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Major League Stadiums mod in Steam Workshop

I posted this mod in the workshop. These stadiums were created by silvam and adion. The mod contains 152 stadiums from 1901-2018. As parks were remodeled over the years those are in the game. So for instance you will see that there is a Memorial Stadium 1954-1985 and a Memorial Stadium 1986-1991.

Upon creating a league these parks will load to the appropriate teams.

Make sure when you create your league that you go to League Settings>Historical and make sure "Automatically expand league" is enabled. This feature will make sure that teams relocate properly or have their team name change as needed as well as load the new info needed to process the ballpark files. This is enabled by default when creating a league so be sure to leave it enabled to get the most functionality from the mod.

At the beginning of each subsequent season there may be new parks but to get them to load you must do the following: Select "League Settings>Edit ballparks>Actions>Auto-import all ballparks". You will be prompted with a screen that should already be in the ballparks folder, so just press select and everything should update. After doing this OOTP will look for any new ballparks that season and it will hopefully say that it updated all of your parks as well anyway.

Here are the current stadiums in the mod for each team:

LA Wrigley Field 1961
Dodger Stadium 1962-2013
Angel Stadium 1966-1987
Angel Stadium 1988-1999
Angel Stadium (OOTP model for 2000-2018)

South End Grounds 1894-1915
Braves Field 1915-1928
Braves Field 1929-1936
Braves Field 1937-1945
Braves Field 1946-1952
Milwaukee County Stadium 1953-1954
Milwaukee County Stadium 1955-1969
Atlanta Fulton County Stadium 1966-1973
Atlanta Fulton County Stadium 1974-1996
Turner Field 1997-2016
SunTrust Park (OOTP model 2017-2018)

Chase Field (OOTP model for 1998-2018)

Lloyd Street Grounds 1901
Sportsmans Park 1902-1908
Sportsmans Park 1909-1910
Sportsmans Park 1911-1925
Sportsmans Park 1926-1953
Memorial Stadium 1954-1985
Memorial Stadium 1986-1991
Oriole Park at Camden Yards (OOTP model for 1992-2018)

Red Sox
Huntington Avenue Grounds 1901-1911
Fenway Park 1912-1925
Fenway Park 1926-1933
Fenway Park 1934-1939
Fenway Park 1940-1956
Fenway Park 1957-1969
Fenway Park 1970-1987
Fenway Park 1988-2007
Fenway Park (OOTP model for 2008-2018)

West Side Grounds 1894-1915
Weeghman Park 1914-1921
Wrigley Field 1922-1927
Wrigley Field 1928-1937
Wrigley Field 1938-1978
Wrigley Field 1979-1982
Wrigley Field (OOTP model for 1983-2018)

League Park 1894-1901
Palace of the Fans 1902-1911
Crosley Field 1912-1926
Crosley Field 1927-1941
Crosley Field 1942-1957
Crosley Field 1958-1969
Riverfront Stadium 1970-2000
Cinergy Field 2001-2002
Great American Ball Park (OOTP model for 2003-2018)

White Sox
South Side Park 1901-1909
Comiskey Park 1910-1926
Comiskey Park 1927-1948
Comiskey Park 1949-1968
Comiskey Park 1969-1985
Comiskey Park 1986-1990
Guaranteed Rate Field (OOTP model for 1991-2008)

League Park 1901-1909
League Park 1910-1929
League Park 1930-1946
Cleveland Stadium 1932-1953
Cleveland Stadium 1954-1969
Cleveland Stadium 1970-1979
Cleveland Stadium 1980-1993
Progressive Field (OOTP model for 1994-2018)

Mile High Stadium 1993-1994
Colorado Field (OOTP model for 1995-2018, note: this is really Coors Field)

Bennett Park 1901-1911
Navin Field 1912-1925
Navin Field 1926-1933
Navin Field 1934
Briggs Field 1935
Briggs Field 1936-1937
Briggs Field 1938-1947
Tiger Stadium 1948-1979
Tiger Stadium 1980-1999
Comerica Park (OOTP model for 2000-2018)

Sunlife Stadium 1993-2005
Sunlife Stadium 2006-2011
Marlins Park (OOTP model for 2012-2018)

Colt Stadium 1962-1964
Astrodome 1965-1994
Astrodome 1995-2000
Minute Maid Park (OOTP model for 2000-2018)

KC Municipal Stadium 1969-1972
Kauffman Stadium 1973-1990
Kauffman Stadium 1991-1994
Kauffman Stadium 1995-2008
Kauffman Stadium (OOTP model for 2009-2018)

Washington Park 1898-1912
Washington Park 1898-1912
Ebbets Field 1913-1925
Ebbets Field 1926-1931
Ebbets Field 1932-1947
Ebbets Field 1948-1957
LA Coliseum 1958-1961
Dodger Stadium 1962-2013
Dodger Stadium (OOTP model for 2014-2018)

Sicks Stadium 1969
Milwaukee County Stadium 1970-2000
Miller Park (OOTP model for 2001-2018)

American League Park 1901-1903
American League Park 1904-1910
Griffith Stadium 1911-1920
Griffith Stadium 1921-1951
Griffith Stadium 1952-1953
Griffith Stadium 1954-1956
Griffith Stadium 1957-1961
Metropolitan Stadium 1961-1964
Metropolitan Stadium 1965-1976
Metropolitan Stadium 1977-1981
Metrodome 1982-1995
Metrodome 1996-2009
Target Field (OOTP model for 2010-2018)

Polo Grounds 1923-1963
Shea Stadium 1964-1978
Shea Stadium 1979-2008
Citi Field (OOTP model for 2009-2018)

Oriole Park 1901-1902
Hilltop Park 1903-1911
Polo Grounds 1911-1922
Yankee Stadium 1923-1927
Yankee Stadium 1928-1951
Yankee Stadium 1952-1975
Shea Stadium 1974-1975
Yankee Stadium 1976-1987
Yankee Stadium 1988-2008
Yankee Stadium (OOTP model for2009-2018)

Columbia Park 1901-1908
Shibe Park 1909-1912
Shibe Park 1913-1929
Shibe Park 1930-1948
Shibe Park 1949-1959
KC Municipal Stadium 1955-1964
KC Municipal Stadium 1965-1968
Oakland Coliseum 1968-2006
Oakland Coliseum (OOTP model 2007-2018)

Baker Bowl 1895-1909
Baker Bowl 1910-1914
Baker Bowl 1915-1921
Baker Bowl 1922-1938
Shibe Park 1930-1948
Shibe Park 1949-1959
Connie Mack Stadium 1960-1970
Veterans Stadium 1971-1985
Veterans Stadium 1986-2003
Citizens Bank Park (OOTP model for 2004-2018)

Exposition Park 1891-1908
Forbes Field 1909-1924
Forbes Field 1925-1958
Forbes Field 1959-1969
Three Rivers Stadium 1970-1974
Three Rivers Stadium 1975-2000
PNC Park (OOTP model for 2001-2018)

San Diego Stadium 1969-1980
Jack Murphy Stadium 1981-1997
Jack Murphy Stadium 1998-2003
Petco Park (OOTP model for 2004-2018)

Kingdome 1977-1990
Kingdome 1991-1999
T Mobile Park (OOTP model for 1999-2018, was previously Safeco Field)

Polo Grounds 1890-1910
Polo Grounds 1911-1922
Polo Grounds 1923-1963
Seals Stadium 1958-1959
Candlestick Park 1960-1969
Candlestick Park 1970-1978
Candlestick Park 1979-1999
Oracle Park (OOTP model for 2000-2018, was previously AT&T Park)

Robison Field 1893-1919
Sportsmans Park 1911-1925
Sportsmans Park 1926-1953
Sportsmans Park 1954-1965
Busch Stadium 1966-1972
Busch Stadium 1973-1984
Busch Stadium 1985-1996
Busch Stadium 1997-2005
Busch Stadium (OOTP model 2006-2018)

Tropicana Field (OOTp model 1998-2018)

Griffith Stadium 1957-1961
RFK Stadium 1962-1971
Arlington Stadium 1972-1978
Arlington Stadium 1979-1984
Arlington Stadium 1985-1993
Globe Life Park in Arlington (OOTP model for 1994-2018)

Blue Jays
Exhibition Stadium 1977-1989
Rogers Centre (OOTP model for 1989-2018)

Jarry Park 1969-1976
Stade Olympique 1977-2004
RFK Stadium 2005-2007
Nationals Park (OOTP model for 2008-2018)

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You may also play with these stadiums with any team in any season by turning off the "Automatically expand league" setting. For example, in my league perhaps I want the Cubs to play in Fenway Park 1912-1925. To do this go to the Team Home Screen>Settings>Edit Ballpark>Park Profile and type in the exact ballpark name that you want from the list in the description (if you don't type it exactly the same this will not work) and then go to Actions>Auto-import data from file into this park. You can now have any of the 152 parks (182 if you include the 30 modern stadiums that come with the game) assigned to any team in your league and adjust these as you want.
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Mike, I wonder if you'll be updating this mod. silvam is in the process of updating the stadiums, some of which he has already posted on his Mediafire site.
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Yes, I am considering updating the mod. I can easily replace existing stadiums with new ones or even add stadiums like his Petco Park. I am somewhat planning a bigger update that will take quite a while. I'd rather do a big update.

I know that some of the player labels need to be adjusted for some parks in the 2D pictures and diagrams, and I am considering adding a somewhat standardized set of additional camera angles for all of the stadiums. I am open to suggestions regarding this. I am considering angles from 1B side and 3B side that look across the field from approximately the upper deck.

A neat idea is to have a set series of camera angles with a naming convention that OOTP could use when playing games. So for example, during the pitch you'd get the classic TV camera angle looking in from behind the pitcher, then if the ball is put in play to the 2Bmen the view switches to an angle that best shows that play. I don't know how that might all work but since the game knows where the play is occurring on the field in theory it should be possible. This of course requires someone to find a way to program this into the game to determine which areas of the field use which camera angles. This might make playing out the games in 3D a bit more interesting. I think others have mentioned having some type of camera system in the game. If we can agree on the approximate camera placements and the naming conventions maybe we can have this for every stadium then?

I was also trying to get the stadium mod supported when using the exhibition mode. Currently these stadiums will not load in that mode. I have found a way to work around this, but it is quite a bit of work. If Markus makes a minor update to the game though both my parks and your parks in your mod will load too. Right now, neither of our stadium mods will load with the exhibition mode.
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I posted an updated version of the mod on the Workshop. The discrete factors are now the default when the mod gets installed. The original quadratic factors are still available in a file called era_ballparks_quadratic, and there is another file with the ballparks set to 1.000 for every factor called era_ballparks_1000 for those who want to use them. These files will be installed in the database folder and simply need to be renamed era_ballparks, replacing the one currently in the folder. Remember, the era_ballparks file is now the discrete factors, so just reinstall the mod after downloading the new update and they will be the new factors that are used in the game after each season.

There was also an issue with Angel Stadium of Anaheim not loading that I believe is now corrected.
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Is this mod available for PC not connected to Steam?
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