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Earlier versions of OOTP: Suggestions and Feature Wish List Let us know what you would like to see in future versions of OOTP! OOTPBM 2006 is in development, and there is still time left to get your suggestions into the game.

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Old 04-27-2003, 01:34 PM   #1
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Exclamation Master Wish List

Hi everyone.

I've read through as much as I could and summarized all the ideas into the following list. Note: I only included those that had some significant favorable response, and did not include a couple that have already been considered by the 400 Team as "humongous" - so unlikely in the near future.

Please add anything you feel I missed, add comments, clarifications, support or otherwise - and I will begin collecting information to come up with an update in a week or two (depending on response).

Also remember that our intension is to summarize and help prioritize this list into something Markus can use.

Also, please be clear, tactful, and informative.

Thank you !!


o trade AI needs to reflect more logic in it’s decisions.

o 19th century era support

o Be allowed to change lineups on player comparison screen without starting over
o bunt for hit results in no sacrifice if player on 1st and bunt fails
o add hit and run option
o weather report should be shown before the game
o PbP - triple with bases loaded in bottom of ninth scores all three runs even though only two were needed
o player comparison screen - keep existing comparison by batting position and add second comparison by position
o add mound visit option
o PBP - announce records being broken and who held them
o CPU should reorder lineups for best performance when a substitute player is in the game
o Place players in lineup based of best defensive ratings - not only primary position
o Option to turn off PbP and just get results

League Setup
o support double headers and rescheduled rainouts
o improve built in scheduler
o Choice of Scouts as follows
  • § Coaches ON, Scouts ON
    § Coaches OFF, Scouts ON
    § Coaches ON, Scouts OFF
    § Both OFF

Team Setup
o Customizable roster sizes (besides 25 and 40)

o add injury editor

o Attach weather data to city, not ballpark. Keep wind direction with ballpark
o Add option to compare all factors in league and offer adjustments to balance them
o HOF – Should players be inducted with team ?
o Expansion - can it be made easier ?
o League customization (add/subtract 2nd league, 12+ teams in one division)
o Add Trainers / Medical staff
o Add players suspended for ____ games
o Arguing with the umpire - change so point is to save the player who started the argument. Mgr maybe gets thrown out instead of player.
o Sticky sorts everywhere....
o Allstars announcement in Breaking news, email and almanac
o short-cut keys for more common activities
o Allow games to be "broadcast" online live
o Remove SP/MR/CL designations in favor of expanded duration ratings.
o Playoff games should use best players available and ignore the depth charts except for injuries.. maybe even consider 3man pitching rotation if timing and endurance factors are sufficient
o Add contract status to player search function
o Put contract staus back on front page OR add button to jump directly
o Transaction Notebook... "add" button to save all successful and unsuccessful trades, extensions, and free agents for future reference
o Implement JPGs
o Add minor league awards
o Add minor league standings
o Allow fan interest to change with financials off so it can effect attendance
o "New records" announcements in PbP and general news should be turned off during first year of new league as should rookie awards
o AI apparently analyzes trades between two human controlled teams ?

Manager Mode
o manager mode issues - fired and no offers (is this fixed?)
o Add notes/suggestions from the GM or owner
o Add diary to record thoughts (samples)
  • § Starting pitching is now the real issue or
    § Sparks is killing me with his 8.00 ERA, and
    § Butz proved himself at shortstop in the Atlanta series!
    § Owner sends mail asking why we are aren't playing our "star" more
    § Owner has a beef with Norfolk's owner. We must win !
o Allow everything to be editable - after all it is a solo scenario
o Getting fired in May won't allow you to continue if amateur draft is set in June

News Stories & Reports
o More / Better News Stories
o Add trades
o Add Allstar picks and Allstar game results
o Add retired players taking scout / coach / manager positions
o Add News articles for retired players
o More variance in stories - maybe based on HTML templates
o Pitcher HTML page - change RHP/LHP to RHB/LHB
o Add Team-split statistics (would require database restructuring)
o Add HOF report (complete with player pages)
o Add PI/PS per last 10 games to Pitchers HMNL report
o Report cold(slumps) and hot(streaks) in news articles
o Add Standings per day - similar to Cato's Gazette
o Need an off-season report on how team finances were calculated
o Add trading block report of all teams

o Merchandising revenue - uncontrolled growth since last version
o Computer controller teams do not have to pay remaining salaries when player is released ?

o Option to disagree with computer choice (maybe "try again" button?)
o Is “best player available” only option we should have?

o Fan favorite ratings... built from time with team + success - would effect fan interest / attendance both positively and negatively
o Expand Loyalty rating to include everything, including trade wishes

Auto simming
o For simming multiple seasons - have the ability to set variables for importing rookies, importing original team, and the path so SIM can continue for multiple years without input
o Allow setting ofmit for days injured to stop the sim
o Allow setting of Email and Trade offers only to stop sim

Free Agency
o More logic needed on CPU signing free agents
o Set up as action with starting bid and maximum for online leagues ?

Spring Training
o Improve the method – maybe add Emails from coaches with recommendations – make it more personable
o Add spring training games

Allstar game
o Allow options to choose at least one player from each team
o Allow league to vote for players
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Online play:
o Find a way for owners to dump a player who refuses assigment without needing the commish to do it himself and then refresh the file.

Overall Play:
o Stop pinch-hitting for the second catcher when this has already substituted the starting backstop, thus having the AI fielding a non-catcher behind the plate.
o Have the pitcher and batter's ratingd in mind when deciding whether a switch hitter bats left or right.

o Make the "sim half inning" work in extra innings.

League Leaders
o Add defensive range to the league leaders.

Team vs Team Stats
o About time we have these in the game.

Box Scores
o Add Blown Saves and note the # (same for Holds)
o Add LOB
The Computer Baseball League
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Henry, here's one I've posted before. The catcher in the on field box show looks like this

arm: B pb:3

I would love to see instead

arm:B throw: 8\24

the 8\24 would be runners thrown out \ steal attempts

Granted there hasn't been much response but I think this is much more relevent to the in game strategy for those of us that play out all the games than passed ball rating. We currently have ERA, SB, and pitch counts updated on the field screen so I would think (hope?) that this would be fairly easy to do.
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Old 04-27-2003, 02:35 PM   #4
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In th on-filed box I'd like to see the defensive players current fielding %
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... or perhaps that's in the humongous category

See various AI titled threads that Henry started in here
Right Field Sucks!
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* Allow deletion of ballparks from general list within a league
* Have allstar game choose ballpark from list of parks in use by league teams, not just the general list
* Add random ballpark generator, implementing DarkHorse's excellent ballpark calculator, or something like it
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Man, oh, man, what a great list! Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy playing the current version of OOTPB, but to get all of that stuff, that's just mind-blowing! I can hardly wait!

I'd like to please add: All-Star Game -- in Manager Mode, be "invited" to manage in the game (if you're good enough!).

Also, and I just remembered this, nicknames that link up with the player's last name in the PbP: i.e. "Oil Can" Boyd would just show up as "Oil Can" in the PbP. Some players have nicknames that seem to sound better when linked up with their last names.
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Old 04-27-2003, 07:06 PM   #8
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One thing I suggested earlier didn't make the wish list (having the option to have a runner on 3rd go for home when the runner on 1st is stealing 2nd) ... but I will suggest something else and hope that I'm not the 500th person with the idea:

Manager Strategies. Instead of me taking over a team and changing their strategies to my preferences, what about letting the manager's strategies apply to the team? Sure, you have to use the assets that your team has (fast guys, small ball or long ball) and weaknesses (a team full of 300 lbs. guys), but that's why you also have the individual player strategies.

Do AI teams change their strategies after a human manager leaves their team? If not, in one league I'm about to move to my 5th team and that will likely mean 5 teams in the league with my exact team strategies.
<b><a href="http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/board/showthread.php?s=&threadid=59246">MLB Weekly: View From the Press Box</a></b>
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Here are the notes I've been making while playing 5.10:


I believe the play-by-play gets excited about people setting "new
league records" when in fact all they did was tie the record.

Similarly, "He leads the American League in wins" should be "He is
tied for the lead in the American League in wins", etc.

The All-Star Game seems to count towards players' stats.


It would be nice if when it shows your lineup before a game, you could
see which of the players in your lineup are tired. Because they're in the
game, they're green in the roster, which overrides the yellow tired
color. Maybe their color in the actual lineup could be different.

Often I begin a game, fiddle with my starting lineup, and then want to
keep it as my default. It would be nice to able to press a 'Make
default lineup vs LHP+DH' button (if I'm in the AL and facing a


I know that batters are rated pull/spray/slap etc., but it still seems
that an awful lot of home runs are hit to the opposite field. It is
true that more home runs are hit to the opposite field these days, but
it still seems excessive.

It is weird to see players with great Walks ratings swinging when the
count is 3-0.

The play-by-play should not get excited about "new league records",
"new team records", etc. in the first season of a league, since new
records are getting set every day all season.

Knuckleball pitchers should get a bonus to their Duration rating.


Text still says e.g., "The Red Sox has a record of 10-3 at home."
"has" should be "have".

"he looks over to second,forcing the runner back..."
Should have a space after the comma.

"It's laced to left field for base-hit."
Should be "It's laced to left field for a base hit."
Note insertion of "a", and no hyphen.

"a swing... and missed!"
reads awkwardly.
"a swing... and a miss!" would be more idiomatic.

Similarly, "Smith swings... and missed!" should be "Smith swings... and misses!"

Scouting report: "John Smith should be a decent reliever, provided
your keep your expacations realistic." The first "your" should be
"you" and "expacations" should be "expectations."

"he simply steps on third-base..."
Should be "third base".

"Boston still trails by 1 runs."
Should be "run".

"William York is one of the league's premeire pitchers."
Should be "premier". "Premiere" means first.

"He's Out! Nice Play."
Should be "He's out! Nice play."

"That's a solo-homerun for Smith!"
"solo-homerun" should be "solo home run".

"Catcher's Interference Smith will go to first."
Should be "Catcher's interference. Sisco will go to first."
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I don't think it's been listed yet (lots of things listed) but even with the update, all catchers are created with excellent double ratings.
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explicit waiver system / separate 25-40 man rosters
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Note to dfan: Regarding your point ref tired players in the lineup. If you go to the team page, the tired players are highlighted in yellow. Also, in the Roster Page, there is a listing of tired position players.
Some great items on the list. This is a great forum, with some very nice ideas on improving an already nice game.

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I think dfan's point was that you shouldn' t have to go back to the team page to see if a player is tired. The way it is now, you cannot go from playing one game to the next without taking the extra step of going to the team page.

Ideally, you could tell who is tired when setting your lineup "in game." If you sim and do not play out games, this is not an issue. But for those of us who manage, it is an inconvenience.

I have also thought this was a change that should be made.
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I stand corrected.
I have a solo fictional league, and I do play out the games. However, I don't go right from one game to the next one. I check out all of the teams before proceeding. I can see how it would be a problem, if you played out one game, and then went right into another.

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i would love to see the Rule 5 Draft in ootp and as mentioned before the Wavier system.

Also, an easy way to Expand. Right now its very cumbersome.
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Player Creation:
The players created for fictional leagues should be based on the ERA that you're using - no closers and few relievers for Deadball ERA, better durations for starting pitchers before 1980's, etc.
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The BIG one missing, in my book, is the option to turn off, or at least be asked only once, the "Import Real Rookies?" question when Simming X Seasons.
Did Tennesee Delaware Mississppi's New Jersey? Idaho ... Alaska!
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Originally posted by SSG Troyer
The BIG one missing, in my book, is the option to turn off, or at least be asked only once, the "Import Real Rookies?" question when Simming X Seasons.
Yeah, cant really use that option for Historical leagues right now.
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Great stuff here...

Couple of things I would like to see:

1. There should be certain players that the AI WILL NOT trade whether it be a contender or a fan favorite, unless in favor of the AI. I would not think it unreasonable to have 1 or 2 fan favorites on each team that are untradeable. At least while in their prime.

2. Let the players play. Forget the different difficulty settings in Manager Mode. Have just Manager Mode and make it as realistic as possible.
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How about adding college or high school names for players who are drafted. Or even foreign leagues. Ex. Tom Ace drafted in 1st round from Duke U, by New York.
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