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Post Roster, Stadium and Logo tutorial(JML)

I. Installing Rosters:

Most roster files, when unzipped, create a folder named "xxxxxx.lg" This folder, when placed in the main OOTP directory, will show up as a league in the game when you select "Open League" from the File menu in OOTP. Each time you want to start a new league with a roster set, you need to unzip a new copy into the OOTP directory and make sure it has a different name than any other leagues currently there. Another option is to set the roster as your default set for anytime you create a new league. Here's how you do that:

1. Backup the "create" folder in your OOTP directory. You can copy and paste it into a different directory, or you can leave it where it is and rename it "old create" or anything you like. This is important, because if you want to go back to using the default rosters that come with OOTP, or something goes wrong with the new roster set, you will lose the default roster set if it is not backed up.

2. Make a new folder called "create". (if you chose to rename the original "create" folder)

3. Unzip the new roster file into this folder. Note: Since most roster sets make their own folder when you unzip them, you might end up with a structure that looks like this (I'll use "Rolen.lg" as an example file):
OOTP4--->Create--->Rolen.lg "Rolen.lg" will appear in addition to all the other files that are normally in the "create" folder. If this happens, you need to move all of the files in the "Rolen.lg" folder back a step into the "create" folder (you can just highlight everything in "Rolen.lg", copy it, go back to the "create" folder, and paste. Then you can delete the "Rolen.lg" folder.) Overwrite all files if prompted to do so.

Now, when you create a new "2002 career league", it will be created with the new roster set.

II. Installing Stadium pictures:

Stadium pictures need to be 640*480 pixels and in .bmp format. Any paint program should have the ability to convert other image files(.jpg, .gif) to .bmp.

1. Copy stadium images into the "Graphics" folder in the main OOTP directory. You might find it convenient to make a new folder in the "Graphics" folder named "Stadiums" or "Stad" or something, then put all stadium pics in there, just to keep them organized and separate from other graphics files.

2. To assign pics to specific stadiums in OOTP, go to League--->League Setup--->Edit Ballpark (in the top-right box labeled "editors")

3. Each stadium will have it's own "In-Game Field Picture." The default for all stadiums is "Field.bmp."

4. Simply click the "In-Game Field Picture" button and type in the path to the pic you would like to use. For example, to assign a pic named "Wrigley.bmp" which resides in the Graphics folder, you would just type "Wrigley.bmp" If the pic is in the "Stad" folder, which is in the Graphics folder, you would type in "Stad\Wrigley.bmp" Note: All stadium pics (or a folder containing stadium pics) must be in the graphics folder.

5. To make sure this worked properly, click the "test coordinates" button. The new stadium pic should be displayed with the positioning of players on the field.

III. Installing Logos:

Each league file should have a folder named "Logos". This is where any logos you would like to use in that league should be stored. Logos need to be .bmp's, just like the stadium pics and will be 150*150 pixels. OOTP4 will resize any logo you use to 150*150, but to avoid the logo being stretched or distorted, you can go into any paint program and resize it yourself.

1. Once you have the logos you would like to use for the teams ready to go, place them all in the league's "logos" folder.

2. Go to the "team setup" page for each team of your league. On the top-right corner of the screen will be a black box with a path at the bottom. The path will be something like "Rolen.lg\logos\team3.bmp"

3. Go back to the logos folder and find the logo you want to use for each team. Rename the logos to match the path listed in each "team setup" screen. I find the quickest way to do this is to make a list on paper of the teams and their logo names (logo1, logo2, logo3, etc) then go to the logos folder and rename the logos. Note: You simply name the logos logo1, logo2, etc. You don't need to put the entire path in the name.
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