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The Seattle Totems

Hi all!

I am going to be starting a new franchise on FHM5 with the newest team of the NHL, the Seattle Totems! The Totems will be joining the pacific division while the Arizona Coyotes make their move to the central division to start the 2018-2019 NHL season.

Let's get ready we have an expansion draft to finish up so let's hop right on in to it!

The roster we assembled after the expansion draft is as follows.

G - J. Saros
G - T. Griess
G - T. Jarry
G - E. Comrie
LD - D. Heatherington
LD - C. Djoos
LD - M. Del Zotto
LD - B. McNabb
LD - J. Ryan
LD - J. McCabe
RD - J. Subban
RD - C. Bigras
RD - J. Spurgeon
RD - T. Myers
RD - P. Nemeth
RD - B. Orpik
LW - A. Duclair
LW - M. Bunting
LW - R. Panik
LW - M. Johansson
LW - C. Coyle
LW - B. Boyle
LW - V. Kamenev
C - M. Amadio
C - C. Soderberg
C - D. Stephan
C - V. Filppula
C - P. Bellemare
C - J. Dickinson
RW - J. Williams
RW - J. Eberle
RW - T. Lewis
RW - R. Reaves
RW - R. Hartman
RW - N. Scherback

Scherback, Amadio, Kamenev, Bunting, Duclair, Bigras, Subban, Heatherington, Djoos, Jarry and Comrie would all find their way down to our AHL affiliate the New York Fire to start the season.

Our inaugural season jumped off just as we expected it would. Decent. We drafted a team that would put some butts in the seats but ultimately we knew the climb was going to be tough to not end up in the bottom 5 of the league. Our goalie tandem of Greiss/Saros really kept us at about .500 all the way up until the trade deadline. Trade deadline day came and we knew what we had to do. There were some older players that were casualties of the expansion draft that we knew deserved a chance to go play for a contender and that would still fetch some decent returns for. We had to be careful to make sure we stayed above the cap floor though. The trades we made on deadline day were as follows.

SEA trades J. Williams to CBJ for a 3rd and 4th round pick in 2019

SEA trades M. Johansson to BOS for a 3rd and 4th round pick in 2019

SEA trades B. Boyle to STL for a 2nd round draft pick in 2019.

SEA trades M. Del Zotto and a 4th round pick in 2019 to CGY for J. Neal and a 1st round draft pick in 2019.

So we obviously were sellers on deadline day and were very happy with the results. We had plenty of room for Neal and his albatross contract and we were happy with getting CGY's 1st this year.

Needless to say after the deadline the wheels continued to fall off and we finished with a 34-43-5 record, good for last in the pacific and 5th worst in the league. Nobody enjoys losing but we knew what we were in for to start the season and we had some great draft picks heading into the draft.
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The Vegas Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup by sweeping the Boston Bruins 4 straight!
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2019 NHL Entry Draft!

The 2019 NHL Entry Draft arrived and the hockey gods must have been looking out for us because not only did we own 2 1st rounders (ours and CGY) the draft lottery paid huge dividends...


We had moved all the way from picking 6th to 1st.

Now all we had to decide was Hughes or Kakko. We did not take this decision lightly as it was going to be our 1st franchise player we have ever selected. After countless hours of deliberation and I am not kidding, the Seattle Totems chose Jack Hughes as the 1st selection in the 2019 draft.

The fun wasn't over. We still had a pick at #19 that was extremely important. We knew we wanted to go D since we had already had chosen our franchise C just a few short minutes prior.

There was realistically only 2 options when it got to pick #19.

Cam York or Thomas Harley. We ultimately went with Thomas Harley and the only reason behind that was because he was a tad younger. Cam York immediately went to the Rangers with the next pick.

The rest of our draft was dead on. I feel as if we really knocked it out of the park in terms of value. The rest of our selections were as follows:

Rd. 1, Pick 1 - Jack Hughes
Rd. 1, Pick 19 - Thomas Harley
Rd. 2, Pick 37 - Tobias Bjornfot
Rd. 2, Pick 53 - Pavel Dorofeyev
Rd. 3, Pick 69 - Artemi Knayazev
Rd. 3, Pick 86 - Elmer Soderblom
Rd. 3, Pick 95 - Yegor Afanasyev
Rd. 4, Pick 102 - Henri Nikkanen
Rd. 5, Pick 133 - Antti Saarela
Rd. 6, Pick 165 - Tomas Koblizek
Rd. 7, Pick 197 - Oleg Zaitsev

The day after the draft we tried to negotiate with Hughes and Harley but they wanted to play another years worth of college puck which was no problem. We wanted them to feel ready before committing to make the jump to the NHL.

The following RFA's were all signed to 2 way extensions prior to July 1st.


The following UFA's were signed to extensions prior to July 1st as well.

R. Panik - 2 years 7.1M deal with a 3.050M AAV
P. Nemeth - 2 years 5.4M deal with a 2.70M AAV

The following UFA's were not tendered contracts and allowed to walk.

J. Eberle
A. Duclair
B. Orpik
T. Myers

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Free Agency!

July 1st had arrived and we said goodbye to our UFA's that we weren't bringing back. We knew however with losing the players that put butts in the seats via TDL or FA we needed to make a splash to keep our city interested.

We decided to go after one of the premier FA on the market this year in Mark Stone. Stone and VGK could not come to an agreement so on July 1 he was fair game fir everyone.

We knew we had a ton of cap space and were going to struggle to get to the floor so the Seattle Totems offered Mark Stone a 6 year contract with an 8M AAV and a no trade clause. Mark Stone was blown away by the offer and in his words "nobody even came close" to getting near that. Mark Stone slept on it for a day or 2 but said that he saw a bright future in our new franchise and wanted to be there to help along with it so he signed.

Other notable FA signings:

B. Connolly 3 years 1.75M AAV
M. Janmark 2 years 1.55M AAV
N. Gusev 1 year 925k
B. Lynch 2 years 650k
B. Byron 1 year 725k
T. Cammarata 2 years 660k
A. Goulet 1 year 650k

We had also made a trade on July 1st after the Dallas Stars approached us and asked if we needed some C depth. After looking at our depth chart I noticed we could probably use someone as a 2C for the upcoming year and that C. Soderberg was likely to move down to a 3rd line role.

SEA trades C. Bigras & R. Hartman to DAL for Radek Faksa

We liked the style of game that Faksa brings and he is young enough to fit in with the group of players we are moving forward with. We thanked Chris and Ryan for their commitment to our new franchise and wished them nothing but the best.

Vacation time for everyone!

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2019-2020 Season!

The 2019-2020 season started and we caught immediate fire. We were going into January and sitting at 25-12-2 good for 52 pts and 1st place in the pacific.
Mark Stone was doing what Mark Stone does and had 19 goals, 22 assists good for 41 points in 40 games.The biggest surprise this year was the kid Nikita Gusev I signed to the ELC. He is skating on the 2nd line in between Faksa and James Neal on the right side. He has an astounding 14 goals, 22 assists good for 36 pts in 40 games. We were really expecting to have another down year to really get some good picks for the draft and continue our rebuld but this team was destined to make me a buyer at the deadline.

Shortly before the trade deadline our #1 D J. Spurgeon went down with a grade 2 quad strain that was expected to keep him out until the playoffs. If we made it...

At that point we had a decision to make on the direction we wanted to head this season. Did we want to turn around and sell again to try and help along this rebuild or see if we couldn't make the playoffs in our 2nd full season in the league? After discussing it with our owners they gave us the green light on getting some help to replace the production lost from the Spurgeon injury at the deadline.

The Seattle Totems also had a couple players that werent very happy with their playing time and due to such success the current lineup was having we were reluctant to insert them in as every day players. We spoke with them and informed them that we would be finding them a better situation to be apart of at the trade deadline as long as it worked for both sides. At the deadline, we did a little bit of both selling and being a buyer..

SEA trades T. Lewis to WSH for a 2020 3rd round pick

SEA trades R. Reaves and a 2020 4th round pick to STL for a 2020 3rd round pick.

Here is our buy...

SEA trades a 2020 4th round pick and the rights to O. Zaitsev to NJ for S. Vatanen.

NJ was long gone out of the playoff picture and with Vatanen becoming a UFA at the end of the year we were interested in him for a pure rental to help replace the loss of Spurgeon. With the addition of Vatanen our team kept up their stellar play and ended up clinching a playoff spot in the 2020 NHL playoffs.Our record to finish the season was 46-30-6 good for 98 pts and 2nd in the pacific. Our very first playoff series in franchise history was going to be against the Edmonton Oilers. M. Stone finished the season with impressive 35 goals and 42 assists. N. Gusev, the biggest surprise this year finished the regular season with 23 goals and 36 assists equaling 59 points. He skated on the left side of R. Faksa and J. Neal.

Round 1:

Our 1st round playoff matchup vs Edmonton lasted 6 games. We ended up dispatching the Oilers in 6 games. Saros was outstanding but ended up going down with an injury late in game 6.

Round 2:

Our 2nd round matchup was with the Calgary Flames. Thomas Griess had to start the first 2 games in the series which we dropped in Calgary. We split our 2 home games with Saros back but sadly in game 5 the Flames dispatched us and sent us home for the summer.

Overall we were happy with our season. We got a taste of playoff hockey and see that it definitely intensifies each and every game you play. We look forward to next season hoping we can get back to playoff hockey.

Congratulations to the Nashville Predators on winning the Stanley Cup!
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The offseason!

The offseason came way to quickly for our Seattle Totems but with tons of cap space and a decent pick in the draft we were excited to get it going.

The 2020 NHL entry draft yielded huge results and it was decided. We were picking 23rd in the 1st round. Now that was a lot higher than what we had originally planned for at the beginning of the season. Obviously we thought this was going to be another rebuilding year for our new franchise and were we ever wrong. We were okay with that though. With that being said, our GM got right to work the morning of the draft. The way were figured it was if we weren't going to be having a top 10 pick this year it would be good idea to try and acquire another 1st round pick and see if there was any potential for moving up from 23rd. EDM had given us a call early the morning of the draft and said a prospect we be the only add to move up to their pick at 17th. There was word that MTL's 1st might be in play and to much of our surprise when we called the ask wasn't going to cripple us by any means. Oddly enough, MTL was picking 18th so if we could strike a deal we would have back to back picks in the 1st round if we swapped spots with EDM which would be huge for us.

We made the following trades the morning of the NHL entry draft.

SEA trades their 2020 1st round pick (23nd) and the rights to A. Saarela to EDM for their 2020 1st round pick (17th).

SEA trades T. Koblizek, 2020 2nd round pick and a 2020 3rd round pick to MTL for their 2020 1st round pick (18th).

Our draft concluded with the following selections:

Rd. 1, Pick 17 - A. Stranges - LW
Rd. 1, Pick 18 - D. Guschin - LW
Rd. 3, Pick 88 - J. Hardie - LW
Rd. 3, Pick 92 - N. Wong - C
Rd. 5, Pick 155 - I. Susko - RD
Rd. 6, Pick 187 - I. Rychkov - LW
Rd. 7, Pick 219 - M. Khusnutdinov - C

The day following the draft we were informed that 2019 1st OA pick Jack Hughes was ready to make his jump to the NHL so we signed him to a 3 year ELC contract worth 925k AAV.

We also signed Thomas Harley, Artemi Knyazev, Tobias Bjornfot, and Henri Nikkanen all to ELC's and assigned them to our AHL affiliate New York Fire.

The following RFA's were all signed to contract extensions prior to July 1st:

R. Faksa - 3 yrs/2.59M AAV
T. Jarry - 2 yrs/1.11M AAV
T. Cammarata - 2 yrs/660k AAV

The following UFA's were all signed to contract extensions prior to July 1st:

C. Coyle - 3 yrs/4.62M AAV
N. Gusev - 1 yr/1.50M AAV
J. Spurgeon - 3 yrs/5.99M AAV

The following UFA'a were not offered a contract and become free agents on July 1st:

B. Byron
S. Vatanen

Sadly we said goodbye to the C. Soderberg, T. Greiss, and V. Filppula as they decided to hang the skates up. We will always value the impact they made on our franchise in it's 1st 2 years.

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