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Now that spring training has rolled around, we have decided on what team to pick....after looking everything over, I've decided to take on the task of being the GM of the only Welsh team, the Cardiff Corsairs. The are a below average market size with the second lowest payroll. This will be a challenge.

We have a budget of $3.6 M and a payroll of $1.7M. That leaves us about $306K for free agents for this offseason. Our owner, Declan Trewen, a Scot owning a Welsh team, is a 49 year old businessman. He is lenient and economizer fiscal policy. He has no expectations for how we should do this year. As long as we make him a profit right? This should be fun...

Cardiff Corsairs

This preview will help us both get accustomed to what we have in store.

Manager - Dominic Wintour (39) (Rookies - Decent; Veterans - Average; Players - Decent) Not the greatest manager. We will see how he does. He's from Wales. He's making $39,000 through 1972.
Bench Coach - Daryl Shawcross (49) (Rookies - Legendary; Veterans - Outstanding; Players - Legendary) So why is he not our manager? I'm sure he will be in high demand if we don't get to him first. Making $50,000 through 1971. Yes, more than our manager...
Pitching Coach - Ryan MacLennan (48) (Pitching - Average ) Average pitching coach but he's cheap. Last year on his deal making $10,000.
Hitting Coach - Sebastian Chaundler (34) (Hitting - OK; Fielding - Fair) Below average hitting coach. The cheapest coach we have in the entire system. Making #3,900 through 1970.
Team Trainer - Noah Tibbetts (34) (Arms - Fair; Legs - Legendary; Back - OK; Other - Good; Fatigue Recovery - Average) Well let's hope everyone hurts their legs...Making #31,000 through 1971.
Scouting Director - Max Hendry (58) (Majors - Outstanding; Minors - Decent; International - Excellent; Amateurs - Decent; Projection - Highly Favor Ability) Hmm, don't think he's what we are looking for long term. We will be looking probably at building through the draft and his specialty is scouting the majors. He's making $16,000 through 1970.

Rob Jackson (32) 4*/4* - Average all around except patience. $160K/$160K.
Logan Gibson (27) 1.5*/1.5* - Great receiver, liability with the bat. That makes him a good backup. $45,800.

1B Harry Compton (27) 2*/2.5* - Not a prototype 1B. Excellent patience, but average everywhere else. $100K/$100K
2B Howard Patten (31) 4.5*/4.5* - Our #1 pick. Excellent contact and patience. No power. Average defense. $192K/$242K/$302K/$302K(player option)That contract could get ugly by the end.
SS Steven Goldsworthy (24) 1.5/2.5 - Excellent defense, average speed, below average hitter. No ML service time.
3B/2B/LF Charles Shipman (30) 3/3 - Average hitter. Can play multiple positions which is a first so far. Might be good for drawing a walk. $200K/$200K/$200K/$200K.
2B/3B Billy Broderick (40) 1.5/1.5 - Maybe should've retired a long time ago. Outside of being above average at 2B he's garbage.
3B/2B Joey Whinnett (26) 1.5/1.5 - Ditto here. He's younger though. Will be a FA after this season.
SS/2B Mason Plumtree (34) 1.5/1.5 - Another good defender who sucks with a bat. Maybe we can steal wins with our defense? But, how many?

RF/LF Bryan Crocombe (31) 5/5 - Excellent contact, gap power, speed, patience. Below average defender in RF. Very bad in LF.
OF/1B Hughie Clinton (25) 1.5/1.5 - Excellent defender and speed, below average bat. Have you heard this before?
RF/LF Douggie Edney (22) 1.5/2 - We might have something here. Excellent in RF and has a great arm. Above average contact, walks, and patience. Average speed. No ML service time.
LF/RF Mason Lerwill (33) 1.5/1.5 - Replaceable player. He's our best defender in LF. $32,000.
OF Ronald Paulet (22) 1.5/4 - excellent defender with speed. He has the potential to be at least ok at the plate. No ML service time.
LF/RF/1B Gideon Threadgold 1.5/1.5 - Love his name, don't love his game...

SP Ross Culley (36) 3.5/3.5 - Below average stamina. Excellent movement and control. Average stuff. 3 average pitches with one well below average changeup. $250,000.
SP Hayden Pyatt (27) 3/3.5 - Looks similar to Culley, but younger and has better stamina. $200K/$200K/$200K/$200K.
SP Kane Nairn (21) 1.5/2.5 - #1 prospect in the league. Central scouting, loves him more than our scouts. Maybe thats because Max Hendry likes major leaguers over minor leaguers. We will see how this kid does on the field. Looks like he could be special. No service time.
SP Thomas MacKinder (24) 2/2 - Average starter with 3 average pitches and excellent stamina. Innings eater.
SP Bryan Herrod (28) 2/2 - Below average, should probably be in the bullpen. $44,600.
SP Joel Warder (27) 1/1.5 - Looks better than Herrod. Another innings eater type.

RP Liam Kennerley (25) 5/5 - Looks like a very good closer for years to come. $19,656. only 1 year of service time.
RP Kieran MacGregor (33) 5/5 - Older version of what we hope Kennerley will become. Excellent stamina so we might try him out as a starter. $112K/$112K/$112K.
RP Louie Pascoe (26) 3.5/4 - He could be the setup guy to Kennerley if we decide to move MacGregor to the rotation.
RP Paul Mallam (32) 2.5/2.5 - Bullpen/Emergency Starter. Nothing more.

Top Prospects
1. SP Kane Nairn (21) ML - #1 prospect
2. C Griff Narbourough (20) R - He's 20 but really raw by the looks of it. Central scouting has him rated a little better than our scouts. (Hendry's at it again) Ranked #5 prospect.
3. OF/IF Harley Stamfordham (18) R - Super Utility guy. Can play anywhere but catcher. Not very good on the infield. Excellent range. Not very good with a bat. #6 prospect.
4. OF Ronald Paulet (22) ML - #8 prospect
5. RP Jacob Smith (18) R - Very young and raw. Could be a solid bullpen arm in the future. Will take some time. #15 prospect.
6. SP Thomas MacKinder (24) ML - #17 prospect.
7. RP Lenny Witter (21) A - Looks like he's ready for a ML showcase sometime this year. Average RP, nothing special. #27 prospect.
8. SS Steven Goldsworthy (24) ML - #31 prospect.
9. C Kieron Hockridge (22) A - Looks like a backup catcher. between Narborough and Hockridge we might be set down the line at catcher. It's a good thing because our ML one's aren't very good.
10. RP Shaun Meech (24) A - Another extra RP just in case we need them. He's our A closer at the moment, but we don't see him as that in the future for us. Lefty.

Overall our system ranks #1. Why we have a scouting director who is a ML guy I have no idea. This clearly looks like a team on the rise with a full minor league cupboard. Our player development budget is $685,000. Almost 1/6 of our overall budget and $110,000 higher than the league average. I think I can see where our priorities lie. It's a sound strategy with the second lowest budget and an economic owner.
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Spring Training Roundup

We are on the brink of the inaugural season of the BCBL. Boy are we excited!! Before we get ahead of ourselves, lets recap the spring...we luckily escaped spring training unscathed injury wise. Here's the standings...

BCBL North
Leeds 7-5 --
Glasgow 6-6 1
Manchester 3-9 4
Liverpool 3-9 4

BCBL South
Birmingham 9-3 --
Bristol 8-4 1
London 7-5 2
Cardiff 5-7 4

If spring training standings have any barring, which the usually don't, we could be in the tougher of the two divisions. I don't think we will be competing straight off, but you never know what can happen. We should get a better idea as the early season rolls along. The regular season is a 62 schedule. The final day of the season is July 12th. The top two teams in each division will square off in a 3 game playoff to determine the champion. Hopefully, it's us!! Our fan base is one of the lowest in terms of loyalty and interest.

Top Prospect Kane Nairn struggled mightily. In 6 innings, he allowed 13 ER(good for a 19.50 ERA) while walking 9 and striking out 4. His FIP is much better but still not good at 7.37. Bryon Herrod had the best spring out of any of our starters. 1.38 ERA with 1 BB and 5 K in 13 IP. Closer Liam Kennerley looked amazing not surrendering an ER all spring striking out 19 and walking only 2 in 13 innings. All 4 of our relievers did well so that's a good sign. Our SP might be pretty weak.

On offense, young SS Steve Goldsworthy really impressed us slashing .381/.458/.429 with 8 RBI. Looks like hitting is ahead of pitching in the early goings of this league. We thought it would be the other way around. We only had 3 hitters hit below .300 in the spring.

Welsh RP lost for most of the season

May 1, 1970

Manchester reliever Glen Dannattet left today's game with shoulder tendinitis. The injury looked like it occured throwing a pitch in their spring training tilt against Birmingham. One fan said, "As soon as it happened, you could tell something was wrong. "

The injury will likely leave the Red Storm without Dannattet's service for about 7 weeks.

Pilgrim's Season Over Before it Began

May 3, 1970

The injury that has kept Hayden Pilgrim out of action since May 1st will keep him out for almost a year. Bristol Sunbirds officials made the announcement this afternoon. They said that Pilgrim is expected to miss at least 12 months with a torn labrum.

Our season will begin in 2 days when the London Monarchs come to tow to open the season....here we go folks!!

Here's the preseason predictions for the inaugural season...

BCBL North
Leeds 36-26 --
Glasgow 36-26 --
Liverpool 31-31 5
Manchester 29-33 7

BCBL South
London 32-30 --
Birmingham 30-32 2
Bristol 28-34 4
Cardiff 28-34 4

Looks like we were wrong. Our division looks like the weaker of the two. Should be interesting if we have a play in game for a division at the end of the year.

Howard Patten is the only hitter that shows up on the top 10 hitters. He's projected .358/.419/.478 with 2 HR 25 RBI and 8 SB.

Closer Liam Kennerley is the only pitcher that shows up. He's projected 12 saves with a 1.90 ERA and 63 K's in 54 innings.

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Opening Day!!


It's finally May the 5th!! That means it's opening day!! Welcome to the Cardiff Grounds as we are moments away from a historic moment in British sports. The upstart British Commonwealth Baseball League is about to throw out it's first meaningful pitch around the league. Spring Training is over. Teams have been waiting for this moment for over a year since the league announced it's intentions of bringing us baseball here in the Commonwealth!! So without much further ado, here are the opening day lineups for your visiting London Monarchs.

Leading off, CF Richard Percy. Batting second, SS Alistair Timbrell. Batting third, 1B Craig Durtnell. Hitting cleanup, RF Daniel McKelvey. 5th, C Bradley Barling. Batting 6th, LF Lester Goddier. Batting 7th, 2B Craig Birstall. Hitting 8th, 3B Kieron Stoppard. And batting 9th and doing the pitching for the visiting London Monarchs, Alex Hawking!!

Now, taking the field, yourrrrrr Cardiff Corsairsssssss!! Let's here it folks!!!

Pitching for the Corsairs, from Slough, England, number 19, Ross Culley.

It looks like he's done throwing his warm up tosses and we are set for action.
Top of 1st
In to the batter's box steps, CF Richard Percy. For the ease of simulating, from now on we will switch to where the action happens.
2 balls and 2 strike count on Percy, here come the pitch. Percy swings. It's a high pop fly turning foul. 3B Charles Shipman under it. Waiting. and he snatches it for the first out in Cardiff history.

Up next for the Monarchs, Alistair Timbrell. 1-1 count on the SS. Culley kicks and deals. Timbrell smokes one to Goldsworthy at short. Goldsworthy sets. The throw across the diamond. And Timbrell is SAFE!!! Chalk that one up to pure determination, and Timbrell has the first hit at the the Cardiff Grounds.

Hitting third and playing 1B Craig Durtnell. 2-2 count. Timbrell takes his lead at first. Here comes the pitch from Culley. Hit to short, this could be two. Goldsworthy taps second and fires to first. In time!! Double play. That retires the side here in the first. No runs, one hit, no errors and nobody left on.

London 0, Cardiff 0

Bottom of 1st

London Monarchs starter Alex Hawking looks ready. The umpire look ready. Here we go folks, let's hear it from the crowd as leadoff hitter Hughie Clinton takes to the plate!!

3-2 count on Clinton. Hawking fires the payoff pitch. And he strikes him out!! 1 away.

Next up, playing 1st base, Harry Compton. The 2-1 pitch. Hard swing by Compton and this ones going down the left field line for extra bases. LF Goddier has it. The throw comes back in, but not in time as Compton is at second easily with a standup double. Congrats Harry on the first hit in Corsairs history!!!

Batting 3rd and playing 2B, the captain Howard Patten. 3-0 count on the captain. Pitch is in the dirt, and Hawking walked him. Runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out.

Up next, RF Bryan Crocombe. The pitch is on it's way...It's a double steal!! Knee high on the inside corner for strike one. The throw down to third, and Compton issssss.....OUT!!! Patten hustles into second. How bout that for guts by rookie manager Dominic Wintour?!?!

Runner on 2nd now with 2 outs. The 0-2 pitch Crocombe swats it towards shallow left, Goodier after it but he can't get it. Crocombe has a base hit. Patten safely into third. If the double steal was successful that could be a run scored there.

Next up, the 3B Charles Shipman. Hawking is set. Into his windup, he goes. He fires the 0-0 from the stretch. Hit towards the SS Timbrell. The soft throw to second. And it's in time!! 3 down as we've played 1 here at the Cardiff Grounds. No Score.

London 0, Cardiff 0

Top 2nd

Next up, the cleanup hitter, and he does have some pop in that bat so beware, the RF Daniel McKelvey. Culley deals the 3-2 pitch. Got him looking!! One away.

Striding to the plate with one away is the C Bradley Barling. Bases empty. Culley from the windup. Barling swings...high hopper to the left side...Shipman handles it cleanly...the throw and Barling is taken care of. Two away.

Lester Goodier is next hoping to get something started here in the 2nd for the Monarchs. The 3-2...Culley checks the sign...winds and fires...and its away, ball four...take your base Mr. Goodier.

Craig Birstall stands in next for London, runner on 1st, two away. The 1-1. Birstall swings. Hit cleanly to right. Goodier takes second and he's not stopping there...Crocombe has it in right..the throw to third...the tag and he's safe!! Do the Monarchs have something brewing here in the second?

The 3B Kieron Stoppard could do some damage here. The 0-1 is hit on a line to short right field. Goodier comes in to score. Taking second is Birstall. Kieron Stoppard deals the first blow here tonight. London takes a 1-0 lead

In steps the pitcher, Alex Hawking. He can actually swing a bat so be careful Ross. Here's the 1-2..Culley out of the strech...and he takes care of his opponent. Hawking strands a pair.

London 1, Cardiff 0

Bottom 2nd

The LF Gideon Threadgold comes up hoping to get the equalizer here in the second. The 1-2 pitch is a lazy fly ball to right. McKelvey strides to it and he's got it. One away.

Lefty hitting SS Steve Goldsworthy stands in. The pitch on 1-2...Goldsworthy swings. Hit on a line to short left field and Goldsworthy is on with a single.

Logan Gibson, the second baseman is up next. Goldsworthy takes his lead at first on the 0-2. Hawking fires and he got him for strike three. Can't go down looking. Gotta swing the bat.

The pitcher, Ross Culley is next. The 0-2. Hawking from the stretch. A lazy ball out to the SS Timbrell. The throw a cross and the inning is over. Culley strands one at first. We head to the 3rd here on opening day.

London 1, Cardiff 0

Top 3rd

We flip the lineup card back to the top, standing in is Richard Percy. He hit a pop fly in the first to Shipman at third. Culley sets on the 1-1 pitch. Soaring pop up once again to Shipman at third and he handles it for the out.

That brings Alistair Timbrell to the plate. He had the first hit here at the Cardiff grounds back in the 1st. The 2-2. Swung on, blooped out towards right center. Crocombe hustles towards it but its out of his reach. That's a play better fielders get to..Timbrell with a single.

One out, one on as Craig Durtnell digs in. The 3-2 is low-- ball four. Durtnell trots down to first. Over to second goes Timbrell. That's the second walk given up by Ross Culley.

Daniel McKelvey will be next. Another 3-2 pitch. This time he got him swinging!! Two away. Culley racks up his 3rd K.

Bradley Barling, the catcher, is up next. The 1-2. Late breaking cutter on the outside corner and Barling looks upset as he walks back to the dugout. Strike three called!! Barling strands a pair and the score remains...

London 1, Cardiff 0

Bottom 3rd
Just like in the top, the lineup card flips over. Hughie Clinton comes to the plate, 0-1 on the day. Hawking rocks and fires. Dribbled to third...Stoppard gloves it and fires to Durtnell in time for the out. One away.

Harry Compton is next. He swings at the first pitch he sees and sends it to center. McKelvey under it and he tucks it away for out number two.

The captain, Howard Patten now. He walked back in the first. The 2-0 pitch is a shot to the gap in left center...Patten is around first and he slides into second safely. That's the 4th hit of the game for the Corsairs.

Bryan Crocombe is next up here in the 3rd. 1-1 pitch is on its way. Towering drive to center field. To the wall goes Percy and he will barely have room to make the grab. Monarchs dodge a bullet here.

Monarchs maintain a 1-0 lead

Top 4th
Lester Goodier to lead it off. He walked in the second. Culley with the 3-1. Goodier swings and lines it to short center field for a base hit.

Craig Birstall comes to the plate, 1 for 1 on the day. The 1-0. The runners going. The balls stroked out to right..In comes Crocombe and he grabs it for the first out. Goodier is going to have to get back to first in a hurry...and he does. One away.

Kieron Stoppard steps in, doing the only damage of the game so far...The 2-0 pitch...The right hander deals and it's another hit for Stoppard down the left field line. He will be held to a single. Over to second goes Goodier.

Pitcher Alex Hawking steps in..This could be a bunt situation here with one out and 2 on. The 1-0 is bunted down the third base line. Shipman charges it and guns to first for the out. Goodier and Stoppard advance. That's a well executed bunt by the Monarchs' pitcher.

Richard Percy stands in here. A base hit could knock in two for the visitors....He swings at the first pitch he sees and lines it to center. Hughie Clinton moves to his left a little and has it. The Corsairs put up another clean inning after getting into danger.

London 1, Cardiff 0

Bottom 4th

To the home half of the 4th now, 3B Charles Shipman strides to the dish. The 2-0 pitch is swung on..Two hopper to the first baseman, Durtnell. He steps on the bag in time for the first out.

Gideon Threadgold is up next. He swings at the 2-1 pitch and sends and easy ground ball to the 3B Stoppard and he is out.

Steve Goldsworthy aka "Goldy" is coming to the plate. The youngster had a fine spring and hopes to get something going here. Goldsworthy slaps one hard to the right side...2B Birstall has it and sends it to first in time to catch the speedy "Goldy". 1-2-3 go the Corsairs in the 4th.

London 1, Cardiff 0

Top 5

Alistair Timbrell comes to the plate having himself a day so far, going 2 for 2. He swings at the first pitch...pop fly...CF Hughie Clinton calls for it and he has it. One down.

Craig Durtnell is next. The 1-2 pitch from Culley....and Durtnell sends it back where it came from, up the middle for a base hit. Culley has no allowed 7 hits thru 4 1/3 and his pitch count is rising here.

Daniel McKelvey stands in, 0 for 2 on the day. The 1-1 is hit to center field and deeeeeppppp. Going back on it, Clinton and he's there to put it away for the second out.

Bradley Barling is next for the Monarchs with 2 away.The 0-2 is swung on and rolled to the left side. Goldy is up with it...the throw to first...and Barling beats it out!! It looks like Barling might've pulled something and they will have to take him out of the game. Angus Nisbet will sub in and assume the catching duties for the Monarchs.

Lester Goodier comes to the plate with 2 away and a runner on 1st. He is 1 for 1 with a walk. The 2-2 pitch upcoming. Culley gets set, from the strech. Swing and miss and Goodier is gone via the strikeout!!

London 1, Cardiff 0

Bottom 5

Cardiff's catcher Logan Gibson will be up to start the home half of the 5th. He's 0-1 on the day. Hawking is ready with the 1-0..This one is struck well by the catcher...Percy sprints after it...on the warning track...and he won't get to this one...Gibson is around first and he will pull into second with a stand up double.

With something doing here in the 5th with no one away and Culley's pitch count nearing 100, we will see a pinch hitter. Backup OF Douggie Edney will be Manager Wintour's choice here. And he swings at the first pitch he sees...Line drive right to Goodier in left and he closes is glove on it for the out.

Hughie Clinton stands in looking for his first hit of the evening and this could be a huge spot to get it...Hawking with the 0-1. This one is skied on the infield...Birstall settles under it and he has it for the second out.

Harry Compton up next. The 1-1...smoked down the line to the 3B Stoppard...he hurries the throw and it sails past Durtnell at first. Compton is safe at first...Gibson moves up to third...Sloppy play and the inning continues.

The captain could do some damage here...Howard Patten swings at the 2-0, this ones in the hole at short...Timbrell dives and has it...he comes up throwing to first, but Patten is safe!!! Logan Gibson comes into score to make it a 1-1 game. Compton over to 2nd. Cardiff 1, London 1

Bryan Crocombe stands in hoping to extend the inning and give the Corsairs a lead here in the 5th. Hawking kicks and deals...it's a dribble in front of the pitcher...Hawking has it and throws out Crocombe easily at first. Two runners left on, but the Corsairs have struck and tied this one at 1!!

Cardiff 1, London 1

Top 6

The new pitcher will be righty, Louie Pascoe. Culley will at least no longer be on the hook for the loss.

Craig Birstall will be the first to face Pascoe here in the 6th. The righty kicks and deals the 2-1...this one is looped to left center...Threadgold on the move and he snares it for the first out.

Kieron Stoppard is next, a perfect 2-2 with the Monarchs only RBI thus far. The 3-2...struck him out with a sinker!!! How about that one from Pascoe?? Two away.

Alex Hawking comes up hoping to help his own cause...Pascoe delivers the 2-2 and its a called strike three!!! 1-2-3 go the Monarchs in the 6th.

Cardiff 1, London 1

Bottom 6th

Charles Shipman stands in, 0 for 2 on the day...Here's the 0-2 pitch...swung on and missed for strike 3!! There's the curve we've heard so much about from Hawking. He collects his 3rd K on the day.

Gideon Threadgold is next...he's hitless on the day...he gives the first pitch he sees a ride, but it won't quite be far enough for the first HR here at the Cardiff Grounds. Percy snares it on the track. Two away.

Steve Goldsworthy up next...he sends the payoff pitch out to second..Birstall has it and throws Goldy out at first...quick 6th inning for both clubs.

As we go towards the 7th, lets take a look around the rest of the league here on opening day, shall we? In Birmingham, The Knights are on the wrong end of a 3-0 game in the top of the 6th against the Bristol Sunbirds. The Sunbirds have 12 hits on the day to the Knights 3. Next, in Manchester, the hosting Red Storm have a 5-3, hitting in the 6th with the bases chucked full of Red Storm hitters. That one could get lopsided fast...And finally, in Leeds they have a game similar to ours here in Cardiff, as the Northerns are deadlocked with the visiting Highlanders of Glasgow, with a score of 1-1.

Cardiff 1, London 1

Top 7

Louie Pascoe will trot back out there for his second inning of work. Richard Percy digs into the batters box in this close contest. The 1-0 from Pascoe is popped up to center fielder Hughie Clinton who handles it for out number one.

Alistair Timbrell comes up next...Pascoe leans in for the sign on this 0-2 pitch...Timbrell swings...hit on the ground to the second baseman. The captain wings it over to first, in time for the second out.

Monarchs 1B Craig Durtnell is up, going 1 for 2 on the day with a walk. The 2-2 pitch is a line drive towards the centerfield gap...Threadgold races after it but it sails over his head and skips to the fence...Durtnell is thinking two, and he will get two as he motors into second with a stand up double. That's the first hit allowed by Pascoe.

Daniel McKelvey hopes to open this one up for the visitors here in the 7th as he stands in...The 2-2...a line drive to right, not enough to get the run in from 2nd so Durtnell will have to settle for 3rd with 2 away.

Angus Nisbet stands in for the first time. He replaced the injured Bradley Barling in the 5th. The catcher swings at the first pitch...towards second it goes, but the captain, Howard Patten is too quick for that...Good reaction by Patten.. That's three down!!

Time to stretch here, Cardiff!!! The score remains...

Cardiff 1, London 1

Bottom 7th

Logan Gibson, Corsairs catcher is first up...Alex Hawking has worked well today. Upcoming will only be the 80th pitch of the night. The 2-1 to Gibson is popped high in the air right in front of home plate...This one will test Nisbet as he has to wait a while, but he collects it for out number one.

Pitchers spot due up next, so we will probably see a pinch hitter here...yes we do, as 40 year old reserve Billy Broderick grabs a bat and a helmet and strides out of the dugout...The wiley veteran is no match for the young lefty, Hawking, as he is quickly disposed of on 3 pitches...two away.

Hughie Clinton up next, he hopes to get his first hit of the season here with two away.The 0-1 from Hawking...popped straight up...The 1B Durtnell is calling for it...and he hauls it in...1-2-3 go the Corsairs in the 7th...

Cardiff 1, London 1

Top 8th

Here comes Liam Kennerley in from the bullpen to face the 6-7-8 hitters here in the 8th...

Lester Goodier is up first. He's 1-2 on the day with a walk. The 3-2 from the new pitcher....and its a walk...Goodier down to first with his second walk of the day...not a good way to start the game for Kennerley.

Craig Birstall stands in with a runner on first to face the blazing righty...the 1-0...laced in the air to deep right...Clinton has to hurry...he pulls up at the wall...and he's got it!!! Boy that was close. Goodier retreats to first.

Charlie Beckwith will pinch hit here for the 3B Kieron Stoppard. The 2-2 pitch...checked swing....RING HIM UP!!! Two away.

Another pinch hitter here, this means Monarchs starter Alex Hawking's night is over. What a game the youngster has pitched here tonight. Striding to the plate is Owen MacPherson. The 0-2 pitch to pinch hitter is a slider over the outside corner for strike three...Kennerley recovers well after the lead off walk...We head to the bottom of the 8th, deadlocked at 1.

Quick check around the league, Leeds has taken the 2-1 lead over Glasgow at home on a Harold Achurch solo shot. Glasgow is hitting in the 8th. In Birmingham, the visiting Sunbirds still hold a 3-0 lead in the 7th. And in Manchester, the Red Storm weren't able to get anything done with the bases loaded. They hold a 5-3 lead in the 7th. Back to the action in Cardiff...

Bottom 8th

Will we need extras here on opening day in Cardiff? New pitcher, Liam Brown hopes not..He will do what he can facing the heart of the Corsairs order here in the 8th.

Harry Compton strides in 1 for 3 on the day with a double in the first. The 2-0 pitch from Brown is lined into short left for a base hit..

Howard Patten up next with one on and no out in the 8th...The 1-0 is rapped on the ground to the left side...this could be two...quick throw by Timbrell to second and the relay onto first...and he's safe!!! The speedy captain hustled to beat that throw.

One out, as Bryan Crocombe stands in...From the stretch, Brown deals the 2-0..he takes a cutter for strike one...Nisbet tries to get Patten at first, but he just got back!! The 2-1...misses with a cutter as Patten started and stopped at first base...The next pitch...ball four to Crocombe...over to second goes Patten. We got something cooking in the 8th here in Cardiff!!!

Next up, 3B Charles Shipman. Runners on 1st and 2nd, only one out. 1-2 is the count...Shipman slaps one hard on the ground...Timbrell is up with it. The quick relay to to Birstall at 2nd and on to first for the twin killing!! And just like that the air is sucked out of the Cardiff Grounds..

Cardiff 1, London 1

Top 9

Liam Kennerley comes back out for the Corsairs here in the 9th.

Richard Percy will lead it off, 0 for 4 on the day. The 1-2 is on its way...Percy swings, and he misses!! One away..That's the 3rd K for the Corsairs stopper.

Alistair Timbrell comes on...he's 2 for 4 today..he slaps one up the middle on the 2-1 pitch...Patten has it behind second...and he air mails the throw into the stands!! Timbrell will advance to second on the throwing error.

Craig Durtnell will stand in, trying to get the go ahead run here. The count is full...Durtnell swings...grounder up the middle...Goldy pulls it in and send it to first in time...Timbrell will be allowed to advance on the play.

Here we go folks...a 1-1 tie here in the 9th, Corsairs stopper Liam Kennerley on the mound, a runner on 3rd with 2 away...Can it get any closer than this?? Daniel McKelvey strides to the plate...Can he be a hero?? The 2-1 pitch from the stretch comes Kennerley...slow roller to the right side of the mound...Kennerley has it, he makes the throw to first...and the Corsairs get out of the jamb!!

Cardiff 1, London 1

Bottom 9

Liam Brown stays on here in the 9th for the Monarchs. He will face Gideon Threadgold first, who is 0-3 on the day..the count is full...swung on hard shot to the right side..gloved by Birstall and he throws out Threadgold at first.

"Goldy" is next with one away. 1 for 3 on the day...He swings at the first pitch..tapped on the ground to the pitcher. Brown grabs it and throws out Goldy easily for the second out.

Logan Gibson up looking to extend the Corsairs chances here in regulation...its a full count...the payoff pitch...and he struck him out!!! Gibson down swinging and we are headed to extras here in Cardiff..

Before we do, two games elsewhere have gone final. The Leeds Northerns hold on to take a slim 2-1 win from the Highlanders on opening day. Also, in Manchester, the home team was able to survive, besting the Liverpool Dragons by a score of 5-3. Bristol watched it's lead shrink in the 7th from 3-0 to 3-2. That's where that one stands heading into the 9th.

Back to Cardiff..

Top 10th

Angus Nisbet will get his second at bat of the game as Liam Kennerley will stay on for the Corsairs. He swings at the first pitch and htis it to the left side...Goldy makes the scoop and makes easy work of Nisbet..

Lester Goodier will get a chance here, one away..He swings at the 2-2...hit right to Shipman at third and the quick toss over to first has him. Two away.

Craig Birstall could be the last chance here in the 10th for the Monarchs...a full count...Kennerley peers in for the sign...he's got it...sets and delivers..its a ball...and the Monarchs have a base runner here in the 10th.

Charlie Beckwith who pinch hit in the 8th will get another chance here with two down...Kennerley's pitch total is slowly creeping up but they are leaving him in there...2-2 pitch is in there strike three!! Beckwith swung and came up cold...and we head to the bottom of the 10th, with the score...

Cardiff 1, London 1

Bottom 10

The pitchers spot is due up first, meaning Kennerley's night is done...backup 3B Joey Whinnett will get the call here as the Monarchs leave Liam Brown in...the 1-2 is at the letters...strike three!!! Brown makes quick work of the new batter.

Hughie Clinton up next, trying to break his 0-fer, going 0 for 4 thus far. The 1-0 pitch incoming from Brown...and this one is ripped into the right field corner...Clinton is around second and kicks on the afterburns...Beckwith the throw...the relay from Birstall...and Clinton is safe with a triple!!!

Harry Compton in now. Can he be the hero tonight? Nope. He will get the intentional free pass from Brown.

Its up to the captain now, as Howard Patten digs in...The 1-1 is hit in the air...Percy is back...this should be deep enough to score Clinton from third...Percy makes the catch...the throw.....NOT IN TIME!!!! CARDIFF WALKS OFF WINNERS TONIGHT!!! How about that clutch at bat from the captain? He knew what he had to do and he did it. CARDIFF ARE WINNERS, the score 2-1 in the 10th..Can't get anymore exciting than that on opening day. For everyone here at Cardiff Sports Network, so long and good night!!

W: Liam Kennerley (1-0) L: Liam Brown (0-1)

Player of the Game: Howard Patten 2-3 DBL 3B 2 RBI
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May 5, 1970

Scores around the League

Opening Day is in the books...

Bristol Sunbirds 3-14-1

Louie Bonniface 7 IP 6 H 2 R 0 ER 5 BB 10 K (W, 1-0)
Stephen Aves 3-4 3B RBI R SB
Bradley Kempson 3-5
Kian Honess 4-5

Birmingham Knights 2-6-1

Colin Jarman 7 IP 13 H 3 ER 3 BB 2 K (L, 0-1)
Bart Larwood 2-4 DBL RBI
Harold Limer 2-4

W: Louie Bonniface (1-0) L: Colin Jarman (0-1) SV: Lucas Siddons (1)

POTG: Louie Bonniface

Liverpool Dragons 3-6-0

Noah Payton 6 IP 11 H 5 ER 2 BB 4 K (L, 0-1)
Kieran MacCloy 1-4 HR (1) 2 RBI
Matthew MacLean 2-4 RBI R

Manchester Red Storm 5-14-0

Liam Chal 6 IP 5 H 3 ER 1 BB 5 K (W, 1-0)
Callum Withecombe 3 IP 1 H 0 ER 2 BB 2 K (SV, 1)
Brendon Winstone 3-5 DBL RBI R
Jon Lammas 1-4 DBL RBI R
Owen Millington 2-4 RBI

W: Liam Chal (1-0) L: Noah Payton (0-1) SV: Callum Withecombe (1)

POTG: Callum Withecombe
Glasgow Highlanders 1-8-0

Sean Fenwick 6 IP 5 H 1 ER 2 BB 3 K
Harry Speechley 2-5 DBL
Nick Batkin 1-3 BB R
Douglas Young 1-4 DBL RBI

Leeds Northerns 2-7-2

Conor Gale 7 IP 6 H 1 ER 4 BB 6 K (W, 1-0)
Clyde Joule 2-3 RBI
Harold Achurch 1-3 HR (1) RBI R

W: Conor Gale (1-0) L: Charles Pimblett (0-1) SV: Marcus Southgate (1)

POTG: Conor Gale

BCBL North
Leeds 1-0 --
Manchester 1-0 --
Glasgow 0-1 1 GB
Liverpool 0-1 1 GB

BCBL South
Bristol 1-0 --
Cardiff 1-0 --
Birmingham 0-1 1 GB
London 0-1 1 GB
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So with one day in the books, I wanted to ask...do you guys like this format? Is it too long to read? It's fun for me because I get to learn the league a little faster and with a shorter season, I can take more time to do the write ups....please let me know your thoughts.
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Draft Pool Announced

The deadline has passed for players to declare for the first-year player draft. The BCBL officials have released a list to all teams with players who can chosen on draft day. The teams now have a chance to scout the draft pool for 30 days before the draft is held.

The top players available(in no particular order) seem to be:
1. SS Wade Kingham, 17, Wales (such a disparity between Max Hendry's rankings and central scouting, this guy looks like he sucks to Hendry, but looks like a young contact hitter with speed and an incredible arm.)

2. OF Ryan Blades, 18, Aylesbury, England (once again, Hendry thinks he sucks, but central scouting says this guy has elite contact potential, with the ability to draw a fair amount of walks. Can play defense at each one of the OF positions at a very high level. Has an outstanding arm with plus speed.)

3. SP Everton Lovibond, 20, Wales (Plus movement potential. 4 pitch mix with only 2 grading out at least average potential. 88-90 MPH fastball.)

4. 3B Cameron Nairn, 19, Scotland (I think I'm going to leave Hendry's opinion out of these..He thinks everyone sucks!! Nairn looks to have average potential across the board. Can play a little SS, althought not that well. Above average arm)

5. SP Christopher Hurt, 18, Castle Cary, England (Interesting prospect in Hurt. 3 pitch mix of 87-89 MPH fastball, changeup, slider. Potential for plus control with above average movement. Throw on top of that, he's not half bad with a bat. Average contact potential, plus speed, and a decent arm. Can fit in LF or RF.)

6. SS Aaron Tapping, 21, Wales (Great defensively, looks like he can win multiple Gold Glove awards, but will he ever hit well enough to get to that point? If he doesn't, could be a good defensive sub. That's a low floor for the 6th best prospect in the draft.)

7. SS Matthew Trewen, 20, Scotland (Average contact, with above average gap power. Can steal a base if you need him to, though he stole 34 in college. Can't see that happening in the pros. Almost never strikes out. Plus arm defensively.)

8. OF Charlie Watson, 21, Cleator Moor, England (Defensive wiz. Grades plus plus at all 3 OF positions with a lethal arm and range. Above average contact potential, won't hit a lot of HR's, decent OBP potential. He can be a threat on the basepaths as well. Definitely one of our favorites.)

9. OF Rio Limbrick, 20, St. Martin's, England (Hendry actually likes his bat more than the consensus. Nothing eye popping about him besides his speed. Seems like everyone in this class has speed though.)

10. SS Dermott Lade, 21, Crosby, England (Once again, a guy that Hendry likes more than the consensus. I'm not sure if that bodes well for Lade and Limbrick...below average contact. Speed, of course. Does have plus OBP potential. Ability to play across the infield at a plus level. Cannon for an arm. Just depends on his bat...sound familiar?)

Note: I'm not sure if the draft order will change before we reach the draft....it seems to be going by the standings thus far.
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May 6, 1970

May 6, 1970

After the excitement of Opening Day in the BCBL, could day 2 provide as much drama?

London Monarchs (0-1) @ Cardiff Corsairs (1-0)

Starters: LHP Mason Longton (0-0, 0.00) v. Hayden Pyatt (0-0, 0.00)

London and Cardiff Go to Extras Again

How about the ending here in Cardiff tonight? And, we thought we saw heroics last night. A 2-out double by Monarchs OF Daniel McKelvey scored Craig Durtnell to give the Monarchs a 3-2 advantage in the 13th. But, Corsairs captain Howard Patten spoiled their celebration in the bottom of the inning. After a Harry Compton double, Patten singled down the right field line scoring Compton from second to tie the game back up at 3. Two batters later and a 1-2 count on Corsairs 3B Charles Shipman... he singles back up the middle bringing home Patten, and Cardiff walks off winners two nights in a row. Tonight it was 4-3 Corsairs in 13.

Corsairs 1B Harry Compton set a record today that might be hard to beat, two days in the history of this league. He went a record 6 for 7 at the plate with a double and 2 runs scored. Corsairs pitcher Hayden Pyatt went 9 strong innings, allowing 8 hits, 2 ER, walking 3 and striking out 8 in the victory. Compton and Pyatt take home the #1 and #3 stars of the day honors in this one.

For the Monarchs, Jamie Dibble gets the loss as the Monarchs fall to 0-2 on 2 heart breaking extra inning losses.

FINAL SCORE: Cardiff 4, London 3 (13)
W: Louie Pascoe (1-0) L: Jamie Dibble (0-1)

Bristol Sunbirds (1-0) @ Birmingham Knights (0-1)

Four Early Runs Proves Too Much as Sunbirds Fall, 4-3


Liverpool Dragons (0-1) @ Manchester Red Storm (1-0)

Manchester's Lammas Out-Muscles Dragons. Start Season 2-0

Glasgow Highlanders (0-1) @ Leeds Northerns (1-0)

Northerns Steal One Late to Remain Unbeaten

Performers of the Day
1. Harry Compton, Cardiff Corsairs - 6 for 7, 2B, 2 R
2. Charles Crober, Leeds Northerns - 3 for 4, 2B, RBI, 3 R, BB
3. Hayden Pyatt, Cardiff Corsairs - 9 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 8 K


Leeds 2-0 --
Manchester 2-0 --
Glasgow 0-2 2 GB
Liverpool 0-2 2 GB

Cardiff 2-0 --
Birmingham 1-1 1 GB
Bristol 1-1 1 GB
London 0-2 2 GB
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Is there a quickstart for this. Would like to have a go with Cardiff Corsairs
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