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Originally Posted by Le Grande Orange View Post
I've already been mulling over the ways this sort of thing can be accomplished. But, as always, if one delves more deeply into it one quickly sees it really touches upon a number of areas. It's not just building a new park that ought to be there, but also the option to upgrade one's existing park by adding seats to increase capacity, increasing the proportion of seats which are club seats/luxury suites, and adding lights to the park.

To really do the idea justice it would take a revamp of the game's financial system. (A subject I've been thinking about for a couple of years now...)
I'd be fine if it wasn't tied into into the financials. It would be great if it was. But if we can just select build a new ballpark- where it can walk you through the option it just takes the money out of your cash. upgrades too- add x number of seats for x number of dollars. This way teams can use up there cash. Or maybe have the owners change the stadiums automatically every so years created randomly. Option to turn this on or off.
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