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Arrow La Liga Mexicana has multiple openings

La Liga Mexicana

We are a fictionalized Mexican league which has run for several years (started in 2005, now simming 2019). Out of 20 teams (4 divisions of 5), 5 currently are in need of owners. One is Very Good; one is Pretty Good; and three are In Need of Help.

We run OOTP6.5, and have decided that we will be remaining under that platform for the life of the league. The Commissioner (that would be me) is not an owner (though I was an owner for several seasons; I resigned when I became Commissioner). After having attempted to try out owners without the game, I would prefer that you have the game unless you are experienced at playing without it.

We uses the DH, most financial options (No Rule 5), and a handful of non-OOTP things to try to keep the league fresh (foreign players & franchise player tags, to name a two). We also use Catobase and BOSI (though BOSI's out at the moment; hopefully repaired soon).

We are about to start the amateur draft, so are at a very good point for you to try to develop any of these teams' futures, either by draft or trade (or both). The 5 teams available are:
* Cancun Langosteros (the very good team; 5 time champs, and just ended a string of a dozen 100-win seasons).
* Ciudad de Mexico Tigres (the pretty good team; has had a history of winning in the past, and is doing better than average even with an AI owner)
* Queretaro Rinos (a 6th year expansion team, hasn't quite turned it around just yet)
* Campeche Piratas
* Veracruz Rojos del Aguila

(The last two are both original teams, and both in need of serious help. A lack of consistent and disciplined ownership for either team has hurt them; both have shown moments of being good with active owners, followed by the usual atrophy that happens when an owner stops being active.)

If you're interested, email me any questions. I will respond within 24 hours (don't have 'net access at work), and check my email throughout the evenings.
Steph Mabie
LLM: Commissioner (2013-); Monclova (2006-2013; 2013 Zona Norte Division winners)
PFBL: Orlando Sun Rays
APLB: New York Blues
IBA (dec): Las Vegas Aces
Writers' Bloc (dec): Chicago Breeze (1991 Eastern League champions)

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Guys, this is a solid league. I joined during expansion and took over the Poza Rica club. Steph has put alot of time into developing and maintaining the league and is a "pure commissioner" in that he doesn't have a team and therefore his only "rooting interest" is to keep the league going strong which he has done. Due to time constraints, I had to pair down my league membership to two, and this is definitely one I'm glad I joined and remained in. Great group of GM's and the website is awesome!
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I'll give my thumbs up here too. I joined this league 5+ seasons ago and have been real glad I did. There is a real solid core of GM's around and it is more of a challenge to build A team then your traditional league (especially for my opponents) I like the talent breakdown in llm somewhat more then in most leagues because it is not a league stacked w/ all around superstars and a guy w/ 50 contact can still make a lineup and contribute. What LLM needs is some new gm's to come in and take an active role in managing these few open teams.

If you are looking for a league to stay in for a while and slowly reshape a team from the groung up then this one is for you.
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A very good league, and the handfull of non ootp programs we use are pretty straitforward and give the league a little more unique feel. I have been on board from the start and plan on staying for the duration.
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Great Fun

Just my two cents as well. I have been in since the start and I think I am the only one of the origional owners who hasn't won a darn thing, but I still enjoy it. Steph has done an outstanding job with the commish role. As a fellow owner, I ask those of you out there who enjoy making the occasional deal, but like to build a system to strongly consider joining.

quisp Oaxaca GM
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looks like a really well built website, and great to look at, but so few posts by GMs on the forum!
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Originally Posted by johnd24_42
looks like a really well built website, and great to look at, but so few posts by GMs on the forum!
Not that this is an "issue" unique to LLM, but I still would like to address it.

There are a handful of reasons, I suppose, that there's few posts on the forum. Ennui, personal choice, things of that nature. The biggest reason, though, is probably that I am not a poster-of-things-on-boards, if I can help it. Sure, I'll occasionally make an off-topic post. But most of the stuff which is posted on the boards - by me, anyway - relates directly to League Business -- player movement, league votes, things of that nature.

I, personally, much prefer the intimacy and immediacy of email. And so I do most of my communications via email, and I tend to encourage that sort of thing amongst the owners. It doesn't take much effort on anyone's part in order to check their email; it's part of most ISPs, and they tend to have to do so in the business of everyday online life as it is. With boards and forums, and PMs as well, someone has to make a conscious effort to login to that website and check their messages, and to participate. With emails, a simple Reply or Reply-All works a lot easier, and is much more effortless. And what better way to make certain that the league remains on someone's mind than to make sure that they're getting the messages, instead of waiting to see if they'll log-in. I'm also not much of an IMer -- checking emails anyone can do at any time, but with IMs you pretty much have to be sitting there on the PC all the time waiting to see (a) if someone you want to talk to comes on, and (b) if someone wants to talk to you.

But, for that matter, I'm a very... libertarian sort of Commissioner. Except for the Administrative stuff (ie, when I'm going to set sim times, and deciding tro replace unresponsive owners), I pretty much let the owners decide where they want to go with the league. If a group of owners wants to start becoming posters, more power to them. The league exists to satisfy the Owners, not the Commissioner, and so long as it doesn't interfere in my own personal life, I'm more than happy to let it continue as such.

Besides which, what can one do? Hold a gun to their heads and say, "Post or else?" We have some rules to... encourage such participation, sure. But as long as I hear from them (even if it's just via email or the occasional export) on a semi-regular basis, that's all I ask. We used to (with the previous commissioner) have a mandatory export rule (below 50% was probation; below 33% replacement). Now we don't. And participation of the owners -- in terms of exports, anyway -- hasn't dropped off any. Sure, some people are more prolific at writing than others. But that doesn't mean that the ones who don't write are worse at being Owners than the ones who write.

So yes, there's not many posts by owners on the forums. Thats in part because the forums are simply a window to one form of communication within the league. And in part because they don't want to post of the forums. Telling them they must isn't going to make it any different; if anything, it'll make more teams for me to have to find owners for.


Anyway, there's still 5 teams available. Don't judge a book based solely on how few blurbs are on the dust jacket.
Steph Mabie
LLM: Commissioner (2013-); Monclova (2006-2013; 2013 Zona Norte Division winners)
PFBL: Orlando Sun Rays
APLB: New York Blues
IBA (dec): Las Vegas Aces
Writers' Bloc (dec): Chicago Breeze (1991 Eastern League champions)

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