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Summit Baseball League (SBL) looking for new GMs!

Long running promotion/relegation league is looking for some new GMs for OOTP20!

It's the year 2040 and we've just entered the offseason. All real players have retired and there may be some old minors guys floating a round. The rules and settings are as close to MLB as possible but in the future!

Other details:
- 2 on, 1 off sim schedule, 1 week regular season, 2 week off-season starting Jan 1
- 20-80 Scouting - Normal Accuracy
- Average of 3 year win totals mean you move up or down a division
- Updated rules to reflect the upcoming MLB 2020 rule changes (26 Active, 28 Expanded)

Teams available:
Los Angeles Dodgers - want to blow a ton of cash every season trying to win? pick the dodgers

PM me if interested!

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