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OOTP 16 - Historical Simulations Discuss historical simulations and their results in this forum.

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A re-writing of history with a twist?

Hello guys

I am not sure if this fits here or in the dynasty report, but seeing as I am only simming this and not playing myself, I figured it would fit here.

I decided to start the league with an inaugural draft and random rookies from all eras. Basically, the entire league history will be rewritten but players will appear completely randomly. I decided to do this a little differently. I will start the league in the year 2014 with random rookies and random players, just so I get the strategies and financial stuff for the year 2014. That means the 30 teams will already be there and that will be interesting too. I will simulate and just see where it goes. Obviously I deleted the entire history up until this point to create a completely new history from this point on.
I also plan on doing this differently by simulating year by year, to really appreciate the different history. Every draft will be spectacular because it will include new random players. The inaugural draft itself is already very fascinating.

Let's start this off either way and I will see what the response here is!

In the inaugural draft we have 30 teams. The draft order is:

The draft pool has some very very interesting talent in there. In terms of starting pitching, you have guys like Noodles Hahn, Orel Hershiser, Randy Johnson (40 years though), Pedro Martinez, Madison Bumgarner, Chris Carpenter, Nolan Ryan, etc. In terms of hitters you have guys like Roberto Alomar, Johnny Bench, Ed Delahanty, Lou Gehrig, Matt Holliday, David Justice, Stan Musial, Yasiel Puig, Pee Wee Reese, Jayson Werth, Miguel Cabrera, Edwin Encarnacion, etc.

First round:

Here is the image of the first round:

Basically, Sammy Strang went first overall to Toronto. I did not have him on my list of famous players since I wasn't really aware of him personally, but he is really strong here in this game. Here is a view of his ratings:

At the end of the draft - we are taking a look at the preseason predictions! The divisional winners in the predictions are Baltimore, Cleveland, Seattle, Mets, Milwaukee and San Francisco with Baltimore and Milwaukee being the best teams (92 predicted wins).

The financial page is very interesting too, with the Angels having the biggest budget and the Dodgers having the lowest budget. Yankees are also far down, only at 23rd in budget. The most expensive contract goes to Craig Biggio, who plays for Detroit and was picked in the 15th round due to costing 24 million, being 38 years old and not being that great anymore.

The best minor league system belongs to the Astros (how funny), 2nd the Yankees and 3rd the Mariners. The best players according to OSA are the following: and

After a month, we see an interesting picture already. The Orioles who looked like a favorite are only 11-16. The Rays are 19-10 and the best team so far. Here the complete standings:

At the all star break, we still see a very close race in pretty much every division. The biggest lead at this point is 5 games. Baltimore has come around a little, now over .500 - but still only 2nd in their division. Here are the standings at the all-star break:

Something I will definitely keep a close eye on in this whole simulation is the all-stars and the awards. I will write them down to track how well people do every year, track potential hall of famers. You will basically get the entire history as it goes instead of everything at once.

I won't go too in depth yet in this first season, since everyone is a first-time all star, but needless to say, I will bring this up more in the following years. I will however, highlight a couple of guys here at the all star break.

Bob Horner already has 33 home-runs at the all-star break. Lou Gehrig has the best OPS. Pee Wee Reese has the biggest WAR for hitters, aided by his good defense at shortstop. Pitching-wise Noodles Hahn stands out with by far the highest WAR and an insane first half. More details at the end of the year, but you can already say he is a big candidate for Cy Young and he is only 21 in this game so he will be a big contender for the hall of fame if he continues. Randy Johnson also did very well, but he is already 40 years old, as aforementioned.

As the season concludes, we see some interesting things happen. Baltimore makes it into the playoffs as a wild-card while the other top team Milwaukee implodes and misses the playoffs on day 162. Colorado beats Arizona in game 163 to advance to the playoffs. Seattle is the best team with 98 wins. Toronto who had the first overall pick in the draft ends up with the least amount of wins at 69 and will once again pick first overall at the draft which happens in November. Here the final standings:

Bob Horner crushes the rest of the league in home-runs ending up with 58, fifteen more than the next best in Stan Musial. Ed Delahanty leads the batters in WAR at 9.2 - ahead of Fairly and Musial. Four people crack 200 hits, among them Delahanty and Musial. Overview of the batter leaderboards:

Pitching wise, Noodles Hahn ends up as the king by far. He ends with the most wins (24), best ERA (1.37), best WHIP (0.79) and highest WAR (11.8). Pedro Martinez got the most strikeouts and ruined a potential triple crown (340 to 327). Complete pitching leaderboards:

Delahanty had the longest hit streak at 29 games, Lloyd Brown had 38 saves and no blown saves, and Hyun-Jin Ryu won 14 games in a row.

In the playoffs, we have the wildcard games first. Oakland is facing Baltimore and Colorado is facing Atlanta. The first game is the Colorado - Atlanta one. Looking at the match-up, Colorado sends the better pitcher in Stan Yerkes who had a 3.18 ERA, but Atlanta has the better offense, headed by home-run king Bob Horner, as well as Juan Gonzalez and Ron Fairly who both had over 30 home-runs as well and Fairly was one of the best players in the entire league. Their starter, Ray Crone only had a 4.41 ERA though. The game was 0-0 for a long time, before Horner did what he does and put Atlanta up 3-0 with a 3 run homer. Atlanta ended up winning 5-2.

In the other wild-card game we see Yasiel Puig on one side for Oakland and Stan Musial and Adonis Terry for Baltimore. This game ended up a complete shocker and a complete blow-out, as Oakland wins 10-0 with twenty hits. Terry was great all season but lost them this game very early.

The next round sees some interesting match-ups. In the first one, Oakland is facing Seattle, the best team in the league in terms of wins. We already discussed Oakland a little. Seattle has Noodles Hahn, the best pitcher in the league. They also have a solid, but not spectacular offense, headed by Nolan Arenado and Wayne Garrett. However, Oakland continues the hot streak and only allows Noodles Hahn one start (in which Oakland wins 2-0) and Oakland sweeps the best team in the league 3-0 in this series.

In the other AL series, Kansas City faces off against the Rays. Kansas City is headlined by Johnny Bench and Edwin Encarnacion, while their pitching is solid but not spectacular. Rays have Addie Joss and Mark Mulder, both all-star pitchers and both an ERA under 3.00, while their offense is less impressive, but still includes guys like Matt Adams who had 30 home-runs. In the end, the pitching helped the Rays as they manage to win all their games with Joss and Mulder and win the series 3-1.

In the NL the wildcard winning Braves face off against the Mets. Mets have Pedro Martinez and Vernon Wells on their team. Horner had three more home-runs for the Braves in this series, propelling his team to the next round as the Braves win 3-1.

The last series had the Cardinals and the Dodgers face off. Cardinals have guys like Pete Rose (who actually had negative WAR), Jayson Werth, etc. Their statistics look weakest of any playoff team, oddly enough. Their bullpen is the only real strength. They somehow scored the 3rd most runs despite having the 7th best average, 7th best OPS and 9th most home-runs. Dodgers on the other hand have guys like Beals Becker, Willie McGill and others and are mostly driven by their pitching. Hitting was not their strength but similar to the Cardinals they scored much more runs than their rankings would suggest. In the end the Dodgers team is too strong and wins the series 3-1.

In the NL, Atlanta took game one 3-0 with another Horner home-run. Game two was a crazy game which Atlanta ended up winning 16-14 with ANOTHER Horner home-run (the 6th of the playoffs). Los Angeles wins game three to make the series 1-2 in a close game. Game four has another Atlanta home-run with the 7th home-run for Horner, who is blatantly carrying this team through these playoffs. Atlanta wins the series 4-1 and advances to the World Series.

In the AL, Tampa found a way to stop the Oakland undefeated run through the playoffs so far and win game one 4-2 on the heels of a great Mark Mulder pitching performance. Oakland gets game two with a Yasiel Puig home-run. Tampa Bay wins game three with a great performance by Addie Joss who pitched a shutout. Game four was the crucial game of the series. Oakland needed a win but in the end lost that game 11-10 in the 9th inning, despite being up 9-1 in the 2nd inning. Oakland fought back in game five to keep the series going, but Addie Joss pitched another beauty (a one run, two hitter) to close out the series and put Tampa in the World Series.
The World series therefore is Atlanta versus Tampa Bay. Gerrit Cole wins game one for Atlanta, while Mark Mulder lost his first game of the postseason. Tampa Bay ties the series up 1-1 in game two. In game three, Horner hits his 8th home-run of the postseason and the first of the World Series, but Atlanta still loses and Addie Joss gets his 4th win of the postseason for Tampa (zero losses so far).

Atlanta ties it up again in game four, with Gerrit Cole winning again and Mark Mulder losing again. Bob Horner hits TWO home-runs and now has three in the World Series and ten in the postseason. Game five is always crucial, especially when it is 2-2 in the series. Horner hits another home-run early in the game and Atlanta cruises to an 8-1 win to take a 3-2 lead in the series.

The only guy who is as hot as Horner is Addie Joss who gets his 5th win of the postseason and ties the series up 3-3 setting up a game 7 in the first year of the league!

Game 7 is a tight game, with Tampa taking the lead first, but then Atlanta leading the game 2-1 after six innings. The lead changes again with a Fullmer home-run and Tampa takes a 3-2 lead after the 7th inning. Top of the 9th inning, Atlanta ties the game up, in a dramatic manner, setting up the most exciting ending possible! Nothing happens in the bottom of the 9th inning, nor the 10th, nor the 11th inning and the excitement is now palpable. What a game, what a season!

So finally...in the top of the 12th inning, Horner is up again for Atlanta and HE DOES IT AGAIN! Horner puts up Atlanta 4-3 in the 12th inning with his 12th home-run of the post-season. Atlanta manages to keep the lead and WINS THE TITLE! Bob Horner with an insane performance this postseason, completely carrying this team with an insane run of home-runs and eventually concluding this first season.

But the season is still not over, since we still have the draft and the awards!
First the draft. Toronto has the first pick, as we said, so let's look at the draft pool!

The top starting pitchers in the draft are Greg Swindell, Dontrelle Willis and Rube Kisinger. The top hitters are Carl Taylor, Sean Berry, Ron Grant, Charlie Gehringer and Anthony Rizzo.

The Toronto Blue Jays pick Greg Swindell, fantastic starting pitcher. Philadelphia picks Dontrelle Willis 2nd overall. Carl Taylor goes to Detroit 3rd overall as the first hitter. Longer look at the first round:

Gold Gloves I will go into more in the next few seasons once someone wins a 2nd title. Ryne Duren won the reliever of the year award for the AL with an incredible season. He played for the worst team in the league, Toronto, but he had a 11-2 record with a 1.07 ERA and 28 saves. He also had 14.2 K/9 which is insane! David Carpenter won the award for the NL with 42 saves and a 1.88 ERA for the Dodgers. Silver Slugger will be discussed more in the future seasons as well!

Cy Young in the AL goes not surprisingly to Noodles Hahn, whose stats I already mentioned above. Addie Joss ends up 2nd, perhaps aided by his great post-season, though he also had a fantastic season otherwise. Adonis Terry finishes third. In the NL the award goes to Pedro Martinez with a 20-8 record with a 2.17 ERA and 340 strikeouts. Walter Johnson and Randy D Johnson are 2nd and 3rd in voting.

AL MVP ALSO goes to Noodles Hahn who genuinely deserved the award, what an amazing year. He is only 21 years old, so be ready for great seasons ahead! Stan Musial was 2nd in voting, Yasiel Puig third. Home-run king and postseason champion Bob Horner is NL MVP, also only 21 years old. Horner only had 213 home-runs in his real-life career, so this will be interesting to keep an eye on. Ron Fairly, also from Atlanta ends up 2nd in voting, Ed Delahanty from the horrible Phillies ends up third.

Free agency and such will be discussed in my next post. In general, Id love to hear some thoughts and comments, any kind of help would be appreciated, comments or questions will be answered. I would love some criticism and if people don't care to read this, that's fine too!
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Free agency has some interesting contracts!

2B Bill Keister got the biggest per year contract with 4 years, 26 million per year. He had a 5.6 WAR season, but he is 32 years old. He signed with Washington (previously Cubs).

LF Johnny Grubb got the biggest contract total, with 18 million per year for 6 years. He had a 3.4 WAR season in 108 games and is 30 years old. He signed with Philadelphia (previously Angels).

Some other interesting contracts are C Brian McCann 24 million annually for 4 years (San Francisco, previously Cincinnati), CF Johnny Bates 23 million per year for 4 years (Angels, previously Boston), SP Red Faber 25 million for two years (San Francisco, previously Cubs), SP Mort Cooper 25 million for 4 years annually (Colorado, previously White Sox) and LF Travis Snider 23 million for 4 years (Milwaukee, previously Houston).

Colorado gained the most WAR in the offseason with 12.7 followed by the Cleveland Indians with 10.4. Milwaukee lost the most at -8.3 and San Francisco at -7.6.

Here we see the standings at the all-star break of the new season (2015).

As we see, Baltimore is doing really well again, previous champs Atlanta is in the wild card spot right now. Some interesting divisional races still!

All-star teams have some familiar names on them. Here are the guys who have made it for the 2nd time:

Noodles Hahn, Addie Joss, Adonis Terry, Randy Johnson, Walter Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Willie McGill, Jack Baldschun, David Carpenter, Matt Thornton, Johnny Bench, Brian McCann, Stan Musial, Lou Gehrig, Roberto Alomar, Bill Keister, Joe Cronin, Bob Horner, Danny Litwhiler, Pee Wee Reese, Miguel Cabrera, Ed Delahanty, Matt Holliday, Joe Medwick, Sammy Strang, Ron Fairly and Johnny Grubb.

Clearly still a lot of guys who are above everyone else and you can clearly see the most known guys on this list. Amazing line-up I'd say!

No excitement towards the end of the season, as the playoff positions are all decided before the last day. Philadelphia ends up with 99 wins, the most this season. Arizona had 98, Baltimore 97, Kansas City and Seattle 96. The only close division was Milwaukee winning with 88 wins. Last year's winner Atlanta has 93 wins and is in the wild card. The World Series loser from last year, Tampa Bay only got 82 wins and is not in the playoffs this year. The AL West get three playoff teams. Boston ends up with 102 losses and the first pick in the draft. Here the full standings:

Three hitters had a close race for the WAR title, in the end Joe Cronin ends up with 9.9 WAR, Ed Delahanty with 9.7 WAR and Johnny Bench with 9.4 WAR. Delahanty had more than 200 hits for the 2nd time. Bob Horner wins the home-run race again with 48, tied with Beals Becker. Chris James had the most WAR among batting rookies with 6.4 for Seattle, adding 33 home-runs. Beals Becker also had the longest hitting streak with 35 games.

Among pitchers, we see a familiar picture. Noodles Hahn ends up with an incredible 11.1 WAR, leading the league in ERA (1.53), wins (27! 6 more than anyone else) and once again losing the triple crown, this time to Al Pratt, though Pedro Martinez, who ended up 2nd in the league in WAR with 9.9 had the most strikeouts in the entire league with 352.

Here the complete leaderboard section:

Starting the playoffs, the wild card games featured the Angels facing the Astros and the Braves facing the Giants.

Houston sent out excellent pitcher Joe Blong, facing Chris Carpenter, who was fantastic as well this season. Carlos Gonzalez and Ricco Petrocelli hit home-runs for Houston who got to Carpenter early and end up winning 9-4 and easily advancing.

The other wild card game had a ton of stars in it. Last year's winner, the Braves sent in Gerrit Cole who had 21 wins this season with a 2.20 ERA, while San Francisco sent in Red Faber, who was fantastic too. Despite the great starters, the game was a high-scoring game, being decided in the later innings and within the bullpen. Lou Gehrig hit a home-run for San Francisco but it was not enough, while Bob Horner does it again and hits a home-run in a 12-7 win for Atlanta.

In the next series, Houston faced Baltimore. Baltimore was definitely the favorite, especially given their star players like Stan Musial and Jay Bell, who had 6.1 WAR, as well as pitcher Adonis Terry. However, Stan Musial hit only .143 in this series with only two singles in the entire series. Adonis Terry ends up 0-2 in the series, while Bill Vinton, who had a pretty mediocre season goes 2-0 for Houston, giving up only two runs in 13 innings. Houston wins the series 3-1.

Kansas City was up against Seattle. Kansas City has a good offense, especially Johnny Bench and Edwin Encarnacion, however Johnny Bench was even more cld than Stan Musial, not getting on base a single time in this series. Wayne Garrett was great for Seattle, hitting two home-runs in the series and getting 7 RBIs. Noodles Hahn won game 1 with an 8 inning one hitter. Seattle sweeps Kansas City.

Last year's winner Atlanta faced the Phillies. Great offensive duel between Bob Horner and Ed Delahanty here. Horner couldn't do it again, hitting no home-runs in this series. Delahanty didn't have a great series either but he was decent. Jack Jones stood out, pitching a complete game shut out, three hitter in game two for the Phillies. Phillies end up sweeping Atlanta, we will have a new winner!

The last series was the closest, Milwaukee versus Arizona. Amazing pitching duels here, the series had Orel Hershiser and Randy Johnson for Milwaukee and Walter Johnson for Arizona. Walter Johnson won game one against Orel Hershiser and Arizona took a lead in the series. Randy Johnson pitched a shutout in game two and ties up the series. Milwaukee takes a 2-1 lead in the series after game three. Walter Johnson is back for game four and ties the series up with his second beautiful start. He only gave up two runs in 16 innings and was 2-0. So we go to game 5 and Milwaukee is definitely the favorite, sending out Randy Johnson who pitched such a beauty in game two. However, game five was a different story. He was chased out of the game after 4 innings and Arizona wins the game 9-4 and advances to the next round!

Houston faced off against Seattle in the AL, but there is not much to tell in this series. Seattle dominated Houston and swept them, headed by Noodles Hahn who is just a dominant force. Two wins for Hahn, two runs given up in 16 innings in the series, winning game one and four, as Seattle sweeps Houston to advance to the World Series.

The other series was a lot more exciting! Walter Johnson continues his dominance, winning game one and giving Arizona the lead. Philly takes the next two games however with dominant offensive performances. Bibby pitched game 3 for the Phillies and pitched a beauty. Walter Johnson comes back for game four and ties the series up with yet another dominant performance. Series goes back and forth, as Arizona wins game five and takes the series lead. Bibby pitched another beauty for Philly in game 6 and ties the series up yet again and we go to a game 7! With Walter Johnson on the mound, Arizona is the definite favorite. However, this time he could not do it! Philadelphia wins the game 3-2 and the series 4-3 and will face Seattle in the World Series! Bibby, the hero of this series has 1.5 stars and only had 0.3 WAR this year with a 3.88 ERA during the regular season.

Seattle versus Philadelphia in the final. With Noodles Hahn and the dominant sweep, Seattle was definitely the favorite. Game one featured Noodles Hahn who got his next win of the postseason. While Ed Delahanty was bad so far this postseason, he did get a home-run off of Noodles Hahn but it wasn't enough. Game two featured surprise hero Bibby, who helps Philly tie the Series up and gets the win. Game three was a complete beatdown with a 15-2 win for Seattle, as they hit five home-runs, two of which came from Chris James, who as a rookie had 33 home-runs during the season and 6.4 WAR. Game 4 featured Noodles Hahn again, but the game was close for a long time, so Hahn did not get the win, though he pitched well again. However, in the late innings, Seattle once again destroyed the Phillies, winning 16-0 in the end, while James added another home-run. With two such dominant wins in a row, Seattle was now in a position to close the series out. They don't need many tries and Seattle wins the series 4-1 with a surprisingly low score in game 5 of 4-2. Ed Delahanty had a fantastic series, hitting .579/.600/.842 but he was really the only shine on the Phillies team. Almost everyone on Seattle had a great series, most of which Chris James, who won World Series MVP. Noodles Hahn would have been another good choice, though he only won one game.

I suppose the draft order was still the same as last year, I am not entirely sure if this was supposed to happen but I guess I kinda didn't see this until it was too late. I guess the draft last year was odd cause it was the first season and from now on it will be based on last season's results like it ought to be. Either way, Blue jays had the first pick again, Phillies 2nd, etc. Some amazing talent in this draft. The hitters stand out this year more so than the pitchers. We have guys like Mookie Betts, John Richmand, Sammy Sosa, Rogers Hornsby and Mike Trout. Pitching wise we have Harry Krause, Jeff Weaver, Dock Ellis, Bill Parsons, etc.

Rogers Hornsby goes first overall to the Blue Jays, he has fantastic talent, is only 17 years old but already great! I will add his ratings in a bit. Mike Trout goes 2nd overall to the Phillies. Tigers pick Sammy Sosa. Here a longer draft summary and Rogers Hornsby profile:

Gold Glove awards follow. The guys who won their 2nd gold glove are: Eric Sogard at 2B (first for Baltimore, now for San Francisco), David Justice in RF (twice for Miami), Phil Garner at 2B (first for Miami, now for the White Sox), Nolan Arenado at 3B (twice for Seattle), Lou Boudreau at SS (twice for the Indians) and Stan Javier in CF (first for Oakland, now for the Indians).

Andy Boswell wins reliever of the year in the AL for the Twins and Trevor Wilson wins reliever of the year in the NL for the Braves.

Two-time silver sluggers are the following in the AL: Johnny Bench at C (twice for Kansas City), Stan Musial at 1B (twice for Baltimore), Roberto Alomar at 2B (twice for the Twins), Edwin Encarnacion at 3B (twice for Kansas City), Joe Cronin at SS (twice for the Texas Rangers), Carlos Gonzalez in CF (twice for Houston), Yasiel Puig in RF (twice for Oakland)

Two-time silver sluggers are the following in the NL: Lou Gehrig at 1B (twice for San Francisco), Bob Horner at 3B (twice for Atlanta), Ed Delahanty in LF (twice for Philadelphia).

Rookies of the year go to Chris James in the AL for Seattle and Ron Grant in the NL for the Cubs.

Noodles Hahn wins his 2nd Cy Young in a row, deservingly so. Al Pratt finishes 2nd and Addie Joss 3rd. Willie McGill wins the Cy Young in the NL for the Dodgers with 9.0 WAR going 20-7 with a 1.77 ERA, very deserving as well. Pedro Martinez and Walter Johnson are 2nd and 3rd there.

Noodles Hahn also wins his 2nd MVP in a row, also quite deservingly so. Johnny Bench was 2nd there and Roberto Alomar 3rd. Ed Delahanty wins the MVP award in the NL, with over 200 hits and leading the league in average, on-base percentage and WAR. Beals Becker and Willie McGill are 2nd and 3rd.

Like last time, free agency will follow in the next post!
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After stressful holidays, finally season 3!

Free agency has some interesting results yet again.

The first bigger contract of free agency goes to Phil Garner, a 2B who gets 8.5 million for two years to play for the Nationals.

However we see the biggest contract so far a few days later! SS Joe Cronin, who won two Silver Sluggers and two all-star appearances so far, with seasons of 7.7 and 9.8 WAR for Texas is now a member of the Minnesota Twins... how much will he earn? 32 million for 5 years!!!! What a deal!

However, that did not stay the biggest contract! 2B Roberto Alomar, who had similar success as Cronin did gets 33.5 million for 6 years to be a Red Sox! Oddly enough, he played for Minnesota before that.

SP Len Barker joined the Cardinals (originally Cubs) for 27 million for 4 years. SS Jay Bell also gets 27 million for 4 years to join Kansas City (originally Baltimore).

Boston added the most WAR in the offseason at 11.5 while the Cubs lost the most (-11).

Here we see the standings at the all-star break. Philadelphia and Toronto are having fantastic seasons. Johnny Bench and Bob Horner both have 32 homers at the all-star break, while Noodles Hahn is on his way to another MVP title (0.81 ERA, 0.76 WHIP, 12.46 K/9 IP).

Here are the all-stars that have three all-star appearances in three seasons:

Noodles Hahn, Adonis Terry, Walter Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Willie McGill, David Carpenter, Matt Thornton, Johnny Bench, Brian McCann, Lou Gehrig, Roberto Alomar, Bill Keister, Joe Cronin, Bob Horner, Danny Litwhiler, Miguel Cabrera, Ed Delahanty, Matt Holliday and Sammy Strang. Still a lot of guys!

Toronto and Philadelphia are the first to clinch their division. Seattle soon follows. The Giants also win their division very easily. The central divisions stay a bit more competitive. The Cardinals can clinch the division in the NL a few days before the end of the season. At that point, the wild cards in the NL were also decided. Atlanta and the Dodgers get in. In the AL however, the race stays tight. Minnesota wins the central three days before the end, but the wild card is still close. On the second to last day, both Tampa and the Astros clinch the wild card. Cleveland will have the number 1 pick, Rangers gets the 2nd pick. Here the final standings:

Toronto is the only team with 100 wins, no team had 100 losses.

Bob Horner wins the home-run race with 52, Mike Trout is the only hitter with more than 10 WAR, despite being a rookie. Alomar, one of the big free agents, had 6.8 WAR and over 200 hits for the Red Sox. Cronin, the other huge free agent had 8.1 WAR in only 136 starts, however his offensive output did suffer a bit, especially slugging which went from .570 to .477.

Noodles Hahn is the only pitcher with over 10 WAR, ending up with 19-7, 1.39 ERA, 0.78 WHIP, 366 Strikeouts and 12.2 WAR. Could be another MVP season, honestly.

Here the complete leaderboards:

The playoff teams are interesting. Seattle and Atlanta make the playoffs for the third year, while Toronto and Minnesota make the playoffs for the first time.

Starting the playoffs, we have Tampa versus Houston and the Dodgers versus the Braves. Both match ups feature teams that had similar records. Addie Joss is pitching against Joe Blong in the Rays-Astros game. The game stays tight a long time and in the end the Astros survive the Rays in the 10th inning and win 6-5 to advance. The other game was not close, as the Dodgers defeat the Braves easily 6-0 helped by a three run homer from Beals Becker.

Therefore Houston faces Toronto, Minnesota faces Seattle, Los Angeles faces Philadelphia and St. Louis faces San Francisco.

Toronto, as the best team in the league, struggled a little with Houston. Houston actually took a 2-0 lead in the series after a 6-1 and a 7-3 win. However, Toronto did the impossible and came back, aided by Rogers Hornsby who hit two home-runs in game four and five to help the Jays advance.

Seattle, last year's winner is headlined by Noodles Hahn, who has been the best player in the entire league both seasons. Even in the playoffs, Hahn had been untouchable. However, this ended in this series against Minnesota. Hahn ends up with an 0-2 record and a 5.56 ERA in this series, as Minnesota wins the series 3-1. Minnesota had great performances by the expensive free agent Joe Cronin who had five hits, five RBIs and a home-run in this series. Any Boswell (two-time all-star and reliever of the year 2015), had three saves in the three wins for Minnesota.

So that means we will have a new winner for the third year as well. The only team who had previously been in a world series who is still left is Philadelphia, who are facing the Dodgers. Philadelphia is the heavy favorite, with 99 wins this season. They are headlined by Ed Delahanty. Delahanty also had a fantastic series, going .467/.529/1.000 with two home-runs. Earl C Williams added four more home-runs for the Philles, while Dontrelle Willis got two wins as the pitcher. Phillies win the series fairly easily 3-1. Starlin Castro did well for the Dodgers, hitting two home-runs himself and with a .353 average.

So that leaves one match-up this round, the Cardinals facing the Giants. Giants are lead by Lou Gehrig who struggled a little this series. Cardinals are lead by Manny Machado who actually really struggled this series as well. That left room for an unlikely hero though. LF Jerome Walton was traded early in the season from Philadelphia and only hit .232/.299/.449 this year. However, in this series he went .571/.571/1.000 and lead the Cardinals to a sweep of the Giants.

Minnesota faces the Blue Jays in order to advance to the World Series. As I mentioned, both are in the playoffs for the first time. Toronto lead the league in wins and therefore goes into this season as the clear favorite. Rogers Hornsby, who is another rookie (1st overall pick last year, ahead of Trout actually - Hornsby ended up with the 3rd highest WAR for rookies, as well as 209 hits) continues his success this postseason with another great series, going .300/.391/.500 while three-time all star Sammy Strang went .316/.409/.684. Joe Cronin showed why he was worth the contract again, as he went .500/.619/.938 in the series. The pitcher that stood out was from the Blue Jays as well, Bill Steen got two wins with a 1.69 ERA. Toronto took a 3-0 lead in the series, before Minnesota grabbed a single win. However, the Toronto Blue Jays are advancing to the World Series!

Philadelphia was once again lead by Ed Delahanty, who continued his good post-season. Earl C Williams, who had a great previous round struggled this time around, similar to rookie phenom Mike Trout, who struggled as well. On the other side, Machado went back to his form and had a better series, as well as three home-runs while Walton had another fantastic series and added three homers himself. Pitching was also fantastic however, Len Barker (high-paid Starting pitcher for the Cardinals) went 0-0 but had an incredible 0.64 ERA. On the other team, Jack Jones went 1-1 with a 1.65 ERA while Dontrelle Willis went 1-0 with a 1.80 ERA. The series was closer than the other one, with the Cardinals taking a 2-1 lead in the series. However, then Phillies took over and won three in a row to advance to their 2nd World Series in a row!

That means the best two teams of the regular season are in the World Series! A fantastic series lays ahead. Ray Sadecki wins game one for the Blue Jays against Dontrelle Willis who did not pitch well this time around. The game ends 9-6 and saw a three-run home-run by Sammy Strang for the Blue Jays.

Game two features Jack Jones for Philadelphia and Greg Swindell for Toronto. Swindell pitches 8 innings giving up two runs, while striking out 9. The game is tied at two at that point. However, the Phillies find a way to win it in the 9th with a home-run by Johnny Grubb. The series is tied 1-1.

Bill Steen was so great in the last series, here he pitched a bad game and Philadelphia wins one easily 9-2 with home-runs by Ed Delahanty, Earl C Williams and two home-runs by Johnny Grubb.

At this point, one might think that Philadelphia could run away with it. However, game four was a mirror image of game one, Dontrelle Willis pitched another bad game, while Sadecki pitched well. Blue Jays win it big, 7-2 and the series is tied again!

Game 5 was a crazy game. It was only one run that decided the game, in a 7-6 end result that featured five home-runs. While Toronto had one of those, it sadly wasn't enough, as Philadelphia took the game by a hair, aided by those four home-runs, again by all of their stars: Ed Delahanty, Earl C Williams, Jose Offerman (who had a bad season, but a good World Series) and rookie Mike Trout.

Game 6 was the decider already. After losing last year in the World Series, Philadelphia came back and won it all this year! Matt Thornton, three-time all-star, ended up with three saves in the World Series, two of them in the deciding two games. All of Philadelphia's stars were too much, Earl C Williams ends up with Series MVP with a fantastic .458/.500/.833 as well as three home-runs. They have a great team and could be a threat again next year.

The draft had some interesting talent in there again. CF John O'Rourke got picked first overall by Boston. He was a pre-1900 talent. Another CF went 2nd overall to Washington, Benny Kauff. SP Harry Krause went 3rd overall to the Rockies. An interesting name later: 3B Jose Bautista went 11th overall.

In the end though, last year had much crazier talent, with Hornsby and Trout. No one on that level was in this year's draft. Here the entire first round:

Gold Glove awards follow. The guys that won three in three years are: SS Lou Boudreau (all three for Cleveland), CF Stan Javier (one for Oakland, then two for Cleveland) and RF David Justice (all three for Miami)

The guys that have won two in three years are: C Chris Snyder (both for the Red Sox), 1B Lou Gehrig (both for San Francisco), 1B Hee-Seop Choi (both for Texas, though now traded to Seattle), SS Herman Long (both for the Mets) and LF Ed Delahanty (both for Philadelphia).

Also noteworthy: Rookie Mike Trout won the Gold Glove in CF.

Rafael Betancourt wins reliever of the year in the AL for Tampa Bay, going 6-2 with 40 saves, a 1.45 ERA, 0.84 WHIP and 2.2 WAR. Matt Thornton wins the reliever of the year in the NL for Philadelphia after being traded there from St. Louis early in the season. He went 5-4 with 45 saves, a 1.87 ERA, 0.87 WHIP and 1.6 WAR.

Three-time Silver Sluggers in the AL: C Johnny Bench (three times for Kansas City), 2B Roberto Alomar (twice for Minnesota, once now for Boston) and 3B Edwin Encarnacion (three times for Kansas City - only had a .232 average and still won this award).

Also noteworthy: Rookie SS Rogers Hornsby wins the Silver Slugger. No two-time Silver Sluggers in the AL, the rest are all new winners.

Three-time Silver Sluggers in the NL: 1B Lou Gehrig (all three for San Francisco) and 3B Bob Horner (all three for Atlanta)

Two-time Silver Sluggers in the NL: SP Dick Burns (what a great name), 2B Bill Keister, LF Matt Holliday (both for Washington) and RF Beals Becker (both for the Los Angeles Dodgers).

Also noteworthy: Rookie CF Mike Trout wins the Silver Slugger.

Rookie of the year comes with a small surprise... In the AL Rogers Hornsby is only third in voting. Winner of the Rookie of the year award is SP Gus Weyhing (8th pick), who went 18-8 for Boston, with a 2.14 ERA, 0.96 WHIP and 353 Strikeouts (8.5 WAR). 2nd in voting is RF Floyd Robinson (20th pick), who hit .329/.411/.539 with 25 home-runs and 7.8 WAR for White Sox.

The NL was less surprising: Mike Trout wins the award. 2nd in voting is a surprise: RF Matt LaPorta (49th overall pick) has mediocre ratings but hit .270/.339/.503 with 3.9 WAR for San Francisco and had 26 home-runs. Roy Foster (18th overall) finishes 3rd in voting, hitting .295/.366/.509 with 3.3 WAR for Pittsburgh.

No surprises in the AL Cy Young award. Noodles Hahn wins his third Cy Young, is still only 23 years old and is only getting better it seems. Rookie Gus Weyhing ends up in 2nd place, a great result for him. Another rookie, Claude Passeau (5th overall) ends up 3rd in voting.

No shock in the NL either, Willie McGill wins his 2nd Cy Young in a row, finishing 22-9 with a 2.31 ERA, 1.06 WHIP and 306 Strikeouts. He had 8.8 WAR for the Dodgers this year. Pedro Martinez ends up 2nd in voting, he went 18-12 with 2.40 ERA, 0.86 WHIP and 349 Strikeouts (9.0 WAR). Dontrelle Willis, who won the title with Philadelphia ends up 3rd, going 20-8 with 2.45 ERA and 7.3 WAR.

As I predicted, Noodles Hahn also wins his 3rd MVP and already has a hall of fame type career at age 23. Sammy Strang ends up 2nd in voting, he hit .300/.429/.612 for Toronto, added 38 home-runs and had 9.9 WAR (also won his first silver-slugger). Harry Wolter ends up 3rd, he hit .294/.373/.573 for Tampa Bay and had 43 home-runs and 7.3 WAR (also won his first silver-slugger).

In the NL, I had a favorite as well and he won it as well. RF Beals Becker ends the season with .362/.428/.700 and 9.5 WAR for the Dodgers. Lou Gehrig ends 2nd in voting and had a fantastic season as well - .322/.445/.591 and 9.2 WAR for the Giants. Third in voting is the NL Rookie of the Year, Mike Trout (who in his first season won the World Series, was an all-star, won the Golden Glove, the Silver Slugger, the rookie of the year and finished 3rd in the MVP race).

Like every time, free agency comes next time! Hope you enjoyed it all.
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