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having a billion leagues/minor league systems w/o tools to properly manage them AND bad AI...

...is counter intuitive.

Right now the way the AI handles the minor leagues is terrible. I still want to have the half a dozen or so levels because it's realistic, but the game fails horribly in the way the AI manages all the systems, and it's way too tedious to manage every single level especially when playing GM only mode.

Maybe somebody can give me some tips on how to manage the gazillion minor league levels, understand whats going on in all of them, influence them with my GM skills, etc. without having to spend countless hours clicking through each level to promote/demote/release/manage lineups/etc. to ensure that my prospects are in the lineup/developing/etc.

Delegating these tasks to the assistant GM is a total disaster as my leagues will stacking up with many players, older players crowding out developing prospects of playing time, and prospects getting sniped by other teams because they are not on the 40 man roster and haven't moved through the system fast enough.
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Originally Posted by I_Got_Wood_34 View Post
Delegating these tasks to the assistant GM is a total disaster as my leagues will stacking up with many players, older players crowding out developing prospects of playing time, and prospects getting sniped by other teams because they are not on the 40 man roster and haven't moved through the system fast enough.
you could put age limits on each level of the minors - that would keep aging players from taking time from younger players at lower levels of the minors. (that's under >league settings> rules (far right hand side of screen should say "Major League Baseball" in a drop down menu. Pick on that and your minors will appear and you can edit the ages in the left hand boxes of the main screen.)

hope this helps a bit.
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2 Posts, this one will be about ages in minors, second about how to handle them:

*** no age or service time restrictions for you top level minor league -- very important stuff here. you'll have some oldies in AAA, but it's worth it.****

Service time is "pro service time" in game that starts when they are drafted/signed.

becareful with age limits.... backup your league before testing some variations out. there's a thread in the 17 forums that gives some suggestions. just remember some college kids are 24-25 their first year out.... so a R/A- with an age restriction of 22 would be really detrimental to any college kid that can't start in A immediately. the service time option is new and definitely the way to go here. don't use age limits.

I recently started messing around with the *new* pro service experience settings (same page as age restritcions: League Settings-> Rules tab, then select each minor league in dropdown box at top-right portion of screen.)

i found it works well. and as far as "realism" ... some talented people don't make it. so 100% realization or 100% of them playing for 7-10 years in the minors isn't realstic anyway... so don't focus too much on that portion of it. with these settings i don't see a high potential guy being lost... i'm sure it's possible though.

AAA - no pro service time limit - leave open for rehab unless proven not necessary... there are 32+ year olds in AAA quite often even when you don't count rehab assignments. even if they aren't rehabbing, they are important ML depth when injuries strike.... AA is where the real talent is in RL anyway... AAA'ers are borderline or depth or a little polishing as they bounce back and forth. in the game i would not mimic Real Life in this instance... AAA is important to development in the game. so you do need to see if they are being sqeezed out to some extent, but should be fine.

AA --- 9 years service time limit
A ----- 6 years "
S A -- 5 years "
R ----- 4 years "

*** A+ is aesthetic only... there is no league level in the game that is "High-A" - it is just a label for the real MLB setups. they are no different than any other single A ball. set A+ the same as your A. (an aside: i plan on simplifying the MLB minors when i play with RL players and league... r/a-/A/AA/AAA more like a fictional setup without all the redundancies... maybe 2 R leagues is okay / beneficial i will look into that more at a later time.... you'll need less draft rounds and all sorts of things i consider "Good" that others may or may not agree with)

be liberal in how many years you allow. if you also include age limits for some odd reason, remember college kids are older, but likely to go into SA / A their first year or by the end of their first year. they still may need a couple years down there.

my thoughts: a rookie sometimes takes 2-3 years to start developing, especially if they are 17/18.. regardless, you don't want a high potential kid being booted or worse moved up too early and ruining their career -> don't be too restrictive here. now what if that same guy delays a bit in A/AA.... you need ~8-9 years for AA just in case. think of worst-case scenario that is 'reasonable' and add up from there to each level.

Also, make sure in the Rules that mil teams do depth charts based on potential, not current ability. i think this is default now... in the past you had to set it for each league. your higher rated guys should not be released... i've read posts about that occurring but i have a suspiscion that they don't have this set to "potential." or bad scouting. if bad scouting they will be signed by someone else, no problem there.

drawbacks of service time limits: this could increase number of new players needed per year to keep league filled.... defintiely sim out 50 years or so to make sure there are no problems of any sort. if you've reduced # of amateur rounds or reduced internation FA and int'l amateurs, you may need to bump them back to default or higher. only do that IF you see a problem.

either way, the drawbacks are far less than using age limits and cause less problems with other functions of the game like rehab and such (if it affects those players - not sure). if it weren't so new, mitchkenn would have told you the same thing on age vs serv. time.

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how to easily manage the minors: after you are set up and have a good grasp of what you are going to do, it will take 30 seconds of effort 4 times per season... the rest can be delegated / ignored. be familiar with "Rosters and Transactions" and "Strategy->player strategies" pages. that's alll the info in one spot... all the minors visible on one page and sorted by potential makes moving players around simple.

only focus on "talented players....(on 80-scale) for me that's 60+ position players / releivers and 50+ SP... you may feel differently. i do make exceptions to this rule... e.g. if the guy is powerful and contact near 50% of scale... he may not rate well but that's a potential stud. use potential at first, then make sure none are slipping through cracks. as i draft them i have already decided if i will control them...

so, as you draft them you figure out which you focus on. little maintenance each year after initial setup.

I would shortlist the ones you care about as you draft (or right before you click "select", rather) then they are easy to see in the lists. go to player strategy page and drag each capitalized name down and "Lock to current level" ... from now on you must manually move them through your system. go back to rosters/transactions and move them from Rookie ball to where you want.

just be systematic... it doesn't require daily care. keep a look out for those that lose talent or gain talent... remove and add to manual control as needed. After you send prospects back down from spring training, assess the situation. Then, check in 1-2 months into season (i actually wait for the draft to sve on effort and time since i will be doing it with new players anyway, but i will look in for somethign amazing or special situations -- maybe someone is a hair below MLB ready and only needs a couple development ticks to be viable... i will peak at him as needed earlier). After the draft re-assess important prospects once more (have at least 1month left of their season or if promoted that league is still playing for a month etc) for promotions or to remove from shortlist and remove "Lock". 3 times per season is all you need. i'm not sure if the offseason matters, but i do move them at the end of season too.

Check - Season start
Check - after draft
Check - with 1 month left of MiL season
Cehck - at end season just in case offseason level they are in affects development... i don't think it does.

the less you micromanage tehse players the better... move and forget them... perfomance doesn't matter so don't hamstring yourself looking at it and reacting to it. what matters is if they are in the happy zone of ratings for that league, if so they will develop as well as possible. no guarantees on results - same reason you ignore them, lol. Unless you think your scout is terribly wrong, leave them where they are.

**after you move any manually controlled player, click "ask AI to set up complete Minor LEague system" from the available actions on "Rosters and Transactions" screen. so, even the ones you aren't caring about might get promoted too, if deserving. This will NOT affect manually locked players... However, if you select or mis-click "ask AI to setup Complete Organization" it WILL mess things up even if locked.

Delegate minor league promotions and lineups to Minor League Managers. heck i even let the asst GM do my minor league personnel hire/fire now. i delegate minor league FA signings and releasees too... no problems here on that.

In essence: once you have it set up, you only have to pay attention to 5-10 players in your syste, and the rest is AI controlled. 3 or 4 times per season promote/demote as necessary and clean up shortlist of players you no longer care for or add new ones to the list of control.

Don't limit that list to players you like.... Trade Bait is important too... e.g. SP don't have to be rated high to be good trade chips. So if you dn't value somethign the AI does, realize that's still valueable in trades and worth the shortlisting with other prospects!! if you move them along more efficiently than the AI they will develop better and trade / play better.

when to move? focus on ratings... pay your scout well and buddget for the minors at least middle of the road relative to the league - 3-4M maybe at least?

Batters: focus on contact... even if eye is amazing or terrible, promote when contact is ready. 100-point scale for easy conversions... although if you use 1-5 or 1-10 you may want to rethink some of these. at that resolution, scouting inaccuracy wil make this more difficult... you will have to incorporate stats into the decision... but very fogiving... i.e. a .180 BA isn't that bad in many cases.

Contact rating *~minimum* for leage level:
Rookie - 0-20
Short A -at least ~21-23 if lower (21/22), then a decent eye too relatively speaking for S A-level.
A---------25-27 - once they hit 25, think about promoting to A-ball
AA--------30-32 - once they hit 30, promote to AA
AAA------35-37 - once they are 35-37, promote to AAA

Contact signifcantly more important than Eye... and power is ignored.

figure ~5-7 points or 100 per level. A/A- being abit tighter. do not worry one bit about their resulting stats... unless they have an average in the .0xx range and a k/9 rate that seems impossible

caveats for batters.... ignore power... it won't develop early very often... figure AA/AAA it will start to rise if at all. EYE - only allow this to influence decisions when it is EXTREMELY high or low relative to league level. it is wise to bump early/later due to this reason.

say he's a 24contact with 1 eye... you may want him in R instead of A- when you draft him, but don't let it hold him back... if contact is improving steadily, move him up before that rating gets too high for that level and stops developing well.

Pitchers - more complicated, but focus on Control. unlike batters, movement and stuff have a grater influence than power/eye. to learn, watch teh green/red arrows that the AI suggests... realize they are bunk on occasion, but after a while you'll know exactly when a pitcher can move up even if his control is a bit low. you'll know when to let him simmer when movement or stuff lags.

contorl > Stuff > movement. movement is a distant 3rd, but can't be ignored like power on batters.

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missed the part about the 40-man and players getting sniped...

that's all on you to pay attention. on the Rosters and Transaction page look for the symbol for rule 5 eligible or whatever... make sure to decid on whether to protect that player before they can be stolen...

i just turned off the rule 5, so i am not sure what is seen without it. think "#" is the symbol you need to look for. --- No Rule 5 -- look for the "+" symbol. those player will need to be protected before they become MiL FA or the rule 5 occurs.

so, know exactly when it's going to happen and do something before hand. with rule 5 enabled it will be all the players with #... you'll need to protect them or leave them open to Draft / FA during the offseason. know your dates... avoid the problem.

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