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List of Name Mods

This is a list of all the first name, last name, and nickname mods that have been posted in the OOTP community forums. Not listed here are namesets that: (1) are included with the game; (2) can only be downloaded from the OOTP Mods site; or (3) are posted in forums for other OOTPD games (e.g. FHM). Some of these mods duplicate namesets that are currently included as part of the game's files. In those cases, the authors presumably felt that their mods were an improvement on the standard OOTP namesets. In compiling this list, I have primarily relied on the name designations provided by the authors. I have not tested these mods and make no claim to the accuracy of any mod that is not my own.

This is not a thread for requesting mods. Continue to post your requests in the Names & Nations sub-forum. Please bring any additions, omissions, and errors to my attention.


African-American (modern) first names
African-American (Negro Leagues) first & last names / first & last names / nicknames
Anglo-American first & last names
first & last names / first names / last names
American (white) first names
American (female) first names
American (nineteenth-century) first names
American (historical) first & last names / first names / nicknames
Austrian-American first & last names
Czech-American first & last names
Dutch-American first & last names
French-American first & last names
French-Canadian last names
German-American first & last names
Greek-American first & last names
Hawaiian first & last names
Hispanic-American first names
Irish-American first & last names
Italian-American first & last names
Jewish-American first & last names
Polish-American first & last names
Scottish-American first & last names
Swedish-American first & last names


British Caribbean first & last names / first & last names
Cuban first & last names
Dominican first & last names
Dutch Caribbean first & last names
French Caribbean first & last names


Albanian first & last names
Armenian first & last names
Austrian first names
Belarussian first & last names
Bosnian first & last names
British (historical) first names
British (modern) first names
Bulgarian first & last names
Channel Islands first & last names
Dutch first names
English first names
Estonian first & last names
Faroese first & last names
Finnish first & last names
Georgian first & last names
Hungarian first names / last names
Icelandic first & last names
Irish first & last names
Italian first names
Latvian first & last names
Lithuanian first & last names / first & last names
Macedonian first & last names
Maltese first & last names
Polish last names
Russian first names / first names
Serbian first & last names
Slovenian first & last names
Ukranian first names / last names


Bhutanese first & last names
Burmese first & last names
Cambodian first & last names

Central Asian first & last names
Chinese first & last names
Filipino first & last names
Israeli first & last names
Laotian first & last names
Malay first & last names
Mongolian first & last names
Nepalese first & last names
Persian first & last names
Singaporean first & last names

Sri Lankan first & last names
Thai first & last names / first & last names


North African first & last names
South African first & last names
Swahili first & last names

West African first & last names


Female first names
Historical (1900-1950) first & last names


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Guide to Modding Namesets

I. Introduction

Creating your own nameset can be an easy and fun way to enhance your OOTP game-playing experience, but you need to follow a few basic rules. This will provide simple step-by-step instructions. More information can be found in the OOTP manual, but be aware that the manual is, in many important respects, outdated. This guide, in contrast, reflects all of the changes that have been made to the way that the game handles namesets since version 19.

Namesets consist of a list of comma-separated values. Each line contains three pieces of information, separated by commas: (1) the name; (2) the frequency of that name; and (3) the nameset ID number.

Name:  name screen graphic.png
Views: 540
Size:  71.6 KB

The first and last values need little explanation. The name is the name that the game assigns randomly to players created using that nameset. The nameset ID is the number assigned to that nameset in the world_default.xml file. You can find a list of nameset IDs at the beginning of that file, listed under <ETHNICITIES>.

The frequency value is a relative number, not a percentage. It determines how often a name appears relative to other names in the same nameset. So, for instance, if "Smith" has a frequency of 100 while "Jones" has a frequency of 1, that means that "Smith" will, on average, appear 100 times more often than "Jones." Consequently, the frequency value can be any number.

II. Creating a Nameset

There are two basic ways to create your own nameset. The first is to enter all of the information into a simple text program, such as Notepad. The second is to enter all of the information initially into a spreadsheet program and then transfer it to a text program.

The first method is fairly straightforward. All entries should follow the same format: name,frequency,ID. The manual recommends that you do not put spaces before or after the commas. You can enter all of the information on a single line, but you will probably find it easier to read the file if you put each entry on a separate line. You do not need to enter the names in alphabetical order, although you may find that it's easier to avoid duplications if you do so.

The second method involves a little extra work, but it allows for more flexibility in handling your data and also allows you to catch errors before they creep into your nameset. I will use OpenOffice for this example, as it is a free open-source spreadsheet program available for download on the internet. You can use other spreadsheet programs, such as Excel, but the commands and format might be different. After creating a spreadsheet, enter the name and frequency values in the first two columns (no need, at this stage, to enter the nameset ID). Your spreadsheet, then, will look something like this:

Name:  nameset screen.jpg
Views: 539
Size:  59.2 KB

Column A will, therefore, contain all the names and Column B will contain the frequency values. After entering all of your data, you may want to perform a sort to put the entries into alphabetical order. That's not necessary, but, as noted above, you may find that it helps to organize your data and it can make it easier to scan for any duplicate names. Next, in cell C1, enter a comma, and then fill down to the end of the list. Once you are satisfied with your work, enter the following string in cell D1:

That will create the comma-separated values that can then be incorporated into the OOTP names files. For the * in the above example, replace that with the ID number that you want to assign to your nameset. After inserting the string in cell D1, fill down to the end of your data. Once you have done that, select that same column and copy it to a text program. Only the values will be copied, not the code, so the end result should look exactly like a regular comma-separated list of values in an OOTP nameset.

When choosing a text program, remember: the simpler the better. In particular, avoid programs that have "smart" punctuation, such as apostrophes, that might not appear correctly in OOTP. Also, OOTP has had some problems in the past with displaying foreign diacritical marks and characters, such as tildes and umlauts. If you find that the game is not displaying your names correctly, you may need to edit out some of those foreign characters.


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III. Incorporating Your Nameset Into the OOTP Names Files

I recommend creating a separate nameset text file before incorporating that information into the OOTP names files. You'll probably find that it's easier to make edits in a separate nameset file than in the names files, and it will make it possible for you to post your namesets in this forum so that the rest of the OOTP community can enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

When creating players, OOTP draws names from two files located in your game's Database Folder: the names.txt file for last names and the first_names.txt file for first names (nicknames are handled in a somewhat different manner and will not be covered here). In order for OOTP to use your names, therefore, they have to be added to these names files. Now that OOTP can handle an unlimited number of namesets, it's easy to add a nameset to the ones that are currently included in the game. If you are replacing an existing nameset, you will copy-and-paste your names over the names that you want to replace in each file. If you are adding a nameset, you can simply copy-and-paste the new names to the end of each names file. In addition, you will also need to make changes to the world_default.xml file (the procedure for that is outlined below).

IV. Incorporating Modded Namesets Into the OOTP Names Files

A number of namesets have been posted to this subforum and are listed in the original post above. You can follow the instructions in the preceding section to incorporate any of those modded namesets into your OOTP names files. Pay careful attention to the nameset ID assigned to the modded nameset. If it duplicates an existing nameset ID, adding that modded nameset will simply add those new names to the existing nameset that has the same ID. To avoid this situation, if the ID value of the modded nameset either conflicts with an existing nameset ID or if the ID is a special character rather than a number, you will need to make a change to the nameset's ID value before adding it to the names files. For instance, you may want to incorporate a nameset, but the names in that set have "35" as their ID number, and you don't want to replace or add to the existing "35" nameset. How, then, do you add the modded "35" nameset while keeping the existing one?

There are a couple of ways to handle this situation. You could, of course, edit every single ID value individually, but for large namesets that task would be both laborious and tedious.

A quicker way is to go into the modded nameset file(s) and perform a search-and-replace for the nameset ID that you want to replace. For instance, you can search for "35" in the modded nameset and change it to some number that does not duplicate the number of an existing nameset. That way, the two namesets won't have the same ID. The problem with this method, though, is that you will replace every instance of the number "35" in the file, including any instance where "35" is in the frequency field (that's not a problem where the nameset ID is a special character, such as an asterisk, as there would be no danger of replacing a frequency value).

A more efficient method for replacing a nameset ID is to transfer the data to a spreadsheet. Again, I will use OpenOffice for this example: other spreadsheet programs should be able to perform this function, although they may use different steps. First, after creating a spreadsheet, select all of the data in the modded nameset and then copy-and-paste that data to cell A1 in the spreadsheet. In OpenOffice, you will immediately get a dialog box asking you how you want that data to be copied.

Name:  openoffice text import box check graphic.png
Views: 537
Size:  138.6 KB

Check the "separated by comma" box and press "OK." The spreadsheet will now display all of the data in the first three columns. The nameset ID values will appear in column C. You can now replace all of the values in that column with the value that you want to assign to that nameset, using a fill-down function. Next, enter a comma in cell D1 and fill down to the end of the list. After you have made these edits, you can recreate the comma-separated values by entering the following code into cell E1:

That will give you the data in the format that OOTP can use in the names files. Now fill down the information in cell E1 to the end of the list and then copy-and-paste that column into your text file or directly into the appropriate names file. You should now have the modded nameset but with a new ID number.


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V. Making Changes to the World Default File - A. Adding Ethnicity Information

"Ethnicity" information is now located in the world_default.xml file, which can be found in your game's Database Folder. That information is necessary so that (1) you can access a nameset by using the in-game nation editor; and (2) the game can accurately create facegens for players that utilize that nameset. The ethnicity ID and the nameset ID are identical. If you are adding a nameset to the game, you will, therefore, need to add the ethnicity information for that nameset in the world default file.

The ethnicity information in the world default file looks like this:

Name:  ethnicities screen.jpg
Views: 540
Size:  139.9 KB

Up until OOTP19, it was clear that the values for the individual ethnic groups (african, asian, east indian, caucasian, hispanic) had to equal 1000. The values for the newest nameset (Israeli), though, only add up to 100, so maybe that's not a requirement any more. Still, it would be advisable to make your numbers equal 1000, just to be safe. The values represent the percentage chance that a player with a name drawn from a particular nameset will have a particular facegen. So, for example, if a nameset's values equaled 1000 and it has "asian=300," that means that 30% of the players drawn from that nameset will, on average, have Asian facegens.

For each nameset that you add to the names files, you will need to add a corresponding ethnicity line in the world default file. You can simply copy an existing entry and paste it to the end of the list while making appropriate changes.

VI. Making Changes to the World Default File - B. Changing Nation Information

If all you want to do is make a one-time change to the namesets, you don't need to make any additional changes to the world default file. Once you've made the above edits, you can then make any additional changes to a nation using the game's nation editor, which can be found by going to a nation's profile under the "Explore World" screen (note: you must be in commissioner mode to access the nation editor). To add a nameset to a nation, go to that nation's page, choose "Nation Editor," and then press the "Add a Language" button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. A new "Ethnicity/Language/Name Origin" will appear under the "Ethnicities" header on the left-hand side of the screen. You can change the nameset by choosing it and then using the pull-down menu to select a new one. Then you can assign a percentage to that nameset in the third column. If you want to delete a current nameset, simply assign it a percentage of zero.

If, on the other hand, you want to re-use your modded names and world default files, you should also change the relevant nation information in the world default file. That way, you won't have to make the same changes each time you start a new game. The world default file contains information for all of the nations on earth, listed alphabetically by continent. The information looks like this:

Name:  dominican screen graphic.png
Views: 535
Size:  92.9 KB

The only values that you will need to modify are the "etid" ID located in the header and the "ETHN_PCTS" ID(s) and value(s). Together, this information is used by the game when creating players from a particular nation. For instance, in the above example, the Dominican Republic is assigned ethnicity ID ("etid") "1," the Hispanic nameset, and it has an ethnic percentage ("ETHN PCT") value of "100," meaning that 100% of the players created for this nation will have names drawn from the Hispanic nameset and will have facegens created using the percentages listed for that nameset. The values for all of the namesets listed for a nation's "ETHN PCTS" should equal 100, although that evidently isn't a hard-and-fast rule (e.g. Canada's values equal 105, Puerto Rico's equal 90). Still, to play it safe, you should make sure that the ethnic percent values you modify end up equalling 100.

If you want a nation to use your modded nameset instead of or in addition to the one(s) assigned to it, you may or may not need to edit the ID in the "etid=" field. For instance, if, in the above example, you want Dominican players to use your new "41" nameset instead of the "1" set, just insert "41" where the "1" currently is in the header after "etid=". Some nations have more than one ethnicity, but there's only one etid ID in the nation's header. I'm not sure if the changes made with OOTP19 made this irrelevant. To be safe, always assign the etid ID to the ethnicity with the highest ETHN PCT value.

Do the same with the ETHN PCT values. Change the etid(s) in this field to the nameset ID(s) that you want. That will tell the game that it should take names from the new nameset(s) when it is creating players for that nation. It will also tell the game to create facegens for those players based on the percentages listed in the ethnicity information for the nameset(s) at the beginning of the world default file.

NOTE: any time you are making changes to the game's files, you should make back-up copies of the original files and also of your modded files. When the game updates, it may overwrite your modded files, so it is very important to keep your backups in a separate folder.

VII. Adding New Names to an Existing Game

If you have made the necessary changes to the names and world default files, any OOTP game that you start after you made those changes will use the modded files and your changes should be reflected in the game from the start. If, on the other hand, you have a game in progress and want to incorporate your new names into that existing game, you will need to reload the names and world default files. To do that, go to the Game Settings screen and choose the Database tab. In the upper-right corner of that tab is a pull-down menu named Tools. Select that menu. Among the options are "Re-import name & ethnicity database" and "re-import world database from XML file." You will need to choose both of those options. Be advised that each will take some time to load.

Name:  nation pulldown screen graphic.png
Views: 532
Size:  255.6 KB

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