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Duplicate- see below. Silly wifi.

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6/5-6/7/70 @ New York

On the morning of June 5, I received word that the Phillies had made a trade with the Senators.

To the Phillies- CF Ed Stroud- His overall scouting rating is 2 1/2 stars. He is 30 years old and makes $60,000 per year. His triple slash is .214/.271/.288 with 10 SBs. He has plus-plus speed and defense in center field.

To the Senators- 1B Deron Johnson- His overall scouting rating is 2 1/2 starts. He is 31 years old and also makes $60,000 per year. His triple slash is .248/.307/.410. He has plus power and can also play left field reasonably well.

Overall, I would have to say that the Phillies were a big winner in this trade. The Senators gained a 1B/LF, but they already had Mike Epstein and Frank Howard at those positions, who are 2 of the top 3 home run hitters in the American League. The Phillies gave up Johnson, who was stuck backing up John Briggs and Greg Luzinski, and they gained a big improvement in CF over 22-year old Willie Montanez, who is a barely above average CF and was only hitting .218 for Philadelphia.

6/5 White Sox 7 Yankees 2
Tommy John gave us 8 strong innings, and every player in the lineup except for John had at least one hit.

6/6 White Sox 2 Yankees 1
Rich Hinton gave us 5 shutout innings before leaving the game after a rain delay. Ossie Blanco hit a 2-run homer for our entire offense. Wilbur Wood pitched innings 6-9 to close it out.

Before game 3, I received a fax from the commissioner's office that included the latest All-Star voting tallies. Ed Herrmann is still in third at catcher, but he trails Cleveland's Ray Fosse by over 42,000 votes.

6/7 White Sox 4 Yankees 2
Ken Frailing had a good start allowing 2 ER in 6 IP. Ossie Blanco was 3/4 with 2 2B to bring his average to an even .300.

We got a sweep!

Elsewhere, Hank Aaron earned his 3,000th hit, with a single against Montreal's Bill Stoneman.

Record: 24-32

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6/9-6/10 vs Boston

It was another Monday off-day, so I took a quick peek at how my top prospects are doing at their new levels. While the sample size is extremely small, Lamar Johnson is batting .500 (6/12) at AA and already has his first homer at AA. Joseph Talley is hitting .286 through his first 14 ABs at AAA and has his first HR as well. Those two may force my hand by the end of the year.

Here are last week's players of the week with their stats for the week.

AL- LF Willie Horton, Detroit- .500 AVG, 1 HR, 10 RBI
NL- LF Manny Mota, Los Angeles- .552 AVG, 6 RBI

Here are the top 5 in the weekly power rankings
1. Baltimore Orioles
2. Minnesota Twins
3. California Angels
4. Philadelphia Phillies
5. Los Angeles Dodgers

We have moved up to 17th.

6/9 Red Sox 5 White Sox 1
Joe Horlen fell to 2-10. His starts are getting to be automatic losses. Blanco stayed hot with another HR.

6/10 Red Sox 6 White Sox 2
After trailing 6-0 in the fifth, we were able to get the tying run to the plate in the ninth, but pinch-hitter Buddy Bradford grounded to short to end it. Tommy John allowed all 6 Boston runs. Floyd Weaver pitched 2 shutout innings in relief.

Record: 24-34

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6/12/70-6/14/70 (DH on 6/14) vs Washington

It would be nice to be in Washington for flag day. Alas, the schedule makers have us playing Washington at Comiskey on that day instead.

6/12 Senators 9 White Sox 5
This one was on me. Gerry Janeski hasn't been very good this year, so I should have known not to push it with him. He had had a 4-0 lead in the second and had blown it by the fourth. However, he had also thrown back-to-back three-up and three-down innings heading into the seventh, so I left him in. With the game tied 4-4 he gave up a lead-off single to Dave Nelson and the second batter of the inning, Mike Epstein, broke the tie with a 2-run homer. Epstein has been a thorn in our side every time we have played Washington.

6/13 Senators 14 White Sox 8
We actually had a 6-4 lead in the sixth when I relieved Rich Hinton and replaced him with Wilbur Wood. Wilbur allowed 6 earned runs in 2 innings by giving up 5 hits, 2 walks, and 2 homers. Dick Billings had a double and two homers for Washington.

On the morning of flag day, the latest all-star fax showed Ed Herrmann now trailed Ray Fosse by 60,000 votes for the All-Star game. If he wants to be an All-Star starter, he needs to get red-hot very quickly.

6/14 Game 1- Senators 4 White Sox 3
There was no score through seven, and Joe Horlen had taken a no-hitter into the sixth for our side. Then the floodgates opened. The Senators plated four against Horlen and Wilbur Wood in the top of the eighth. Then we broke through with two in the bottom of the eighth and one in the bottom of the ninth. We had runners on first and second when Ken Berry flied out to left to end the game.

6/14 Game 2- Senators 9 White Sox 2
Ken Frailing just didn't have it. He only lasted 4.1 IP and allowed 7 runs, all earned, on 5 hits and 3 walks.

Record: 24-38
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6/16-6/17/70 vs New York

Before we get to the series with the Yankees, let's check out this week's players of the week.

AL Player of the Week- 1B Boog Powell, Baltimore- .458, 3 HR, 8 RBI
NL Player of the Week- C Joe Torre, St Louis- .458, 2 HR, 10 RBI

Here are the current top 5 teams according to the power rankings.
1. Baltimore Orioles
2. Minnesota Twins
3. California Angels
4. Houston Astros
5. Los Angeles Dodgers

We have slid back to 22nd.

6/16 Yankees 6 White Sox 0
Steve Kline shut us out. Tommy John allowed 4 ER to score in 8 IP. Floyd Weaver allowed the other two in the ninth. Roy White was 3-for-5 for the Yankees.

Between games I learned of another trade involving Washington. This time they traded with Montreal.

To Montreal
SS Ed Brinkman- age 28- $55,000 salary- Plus-plus at avoiding K's and elite defensive shortstop hitting .206 with 1 HR and 1 SB in 64 starts for Washington

SS Rick Guarnera- age 23- minor league contract- .277 hitter at A-ball who has very little offensive ability but is a plus defender at both middle infield positions

To Washington
C Barry Foote- age 18- minor league contract- Has the potential for above average power and is a plus-defender behind the plate- Hitting .309 at A-ball with 4 HR

C Stephen Chilcott- age 21- Above average potential for power and discipline at the plate but very little contact potential- Plus defensive catcher but also an average defensive CF- Hitting .256 with 11 HR at AA

Overall, I think this is a trade where one team, Montreal, is trying to win their division. They are 5 GB. The other team, Washington, is in last place, and they are getting two decent prospects that may help them later.

6/17 Yankees 10 White Sox 2
Gerry Janeski continued his struggles. He gave up 8 R, 6 ER, in 4.1 IP. It took me 5 pitchers to get through the game. Mel Stottlemyre went the distance for the Yankees.

Record: 24-40
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6/19-6/21 (DH on 6/21) Oakland

6/18- Cincinnati has lost SP Jim Merrit. for the season. At 5-5 with a 3.32 ERA, he had been their second best pitcher. If I decide to start dumping players, I'll have to keep in mind that the Reds could use a pitcher. They are in 4th place in the NL west at 6.5 games back, but I could see them getting hot by the trade deadline. They have a better team than their record indicates.

6/19 White Sox 7 A's 1
I've been waiting for Joe Horlen to get out of this slump. This was a good start. He pitched 8.1 IP allowing 1 run on 8 hits. Ed Herrmann was 3 for 5 with 1 HR to lead the offense.

6/20 A's 8 White Sox 7
Rich Hinton has been very frustrating. In this game he gave up 7 earned runs in 4 innings pitched. Ed Herrmann was 3 for 5 with 2 HRs. It would have been nice if the pitching had been good enough for it to have mattered. Steven Houck strained his shoulder making a throw from right field and will miss the next 4-5 weeks.

Herrmann is still third in voting for the All-Star game, but he trails Cleveland's Ray Fosse by nearly 80,000 votes.

Between games I placed Houck on the DL and promoted 21-year old LF Joseph Talley, This will be Talley's fourth level that he has played at this year. Here are his statistics at various levels this year.

A- .439-0-10 in 16 G
AA- .343-1-14 in 31 G
AAA- .351-3-13 in 16 G

He is the 40th best prospect in the league and #3 in our organization. While the sample sizes were extremely small, he has dominated every level that he has played at this year. Carlos May will move to RF to make room for him in LF.

Here is the current base lineup that I will be working with for the time being.

(stats are AVG-HR-RBI-SB)
SS Luis Aparicio .258-3-13-2
RF Carlos May .244-5-20-4
C Ed Herrmann .276-14-41-0
3B Bill Melton .299-9-31-2
1B Ossie Blanco .291-10-42-0
LF Joseph Talley (just promoted)
CF Ken Berry .298-3-28-6
2B Rich McKinney .249-4-21-0

6/21 Game 1- White Sox 5 A's 3
Rich Hinton allowed 3 earned runs in 4 IP. Then he left with an injury. Without that injury, I'm not sure that we win. Wilbur Wood and Floyd Weaver shut the A's out the rest of the way. Ed Herrmann was 3-for-5 and hit his 15th homer. Hinton's diagnosis is pending a physical.

6/21 Game 2- White Sox 7 A's 1
Tommy John was masterful. He pitched a complete game 4-hitter against one of the best lineups in the game. That's what aces are supposed to do. Ed Herrmann was 2-for-5 and homered for the fifth game in a row. He is three away from the MLB record of 8.

Record: 27-41
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6/23-6/25/70 (DH on 6/24 @ California

The diagnosis came back for Ken Frailing's injury. It was minor, and he should be able to play immediately.

AL player of the week- Our own C Ed Herrmann- .429-6 HR-10 RBI
NL player of the week- Cubs LF Billy Williams- .333-5HR-10 RBI

Power Rankings top 5
1. Baltimore Orioles
2. Minnesota Twins
3. California Angels
4. Philadelphia Phillies
5. Los Angeles Dodgers

We moved up to 21st.

Cesar Cedeno has a 20-game hitting streak for the Astros.

The Twins have offered me an absolutely bonkers trade offer. They want to trade me their superstar RF, Tony Oliva, who is only hitting .271 with 9 home runs but hit .309 with 24 in 1969 and has a scary good scouting report, for SS Luis Aparicio, RP Floyd Weaver, 27-year old minor leaguer LF Ken Hottman, and our top prospect, SP Rich "Goose" Gossage. This year's team isn't going anywhere, so I have to consider the future. Trading Gossage for a 31-year old doesn't make much sense when our team isn't very good. I passed on this one, but it was tempting.

There were also two trades that did happen on 6/22.

To the Dodgers
RF Joe Hague- .286-6-20-0 -26 years old -$26,000 salary -mediocre defensively at 1B and RF

To the Cardinals
2B Jim Lefebvre- .308-0-9-0 -Age 28- $39,100 salary -Plus defender at 2B and average at 3B

This seems like a good trade for both teams. The Dodgers are in first place with Ted Sizemore as their starting 2B. They weren't using Lefebvre much, and they get a good pinch-hitter back in return. The Cardinals are in fourth place, but are only 4 games back. They get back an upgrade at 2B over Cookie Rojas who is great defensively but very weak offensively.

To the Expos
RHP Bobby Bolin- Age 31- $18,720- 0-0 5.28 ERA 32 K 28 BB 40.1 IP

The the Brewers
Two low-rated prospects

This trade is pretty meaningless. I guess the Brewers won because they cleared a bad player off of their 40-man roster.

6/23 White Sox 4 Angels 3
What a wild game! I don't know where to even begin with this one. Was the story Gerry Janeski, Joseph Talley, or Buddy Bradford? I guess I'll start with Janeski. He has really struggled lately, and he gave up a homer to lead-off man Mickey Rivers. Then, just when I thought he was going to be as bad as always he ended up only allowing 1 earned run in 7 innings. Talley earned his first major league hit with a triple in the second. In the bottom of the same inning, he dropped a fly ball that led to two unearned runs against Janeski. Then Talley tied the game up with a run-scoring triple in the sixth. Bradford hit a pinch-hit homer in the ninth to win it. Buddy has one hit all season, and it was a big one.

The Brewers have dumped a another player off of their 40-man with a trade.

To Detroit
2B John E Kennedy- (29, $29,000)- .264-6-26-1- Above average defense at 2B and plus at 3B

To Milwaukee
Two more very low-rated prospects.

I don't like this trade as much for Milwaukee. They gave up a good player for a 2-star prospect and a 1 1/2- star prospect. They gave up a good player and received nothing in return. With free agency not existing yet, the Tigers will have a good 2B for the next few years. I think they won this one.

6/24 Game 1- Angels 6 White Sox 1
Mickey Rivers led off the game with a homer for the Angels for the second game in a row. Joe Horlen struggled early but held the Angels scoreless after a 4-run first. The other two runs were allowed by the bullpen. Rich McKinney homered for us.

Cesar Cedeno's hitting streak ended at 21 for the Astros.

6/24 Game 2- Angels 5 White Sox 4
This one hurt. Dick Lange walked 8 including 7 in the first 3 innings for the Angels. We had a 4-1 lead in the 8th. I brought in Wilbur Wood, and he just didn't have it.

6/25 Angels 11 White Sox 0
Andy Messersmith pitched a 1-hitter. Ken Frailing gave up 12 hits and 10 runs in 5 innings. That pretty much sums it up. At least Luis Aparicio kept us from being no-hit.

Record: 28-44

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6/26-6/28/70 (DH on 6/28) vs Minnesota

Going into this one, I was a bit concerned about having to double-headers in the same week. That is going to mean either pitching some tired pitchers, giving Jack Hamilton a spot start, or calling up a pitcher from the minors.

6/26 Twins 8 White Sox 6
Tommy John was terrible and gave up all 8 runs. We were behind 8-0 in the 8th and ended the game down 2 with the bases loaded. I can't complain about the comeback. If only, we could have had just one more hit in the ninth.

Ted Sizemore of the Dodgers reached a 20-game hitting streak on 6/26.

Between games, I decided to demote Walt Williams to AAA to make room for an extra starting pitcher. With no rested starters because of the first double header this week, Jim Magnuson is going to get the start. Magnuson was 4/7 with a 4.17 ERA at AAA, but he has a 1.28 ERA over 25.1 June innings.

6/27 White Sox 5 Twins 1
It looks like Magnuson is a keeper. He went the distance scattering 9 hits but walking no one. Bill Melton was 3-for-3 with a double, and Ossie Blanco drove in 3 with 2 hits and a homer.

On 6/27 Sizemore's hitting streak ended.

Elsewhere around the league, New York Mets ace Tom Seaver's season ended with a torn UCL. My ace, Tommy John, can probably put him in touch with a good surgeon.

My plan had been to send Magnuson down after the game and to call up Billy Wynne for the Sunday double header. After the way Magnuson pitched, I sent Ken Frailing down instead. He was 3-8 with a 6.48. Wynne was 3-6 with a 4.38 at Tuscon but had a 3.48 in the month of June.

6/28 Game 1 White Sox 11 Twins 10
Billy Wynne was better with the bat than he was pitching. He gave up 8 runs, 6 earned, in 6.1. He was also 1-for-1 with a walk, 2 RBI, and a run scored. Melton, McKinney, and Herrmann all homered, and Melton's was a grand slam.

Between games I placed Billy Wynne on waivers in the hopes of sending him back to AAA and called up CF Ron Lolich, who was hitting .286 with 11 HR and 51 RBI in 68 G for AAA Tuscon.

6/28 Game 2 Cancelled due to weather

I guess I could have started Janeski and skipped the Billy Wynne experience. At least we won that game.

Record: 30-45
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6/30-7/2/70 vs Oakland and the May Review

AL player of the week: Boston SS Rico Petrocelli- .462-3-11 in 8 games
NL player of the week: St Louis 1B Dick Allen- .483-4-8

Power Rankings Top 5
1. Baltimore Orioles
2. California Angels
3. Houston Astros
4. St Louis Cardinals
5. Minnesota Twins

We have moved up to 20th.

Angels CF Mickey Rivers has a 20-game hitting streak.

The Padres have made a trade with the Indians. The Padres get 30-year old mediocre reliever Dick Ellsworth and a minor prospect for two minor prospects. Both teams are bad. Unless the Padres can stage a big comeback with Ellsworth(7 games back and 3 games under .500), I guess the Indians win the trade because they cleared a player off of their secondary roster.

6/30 A's 7 White Sox 2
The big inning did in Joe Horlen. He was leading 2-1 in the fifth and was cruising along when he suddenly lost it and allowed a 4-run fifth. He is now 3-13, and I expected a lot more from him.

May AL hitter of the month- Baltimore 1B Boog Powell- .313-10-25
May NL hitter of the month- St Louis 1B Dick Allen- .311-10-31
May AL pitcher of the month- California SP Andy Messersmith- 4-0, 1.16, 34 K
May NL pitcher of the Month- San Diego SP Dave Roberts- 4-1, 1.68, 27 K
May AL Rookie of the Month- Minnesota SP Bert Blyleven- 3-0, 1.48, 32 K
May NL Rookie of the Month- Houston LF Cesar Cedeno- .353-5-31

Our Sox look like this.

Name:  Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 9.07.44 PM.jpg
Views: 219
Size:  162.5 KB

Here are our team stats.

Name:  Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 9.08.37 PM.jpg
Views: 227
Size:  136.4 KB

Here are the current league standings.

Name:  Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 9.09.33 PM.jpg
Views: 224
Size:  165.5 KB

Here are the current standings after I scrolled down to show the pitching leaders.

Name:  Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 9.10.18 PM.jpg
Views: 240
Size:  165.6 KB

7/1/70 White Sox 9 A's 6
Tommy John struggled a bit, but our offense came through. Most notably, Bill Melton was 2 for 3 with 2 walks and a homer.

Elsewhere, Willie Mays earned his 3000th hit with a 7th inning single against San Diego's Danny Coombs. Mays tacked on his 3001st hit with another single in the bottom of the ninth, but the Padres won 8-4.

There was another trade in what has been an eventful summer of trading. Kansas City got weak hitting 2B Bernie Allen from Washington for a 1.5 star minor league prospect with terrible scouting ratings across the board.

7/2/70 White Sox 9 A's 8
After Jim Magnuson fell behind 7-0 and had to be relieved in the fourth, I thought we had no chance. Then Jack Hamilton, Denny O'Toole, Floyd Weaver, and Wilbur Wood held Oakland while we chipped our way back into it until an Ossie Blanco RBI-single ended it in the bottom of the ninth. Blanco was 3-for-4 and also homered. Luis Aparicio was also 3-for-4 and had a double and a triple.

Record: 32-46

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7/3-7/5/70 @ Minnesota- Happy 12th birthday, Dad!

On July 3, the Giants have offered 2B Tito Fuentes to me for Jack Hamilton and OF prospect Brian Downing. With ownership demanding an improvement at 2B, it is tempting. Fuentes is hitting .271, which is decent, but he also has no power or speed and only average defense. I thought they were asking too much for him, so I asked who else they would accept. They said that they would trade him straight up for Gail Hopkins. I asked if they would also pick up 40% of Tito's $22,000 salary, and they said that they would. I jumped at that.

Ron Lolich has a sore shoulder, so I placed him on the DL to make room for Fuentes.

Here is our new lineup.

SS Luis Aparicio
RF Carlos May
C Ed Herrmann
3B Bill Melton
1B Ossie Blanco
LF Joseph Talley
2B Tito Fuentes
CF Ken Berry

7/3 Twins 5 White Sox 3
Janeski gave up 4 in 6 innings. Fuentes left 6 on base in his first game, which was devastating. Melton struck out with the bases loaded to end it. Ouch.

My mid-season review

Team record: Owner is disappointed

Upgrade at 2B: Owner doesn't see an improvement

Acquire a popular player: Owner is disappointed

Overall: Owner is ecstatic. What? I'll take it. I guess I can stop worrying about getting fired.

I have decided to extend hitting coach Derek Scott, Mobile pitching coach Jacob Crain, Appleton manager Mike Ramos, Appleton pitching coach Elijah Garcia, and Appleton hitting coach Caleb Robinson. The rest can wait until the end of the season.

Baltimore's Mike Cuellar is out for the rest of the season. He was only 2-3 with a 4.29, but he is also the reigning Cy Young award winner. It will be interesting to see if this brings Baltimore back to the pack at all in the AL East.

7/4 Twins 10 White Sox 1
Happy Fourth! At least the fireworks after the game were good! Our pitching was not. I used four pitchers- Rich Hinton, Danny Murphy, Denny O'Toole, and Jack Hamilton- and none of them were good.

In the Angels game today, Mickey Rivers hitting streak ended at 24, but the story of the game was the NO-HITTER by Andy Messersmith! A Jim Driscoll walk was all that kept Oakland from being the victims of a perfect game.

There was also a pretty big trade between Montreal and Minnesota. The Twins received LF Mack Jones, who is hitting .280-12-54 with a .402 OBP. The Expos received two prospects highlighted by 3* 3B Eric Soderholm.

In another trade that was almost as big, Cleveland sent Richie Scheinblum (,287-9-34) to Washington for LF Larry Bittner (.286 in limited playing time) and a really bad prospect. Bittner is 4 years younger than Scheinblum and will now be able to play regularly.

7/5 Twins 2 White Sox 1
Joe Horlen was masterful. Unfortunately, so was Dick Boswell.

Record: 32-49
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7/6-7/8/70 @ Milwaukee

Milwaukee offered me a trade. They want Don Secrist in exchange for outfielder Steve Jones. After a horrible spring, Secrist has been pretty good at AAA with a 2.76 ERA. Jones is three years younger, but that is all he has going for him. He's horrible and has no potential. I'll pass.

AL Player of the Week: California C Jose Morales- .524-3-6
NL Player of the Week: Pittsburgh RF Roberto Clemente- .500-1-6

Power Rankings Top 5
1. St Louis Cardinals
2. Minnesota Twins
3. Baltimore Orioles
4. California Angels
5. Pittsburgh Pirates

For the second week in a row, we are twentieth.

6/6 White Sox 7 Brewers 2
Tommy John held the Brewers to 2 runs in 7 innings. Bill Melton was 3 for 5 and Carlos May chipped in with a homer.

Meanwhile, the streaking Cardinals have a 15-game winnings streak.

After the game, the Brewers traded away Chuck Hinton, who homered in the game. The veteran catcher, whom they claimed off of waivers earlier this year, will be going to Baltimore for 19-year old 2.5 star pitching prospect Wayne Garland and 24-year old 2.5 star potential catcher Johnny Oates.

6/7 White Sox 2 Brewers 1
Jim Magnuson bounced back with a great five inning performance, and Wilbur Wood shut the Brewers out for the final 4. Ossie Blanco had 2 hits, a walk, and an RBI.

After the game, the Brewers brass approached me with a trade offer. They would give me Ted Savage, a pretty decent RF who is hitting .262 with 6 homers this year for Ken Frailing, minor league 2B Jerry Hairston, and 1B Mark Marquess. With a losing record, trading three young players for one 33-year old seems stupid, so I told them to take a hike.

6/8 White Sox 6 Brewers 5
Rich Hinton wasn't great, but he left after 6 with the game tied at 5, which is better than losing. Luis Aparicio knocked in Tito Fuentes with a single in the seventh to win it for us. That was one of Aparicio's 3 hits in the game including his fifth homer of the season.

We got the sweep!

Record: 35-49
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7/10-7/12/70 (DH on 7/10)

Having the double header on Friday this week instead of on Sunday will be weird.

Billy Wynne cleared waivers, so I sent him back to AAA. He's angry with me. I'm hoping that he takes it out on the Pacific Coast League.

The Angels and the Royals made a pretty big trade. The Royals sent Bob Locker to the Angels. Locker is 31 and makes $31,000 a year. His won-loss record of 2-7 is pretty bad, but he also has 9 save and a 2.70 ERA. He is just a two-pitch pitcher with a fastball and slider, but he is a very good reliever. In return the Angels sent 24-year old LF Tom Silverio (.323/.411/.562 at AAA) and 19-year old SP Sid Monge (8-7 4.12 at A). Monge isn't considered to be a great prospect, but he does have an interesting assortment of pitches with a fastball, curveball, slider, and screwball. Both teams are going in opposite directions, and a trade of a veteran for two prospects makes a lot of sense for both teams.

The A's and the Phillies made a less exciting trade today. Four players changed hands, but only one is a major leaguer. The Phillies will be getting right-hander Fred Talbot, who is 2-1 with a 5.67, and AAA CF Jim Clarke, who was hitless in two starts for Oakland early this year. The Phillies will get minor leaguers RHP Ben Proulx and 3B David Rusco. This signals to me that the A's are giving up. They are 14-games left, and they are giving up the only big leaguer in the deal.

Similarly, Oakland has also offered me a trade. They want to give me reliever Paul Lindblad in exchange for two minor leaguers, including Lamar Johnson. We are 19 games back. There is no way that I am giving up two minor leaguers for a reliever.

7/10 Game 1- Royals 5 White Sox 3
Bob Spence hit a 3-run homer as a pinch-hitter for us. Unfortunately, Lou Piniella homered twice for the Royals. Joe Horlen took the loss.

7/10 Game 2 Royals 8 White Sox 4
Gerry Janeski wasn't great, and we were already behind 4-2 when I took him out in the fifth to bring in Jack Hamilton. Jack proceeded to load the bases and give up a grand slam to Bob Oliver. Ouch.

Ron Lolich is eligible to come off of the disabled list, so I made some calls around the league to see if anyone wanted Bobby Knoop. The best players that I could get for him would be salary dumps from other teams. I decided to just send Lolich on a rehab assignment to Tuscon since I can't move Knoop. Maybe someone will get hurt and create a spot for Lolich while he's down there.

Washington has offered me LF Lee Maye for two prospects. Once again, that's going the wrong way. We don't need veterans when we are so far back.

The Phillies and the A's made yet another trade. The Phillies are getting the A's stopper, Mudcat Grant, who has 12 SV and a 3.38 ERA. The A's are getting three minor leaguers.

Oakland also made a trade with the Royals. The Royals get 1B Don Mincher, who has only hit .191 but has 11 HR this year. The A's get a couple more minor leaguers.

Lastly, the Padres have acquired SP Ray Washburn (1-7 4.52) from Cincinnati for two minor leaguers.

7/11 White Sox 5 Royals 1
Tommy John gave us a strong 8.1 IP, and Luis Aparicio hit a big home run to break a 1-1 tie in the 7th.

Stephen Houck is not recovering as fast as expected. I'm actually fine with that because it gives me more time to see what Talley can do.

Washington has offered me Lee Maye again. I still don't want a 35-year old in exchange for prospects.

The All-Star teams have been announced. Melton made it, but Herrmann didn't. He was robbed.

Name:  Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 7.26.14 PM.png
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Name:  Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 7.27.08 PM.jpg
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Size:  96.4 KB

There were a couple of more small trades. There have been a lot of trades lately. I'm going to start only reporting on the major ones.

7/12 White Sox 7 Royals 6 (11)
Tommy McCraw has 1 hit in 13 at bats off the bench, but that didn't stop him from a game winning RBI groundout. Ossie Blanco had a pair of hits, including his 14th homer. Danny Murphy earned the win in relief with Jack Hamilton bouncing back with a save.

Record: 37-51
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All Star Break: 1970

The Players of the Week
American League: Frank Robinson, 1B Baltimore 14/26 3 HR 11 RBI
National League: Cito Gaston, CF Sand Diego 3/29 2 HR 6 RBI

The Power Rankings
1. Minnesota Twins
2. Baltimore Orioles
3. St Louis Cardinals
4. Los Angeles Dodgers
5. Philadelphia Phillies

We have moved up to 19th.

A Big Trade
The Indians have sent Vada Pinson (.303-7-31) to the Angels for reliever Dave LaRoche and a minor leaguer. It looks like the Angels, unlike the A's, haven't given up on catching the Twins. They are 7 games back.

All Star Game
AL 7 NL 3
Boog Powell was 3-for-5 to win the MVP even though Reggie Jackson was 3-for-3. The difference was Powell hitting the only homer in the game. The NL was actually leading 3-2 in the 8th before the AL exploded for a 5-run frame. Melton was 0-for-1 as a pinch-hitter.

A bit of annoyance in the GM's office
I'm still getting daily offers for my prospects. I don't want any of these guys.

Another Pretty Big Trade
Montreal sent CF Ron Fairly to the Braves for a pair of minor leaguers. Fairly has hit .292-7-54 this year. He is a really good player.
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All-Star Break Grades

As the mid-summer classic has come and gone, I am setting here in my office on a lazy Wednesday afternoon with no games to be played looking back on the season so far. I have decided that now would be as good a time as any to evaluate how each of my players has performed so far. The following will be a grade for every player who is on my current roster.

C Ed Herrmann- B+ - He probably should have been an all-star. He is hitting .300 with a .562 slugging percentage, which leads the league, and his bat has carried us at times. I only wish his defense were better. My pitchers have a 5.51 ERA and base stealers are successful 75% of the time when he is behind the plate.

C Duane Josephson- C+ - He is supposed to be a good hitter and a bad receiver. However pitchers only have a 3.51 ERA when he catches, while he is only .223. That is a problem when he is supposed to be my best right-handed pinch-hitter, and that is what I was counting on from him.

1B Ossie Blanco- A+ - Ossie has been way better than I expected him to be, and I am grading based on expectations as much as anything. I never dreamt he would have 14 homers by the All-Star break or that he would hit as high as .288, and his 23 doubles are the third most in the American League.

1B/ OF Tommie McCraw- D - Tommie hit a pinch-hit grand slam on opening day. That was his only hit in the first half of the season. The only thing keeping him from an F is that he is a good pinch-runner to have on the bench.

1B Bob Spence- A+ - Since coming up from Tuscon, Bob has slugged .577 in 26 pinch-hit at bats. I might have to find an opportunity for him to start a game in the second half.

2B Tito Fuentes- D - I traded for him because I wanted his offense despite his poor defense. He hasn't been terrible in the field, but he has been terrible at the plate.

2B Bobby Knoop- D - His bat is terrible, but his glove is good. If his bat were at least mediocre, he would be my starting 2B. It isn't.

2B/UTIL Bart Shirley- A+ -Bart is another guy that needs to make some starts. He has hit .324 despite coming off the bench, and his defense at 2B is good. His range factor is about the same as Knoop's.

2B/UTIL- Rich McKinney- B - His offensive numbers are not very good, but he has had some big hits in some big moments. His defense has been very good, and he can play anywhere on the field except for catcher.

3B Bill Melton- A- -Bill is an All-Star and a slugger. The only thing missing is that his defense is pretty average, which is a problem when I have a pitching staff that doesn't strike people out.

SS Luis Aparicio- B -The veteran's defense has been great, and he has handled himself well as our lead-off hitter. My only complaint is that he is not getting on base that much, although he is contributing in a lot of other ways offensively, including being seventh in the league in doubles.

RF/LF/1B Carlos May- D -Per the scouting report, Carlos should be our best offensive player, but he spent most of the first half mired in a slump. We need him to come out of it.

LF Joseph Talley- F -He was tearing up the minors, and the scouts think he should be doing the same here. He isn't.

CF Ken Berry - B -He is supposed to be a great defender and a poor hitter. He has actually been decent at the plate, but he hasn't gotten to as many balls as I would like. Some of that may be the pitchers' fault.

CF Buddy Bradford- D -If not for one game-winning, pinch-hit homer, I would probably give him an F. He has struggled, but he is supposed to have some ability. Being out of options has kept him from being demoted.

SP Tommy John- B- -He has been up-and-down. At time he has been an ace, but he gives up too many balls in play to be consistent. He needs more help from the defense.

SP Joe Horlen- C+ -His season has just been weird. His ERA is high and his 3-15 record is brutal. Yet, he has other numbers that suggest that he should be pitching better than he is. I think he has been victimized by defense even more than John has.

SP Jim Magnuson- B -Three of his four starts have been exceptional. I would like to see him do it for a longer period of time before I give him an A.

SP Gerry Janeski- F -The scouts seem to think that he is our third best starting pitcher; yet, he has been our worst. I don't know what to do with him.

SP Rich Hinton - F -He is young, but he has been bad. I wish I had better options at Tuscon.

Stopper Wilbur Wood - B+ -He struggled early on but has been better lately. I don't know where we would be without him.

RP Danny Murphy- C -He has only pitched 17.1 IP this year, but they haven't been great. They haven't been terrible, either.

RP Denny O'Toole- C -He has been a lot like Murphy, but I have used him more. They have been interchangeable.

RP Floyd Weaver- B+ -Floyd has been way better than I expected him to be. He has been my second best reliever, and I have used him quite a bit in close games.

LR Jack Hamilton- B- -He would have had an A two weeks ago, then he started pitching poorly. I'm not sure what to expect from him now.
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7/16-7/18/70 vs Detroit

One thing that I plan on changing in the second half is to give Bart Shirley a shot at being the starting 2B. Here is the first lineup of the second half of the season.

Name:  Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 10.09.46 AM.jpg
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7/16 White Sox 5 Tigers 2
Joseph Talley had 2 hits and 3 RBI, and Tommy John pitched a complete game. Ken Berry chipped in with a homer.

7/17 White Sox 5 Tigers 4 (11)
We won it on a walk-off double by Luis Aparicio! I tried a new lineup to see if it would help Horlen and Talley. To help Horlen, I had Josephson and Knoop in the lineup. To help Talley, I moved him up to the 2-hole. Talley was 4-for-4. Horlen's results were mixed.

A Weird Trade
Still two games under .500, Oakland has reversed course and traded for a veteran. They sent two minor leaguers, Ed Sprague and Patrick Tatom, to Kansas City for their stopper, Moe Drabowsky. Drabowsky is 34-years old.

7/18 White Sox 4 Tigers 1
Jim Magnuson was fantastic once again. He has been a godsend. Aparicio had four hits and Talley had two in the top two spots in the order. I may have found something that could work with Talley hitting second.

Record: 40-51
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7/19-7/20/70 vs Baltimore (DH on 7/19)

7/19 Game 1 Orioles 12 White Sox 3
Gerry Janeski didn't make it out of the third inning. Three Orioles pitchers combined to hold us to 4 hits, and Ken Berry had half of them.

7/19 Game 2 Orioles 8 White Sox 4
Rich Hinton allowed 8 runs on 11 hits, 2 of which were homers, in 7 innings. Ossie Blanco had 3 hits in the loss.

The AL player of the week this week was our opponent's first baseman, Boog Powell, who was 11/24 with 3 HR. The NL's player of the week was LA's RF Manny Mota, who hit .556 with 2 HR

Here are the weekly power rankings. Our opponent is on top.
1. Baltimore Orioles.
2. St Louis Cardinals
3. Minnesota Twins
4. LA Dodgers
5. Boston Red Sox

7/20 Orioles 6 White Sox 3
Tommy John wasn't great, but he was also pitching on short rest because of the doubleheader on Saturday. Joseph Tally had a pair of hits, and Rich McKinney came in as a pinch-hitter for John in 7th to hit his 7th homer, which cut our deficit to 5-3. Wilbur Wood gave up the sixth run.

I think I'm going to give the starting 2B job back to McKinney. He has been the best all-around, and he is the youngest.

Elsewhere, Pittsburgh C Manny Sanguillen had a 6 for 6 game in a win over the Astros.

Record: 40-54

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7/21-7/23/70 @ Cleveland

I have begun shopping around some of my older players, especially the ones who don't have much of a role. In particular, I offered Bart Shirley to St Louis for a couple of minor leaguers, and the Cardinals brass said they have to think on it before eventually rejecting it. I'm not going to be too crazy with trades because free agency doesn't exist yet, and I can wait until the off-season before I need to trade away good players. I'm not desperate to move anybody.

On the morning of 7/21, I demoted Gerry Janeski to Tuscon. He is angry, but our other starters are tired. I need someone to make a spot start. Fred Rath is going to make the spot start after being 4-8 with a 3.86 ERA at Tuscon. I'm not expecting much from him. After the start, I'll decide who gets this spot in the rotation.

7/21 White Sox 5 Indians 1
Well, that makes it easy. Rath was fantastic. He gave us 5 strong innings and left with a 3-1 lead. The only reason why I relieved him was that we had a runner in scoring position, and I wanted to pinch hit. It was a good hitting day, too, with Aparicio and Melton each having 3 hits and Herrmann hitting his 20th homer.

7/22 White Sox 8 Indians 5
Ed Herrmann seems to be trying to show Ray Fosse up after Fosse was voted the All-Star game starter while Herrmann was snubbed for the team. For the second game in a row, Herrmann homered against Fosse's Indians, and his three hits in this game gave him 5 for the series. Joe Horlen was the starting pitcher, and he was merely adequate. I'm not sure why he has struggled so much.

7/23 Indians 7 White Sox 3
Jim Magnuson really struggled. Offensively, we only had 5 hits against Steve Dunning, but at least Melton was able to homer.

Record: 42-55
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7/24-7/26/70 @ Detroit

7/24 Tigers 7 White Sox 2
Rich Hinton pitched pretty well. Four of the runs were against Wilbur Wood. Rich McKinney hit a homer, but we weren't able to muster much more offense against Mike Kilkenny, John Hiller, or Fred Scherman.

7/25 Tigers 3 White Sox 2
Joe Staton hit an 8th inning homer off of Floyd Weaver to win it for Detroit. Tommy John took a no-hitter into the sixth and was still trailing 1-0 at that point because of three walks and an Ossie Blanco error.

7/26 White Sox 5 Tigers 3
I thought we were going to get swept when we were trailing 3-2 in the 8th, fortunately, Bill Melton hit a three-run homer that inning to give us the lead. Wilbur Wood pitched three shutout innings to earn the win; although, Fred Rath deserves a lot of credit for keeping it close.

Record: 43-57
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Trading Aparicio

With the trade deadline approaching, I have decided to trade Aparicio. He is 35 years old, and I want to get some value for him while I still can. My goal for this trade is to acquire a starting pitcher who can help us next year or the year after at the latest. I think that starting pitching is our biggest weakness.

After spending hours on the phones with other general managers, I have determined that there are many starting pitchers that I could get for him. Of them, the following are the most interesting.

Michael Hebert (23), BAL- Hebert doesn't stand out in any one area in the scouting report, but he has very good numbers this year at the major league level (7-1 3.04). My biggest concern with him is that Baltimore has amazing defense, so I worry that he wouldn't be as good for us. He is also said to be a very hard worker.

John Curtis (22), BOS- Curtis projects to be a very good overall pitcher with four very good pitches. The problem with him is that his movement and control are not close to being major league ready yet, which has led to a high 3.87 ERA at AA Pawtucket. I worry that he won't reach his potential, and being a finesse pitcher who doesn't throw very hard makes that even more of a concern. He has to be able to throw strikes with movement.

Mike Garman (20), BOS- He is very average all the way around. If he reaches his potential, he will have no strengths and no weaknesses. He would be a good fourth or fifth starter.

Steve Dunning (20), CLE- At just 20 years old, he is already pitching in the majors and doesn't project to improve much, which is okay since he is 8-6 with a 3.88 ERA on a team that isn't all that great. He will never win a Cy Young award or anything, but he is interesting.

Rich Hand (22), CLE- He has three above average pitches, but I'm not sure that his movement and control will ever quite be there. Like Dunning, he is already pitching in the majors for the Indians, but he has been terrible this year. He should probably be in AA.

Dick Tidrow (23), CLE- Like Curtis, he is more of a finesse pitcher, and he also throws sidearm, which makes me worry about how well he would do against lefties. He does project to have pretty good movement and control, though, but he isn't close to polished, yet, which is worrisome since he is a little older than some of the other guys. He also isn't supposed to be much of a team player.

Mike Kilkenny (25), DET- He is a polished major leaguer in his prime with good stuff and outstanding movement. The problem is that he has poor command, and it isn't expected to improve much. He has a 5.11 ERA this year thanks to nearly 5 walks per 9 innings pitched.

Denny McLain (26), DET- He is a shadow of his former self. He won back to back Cy Young awards the last few years, but he has seen a slight drop in his strikeout rate and a big increase in his walk rate this year. My scouts seem to think he is still developing, which is interesting.

Jim Hughes (18), MIN- This guys is interesting. He already has plus stuff with a great fastball and curveball and is an extreme groundball pitcher. He projects to have even better movement. Yet, it looks like control will always be a problem for him. He is certainly interesting.

Donald Schroeder (21), NYY- He is 6-2 with a 2.70 ERA with the big club. He is another guy with good stuff and movement that doesn't show much control potential. He has walked over 5 batters per 9 this year.

Larry Gura (22), CHC- Gura is another finesse pitcher who should have good movement and control when he develops.

Wayne Simpson (21), CIN- Here is a really interesting guy. His record for Cincinnati is only 2-8 this year, but that comes with a nice 3.55 ERA. The scouts think he should have slightly above average stuff and movement with slightly below average command. He has just about reached his potential already at a very young age. He could pitch in our rotation immediately.

Wade Blasingame (26), HOU- Wade is a very well-rounded pitcher who is pretty good at everything and great at nothing. He does have some mental issues, though. My scouts don't think he's too bright.

Tom Griffin (22), HOU- He has a 4.93 for Houston this year and has been demoted; however, he was at 3.54 last year, when he was just 21. He still has a lot of room left for growth and is said to be a team leader. If he reaches his potential, control could be a slight issue.

Alan Foster (23), LAD- He is 8-3 with a 3.56 this year, and projects to be pretty balanced overall. He will never be great for very long, but he won't be bad either.

Charlie Hough (22), LAD- His overall scout rating isn't very good at all, but his knuckleball and good overall balance make him intriguing.

Eddie Soloman (19), LAD- Yet another finesse pitcher who won't have great stuff. Baltimore has a slough of these guys, and they might win it all this year. These guys are interesting because they could always become the next Jim Palmer.

Ernie McAnally (23), MON- He is another high movement and stuff groundballer who might have control issues. He is pitching at AAA, but with improved control could be in the majors next year.

Bill Champion (22), PHI- He is a steady groundballer who excels at nothing but has no real weaknesses either.

Lowell Palmer (22), PHI- His stuff is off the charts. The question is whether he will ever have good enough control.

Gene Garber (22), PIT- He should develop great control, but he may not quite have good enough stuff.

Reggie Cleveland (22), StL- He is another good movement and control with finesse pitcher.

It seems like I have three types of guys to choose from. They either have good stuff and movement with less control, good movement and control with less stuff, or they are just kind of average at everything. If money wasn't an option, I would probably go with McLain, but he makes $60,000 per year, which is by far the highest on this list. However, it is $40,000 less than Aparicio makes. I have some thinking to do.
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