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Old 05-26-2004, 01:59 PM   #21
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I keep getting a broken link for MD's Name Generator...
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Me too ^
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Re: 2004 season MLB stadiums, rosters, player photos, and logos

Originally posted by Malleus Dei

Malleus Dei's Historical Name Generator, http://www.ootpdownloadcenter.com/F...cal%20Names.zip
(note: this census-based set DOES work with OOTP6, and it is designed to give you historical, non-ethnic names)

Hey Mal is there somewhere else we can get the name file at? OOTPDownloadCenter is sorta missing files and has been that way for over a month. I'm interested in the file. Heck I could probably host atleast a link or mirror for you if you'd like.

GM - Los Angeles Dodgers The Peanuts and Cracker Jack Baseball League

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Originally posted by Maria Nieves
Commish Joe's readme file points to this


for instructions, but the link looks dead. Anyone know where I can find out how to run the Exporter? Thanks

That is where you can download them, the instructions are included within.
GM - Los Angeles Dodgers The Peanuts and Cracker Jack Baseball League
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Please include my 1987 League File to this page of OOTP extras. The download link is in my sig line.

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Halofan's 6/22 2004 roster set

Halofan's 6/22 2004 roster set is now available at:

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Newbie Assistance Add-on Finder


Attention newbies! Just got OOTP6 and want to get a 2004 season started with MLB stadiums, rosters, and logos? Or are you a historical gamer who wants better name files and better data bases? Well, just download the files below and follow their individual installation instructions carefully and you’re good as gold!


Ankit's Stadium's, http://www.wearetheshow.com/ankit/AnkitStadiums2004.zip
(works well with current roster sets)

Teflon Skies' Fictional Ballparks, http://files.simcentral.net/index/Detailed/2925.shtml
(an awesome fictional set, works with fictional leagues)


Malleus Dei's Texas League (fictional) roster set with logos, named minor league teams, named mangers, uses Teflon Skies' Fictional Ballparks, many awesome features, http://files.simcentral.net/index/Detailed/3533.shtml

Halofan's roster set, 2004 MLB rosters (updated as of 6/22/04), http://files.simcentral.net/index/Detailed/3591.shtml

CBL Rosters, version 2, 2004 MLB rosters, http://www.baseballmaelstrom.com/cbl_version_2.zip

Cowboys3356 1987 rosters, http://files.simcentral.net/index/Detailed/3588.shtml

Dougaiton's 1969 rosters, http://files.simcentral.net/index/Detailed/3585.shtml


Church's MLB Logos, V1.01, http://files.simcentral.net/index/Detailed/2522.shtml
(my favorite set)

TrueCardinalFan's Sports Illustrated.com MLB Logos v2.0, http://files.simcentral.net/index/Detailed/2809.shtml


Malleus Dei's Historical Name Generator, http://files.simcentral.net/index/Detailed/1854.shtml
This census-based set DOES work with OOTP6 (download the files into your OOTP6 /DATA subdirectory) and it will let you generate historical, non-ethnic names.


Ankit's databases (in 4 flavors), http://www.baseballmaelstrom.com/ankit/
(replace your Lahman data base with one to four of these four improved versions - examine them to see which one is appropriate to use)


Stickware 4.1 Schedule Maker, http://www.ootpdownloadcenter.com/d...dule%20v4.1.zip


Blueturf's Origin Maker (aka OOTPOriginMaker), http://www.ootpdownloadcenter.com/d...20Generator.zip

Davwms' Origin Generator, http://www.ootpdownloadcenter.com/d...20Generator.zip




Baseball SimCentral

OOTP Download Center


Senior member of the OOTP boards/grizzled veteran/mod maker/surly bastage

If you're playing pre-1947 American baseball, then the All-American Mod (a namefiles/ethnicites/nation/cities file pack) is for you.

Originally Posted by statfreak View Post
MD has disciples.
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DD's MLB facepack - http://www.driscoll-carignan.com/ootp/

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Originally Posted by Draft Dodger
(the LINK): 2004 MLB Facepack
(updated 06/23)
Thanks Mr. Dodger!
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Originally Posted by Draft Dodger
anyone have a link to Tiger Fan's set?
I think you can download them from JoeRockEHF's download center. I may be wrong, if I am, I could certainly zip it up and send it to someone who has more bandwidth space than I do.
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Originally Posted by SirOrion
I think you can download them from JoeRockEHF's download center. I may be wrong, if I am, I could certainly zip it up and send it to someone who has more bandwidth space than I do.
found it. yep, they are at Joe's site.
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You ought to include the link to the add-on schedules thread in the Mods forum. There are already quite a few custom schedules ready for use in OOTP, thanks to the schedule import/export feature.

The link: http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/boar...ad.php?t=63714
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Legends League Update - Feb 2005

Legends League Update - Feb 2005

Hello everybody, its been a long time since my last visit here to the forum.
Even though I have been very busy with real work and also on updating the Legends League, I've have not forgotten my friends in the OOTP community.

In case your interested, here is a new link to where I have stashed the most recent copy of the final version of the Legends League. I have eliminated all duplicate players and have added the best players up to 2004. This means the database of players is from 1900 to 2004. You won't find a more comprehensive league of players all in one place than here on my new website: Farmers Gold Coast League

When you bring up the FarmersGCL webpage, look over to the left and you will see a link that says: "Download All League Files." Click on it and you'll be in business.

The files are in a zip file labeled: FarmGCL2005L and the league ratings are locked. I do have a duplicate unlocked version as well but they will have to stay on ice until I can find a way to post them.

Before you leave the webpage, please sign our GUESTBOOK. You will find it by looking over to the far right until you see a link that says "Misc." When you point your mouse over the link a window will open and you will see the actual link to the GuestBook. Click on it to enter our GuestBook Pages. You may have to click on a couple of the links at the top of the GuestBook page first before you can activate the link to sign our Book. We would love to hear from you and read your thoughts about the FGCL. We are also starting a new on-line league soon and invite you to sign up and play. If your interested, go back to the FarmGCL webpage, click on "Misc" again and choose "Forum." In the Forum, click on "Introduction" and you can read a little about our league and what we're up to doing. Keep in mind that everything we need to do or say is not yet posted as we're just starting out - finally!

About this update: There are the same 36 teams in the league but I have made many roster changes along the way. I believe the league is more competitive than ever. Of course, you can easily create your own teams and league from all the thousands of players I have included. The league comes complete with many stadiums which were provided to the community by Teflon, Henry, & Blueturf). To each of them the Legends League gives a big "thumbs up" and many "thanks."
Of course, I could not overlook or thank enough Markus for his great work and enthusiasm for an american sport we all love and cherish. He has done a "fantastic" job in creating OOTP and has been a life savior in helping me bring my own "giant" league into creation. The Farmers Legends League has been under construction, on and off, for nearly three years. So, you can be sure there is alot of fun here. I realize that many of you want to see a league comprised of the "All-Time" greatest team lineups. Well, you can make them here if I don't someday beat you to it. However, I'm in no hurry!

To those of you who are interested, I really hope you enjoy playing the final version of Spanky's "League Of Legends."


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