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Frequently Asked Questions & Useful Thread Links

Useful Thread Links

http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/boar...4-ftp-faq.html - has some info about down/uploading the league zip and reports using the game, etc

http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/boar...lanations.html - includes a list of which files you might want to leave in/out of zips

http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/boar...ification.html - more about what to include in zips, especially Stu's post and Andreas's and sporr's

http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/boar...er-report.html - as it says

http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/boar...-tutorial.html - was a great tutorial, but it might be obsolete due to a new feature


This is an Online Leagues FAQ thread that will try to answer most of the frequently asked questions that we see on these online league boards. Searching this thread should be faster and easier to find an answer to a question and it should help keep stickies to a minimum. The answers will include a short summary of an answer and where possible they'll have links to threads on the topic and references to pages in the manuals for more information. To do this, I'd like your help on questions that should be answered, the answers if you know them, links to threads that you think may be helpful to that topic and manual references that you may have by posting them below. Also, if you think an answer can be improved on with an addition or change, please post your suggestion. I especially need input specific to 2006 and 2007 leagues as I'm admittedly not as familiar with them as I'd like to be. Here's a list of the ones come up with so far:

Q: Where can I find a league that fits my requirements A, B, and C?
A: You can search the IOLD (IOLD - Home) filtering and sorting for your requirements and you can start a thread asking for people to post ones for you. You'll probably get a faster answer searching the IOLD, but you might get more up-to-date information from replies to a thread.

Q: Where can I find a webhost for my league?
A: You can find a thread about webhosts at: Webhosts Directory - OOTP Developments Forums

Q: Where can I post ads for a league that uses version x?
A: Please only post ads for a league on the appropriate board (e.g. 2007.x, 2006.x, or 6.x and earlier) so that when someone is searching for a league that uses a specific version, which is usually the case, that they don't have to read through threads that are for leagues of different versions.

Q: If someone has posted an ad for a league on the wrong board, what should I do?
A: Please report it by using the report icon under their username. If a moderator deems it is on the wrong board, it will be moved to the correct board. The offending poster probably won't get an official warning for it the first time, but they probably will if they do it after the unofficial warning. Don't worry about getting someone in trouble; worry about making the boards as usable as possible. Just don't make frivolous reports as that might get you in trouble instead.

Q: If people are flaming each other in a thread, what should I do?
A: We like to give some leeway on this, but if it's devolved to the point that it's gotten really nasty then please report it asap to ensure that we're made aware of it and can take action if we deem necessary. Don't take that statement on leeway as an invitation to start something though. We haven't had nearly the amount of problems with flaming recently as we have in the past and we'll probably do whatever it takes to keep it this way.

Q: What should I do if I think person X is cheating in an online league?
A: It's generally difficult to really prove that someone is indeed cheating so we don't want to see people's names tarnished when they shouldn't be, but if you really want to post what you think is damning evidence and ask for opinions then go ahead. Please keep it as matter of fact as possible though.

Q: When should I apply a patch for online league purposes?
A: One might argue that a patch (e.g. going from 6.10 to 6.11) should only be applied in the off-season, but I'd argue that you probably want the benefits of a patch right away and most people in your league are not going to keep different patch versions of the game on their computer for different leagues they're in (and/or solo leagues they play) anyway so it's probably best if all leagues and all users adopt the latest patch right away so that you minimize the problems that may occur when a league and its members are using different patches.

Q: When should an online league upgrade to the next major version?
A: Leagues usually decide to upgrade to the next major version (e.g. going from 6 to 6.5 or 6.5 to 2006) only in the off-season to both: a) minimize the problems that may occur when a league and its members are using different patches and b) run a season somewhat consistently. It might seem contradictory to the advice given above for when to apply patches, but a) it's not unreasonable to expect people to keep different major versions on their computer for different leagues and many people do do it (to do this for patches too, though, probably is unreasonable), and b) the last patch version of a major version usually doesn't have glaring problems that you probably want to upgrade from as soon as possible. A new major version probably does have additions and changes that you'll want to take advantage of as soon as possible, but the additions and changes might be so drastic as to completely throw off how a season is going and that will probably bother more than a few of your members. It's like in real life sports leagues, rule changes are usually not brought in until the start of the next season (major) unless they're deemed immediately necessary (patch) or they're deemed so small that it won't affect the game that much anyway (patch).

Q: What files can I safely keep out of a latest sim download?
A: [diff't methods for diff't versions]

Q: What files should I put in a beginning or end of year file?
A: For an end of year file I'd include everything. For a beginning of year file you might want to exclude: files of 0 size, almanac folder, exp/imp folder, all htmls in league_news_box folder, and messages folder.

Q: As a commish, when should I backup my league?
A: Backup as much as possible! I backed up right before I ran a sim (after I imported exports and made changes requested on the forum) and right after the sim was ran. You might want to do more or less, but my right before and right after a sim worked well for me anytime we ended up having problems.

Q: What should I back up?
A: You can back up everything if you really want to, but unless it's a beginning or end of year backup you might as well only back up changed files. 2 ways of doing this are:

1) Only Zipping Files That Are New (less work, but less safe/sure)

Using WinZip:

-right click on league folder and select WinZip, then "Add to Zip File..."
-in the Attributes section (bottom) of the window that pops up:
--check "Include only if archive attribute is set"
--check "Reset archive attribute"
-click Add

2) Zipping All Files Then Deleting Unchanged Files (more work, but safer/surer)

-zip up the file like you would any other file
-sort the files by their modified date
-delete any files that are older than the most recent sim's date
[link to threads with posts by Fidel, Dave Horn and PLG on this topic]

Q: How would you recommend running a sim?
A: [post sim checklist examples]

Q: How would you recommend processing the off-season?
A: [post off-season checklist examples]

Q: How does one play in an online league, not as a commish, but as a general member?
A: See Aussie Mark's excellent guide on this at: Aussie Mark's Playing in an Online League FAQ - OOTP Developments Forums [parts are probably out-of-date]

Q: How would I go about starting an online league?
A: [there's been a number of threads on this, I think Fidel had a good one]
Support the one-and-done DH or the SP-only DH
(I think they're both better than both the AL and NL games)
and more flexible substitution rules.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Useful Thread Links

This post is a little out of date as it was written for the last generation of OOTP (OOTP6.5 and earlier), but until a new one gets done up it may be of at least some use:


I took a quick look at it again and I think most of the info in that post still holds true.

The most useful info may be on when to upgrade to patches and new versions of the game.

If you'd like to contribute to it, feel free to add to this thread and if I ever re-do the post and use your ideas, I'll give you credit. If anyone is really gung-ho and wants to re-write an entire new one, go ahead and if it's really good I'll sticky it instead of this.
Support the one-and-done DH or the SP-only DH
(I think they're both better than both the AL and NL games)
and more flexible substitution rules.
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