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Baseball Star Becomes the Life of a Local Bar

The day after the [team] claimed their Championship, the team arrived back in their home town to celebrate with friends and family. Last night, after the parade, many fans were still packed into the Oh! Outstanding Tough Play Sports Bar downtown next to [stadium name].

After last call, a man jumped up on the bar and shouted to announce he would buy everyone in the bar a drink. After completing the credit card transaction and shaking many a hand on his way out the door, he got into a cab and headed home.

Someone near the bar asked the bartender, "Who was that?" The bartender laughed and replied, "You didn't recognize him?! That was [player name]! He plays for the [team]!"

Note: if anyone else has a different idea for the sports bar name, use it. I was just trying to be clever.
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Superstar Duff not backing down from controversial statements

Superstar Duff, never at a loss for words, got more than he bargained for when he seemed to insult a female sportswriter by his locker. "Lady, that is a dumb question!" he exclaimed. That probably would have been the end of it, if it indeed ended there. But Duff continued, "Who even let you in here? Don't you know this is a locker room? Not a kitchen. If you want to talk to me from now on, join the ladies in the champagne room, okay?"

No sooner had he uttered the seemingly sexist words than social media sent them across the Internet. Sports talk shows laughed, daytime talk-shows seethed and the *TEAM* GM had to hold a hasty press conference to sooth ruffled feathers. Even the First Lady criticized Duff and her famous husband quickly agreed at his press conference. Duff though, refuses to back down.

Effect: National Popularity drops two levels, Next five games -5,000 attendance.
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Player visits fan in hospital

Don't think anyone done this one yet:

John Doe lined a foul ball down the firstbase line into the stands during the game yesterday (or date) v.s. (team name - could include specific inning and pitcher who was on the mound? Not sure of your coding capabilities). The fan, a young boy named Tim Jones who was at the game with his father as a Birthday gift, didn't have enough time to hold his glove up and was hit in the head with the ball. Tim was quickly attended to and taken to the local Hospital where Doctors diagnosed a mild concussion. Tim, who was being held overnight for precautionary reasons, was pleasantly surprised when he was visited by John Doe who brought an autographed bat and baseball signed by the whole team. John said he felt horrible when he saw the ball strike Tim and he was clearly affected by it the rest of the game.

"The least I could do was come out and make sure Tim was doing OK and to bring him some goodies. I hope there's no hard feelings." Before leaving John surprised Tim with one last gift, four tickets to a future game in his Suite, where hopefully Tim will be a little safer from foul balls.

Reaction: Fans love John Doe for his personal outreach - bump in popularity
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Player Stranded after Cruise Ship Incident

Joe Smith of the Atlanta Braves was stranded in Italy over the All-Star break. A rising star, Smith took a vacation on an Italian cruise over All-Star weekend. During the voyage, Smith became intoxicated and got into a fight with another rowdy passenger. He was removed from the ship and left in Turin, Italy. He has since struggled to find a flight back, and is late to report back to the team. A senior Braves official is quoted as saying that Smith will not be paid while he is not in Atlanta. “I took a cruise on the Costa line. The thing was, all it did was Costa my salary.”
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Event 1: Popular sports talk host, Host Z in City X has been lambasting the game-day managerial decisions of manager X and it has become a hot-topic for debate that has divided the fanbase into two separate camps. Host Z has claimed that "inside-sources" have informed him that the clubhouse is equally divided. Yesterday, the clubhouse was off-limits to the press during a closed-door clubhouse meeting with the players and the managers. The specific details of the meeting are unknown at this time.

7 days later a follow-up storyline occurs.

Event 2: Sports Talk Radio Host Z in City X broke the story today that manager X threw a chair destroying a stereo system last week after several players refused to turn off their music while he was giving a team speech about poorly executed fundamentals. A loud and vicious argument ensued between the manager and star player P that escalated into an outright shouting match amonst several key-players. GM X has announced that he will address the issue in a press conference tomorrow.

Next day...(one of 2 events is triggered)

Event 3A: Breaking News...Sports Talk Radio Host Z of City X broke a story last week about manager X losing control of the clubhouse. GM X addressed the media today and announced that, "the organization has lost confidence that manager X can regain control of the clubhouse and that in the best interests of the team the organization is forced to go in a different direction. Unfortuantely, we have terminated the contract of Manager X effective immediately. Bench coach Y will serve as interm manager until a suitable replacement is found." (highest rated star player estatic; some players happy; some players angry)

Event 3B: Breaking News...Sports Talk Radio Host Z of City X broke a story last week about manager X losing control of the clubhouse. GM X addressed the media today and announced that, "the organization is fully committed to manager x and is confident that he is the right man for the job. Management hired manager X because we feel that he has the leadership skills required to regain control of the clubhouse and that he best represents the culture that we are trying to build throughout our organization. Although we are alarmed by his loss of self-control in this particular incident we understand the bigger picture and we understand that sometimes things happen." (highest rated star player angry; some players unhappy; some players estatic)
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Don't think I've seen these ones yet.

Out-Of-Shape Doh Draws Ire of Manager

Boston Bombers third baseman John Doh brought some extra baggage with him to Spring Training this year. Unfortunately, it's not clothing.

Managers and players alike were shocked to see that Doh gained 20 pounds over the off-season; and nobody's mistaking it for muscle. "I'm not worried about it," one player said. "It's quite obvious that he's training for the many championships he will win in eating contests."

Others, like team skipper Bo Daley, are less than enthused. Daley was constantly yelling at a visibly out-of-shape Doh lagging behind during sprinting exercises and commented in disdain on his decreased mobility and range in the field. "You get paid to play a game," he told reporters. "How can someone get that lazy when no one's looking?"

Doh declined to comment on his offseason conditioning regimen.

"Work Ethic" must be "Low" or "Very Low"
Event occurs during the start of Spring Training

Significant decrease to speed ratings
Significant decrease to fielding ratings

__________________________________________________ _

Young Prospect Returns To School, Retires From Baseball

It was obvious to anyone following the Shawsville Crawdads that 20-year-old center fielder Gus Bradberry was struggling mightily to adapt to the professional level, but team officials were shocked when he met with them to announce his immediate retirement from the game. "It was a foolish decision [to sign out of high school]. I just saw the money that was being offered to me and got greedy," Bradberry stated during an interview on the matter.

In the interview, he not only pointed to his struggles on the field, but off it as well. "You get absolutely sick of the minor league lifestyle. The long bus rides to the middle of nowhere, the extremely cheap hotels, having to mow lawns on off days because you can't get by on what little bonus money you have left, missing your family and friends back home." If that wasn't enough of a reason for him, the former player lamented his situation in one sentence. "I lost my love for the game."

In the meantime, the young man is going to be doing what his parents have wanted him to do instead: Enroll in a local college. "I'm really looking forward to their business program," he said. "It's one of the best in the state and I can't wait to have a permanent place to go to for a change."

Team officials stated that while they are upset with the loss of a player, they respect his decision and wish him the best of luck in his future.

Player must be drafted out of high school
Player must be a marginal prospect/player strugging in minor leagues for several seasons



Parker "Broadens Horizons", Gets Master's Degree

It has always been a dream of San Antonio Saints reliever Carl Parker to further his education after graduating from college. Today, he finally realized it by receiving his master's degree in economics during a local university's graduation ceremony.

"It took a lot of patience and discipline during the off-season to take classes and keep in shape at the same time, but it's finally paid off in this." Parker stated as he raised his diploma in the air. With his degree, he is one of the few in the major leagues that has ever earned an advanced degree as an active player.

For his thesis, Parker wrote about the importance of analyzing VORP, sabermetrics and advanced player development curves when appropriating a player's monetary value when he hits free agency. "It's something that's always bugged me about general managers," he said, "They throw all this money on players that have one good season without thinking how he'll play three, four years down the line. Then they are 'surprised' when he terribly under-performs and becomes dead-weight? It's like they don't use common sense."

Parker had no comment regarding whether or not he considered himself overpaid as a free agent signing.

Player must be drafted out of college

"Intelligence" increases
National and Local popularity slightly increases (?)

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Storyline: Player and Plane

Player Purchases New Plane
Joe Smith of the Houston Astros is looking to the skies after purchasing a new airplane this weekend. Smith bought the plane using money from his all-star bonus. The plane, a Cirrus SR-20, has a roughly 38 foot wingspan and can go 155 knots. Some including Smith’s wife, have voiced concerns over his safety, but the 32-year-old middle reliever isn’t worried. “I know that Joe is going to be very careful about this plane, and I’m gonna make sure of it!” Smith is very excited about the plane, but isn’t quite sure what he plans to do with it. “I’m no totally sure yet,” he said. “First I want to find some pilots to fly me around!”

Player Becomes Licensed Pilot
Joe Smith, the setup man for the Houston Astros, has taken up other interests. Last Monday, Smith passed a flying test to become a certified pilot. Six months ago, Smith bought a new plane with money given to him by the Astros for being voted to the All-Star game. Upon the purchase, Smith began taking the necessary steps to be legally allowed to operate his new toy. “I wanted to experience the thrill of cutting through the air, free of all life’s stresses and tribulations,” said an ecstatic Smith. Smith’s plane, a Cirrus SR-20, is known for its stability and safety, much to the liking of the Astros, and Smith’s wife!

Player flies himself to Road Games
Joe Smith, the 34-year-old Houston veteran, has been missing from the team plane during the team’s recent road trip. Yet, Smith is never late to the ball park. The reason: Smith has his own ride. Two years ago, he purchased a Cirrus SR-20 personal jet using bonus money given to him by to the all-star reliever by the Astros. After gaining a pilot’s license, Smith continual practiced his skills in the cockpit, and has decided to use his plane to travel from place to place. “It is a real shame Joe has stopped flying with us,” said teammate John Brown. “He is a great conversationalist, and a real fun guy to have around.” Though he knows his presence is missed by his colleagues, Smith says it’s hard to beat the thrill of the air. “It is just such an amazing feeling to be up in the air,” remarked the 12-year Astros 8th-inning-man. “To be able to look down, and see everything so small, it does wonders for a man’s ego.”

Player becomes Local Legend for Flying Exploits
Is it a bird? NO! Is it a plane? YES. But who is in it? How about 35-year old Astros reliever Joe Smith. Smith, a 13-year setup man out of Rice, bought the plane 3 years ago, and has since become a highly talented pilot. Smith has become a staple at local airshows, and consistently places high in competition. “I thought I was good until I saw Joe Smith hop into the cockpit,” said pilot Walter Brumfield. “The aurora of confidence he carries is truly stupendous.” Not all, however, are as happy as Walter with Smith’s flying. “I wish he would put as much dedication into his curveball as he does into flying!” said Pitching coach Steve O’Reilly, jokingly. Also, the reliever wife is less supportive. “I know Joe loves it and all, but I can’t help but worry that something awful is going to happen to him,” said Pamela Smith.

Player Dies in Horrific Plane Crash
The baseball world has been rocked by the death of Astros closer Joe Smith, who died early Tuesday morning in a plane crash. After closing out a 1-0 game on Monday night, the 36-year-old reliever hoped into his reliable Cirrus SR-20 the following morning to prepare for an airshow. We don’t know what happened next, but before anyone knew what was going on, the charred body of Joe Smith, buried under debris, was lying on a local road. A crowd formed and paramedics were called, but it was too late for Smith. An autopsy revealed that the 14-year veteran died immediately upon impact. An initial report stated that Smith’s plane fell from the sky after the engine stalled, for whatever reason. Astros GM Billy Cronkite said in a press statement that “we the members of the Astros organization are shocked beyond words in response to this terrible act that has befallen one of our own. Our heartfelt support goes out to his family and friends. “I always worried when Joe was up in the air,” said his wife, Pamela Smith. “Though there is no good that can or will come from this horrible disaster, I am thankful for one thing. I am happy that Joe Smith died doing what he loved.” Smith is survived by his wife and two daughters, Beatrice (8) and Betty (6).

Effects- Overall

Rise in Local Popularity
Lowering in Work Ethic
Lowering in Work Ethic
Retirement via Death

*** Not all of these stories have to be included every time , especially the final one***

Baseball misses you Cory Lidle.
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Middle infielder Ron Godly is said to have "experienced a religious rebirth" at a outdoor revival outside of <city> and has decided to bring his new faith into the clubhouse. "I needed to reassess my life and my unhappiness, and I finally feel that I'm on the right track."

Teammates are finding Godly's clubhouse behavior annoying. "He's always leaving tracts around and complaining about our behavior," an anonymous teammate said. "Some of the older guys are trying to bring him down to earth but it's getting out of hand." Rumor has it that Manager Max Maven has had a few words with Godly and will try to cool clubhouse tensions.

Pitcher Skip Friendly was seen at Governor Jack Grossman's campaign making a campaign speech to vote for Grossman. This has caused a division in the clubhouse which was formerly politics-free, but some members of the team don't agree with Grossman's platform and have let Friendly know it. "I'm just expressing my opinion," Friendly said. "How did that become a crime? Don't we have freedom of speech?"

Relations with fellow player <name of player> are said to have chilled considerably. An source inside the clubhouse said that Grossman's opponent went to school with <name of player's> brother.

Outfilder David Sloth has suddenly turned it around in the clubhouse. "I never really cared to watch video after striking out," Sloth said. "I felt that when I did I couldn't shake off a bad performance. But that was just my ego talking." After a long conversation with manager Max Maven, Sloth decided to give looking at videos another chance, and his hitting has really improved. "My mechanics were worse than I thought," Sloth said, "and our batting coach gave me some instructions - I thought I'd have to change my swing completely but that wasn't the case. "

Sloth is now hitting <batting statistics>. "Now I look at video all the time!"

Who'd have thought that an airway obstruction was the key to pitcher Raymond Slider turning his year around? "I always felt tired even after ten hours of sleep, and it showed on the mound." Now that Slider is working with a respiratory therapist and a breathing machine, Slider says that he feels "lots better" after sleeping. "I feel like I could pitch twelve straight innings when I get up on the mound!"

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[Smith] Seeks Help From Teammates' Bats

Mired in a season-long slump, the [Team Nickname]'s [John Smith] has turned to random chance - and his teammates' bats - to break his hitting woes.

"Every time I go up to the plate, I pick a different bat at random," explained [Smith]. "It started when I grabbed [batter teammate]'s by mistake last week, and I got a hit. I've been doing it ever since."

Smith's teammates don't seem to mind. "Anything that he thinks will help us win is fine by me," said [different batter teammate]. "As long as he replaces any of mine that he breaks."

Smith is hitting [AVG] this year with [#] homeruns.

Player has low intelligence (seems like the best proxy for superstition)
Can trigger between All-Star break and end of regular season
Establish that the player is having a down-year (difference in current-year OPS+ versus previous year, or something)

Player either gains or loses some hitting ability (the story would trigger a different result each time it is used, or it could be hard-coded to be negative)
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After veteran CF Grant Jones suffered through one of his worst offensive seasons of his career, he has decided to go back to where it all began. Jones reconnected with his high school coach, who was able to offer several adjustments to his current swing. Now only time will tell if Jones will be able to recreate his former success.

Player in the league between 5 and 10 years.
If player has a good to high work ethic improvement.
If player has a lower work ethic - no improvement.
If player improves, he receives a morale boost.

CF Grant Jones was booed by the home fans during today's game after not reaching base and continuing in a slump where he is hitting just _____. Jones, who was once one of the more popular players on the team, is now more often the recipient of boos. The mental stress has really taken a toll on his play in the field. Jones has admitted to having problems sleeping and thus keeping focused. "I look forward to road trips these days," said the exhausted Jones.

player abilities reduced based on loyalty (high loyalty takes more of a hit than low loyalty)
may be offset by high intelligence or work ethic
reduced production at home ??? not sure you can do that
PEBA - New Orleans Trendsetters

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Storyline: The Dreaded Visa Problem

Condition: Player is from a foreign country.

Visa Problems Delay [Joe Prospect]'s arrival at Spring Training

It's an oft-repeated chorus every March in Florida and Arizona, and this time it's the [Team Name] singing the blues. [Joe Prospect] has been detained in [Foreign Country - Preferably of Origin, But Not Necessary] while waiting for a visa to re-enter the United States. Team officials are unsure when [Prospect] will show up in camp, and are refusing to opine on whether [Prospect]'s absence will mean changes to the expected Opening Day roster.

Effect: "Suspension" of anywhere between 3 and 20 days.

PEBA Canton Longshoremen
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[Player Name] was so overjoyed to have been drafted first overall in the [insert year] first-year-player draft that he went straight back to his former [college or school] and donated half of his signing fee to the refurbishment of [insert name] stadium. He was quoted as saying "[insert college or school name] made me what I am. Without the tremendous baseball program there I wouldn't have been drafted first overall. This is my way of repaying them, no more sitting in old tin baths and shivering in unheated dugouts for future generations of [insert nickname of college/school] players"

Conditions : player drafted #1 in first-year-player draft
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[Player name] is already shining in the clubhouse
(can't really think of a headline for this one)

After being called up last month, [player name] has already been a spark in the [team name's] clubhouse. He was seen playing some blackjack with some teammates after yesterday's loss, pulling jokes and magic tricks out of his sleeves seemingly at every moment possible. [Player name's] presence in the clubhouse is already helping the team on the field and off.

"He's a great guy, you know, we all knew we needed someone to keep our mood high, weather it being a veteran or a young guy, and I think [player name] has been great in that role. He's someone that makes you want to come to the ballpark early," said a teammate.

The long term effects remain to be seen on the team, but so far, the [team name] has a record of x-y since his call-up and players seem to be more focused and happy.

  • Player age: <25 (must be a rookie)
  • Leadership rating: High or above

  • Boost in local and national popularity for the player
  • Somehow boost morale of players on the team (not sure about this one)
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Get a bit darker with these ones (Nothing too crazy, though). If you don't want to use them, I understand completely.

__________________________________________________ ___________

Tweed Accused of Domestic Violence, Arrested During Practice

In one of the more shocking moments of the season, Minnesota Mongrels catcher Abraham "Boss" Tweed was forced out of team practice... in handcuffs. The catcher was arrested on charges of battery this morning after his live-in girlfriend reported to local authorities that Tweed of frequently and repeatedly abusing her physically.

Police say that the woman, visibly cut and bruised, told them of stories where she would be beaten due to Tweed's suspicions that she was cheating on him. Meanwhile, she told of times where she would be locked in a closet while Abraham would bring other women to his house. "It's a scary situation, any way you look at it," the police chief said. "The woman came in this morning, speaking of his frequent and violent mood swings. She was all but fearing for her life."

After confirming her reports from her family members, police arrived to arrest the player one hour into practice. Tweed did not resist arrest, but was visibly angry, shouting that she was "a [expletive] liar" as he was being led out of the team's practice complex. Players and team personnel alike are shocked at the allegations. "I'm absolutely floored. Never would I have expected something like this to come out of him." One player commented. Another anonymous player, however, is not all that surprised. "I went over to his house one time and his girlfriend never said anything, was eerily quiet and shy. It was like she wanted to tell me something, but she didn't want to anger [Tweed]."

The girl is currently living with family members after being transferred from police custody. Tweed, however, has been released on bail and is under a strict order not to go within 50 yards of the girl or her family.

Mongrel's management has stated in a press release that Tweed will face potential "internal discipline" for the accusations.


National Popularity plummets
Local Popularity plummets
"Leadership" decreases
Teammate relations with player decreases
Player morale and loyalty decreases
Fan interest and team morale remains the same
Player loyalty increases
Fan interest decreases,
Team morale decreases
Fan loyalty has potential decrease
Owner mood decreases

__________________________________________________ ___________

Routine Examination Uncovers Scare, Bailey Out

It started with an annoying headache that wouldn't go away. Then his vision started to get blurry to the point where it was hard to see the lineup in the dugout. That's when Dallas Hitmen starting pitcher Bennett Bailey decided to see a doctor about his issues. What they found was something that Bailey had no belief that he had: A benign brain tumor.

"Thankfully, it's not cancer, but to have something like that happen to you... it's stunning," Bailey said. While the tumor has very little chance of becoming malignant, doctors are using precautionary measures and are having it surgically removed tomorrow morning. Bailey was quoted as saying "It's not the best thing that can happen, but it can sure be a whole lot worse."

Doctors state that while Bennett will make a full recovery and not have to worry about any other complications, he needs a couple of weeks to rest and recover from the surgery.

Player out 2-3 weeks

__________________________________________________ ___________

Carlson Leaves The Diamond For The Football Field

He's always been considered to be a great football player, but 21-year-old Bavington Beavers left fielder Michael Carlson chose the allure of the baseball field over the rigors of college football when he was drafted. Today, he announced that he's going to trade in his bat for a chance to play football at a prestigious university. "Baseball will always have a soft spot in my heart," Carlson lamented, "But being on the road all the time fighting for a chance to move up the organizational ladder just made me realize how much I missed the game of football."

Carlson was a multi-sport athlete in high school, lettering in baseball, basketball and football. During his senior year, Michael was one of the top 200 recruiting prospects for football, receiving scholarship offers from several elite and mid-tier college programs. Despite not being as esteemed a prospect in baseball, he chose to pursue the game when declaring his eligibility for the draft. "Let's face it, the money was what brought me to baseball," Carlson stated. "When a team is throwing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars at you just to sign with them, college can wait. My family didn't come from money. I'd have been a fool to pass that up."

That all changed when one of his original college suitors offered him a full scholarship to their football program. Carlson, struggling to develop and adapt to the minor league game, gladly accepted the opportunity. "Being in the minors has really humbled me. It's helped me to gain perspective about what's really important in life. Not about following the money, but my heart."

Player must be drafted out of high school
Player must be a marginal prospect/player struggling in minor leagues for several seasons


__________________________________________________ ________

Rowdy Night At The Bar Leaves Tatum Behind Them

It was like a scene out of a Hollywood movie. 25-year-old New York Nighthawks right fielder DeShawn Tatum was arrested in a local suburb early this morning after police pulled him over in a brand new sportscar; but police say that the only things he was sporting was a blood alcohol level of .24 and the blood of several bar patrons on his shirt.

Police say that they received a call from Club 76 at 1:30 AM, complaining that Tatum was being belligerent after being cut off from the bar. Despite attempts from friends to restrain the player, DeShawn began to physically assault bar employees and patrons alike. Two bar employees had to be taken to a local hospital in non-life-threatening conditions. Police arrived to the scene after Tatum escaped from the scene, but another officer pulled over DeShawn several miles away after being clocked at driving 114 mph in a 40 mph zone.

That is where, police say, things got a little strange. "The suspect stated that the stains from his shirt were from trying to make his infant son eat raspberry jam," Police stated in a press conference. "The suspect also declared that he was speeding to get his son cough medicine and that the breathalyzer used was tampered with to arrest, in his words, 'local celebrities' like himself."

Tatum is currently in police custody, awaiting the set price for bail. Nighthawks management has stated that Tatum showed extremely poor character and judgment in his actions. They said that he will face the strong potential for discipline and possible termination of his contract due to this incident.

National Popularity plummets
Local Popularity plummets
"Leadership" declines
Decline in overall character
Player morale and loyalty increases
Fan interest and loyalty decreases
Owner mood decreases
Player morale decreases
Player relations with teammates decreases
Fan interest decreases, loyalty remains intact
No penalty for releasing player from contract
Fan loyalty increases
Owner mood increases

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Originally Posted by Kaaosaste View Post
More than one sport can be used for this. I'm only including the requirements for basketball, but similar requirements can be used for football (must be SP, velocity => 95 mph), hockey (must be Canadian), etc.

Top Prospect Decides on Career Change

Top prospect Joe Smith has decided to leave baseball behind to pursue a career in basketball. Smith, who was listed as number X on the most recent edition of Baseball Prospectus's Top Prospects will hang up his spikes at the end of this season. He's received a scholarship from [Div I college] to play basketball. A three sport star in high school, Smith was taken as the [pick] overall pick in the [year] draft. By all accounts, he could have gone either route when he graduated, but he chose baseball.
"I was more surprised than anything to be taken so early, but my heart has always been in basketball. I got an offer to play for [college] and I want to see where that leads me while I'm still young," said Smith, in an interview last night. The [height] [position] will leave the [team] with only speculations of what might have been.

Age <= 19
Height >= 6'6"
Time as a professional <= 2 years
Drafted in the first round
Top 100 prospect

Player retires.
This exact stoyline made one of my gms mad in my ootp 13 league cuz the prospect was almost ml ready and he was gonna build around him . The prospect got injuried 5 months prior then when he was just about to get off dl bam stoyline.

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Team's manager (or coach) diagnosed with dementia

The Portland Sea Nuggets were devastated by news that coach Joe Schmo was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Schmo had been showing signs of the condition recently with some erratic decision-making in several games. After consulting with the team's physician and several specialists, his worst fears were confirmed.

Schmo has always been known to be forgetful about names, mixing up players, and calling most rookies simply "Kid" rather than even trying to figure out who they were. But recently, things took a turn for the worse. Last week, he failed to recognize the team's longest-tenured player John Smith. And just days ago, he appeared to have difficulty finding his way back to his office. "We've always loved coach Schmo, and he's always been kind of a quirky guy," said Kyle Brooks. "But recently, it's gone to a whole other level. We were worried he was losing his mind."

While Sea Nuggets general manager Gary Johnson has publicly stated that he intends to retain Schmo, and Schmo says that he intends to finish out the season, speculation is rampant that he will be asked to step down at the end of the year. The pressure is on the Sea Nuggets' veterans to put together one last winning year for Schmo.

Requirement: Coach's age 65 or greater

Effect: All coaching attributes drop by 30/200 immediately, and 10/200 per year.
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Jenkins loses lucky charm

David Jenkins has always been a superstitious player. Two years ago, he wore the same pair of underwear every game of the season. His wife put a stop to that practice, but he has made sure that he always carries his lucky penny and rubs it for good luck before every at bat. Yesterday, after making an acrobatic play during warm-ups, he realized he couldn't find his lucky charm. Several teammates helped him search the field with him, but to no avail. "I offered to give him another penny," said Jose Aviles. "But he didn't think another one would be the same."

Jenkins was not optimistic about the situation. "I've had that penny for the last three years... I'd never be where I am today without it. Now I'll probably go 0 for my next hundred at-bats. It's time to go back to the underwear."

Requirements: must be a position player

Effect: morale decreases by 20/200
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Jones takes new approach at plate

Damon Jones has made some changes to his swing this offseason in an effort to reinvent himself as a player. "(Hitting coach) Dan Morgan thinks I'm trying for the longball too much. Next year, I'm going to try to wait for my pitch and take what I can get. Having an average as low as mine was last year is unacceptable." Morgan says that Jones is working on shortening his swing and going the opposite way more often, and thinks that he'll be a much more well-rounded player as a result.

Requirements: position player
must have hit .250 or less with 15 or more home runs the previous season
occurs during the offseason or preseason

Effects: power decreases by 10/200
contact increases by 10/200
eye increases by 5/200
avoid K's increases by 5/200
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Pitcher turns to sabermetrics for an edge

Pitcher Cory Spanaway has always been known as an egghead. After finishing at the top of his class in (school), he considered getting an advanced degree in astrophysics before pursuing his first love, baseball. He has been known to spend the all-star weekend holed up with teammate (highest intelligence player on the team) Al Frumpley playing Dungeons and Dragons. But now he's trying to use his smarts to get an extra advantage against hitters.

"I've always been a big fan of the advanced metrics. FIP, SIERA, DIPS, you name it, I'm into it." Spanaway says that he has been working with general manager Carl Alfredson and pitching coach Sonny Thorvald on finding "cold zones" for opposing hitters and on sequencing his pitches better. "I know that I'll do better if I can keep my strikeouts high, my walks low, and the ball in the park. Outside of that, I can't control things- it's in the hands of my defense."

Spanaway was derided as a nerd by several members of the print media for his "new school" ideas, but received accolades on more sabermetrically-inclined websites. "The proof's in the pudding," said one well-known blogger. "I'd take a staff of eleven Spanaways any day of the week. Though, really, you'd probably be better off with only ten Spanaways, and save the extra spot for a better hitter to get the platoon advantage on offense more often."

requirements: must be a pitcher
must be the year 2000 or later
intelligence 150/200 or greater
work ethic 100/200 or greater

stuff increases by 5/200
movement increases by 5/200
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Grant accused of gambling on baseball

Ken Grant has been around the league for enough time that he should know the rules. But yesterday, the league commissioner announced that Grant is under investigation for gambling on baseball.

Information is still trickling in, but it appears that Grant has been accused of betting against his own team in at least two games. In one of those games, he went 0 for 5 with three strikeouts. His teammate John Garner (highest leadership player) was suspicious that Grant had not been playing to his full potential and evidently overheard him talking with two men known to be associated with organized crime.

With more information sure to follow, Grant has suspended by the league, pending further investigation.

Requirement: player in the league for 5 years or more
player must have <100/200 leadership
player must have had a game in which he went 0 for 5 with three strikeouts in the last week

Effect: player suspended for seven days

one week later... one of the next two happens.

Grant suspended from baseball

(League) Major League Baseball has conducted a full investigation of the charges against Ken Grant, and announced that he has been permanently suspended from baseball. While the league did not release details of the investigation, a confidential source stated that the evidence was simply too egregious for baseball to ignore, and that there was substantial physical evidence tying Grant to illicit activities. While Grant is expected to appeal, it appears unlikely that he will ever appear in a Major League Baseball uniform again. He may well be subject to criminal charges as well. Grant declined to comment on the affair.

Effect: player retires
not eligible for Hall of Fame (I doubt that's possible.)


Grant exonerated

Ken Grant breathed a sigh of relief today when he learned that his suspension had been lifted by (league) Major League Baseball. "I don't even know what to say. I can't even begin to tell you how hard this last week has been- being innocent of these charges, but no one believes you. It's felt like the Grand Inquisition."

Popular opinion is mixed on Grant at this point, as teammate John Garner, who apparently tipped off the league to Grant's activity, is generally known as a trustworthy source. Many fans believe Grant is guilty and got off only on legal technicalities. But there has been bad blood between Garner and Grant before, and without hard evidence of any misdoings by Grant, many fans appear comfortable with Grant returning to the team and forgetting that anything ever happened.

Effect: local popularity and national popularity decrease by 50/200
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