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Originally Posted by Cobra Mgr View Post
One thing I object to is people saying the Nats got hot. Washington has been one of the top 4 or 5 teams in the league since May. This isn't a Cinderella story. When you sustain that kind of play for that long, you aren't hot. You're good. The poor start fooled us all.
After the 19-31 start. the Nats went 74-38. When you consider that the 19-31 start was - quite obviously - at the start of the season and thus irrelevant to the caliber of team that entered the postseason, you're talking a team that is the equivalent of a 107-win powerhouse.

So, that the powerhouse team would get by the Brewers in the WC and the 106-win Dodgers in the Divisional, sweep the 91-win Cards in the NLCS, and squeak past the 107-win Astros in the WS is no Cinderella story. The come-from-behind-manner (in both games and in series') in which they won might make it seem like a Cinderella story, but finishing the season 74-38 and then going 12-5 to win the postseason is one helluva hot streak.

So yes, agree!
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