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Originally Posted by Leo_The_Lip View Post

The media, controlled by billionaires, pushes the idea of the greedy millionaire player who left for "just" $30 million more

But it could also be framed as the greedy billionaire owner who let the star player get away for "just" $30 million.

Originally Posted by Déjà Bru View Post
That's an interesting point. Plausible, but I'm not sure if it buy it. I don't see any of these superstars as crusaders for the labor movement.
You can choose what you do and do not buy

But it's a pretty well known phenomenon.

But because the union sees Pujols as a player who can raise the salary bar, he's under more pressure than your average player, La Russa said.

This sort of pressure has gone on for years, with many high-profile players, La Russa went on. But in Pujols' case, he said, this was "not just arm-twisting. It's dropping an anvil on your back through the roof of your house."

La Russa said he had no specific evidence that Pujols was being pressured by the players' union. But he said his many years in the game have made that "a guaranteed assumption. It's gone on since I started managing. And I don't think they'd deny it."

Might as well bring this up as well
As discontent continues to boil in Major League Baseball's labor situation, The Athletic reported on a shocking revelation – that the league hands out an actual championship belt every year to the team that did best to keep salaries lowest in arbitration.
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