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Originally Posted by actionjackson View Post
You're a huge part of that "Wonderful People" group. Don't you forget that.

Wish I could help with the playoffs thing, but I pretty much stay within the confines of an MLB setup, so I don't know much about four sub-league setups. I do send the top two teams from the AL and the NL to the postseason if I'm playing anywhere from 1901 through 1992. I don't use divisions either. I just take the top two teams up to 1992, and the top four teams thereafter, so I'm familiar with using the Custom Playoffs feature, just not with the way you're trying to use it. I never go above 8 teams total making the playoffs, and I never go to two 15 team subleagues, because as far as I'm concerned Interleague games can die in a fire any day now.

The non-1st place teams will be called "wild cards" by the game, even though I don't like to call them that because I put them on an even footing with the 1st place teams, have them duke it out, and may the best team win. I seed them all by Win%, and then have them re-seeded at the start of each subsequent round, so that the best team always gets home field in series' that are always best of seven regardless of the length of those series IRL. Sorry I can't be of more help, but maybe something in there will jog something for you that you'll be able to carry into your game to make it work.
This is a big help... thank you.

I think you and I play the game a lot alike... I love 8-team leagues... can't stand modern baseball with its 5-team divisions... don't like wildcards, either.

Just give me the good old days before free agency and the AL champ against the NL champ... money has ruined baseball... "you can't tell the players without a scorecard anymore"... they change teams too often.
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