also added all of this information to the manual's Online Section, and will continue to update it. Note that the Online League FTP Options popup has a few sections enabled (League File Upload Options, League File Download Options, and E-Mail Options) that don't have game functions at the moment, but were left on the popup since those features will be added.
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Adam B
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(I have moved this to the FHM6 Online Forum because the information is still good and relevant.)
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