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Originally Posted by RchW View Post
The downside of OOTP's backup system is that incremental backups are stored using the default league file name, ie. myspecialleague.lg. What would be very nice of OOTP to do would be for them to extract the league date at the time of back up and offer to add it such that you would have the date added, say, myspecialleague_2104_4_30.lg as a choice. Then you could backup continuously with zero concern by date. I do this manually. After each incremental backup I go to the backup folder and add the date via file rename then go back into the game and do an all files backup that acts as the base for the next incremental one. Typically I do one per month but you could set any frequency you want depending on free disk space.

I delete most if not all of the incremental dated backups at seasons end but I do also use 7Zip to store multiple years of backups to a remote network drive. I save ST, opening day, Sep rosters, end of season, end of playoffs and Dec 31/Jan 1 each; where I delete thousands of files via a dos batch file to reduce the .lg file to a manageable size on Jan 1 xxxx. This for two long running saves!

I have several terabytes of such backups

7zip is easy to use. Maybe a tutorial using real OOTP leagues is in order in a separate thread.
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