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Originally Posted by ukhotstove View Post
Same question as the NFL thread as I'm planning a trip 2020 or 21, also an addition. Is the negro leagues museum worth a detour from say Chicago to Kansas?

Anyone been to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown? How many days would you set aside? 1? 2? Or even 3? I like to take my time at museums and such rather than just fly by everything
If you're in the vicinity, the Negro League museum is a fun little stop... should only take a couple hours at max if you stop and read every exhibit/etc.... the building also contains a jazz museum, so if you're there and have the time, hit 'em both (was there a few months ago but only had time for one so just hit the baseball side)... (edit: and guess if I could actually read, I would have seen you already answered regarding the jazz part... lol)

and afterwards, you're only about 3 miles from the J. Rieger distillery, so you can stop in there to sample some local spirits

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