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Post Organization Here: Good Stuff To Know

Board Organization

Reading this should help you use these boards if it's not already clear to you how this section is organized. The main board, the board this sticky is on, is generally used for ads by either people looking to fill league openings or gauge interest in hypothetical leagues, or by people looking to find a league. The managers' sub-board is more for general topics pertaining to online leagues where often any member in the online league community has an opinion on the topic. The commissioners' sub-board is for topics usually directed at other commissioners often with a new commish asking for advice.

How and Why It Came To Be

Yes, it may seem backwards to have the general topics in a sub-board and league ads on the main board, but the predominant topic in these online league sections has always been filling leagues and it's probably the most important topic for most people so we've left them on the main board for the likely convenience of the majority. The managers' sub-board came about from the desire to prevent general topics from quickly getting buried beneath all the ads and so while general topics may be more interesting for some of us and may deserve more of the spotlight, at least they don't get buried now.

Moved Threads

If I notice an online league thread that is out of place, I'll usually move it. I rarely send a PM about having done so, but I usually leave a temporary (2 or 3 days long, usually) re-direct. If you believe it really should be elsewhere (maybe I completely misread it), feel free to PM me. If you'd like other mods to see your request too, use the thread report feature (via the yield-like icon). Please note that I don't move threads just for kicks. If I do move a thread, it's most likely because I'm sure that it's best for the community for it to be where it's been moved to.

Can't Find Your Thread?

If you can't find your thread, it was probably moved. If you have your forum settings set to auto-subscribe to threads you post in, then you should easily be able to find it by looking at your subscribed threads via the quick links link above. Or you could, via your username link, go to your profile, select the statistics tab and click on a find all... link. Or you could just think about where it was probably moved to.

Needing Moderator Help

If you find that you need moderator help with threads to delete, close, move, change a title, add a poll, or whatever, feel free to report the thread by using the yield-like icon under your profile info next to your post. That way the first mod to see the report will likely do it for you. If you really want, you may PM a specific mod and ask them to do it for you, but reporting it usually gets it done faster as that way any of us can get to it. Many of us are quite happy to oblige these requests so there's no need to feel like it bothers us, especially if you report it.

Cross-Posting: Please Don't Do It

Please try not to cross-post as it is often considered poor netiquette. If you've put a lot of effort into whatever the topic is you very well may believe that it's worth posting to everywhere you can, but it's often just not taken well. Just think, if everyone did that there'd be a serious amount of grumbling about it all as everything would immediately get buried. So just try to pick the most appropriate board and put your thread there. There may be the odd time where a cross-post may be appropriate, like say you're using one version of the game so you advertise on its board, but at the end of the season you'll be upgrading to a newer version, then it's fine to start another ad on that board. Generally, however, there's probably no real good reason to cross-post. I suppose a general topic would often fit multiple versions' managers' sub-boards, but it's probably best if you just post on the latest version's as it gets the most attention.

Cross-Posting: The Worst Kind

The worst type of cross-posting and the one that's most likely to put you in at least my bad books is advertising for a league on a version's board that the league isn't using and isn't about to soon convert to. When I see this happen I'll often just delete the thread and/or merge it with the thread that is on the appropriate board. Do it more than once and I may hand out a warning. This type of cross-posting used to happen a lot, but not so much anymore thankfully.


If you have any questions, comments, or requests pertaining to the organization of the online league sections, please feel free to PM me. Or better yet, start a polite thread about it on the managers' sub-board so everyone can partake. Personally, I'm almost always interested in a good discussion on how best to do things so you'll probably get at least one set of eyes. This community rarely agrees on things, however, so just be prepared for that.

In The End

In the end, don't worry too much over where to put your threads. Unless you're being a greedy spammer, it's not likely people will get too upset where or how you post. Just give it at least a bit of thought, maybe consider the golden rule, and that should be good enough.
Support the Personal Bodyguard DH or the one-and-done DH
(I think they're both better than both the AL and NL games)
With the advent of openers, I prefer the Personal Bodyguard over the SP-only DH
and more flexible substitution rules.

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