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Nick Soulis
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The Chronicle
June 1872
Edition 2.7

Name:  1872 - June.png
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Belief In Philadelphia
One Game Seperates A's From Top Spot

No one going into the season is expecting anyone from the American League to take the pennant away from the mighty Washington Olympics. Washington is doing what they are suppose to going 16-5 with the likes of Ross Barnes hitting .475 and Bobby Mathews going 15-4.

As the Olympics dash through the season however they will be suprised to find another club that is basically keeping exact pace with them. The Philadelphia Athletics won only 13 games last season but as the calender turns to July, the team has already won 22.

Manager Dick McBride has looked steady as pitcher/manager for the team going 13-7 with a 2.73 ERA but has also gotten some relief pitching from Joe McDermott who has started in 17 games. The trend for successful teams has been to have at least two quality starters on the roster. McDermott is also hitting .387 and has driven in 30 runs while George Hall and Nat Hicks have their averages around .350. The team .321 batting average is the highest in the league, and nobody thought that any club could have better numbers then Washington.

The teams have split their two matchups thus far but its the Athletics who due to the schedule have played 14 more games. The Athletics just may be more rested by the end of the season with many more days off then the defending champs.

Beyond all of this, there is a real excitement in the city of Philadelphia as there is belief that this team has what it takes to bring the unlikely pennant home. The club is 11-5 at Jefferson Street Grounds thus far.

The Art Of The Steal
McGeary Setting Standard For Baserunning

As the second season of established baseball continues, trends and styles of winning baseball continue to emerge. Running the bases has often been a station to station venture through the history of the game with base stealing seen as risky and often unsportsmanlike.

Name:  Mike McGeary.png
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Times are changing and one man is making the ability to swipe bases into a popular art form. Mike McGeary of the Troy Haymakers is one of the most improved players in the entire league this season. McGeary hit only .265 as a 20 year old rookie last season and thus far this year he has his average up to a very impressive .421. McGeary has also stolen 21 bases in only 25 games and has turned most of them into runs having crossed the plate 28 times.

The third baseman has perfected the ability to catch pitchers off guard and put the pressure on the catcher to throw him out. McGeary stole 15 bases all of last year and was not caught one single time, this year with more risk he still has only been caught 4 times.

Troy as a club are only 12-13 but McGeary just may steal over 50 bases this season bringing a whole new element to the league and the game overall.
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Nick Soulis
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July 1972
Edition 2.8

Name:  1872 - July.png
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Anson Dedicates Season To Chicago
Rebuilding City Still Feels Like Home

Cap Anson in short order has become the biggest revelation in the league and the most feared man with a bat. It is something special when all the hype and anticipation comes out exactly like everyone had hoped, and in this case even more so.

The Middletown Mansfields of course are not from Middletown. The former famous Chicago White Stockings had to up and leave their home city due to the devastating and tragic fire that the city suffered last year. In the mean time the team has left their personal lives behind them including family to continue to play the game.

Anson has lead this team to a league best 24-9 record to set them up for the pennant in the National League. Anson is hitting an astounding .519 for the season getting 151 hits in 291 at bats. It really seems like he is impossible to stop. The proud 20 year old in the mist of this season did have a message for the fans back home who can only read about the success of their team.

"This season is for them" says the star, "we hope we can bring them some joy knowing how well we are playing and that we will be home again to play in their presence.

The best estimates is that the club will not be able to return to Illinois for at least two years as the building of a ballfield has been delayed for more pressing needs.

In the meantime, Cap Anson just keeps on hitting.

Davy Force And Brooklyn Claiming Territory
New York Native Leads Historic Club

Name:  davy force.png
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The Brooklyn Athletic Club has been known for its baseball talents for some time. Now the club has made its way to the big stage and even though the division is controlled by the flying Middletown club, the Atlantics as they are known have made great progress on and off the field.

Brooklyn has a 17-19 record which is good enough for third in the division and is not all that bad for an expansion club. In fact Brooklyn has a better record then the defending pennant winners, the New York Mutuals. The Mutuals have been their natural rivals for some time now, and to be ahead of them in the standings means alot.

The club has the newest park in the league with the Capatoline Grounds and the club keeps gaining in popularity. Manager Bill Lennon has done well with the roster but in truth every popular club needs a super star. New York native third baseman Davy Force has filled that role and then some. Force has one of the best gloves in the league and this season he is hitting .464 with 28 RBI and seven steals. Force is the local kid who has done well for himself at the age of 23 and came into his own after hitting only .284 last season.

"I can look up and see my family at everygame" says Force, "I mean who doesnt want to play well in front of their mom?"

The future does seem to be bright for the Atlantics and Force. Many in the media now are giving more space to the Brooklyn club then they are for New York. Both clubs are just about even when one looks at the attendance numbers and the teams have split their four games thus far this season evenly.

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Nick Soulis
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The Chronicle
August 1872
Edition 2.9

Name:  1872 - August.png
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Washington Not Only Offense
Mathews Dominates Pitching Once Again

The defensing champion Washington Olympics are well oon their way to doing it all over again as they lead the American League by 2.5 games over Philadelphia and have been leading all season long. The team once again has been excellent on offense scoring 374 runs for the most run average per game while the club has the best base running and defensive metrics in the game.

Often overlooked by the stars in the lineup such as Ross Barnes and Deacon White who are having excellent seasons again, is the one steady influence the team has had this season and last. Bobby Mathews is only 20 years old but lead the entire league in almost every pitching category last season like ERA, Innings pitched, wins, and strike outs. Manager Nick Young decided not to acquire a secondary pitcher during the offseason like most other teams leaving his young hurler as once again the only and best team option.

Name:  Bobby Matthews.png
Views: 17
Size:  96.9 KB

In 1872 Matthews is doing it all over again. Currently he leads the league with an impressive 25 wins with over a month left to play and has 46 wins in less then two seasons already. His ERA is even better then it was last season sitting at 2.70 and the only thing larger then his performance is the smile on his face while he is doing it. Exactly how the young man is so successful and mature for his age, many are looking for that formula.

"I was just fortunate enough to be signed by a team that is so talented and supportive." says the Baltimore native, "I did not need to leave far from home when I was chosen by this team, and a good home cooked meal everyday also makes me throw a little harder."

The Olympics effort for a second straight championship is not complete yet, they do have to hold on for the pennant and then face what will likely be Cap Anson and the Middletwon club in the Fall Classic.

Pike And Troy Still In Fight
Haymakers Still Feel They Can Chase Pennant

The emotional Middletown club had an incredible first half of the season but now seem to be coming back to earth as they have lost 8 of their last 13 games to raise some eyebrows in the pennant race.

Troy stood their ground in August winning four of 8 games but had a good July where they picked up 6 wins. They defeated the Mansfields both times they played them this month and sit only 4 games out of first place with plenty of games left to play. Last season the team came up just a little short finishing second to the Mutuals of New York, and although second is nice, manager Lip Pike and his team assure that they are ready to make a run.

The biggest question has been the play of Pike on the field. The player manager has had a dramatic drop in results as a player and doesnt seem to be half the hitter he used to be. Pike is hitting only .208 this campaign after hitting a league leading .463 last season. Reasons to why the decline has happened has been attributed to from anything like injury, stress, or even domestic disputes.

Pitcher Cy Bentley has held his own leading the entire league in strikeouts and holding 17 wins to his name. Third baseman Mike McGeary has been outstanding as maybe the best leadoff man in the league hitting .403 and stealing 23 bags. Jimmy Wood has also been excellent as one of the smartest and overlooked talents in the league hitting .359 with 59 RBI in 42 games.

Supporters of the Troy club have been hearing rumors all season that their club was on the verge of moving to a bigger urban area. So many fans are just enjoying the moment and hoping indeed that the tide has turned for a pennant race.

In the meantime Brooklyn has also made things interesting, also sitting only 4 games out in the same division having gone 5-1 in August.

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Clovidequano Dovatha
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Originally Posted by Nick Soulis View Post
Edition 1-1

March 17, 1871

In the dawn of spring the masses in the most populous cities of the country come out from a trying winter to enjoy the air and renew their vigor. For years that national game of baseball had played a central role in this annual revival and rite of spring.

Almost every city across the nation has its local ballfield and center stage of local game that produce local heroes. If good enough, these heroes go on to leave their local abode on a ministry of play to join the traveling teams that barnstorm the nation and create the debate of which club really is the grandest. This debate has of course always been subjective with local bias dominating thought and many dream matchups never really happening due to a lack of structure.

There have been internal rumors and discussions from within the game that the structure needed to make the national game legitimate was being prepared. Now, finally, those rumors appear to be bearing fruit. In an unprecedented move, many of the biggest names in the game both on and off the field have come together to create the National Association of Baseball Clubs. A nationwide circuit of baseball clubs, which will compete for a championship.

Three men have come to the forefront of this ambitious endeavor. First, there is Harry Wright who through his excellent management of the Cincinnati Red Stockings club has established himself as the prominent name in baseball across the land. Wright has accepted the idea and even agreed to take over a club in Boston that will carry on many of the traditions of the Cincinnati club, including its iconic name. For any league to be successful the buy-in of Mr. Wright was mandatory.

Mr. Harry Wright

The next figure is that of Robert Ferguson who helped spearhead this idea from a player’s point of view and will be an intricate piece in convincing players that becoming a professional is the best thing for them and the game. Ferguson of course is a fine player in his own right and will participate in the league as a player, as will Wright for the inaugural season. It has already been agreed to internally that Ferguson will become the first president of the new league.

In the meantime, business mogul James Kerns will be the first league president. He will take the role for the first season because of his business background and his ability to deal with the financials, including attendance and gate receipts. The eight cities that are rumored to be chosen for the first season have already put in their bids and are likely to start recruiting some of the best talent across the land. There is no restriction on who can play in the league or even a roster maximum size at this point. The eight cities that are expected to field teams are:

Fort Wayne
New York

Schedules and rosters are sure to follow with an expected season start date of April and the idea of two division and a championship between the two best clubs in October being a likely set up. The league is keen on making one champion to silence the national debate that currently dominates talk around the nation.

The excitement of what is to come next and the incredible precedence of a first professional sports league of any kind has us on the brink of something truly fascinating.

**Please note I am not chasing after exact historical accuracy, but rather am creating my own unique history and storylines.
I have some suggested edits for you here and the quoted post, Nick. Those edits are at least in bold, if not also italicized and/or underlined. Please feel quite free to make them or not, of course. But the things I'm suggesting the editing of here are just some things I noticed here, from one writer to another, that's all. That is all. CD out.
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7 When a man's ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.

Romans 12:18 KJV

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Updates to my various threads may be delayed or sporadic, and requests may still be some time away, while I continue working on LUtD. CD out.

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Nick Soulis
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The Chronicle
September 1872
Edition 2.10

Name:  1872 - September.png
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Four Cities Dream Of Pennant Glory
Washington And New York Struggles Open Door

The second half struggles of the Washington Olympians has seen them fall from grace in the American League as has the overall play of pennant winners from last season in the National League and the Mutuals. In the second season of pro ball, four new cities sit poised to compete and win their first pennant going into October.

Philadelphia - They have shown their intentions all season keeping pace with Washington and eventually overtaking them, never listening to the doubters along the way. Manager Dick McBride has his club on 35 wins with the best record in all the land. He gone 20-8 as the main starter on the team refusing at times to allow his team to lose. Dick Higham has lead an offense that has a .321 team average and the highest OPS at .739. Nat Hicks as a rookie catcher is hitting .331 while Joe McDermott is hitting .399. After going 1-4 in August, the Athletics won nine of 10 games in September as the peak at the perfect time. The team is 22-5 at home as Jefferson Street Grounds has been on the rally cry all season long. Holding their own in October to bring the pennant home is a challenge this teams seems more then ready for.

Cleveland - Few expected the Cleveland club to be sitting only 2 games behind the lead for the flag. The Forest Citys started the year 6-12 and seemed doomed to a season of frustration. Manager Bob Ferguson and his team had other ideas however going on a big run the last couple of months winning 20 of 27 games and 11 in September alone. Levi Meyerle is the star of the lineup with 57 RBI while Wes Fisler is hitting .436 with 47 RBI of his own. Fred Waterman is one of the core star catchers of the current league hitting .371 with 52 RBI. The combo of George Zettlein and Bill Stearns as pitchers has been excellent as both men find chances to rest and compliment each other to equal effect. Cleveland is a working mans city that hasnt always embraced this club whcih lacks real tradition and coverage. Now however there is a new buzz by the lakefront as an October fight for the flag awaits.

Middletown - It is an interesting dynamic in Middletown as the temporary Chicago ball club has brought joy to the region for their play but is almost assuredly leaving at the end of the season. For a long time the club was running away with things starting with a 19-3 record. The club for whatever the reason has played very poor over the last two months going 7-15 and now sit in a tie for the division lead. Cap Anson has taken the league by storm with his hitting now sitting at .467 with 67 RBI as the club leads the league in runs and batting average. The issue has been at pitching as Al Pratt has slowed down and manager Charlie Pabor has been forced to start to give Pratt a rest every few days. If this club should fail to bring home the flag, it would be a choke of substantial effect as the Middletown fans as well as the fans back in Chicago as well are frightened to look at the morning papers and the standings every day.

Brooklyn - Baseball in Brooklyn this season has exceeded everyones expectations as the first year club has taken over the region and likely now has the highest following in all the league. Legends die hard, and the Atlantics name has helped carry this team all the way back up the standings after an excellent recent run of 16 wins over the past 2 months. Now tied for first, the great Davy Force leads the lineup with his .439 average to go along with George Bechtel who hits behind him and Doug Allison who is yet another excellent catcher. On the mound pitcher Cherokee Fisher has put the pundits behind him winning an incredible 27 games and doing it without any support behind him. The big Chief's are has been the things of legend as it never tires and he never tells his manager Bill Lennon no. Brooklyn is poised to 'steal' the pennant in a remarkable year in which they virtually have eclipsed the Mutuals as the darlings of New York.

Finally, somewhere looming are the defending champions from Washington who should be counted out just yet remembering what they are capable of.

Name:  1872 - pennant chase.png
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