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Originally Posted by Eugene Church View Post
This is a big help... thank you.

I think you and I play the game a lot alike... I love 8-team leagues... can't stand modern baseball with its 5-team divisions... don't like wildcards, either.

Just give me the good old days before free agency and the AL champ against the NL champ... money has ruined baseball... "you can't tell the players without a scorecard anymore"... they change teams too often.
I allow my leagues to expand and use free agency, as I don't mind a little turbulence. That gives me up to 16 teams in a sub-league (from 1998 forward) with zero divisions, and when there are that many, I'll take the top four teams to the postseason, while the rest hit the golf course. There's nothing I hate more IRL baseball than watching an 82-80 (or worse) team make it to the dance because they won a ridiculously weak division. I doubt that'll ever happen with this setup, so that's why I use it.

We disagree on free agency (which is fine), as my philosophy is that I don't go to the games/watch them on TV to see the owners. I want to see the players. With $10+ Billion (and climbing every season) coming into the game (an average of $333,333,333.33 per team), I think the players deserve around 50% of that as they're the ones putting their bodies on the line. Without free agency, they wouldn't come close to 50%, and I don't find that fair. To suppress player salaries would mean the owners would be making money hand over fist at the expense of the players. That ain't right to me. If there weren't sooo much money coming in, maybe the reserve clause would make sense, but I'd still see that as quite restrictive when it comes to players' rights. The players are the game after all.
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