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Tb 2.0.27

Which brings me to ask this question out there to you all Title Bout players.

I tried loading my exe file that I still had for this version of the game. Partly surprised it loaded up ok and the Demo starts up. Course with the Demo you'r limited what you can do and good for only 10 days. I tried to do a license purchase for it but it apparently is not supported by the e license site any longer.

Anyone know of any way to work around this? Know of some other source or site with OOTP maybe to attain a new license? I know your probably wondering why I'd want to mess with this if I have 2.5, but that's just it I like to mess with stuff! I kept the 2.0 for the longest time on an older PC and after it gave out and had been using 2.5 and 2013, I did the stupid thing and didn't bother to uninstall the license I had for it.

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