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Originally Posted by r0nster View Post
why not consider a negotiation with that respective city to keep the park there at the end of its 20 to 30 year lease then if that fails after a few years of negotiating then threaten to move the team to another city. Fans in part will do their thing by peaking their interest. I think this would bring a little more reality to the game. I seen this option in online leagues although no storyline associated with it.
Recreating the sort of blackmail (or 'franchise free agency' as it has been called in academic studies) done by big league sports clubs to fleece taxpayers isn't something that seems desirable.

Let the clubs upgrade or build new parks whenever they wish; the only limitation would be whether the club can afford the long-term costs. For relocation, let that be determined by attendance and revenue considerations (along with a three-quarters approval vote by other league members).
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