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Bobble's Random Event Thingey 1.0

I've finished version 1.0 of my Random Events Chart. It's attached as a text file. I'll try to post the text so you all can see it without opening the file.

Any questions or suggestions, please let me know.
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Bobble's Random Events Chart Thingey Version 1.0

Instructions: Roll die, check chart.

How often?: Oh, I don't know. How about you roll two dice, and double that. It's that many days between rolls on the chart. If something doesn't apply to your league, reroll or ignore … whatever.

RANDOM = A lot of things on this chart call out a RANDOM player or team. You'll have to figure out a convenient way for you to determine that. An internet random number generator checked against a player's number or just count down your roster that many, something.

A lot of this stuff will still require a lot of imagination on your part. It's just a starting point, really. I'm not even sure all of it is possible. If you don't like something, change it then. What do I care?

1D6 is one 6-sided die, 2D6 is two of them, etc.

I wrote this for a solo or solo manager league. If you're doing a whole league not controlling one particular team, you'll have to randomly select a team to apply each roll to (as well as up the frequency of rolls). If you're doing a solo manager league, you'll probably need the Manager Mode Editor from one of the download sites.

I'm assuming a 1-100 rating scale for the players attributes.
It is roughly balanced (about as many good things as bad) but slightly skewed to make the game harder, especially over time. Not to mention you lose control over some of the things you normally control.
All the usual disclaimers apply. This will probably screw up everything and bring down Western civilization as we know it. Use at your own risk, please back up your files, nothing is my fault.
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1-5....The league commissioner wants to update the league's image -- change OOTP skin.
6-10....New league communication software instituted -- change OOTP browser.
..League Setup
11-12....The league needs a revenue boost. Increase one round of the playoffs by 2 games.
13-14....Consultants reveal that fans are impatient and lose interest waiting for a champion to be declared. Decrease one round of the playoffs by 2 games.
15-19....The League Awards Committee likes to feel important and has decided to rename all the league awards (outstanding pitcher, etc.).
20-21....Patriotism sweeps the nation = Change the names of the divisions to something more patriotic.
22-22....Geo-Realignment = Realign the teams per their geographic locations.
23-23....Fiscal-Realignment = Realign the teams per their revenues.
24-24....Moving On Up = Move RANDOM team to new city. Preferably on the East side.
25-28....Ad Nauseum = The age-old "DH or not to DH" debate comes up again this off-season. Roll 1D6. On a 1 the whole league goes DH. On a 6 the whole
league goes No DH. Anything else, leave it all the same.
29-30....Throwback Week = The Commish announces "Throwback week". Change the Era Settings back one level for this week and every team wears throwback
..Edit Promotions
31-32....Topps Rookie = Backed by a bribe from Topps, League commissioner authorizes Rookie Card Day for each team. Add the new Promotion Day.
33-34....Helmet Head =New batting helmet source found. Reduce cost of Batting Helmet Day by $10,000.
35-36....Loophole = Your cheating accountants have found a tax loophole. Reduce the cost of your choice of promotion by $10,000.
37-41....Price Gouging = Realizing they have a monopoly, the company that supplies a promotion item raises it's prices. Increase RANDOM promotion day by
42-43....Going Batty = Souvenir bats widely sought after. Increase avg. attendance of Bat Day by 5%.
44-45....Mad Cow = Baseball glove fad sweeps the inner cities. Increase avg. attendance of Glove Day by 5%.
46-50....E-Bay Crash = The E-Bay site crashed this week. People can't sell their promotion day junk on E-Bay. All promotions avg. attendance reduced 1%.
51-52....Stadium violence = Due to stadium violence on Bat Day, the league mandates that Bat Day be a One Per Year promotion.
53-54....Shakin' Heads = Your ever-vigilant Political Correctness Committee has decided that Noddin' Head Day may offend weak-necked people or career
yes-men. Your team cannot assign the Noddin' Head Promotion any more this year.
55-56....Retros Rocket = The cost of retro jersey's skyrocket. Increase the cost of Retro Game Day by $25,000.
57-58....No Glove, No Love = If your Glove Day Promotion isn't this week, reduce your Fan Interest by 1D6.
59-60....Oversaturated = If your once per year promotion is scheduled for this month, your P.R. man, Artie Fufkin, has oversaturated the market. Reduce
your team cash by 1D6*10,000 to reflect this.
..Edit Ballpark
61-61....New Digs = Team gets a brand new stadium.
62-67....Starbucks = The stadium has to make room for a Starbucks. Reduce stadium capacity by 2000 seats.
68-73....Junk Bonds = The owner cashed in some of his junk bonds. Upgrade stadium 2000 seats.
74-76....Levy = The Magnanimous Baseball Levy passed. Upgrade stadium to add 1D6 thousand seats.
77-79....Recall = Bigtime Stadium Seating Company™ has issued a recall of their latest product. Reduce stadium seating by 1D6 thousand seats.
80-81....We Don't Even Need A Reason = Gophers have infested the warning track. You're fielders can't judge the bounce off the walls with the uneven
ground. Increase ballpark doubles and triples by 5.
82-83....Superball = The Superball Company™ has installed a revolutionary new baseboard on your outfield walls. Great bounces for your fielders. Decrease
ballpark doubles and triples by 5.
84-85....Footroom = In order to create more foot room for the outfield fans, move the fences in 5 feet, lower them by 2 feet, and increase homeruns by + 3
86-87....Safety Hazard = One too many drunken fans have fallen out of the outfield stands onto the field. Raise the fences 3 feet and decrease homeruns by
88-89....Low On Grass, Maverick = The new groundskeeper, "Goose", likes to mow the grass low. Ground balls really move. Increase ballpark average by 1D6.
90-91....Sinsemilla = You've installed new, ball-stopping Sinsemilla grass. Decrease ballpark average by 1D6.
92-93....Urban Renewal = A tall building in the area has been torn down. Increase your stadium's prevailing wind by 1D6 mph.
94-95....It's In The Vault = Team vaults expanded. Increase Cash Max by 2,000,000.
96-97....The Competition Committee mandates a reduction of 2,000,000 in Cash Max to promote parity. Or maybe it's 1D6 million, I didn't read the fine
98-117....Min Wage = Greenpeace protests the cruel treatment of your league's players. Increase minimum salary by 50,000.
118-119...Publish or Perish = A Moneyball-like book comes out on the value of trades. Everyone is a little more adept at dealing. Increase Trading
120-120...Lean and Mean = Roster size has been trimmed. Reduce roster size by 1.
121-121...Fat and Happy = Roster size increased by 1.
122-125...I'll Do It Tomorrow = Increase the waiver length by 2 days.
126-127...Fast Acting = Players are languishing on the waiver wire. Decrease the waiver length by 1 day.
..League Totals
128-128...Bad Batch = A bad batch of baseballs has been made. Decrease your league totals for AVE by .020 for one month.
129-129...Juiced Ball = The super-secret juiced ball trial has been unleashed on your unsuspecting league. Increase your league total HRs by 10% for a
130-130...Umpire Unrest = After the Umpires Union failed in their payroll increase demands, they're taking it out on the league. Increase your league total
strike outs by %10 for a month.
131-131...Zonal Reform = The Annual Umpire's Meeting has just concluded and strike zone reform was passed. Increase League Total Strike Outs by 2%
132-132...The New Guy = Several new umpires are introduced to the league to fill the void of umpires pronounced legally blind. The new guys have their own
way of doing things. Randomly pick a League Total category and change it by 1D6%.
133-134...Nostalgic = Past performance DOES indicate future return. In Player Evaluation, increase each previous year's percentage by 5.
135-137...Kids Today = Kids today are video game junkies. Player Creation: Increase Eye by 1D6, Avoid Ks by 1D6, and Stealing by 1D6. Reduce Contact by
1D6, Power by 1D6, and Speed by 1D6.
138-142...PE = Astonishing advances in Phys. Ed. Class technology (i.e. Dodgeball) result in mini-Supermen. Increase all player creation batting ratings by
1D6 each. As well as Speed and Stealing by 1D6.
143-147...The Law Of Unintended Consequences = Kids carrying laptops instead of heavy books reduces wear and tear on children's arms. Increase Player
Creation Stuff, Control, Movement, and Endurance Player Creation modifiers by 1D6 each.
148-152...Swing Doctor = An automated golf swing analyzer is adapted to baseball. Increase hitter development by 1D6.
153-157...Billy Blanks = A breakthrough in Tai Bo training makes for faster player development. Increase pitcher development speed by 1D6
158-162...The Cream = "The Cream" reduces batter aging. Reduce hitter aging by 1D6
163-167...The Clear = "The Clear" reduces pitcher aging. Reduce pitcher aging by 1D6.
168-170...Amtrak = Amtrak offers a free train tickets promotion for this month. Home Field Advantage is off for this month.
171-178...Hallmark = A particularly poignant Hallmark commercial inspires you to propose marriage.
179-179...That Colgate Frown = The toothpaste tube has been squeezed in the middle for the last time! -- break up/divorce with girlfriend/wife
180-180...Wanderlust = You're feeling restless - retire and take over a new team
181-188...Chemical Burn = Check your Team Chemistry. If it's below 80, you cannot trade anyone or sign anyone this month.
189-189...In The Mood = The owner calls you into his office. If the Owner's Mood is above 80, he gives you an "attaboy". If below 50, trade a prospect
(your choice) for a starter.
190-195...Aunt Patty = Visiting relatives, you happen to be in your rival's city on game day. Play/watch your division rival's game.
196-205..."This I've got to see!" = You're determined to scout the league leader yourself. Play/watch the league leader's game today (the team leading the
division, the HR leader, whatever).
206-207...Looks Like We Got Ourselves A Rainout! = Faulty wiring/defective sprinkler system/natural disaster closes your home park for today's game. Play
the game at another park.
208-208...Spice Girl = A meddling league commissioner has decided to "spice up" your game this week by toggling the DH rule for today's game only.
209-212...You're Getting Veerrrrryyyy Sleepy - Having nodded off by the first pitch, no one has the guts to awaken you. Sim, not play, today's game.
213-214...Speed Kills = You've made it a goal to have 9 steal attempts in today's game.
215-216...Chicks Dig The Long Ball = We need to see all your power hitters in today's lineup.
217-218...Always picked last = You can't have your pitcher batting 9th at any time in today's game.
219-220...Everlast = You've vowed not to pull your starter out until he's pitched one entire inning while tired (red).
221-223...Immunity = If you're starter gets a complete game in today's game, you may ignore the next roll on this chart or double it's effect.
224-225...See Spot Run = His parents are in town so you've promised your spot starter that he'll get the start today.
226-227...Shake-up = The players are getting complacent. Play one player in a position he's not rated for.
228-228...Lineup Card Promotion = The winning fan gets to fill out the lineup card. You're lineup must be filled out from highest salaried player batting
1st to lowest batting 9th.
229-233...Iron Lung = You cannot remove any tired field players from today's standard lineup.
234-238...Gassed = No tired field players are allowed to play in today's game.
239-239...Lollygaggers = It's all about the D. All your best defensive players go into today's lineup.
240-247...Spotlight = There's a spotlight on RANDOM Player in today's game. If the commentary says the word "Outstanding" when describing HIS play, reduce
his salary by 5%.
248-250...Sociophobia = RANDOM player forgot to take his sociophobia medicine. If you are playing today's game in a stadium over 50,000, he cannot play.
251-256...Hit bull, win steak = Pick one player. If he hits a HR in today's game, you may reduce his salary by 5%.
257-260...Rally Killer = RANDOM player is getting a rep as a rally killer. If he makes the third out in any inning today, he's out of tomorrow's lineup.
261-264...Doughnut = Pick a player. If he goes 0-fer in today's game, depression sets in. Reduce his injury rating by one level.
265-272...E-I, E-I, ZerO = Note RANDOM player. If he makes an error in today's game, change his jersey number to 0 and put him on the trading block for a
month. You do not have to accept any deal for the player, though.
273-275...Showstopper = If you're clean-up hitter makes the last out of the game, you refund today's revenue to the fans (reduce team cash by attendance *
ticket price)
276-280...Scandalous = If you won yesterday's game by 9 runs or more, a fixing scandal ensues. Reduce Fan Interest by 2D6 and Team Cash by 2D6*$10,000 in
lawyer fees.
281-283...Shelled = If your pitcher gives up back-to-back homers in today's game, reduce his Movement Talent by 1D6.
284-285...Long Gone Ball = Choose a player. If he hits the longest HR of his career in today's game, increase his Power Talent by 1D6.
286-286...Flu Bug = Roll 1D6. That many RANDOM players have the flu and cannot play this whole week.
287-289...MSG = Roll 1D6. That many RANDOM players have the food poisoning from some tainted MSG in their Chinese food and cannot play this game.
290-291...OW! My Eye! = The first player that gets hit by a pitch in today's game has a slightly detached retina. Reduce his Eye and Eye Talent by 1D6 e
292-306...Cantankerous = You're feeling especially cantankerous today. If you have chance to argue a call, you MUST argue it -- each and every one.
307-321...Sticks and Stones = A verbal incident at the end of today's game makes the team you played today one of your team's rivals.
..Player trade..
322-322...Personal issues/conflict -- RANDOM PLAYER demands to be placed on the trade block
323-324...Win NOW = Team owner needs to see that you're making moves to put his team in a position to win. Must sign a F.A. but you get to choose who.
325-326...Seeing Stars = Team owner seeing "stars". Must sign free agent player with highest # of stars. If there are several players with equal stars,
you choose which.
327-327...Salary dump = Trade one of the 5 guys with the least number of games played. We can't pay this much on guys who just sit around.
328-328...Teenage wasteland = We've got to win now. Deal one or more prospects for an upgrade on our Major League roster.
329-330...Bad Blood = At the last Manager's Honorary Dinner, the manager of RANDOM team got drunk and threw up in your hat. You can't stand him. You
cannot trade with that team this year.
331-340...The New Guy = New coach from another league becomes available. Generate a new coach.
341-350...Jobs.com = A respected media pundit changes careers. Generate a new scout
351-360...BMOC = A talented college manager has unexpectedly been released from his contract. Generate a new minors manager.
361-361...Drano = Owner refuses to sink good money into people who aren't even players. You can spend no more than half the highest existing coach/scout
wage on any one coach/scout this coming signing period.
362-362...I'm the boss, need the info = Tired of inaccurate scouting, owner demands that you sign the top scout this offseason at whatever the cost.
363-363...Are you saying Jesus Christ couldn't hit a curve ball? = If your team is in the lower 50% for batting average, you must sign the top hitting coach
this off-season.
364-364...Anything that flies that far ought to have a stewardess on it = If your team is in the worst half of the league for ERA, you must sign the top
pitching coach this offseason.
365-370...Hot For Teacher = If your team is hitting in the top half of the league for batting average by the all-star break, your hitting coach gets a 10%
pay raise.
371-376...Hot For Teacher Remix = If your team is pitching in the top half of the league in ERA all-star break, your pitching coach gets a 10% pay raise.
377-380...Synergy = If your team is hitting in the top 10% for team average by the all-star break, your current hitting coach extends his contract 2 years.
If you're in the bottom 10%, reduce his contract to 1 year.
381-384...Symbiosis = If your team is pitching in the top 10% for team ERA by the all-star break, your current pitching coach extends his contract 2 years.
If you're in the bottom 10%, reduce his contract to 1 year.
385-390...Falling Out = You and one RANDOMly selected minors manager have had a falling out. He resigns. Fire manager and you may not rehire him.
391-391...Cradle Robber = Team owner demands you make a trade offer for the #1 prospect in the league.
392-392...Sugar Daddy = Team owner is tired of being the Sugar Daddy. If you have the highest payroll, release someone.
393-393...Keep up with the Jones's = Team owner is embarrassed of the team's financial clout. If you have the lowest payroll, sign someone of your choice.
394-394...Money Grubber = If you have the highest paid player in the league, cut him. We're hemorrhaging money over here.
395-395...Baby Factory = Owner wants a top 10 minor league system. Make it a goal.
396-397...My Buddy = Owner is personal friends with one of the players on our "possible free agents" list. Resign him today at whatever cost.
398-398...Leader of the pack = Pick a category (HR, Team Ave, Steals, ERA, OPS). Our team needs to be the leader in that category by season's end.
399-408...Barbara Walters = If one of your players is the Player of the Month this month, he's featured in a nation TV spot. Increase Fan Interest by 1 and
TV Revenue by 1D6*$10,000
409-423...I'm Too Sexy = If one of your players wins Player of the Week this week, he demands a pay raise commensurate with his obvious skill. Increase his
salary by 10%.
424-428...Check your Catobase. If you have a player with 200+ career batting Win Shares, increase your Fan Interest by 1D6 and that player's salary by the
same roll * 2%.
429-430...Sophomore Slump = If you had last year's Rookie of the Year, pick one of his Talent ratings and reduce it by 1D6 until the end of the year.
..Free Agent..
431-434...Here I Am = A player defects from another league. Create a new Free Agent Player.
435-435...I'm Melting = Check out what positions your team is labeled weak at. You must sign one player that matches one of those weaknesses.
436-447...First In, Last Out = The first free agent you sign during the FA period demands a No-Trade Clause (write into his p###.txt file for reference).
He can't be traded.
448-453...Bonus Baby = The highest paid free agent you sign during the FA period demands a signing bonus equal to 10% of his salary. Reduce your Team Cash
by that amount.
454-454...Gotcha = Some nefarious activities have resulted in sanctions by the league. Edit the draft order to move yourself down 5 spots.
455-456...GM = The owner's 10-year old wants to be a future General Manager. Your owner indulges him and lets him make your 2nd round pick. Use Computer
Pick for your 2nd rounder.
457-457...Dearth Vader = League Commissioner feels that there is a dearth of talent in the league. Increase the draft by 1 round.
458-458...Minor Salaries = The financial state of the minor league clubs is becoming critical. Payrolls need to be cut. Reduce the draft by 1 round.
459-459...Second Fiddle = Mentally choose who you WOULD HAVE drafted in the first round. Got him? Now, you forgot your Rydlin so you CANNOT take your
first pick. Select your second choice.
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..Training Camp..
460-460...Tragedy! = An extended illness prevents you from attending training camp. Use the Scout's recommendation for training camp.
461-463...Mr. Versatile = RANDOM player wants to be Mr. Versatile. You must train him in a new position this training camp.
464-475...Dorian Grey = RANDOM player demands a new photo of him be published in the media guide. Create a new photo for player.
476-487...Stinky = RANDOM player demands a new nickname for himself.
488-495...Not Just a Number = RANDOM player wants to change his player number to honor a historical player.
496-496...Switch = RANDOM player has been secretly working on hitting the opposite way. Change his Bats to both.
497-596...Time Off = RANDOM player gets some time off. Simulate by giving an injury for appropriate time.
.....................Possible reasons: death of a loved one, relationship problems, marital problems, problems at work, financial problems, marriage, divorce, new relationship, moving, birth, adoption, spouse fired, change in health of loved one, theft, drug or alcohol abuse, graduation, religious event, travel, political commitment, military service, social commitments, disciplinary reasons, hangover, blackmail, reconciliation with spouse, secondary
business issues, major purchase, legal issues, rules violation, inter-team incident, intra-team incident, fight club, etc.
597-599...CandyAss = Tired of being called a Candy Ass, RANDOM player refuses to let injuries stop him. Raise his injury rating 2 levels.
600-602...Big Deal = Player signs a huge endorsement deal. His salary no longer means anything to him. Reduce RANDOM player's salary by 5%.
603-605...Home Sweet Home = RANDOM player loves this city. Extend his contract one year.
606-610...Ego Trip = If RANDOM player hit .500 or better in any of his last 3 games, he demands a 5% increase in his contract.
611-635...I'll never leave you = RANDOM player demands a No-Trade Clause (write into his p###.txt file for reference). He can't be traded.
636-643...C.O.L.A. = RANDOM player negotiates that each year of his contract he gets a 5% salary increase (write into his p###.txt file for reference).
644-644...Homesick = RANDOM player wants to be traded to his hometown team.
645-647...A Porsche 911 With A Quadraphonic Blaupunkt = Your highest paid player demands a 5% pay raise.
648-650...Scarface = A facial scar ruins RANDOM player's fan appeal. Reduce his salary by 1D6% since he ain't putting butts in the seats.
651-653...Dietician = A personal dietician has been working with RANDOM player. His lean body mass increases. Increase his range and speed by 2D6.
654-656...Choco-Pork = RANDOM player becomes the spokesman for Choco-Pork's™ new chocolate covered ham in lard sauce. His weight balloons. Decrease range
and speed by 2D6 each.
657-659...Rebound Shoes = The Rebound Shoe Company™ has accepted your recommendation for a spokesman. Pick an infielder. His Range increases 1D6 with his
new, stylish Rebound shoes!
660-662...Jacque = You finally convinced RANDOM outfielder that he doesn't really wear a size S jock strap. His Range increases 1D6.
663-665...Toe-Knee = RANDOM player is obsessed with protecting his knees and feet. He feels he HAS to wear knee braces and steel-toed shoes "just in case".
His Range decreases 1D6.
666-668...Fits Like A… = A custom glove-fitting results in better fielding for RANDOM player. Increase his fielding by 2D6 thousandths (e.g. a 7 would
increase it from .960 to .967)
669-671...Old Faithful = RANDOM player refuses to give up his obviously worn out mitt. Reduce his fielding by 2D6 thousandths (e.g. a 7 would increase it
from .960 to .967)
672-674...Tailor-made = A looser-fitting jersey results in better throwing. Increase Catcher, Infield, and Outfield Arm ratings by 1D6 each.
675-677...Steal It, You Will = Extensive yoga has improved RANDOM player's baserunning. Increase Speed, Stealing, and Running Instinct by 1D6 each.
678-680...Commandment #7 = Renewed faith causes psychosomatic problems in RANDOM player when he tries to steal. Decrease Speed, Stealing, and Running
Instinct by 1D6 each.
681-683...Ronco = Watching late-night TV, you decided to purchase the Ronco™ Bunt-o-matic series of tapes. Pick a player. Increase his SAC Bunt and Bunt
for Hit by 1.
684-686...Take One For The Team = RANDOM player loves his team so much he's willing to take a few HBPs. Increase HBP by 1.
687-689...Too Pretty = RANDOM player is too pretty to risk his face by leaning in. Decrease HBP by 1 and contact by 3.
690-692...The Kind With Tiny Nubs = RANDOM player decides to use his golf club grips on his bat. Increase contact by 1D6.
693-695...Wonderbat = RANDOM player lost his "lucky" bat. Reduce contact by 1D6.
696-698...Noah's = RANDOM player changes his swing arc. Increase Gap Power by 1D6.
699-701...Cork = RANDOM player finds a nearly undetectable cork for his bats. Increase HR Power by 1D6.
702-704...Uh-Oh = With the cork police zeroing in, RANDOM player sets his corked bats aside for a while. Decrease HR Power by 1D6.
705-707...Lasik = RANDOM player gets Lasik surgery. Increase Eye by 1D6.
708-710...Scratched Cornea = A scratched cornea reduces RANDOM player's Eye by 1D6.
711-713...Colorblind = Pick 3 RANDOM players. If any of their names are colors (Green, Brown, White, etc.) then reduce that player's Eye by 1D6.
714-716...Visualize = Improved visualization techniques result in an improvement of 1D6 in RANDOM player's Avoid Ks.
717-719...Quack = A botched chiropractic session reduces RANDOM player's ability to get around on the ball. Reduce his Avoid Ks by 1D6.
720-720...Mentor = RANDOM player has taken to studying film of the best contact hitters in the game today. If he keeps this up, he could be one of them
some day. Raise Contact Talent by 1D6.
721-721...Headset = RANDOM player has it set in his head that power is the only real measure of a hitter. Reduce Contact Talent by 1D6.
722-722...Wax On = Utilizing his Karate Kid/Wax-On, Wax-Off training technique, RANDOM player increases his Gap Talent by 1D6.
723-723...Clean Machine = RANDOM player sustains a slight shoulder tendon tear while waxing his Ford Mustang. Reduce Gap Talent by 1D6.
724-724...Larryville Slugger = RANDOM player has become infatuated with the hi-power bats from the Larryville Slugger Company™. Increase HR Power Talent by
725-725...Knuckler = Straining the index finger knuckle on his dominant hand attempting to coax pickles from their jar has decreased RANDOM player's HR
Power Talent by 1D6.
726-726...BP = An offhand comment by the batting practice pitcher results in RANDOM player picking out pitches better. Increase Eye Talent by 1D6.
727-727...Contact = RANDOM player steadfastly refuses to believe that he needs contacts despite weakening vision. Decrease Eye Talent by 1D6.
728-728...Whipping Boy = RANDOM player has seen the league's strikout king get massacred by the media. He vows not to let that happen to him. Raise Avoid
Ks Talent by 1D6.
729-729...The Boards = After reading the OOTP forums, RANDOM player decides that Avoid Ks is a useless parameter. Reduce Avoid Ks Talent by 1D6.
730-732...Hard Core = Extensive core training improves RANDOM pitcher's Endurance by 2D6.
733-735...Live Long And Prosper = Worried about his career longevity, RANDOM pitcher asks to be pulled out of games earlier. Reduce Endurance by 2D6.
736-738...Like Magic = A local magician, a fan of the team, teaches RANDOM pitcher some deceptive moves. Improve Hold Base Runner by 2.
739-741...Focus = RANDOM pitcher decides that holding runners is just a distraction from his pitching. Throwing out stealers is the catcher's job.
Decrease Hold Base Runner to 1.
742-744...Overarm = RANDOM pitcher moves his release point higher resulting in more groundballs. Increase Groundball % by 1D6
745-747...Sidearm = RANDOM pitcher puts a little sidearm in his arsenal. Decrease Groundball % by 1D6.
748-750...Crossing Over = Crosstraining has really helped RANDOM pitcher with his stuff. Increase Stuff by 1D6.
751-753...Starry-eyed = The stars seem to be misaligned for RANDOM pitcher. His Stuff drops by 1D6.
754-756...Glovey Dovey = Unique markings on the catcher's glove really improve RANDOM pitcher's control. Increase Control by 1D6.
757-759...Micky-Ds = A McDonalds has opened up near RANDOM pitcher's home. He can't stay away. He's fat and out of control. Reduce Control by 1D6 and
Range by A LOT!
760-762...Sandy = RANDOM pitcher sands off his fingerprints resulting in more movement to his pitches. Movement + 1D6.
763-765...Cottonmouth = A persistent case of cottonmouth reduces RANDOM pitcher's ability to junk the ball. Movement - 1D6.
766-768...Personal Trainer = A personal trainer improves RANDOM pitcher's velocity by a couple of mph.
769-771...Body Shop = As a spokesman for Body Shop Fitness Centers™, RANDOM player puts on too much muscle mass and loses some velocity.
772-774...Under Pressure = Too much pressure in the majors has resulted in a nervous tick in RANDOM pitcher. Increase his Balks by 2.
775-775...Wild Thing = RANDOM pitcher has gone to the Dark Side. Max out his Hit Batter and Wild Pitch. Change his nickname to "Wild Thing".
776-776...K-Nine = If RANDOM pitcher is your team's current K leader, then he's dedicated himself to staying on top in that category. Increase Stuff Talent
by 1D6, change his jersey number to 9, and his nickname to "K-Nine".
777-777...Funny Bone = A severely tickled funny bone results in a 1D6 loss of Stuff Talent for RANDOM pitcher.
778-778...Ms. Jackson If You're Nasty = Repeated listenings of Janet Jackson's "Control" ironically results in increased Control Talent of 1D6 for RANDOM
779-779...Foot Fetish = A botched pedicure has ruined RANDOM pitcher's balance. Reduce his Control Talent by 1D6.
780-780...Always Room For Jello = A newfound love for Jello has significantly hardened RANDOM pitcher's nails and improved his grip. Increase his Movement
Talent by 1D6.
781-781...Troll = Excessive posting on the OOTP forums has deteriorated RANDOM pitcher's grip. Decrease Movement Talent by 1D6.
782-793...Cat Fight = RANDOM player gets in a shoving match with RANDOM player. Now, they hate each other. Note that in their p###.txt file. They can't
bat next to each other in the lineup.
794-823...Makeup = If you have any two players that is a'feudin', they kiss and make up.
824-831...Hater = RANDOM player dislikes his you. No effect unless you want to make one.
832-834...Over And Out = RANDOM player is not getting along with you. Note that in his p###.txt file. You may neither extend his contract once it's over
nor resign this player. He's outta here.
835-841...Doppleganger = Note RANDOM player. If he has a nickname and that nickname is the same as another player in the league, they have a rivalry between them. Any attribute increase for either (either game generated or by this chart) results in an increase for both. Note it in each of their
p###.txt files.
842-845...Ponce de Leon = RANDOM player seems to have found the fountain of youth. Move his birth date up one year (effectively making him younger).
846-849...Dick Clark = There's been a correction in the league's player records. RANDOM player is actually a year OLDER than was previously thought. Move
his birth date back one year (effectively making him older).
850-852...Evangelist = You may select an injured player and miraculously heal him.
853-855...Ranger = Select a RANDOM player. If he's rated at two or more positions, his Range at all rated positions is equal to the highest Range.
856-861...Gunner = Select RANDOM player. If he happens to be a catcher, increase his Catcher Arm by 4D6.
862-865...Zocor = Select RANDOM player. High cholesterol is ruining his arm strength. Reduce all his Arm ratings (catcher, infield, outfield) by 2D6.
866-873...Autorotation = Your pitching coach demands more say. Run Generate Rotation button and leave that rotation for a month.
874-877...Minors Focus = RANDOMly pick one of your minor clubs (AAA, AA, A). That manager informs you that the team is losing focus. No players can play
out of position the rest of this season.
878-879...Meat = Time to give that pitching prospect his shot. Promote your choice and play him at least 2 games.
880-887...Logo's Gotta Go = The P.R. dept. informs you that "the brand is stale". Design a new logo or have one made for you by the experts on the OOTP
..Front Office..
888-889...The Beancounters = Accounting issues a report that revenues will increase if we raise ticket prices by $2. It's probably a math error knowing
them, but you have to comply for this entire season.
890-890...Landrush = The Radiation Zone has finally been anointed safe for humans again. Increase Team Market by 1 level.
891-891...Exodus = The People are tired of this hole in the ground and they've decided to move to a decent city. Decrease your Team Market by 1 level and
increase your rival Team's Market by 1 level.
892-892...Fan Club = An outstanding Fan Club has formed. Increase your Fan Loyalty by 1 level.
893-897...Fickle Fans = MTV has destroyed the attention span of today's kids. Fan Loyalty drops 1 level.
898-898...YEAH, TEAM! = If you won more games than you lost this week, increase your Fan Interest by 1D6.
899-899...BOOOO! = The fans are tired of your team's antics and they've decided to follow someone more classy. Decrease your Fan Interest by 1D6 and
increase your rival Team's Market by 1D6.
900-902...The Great Race = Check the Standings. However many Games Back you are, reduce your Fan Interest by that number.
903-907...WSUK = Your local TV station, WSUK, folds. Reduce TV revenue by 1D6 *$1,000,000
908-910...ESOOTPN = A new cable station begins carrying your games. Increase TV revenue by 1D6*$500,000.
911-911...Feedback = Post on OOTP forum how much you like Bobble's Chart.
912-912...You will be assimilated = Email this chart to an OOTP playing friend.
913-920...Undo = Undo last roll on this chart whether good or bad.
921-922...Pick 'em = Roll a number from 1 to 100. You can pick any entry on this chart ending in that number (if you roll a 56, you can select 56, 156,
256, etc.).
923-924...Yatzee = You may pick any entry on this chart with 3 of the same number (111, 222, 333, etc.)
925-929...Name Game = Come up with 50 new last names (phone book, ethnic names, whatever) and add them to the name file.
930-934...J.L.Cool Name = Search out 5 rapper's names (internet maybe) and add them to your nicknames file.
935-939...Lassie = Search out 5 pet names (internet maybe) and add them to your nicknames file.
940-944...Sedation = You've successfully slipped the owner a mickey. You may ignore the next "Owner wants…"-type demand roll on this chart.
945-947...Major Tom = The next RANDOM player you chose must be one of the guys on the 25-man active roster.
948-950...Doublin' = If your next RANDOM player has an Irish first (Kevin, Patrick, Sean, etc.) or last name (O'Anything, McAnything, Murphy, Kelly, Ryan,
etc.), you may double the roll's effect if you wish.
951-953...Double Down = Re-roll, apply, and re-roll again.
954-1000..Bupkis = Nothing happened. Move along. Nothing happening here.
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Joe Shlabotnick
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There is too much free time in this country.
This space for rent.
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Originally Posted by Joe Shlabotnick
There is too much free time in this country.
You're right - I was thinking of making a GUI wraparound version of this.

Still kinda fun, though.
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Giving this a bump since it was mentioned elsewhere and I missed this the first time around. This is the kind of random stuff I was looking for to add a bit of spice to my league. Thanks for making this!
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Great idea Bobble. I'll be using this for my solo league when it's ready.
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Malleus Dei
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I just wanted to add that I really enjoy Bobble's Chart Thingey. It's too funny. It has voodoo power as well; I rolled "Chicks Dig The Long Ball" the other day and my team went out and hit 4 HR.

Between this and Bobble's hobbit league, I can't help but think that Bobble may be the most creative person we have on the board.
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If you're playing pre-1947 American baseball, then the All-American Mod (a namefiles/ethnicites/nation/cities file pack) is for you.

Originally Posted by statfreak View Post
MD has disciples.
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Originally Posted by Malleus Dei
I just wanted to add that I really enjoy Bobble's Chart Thingey. It's too funny. It has voodoo power as well; I rolled "Chicks Dig The Long Ball" the other day and my team went out and hit 4 HR.

Between this and Bobble's hobbit league, I can't help but think that Bobble may be the most creative person we have on the board.
WOW! Strong words. I'm humbled. Thanks for the kudos. I'm very glad this is generating some excitement.
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Just stumbled on this thanks to someone linking it from Henry's Rare Event thread.

Fantastic idea!
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Originally Posted by Bonedwarf
Just stumbled on this thanks to someone linking it from Henry's Rare Event thread.

Fantastic idea!
Thanks. I think maybe this just got lost in the shuffle. Maybe I should have announced it on the "normal" board with more fanfare. Anyway, I very much hope you enjoy it. If it gets more interest, I may go back in and come up with a version 2.0 with a bunch more events (especially the time off stuff -- that's a little vague).

I also wanted to say that yes, it's written fairly...what?...frivolous? With the Ronco Bunt-a-matic and so forth it's designed to lighten things up BUT if you're running a more "serious" league, you can still make us of it. Just use all the ratings bumps, player conflicts, etc. but ignore the humorous little "reason" I put along with each. If you get 660-Jacque, then increase his range and say it was because he's been working harder with the trainer.
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I think how I'll implement it personally is once a week, I'll roll a dice. Say a D20. On a roll of 15 or above, something happens. I would want it FAIRLY often, just to add to the excitement, but not every week.

May also put something into play where if, after 3 weeks or whatever, nothing has happened, an event automatically triggered in D6 days.

I love tinkering with dice related things. I've got an entire board game made up here based on F1 that has about a million dice rolls involved. I love games of chance more than skill.

Wish my damn printer was working. I'd print this out.

Couple this with what Henry is doing, and I envision some interesting times ahead

And I think it did get lost in the shuffle. I rarely check this forum anymore, mainly because, while I appreciate all the work people put in, there was nothing here that really floated my boat. Had this not been mentioned in a thread on the regular forum, I never would have found it.

Price you pay for being a good guy staying on topic I guess.

Last edited by Bonedwarf; 05-14-2005 at 05:36 AM.
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Since I'm here as well, I'll bump it too.

Blog it.
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I started using this awhile back and never posted about it - it's freakin' hilarious and I must admit, it adds something. Nice job Bobble. I'm already looking forward to version 2
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Thanks, guys. If people are using it, I may have to get to work on version 2.

Any ideas on what you want to see more of? Player ratings changes? Personal relationship effects? Salary adjustments and restrictions?
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Originally Posted by Bobble View Post
Thanks, guys. If people are using it, I may have to get to work on version 2.

Any ideas on what you want to see more of? Player ratings changes? Personal relationship effects? Salary adjustments and restrictions?
How about all of the above?
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