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Originally Posted by PocketsAintFull View Post
'After moon landing, Gaylord shocked everyone'
True old hometown was Williamston, NC, Same as Gaylord. So naturally as a kid, he was one of my favorite players. Even though I'd never actually met him. One day I went to the corner gas station in my neighborhood. Must have been 9, 10, 11. Looking for my USDA recommended daily allowance of Now&Laters, Bubble Yum, lemon Hostess pies & Milky Ways. And the store's owner, Mr Bob we called him, asked did I want some peanuts. I said no sir. And he said, "are you sure you don't want some from him?" I look at who he was pointing to and there he was, GAYLORD PERRY!

Jaw drop, eye shooting out of their sockets, the whole works. (Gaylord had a local peanut farm and was dropping off a shipment @ the store). I was so excited, begged him to stay so I could run back home & find something for him to sign. Flew on my bike home like it ran on nitro. Bat? No, stupid thing for a pitcher to sign. Glove? No, I only have the one and need it to play. Didn't have a baseball cause mom didn't want me to get hurt. She only allowed us to play w/tennis balls (Oy vey!) Mom was wondering why I was so frantic. Jetted back to the store w/a school notebook and got him to sign it. Showed it off to my friends @ school. And, of course, mom threw it away when the school year ended. But that is the only time I ever met a true Major Leaguer.
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