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A small thing from OOTP. When I open a player page, right click to return to the screen I came from. Makes it easier to open and close several players.
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Originally Posted by tward13 View Post
A small thing from OOTP. When I open a player page, right click to return to the screen I came from. Makes it easier to open and close several players.
On top of that, being able to shift to the next/previous player on the list from the editor screen a la OOTP would be convenient
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High Priority

-Exportable box scores
-Exportable play-by-play data
-Less predictable of a draft (the correlation between draft position and NHL production is too high. Datsyuk's or Benn's simply don't happen in the game.)
-Fixing valuation of draft picks vs prospects (You can add a 7th round pick and sway the AI, but if you offer the rights to an 18yo 3rd round draft pick they won't.)
-The potential for generational prospects to actually be generated. (Good luck finding a CPU generated prospect with an OPOT equal to or greater than Crosby/McDavid)
-Line Matching

Medium Priority

-Ability to access sortable player statistics for a given year in the History Screen
-Overhauling (or abolishing) the Game Rating statistic. You can just acquire the players with the highest GR and crush (ala EHM).
-Option to hide the Game Rating statistic
-AI handling scouting in a way that doesn't suck
-Some central scouting ranking of draft prospects
-Internal prospect rankings
-Re-scaling of ratings so two-thirds of the NHL don't have the same 3.5/5.0 rating.
-Zone starts statistics
-FA prospects not demanding ELC's worth more than the maximum.

Low Priority

-Rescaling of OPOT/DPOT values to something more intuitive.
-Ability to import custom rosters from something like a csv file.
-Tweaking attempted shots distribution between forwards and defenseman.
-More customizable playoffs (# of teams that make playoffs, series length, aggregate scoring)
-More customizable league (balanced/unbalanced schedule, # of divisions, etc)

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More flexible league options in all game modes.

I get that they may be minimal and more strict than OOTP, so I'm not looking for exactly that, but any steps in that direction will keep me, personally, a fan of the brand.
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Okay, after reading through this thread as a primarily NHL-based online player who took over an expansion team, I'd like to add my own thoughts. Many of these are cribbed from notes I took upon reading other people's suggestions. That said, in no particular order:

Fullly-Implemented Online League Play
-There are such crucial things that are not implemented in online play at all, such as trades. There are also really annoying things that aren't implemented, such as the ability of non-commish GMs to hire their own personnel. These really need to be brought into online league play.
-To accomplish the above, some sort of server-based implementation is critical, whether through a central server like you find in a console-based game or P2P, whereby the commissioner acts as the "host" and leaves the game running for player GMs to log in and manage their teams (I've never played EHM, but I understand this is how they implement it). Our league files are 568 mb and growing, which makes advancing through a season agonizing unless its done through huge chunks!

Player Generation and Development
-The scale of how ratings are measured, as well as the talent differential between players, needs to vastly expand. Players in general are too indistinguishable because of the compacted rating system. There also needs to be some understanding of what ratings are needed to be functional within different leagues, and it would be helpful for the color-coding to reflect it relative to each league. What is "replacement level" for speed or acceleration in the NHL, for instance? Surely that is different than the AHL, juniors, or Euro leagues.
-The entire prospect generation system needs to reflect the real-world distribution of talent. As documented in the "drafting Russians" thread as well as others, the draft pool slowly becomes drowned out with European/Russian skaters who ultimately decide not to play in the NHL. There needs to be way more North American prospects, less reticence to play in the NHL, and tools for GMs to determine which prospects ultimately are going to eschew the NHL for the KHL or other Euro leagues.
-Draft prospects, by and large, don't seem to develop into functional NHL players. Too many players develop super high ratings in a few areas but don't develop in any others. I have way too many drafted players who don't develop into functional skaters (with skater ratings of 4-10) or never develop any intangibles at all.
-Players in general regress too far too fast. Humans may have a physical peak at a certain age, but NHL players don't fall off a cliff once they hit 24 or 25 years old. There are way too many players who become decrepit by the time they are 28! That is exactly the age when NHL metrics show that they are at their peak performance.
-The training system is currently too granular and not granular enough. During the season, players shouldn't not improve or be left to regress just because they don't get personal attention as directed by the GM/coach. They are still practicing and working out. The CBA dictates how much practice time with a team a player can have, but motivated NHL players practice and train on their own or with special trainers at academies like Adam Oates or Gary Roberts. The ratings of position coaches should matter, a player's intangibles should matter, team leadership should matter, and player development could be guided by suggestions that could range from very specific (e.g., the year Crosby dedicated himself on his own to improving his face-off percentage after Pens leadership brought it to his attention) to general, but the whole system of putting points in certain buckets in order to allow a player's ratings to progress in those areas doesn't make sense to me--and often leads to really random results because those buckets comprise of a number of specific ratings. I think this should be largely an organic function based on how a team's structured to allow that player to succeed.
-Right now, the offseason seems like an afterthought. From training camp to prospect development camp to the pre-season, these are opportunities for a lot of development to happen, especially with junior prospects. The NHL pre-season roster rules aren't even in the game to make it easy for GMs to test out players in game situations. These events need to be incorporated into the game in a meaningful way.
-Player happiness is also still problematic, even after being patched. Signing a player to a two-way deal immediately puts them on the NHL roster, which triggers unhappiness when they are "sent down," which would otherwise make sense if the players that were unhappy were in any way viable NHL players. We have to use commissioner re-assignments to help mitigate this.

Storylines and Customization
-Once you pass the point at which recognizable names have all retired from the league, there's nothing really notable about what's happening in the league beyond your own team. It would be great if there were generated league rumors and news that went far beyond signings and injuries. Statistical streaks, the ebb and flow of bitter rivalries, news about players from the year's draft class, how notable prospects from years past are developing, notes from the decline of previously productive players, trade rumors, potential team movement or market expansion, owners selling, etc. would all help keep my attention and make each season less of a grind.
-Additionally, full customization of leagues, with the ability to change league customization options any time (realignment, expansion, rule changes, playoff structure, etc.) would help periodically inject some life once things start getting stale. The ability to have options for these things to happen organically as well would be a nice surprise. Think about how the sudden real possibility of expansion drummed up interest in terms of which players will be protected.
-Part of this also involves international play and being able to follow and root for your players and prospects if they are selected for the Olympics or Worlds. It would be REALLY cool if you could even be invited to GM a team, based on your avatar's nationality. Heck, even being able to watch my players in the all-star game would be fun every so often.

Improved Roster Management and Trade A.I.
-This is well-documented but worth offering another vote for. Right now, teams make way too many curious decisions with seemingly no rationale for their moves.
-I think it's important for teams to more reflect the personality and desires of their owners/GMs. Teams could be in different “modes” that could influence how each GM behaves (i.e., “win now” vs “total rebuild” vs “partial rebuild” vs ???) as well as how other AI GMs interact with each other, including draft-day and deadline trades. Additionally, GMs should be able to view player ability and potential through a “lens” based on what they value (if a player or AI GM values toughness and strength over skill, that should impact how they rate and acquire players).
-I don't know anything about how trades work in this game (see above), but from what I've read, some insight into who might be available and for what price, as well as more dynamic trade negotiations, would go a long way. I also like the idea of customization options that make pulling off trades easier or harder relative to a GM's willingness to make a deal. More trades on draft day and the trade deadline would also help liven up the league at critical times.

-Scouting needs to be either more involved or less, with customization options. For instance, what level of variance should be allowed in scouting reports, relative to your staff's ability? Should GMs (both human and A.I.) have to make hard decisions of how to allocate pro and amateur (there should be two) scouting departments' resources, or should there be an easy mode that gives every GM the opportunity to have information about all prospects, based on the amount of adjusted variance?
-Scouting reports give you player ratings and a couple of notes, but what about projections? The notes seem to only be descriptive of what a player's current strengths are, but does that mean anything when the player is 17? I need a better idea of how a player projects to the NHL after development. What are his player comparisons? Right now, it might say "outstanding" or "top" or "good" or "regular" player in one box, but it often means little, with the "outstanding player" turning out to being functionally useless with super high marks in some areas and haplessly low marks in others, though it might be a result of poor development. Hard to say.
-As many people have mentioned, ISS draft rankings are critical.
-Update: There needs to be a mechanism for occasionally unearthing a late-round sleeper (e.g., Datsyuk or St. Louis) and actually making the scouting process feel like there's payoff beyond nitpicking players in the first couple of rounds.

-Personnel should have more personality and communicate with you when they think something about your team.
-Scouts should be pushing you to draft players they really love during the draft.
-Position coaches should be giving you some inside information about what's happening at practice--e.g., who is not feeling well or which players are having great chemistry--that might impact line combinations.
-You should be able to hire an assistant GM that prepares reports for you and gives you heads-up about some of the things happening around the league (see: storylines) that are worth monitoring.

Statistics and Reports
-Being able to view play-by-play recaps is completely integral, especially for people who are simming large chunks at a time and want more information about how people are playing beyond the game rating system, which is mysterious and seems to reward stats above all.
-The ability to sort league or team leaders in any number of categories, either by season, all time, any sort of user-directed criteria (e.g., a specific playoff round), would be great. Right now, you can only look at all-time league-wide stats by player last name.
-I believe I mentioned it previously in terms of storylines, but tracking statistical streaks would be great.
-More usable exports would be helpful. Right now, there's too much cross-referencing that needs to happen between the different CSV files.
-Being able to copy text out of the game interface would be very helpful, as would the ability to "find" text within any given screen.
-Match-up screens that show how your team matches up with the opposing team, either in the regular season or prior to a play-off round would be very helpful in terms of how one might want to set tactics or construct their lines.
-Automated depth charts and prospects rankings should be available for all NHL teams, especially one's own.
-Player comparison screens would make free agency, draft, and line construction decisions so much easier, as would better advanced search filters for finding players to begin with (e.g., finding a center with a certain face-off rating and defensive positioning rating to serve as a PK specialist).
-Being able to compare advanced stats between teams would also be helpful.

Between the Lines
-Line matching should be part of tactics. Do I want a specific line or d-pair to be out against the opponent's top line as much as possible? Should I try to avoid another team doing the same to me? This should be possible for coaches.
-Line templates would save so much time. Being able to go right back to a default template after making tweaks due to injury would be great. Or having a template based around subbing for a frequently-injured player would also be a huge help.

Injuries Happen...
-The frequency, type, and severity of injuries needs to be adjusted. There are too many long-term injures of a month or more, and not enough short and medium-term injuries.

Women's Leagues
-The most recent IIHF Women's World Championship Game between US and Canada was one of the most exciting hockey games I've seen in a long time. I think it's time to implement women's leagues in FHM so I can finally sign Hilary Knight!

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A lot of what I'm interested in has been covered well already, but I'll pile on for a few things:

-It's really essential to incorporate trades into online leagues that feature a mix of user and CPU teams. Right now these leagues are missing an utterly core function of team-building, which also detracts from the enjoyability of the game during the regular season since rosters are static aside from waiver claims for mediocre players (to say nothing of trade deadline day, a day so prominent in hockey that the fan community puts their lives virtually on hold for a day to follow along). If the dev team can identify the issues that are making it difficult to implement, I'm sure the folks on this forum would be eager to think through possibilities to resolve the issue and get this into the game.

-The aging mechanism could use some refinement. In my online league we saw Jonthan Toews playing for the Rockford IceHogs by about the age of 31, which really detracts from the sense of realism and immersion. I understand the observations made on the forum about when the average NHL player peaks, but perhaps the decline in skill could be far less precipitous in the early post-peak years and then really ratchet up exponentially by 32 or 33.

-As others have observed, the draft classes skew too heavily by quantity and quality toward European and Russian players right now. Increasing the number of Canadians and Americans, as well as the number of Canadians and Americans that rate at the "top player" or "outstanding player" potential level, would be great in terms of making scouting more intuitive and reflective of real-world dynamics.

-I very much agree that additional storylines would liven up the Inbox, or perhaps a "news" box that could be added to the GM home screen. I suspect some of these could be easy to implement - the "Milestones" screen already exists, so a story could be generated when one of those milestones is met. A similar story could generate when a player passes 30 goals, 100 points, or whatever number makes sense for the given league (perhaps it could be editable by the commissioner). Team ownership also changes periodically, so that could generate a story when the team owner field updates, much like the GM hirings and firings. The team finances screen is also a bit opaque right now, perhaps these numbers could periodically generate a "franchise value ranking" similar to the annual Forbes rankings so we could see the variance by market. The list of players taken in the first round of a past draft could be merged with those players' current teams and stats to generate a report, as a means of periodically checking in on how those picks panned out. (note that this last one won't be very entertaining unless further variability and unpredictability is injected into the draft process)

-Rivalries are important enough in hockey that NBC Sports at least attempts to market a night of programming around them. The "Edit Team" screen should offer an option to identify 1 or 2 core rivals for each team, so that the game generates a preview when Pittsburgh plays Philadelphia, or Calgary plays Edmonton, with a synopsis of how the teams compare and how their star players are matching up. It could even slightly ratchet up the penalties assessed during those games, or affect the mood of the players when they beat a hated rival. It would also be very cool to have dynamic rivalries that come and go, perhaps based on multiple playoff meetings in a given period of time (e.g. Chicago-Vancouver, or one team injuring the star player of the other (e.g. Pittsburgh-Boston). After a specified interval of time where the rivalry conditions aren't reinvigorated by re-triggering any of these conditions, games between these teams would revert to normal non-rivalry treatment.

-When it comes to free agency, money is a big thing, but it isn't the only thing. If players are considering other factors in their decision it should be more evident, or new factors should be added. For example, a player from British Columbia could place a premium on an offer from the Canucks, but also be intrigued by offers from a team in Seattle or Calgary. Perhaps some star players would prefer a big media market (maybe tie it to the Greed and Ambition ratings as a crude means of relating it to endorsement potential). Others might prefer to play in a smaller market where they can live more anonymously. Maybe a player with high loyalty, toward the middle or end of his career, would be interested in returning for a second tour of duty with a team he played for in the past that treated him well.

-Being able to import a team roster from another save file would be great. As an example of the value of this, it might be fun to be able to create a custom league of the 7 Canadian teams, plus a relocated eighth team playing the role of the Nordiques, using all the real rosters for those teams as an all-Canada pro league. That's a lot of data entry to make that happen right now, there's got to be a better way!
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Make the roster limit go away from the end of the season until like October 1 or something. It is like this in real life and that way teams can call everybody that they have signed up and have them for camp

also I think it would be SUPER COOL if ur head coach and/or coaching staff could recomend players on other NHL teams to trade for like in real life they do

for example Patrick Roy wanted Gelinas from New Jersey

a few days later the Avs GM traded for Gelinas. This would be cool.

Also if you could ask your coach staff to "submit reports" on your players to help with tough decisions. Like "Who do I keep up, Player A or Player B?"

Ask for a coach report on each player and the coach could give his opinion on each player

Just some ideas IDK if they are allready suggested
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A "Set team needs" thing would be nice so other teams would know what kind of assets or players you are looking for (for example "I need a top 6 LW" or "I need a draft pick")

Also it would be nice to see other teams team needs as well.
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Fighting in historical mode has to be fixed. The actual combatants and the amount of fights.

Having Lafontaine versus Probert matchups is ridiculous. Having 3 or 4 fighters per team, then having them fight stars who never fought, kills the enjoyment for me. Editing the players attributes doesn't do anything to help.

Fighters having 60 fighting majors to warrant the penalty minutes of the mid to late eighties is way off also. More misconducts and game misconducts are needed.
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I would like to see a way better trading AI including shopping a player around and getting immediate responses. To add to this, I would like the option of specifying what I want in return be it a goaltender, LW, RW, C, LD, RD, a prospect, a veteran, or a draft selection.

The second thing I have been asking for since the original FHM is a faster simulator. This could be achieved by taking out in depth features in GM mode since the vision of GM mode I see is for people who want to make trades, draft players, obtain players via the waiver wire and sign free agents. If you want all the bells and whistles you can go into Coach/GM mode where you can do everything. As a GM I could careless how many minutes a certain player has played or for that matter any in depth statistics or play by play in game. I am the GM, not the coach. I know there is a market for this since I have played in online hockey leagues dating back to Hockey League Simulator 2. All I care to see is the results, a boxscore, and thats about all for in game action.
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iOS and Android mobile versions!
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Some real good ideas here guys.

Could you please put the fights somewhere in the boxscore with who won or if it was a tie.
I keep track of who beat who and as of now its not 100% and very time consuming.
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There are some really wonderful suggestions in this thread. Particularly regarding those on player development. Here are a few quick ones I'd love to see:

1) Facegen files that automatically load up on game creation. Having to manually assign custom facegen files is brutal and pretty much kills off the point of the feature other than newgens having a graphical representation.

2) Greater rating differentiation between players. I get why so many players are rated 3.5 in the NHL, because they're about average. However, the gulf in skill between the glut of players with 3.5 ratings is pretty huge. The easiest answer is that average 4th line forwards and bottom pairing defencemen should be in the 2 star range.

3) Echoing others thoughts: add OOTP's fantastic "shop player around" feature. I imagine most of us playing are wanting to drastically change the makeup of our team near the start of the game and resorting to placing guys on the trade block or manually trading them can be a bit tedious.

4) Another OOTP trade feature would make for a great FHM addition: the "make this work now" button on the trade offer screen. I know both this and the above features would take a huge chunk of development to get right, but they're awesome features that make trading less of a time consuming chore and more of an enjoyable process.
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- A competitor (not sure if I'm allowed to mention here) has a 2D view. I would love to see something like that.

- More advanced advanced stats (adjusting for score effects comes to mind).

- An almanac option.
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All-star games in historical mode
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Android version ?
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It's been mentioned before, but I really feel the need to repeat this:
Standings: For the NHL, show the wild card standings, and in the table, add form (streak), and last 10 games breakdown (preferable both overall and home/away).
Schedule: Add option to show as weekly/monthly/yearly calendar.
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I have 2 monitors on my system. When FHM starts up, it insists on popping up in teh middel of them, half on one monitor, half on the other. No other program does this. Be nice if that feature was left out of FHM3
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Originally Posted by redtiger7 View Post
I have 2 monitors on my system. When FHM starts up, it insists on popping up in teh middel of them, half on one monitor, half on the other. No other program does this. Be nice if that feature was left out of FHM3
Already fixed in FHM 3.
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Originally Posted by Sebastian Palkowski View Post
Already fixed in FHM 3.
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